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"Build up an empire in this great game!"

In Age of Empires, you start out as a small village, with hardly any villagers, and nothing but a town center. You won't see what's ahead of you:
-Advancing from one age to the next
-Building houses to support your villagers and military.
-Building a military to destroy another civilization.
-Building a temple and sending priests to convert other people
-Researching tons of technologies
-Exploring a world that you set up
-Building a wonder
-Play one of many different cultures, each that have their own unique features
-Conquer the sea
-Build many different buildings
-Build a wall to protect your empire, as well as towers that arches can shoot out of

Age of Empires also features:
-Building your own scenarios and maps
-Building your own campaigns
-Playing several scenarios and campaigns that come with the game
-Challenging other people over the internet to get the ultimate challenge

Graphics (7/10)
They spent some time on the graphics. The graphics are pretty cool, but not the best. The graphics have enough detail that you can understand clearly what everything looks like, but don't expect anything fancy.

Sound (10/10)
Age of Empires has several sound effects as well as the option to send certain phrases to another player over the net. The music in Age of Empires truly reflects on what goes on in the game.

Controls (10/10)
I give it a minute before you master the controls. All this game is about is the mouse, and some keyboard shortcuts. Very simple.

Challenge (10/10)
You can customize the challenge. Start off simple and then challenge a computer that knows every aspect of building an empire.

Game Length (7/10)
Age of Empires is very short when you look at it per game. Each game lasts long enough so you can't play it real quick when you are bored. Fortunately, you can save and get the game finished in a couple of hours.

Replay Value (10/10)
I can't count the number of times I've played Age of Empires. Even if you get bored of challenging artificial intelligence, go for the real deal when you play over the net! This game's biggest feature is the ability to play it over and over again!

Gameplay/Fun (9/10)
Though Age of Empires is loaded with fun, at times it can progress slowly. That's about the only downside to it. You'll have plenty of fun with it.

Originality (3/10)
The idea in Age of Empires appears over and over again in many real time strategy games I have played. It is an idea so repeated that it bugs me. Age of Empires is simply one of many variants of all too similar real time strategy games you can play.

Overall (7/10):
Age of Empires is a fairly good game. If you have the money, buy this game, its expansion, or its sequel. If you want fun, then this game was made to satisfy your needs. The game's only downside is it's lack of originality. Buy it today!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/09/00, Updated 11/18/01

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