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"Remember when RTS games were actually good?"

Age of Empires is the first in it's series that uses a historic time period compared to most RTS games. Though many felt that it did not live up to it's expectations, Age of Empires is still an excellent game that fans play to this day.

Gameplay (8/10): Gathering resources, building a base, and forging an army, are the three most common things that players will experience while play AOE. Starting as mere hunters, your goal is to gather resources while steadily building an advanced base towards the Iron Age. Through it is possible to raid and clash randomly with mere armies, technological advancement is key to victory. There are four ages which include the Stone, Tool, Bronze, and Iron. What is unique about this feature is that each age requires a certain amount of resources of food, gold, or wood, to advance. Each civilizations have their own units like archers, clubmen, swordsmen, hoplites chariots, cavalry, and war elephants.

Sound (7/10): Units chatter whenever you click and move them. Overall though, they speak their respectable civilization language. The only downside is that most of them sound rather generic and can get repetitive that causes you to just shut off your speakers.

Campaign Mode (7/10): Campaign mode is based on the history of the Hittite, Egyptian, Greek, and Babylonian. Each one involves the AI and the player starting out with a relatively small base and advancing through the ages while completing certain objectives. However, most of these campaigns are somewhat short and easy to complete for even the most experienced player. Difficulty levels can be changed however to add a bit of challenge.

Online (7/10): Age of Empires focuses mostly up to eight players battling on random maps. Death matches are included in both single and online mode which includes starting out with large amounts of resources allowing players to battle early on in the game. However, a high mount of players playing online at once in a single match can cause lag to occur more than often. One interesting about online mode is that the player is able to a game with the AI without any human players; a factor that is not available in later games.

The negatives of Age of Empires: Compared to most RTS games at the time like Civilizations, Age of Empires takes a bold step in a new direction. Though it plays off at some points, there are a number of others that cause this game to become....unplayable to a certain degree. One being that micromanagement is somewhat impossible to do during gameplay. The control management of units on a large scale can be tedious and frustrating because you really can't select what units you want to micromanage during battle. Units tend to bunch up while attacking compared to just having standard formations. Lag occurs during large scale battles randomly though. AI tends to just spam units on higher difficulty making it impossible to hit back. Frankly put, Age of Empires flaws outweigh it's positives

Closing Comments:

Age of Empires is a special game that started a revolution of sequels and expansion packs that continue to this day. However, it is not without it's flaws though it tends to break the typical RTS gaming with new innovative features. Get it while it's still available as it's a shinning example of the evolution of RTS gaming.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/19/07

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