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"Not as good as number 2"

Here is my review for Age of empires 1. This was a pretty crappy game in my opinion; I was a real fan of age of empires 2 and its expantion pack, I could never really get into the first game.

Presentation: In this game, the graphics suck pretty much, everything looks kind of dull, for the time this game was made it was not all that bad but I think it could have been better. Overall I would have to say the graphics are not all that bad, I have seen worse from around the time this game was made but I have also seen better.

Story: There is not much story, there are four campaigns and they are all based on true events that went on in history, the fact is the way they presented the story in this game made it very boring and it seemed quite uninspired.

Audio: The audio in this game is not all that bad but it is not that good either, it's medium. I just wish there was some narration before all the mission's; it would have made it more interesting.

Game play: The game play in this game kind of sucks, every thing is very boring, there are a lot of civilizations to choose from, most are the same and there are not any special units or anything. In the campaign's the levels are very hard, I have only managed to finish two of the campaign's, which were the glory of Greece campaign and the training Egypt one. Yamoto Empire of the rising sun was really boring, I did around 3 missions in that campaign and I could not even finish the first level in voices of Babylon. The game play is kind of choppy in this game also, even playing random map's against the artificial intelligence, I thought everything felt kind of low budget.

A.I: The A.I in this game is alright, it puts up quite a challenge but sometimes it does strange things, like one time in a random map I had an ally who never passed the tool age and only made like 4 soldiers.

Balance: All the civ's are well balanced in this game, something the company who made this is known for, you could almost always put up a good fight no matter what civilization you choose.

If you see this game cheap somewhere and you like strategy games and a challenge, go ahead and pick this one up. But I would say to buy the second game instead.

Overall score: 5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 03/31/08

Game Release: Age of Empires (US, 09/30/97)

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