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Reviewed: 10/28/01 | Updated: 10/28/01

Great game, too addicting

Boy, oh, boy! Has Microsoft ever continued their lineup of addicting games with this little doozy. Age of Empires sets you way back when, whereas way back when is B.C.E. With that, it puts you in control of an empire. The expansion pack (Rise of Rome), allows you 4 more empires, but, we just want to talk about this. With empires, comes challenges. You have to build for your empire to be better. Along with that, you get to build a military for your empire. Occasionally, your enemy might just feel a bit too aggressive and pay a visit to you and yours. The only thing that really stinks is the fact that there are no files you can edit to change everything. Even though there are some really cool codes, it would be nice to edit a bit. But aside from the few bad points, lets get down to the real review.

Gameplay-9/10-Really fun and interesting. Like I said, it sets you way back in the day and allows you to build an empire. But, let me propose this question...What empire ever had a max population of 50? There are ways to get around the population limit, but come on! But, there are so many combos you can choose for your enemies personality. If you are a n00bie, you can make them passive, and if you are a veteran, make them an all out hell aggressive civilization. There are also many customizations. You can choose one out of five ages to start in, your empire, everyone elses empire, and a few other things. Overall in this category is your military and what you can do with it. Whatever age you start in, you still have to upgrade it. You can do the same to any other thing.

Sounds-10-The sound here rules! Everything sounds very realistic. The whole civilization sounds realistic. The villagers sound very cool. The catupult especially sounds real. Along with some of the cheating military units. (Hint:Vroom, Vroom!) The real pinnicale of this category is the background music. Nothing like hearing an indian tribe chant while having axemen running around chopping peoples heads off.

Graphics-9/10-Also another good part of this game. Even from the birds eye view. When you are in the Persian Iron Age, you may even begin to feel old and Chinese. The buildings that the Pesants create are beautiful. Even the small bit of blood involved is made to look good. When you kill someone, or something dies, it rots away slowly. That's what makes this extra cool.

Overall-9/10-Great game. Very addicting. But, don't be suprised if you A+ your military history test.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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