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"A great RTS from Microsoft thats highly addictive"

This game is one of the best RTS I have ever played. If you like playing starcraft, you are gonna love playing this game. You can choose from many different races, Choson, Egyptians, Babylonians, etc. All races have advantages and disadvantages. They are all unique in a way and their buidings have different designs, for example the Shang (Chinese) have Asian style buildings, and the Persians have mid east type buildings.

Gameplay: (9/10)

This game has hours of fun. When playing single player, you will be able to choose campaigns, deathmatches, or random maps. Campaigns have a specific mission to complete, deathmatches get started by receiving large amounts of supplies and building units to attack in a bloody battle, and random maps is the RTS play since you start out with nothing and are supposed to gather resources to build units and attack others. Difficulty level can also be set from easiest to hardest. Even though the AI in the game isn't too great, you can still enjoy a great game against a maximum of eight computer players. Multiplayer is also another option. Most people in multiplayer play the Deathmatch, since it is quick, bloody and fun.

Graphics: (7/10)

The graphics in this game aren't too great since many of the units are not very highly detailed from race to race. When units are upgraded, little changes more details on the armour. Buildings are also changed when ages progress throughout the game, but detail isn't the greatest, though, in this game. The maps aren't too highly detailed, but you are able to set the map size from small to huge. Many of the maps are the same, just with different placements of the gold patches, trees, etc.

Music: (7/10)

Sound in this game has a bit of variety, like battle sounds and grunts from the units. Music is also okay even though it does get somewhat repetitive. What might have made this game better is probably to have different varieties of music for different races.

Replay: (10/10)

Obviously this game has excellent replay value. Everytime you finish the game you will always want to play again, but with different strategies to attack your opponents. You will get so addicted to this game, that your life will probably revolve around this game.

Overview: (8/10)

With high replay value and great gameplay its highly recommenced that you get this game. Now that the game only costs $14.99 at any local electronic store, you won't be able to go wrong. Now go out and buy this game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/11/02, Updated 03/06/03

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