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Reviewed: 07/15/02 | Updated: 07/15/02

Enter the universe of AoE

This is one of those PC games that really stands out. From the time you race home from the shop and put the disk into your computer you are already in a world that will change your life. Well, maybe not change your life...but its a cool game. In Age of Empires you take on the roll of one of the many civilizations. The campaigns are set in real historical events so you might learn something if you can be bothered to read the history before you start your game, but assuming you want to get into this game straight away you will finish it just as uneducated as you currently are.

The multiplayer in this game is great because you don't need a broadband connection to the interned and it won't chew up your download limit. This was the first game I ever played online and it was a great introduction to online gaming. The multiplayer allies are not just people you don't attack you can trade resources, fight as one, heal your allies units and chat privately so those other players have no idea what you are planing. For example you could organize to go into combat as one and you could work on infantry while your ally works on siege equipment and then you both go into battle providing cover for one another.

Age of Empires also includes a idiot proof map builder so even when you have played all the campaigns you can make your own map, place resources, create computer players and then play it for your self. With this feature the game can continue long after you have completed all the campaigns. Unlike other games I have played the map builder in this game is so easy to use that even my little brother can make a custom map.

As I said earlier the campaigns are set in real historical events. Some of the campaigns are rather challenging and you have to plan out your way of attack instead of just blazing in. The campaigns give you a change to 'change history' as you are sometimes given the side that loses in real time but you can change that in the game.

If you have not already got the game stop what you are doing and go get it now. It's worth every dollar you pay. Tell your friends to get it as well then you can all play online together. Just looking through all these other reviews you can get the idea that this game is simply one of a kind.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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