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"Best game/RTS ever."

So, to introduce this review, I would like to say that I use a rating scale of 1-10 and that this review comes out of my years of experience at this game. I have been playing it since it came out(1997) and still playing online(2003. I just decided now to give it a review since I have just kind of figured out about this site gamefaqs)This game will never get you bored.Now to begin this review...

Game play...
Starts out just like any other RTS.In this game you mine gold and stone,pick berries,farm,catch fish,kill animals for food,and chop down trees for wood.You need all these resources to get different types of buildings/units from the game.You can build various of units differing from Archers to elephant archers,Swordsmen to the next headless horsemen.To go along with the lots of units,theres also alot of buildings you can build for the different types of units or for upgrades and such.This game does require some strategy if you got some,or you can learn while playing the game.You can play with up to 8 players in game, such as you and 7 other computer players,or you can go online and play with vast amounts of people from the world.This game also has an intriging campaign which interacts with real history(which i'll talk more about later)It also has alot of different civilizations like the babylonians,Egyptians,Yamato,sumerian,shang,phoenician,hittite,choson,Assyrian,Greek,Minoan and persian.This game also comes with the capibilitiy of making your own level.To go along with that, there is alot of different modes you can do, such as Death matches(start out with alot of resources)Campaign mode(learn about civilazations and go back in history)Multiplay(will talk aout this later)Scenarios(which you can play and they are already set up maps,lots of fun)and more.Also this game generates maps so most likly you will never get the same map twice.(less you play it alot)There is also some good patches for you to downlaod for this game,like population 200(which is sweet)and more.This game play is definetly 10.

Well the story mode is basic but deep and complexe.You go back in time and you learn to play the game at first,then you start to get into history about whatever civilization you pla as. The story matches with battles that have happened in past times, so the story to me goes up for 10.

The sounds from this game are pretty good. The mining of stone,the lamb sound of farms,the battles, this game does have very good sound can even press number 1-25 and say sayings/taunts that talk.Real smooth, really 10.

This games music is not bad,but I would've wished just for a little more variety. Sometimes it plays the same song, but just in different beats. But this is all good, at least there's something. Give this one an 8.

Basically just like any other RTS, you have simple controls that you do almost all with the clicks of the mouse. There is also awesome hot keys that you can build real fast and such if you master them. So to me these controls are quite the easy one, and controls reach out to a 10.

Online play abilities...
The online play in this game is a very good high point about this game.It lets you face from tons of people, on a secure site, and play as long as you want,for free.You will find tons of challenges that appeal to you, and you will get real good. Also this game has tournaments online which is fun and you can win stuff. Would give online play 12/12 but since my rate scale isn't that, 10 I give it.

Replay value...
For the campaigns and stuff to replay them, it's not bad. But to play online, you WILL get addicted. I guarantee it. Even if it's for 5 days you will play it probably non-stop once you get the flow of the game going. So for replay value, I give it a 9.

this game has alot of options and various things to do. Keeps it fun and not to boring.
Helps you play the game at first, then you learn about your ancient history. What more could you ask? :)
Great sound effects adds to yet a perfect RTS. Love the taunts.
Only real little downfall of game. Great music, but not enough variety.
Perfect controls. Need I say more?
Best online game I have ever played. And best yet, it's free with a secure,Microsoft site.
Replay value:9/10
What RTS can you not stop playing?
This game is sweet,tight, and non-stop action and strategy. This game is for the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In conclusion...
This game is a real winner RTS game. There's endless possibilities with it. If you see it, buy it.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/30/03, Updated 04/30/03

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