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"Microsoft delivers its first RTS game"

Graphics: 7: The 3/4 is used that's famous in Super Mario RPG and Sim City 2000. No special 3-D graphics here, but all the characers and buildings look good, and there are some nice cinematics too in the opening sequence.

Sound: 5: Sound wasn't as good as in other real time strategy games like Warcrat 1, 2, and Starcraft, there's no background music at all, but at least your units make funny noises like in the other Blizzard games, but I wish they'd make death threats at you after clicking on them multiple times like in the other Blizzard games.

Gameplay: 9: Another great unique gameplay style to the real time strategy genre. There's a big variety of races you can choose from like the Greecs, Egyptions, Babylonians, plus many more. You progress through the Tool, Bronze, and Iron ages, and try to conquer the other races on your map, also you can form, or break alliances. The more ages you progress through, the more buildings and units you can make. After youre done playing or after you save you can check the stats for military, religion, technology and other categories as well.

Replay Value: 8: You can play the game on a network or through modem so you can go at with some friends. You can start any mission and save midway and continue your game later on as well.

Overall: 7: A great first RTS game by Microsoft, if you love the Blizzard RTS games, or Command & Conquer series, you'll love this game, all they needed to improve on is just the sound.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/22/00, Updated 01/22/00

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