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"From stones to iron."

Game play - This is a fun game. It is very fun to watch the enemy fall into a trap that you set up. Once you do it correctly you will have the enemies cornered and annihilate them easily. But, it is in a way hard. You have to be very strategic when it comes to attacking. If you make a mistake you will probably regret it. Usually you will not depend solely on the military ( archers, hoplite, swordsman and scouts) but the marine force of the game. They gather food faster, attack more powerfully and can help transport you military from one place to another. There is one more powerful force in the game : the priests. They may not seem like much, but, take 20 priests and having all the upgrades can be more powerful than the military or the marines. The controls are very simple. All you need is a mouse. Example: click villagers with left part, click animal on right. Done!

Story - While doing scenario you get a briefing and some history. You also get hints that are very important.
This game is all about conquest, victory, exploration, and survival. You win by destroying the enemy or making a wonder and protecting it well. In some missions you will have to get artifacts and steal them to your center. Mainly, all you need to do is best your enemy. It can get very hard waiting to update the village, but worth it. Sometimes you will want to go mad waiting but don't,. It is too good to do that and ruin it.

Audio/Video - The sound I give a 10. While you attack they play music correctly. If you are making your town powerful and such the music is calm. In battle you hear the opponents clashing swords, the dyeing horses, everything that is there.
The graphics are superb. When you see the intro you will see how real this game is. On the map they aren't as good. You can still make out cliffs, deserts, and hills, but, they are still not the best.

Replayability - I would replay it. Once you beat it you may want to build some scenarios, replay campaign, or just go onto death match and kill the opponent. I would replay it 2 or 3 times.

To buy or to rent? - I think it is worth buying. It is long and fun. Enjoy it if you rent it because you might not finish it in time to give it back!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/12/03, Updated 06/12/03

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