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"A decent strategy game with lots of features to keep you occupied"

Age of Empires is one of the best strategy games, after Command & Conquer in my humble opinion. This game will make you think endless thoughts on how to complete the game.

Graphics – 9
The graphics are well done for a strategy game like this. The trees, grasses, birds, backgrounds and many other things in this game have thousands of colours that make this game really colourful and cheery. All of the graphics are certainly detailed except few of them. The background are just normal with grasses and a plain field and the animations are just nice (not too fast and not too slow).

Music – 7
I don’t think much of the background music in the game but some of them are quite nice. The clear and loud sound effects are even better than the background music itself.

Gameplay – 9
The game is quite decent and you can choose your own difficulty level. Age of Empires is quite simple. Choose your own civilization and you’ll be given certain missions and try to do your task. You have to be familiar with other strategy games in order to make this game easier. There are many units and buildings that you can create and put (as it is just a matter of click, wait and put your favourite building at a particular spot). Also, this game is based on real life so building certain buildings will make you upgrade your civilization! How? When you build up to certain parts, you can move to Stone Age from using the old, wooden planks and stuffs and then you can upgrade to more stable and powerful age. You can also play through the Internet worldwide with more features and buildings for it! Some missions can be a bit hard and it will take what like ages to you in order to complete it. Patience will always win but you need good strategies to topple over your rival.

Replay Value – 7
Okay, the game is definitely cool and you’ll spend all your free time with this game. After completing ALL the missions from every single civilizations and spend a few weeks on it, this game will be a totally bore and can be repetitive. But, with the ‘playing through Internet’ feature, I don’t think you’ll immediately hate this game unless you do not have an Internet connection. Maybe you’ll just chuck it aside somewhere later. This game should have something to keep you returning but so far, none.

Overall – 8
This game is decent with loads of features that will keep you entertained! Still, it can be much better if the developers take more time building more stuff and features to it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/12/00, Updated 05/12/00

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