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"Its a great game. Period"

Microsoft brings you Age of Empires. Sounds awfully corny but it is actually a pretty good game. It is a strategy game that takes patience.

In the middle of nowhere, some goofs were out and they decided they wanted to rule the world. They make catapults, boats, and get thousands of warriors to help them out...

Thats the basic story for this game. You have to conquer your enemies, which sometimes is extremely hard. You must have a very strong offense a lot but you can never forget about defense. This is the hard part about this game.

The naval power is a key to your success and that is usually hard cause your so vulnerable and its just another thing that makes it so hard.

Gameplay 9/10
You have to be really patient cause you have build, build, build. You must build like crazy in order to make people. This is why it takes patience. The enemies are usually all strong and sometimes it isn't the enemies your worried about. I've been killed by animals!! They are tough sometimes. The number one thing to remember is not to get cocky. You must be patient, good at strategies and remember why your out there.

Graphics 7/10
The graphics aren't stunning, thats for sure. They to tell you what you need to know though. It is important that you can tell where cliffs are too cause they are sometimes a problem when your rushed. Overall they aren't that great but is the game really in the graphics?

Controls 9/10
How hard can it be? Its a mouse for crying out loud?! Right click, left click. Simple.

Story 8/10
Before every scenario there is a short FMV and they pretty much tell you the basic story. Then at the start of the mission it tells you a little bit more detailed. Its quite specific and tells you a little more than what you need to know. Its perfect though. They provide you with everything you'll need to know for the mission.

Fun Factor 8/10
Its a lot of fun to play when your bored and doesn't wear out very easily. You can have a lot of fun with created scenarios. Give them a villager when you start with a superior army. Its pretty fun but can get frustrating.

Difficulty 9/10
This game is certainly not easy! At first it seems simple but trust me, it gets really hard. Sometimes unimaginalbly hard. You must be prepared for everything and pay attention to what hints it gives you. They are all very helpful. Don't plan on this to be a one night game.

Overall 9/10
Great game that is hard and replayable!! Buy this game, don't rent it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/31/00, Updated 03/31/00

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