Review by Andy007

Reviewed: 04/01/00 | Updated: 04/01/00

Fun for a while, then you know what.....

Gameplay 8/10: This game is fun, fun, fun at first. But it could get boring once you've beaten most of the ''wars.'' But lets talk about the good qualities of this game first. The strategy planning in this game can be easy or hard, which makes this game a little addictive. Most first time players of this game will be addicted and be playing for hours. Some people like the war theme where you go around planning attacks on other civilizations. This game is also really awesome because it is sort of the like a flashback to the past. But some people get frustrated while they are playing this game because sometimes it is so hard to win.

Graphics 6/10: The first Age of Empires game, starts out with average graphics. The graphics are kept simple and animated. But most people don't want an animated battle field, because it makes everything more fake if it is supposed to be realistic. But civilization buildings do look like the ones back in ancient times. So, at least players are able to tell the difference between civilizations.

Sound 3/10: Here's Age of Empires weak spot. I don't think the sound effects and music are good. All of the sound effects are plain, kind of boring. The music isn't good just because this game is old. Some of the sound effects sound like errors. But at least the music and sound aren't poor as some games.

Overall 6/10: This game is pretty much a classic by now. But most people will buy Age of Empires 2, which is totally improved. The graphics are better and there are more features. I would still buy Age of Empires, because it isn't a poorly made game. If you'll get bored of Age of Empires 2, why don't you just save some money and buy Age of Empires.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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