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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by DWilson

    Version: 1.1b | Updated: 04/03/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *                        Earth 2150                         *
    *               The Guide to being the best                 *
    *                                                           *
    *               [ Version 1.1b , 03/04/02 ]                 *
    *                     © David Wilson                        *
    *                 greatdane3k@yahoo.co.uk                   *
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    (A) Copyright
    (AI)Version histroy
    (B) How to Play Earth 2150
          1.Controls (Novice /newcomers to Earth 2150)
          2.How to Play the game over the Internet
          3.how to build an empire
    (C) The teams
          1.Earth 2150 Prologue
    (D) Tips on Being the best
    (E) FAQ
    (F) Cheats
    (G) Credits
    Copyright © 2000-2002 David Wilson
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    it you still have to give alot of the credit to me , David
    Wilson for making this guide.If you want to ask a question
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    Anyway enough naging lets get on with the game and I hope this
    guide makes you a better soldier !
    ----------------------VERSION HISTORY------------------------
    Version 1.0 released 10/06/01
    First ever game guide, hope you like it. Did everything i could think of except
    teams because that meant alot of writing and i had my SATs coming up so sorry
    about the teams in version 1. When i get some more time i will right about the
    vehicles and buildings of each team.
    Version 1.1 released 03/08/01
    Current version, i have added quite alot  more towards the teams but school and
    my sister is getting in the way. Also have added a mini contents to each team as
    well as a reveiw ! i will continue to update this guide if i get a response by
    version 1.1b released 03/04/02
    I have not updated in a long long time ! I have deleted the mini contents because
    they just didn't suite the guide. Also i have deleted the "How to Play earth 2150
    over the Internet" because you used to be able to play it on the zone but now thats
    gone so i know nowhere that hosts Earth 2150. I have changed/modifed the LC review,
    some people kept emailing in saying i had been a bit harsh, so that has changed.
    I am trying to finish the vehicle guide and the Walkthrough wii come soon, maybe.
    --------------------HOW TO PLAY EARTH 2150-------------------
    * B1) THE CONTROLS OF EARTH 2150   *
    Earth 2150 Can be a very difficult game to play because there is
    so much stuff to do but here are some of the controls to the game.
    Default keyboard Buttons that are most used
    F1 - Brings up the construction window
    F2 - Brings up the Reseach screen
    F3 - Change the weapons of the selected building
    F9 - Show the range of the power on the selected power station
    F12 - Shows you the tunnels you have built
    Alt+F2 - Save your game
    Alt+F3 - Load a game
    Enter on keypad (Right side of Keyboard) - Rotate the building
                                               before your about to
                                               build them
        0 on keypad (Right side of keyboard) - Centre the camera on your
                                               selected unit
    + or (-)    - Change the game speed
    Number lock - Pause game
    , - select all the units in site
    . - select all air units in site
    / - select all ground units in site
    ; - select all miltay units in site
    Mouse buttons
     left mouse button - click it to select a unit or drag it to selct
                         a number of units . Left click once on a button.
    Right mouse button - tell selected unit to go were you click .
                         Hold and move the mouse to zoom in/out or hold
                         it and move the muse left or right to rotate
                         the veiw
    While in a game click on the menu button at the bottom of the srceen to bring up a
    number of things , save your game ,exit a game , load a game and alot more.
    www.Zone.com , which used to host Earth 2150 has stopped hosting it now. So sorry
    guys but i have no idea if anyone hosts it now. If you find out that a websiet does
    host it please email me quick ! thanks
    There are alot of thing you have to do just to win a simply game of Earth 2150.
    the first thing you need to know is how to build buildings . for the ED and UCS
    you will start the game with a machine which builds buildings for you . You simply
    click on the building you want to build and select were you want to build it .
    With the LC you click on build button near the bottom half of the screen and click
    on the area were you want to build your building . You can press Enter on the
    number pad to turn the building around . To build a unit first you have to build
    the building which build the unit (eg. To build Pammir you have to build a weapon
    production centre , sinmle realy ) . Another important issue in Earth 2150 is to
    supply your battle units with ammo . to do this you will need aerial centre and a
    supply ship to take the ammo to the units . the will be more info on the supply
    ships and and buildings later on in this guide . In most missons to get money you
    ill have to mine for ore . each Team has its own way of doing this , you can find
    about the mining vehicles later in this guide . The ED and UCS can also build
    tunnels and bridges . I think this is a great feature in this game and when you go
    these two teams you should use the tunnel building as a great defensive advantage .
    The bridges are also good because without them you could not get youre troops
    around the map . The reason For the Lc not having bridges is that all the units
    can fly ! and i don't know why they do not have tunnels .
    The main things to remeber are when you are gettting ore get it fast , there is
    not much ore on the map in that is your ownly source of money (unless your on
    Skirmish mode , in which you can just get given money) so get there before the
    enemy does . also if you are fighting for some ore take in consideration the
    amount of ore , is it really worth all the losses of your expesive machines if
    not just leave the dam stuff , if there's alot of ore in one place fight for it
    with your life , never give up ! Another friendly note , have lots of weapons
    centres , in this game there is no population limit and the enemy knows that ,
    you should to , in other words build lots of stuff .
    before you start the campaign i recommend that you stay on Skirmish for abit
    because the campaigns are hard , one mistake can cost you the whole game on
    the campaign so get better on Skirmish mode before you try the long hard
    campagin .
    NOTE : The campaign on this game is different to others because you always
    have a base were you have to send your ore to . So realy there is only 3
    campaigns in the game , one for each team , but there are long and take weeks
    to complete (unless you play on your computer continously)
    --------------------THE TEAMS OF EARTH 2150------------------
    There are 3 teams in Earth 2150 each having there special abilitys , they will
    be explained in detail but first the Earth 2150 Prologue.
    * C1)EARTH 2150 PROLOGUE  *
    The 21st Century was supposed to herald the dawn of a new age. The wars, famines
    and suffering of the last two millennia were to become a distant, fading memory,
    as scientific advances brought global peace and prosperity. Toward the end of
    the 20th century, a now forgotten US president even went as far as to officially
    proclaim the arrival of a new world order, in whih right, not wrong, would govern
    international relations.
    Unfortunately, this bright future was not to be. First came a meltdown of the
    international stock and currency exchanges. Then the major international
    conglomerates were dissolved in a vain attempt to stop the fiscal haemorrhage. By
    2012 the world enconomy had collasped. Poverty and hunger caused soial and
    political tensions to flare. As the crisis wore on, few were bold or naive enough
    to predict anything positive for the future. Mostrealised that the planet was on
    the verge of global conflict.
    During this time, the odd american organisation, NASA, were taken over by a new
    company called the Lunar Corporation. The LC, as it was known, saw a business
    opportunity in all this chaos, and began building a city in orbit. When it was
    completed, those who could afford it flocked to the newly opened Orbital City I.
    In 2048, the anticipated global conflict broke out with a level of violence that
    shook the planet to its core . All major centralised goverments were destroyed in
    the maelstrom. Europe and Eastern Asia bore the brunt of the devastation, as the
    entire urban centres, from Madrid to Moscow and from Seoul to Singapore were
    literally wiped off the map. The 20th-century dream for a better world ended in
    death and destruction. The population of Orbital City I, shocked by the horrors
    they were witnessing, emigrated to a newly constructed Lunar base to better
    protect themselves. The colony then severed all connections with earth and began
    to prosper as a separarte, selr-contained community.
    The human race has always been known for its resiliency. Within a dozen years,
    the Earth's inhabitants had begun to restore their old nationalities - with a
    few twists. Twelve states of the former United states joined together to form
    a new country, called the United Civilised States. The UCS citizens had
    essentially given up thier old roles as producers and leaders. Nearly all work
    was being performed  by robots which were controlled by expert computer systems.
    Not surprisingly, the human inhabitants of the UCS had become lazy and decadent.
    In the European and Asia territories, which suffered so terridly in the war, a
    new empire was created under the iron fist of the khans. Its pround name was
    meant to conjure up an ossociation with a glorious former age - The Eurasian
    Dynasty. With access to the military bases, weapons and technology of the former
    Soviet Union, the Khans were able to build up a formidable military state.
    Decadence is unheard og in the ED. The citizens are drilled from an early age
    to serve the state and be ready if so ordered. The regime is quick to eliminate
    any individualists and pleasure-seekers, not to mention those who are merely lazy
    or incompetent.
    As the only two organised powers, both the ED and the UCS were able to extend their
    borders very quickly, and soon possessed all remaing inhabitable areas. but two
    powerful empires can rarely live in harmony. Soon the ED army invaded the UCS
    territories. Thus began another horrendous war. During eight years of continuous
    conflict, the retreating ED army, desperate after suffering  a series of battlefeild
    defeats, attempted to turn the tide with nuclear weapons. A barrage was lunched
    against UCS positions near the North pole. The explosions unleashed were so violent
    that the Earth's orbital motion was effected. This was first noticed in 2150 by UCS
    scientists and the almost forgotten colonists on the moon. Soon, the infomation also
    reached ED headquaters. The scientists' calculations became cause for serious alarm.
    The distance between the Earth and the Sun wouls shrink by nearly 17% over the next
    few years. The implications became clear, even to the thick-headed ED commanders -
    the Earth and the moon are headed for a terrible cosmic disater.
    The only hope for salvation is to escape the doomed planet. But building an evacuation
    fleet of such size requires immense natural resorces and these are to be found only in
    a few selected regions. This means only one thing - Whichever side emerges victorious
    in the battle for these territories wil escape Armageddon. The next war will truly be
    the last our eart will ever see...
    * C2)   ED   *
    The ED is the most undated team, it still has tanks and cannons and hasn't changed
    much since this century. But don't let that put you off they are still a very good
    team as they have alot of units. Also they have nuclear bombs and ballistic missiles,
    whats is wrong with that! This is my favorite team (my view only) as the units make
    fast, they have laser cannons which are good and there buildings look nice : ) Also
    the helecopters which they have are boss. If you do the campaigns i would start off
    with this team because the units are cheap but effective.
    * C2.1) Rating  *
    Weapons...........9 - they have some very good weapons ,
                          like the bomb bays, nuclear ballistics
                          missiles, lasers and alot more. They all
                          are very effective and you can upgrade
                          them about 50 times which is good but
                          takes alot of reseaching time, but thats
                          a small price to pay for what you get
                          out of it.
    Buildings.........7 - Some nice buildings that look also they
                          are all guite small which come in handy
                          when you only have a small space to work
                          in. The best defence is prety poor
                          because it can only hold one weapon but
                          it pays up by having very high HP. Plus
                          they have walls which are good and can
                          take quite a bit of battering , overall
                          very good and nice.
    units.............9 - very good units, very cheap and
                          effective and they you alot of choice .
                          The ED's even have anpibous vehicles
                          which are very good and again cheap.
                          There main attack vehicle the kruszchev
                          is very armoured and can carry and good
                          load of weapons, again they are cheap
                          and best of all they are quick to make.
    technolgoys.......8 - Some good technolgys such as the laser
                          and heavy rockets and cannons make this
                          team the best . Also you can make the
                          rockets guided which is useful and there
                          are a great deal of upgrades for every
                          weapon . They also have repairers which
                          are usefull in times of need.
    Total ........33/40 - a good overall team and a good score ,
                          go them and you will most likley win
                          (well, i do). Good, cheap, devastating,
                          nuclear , there is no prblem with this
                          team it is almost perfect, the best team
                          in the game from my point of veiw.
    (Please remember this is my veiw only, don't get annoyed or
     angry with me if you think different)
    * C2.2) Units   *
    Gruz - This is a heavy costruction vehicle equipped with frony mounted excavation
    buckets. It is used for constructing building, digging ditches and tunnels, and
    levelling ground.A rear mounted construction module contains most componets needed
    to build important structures. You must always have one of these if you want to
    live. It is the first and only unit you start off with on skirmish mode.
    Taiga - This is a heavy transportation vehicle used originally for cutting trees
    in the Taiga forests. The ZK Taiga is currently assigned to hauling containers
    between mines and refineries. A powerful genartor enables add-on systems, such as
    laser weapons, or other equipment to be attached. With these attachments , it is
    often used as a support unit. You start the game with these already reseached.
    These are good for a varitey of things, there good at the start beacuse they can
    have sheild generators and can carry large weapons like the laser while the pamir
    Siberia - The Sibera model was designed during adaptation of the ZK series for
    military purposes. The sibera is armoured, but unlike the ZK Taiga, is also fast
    and light. The reduction in weight was possible because the ZT 100 sibera was not
    intended to be used as a transportation unit. The powerful generator remains
    unchanged, enabling the user to attach the usual extra equipment. The ZT series is
    the mainstay of the ED support units. You have to resaech the siberia. I don't
    realy use this much, altough it is faster than the Taiga it is not as strong
    and durable.
    Minelayer - After war broke out in 2140, construction began on a vehicle that would
    be able to mine large area in a short time. This led to the development of the
    minelayer. During the development process, however, the scientists luckily stumbled
    across a design for a laser mine detector, which they immediately incorporated into
    the minlayers. This detector finds mines quickly and detonates them from a safe
    distance.You have to reseach the minelayer. These can become very usefull as it only
    takes one to mine a whole area, and if the enemy goes over a mine it will certainly
    do alot of damage.
    Boyar - This light, speedy helicopter is used as a supply unit. Its main task is to
    resupply front-line units with ammunition. These are essential in the game as you
    always need to resupply your units or they will be out of ammo and will not fire at
    the enemy. You start of the game with Boyar's already reseached. You don't realy
    need many of these it depends on how many units you have, the more unts you have
    the more of these you will need.
    Pamir - The TT model ("Pamir") was developed from the american Abrams M1A1 tank.
    To adapt the design to 22nd Century demands, scientists modified its equipment so
    that one man can operate it. The steering stand is situated inside the chassis right
    beneath the turret, giving the operator better protection. A targeting computer
    installed in the turret controls the firing. Although it isn't a particularly large
    unit, it comes with high-quality armour enabling it to take part in very dangerous
    operations. It can also travel over most types of terrain. Unfortunatly the genertor
    is not powerful enough for a laser weapon.This is the standard unit of the ED army
    and you start of with it from the begining of the game. UIt is not realy very good
    except for its speed and the cannon it can have on. Don't get many of these, i would
    advise you just to reseach the Kruszchev staight away and use them instead.
    Kruszchev - An upgrade of the Pamir, HT 400 Kruszchev tanks were constructed as defence
    vehicles. Their to most significant features are low speed and very heavy armour. The ED
    mainly uses them to repulse enemy attacks. Their heavy armour (and boy they have alot of
    it!) makes them extremely resistant and they can inflict appreciable losses on any
    opponent. Its fighting prowess can be tremendously increased by attaching add on
    equipment. You first have to upgrade the Pamir to reseach these beuties. I think these
    are the best things in this game, they are gorgeous and powerfull. Just put on a heavy
    cannon with rockets on top and watch them destroy your enemy. There HP is great and they
    can carry every ED weapons.
    Ural - Although the Ural has less armour and strength then the Kruszchev, it makes up
    for its lack of armour with greater firepower. The Ural is the ED's hardest hitting ground
    unit and has two hardpoints for weapons. Often used as a command vehicle, the Ural can
    carry a banner or noise generator and still caryy up to two other weapon systems. Yes it
    is good for its attack power but thats all, its HP is less than harve compared to the
    Kruszchev and there are prety exspensive for an ED unit. It is just better and cheaper to
    get two Kruszchev's than to get one of these.
    Caspian - The ED army needed an amphibious vehicle capable of oparating in swamps and f
    looded areas. So they developed the TK101 Caspian from an armoured infantry transporter.
    The transporter bed was replaced with a higly efficient generator, giving it more than
    enough energy to power any special add-ons. On solid ground, the vehicle uses all-wheel
    drive; on water, it is driven by rear and front-mounted propellars, giving it tremendous
    speed and manoeuvrability. The TK101 is lightly armoured. When equipped with a light
    weapons system, it is often deployed in rough terrain as a reconnaissance vehicle.You
    have to reseach the Caspian as you do not start of with it. These are good to play around
    with as they can go neary everywere on a map.The bad point is that they can't have sheild
    generators and cannot have many weapons but on them. O well.
    Volga - When the scientists at the Kurtchatov Reseach centre started work on an amphibious
    tank, the first thing they did was reduce the armour. The TL 70 model is the result of
    these experiments, which were partially successful. The TL 70 can operate in water but is
    very slow and cumbersome. So the engineers came up with a better idea - to use it as a
    mobile ballistic rocket launcher. You will first have to reseach and upgrade the Caspian
    before you can reseach the Volga.
    Irkutsk - The Irkutsk is a lightly armoured patrol boat used for reconnaissance and
    strike operations. Its main function is battling heavy enemy ships. The unit's enormous
    speed enables it to strike like a cobra and quickly withdraw beyond enemy range. It can
    also defend ships of the Leviathan class. You start off the game with the first version
    of the Irkutsk. Good scouting ship but has lame armour.
    Leviathan - This heavily armoured ship id the ED navy's main strike unit . It has an
    extended firing range, meaning that its rockets can hit targets  situated far inland.
    Various upgrades of the leviathan allow it to mount more weapon systems. You first have
    to reseach and upgrade the Ifkutsk before you get the chance to reseach the Leviathan.
    These are realy great if you upgrade them to the best they can go, as they are strong and
    can carry a heavity amount of weapons, bad point, they break your bank acount.
    Cossack - This small helicopter, equipped with machine guns, is perfectly suited for
    reconnaissance operation. With its tremendous speed and manoeuvrability, it can easily
    dodge enemy rockets, while its special ammunition helps it destroy light enemy units.
    You need to reseach this. It is avalible to reseach at the start of the game. These
    little things are crap, sorry but they can get destoyed by anythink. They are nippy
    which is good in someways (like running)
    Gronzy - Due to heavy losses of MI 106 Cossacks during the early part of the war, ED
    scientists were forced to develop a new helicopter that would be strong enough to
    withstand a direct hit from a surface-to-air-rocket. The needed breakthrough was
    reached when the scientists developed new composite armour. This enabled them to
    construct an assault helicopter, the "Gronzy" with much more armour than the Cossack.
    However, the increase in protection came at the expense of overall flying speed. You
    can get the Gronzy after you have reseached the Cossack. These are farily good but they
    cannot have any 'heavy' weapons, but their good to start of with.
    Thor - The Thor is a heavily armoured helicopter used to carry out air raids. Able to
    carry either heavt rocket launchers or bomb bays, the Thor is capable of delivering a
    deadly payload to the enemy. The Thor is also versatile since it can be equipped with
    a container hook. When equipped with a hook, Thors can lift and transport ore containers.
    You have to reseach the gronzy before you can reseach the Thor. These look nicer than the
    Hans and can do juat as good job as well as carry ore containers, good in the late stages
    of the game.
    Han - Similar in design to the Thor, the Han is a dedicated heavy weapons platform. The
    Han is much tougher than the Thor and carries more armour. This additional protection
    prevents the Han from using container hooks, but allows it to deliver its deadly payloads
    with a much higher degree of sucess.You first have to reseach and upgrade the Thor before
    you can get the Han. Nearl the same as the thor realy, maybe they have a liitle bit more
    HP, but thats all.
    Ukraine (game only, not in skirmish mode) - The Ukraine is a heavy transport craft used
    to ferry units and resouces from mission areas to the main ED base. It can carry up to
    10 units and 5,000 credits simultaneously. You can't make these and you start of the game
    with one of them.
    Lenin (game only, not in skirmish mode) - The lenin is a heavy transpot helicopter used
    for hauling ore betwwen transport bases and the space port. You can not build these, or
    control them, they just come and take the ore the the space port automaticly.
    Fake units - fake tank units are used by the ED to mask thir numbers and make their
    armies seem larger. These units are basically mockups of tanks and can fool an enemy
    into thinking he faces more opponents than he actually does. I never use these because
    you cannot fool the  computer : ) Good over te internet because you can scare alot of
    your enemys.
    * C3)   UCS    *
    This team is very futrastic and very good to. The main part of this army is walking
    vehicles. They have good weapons and good technologys. They even have a telepotation
    machine which is very good. The other good thing is there power because you can run
    power cable type things around your base instead of having power stations everywhere.
    If you don't know what i mean there are like pylons now, they spread power into places
    with no power, if you get me : ) The only bad part about them is that there units are
    very exspensive for what they are.
    * C3.1) Rating  *
    Weapons...........7 - some good weapons but not a large
                          variety. These don't have cannons or
                          lasers. They do have plasma cannons but
                          these aren't as good as the lasers. The
                          plasma bomb on the other hand is a great
                          invension and can destroy even the
                          tougthest units but crap against a
    Buildings.........9 - This teams has good buildings. The
                          fortification is the tougthest  thing in
                          the entire game and can't be destoyed by
                          a load of nuclear bombs plus it can hold
                          4 weapons at a time making it another
                          record breaker in the game. Also you
                          good add nuclear reactors to their power
                          statons. Also the can have them power
                          pylons which talked about before. They
                          didn't get ten because of the tank
                          barriers What are them things for ?
                          Overall Good buildings, thumbs up if you
                          like to build.
    units.............7 - Their units are'nt great but just quite
                          good. The main bad thins is the shear
                          cost of even a little crapy tiger can
                          cost you more than the ED's entire army
                          ! Also they are slow and for some reason
                          none of their units have wheels (ever
                          noticed that?)
    technolgoys.......9 - The UCS's technolgy is much like the
                          ED's. But they also have the teleporter
                          which is very good to get around the map
                          if you have two bases.
    Total ........32/40 - Just not as good as the ED's but near
                          the top. The main thing which lets them
                          down is the cost of their things. In a
                          game were you have to mine you just
                          can't get very far even if you mine the
                          whole map.
    (Please remember this is my veiw only, don't get annoyed or
     angry with me if you think different)
    * C3.2) Units   *
    Mammoth - This versatile, heavy robot is used for building constuction,
    ditch/tunnel digging, and levelling ground. You need to watch your mammoth
    closely as it is very slow and has a hard time evading enimes. This is just
    the same as the ED's Gruz , they are very important so don't loose them. You
    will start of with one on most missions and on the skirmish mode. Remember
    protect it well don't let it die young : )
    Tiger - This is the basic robot of the UCS army. With good armour and the
    capability to hold various weapons, the tiger is fast off the assembly line
    and can cause trouble to opposing forces in large numbers. Its weak spot is
    low resistance against projectile weapons.
    Well thses are ok against pamirs and small stuff but later in the game they
    will die. They cannot carry generators so if the ED's come with lasers and you
    have a host of these, well your pretty f**ked .
    Spider - This 6-legged chassis can support equipment add-ons, making it a favorite
    support unit in the UCS army. The spider chassis can also be equiped with a shield
    generator to give it good protection against energy weapons. Its weak spot is poor
    armour against weapons such as rockets and cannons. These are like the taiga. You
    can get them at the start of the game, they can have sheild generators and can carry
    plasma cannons, use them.
    Panther - A 2-legged chassis deployed as a main striking force, the Pnather packs a
    real wallop with its ability to carry heavy weapon systems and sheilds. The greater
    the amount of armour on this unit does take away from its speed but the panther just
    plods along, killing all in its way. A nice strong unit and probally the best unit to
    use if you go the UCS. not as dear as the Jaguar and it doesn't take 20 years for it
    to make .
    Jaguar - This 2-legged chassis, a modified version of the panther, is eguiped with an
    add on weapon system. This add on weapon system allows for greater damage as the jaguar
    can lay down twice the amount of firepower of the Panther. Due to the extra equipment
    and armour on the unit, it takes alot longer to make, beleave me, you will probaly only
    make about 10 of them a game! Also its prety slow. Go for the Panther its better, faster
    and easier to make, by the time you make one of these you will have 3 panthers made.
    Minelayer - A caterpillar vehicle deployed either for mine-laying or quickly clearing
    large mined areas,it can locate and detonate enemy mines at a distance. This is due
    to an electromagnetic feild detector connected to a radio transmitter. The rear-mounted
    mine bay can quickly lay mines over an entire battlefield. Basic models carry a maximum
    of 10 mines , each of which can destroy an enemy vehicle. Higly effective i must say,
    are these, a good defense is to have a large minefield in front of your base. They can
    destroy the toughest of enemys, but the LC are not effected by the mines due to there
    floating vehicles, good against ED.
    * C4)   LC   *
    A very futuristic team that went to live on the moon, They consist mainly of floating
    vehicles, so no boats. There units are fairly low cost. They have the usual cannons,
    along with some weird ones such as the electro cannon and the sonic cannon, also they
    have a weather changing system. The main advantige of these guys is they can build
    anywhere that you have explored, good for the mining. The units aren't that strong but
    they have two units which are probally the best in the game, explanied more below.
    * C4.1) Rating  *
    Weapons...........6 - Well these weapons are completely
                          different compared to the other teams
                          ones (except the rockets) The have some
                          type of sonic thing which has no effect
                          on anythink unless you put it on the
                          thunderer were it beats the crap out of
                          any living thing. These do have weapons
                          but they don't seem to harm anythink much
                          But just customize the weapons and you will
                          soon find some firepoer in them.
    Buildings.........6 - There buildings are strange and the
                          power plants are impossible to use. You
                          have to build giant battaries and little
                          solar panels around a giant genartor,
                          what the hell is going on, are the
                          enviromently friendly to the earth
                          because the not pumping out gas, its
                          going to explode and disintergrate
                          anyway so why don't they just use gas
                          ,ahhh ! Also there walls stop nothing as
                          you just destroy one of the generators
                          and the whole laser wall goes out. On to
                          the good point, they only have one base
                          which builds civilian and military units
                          plus it hold 4 guns , why isn't this
                          there defence, is good enough. They do have
                          some good buildings, not many...
    units.............7 - most of them are crap, what else can i say
                          except they have one realy good, no two
                          realy good units, the thunderer with the
                          sonic cannons on is one of the best weapons
                          in the game and the test vehicle which fires
                          out a strange blue blob
    technolgoys.......7 - you can't get repairers like the other
                          team and you can't build tunnels or have
                          any fancy giant bombs which is not very
                          nice. The good point is they have a
                          weather changing system but again that
                          is crap because all it doas is maybe
                          send down a few drops of rain .
    Total ........31/40 - only go against these, don't go them. O
                          yes one important thing they can build
                          anywere which is realy good . Maybe i
                          can give them an extra couple of marks
                          for that ,
    (Please remember this is my veiw only, don't get annoyed or
     angry with me if you think different)
    * C3.2) Units   *
    -------------------TIPS ON BEING THE BEST--------------------
    Here are some useful hints to make the game easier.
    * At the start of each game , try and think of a strategy to use,
      you either concentrate all your reseach on offensive stuff, like
      units if you want to attack the enemy at the start or you go for
      the deffensive things like buildings and repair technolgys if you
      want to attack the enemy later.
    * If you have hard or multipe enemy i would avise you to build up your
      defence first. Then later when you are fully armed you can attack them
      without worring to much about your base.
    * Always protect your powerplants, if they get destroyed its very hard
      to get going again.
    * Always  keep your builders (applies only for UCS and ED) protected.
    * Explore the map quickly and get to the biggest mine feilds before
      the enemy does.
    * Don't get destroyed !
    * Always watch your money and keep abit spare incase of an emergancy.
    * remember that the UCS and ED can build tunnels, keep that in mind in
      the case of an emergancy
    * the enemy can get down your tunnels so don't let the enemy see you
      go down because the will chase after you. (fuuny to watch though)
    If you want to ask ant other questions email me at greatdane3k@yahoo.co.uk ,
    you should get a reply in the next to days of sending it. Will you also put
    the subject as Earth 2150 please, thanks.
    Q: Can i build a tunnel entrance starting from under ground ?
    A: Yes you can start to build a tunnel from the underground, this is usefull
    to know and at the start i did not realise it. Just build a building like you
    normaly do and it will start to build it underground. Also the tunnel entrance
    does not need a powerplant to run so you con go up straight away.
    Q: Who do you think is the best team ?
    A: I think all of the teams are good in different ways. But i would say that
    in my persenal veiw that the ED are the best because they have a good lay out
    of weaponsand units. They are also good/quick miners which can make alot of differance.
    They do not have the best technolgy but the lasers and the rocket launchers together
    pack a good punch.
    Q: What do you think is the worst team ?
    A: I think that the worst team in this game is... nobody, there all good. Well truly
    i would probably say the LC because the have no hire powered weapons such as nuclear
     bombs and thier power system is very annoying with all the solar pannels and batterys,
    its not worth it. But o the missions at the start they are good because you have one
    very good unit, but they need it , plus they can't get any boats, the defence is crap,
    they don't  have tunnels and their wall is easily destroyed, the only real good point
    about them is that they can build anywere. Which i must say does come in handy.
    Q: Is there any cheats for the game ?
    A: Yes there is and i have put them below. I don't know if they work or not because
    i hate cheating on this game, it seems to spoil the fun of destroying the enemy in an
    act of rage and insanity, why use cheats, there is no point there is no unit limit so
    you don't need good units if you build thousands of them. But for people who take the
    joy out of life there arecheats below in section F.
    Q: What is the best unit in the game ?
    A: Now thats a hard one. all of the units are very good in some way. And i cannot pick
    an absolute favorite or best. But i can for each team. I would say the ED best unit is
    the Ural with 2 nuclear ballistic rocket launchers on the back of it. If not that probally
    the Kruszchev because that has more armour than the Ural. Also it is good with a double
    heavy cannon and rocket launchers on top of that. For the UCS i think the jaguar with
    rocket launchers and a plasma cannon on it is good, also the Dragon is very good with
    bombs or rockets on it.For the LC i think the only two good things they have is the
    Crion which is some big secret thing which fires out a large blob which instantly
    destoyers alot of units. And the thunderer with a sonic cannon on can be very devastating
    if it hits units without sheilds on.
    Here are the earth 1250 cheats i know. If anybody knows anymore please email me and
    tell me and i will put them on.
    First press ENTER during the game, then type in : I_wanna_cheat. Next hold the left
    SHIFT and 0 on the keypad (right side of the keyboard) and press ENTER(the one on the
    right side of the keyboard) at the same time. Finally hit ENTER, type in one of the
    following cheats and hit ENTER again.
    NOTE : these cheats have not been tested, i don't cheat and refuse to test them so
           they might not work
    x-mas_pack.......................Full repair and reload ammo
    i_hate_limits*...................Set*unit CR limit
    einstein 1.......................Fast explore on
    the_hammer_of_thor...............Kills all enemys
    massacre.........................Kills all objects
    see_you_next_life................Destroy selected unit
    hasta_la_vista_enemigos..........Destroy all viible units
    bad_time_bad_plac................Damage all units
    eagle_eye........................see all
    no_one_hides.....................See all units
    no_more_secrets..................Full map
    armageddon.......................Meteor shower
    * - put i number instead of the *.
    David Wilson (greatdane3k) - the only maker of this guide will help from
    the Earth 2150 booklet
    SSI - the makers of the great game of Earth 2150 make a second Earth 2150
    guys !
    email me at greatdane3k@yahoo.co.uk
    You Guys for reading this guide
    Copyright © 2000-2002 David Wilson

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