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    FAQ/Walkthrough by thestranger2

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 05/24/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Earth 2150
    by J Sepulveda
    Legal Information:  This is mine.  If you want to use it for your own personal
    access, that's fine.  If you want to post it somewhere, ask me first and I'll 
    probably okay it.  Never charge anyone for access to this guide.  SSI, Earth 
    2150, and all components thereof are copyright Mattel, Inc.  This guide has 
    not been licensed or endorsed by the owners etc. etc. etc. 
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    I. Version History
    II. The Armies
       A. Eurasian Dynasty
          1. Concept
          2. Units
          3. Equipment
          4. Buildings
       B. United Civilized States
          1. Concept
          2. Units
          3. Equipment
          4. Buildings
       C. Lunar Corporation
          1. Concept
          2. Units
          3. Equipment
          4. Buildings
    III. Game Concepts and General Information
    IV. Walkthroughs
       A. Eurasian Dynasty
       B. United Civilized States
       C. Lunar Corporation
    V. Codes
    I. Version History
    4/21/2005 - Initial version.  Partial walkthrus for ED and UCS.
    4/29/2005 - 1.1 *UCS walkthru almost complete
                    *Tables added for UCS and LC units, structures, and equipment
                    *More information on all three armies' units and weapons
                    *Grammar and spelling check
    5/13/2005 - 1.2 *Began LC walkthru up to Kamchatka
                    *Tables added for ED units, structures, and equipment
                    *Minor corrections on ED equipment and weapons
    5/24/2005 - 1.3 *Finished UCS walkthru
                    *Finished LC walkthru
                    *More editorial information on ED and LC equipment and units
    II. The Armies
       A. Eurasian Dynasty
          1. Concept
    The Eurasian Dynasty is the least advanced of the three armies.  In fact, much
    of their technology is actually based on modern technology: helicopters, large
    cannons, and treaded tanks are the basis of the army.  The strength of the ED 
    is exactly that: they can kick ass and take names in a straight fight.  A 
    Pamir will take down a Tiger or Lunar any day.  The ED gets some really 
    impressive nuke-based weapons late in the game, but fielding them is extremely
          2. Units
    N = no shield equippable
    S = 600 PSU shield
    M = 1200 PSU shield
    L = 1800 PSU shield
    All HPs are for level 0 experience
    Equipment costs are added to chassis base cost
    Chassis            HP        Shield        Armor         Speed       Base Cost
    Gruz               1800      S             0%            19          800
    ZK Taiga           450       SML           0%            18          400
    MI 27 Boyar        900       SML           0%            36          400
    ZT 100 Siberia     600       SML           0%            18          500
    ZT 101 Siberia     675       "             "             19          "
    ZT 102 Siberia     750       "             "             19          "
    TT 100 Pamir       180       N             75%           21          300
    TT 110 Pamir       210       "             "             25          "
    TT 120 Pamir       240       "             "             25          "
    HT 400 Kruszchev   900       SM            75%           16          1200
    HT 500 Kruszchev   1050      "             "             17          "
    HT 600 Kruszchev   1200      "             "             17          "
    HT 800 Ural        600       SML           25%           16          1200
    HT 900 Ural        750       "             "             17          "
    TK 100 Caspian     450       S             0%            21          500
    TK 110 Caspian     600       "             "             25          "
    TK 111 Caspian     750       "             "             25          "
    TL 70 Volga        900       SML           25%           18          800
    TL 80 Volga        1050      "             "             "           "
    ZT 200 Minelayer   600       SML           25%           18          500
    ZT 210 Minelayer   675       "             50%           19          570
    ESS 30 Irkutsk     300       S             25%           21          300
    ESS 40 Irkutsk     375       "             25%           25          "
    ESS 50 Irkutsk     450       "             50%           28          "
    ESS 200 Leviathan  900       SML           75%           17          1000
    ESS 300 Leviathan  1050      "             "             18          "
    MI 106 Cossack     240       N             0%            36          350
    MI 107 Cossack     300       "             "             "           "
    MI 140 Grozny      300       S             25%           36          450
    MI 150 Grozny      375       SM            "             "           "
    MI 200 Han         600       SM            50%           25          1300
    MI 210 Han         750       "             "             "           "
    MI 300 Thor        375       SML           25%           25          1000
    MI 310 Thor        450       "             "             "           "
    Fake TT            60        N             0%            19          50
    Fake ZT            60        N             0%            18          50
    Fake HT            60        N             0%            17          50
    Truck              750
    Tank               900                     50%
    Heavy Tank         900
    NEO                900                     0%
    Gruz - The Gruz is a constructor unit, which means that it builds all the 
       structures you'll need.  If you lose your only Gruz and don't have a VPC, 
       you're screwed.  It also does some other useful things, like dig trenches 
       and tunnels, build bridges, and act as a damage magnet if you're feeling 
       daring.  During the campaign, if you save every unit you possibly can 
       you'll pile up a bunch of these.
    Taiga - Taigas form the support structure of the ED.  Though they can be 
       lightly armed, they're not really worth the trouble.  Instead, Taigas are 
       best used in their Repairer capacity.  Also, they are the only unit that 
       can move containers from Mines to Refineries and Transport Bases.
    Boyar - These are supply helicopters.  Boyars must be assigned to Supply 
       Depots, and will then carry ammunition produced at the depot to units and 
       buildings that run out of ammunition.  Boyars have no armaments and little 
    Siberia - The Siberia is essentially the combat version of the Taiga.  It can 
       be armed with just about every non-cannon weapon and is the second combat 
       unit you'll be using in the campaign.
    Pamir - Pamirs are the first combat unit and the mainstay of your military for
       a very long time.  They can take hits like lighter units can't and have a 
       tendency to survive.  Their weakness is that the standard 105mm Cannon 
       Pamir is unable to attack air targets.
    Kruszchev - The medium tank for the ED with a heavy hardpoint.
    Ural - A heavier tank, this time with two heavy weapon hardpoints.
    Caspian - Caspians are a rather unique tank built at the WPC that can run on 
       either land or water.  It's not a substitute for a navy but it will ford 
       any body of water without a bridge.
    Volga - After the moderate success of the Caspian, Volgas were adapted to 
       carry heavy mount weapons.  Just like the Caspian it can travel over land 
       or water with equal ease.
    Minelayer - These are useful in specific areas.  Mines are invisible to all 
       enemy units (except Minelayers) and completely harmless to your own.  The
       downside is that after they run out of mines, they can't be reloaded.  Your
       Minelayers can also be used to detect enemy mines and destroy any that the 
       Minelayer is directly next to.  Obviously, mines can only affect enemy 
       ground units or air units that choose to land.
    Irkutsk - The Irkutsk is the first aquatic unit you'll use.  As such, it's a 
       light ship with one hardpoint that should be used in packs, not singles.
    Leviathan - The Leviathan is appropriately named as the ED battleship.  The 
       ESS 200 has two weapon hardpoints and the ESS 300 has three.  Unusually, 
       you can choose to build either 200s or 300s even after you have researched
       the upgrade - this allows you to build either large or pocket battleships 
       at your discretion.
    Cossack - Cossacks are the lightest air unit of the ED.  They are fast but 
       poorly armed and armored.  Cossacks make excellent scouts but have an 
       unfortunate tendency to blow up.  They can outrun rockets in a straight 
    Grozny - The Grozny is almost exactly the same as the Cossack except: it has 
       25% armor instead of tinfoil; it can carry a Rocket Launcher as well as 
       20mm; and it gains more HP as it gains levels.  Hold off on creating a 
       permanent air force until you have researched these.
    Han - The Han is the heavy bomber.  It's big, slow, tough, and extremely 
       powerful when loaded with nuclear bombs.  Defend against enemy interceptors
       with 20mm fighter escorts.
    Thor - Thors are the lighter bomber unit.  They're just as powerful but not 
       quite as durable as the Han.  The Thor can also be equipped with a 
       Container Hook much like the Taiga's Carrier, allowing it to move mineral
       containers from distant Mines to Refineries without ground travel 
    Fake Units - These are cheap versions of the Pamir, Siberia, and Kruszchev.  
       They can't take a punch but they will swell your ranks and look impressive 
       on the battlefield.  Despite their mock weapons fake units can't shoot 
       anything.  All fake units become available immediately after you research
       the real thing.
    Truck - You never get to field Trucks in any ED campaign mission but the other
       two campaigns both see them.  Trucks are civilian vehicles with weapons 
       attached, not particularly combatworthy.
    Tank - You can never research the Tank, but you will come across six of them 
       during the Arctic 2 mission.  They are much more powerful than Pamirs and 
       will serve admirably as the mainstay of your ground forces until you get 
       more powerful chassis.  Tanks come equipped with 105mm Cannons.
    Heavy Tank - Like the Truck and Tank, you can't research Heavy Tanks.  They 
       only appear in one mission.  It's just like the ED Tanks but with a Heavy
       Rocket Launcher instead of a 105mm or 120mm Cannon.
    NEO - NEO is a specialized Caspian converted by the hacker Neo for his own 
       personal use.  Neo is less an ED soldier than he is a private contractor,
       and you'll only have access to him for a few missions.  NEO has no weapons
       and no armor but if you act according to the mission parameters he has the
       ability to hack into the enemy computer systems and convert their units to
       your control.  You can seize the spoils and use them just like any other 
    Ukraine - This is the transport helicopter.  You'll be using this to ferry 
       units and credits from your temporary mission base to your main base and 
       back.  The Ukraine needs a Landing Zone built in the mission base in order 
       to arrive, but it can stay after the LZ is destroyed in an emergency.  It 
       will carry up to 10 of any unit and 5000 credits.  If the Ukraine is 
       destroyed, another will automatically be built and deployed to the main 
       base area after a short delay, but you will have lost anything that was in
       the old Ukraine.
    Lenin - You have zero control over the Lenin during the campaign.  It shows up
       every once in a while to move credits between Transport Bases and the 
       Spaceport.  No data, but it's nice to know what it's called.
          3. Equipment
    * = can mount standard weapon on top
    ~ = does not refer to physical damage; see weapon description
    AA = can target air or ground units
    STS = mounted on ground units and can only fire on ground units and structures
    STA = mounted on ground and can only fire on air targets
    Staggered numbers under weapon base stats refer to ammo upgrades
    Damage is for level 0 experience
    Weapon              Damage        Range        Ammo        Target       Cost
    20mm Chaingun       15            6            100         AA           200
                         17            6           "           "            "
                         19            7           "           "            "
                         21            7           "           "            "
    2x 20mm Chaingun    23            6            200         AA           200
                         26            6           "           "            "
                         29            7           "           "            "
                         32            7           "           "            "
    Helicopter 20mm     15            7            100         AA           300
                         17            7           "           "            "
                         19            8           "           "            "
                         21            8           "           "            "
    2x Helicopter 20mm  23            7            200         AA           300
                         26            7           "           "            "
                         29            8           "           "            "
                         32            8           "           "            "
    105mm Cannon        25            6            60          STS          300
                         27            7           "           "            "
                         30            7           "           "            "
                         33            8           "           "            "
    2x 105mm Cannon     38            6            120         STS          300
                         41            7           "           "            "
                         46            7           "           "            "
                         50            8           "           "            "
    120mm Cannon*       50            8            40          STS          700
                         55            9           "           "            "
                         60            10          "           "            "
                         65            11          "           "            "
    2x 120mm Cannon*    76            8            80          STS          700
                         84            9           "           "            "
                         92            10          "           "            "
                         100           11          "           "            "
    Rocket Launcher     20            8            50          AA           300
                         22            8           "           "            "
                         24            9           "           "            "
                         26            9           "           "            "
    2x Rocket Launcher  40            8            100         AA           300
                         44            8           "           "            "
                         48            9           "           "            "
                         52            9           "           "            "
    4x Rocket Launcher  40            8            100         AA           300
                         44            8           "           "            "
                         48            9           "           "            "
                         52            9           "           "            "
    Helicopter Rocket   20            8            20          AA           300
                         22            8           "           "            "
                         24            9           "           "            "
                         26            9           "           "            "
    2x Heli Rocket      40            8            100         AA           300
                         44            8           "           "            "
                         48            9           "           "            "
                         52            9           "           "            "
    Heavy Rocket        40            10           30          AA           600
                         44            11          "           "            "
                         48            11          "           "            "
                         52            12          "           "            "
    2x Heavy Rocket     61            10           45          AA           600
                         67            11          "           "            "
                         73            11          "           "            "
                         80            12          "           "            "
    3x Heavy Rocket     80            10           60          AA           600
                         88            11          "           "            "
                         96            11          "           "            "
                         104           12          "           "            "
    Heli Heavy Rocket   40            10           40          AA           600
                         44            11          "           "            "
                         48            11          "           "            "
                         52            12          "           "            "
    2x Heli Hvy Rocket  80            10           60          AA           600
                         88            11          "           "            "
                         96            11          "           "            "
                         104           12          "           "            "
    Laser               60~           5            16          STS          300
    2x Laser            90~           5            16          STS          300
    3x Laser            120~          5            16          STS          300
    Heavy Laser*        120~          6            16          STS          700
    2x Heavy Laser*     180~          6            16          STS          700
    4x Heavy Laser*     240~          6            16          STS          700
    Ion Cannon          100~          7            1           STS          300
    2x Ion Cannon       100~          7            1           STS          300
    Heavy Ion Cannon    500~          7            1           STS          600
    2x Heavy Ion Cannon 500~          7            1           STS          600
    Bomb Bay            300           1            3           ATS          600
                         600          "            "           "            "
                         800          "            "           "            "
                         1200         "            "           "            "
    2x Bomb Bay         400           1            5           ATS          600
                         600          "            "           "            "
                         800          "            "           "            "
                         1200         "            "           "            "
    Ballistic Rocket    1500          32           1           AA           2000
                         2000          37          "           "            "
                         2500          47          "           "            "
                         5000          77          "           "            "
    Banner                            8            N/A                      200
    Noise Generator                                0
    Repairer                          1            N/A         STS          200
    Carrier                           1            N/A         STS          100
    Container Hook                    1            N/A         ATS          100
    Shield 600 PSU                                                          100
    Shield 1200 PSU                                                         200
    Shield 1800 PSU                                                         400
    20mm Chaingun - A very basic weapon available to all the armies.  It's light, 
       has high ammo capacity, and can attack air as well as land targets.  On the
       other hand it's very weak compared to later weapons.  The 20mm only fires 
       in straight lines, which means that your units must have a direct line-of-
       sight on the enemy.  If you're using a mob assault only the front tanks 
       will be able to fire.
    105mm Cannon - This is the basic weapon your default Pamirs will be equipped 
       with.  It's powerful against ground targets and buildings but useless 
       against flying foes.  The 105mm also fires only in straight lines.
    120mm Cannon - Essentially it's an upgrade of the 105mm Cannon taking 
       advantage of a heavy weapon mount.  Note that it uses 120mm shells instead
       of 105mms, so you'll have to do more research for maximum damage.
    Rocket Launcher - Basically an upgrade of the 20mm Chaingun.  It's heavier, 
       deals more damage, requires frequent reloads, and can be mounted on Pamirs.
       The Rocket Launcher is also available to all three armies.  Default rockets
       are dumb-fire, but upgrades create guided rockets can track targets with 
       greater accuracy.  Unlike 20mms and 105mms, Rocket Launchers can fire in 
       arcs over friendly units, hills, walls, etc.  Incidentally, the information
       in the table is correct, but I have no idea why there's no difference 
       between 2x and 4x.
    Heavy Rocket Launcher - Just like the regular Rocket Launcher, only with less 
       ammo and more damage.  It can only be mounted on hardpoints capable of 
       supporting a heavy weapon mount, usually large tanks and defensive 
    Laser Cannon - Unlike other weapons, the Laser Cannon deals no damage.  It 
       heats the target until fuel and ammunition inside the target explode.  Very
       useful early on, it becomes less so after the invention of shields.  A 3x 
       Laser will kill many units in a single hit.  Lasers are useless against 
       buildings.  As an energy weapon, Lasers recharge their ammo over time 
       instead of being rearmed by the Supply Depot.
    Heavy Laser Cannon - Like the standard Laser but much more powerful.  If your
       enemies are fielding shielded tanks bust out this thumper to put some holes
       in 'em.
    Ion Cannon - Ion Cannons don't deal damage either, but will incapacitate units
       and buildings.  Disabled units and buildings have blue static around them 
       and can be captured by any Repairer unit.  Ion Cannons are blocked by 
       shields and recharge their own ammo.  Upgraded Ion Cannons recharge faster.
    Heavy Ion Cannon - It's the Heavy Laser principle applied to Ion Cannons.  
       Very useful to compensate for enemy shields, especially the LC.
    Bomb Bay - Fly directly over the target with your bombers and drop stuff on 
       their heads.  Powerful, but only holds a few bombs at a time before you 
       have to fly home to reload, and you have to pause directly over the target
       before the bomb falls, leaving you vulnerable.  Difficult to use against 
       mobile enemies.  Nuclear Bombs are more fun than a barrel of irradiated 
    Ballistic Rocket Launcher - Don't lump these in with standard Rocket Launchers
       and Heavy Rocket Launchers.  Ballistic rockets fire in parabolic arcs up 
       into the atmosphere over impressive range.  You don't have to worry about
       seeing the enemy as long as you know roughly where they are.  The 
       disadvantages are extremely low ammo, expense, build time, the rocket hang 
       time that limits your ability to hit moving targets, and the fact that 
       these mobile artillery are completely unable to defend themselves.  For all
       that, there's nothing more fun than wiping out your opponent's entire base 
       with three well-placed nuclear rockets.  Watch out for SDI Lasers that can
       shoot down rockets before they explode.
    Banner - Banners can be very powerful when used correctly, but they are 
       difficult to manage.  Every Banner mounted on either a building or a unit 
       extends an aura around it that increases the experience level of all 
       weapons by two.  It does not grant the corresponding HP increase to units.
       Banners are not cumulative.
    Noise Generator - The only useful function of the Screamer in the single-
       player campaign is its ability to reveal Shadowed UCS units.  It also
       prevents enemy units from being able to receive orders, but the isolated 
       tank will still fire on enemies around it.  Since the AI just shoots 
       whatever it sees first anyway the Noise Generator doesn't have much effect
       unless you're playing a human opponent.
    Repairer - This fixes the damage inflicted on your units.  It can only be 
       loaded on a Taiga.  Repairers can also capture enemy units disabled by an 
       Ion Cannon or help friendly disabled units recover.  Upgraded Repairers can
       perform field upgrades on your units or repaint them to show up as a 
       different color on the minimap, an option I find less than useful.
    Carrier - To move mineral containers from Mines to Refineries you must use 
       Taigas with Carriers equipped.  No other chassis can equip the Carrier.
    Container Hook - The Container Hook works exactly like the Carrier except that
       it fits on a Thor helicopter, allowing you to airlift containers instead of
       moving them along the ground.
    Shield Generator - Another technology available to all armies, shields prevent
       energy weapons from having any effect on the physical structure of units 
       and buildings.  Since energy weapons are fairly devastating, this is very 
       important later in the game.  After a shield is exhausted energy weapons 
       will affect the target normally.  Shields recharge on their own over time. 
       Shields take up a separate slot from weapons or equipment.  All buildings 
       can equip all sizes of shield.
          4. Buildings
    Structure          HP        Armor         Hardpoints        Power       Cost
    Power Plant        2400      0             0                 N/A         500
    Vehicle Production 3000      0             2                 50          1000
    Weapon Production  3000      0             1                 50          2000
    Ship Yard          3900      0             2                 50          1500
    Supply Depot       2400      0             1                 50          1500
    Mine               2400      0             1                 50          1000
    Refinery           3000      0             0                 50          1000
    Transport Base     3000      0             0                 50          1500
    Small Tower        300       25%           1                 0           400
    Large Tower        900       50%           1                 20          1000
    Pillbox            1200      75%           1                 20          1200
    Research Center    2400      0             0                 50          1000
    Headquarters       3000      0             1                 50          1500
    Radar              750       0             0                 50          1500
    Tunnel Entrance    750       0             0                 0           1000
    Landing Zone       300       0             0                 0           500
    Power Plant - Power Plants both produce and transmit power to structures near
       them.  Unlike the UCS and LC, you'll have to place one for each of your
       building clusters.  Fortunately, they're simple, relatively cheap, and 
    Vehicle Production Center - This structure builds all the noncombat vehicles:
       Gruzs, Boyars, Transports, and Repairers.  There won't be much use for it, 
       but it is absolutely necessary for the support structure for your army.
       VPCs have two weapon hardpoints.
    Weapons Production Center - The WPC builds every unit that has a weapon 
       attached, both land and air (water units are built at the Ship Yard).  
       You'll be visiting often.  WPCs have one weapon hardpoint.
    Supply Depot - These structures provide ammo for all your units and armed 
       buildings using ballistic weapons.  To get the ammo to those in need, each 
       Supply Depot must have at least one Boyar assigned to it.  The Assembly 
       Point referred to on its status screen indicates where the Boyars will wait
       between orders.  Supply Depots can be set to serve one tank, a few tanks, 
       or many tanks with the Fast/Average/Slow button.  Early in the game keep it
       on Slow, but as tanks become more expensive and powerful late in the game 
       you may progress to using the faster settings.  Doing so requires a field 
       of depots and a flock of Boyars, though.  Air attack units such as the 
       Cossack must fly back to a Supply Depot to rearm themselves.  Supply Depots
       have one weapon hardpoint and as a free bonus resupply themselves with
       virtually no wait.
    Ship Yard - The Ship Yard must be located on a body of water (duh) and builds 
       all the aquatic units.  Ship Yards have two weapons hardpoints.
    Mine - A Mine must be built over every mineral field you plan to use.  It 
       will tap all the minerals under it and for one square in any direction.  
       Mines produce containers worth 250 each that must be transported to a 
       Refinery or Transport Base by a Taiga.  The Mine will also show how many
       credits are left to be mined.  Mines have one weapon hardpoint.
    Refinery - A Refinery converts the containers of a Mine into immediate cash.  
       This will show up in the cash reserves without any input from you.  Credits
       can then be spent on buildings, units, upgrades, research, or be moved to
       the other base on the Ukraine and used.
    Transport Base - Unlike Refineries, Transport Bases convert Mine containers 
       into credits to be sent to the Space Port in the main base with no input 
       from you.  This is the key building of the campaign, and many missions will
       require a certain amount of credits to be sent to the Space Port in this 
       fashion.  Credits will accumulate until 2000 are waiting, then a transport
       will automatically show up to take them to the Space Port.  You can also 
       click the Call Trn button to send whatever credits remain to the Space 
    Small Tower - Small Towers are light defensive structures.  They can be 
       mounted with most weapons and are independently powered so they won't shut
       down when the Power Plant is destroyed.  Small Towers have one weapon 
    Large Tower - More powerful than Small Towers are Large Towers.  They can 
       mount any weapon, including heavy mount weapons.  Large Towers depend on 
       Power Plants and will not function without power.  Large Towers have one 
       weapon hardpoint.
    Pillbox - Pillboxes are heavily armored gun emplacements.  They are exactly 
       like Large Towers except that they have more HP and stronger armor.  
       Pillboxes have one weapon hardpoint.
    Wall - Walls are cheap ways to prevent ground units from moving through a 
       given square.  You can order a Gruz to build a line of walls instead of one
       square at a time.  Walls can be destroyed with enough firepower.
    Bridge - On mission maps with rivers or valleys you wish to cross the Gruz can
       build a bridge.  Clicking the bridge icon brings up a display of all the 
       potential places where a bridge can end on the map.  Choose one foundation
       point and the another across the obstacle to be bridged.  Both narrow and 
       wide bridges cost 50 per square, but using wide bridge makes your Gruz 
       build two squares wide instead of one.
    Tunnel - Tunnels can only be dug if the unit is already underground thanks to 
       a Tunnel Entrance (see below).  Tunnels are free to construct.  Narrow 
       tunnels are one square across and wide tunnels are two squares.  You cannot
       tunnel through bedrock.
    Flat Terrain - This is the remedy for trenches (see below).  A Gruz can 
       flatten a trench's sides to make it passable, though it's quite likely 
       you'll get stuck somewhere in the process and another Gruz will have to  
       flatten around you before you can move.  Sometimes you can also use this to
       make normally rough terrain safe for building structures.
    Trench - A Gruz can dig a trench in a line that will block ground units from 
       passing over the tall sides.  See Trenches under Concepts for more info.
    Research Center - One Research Center is required to conduct research.  Up to 
       two more can be built for extra speed, usually in the main base.  Building
       more than three doesn't provide any extra benefit.
    Headquarters - A Headquarters will automate research, unit design, structure
       weapons upgrades, or base defense.  Each Headquarters can only be used for
       one of these purposes at a time.
    Radar - The UCS Shadow Generator makes their units invisible.  The ED radar 
       makes them visible again so you can hurt them a lot.   
    Tunnel Entrance - Tunnel Entrances allow units to enter the underground.  The 
       ED version is fairly slow and tends to bottleneck your forces, so build 
       multiple TEs if you plan to move large forces underground.  TEs can be 
       built from either above or below ground, but they are vulnerable both above
       and below ground while under construction; don't count on coming up in the 
       middle of the enemy base by burrowing under.  TEs can also be used by enemy
    Landing Zone - The LZ is essential to call the Ukraine from the main base.  If
       it is destroyed before the Ukraine arrives onscreen, the Ukraine will 
       return to the main base.  If the LZ is destroyed while the Ukraine is 
       waiting above it, the Ukraine will remain there until it is sent to the 
       other base but will not be able to return.  If more than one LZ is built, 
       one LZ must be designated as the Active one.
    Space Port - The Space Port is the only structure that cannot be built.  It 
       automatically exists in the main base.  The Space Port receives credit 
       transfers from Transport Bases, lumps them into 10000 credit units, and 
       sends them to the spacedock where they are used to construct Project 
       B. United Civilized States
          1. Concept
    The UCS occupies the middle ground on almost all fronts in this conflict.  The
       units are moderately fast, moderately powerful, and moderately priced.  As 
       such, while they tend to not excel in any one area, they can hold their own
       in most situations.  For this reason they're my favorite army, and the one 
       I'm most skilled with.
          2. Units          
    N = no shield equippable
    S = 600 PSU shield
    M = 1200 PSU shield
    L = 1800 PSU shield
    All HPs are for level 0 experience
    Equipment costs are added to chassis base cost
    Chassis         HP         Shield         Armor         Speed        Base Cost
    Mammoth		1800	   S		  0%            19	     800
    Harvester I	600        SML            0%            17           700
    Harvester II    750        "              50%           18           "
    Harvester III	900	   "              75%           19           "
    Harvester IV    600        SML            0%            16           1000
    Harvester V     750        "              50%           16           "
    Harvester VI    900        "              75%           16           " 
    Condor          900        SML            0%            36           400
    Tiger I		240	   N              75%           17           200
    Tiger II	270	   "              "             18           "
    Tiger III	300	   "              "             19           "
    Spider I	450	   SML            0%            18           300
    Spider II	525	   "              "             19           "
    Spider III	600	   "              "             19           "
    Panther I	900        SML            75%           17           600
    Panther II      1050       "              "             18           "
    Panther III     1200       "              "             19           "
    Jaguar I        1200       SML            50%           16           900
    Jaguar II       1350       "              "             "           "
    Minelayer I     600        SML            25%           18           500
    Minelayer II    675        "              50%           19           570
    Grizzly III     3600       SML            75%                        
    Shark I         300        S              25%           21           300
    Shark II        375        "              "             25           "
    Hydra I         900        SML            50%           17           1000
    Hydra II        1050       "              75%           18           "
    Hydra III       1050       "              75%           18           "
    Gargoyle I      240        N              25%           36           600
    Gargoyle II     270        S              "             36           "
    Gargoyle III    300        S              "             "           " 
    Bat I           375        SM             25%           25           1000
    Bat II          450        "              "             "           "
    Dragon I        600        SML            50%           25           1500
    Dragon II       750        "              "             "           "
    Mammoth - The UCS constructor unit, like the Gruz in every respect.  Builds 
       structures, digs trenches and tunnels, and builds bridges.  Tends to pile 
       up in your main base.
    Harvester - Harvesters are the means the UCS uses to extract minerals.  Each 
       one pulls the minerals out of the ground and then carries them to either a 
       Refinery or Ore Transport Base for processing.  The advantage of this 
       system is that there need be no structure built over the field itself.  If
       you can tolerate a long wait time you can mine any field on the map from a
       single Refinery.  A Harvester carries 500 minerals at a time.  Harvester
       IIIs mine faster.
    Harvester IV - These are exactly like normal Harvesters except that they can 
       fly, making it easier to mine remote mineral fields.  Harvester IIIs cannot
       be field upgraded to Harvester IVs because IVs are considered a different
    Condor - Condors are supply transports and exactly like Boyars in all areas.
    Tiger - Tigers are the basic combat unit of the UCS.  They are light and 
       maneuverable and carry many basic weapons including the Repairer.  They 
       cannot carry heavy mount weapons or shields.  Learn to love them because 
       you'll be using them a lot.  Many missions provide you with free Tigers.
    Spider - Spiders are slightly less capable Tigers that have exactly one 
       advantage: they can mount Shield Generators.  Spiders are primarily meant
       to be a support chassis with Repairers, Banners, and Shadow Generators, but
       can also mount light weapons.  A few missions provide free Spiders.
    Panther - Panthers are the medium tank for the UCS.  They can carry any heavy 
       mount weapon and a Shield Generator.
    Jaguar - Jaguars are the heaviest tank in the UCS army.  Each one is a very 
       expensive investment, so guard them carefully and keep them supplied.  
       Jaguars can mount one standard weapon, one heavy weapon, and a Shield 
       Generator.  They are slightly less hardy than Panthers but make excellent 
       assault vehicles.
    Minelayer - Just like the ED Minelayer, it can lay a set number of mines as 
       well as detect and destroy enemy mines within one square.  Basic Minelayers
       start with 10 mines, Minelayer IIs have 20.
    Grizzly - Like the Tank you can never research or build Grizzlies, but you 
       will capture three of them during Kurshatov FZ.  Grizzlies enjoy an 
       absolutely unique resistance to Laser fire above and beyond even what 
       buildings can withstand.  As such they are excellent fodder for the front 
       when facing a stream of ED Lasers.  Your captured Grizzlies come armed with
       a Heavy Rocket Launcher and standard Rocket Launcher each.
    Shark - The Shark is the basic naval unit for the UCS.  It only has one weapon
       hardpoint, but they're quick to build and maneuver.
    Hydra - Hydras are the UCS heavy bombardment battleship.  It's big, slow, and
       expensive; treat it exactly like a Jaguar.  Hydra Is have one weapon 
       hardpoint, IIs have two hardpoints, and IIIs have three hardpoints.
    Gargoyle - The lightest UCS air unit.  It can carry either a 20mm Chaingun or 
       a Rocket Launcher, and is best used to provide cover for ground units or to
       escort  heavier bombers.  Like the Cossack, they tend to explode if left 
       unattended, so watch them carefully to prevent the enemy from sneaking up.
       Also useful for scouting.  In a straight flight without altitude change a 
       Gargoyle can outrun a pursuing rocket from an enemy launcher.  I recommend
       only equipping Gargoyles with 20mm because of higher ammo capacity and Bats
       are better for rockets.
    Bat - Bats are the middle UCS air unit and the first true bomber.  They have 
       great range with their Rocket Launchers and are excellent for taking out 
       antiair defenses so the Gargoyles can sweep in.  Unfortunately, Bats are 
       very slow and only moderately armored, and so can be quickly dispatched by 
       enemy air units.  They also run through rockets quickly, meaning that a 
       good bit of game time is spent flying them back and forth from the Supply 
       Depot.  Bats can also be armed with Bomb Bays, but I recommend reserving 
       these for Dragons.
    Dragon - Dragons are a significantly better chassis than Bats but cannot equip
       any weapon except the Bomb Bay.  I'm not particularly fond of bombing 
       because you have to get directly over the target, meaning that either there
       are few antiair defenses below and you can use your existing air force or 
       there are few defenses at all and you can use your army to mop up.  Dragons
       are much too large an investment to sacrifice to AA weapons.
    Albatross - This is the UCS version of the Ukraine, exactly the same in all 
       respects except that it doesn't make the annoying propeller sound as it 
          3. Equipment
    * = can mount standard weapon on top
    AA = can target air or ground units
    STS = mounted on ground units and can only fire on ground units and structures
    ATS = mounted on air units and can only target ground units and structures
    STA = mounted on ground and can only fire on air targets
    Staggered numbers under weapon base stats refer to ammo upgrades
    Damage is for level 0 experience
    Weapon              Damage        Range        Ammo        Target       Cost
    20mm Chaingun       15            6            100         AA           200
                         17            6           "           "            "
                         19            7           "           "            "
                         21            7           "           "            "
    2x 20mm Chaingun    23            6            200         AA           200
                         26            6           "           "            "
                         29            7           "           "            "
                         32            7           "           "            "
    Gargoyle 20mm       15            7            100         AA           200
                         17            7           "           "            "
                         19            8           "           "            "
                         21            8           "           "            "
    2x Gargoyle 20mm    23            7            200         AA           200
                         26            7           "           "            "
                         29            8           "           "            "
                         32            8           "           "            "
    2x Grenade Launcher 60            6            80          STS          300
                         66            6           "           "            "
                         72            7           "           "            "
                         80            7           "           "            "
    3x Grenade Launcher 90            6            120         STS          300
                         99            6           "           "            "
                         108           7           "           "            "
                         120           7           "           "            "
    2x Heavy Grenade    120           9            120         STS          600
                         132           9           "           "            "
                         144           10          "           "            "
                         160           10          "           "            "
    4x Heavy Grenade    184           9            240         STS          600
                         203           9           "           "            "
                         221           10          "           "            "
                         246           10          "           "            "
    Sm Rocket Launcher  20            8            50          AA           300
                         22            8           "           "            "
                         24            9           "           "            "
                         26            9           "           "            "
    2x Sm Rocket        30            8            76          AA           300
                         33            8           "           "            "
                         36            9           "           "            "
                         40            9           "           "            "
    4x Sm Rocket        40            8            100         AA           300
                         44            8           "           "            "
                         48            9           "           "            "
                         52            9           "           "            "
    Rocket Launcher*    40            8            50          AA           300
                         44            8           "           "            "
                         48            9           "           "            "
                         52            9           "           "            "
    2x Rocket Launcher* 61            8            76          AA           300
                         67            8           "           "            "
                         73            9           "           "            "
                         80            9           "           "            "
    4x Rocket Launcher* 80            8            100         AA           300
                         88            8           "           "            "
                         96            9           "           "            "
                         104           9           "           "            "
    Heavy Rocket        40            10           30          AA           600
                         44            11          "           "            "
                         48            11          "           "            "
                         52            12          "           "            "
    2x Heavy Rocket     61            10           44          AA           600
                         67            11          "           "            "
                         73            11          "           "            "
                         80            12          "           "            "
    3x Heavy Rocket     80            10           60          AA           600
                         88            11          "           "            "
                         96            11          "           "            "
                         104           12          "           "            "
    Gargoyle Rocket     20            8            20          AA           300
                         22            8           "           "            "
                         24            9           "           "            "
                         26            9           "           "            "
    2x Gargoyle Rocket  40            8            40          AA           300
                         44            8           "           "            "
                         48            9           "           "            "
                         52            9           "           "            "
    Bomber Rocket       40            10           40          AA           600
                         44            11          "           "            "
                         48            11          "           "            "
                         52            12          "           "            "
    2x Bomber Rocket    80            10           50          AA           600
                         88            11          "           "            "
                         96            11          "           "            "
                         104           12          "           "            "
    Plasma Cannon       100           7            50          STS          300
    2x Plasma Cannon    200           7            100         STS          300
    Heavy Plasma Cannon 200           8            50          STS          600
    2x Heavy Plasma     400           8            100         STS          600
    2x Heavy Plasma*    400           8            100         STS          600
    Bomb Bay            400           1            3           ATS          600
                         600          "            "           "            "
                         800          "            "           "            "
                         1200         "            "           "            "
    2x Bomb Bay         400           1            5           ATS          600
                         600          "            "           "            "
                         800          "            "           "            "
                         1200         "            "           "            "
    Banner                            8                        AA           200
    Repairer                          1                        STS          200
    Shadow Generator I                5                        AA             
    Shadow Generator II               10                       "            1000
    Shadow Generator III              15                       "            "
    Shadow Generator IV               15                       "            "
    Radar                                                      AA           200
    SDI Laser                         10           3           STA          
    Shield 600 PSU                                                          100
    Shield 1200 PSU                                                         200
    Shield 1800 PSU                                                         400
    20mm Chaingun - Exactly like the ED version in all respects.
    Grenade Launcher - Very similar to the ED 105mm Cannon, the Grenade Launcher 
       is devastating against ground targets and helpless against air targets.
    Heavy Grenade Launcher - Just like the Grenade Launcher, but more powerful and
       more exclusive.
    Rocket Launcher - Exactly like the ED versions in all respects.  Note that 
       Small Rocket Launchers can be loaded on heavy hardpoints for more damage - 
       these are called "Rocket Launchers" on the table.  Upgraded Rockets get 
       better tracking ability.
    Heavy Rocket Launcher - Exactly like...you get it.  Upgraded Heavy Rockets 
       also get better tracking.
    Plasma Cannon - This is the UCS energy weapon.  It can deal huge amounts of 
       damage to unshielded opponents and can even chew through shields fairly 
       quickly.  The downside is that it can't target enemies in flight.  Like the
       Laser, Plasma Cannons recharge over time.
    Bomb Bay - Bomb Bays can only be equipped on the Bat and Dragon bombers.  You
       have to fly right over the target, but damage is impressive.  Payload 
       isn't; you only get 5 shots at most before the long, slow flight home for a
    Banner - Yep, it's a pretty flag that makes people rally.  Weapons gain two 
       experience levels when they are within range of a Banner mounted on either
       a unit or building.
    Repairer - Not really a weapon but important nonetheless.  Fixes your units 
       and structures, captures disabled units and structures, and mounts on 
       either a Tiger or Spider.  The Repairer II can repaint friendlies or 
       perform field upgrades on existing units to bring them up to cutting-edge 
       technology, but it costs credits to do so.
    Shadow Generator - This unusual device creates a fog of war around it that 
       prevents the enemy from seeing your units as long as all lights are turned 
       off.  Shadowed units have a gray haze over them.  The tech tree works funny
       for this one: SGs I, II, and III can be mounted on Shadow Towers and have 
       the range listed above.  SGs II, III, and IV can be mounted on units, but 
       act like one level below their rating, i.e. SG III on a Spider is the same 
       as SG II on a Tower.  Hence, there's no way to put SG IV on a Tower; it's 
       only meant to act like SG III on a unit.   
    Radar - You receive Radar after researching Shadow Generator I.  It doesn't do
       anything worthwhile in the single-player campaign because you never fight
       another UCS enemy, but if you were to do so it would make Shadowed enemies
    SDI Laser - The SDI Laser comes equipped on any SDI Defense Center you build. 
       It will shoot down nukes and only nukes that target a spot within its 
       radius.  Ammo regenerates like all energy weapons.
    Shield Generator - Protects units and buildings from assault by energy 
       weapons.  The size of the unit limits the size of the generator that can be
       attached.  After the shield is exhausted energy weapons do damage as 
       normal.  It's possible to equip Shield Generators on flying units, but 
       doing so is ludicrous since they can only be hit by energy weapons if they 
          4. Buildings
    Structure          HP        Armor         Hardpoints        Power       Cost
    Power Plant        3000      0             0                 N/A         1500
    Energy Transmitter 150       0             0                 N/A         100
    Vehicle Production 3600      0             1                 50          1000
    Weapon Production  3000      0             1                 50          2000
    Ship Yard          3600      0             0                 50          1500
    Supply Depot       2400      0             1                 50          1500
    Refinery                     0             0                 50
    Ore Transport Base 3000      0             0                 50          1500
    Small Tower        300       25%           1                 0           400 
    Large Tower        900       50%           1                 20          1000
    Fortress           3000      75%           4                 50          3000
    Plasma Control     2400      0             0                 50          1500
    SDI Defense Center 1500      0             0                 50          1500
    Research Center    3000      0             0                 50          1000
    Headquarters       2400      0             2                 50          1500
    Shadow Tower       900       0             0                 50          1500
    Teleport           1500      0             0                 50          1500
    Tunnel Entrance    1500      0             0                 0           1000
    Landing Zone       300       0             0                 0           500
    Power Plant - Like the ED, the UCS relies on nuclear power plants that 
       transmit power for a range around them.  Unlike the ED, UCS power plants 
       are pretty expensive, larger, and harder to take down.  They also take 
       slightly longer to build.  UCS Power Plants are capable of upgrading 
       themselves with extra reactors built around the plant to increase its 
       output more than you'll probably need.
    Energy Transmitter - Power Plants may be similar, but the ED has nothing on 
       the Energy Transmitter.  When a UCS player brings up the energy grid (F9)
       you can see both yellow lightning bolts (current power distribution) and 
       gray lightning bolts.  The gray are potential areas of expansion by means 
       of transmitters.  Their range is smaller than a full-blown plant, but you
       can build 15 Energy Transmitters for the price of one Power Plant.  Instead
       of building new Power Plants in every one of your bases and fortifications,
       you can simply extend the range of one or two plants with transmitters.  
       The downside is that transmitters are pretty easy to take out, but they are
       also easy to replace.
    Vehicle Production Center - Just like the ED.  It builds all noncombat 
    Weapons Production Center - Just like the ED.  It builds all combat vehicles.
    Ship Yard - Builds all aquatic units.  Must be built on the coast.
    Aerial Supply Depot - Responsible for making ammunition for your combat units 
       and armed buildings.  At least one Condor must be assigned to carry ammo to
       units and structures.  Aerial units will resupply themselves by flying back
       to the supply depot on their own.  If a Supply Depot is armed, it rearms
       itself with no wait.
    Refinery - Refineries take the ore from Harvesters and give you cash on the 
       barrelhead in whatever base you happen to be at.  Simple.
    Ore Transport Base - Similar to the ED Transport Base, the OTB accepts 
       donations from Harvesters and sends them to the Spaceport in the main base 
       in 2000 credit chunks.  Remember to Call Trn at the end of every mission, 
       and make sure the transport shows up and is heading back to the main base 
       before you actually close up shop.
    Small Tower - Small Towers are small defensive emplacements.  They power 
       themselves and will continue to fire after the plant goes down.  Small 
       Towers cannot mount heavy mount weapons and have one weapon hardpoint.
    Large Tower - Large Towers are the Small Towers' big brothers.  They can take
       more punishment, but must be constantly supplied with power from the Power
       Plant.  Take that away and they fall strangely silent.  Large Towers can 
       mount heavy mount weapons and have one weapon hardpoint.
    Fortress - This is the most impressive dedicated defensive structure in the 
       game.  It's big, but it carries two heavy weapons hardpoints and two 
       standard weapons hardpoints.  The downsides are that it is very expensive, 
       presents a large profile to enemy attackers, and the entire thing goes down
       if the Ion Cannons get through.  Very annoying, that.  Other than those 
       small glitches, it will stop enemy mobs cold.
    Plasma Control Center - Reagan's Star Wars finally comes to gaming.  The PCC 
       must build at least one and up to four plasma cannons around itself to be
       useful, not unlike Power Plant extra reactors.  Each cannon must charge for
       a (long) period of time, then can be directed to fire at any point or 
       structure on the map.  Expect some hang time as the plasma bolt goes 
       through a parabolic arc somewhere in the ionosphere before it heads back 
       down on target.  Damages an area around the target spot.  The cannons 
       charge _extremely_ slowly - it will take 2-3 PCCs with full complements to 
       really be effective in knocking out bases.
    SDI Defense - If it is built and powered it'll stop ED ballistic nukes from 
       hitting your base for a small radius around it.  In theory.  I haven't 
       tested it out yet and I'm not really anxious to.
    Wall - Exactly like the ED, but substitute Mammoth for Gruz.
    Bridge - Still the same.
    Tunnel - Yep.
    Flat Terrain - <checks watch>.
    Trench - One more time.
    Research Center - These make research possible.  Just like the ED, you can 
       build up to three Research Centers for maximum efficiency.  It doesn't make
       the research itself cheaper, only somewhat faster.  Don't build the extras 
       in the mission base, because you'll lose them at the end of the mission and
       never get them back.  Research costs are only deducted from credit reserves
       in the region the Research Centers happen to be in.
    Headquarters - Like the ED version, HQs allow certain functions of the game to
       be automated so that you, the player, don't have to worry about them.  Each
       Headquarters can only do one of the following at a time: manage research, 
       design units, structure weapons upgrades, and base defense.
    Shadow Tower - It's a structure with a Shadow Generator attached.  See the 
       Shadow Generator equipment for more details.
    Teleport - An oddly pointless structure, the Teleport seems insanely useful at
       first glance.  It will move any unit that steps onto it to a Teleporter at
       the other end, then move them back.  All sorts of fantasies about flanking 
       the enemy emerge.  Unfortunately, the Teleporter quickly bottlenecks large 
       groups.  Also, it allows enemy units to use it just as easily as your units
       do, meaning that your forward base can suddenly become a highway into your
       power and supply infrastructure.  Furthermore, you have to get a Mammoth in
       to build another end before it's useful, and the fact that a Mammoth and a 
       fragile structure-in-progress have to be safe largely on their own means 
       that the forward location probably wasn't that great anyway.  Teleports 
       require power from a Power Plant.
    Tunnel Entrance - Similar to the ED Tunnel Entrance, this moves units 
       underground and back.  Because it uses teleporter technology, though, it's 
       much faster and the bottleneck effect is lessened.  TEs are vulnerable both
       above and below ground during construction, limiting the number of places 
       you can bring your units up.  And, of course, enemy units have no trouble 
       using it if they can restrain themselves from blowing it up first.  TEs use
       self-generated power.
    Landing Zone - Landing Zones provide a place for the Albatross to arrive.  For
       more information, see the ED LZ entry.  LZs require no power.
    Space Port - Exactly like the ED version except it doesn't look as stupid.  It
       takes the credit shipments from mission Ore Transport Bases and lumps them 
       into 10000 credit groups for shipment to the spaceship construction.  Once 
       credits leave for the spaceship, they're gone permanently.
       C. Lunar Corporation
          1. Concept
    The LC represents the bleeding edge of technology in this new world.  The 
    tradeoff for this is that their units tend to be quite expensive and rather 
    fragile.  Unlike the ED or UCS, you probably won't manage much carryover 
    between missions with this army.  On the other hand, you might not need it.
          2. Units
    N = no shield equippable
    S = 1200 PSU shield
    M = 2400 PSU shield
    L = 3600 PSU shield
    All HPs are for level 0 experience
    Equipment costs are added to chassis base cost
    Chassis         HP         Shield         Armor         Speed        Base Cost
    Phobos          30         N              25%           28           350
    Mercury         900        SML            0%            36           400
    Lunar m1        240        S              0%            28           100
    Lunar m2        270        "              "             32           "
    Lunar m3        300        "              "             36           "
    Moon m1         300        SML            50%           21           300
    Moon m2         375        "              "             25           "
    Moon m3         450        "              "             28           "
    Crater m1       750        SML            75%           19           1200
    Crater m2       900        "              "             "            "
    Crater m3       1050       "              "             "            "
    Crusher m1      600        SM             50%           18           1200
    Crusher m2      750        "              "             "            "
    Crusher m3      900        "              "             "            "
    Crion           750        SM             0%            15           1200
    Meteor m1       180        N              25%           36           400
    Meteor m2       240        "              "             "            "
    Meteor m3       300        S              25%           "            "
    Thunderer m1    600        SML            50%           25           1500
    Thunderer m2    750        "              "             "            "
    Fang		600        SML              
    Phobos - This is the LC support unit.  It can't mount weapons, but it can use
       Detectors, Regenerators, and Shield Rechargers.
    Mercury - Just like the Boyar and Condor, the Mercury carries ammo from the 
       Supply Depot to whoever needs it.
    Lunar - Lunars are the most basic LC combat unit.  They are VERY light and 
       tend to die quickly in pitched combat, one after another.  They can only 
       carry a few standard mount weapons.  On the other hand, they're pretty 
       cheap and often provided by missions.
    Moon - Moons are the first LC unit you might actually want to go into combat 
       in.  They carry the same weapons Lunars do, but can take a hit or two in 
       a pitched fight.
    Crater - Craters are the heavy tanks for the LC.  They carry heavy weapons and
       don't die easily.  You might also get to preserve them for several missions
       with carryover.
    Crusher - These are the two-hardpoint tank for the LC.  It's not quite as 
       tough as the Crater but has more firepower.
    Meteor - Meteors are the LC's light air unit.  They're fast and maneuverable, 
       but drop like flies if not carefully managed during attacks.
    Thunderer - For heavy bombing runs substitute the hardy Thunderer for Meteors.
       I recommend using an Air Sonic Cannon and leaving the Rocket Launchers to 
       the Meteors.  The disadvantages are short range and inability to attack air
       units, meaning you'll have to escort them with Meteors to keep them from 
       being picked on.
    Crion - This is your reward for fully researching weapons.  The Crion can only
       equip the Plasma Cannon, but it's a decent tank with high regeneration and 
       good maneuverability.  Even ammo regeneration is acceptable.  
    Fang - You'll begin the campaign with the Fang, an alien tank with rapid 
       regeneration and a devastating energy weapon.  The Fang is studied in 
       several missions by LC scientists.  The Fang's energy bolts can disable 
       units and buildings assuming they survive more than a few shots (this would
       be useful if you had a Repairer to capture disabled units), but it must be 
       stationary to fire.  It will quickly amass maximum experience if you depend
       on it early in the game.  Don't let the Fang get killed because in the LC 
       campaign you are piloting it - if it's destroyed you die, too.  Due to bugs
       it's sometimes possible to end the mission without actually returning the 
       Fang to your main base; don't make this mistake, there are several missions
       that specifically require the Fang to work.
    Jupiter - The Jupiter will transfer up to 10 units and 5000 credits between 
       the main base and the mission base.  Just like everybody else.
          3. Equipment
    * = can mount standard weapon on top
    AA = can target on air or ground targets
    STS = mounted on ground units and can only fire on ground units and structures
    ATS = mounted on air units and can only fire on ground units and structures
    Staggered numbers under weapon base stats refer to ammo upgrades 
    Damage is for level 0 experience
    Equipment          Damage        Range         Ammo         Target        Cost
    20mm Chaingun      15            6             100          AA            200
                        17            6            "            "             "
                        19            7            "            "             "
                        21            7            "            "             "
    2x 20mm Chaingun   23            6             200          AA            200
                        26            6            "            "             "
                        29            7            "            "             "
                        32            7            "            "             "
    Meteor 20mm        15            7             100          AA            200
                        17            7            "            "             "
                        19            8            "            "             "
                        21            8            "            "             "
    2x Meteor 20mm     23            7             200          AA            200
                        26            7            "            "             "
                        29            8            "            "             "
                        32            8            "            "             " 
    Rocket Launcher    20            8             50           AA            300
                        22            8            "            "             "
                        24            9            "            "             "
                        26            9            "            "             "
    2x Rocket          30            8             75           AA            300
                        33            8            "            "             "
                        36            9            "            "             "
                        40            9            "            "             "
    3x Rocket          40            8             100          AA            300
                        44            8            "            "             "
                        48            9            "            "             "
                        52            9            "            "             "
    Meteor Rocket      20            8             20           AA            300
                        22            8            "            "             "
                        24            9            "            "             "
                        26            9            "            "             "
    2x Meteor Rocket   40            8             40           AA            300
                        44            8            "            "             "
                        48            9            "            "             "
                        52            9            "            "             "
    Heavy Rocket       40            10            30           AA            600
                        44            11           "            "             "
                        48            11           "            "             "
                        52            12           "            "             "
    2x Heavy Rocket    61            10            45           AA            600
                        67            11           "            "             "
                        73            11           "            "             "
                        80            12           "            "             "
    4x Heavy Rocket    80            10            60           AA            600
                        88            11           "            "             "
                        96            11           "            "             "
                        104           12           "            "             "
    Air Heavy Rocket   40            10            40           AA            600
                        44            11           "            "             "
                        48            11           "            "             "
                        52            12           "            "             "
    2x Air H Rocket    80            10            60           AA            600
                        88            11           "            "             "
                        96            11           "            "             "
                        104           12           "            "             "
    Electro Cannon     30            5             10           STS           300
    2x Electro Cannon  46            5             10           STS           300
    Heavy Electro*     80            6             10           STS           600
    2x Heavy Electro*  123           6             10           STS           600
    Sonic Cannon       60            4             5            STS           300
    2x Sonic Cannon    60            4             5            STS           300
    Heavy Sonic        60            5             10           STS           600
    2x Heavy Sonic     60            5             10           STS           600
    Air Sonic Cannon   120           5             6            ATS           600
    2x Air Sonic       120           5             6            ATS           600
    Plasma Cannon      1000          12            1            STS           600
    Banner                                                      AA            200
    Detector                                                    AA            200
    Shield Recharger m1                                         AA            200
    Shield Recharger m2                                         "             "
    Regenerator m1                                              AA            200
    Regenerator m2                                              "             "
    Regenerator m3                                              "             "
    Shield 1200 PSU
    Shield 2400 PSU
    Shield 3600 PSU
    20mm Chaingun - Exactly like the UCS and ED versions in all respects.
    Rocket Launcher - Ditto.
    Heavy Rocket Launcher - Play it again, Sam.
    Electro Cannon - The Electro Cannon is the LC energy weapon.  It is moderately
       strong, certainly better than a Rocket Launcher, but it lacks the punch and
       range of either the Laser or the Plasma Cannon.  It also can't fire at 
       airborne targets.  The Electro Cannon, like all energy weapons, is blocked 
       by shields and recharges itself over time.  It can disable targets after a
       few shots just like the Fang's weapon, but you can't capture these as the 
       LC lacks a Repairer.
    Heavy Electro Cannon - Same as the standard Electro Cannon, but bigger and 
    Sonic Cannon - The Sonic Cannon generates an unfocused shockwave of energy 
       around the unit that damages everything it touches.  It has relatively 
       short range and you must literally plunge the unit into the enemy's ranks 
       for maximum effect, but they do make for very dramatic last stands.  Sonic 
       Cannons are energy weapons and therefore recharge and are blocked by 
    Heavy Sonic Cannon - Second verse, same as the first.
    Plasma Cannon - This one's a little tricky because it doesn't show up on the
       research tree.  After you research both 2x Heavy Sonic Cannon and 2x Heavy
       Electro Cannon it should appear on the standard research screen.  The 
       Plasma Cannon can only be mounted on the Crion and takes a while to reload,
       but it's the LC's answer to ED nukes and UCS Offensive Plasma Cannons.  
       Don't confuse it with the UCS energy weapon of the same name.
    SDI Defense
    Banner - A snazzy flag with a big star on it that makes your units feel 
       patriotic and better able to kill things.  All of your weapons within range
       of a Banner gain two experience levels.
    Detector - The Detector slightly increases a unit's sight range and also 
       renders UCS units under a Shadow Generator visible.
    Shield Recharger - The UCS and ED have to sit around to recharge their shields
       after a fight.  The LC is apparently easily bored.  Just mix one Shield 
       Recharger with several damaged units and wait a shorter time than you would
       have to otherwise.
    Regenerator - Similar to the Shield Recharger, only for actual damage.  All LC
       units and structures regenerate over time, but the Regenerator speeds the 
       process up a bit.
    Shield Generator - Shield Generators protect your units and structures from 
       the ravages of Plasma Cannons and Lasers.  They are essential later in the 
       game.  LC shields are stronger than ED and UCS variants because of superior
          4. Buildings
    Structure          HP        Armor         Hardpoints        Power       Cost
    Main Base          6000      0             4                 100         3000
    Laser Wall         600       0             0                 10          100
    Solar Power Plant  3000      0             0                 N/A         700
    Solar Battery      3000      0             0                 N/A         700
    Research Center    2400      0             0                 50          1000
    Headquarters       3600      0             1                 50          1500
    Mine               2400      0             0                 50          1500
    Ore Transport      2400      0             0                 50          1500
    Supply Center      3000      0             1                 50          1500
    Weather Control    1500      0             0                 50          1500
    Defender           900       25%           2                 0           700
    Guardian           1800      50%           2                 30          1100
    Landing Zone       300       0             0                 0           500
    Main Base - This is the heart of any LC base. the Main Base builds all units, 
       combat and noncombat, plus it mounts four (count 'em!) weapons hardpoints.  
       If it gets blown up, you won't be able to mount a counteroffensive with new
       units, but you were probably dead anyway if this behemoth got killed.  
       Don't confuse this structure with the main base area, separated from the 
       mission base map.
    Laser Wall - Laser Walls are much more expensive than ED and UCS vanilla 
       Walls.  Instead of putting up one wall at a time, plot a line and a number 
       of Laser Walls will be lowered from orbit at points along that line.  Laser
       Walls are connected by laser beams to adjacent Laser Walls and this beam 
       cannot be broken by ground units.  The enemy can still destroy the Wall 
       structure itself, though.  To activate or deactivate a given beam, click on
       one of the two Walls holding it and then the other.
    Solar Power Plant - The LC is much smarter than the UCS and ED.  They realized
       that it's stupid to put your power source right next to the defenses, 
       because then the power will go down and the defenses will be crushed.  
       Instead, the LC can beam power to their units and structures anywhere on 
       the map as long as they still have either a powered battery or a producing 
       Solar Power Plant.  Solar Power Plants must have solar cells built around 
       them to be productive at a cost of 100 each.  During daylight hours (watch 
       the clock in the upper left corner), the cells will collect solar energy 
       and beam it to friendly structures.  Power not currently required by 
       structures is automatically sent to Solar Batteries.  Solar Power Plants 
       produce no power without solar cells or during the night.
    Solar Battery - Solar Batteries are the logical solution to the problem of 
       using solar power at night.  Batteries charge during the day with excess 
       energy produced by Solar Power Plants up to 100% and discharge during the
       night to keep structures functioning until sunup.  At construction all 
       Solar Batteries begin with a 25% charge.  Without Solar Batteries the base 
       will completely shut down at night.
    Mine - The LC is the most technologically advanced army, so it dispensed with 
       the measures used by both the ED and UCS for mineral collection.  Build a 
       Mine on top of the mineral field and it will slowly process all the 
       minerals within one square of the Mine.  Mines convert minerals directly 
       into credits for your use.
    Ore Transport Refinery - The OTR works like the LC Mine except it transfers 
       the credits produced to the Space Port in 2000 credit chunks.  Hit Call Trn
       at the end of every mission to nickel-and-dime your way to victory.
    Research Center - One Research Center makes research possible, two makes fast
       research possible, three makes the fastest research possible, and four 
       makes wasting credits possible.
    Aerial Supply Center - Exactly like the UCS and ED versions.  Set Mercuries to
       transport the ammo to units and buildings.
    Defender - Defenders are the lighter base defense for the LC.  They are 
       independently powered and will keep firing when all power has been lost.  
       However, they are a bit fragile.  Defenders have two standard weapons 
    Guardian - Guardians are heavily armored base defense.  They are dependent on
       the power infrastructure to keep firing.  Guardians have two weapons 
    Headquarters - See ED and UCS versions.
    SDI Defense Center - Works just like the UCS version to stop ED nuclear 
       missiles from landing within its firing radius.
    Weather Control Center - Can provide a number of useful weather effects 
       depending on map conditions.
    Landing Zone - Acts exactly like the LZ for the ED and UCS for the Jupiter.
    Space Port - Accepts ore shipments from Ore Transport Refineries, bundles them
       into 10000 credit shipments, then dispatches them to the spaceship 
       construction site.
    III. Game Concepts and General Information
    Before I say anything else, there are two main strategies to winning any 
       mission that involves destroying enemy bases, and there are a lot of 
       missions where killing enemy bases is either required or so extraordinarily
       helpful that it might as well be.  Those strategies are:
    BLITZKRIEG: Before the mission, load the transporter with combat units, 
       preferably air units because they have no restrictions on movement.  Upon 
       arrival immediately start searching the map for the enemy base.  When you
       find it, restart the mission and send your air units directly there.  
       Destroy any buildings in progress and any combat units you can find.  If 
       you have the muscle, gut the base.  Follow up with ground units from the 
       transporter.  You see, the enemy has to build up forces the same way you 
       do.  If you can strike with carryover units before the AI can put up 
       defenses, you can take out the base quickly and with minimal injury.  Also,
       using this strategy can net you the mineral fields of the enemy at almost
       full capacity, either for the Transport Base or cash reserves.  Keep in 
       mind that your enemy often has starting equipment far surpassing your own.
    ATTRITION: This strategy works best after you discover Repairers.  Instead of
       attacking, just sit back in your base.  Secure any resource fields you need
       and wait out the enemy.  It will constantly send units to harass you, which
       you can blow up to deprive it of its resources.  Eventually, the AI will 
       exhaust its mineral fields and start heading for yours.  You know this has 
       happened when Harvesters start showing up, or LC Refineries start dropping 
       from the sky, or Gruzs won't stop trying to build Mines over your fields.
       At this point, the enemy forces have peaked and will not be able to replace
       their lost units, whereas you can always run away and repair to fight 
       again.  Be advised that this strategy takes longer and doesn't have the 
       resource bonus, but it is generally safer.
    The next section is basic information about the game that should have been 
       covered in the manual better than it actually was.
    - Main Base: During the campaign there is never any need to build a VPC or WPC
       in the mission area.  Instead, build units in the main base and ferry them 
       in the transport.
    - Experience: weapons gain experience by killing enemy units, indicated by the
       dark bar under the HP and ammunition bars for every armed unit and 
       structure.  More experienced units have better damage and HP.  Experienced 
       armed structures have higher damage but no additional HP.
    - Event Jump: Your aides will often give verbal alerts when certain events 
       happen, like completed production of units or sightings of enemy units.  
       Hit <space> to immediately jump to the location of the last announced 
       event, then <space> again to cycle through other recent events.  Eventually
       the jump clock expires so you won't be able to do this for old events.
    - Carryover: At the end of every mission, pull all the units you can and any 
       spare credits and bring them to the main base in the transport.  Units that
       carry over like this can be shipped out to the next mission, saving the 
       cost of reconstructing an army.  Carrying over units also maximizes  
       opportunities for accumulating experience.
    - Pickups: In missions that have existing tunnel complexes, there are often 
       spinning icons underground for your units to find.  Dollar signs are worth 
       10000 CR cash.  Laptops give information and are sometimes mission 
       objectives.  Blue cones denote computer cores and are often mission 
       objectives.  Spiky boxes with blue static fields will give any unit 
       shields.  Crates resupply units with ammunition (very useful in underground
       combat) and respawn.  Wrenches give full repair and respawn.  Radios 
       sometimes appear aboveground and give information or objectives.  I still 
       don't know what red and black cages do.
    - Cycling: In many missions, there is a certain minimum amount of credits that
       must be mined and sent to the Space Port.  The only way the game will 
       recognize this for the objective is if the credits are sent by a Transport 
       Facility automatically.  You can also subvert the objective by using the 
       transport unit. Use the Give 2000 Credits button on the Transport facility,
       then wait for the automatic transport to take them to the Space Port.  Cut
       over to the main base, wait for the automatic transport to deliver, then 
       use the Take 5000 Credits button.  Move those credits back to the mission 
       base with the transport unit.  Check the objective and you'll see that 
       you've gained 2000 toward your goal for the mission.  Keep this in mind if 
       your mineral field runs short because you overcashed it.  Remember that the 
       credits must be made up to the space program in the future or you'll still
       lose the game.
    - Trenches: Gruzs and Mammoths can both dig trenches.  The steep walls on 
       either side of the trench cannot be crossed by any ground unit, but it is 
       possible for ground units to go down the middle of the trench.  They are 
       also no barrier to air units.  Trenches can be used to great effect as a 
       defensive measure if the ends are closed by the environment or other 
       trenches.  Be very careful when trenching in anything other than straight 
       lines on flat surfaces because it's quite easy for the digger to get stuck
       in the process and you'll need another one nearby to flatten terrain 
       underneath it before it can move again.  Unlike building walls, digging 
       trenches is free.
    - Automining: If you can leave a Transport Base with a Transporter, Harvester,
       or an LC Transport Base directly over a mineral field at mission's end 
       without any enemies or armed enemy structures, the miners will 
       automatically send the credits to the Space Port.  The End Mission button 
       will give you a report on this possibility before you confirm the mission 
       end.  This doesn't work if you use a Refinery; you have to sit there and
       ferry them all to the main base manually.
    - Command Queue: You can set up any unit with a series of orders to follow 
       without further input from you with the command queue in the lower right 
       corner of the screen.  Hit <r> to start recording, then issue all commands 
       in the order you want them executed, then <r> again to close the list.  To
       execute the queue hit <x>.  You can also use <capslock> to start the unit
       moving as soon as you start issuing commands instead of waiting for the <x>
       key.  This is very useful for setting up a base with a construction unit or
       setting units to complicated patrol routes.
    Though the UCS and ED run parallel to each other, the LC uses a few things 
       that are absolutely unique to them and totally confusing to me when I first
    - LC Construction: Unlike the UCS and ED, the LC does not have a constructor 
       unit.  Instead, click the Build tab on the control panel at the bottom of 
       the screen.  Structures will be assembled in orbit and slowly lowered into 
       the correct position.  If you want to cancel construction, go back through 
       the Build tab and right-click.  Just like the ED and UCS structures are 
       extra-vulnerable during construction, LC structures are extra-vulnerable as
       they are being lowered.  If any units (including air units) happen to be 
       underneath the structure as it is lowered they are crushed.
    - LC Power: The LC electrical grid has unlimited range on the map, so there 
       are no building restrictions.  It is based not on nuclear fusion reactors 
       but solar power.  Solar Power Plants must build solar cells to generate
       power during the daytime and generate no power at night.  Solar Batteries 
       must be built to ensure a nighttime power supply.  Batteries charge up with
       the excess power generated during the day and discharge whatever power is 
       needed during the night.  They will continually lose power if Solar Power
       Plants are not providing enough to keep the base going.  Solar Cells start
       generating power about 6:40a, hit peak at 9a, then start dropping at 3:30p
       until zero power at 7:40p.
    - LC Flight: All LC units have antigravity capability to one level or another.
       This means that even ground units can float above water, so the LC has no 
       need for aquatic units of any kind.
    - LC Regeneration: All LC units and buildings regenerate lost HP and shields
       over time as long as they are stationary.  The Regenerator and Recharger 
       equipment make this faster, but even units without these will recover from 
       mortal wounds eventually.  Point is: always withdraw wounded units so they 
       can recover and fight again, vastly improving their effectiveness.
    The rest of these are tactical points/opinions I hold about the game.
    - Air Units: Air units are the key to the easiest way into any enemy base.  
       Most AI bases are built around the principle of land-based attack, with 
       mountain ranges and gullies providing barriers and defensive structures 
       covering only the land and sea approaches.  Use air units to attack from 
       unexpected avenues and take out the enemy power plants so ground units can 
       sweep in and finish the job.  Use long-range rockets to take out antiair 
       defenses.  I recommend using max of four 20mm fighters and two or four 
       bombers so you can easily select damaged units and withdraw them during 
    - Water Units: I have never found a use for water units in the campaigns.  
       They require thousands of credits in research plus a Ship Yard to produce 
       but they can't actually storm the enemy base.  They can't be carried over 
       into the next mission with the transporter, so any resources invested in 
       building a fleet are lost forever at mission's end.  Furthermore, they 
       can't even be used on many maps.  Spend your credits on air units.
    - Research: Only research technology you plan to use.  If you're never going 
       to use Spiders or Crions don't waste the credits and time researching them.
       Stick to technologies you like and know how to use.
    - Shields: After you discover Shield Generators you will be able to build them
       on every single one of your structures through the Building Upgrade screen 
       (F3).  You probably don't need shields on every one of your buildings, so 
       upgrade carefully.  If you're facing the ED, remember that Lasers don't 
       damage buildings and Ion Cannons only disable them.  On the other hand, if 
       you're facing the LC or UCS, their energy weapons can be very dangerous to 
       structures so defenses and the power grid should all have some sort of 
    - Weapon Stacking: Some heavy weapons allow you to stack a standard weapon on 
       top of the larger one.  It might seem like a good idea to put an AA weapon
       on top of an STS one so that the tank won't be helpless against air 
       attacks.  I'd recommend against this because it's easier to coordinate 
       attacks if you have one quick key for the AA forces and another for the 
       dedicated siege tanks.  When the AA/STS tank attacks an air target it has
       substantially less firepower than a dedicated AA tank.
    - Tunnels: The UCS and ED can build Tunnel Entrances to enter the subterranean
       depths.  While this could add an interesting dynamic, it usually doesn't.  
       Tunnels can be used to bypass enemy defenses and arrive in otherwise 
       inaccessible locations with ground units, but the upper location must be 
       secured before a tunnel exit can be constructed.  In addition, tunneling 
       takes a long time, even with two or three Mammoths/Gruzs working alongside.
       The exception to the "useless tunnel" rule is that some maps have valuable 
       pickups or even mission objectives underground.  In any case, if you do 
       explore underground, do so with a constructor unit so you can burrow to new
       rooms if necessary.  Lacking a constructor, LC units can't tunnel but are
       free to use enemy TEs if opportunity allows.
    - OVermining: Many missions require you to mine a certain amount of credits 
       for the Spaceport and give you an End Mission after that number is reached.
       If you're not in immediate danger, don't end the mission until the mineral 
       field is completely empty, and remember to Call Trn before you leave.    
    - Main Base Mining: At the beginning of the campaign the main base area has 
       access to a mine with about 70000 credits under it.  Once it's exhausted
       all spending cash must be provided by mission Refineries.
    - Constructed Upgrades: Over time, you will be able to research upgrades to 
       weapons and chassis.  Old units will not upgrade themselves, but all new 
       units have the upgrades at no additional cost.  The UCS and ED Repairers 
       are capable of performing field upgrades, but other than that you are stuck
       with the old units until they die and you replace them.  Therefore, in any 
       mission where you can research a weapon or chassis that you are currently 
       using, don't build any until the research is complete.  You will get 
       stronger units for the same cost.  The exception is ammo upgrades which are 
       automatically applied to every unit regardless of when it was made.
    - Luring: The AI reacts very predictably to invasions.  As soon as any of your
       units attacks a base structure, all the combat units in the area 
       immediately descend to remove the threat.  Therefore, if you attack with 
       one unit and quickly run away, you can lure the enemy into a trap.  Make 
       sure that your bait unit has a bolt hole through the trap mob and that your
       trap is strong enough to actually stop the defenders.  Once this is done, 
       use your experienced units' superior range to whittle down any Towers or 
       armed buildings for a slow but simple win.
    - Gutting: Every time your units attack a base, each member of the mob chooses
       its own target and keeps shooting until it runs out of ammo, kills the 
       target, or dies.  These targets are chosen largely by the order that they 
       move into the unit's field of view.  Therefore, if you let your units pick 
       their targets, they will waste time on Harvesters and Transporters while 
       air units and turrets pick them off.  Instead, send your units to gut the 
       base and render it harmless first, then set them free to raze it.  First, 
       kill the combat units you lure into the open.  Second, take down defensive 
       towers directly in your path.  Alternately, kill the power sources for 
       larger Towers and kill Small Towers and Defenders with concentrated fire to
       minimize losses.  Then focus on the power infrastructure to stop any armed 
       buildings from firing; this also stops production.  Finally, kill units and
       structures related to mining: Transporter Taigas, Harvesters, Refineries, 
       etc.  This prevents the enemy from sucking up any more of the resources you
       can claim as victor.  After that, the base is helpless and can be destroyed
       as you wish.
    IV. Walkthrough
       A. Army
          1. Mission Location
    OBJECTIVES: All the Goals provided throughout the mission.  These must be 
    satisfied to complete the mission successfully.  Sometimes it is possible to
    continue the campaign even though you lost a given mission.
    TRANSPORT: Outlines what units should be loaded in the Ukraine/Albatross/
    Jupiter before the mission begins so they can be dispatched with all speed.  
    Set this up BEFORE you click on the globe to select a mission.  Any time I
    write <Pamir>, <Tiger>, or <Moon> means that you may substitute the combat 
    unit of your choice.
    RESEARCH: All the researches available during this mission.  Some missions 
    have research overlap with others because you can choose which mission to take
    ENEMIES: The enemy base locations and types of units.
    MISSION: The mission walkthrough itself.
       A. Eurasian Dynasty
          1. Ural
    OBJECTIVES: -Find deposits
       -Provide your base with 20000 CR
       -Construct Landing Base
       -Fly two Ore Transporters to battle zone
    TRANSPORT: Transporter Taiga x2, Pamir x3
    RESEARCH: TT 110 Pamir 
    ENEMIES: LC base on west side of map, several LC patrols of 20mm Lunars.
    MISSION: Congratulations, it's your very first Eurasian Dynasty mission.  
    After the mission starts, you will be taken to the mission base, which for now
    consists of three more Pamirs and a Gruz.  A few seconds in, your briefing 
    will appear to give you an idea of what you need to do (change the tab at the 
    top for more explicit instructions, and you can return to this screen later 
    under Menu->Goals).
     Group the Pamirs and Gruz and head west.  Cross a bridge and follow the path
    around the mountains to discover a mineral field.  Build a Mine that fits the 
    field, a Transport Base facing it, a Power Plant near them, and a Landing Zone
    a little bit away so you have room to move.  As soon as the LZ is completed, 
    send the Ukraine there with either the Ukraine's To Mission button or the LZ's
    Call Trn button.  When it shows up, set the Taigas to working the Mine and 
    Transport Base.  Sit there long enough and you'll finish the mission.  Load 
    all the mission units back into the Ukraine and click the globe.
     Also on this map are a number of LC patrols and an LC base.  If you explore 
    south of the southern bridge and into the center of the map you'll see them.
    This is bad because your superiors will order you to destroy the LC, which is
    a lot of work and definitely not worth it.  Therefore, don't explore at all.  
    Keep all your units in your own base and you won't have to deal with the extra
    objective.  If you accidentally trigger the objective you can either reload 
    the autosave or Menu->Restart the mission.  If you do decide to take down some
    LC sissies, remember to build combat units in your main base and ferry them to
    the mission instead of building a WPC in the mission base.
          2. Arctic
    OBJECTIVES: -Track down enemy troops
       -Find the enemy base
       -Destroy the enemy base
    TRANSPORT: Transporter Taiga x2, Pamir x6, Boyar x2
    RESEARCH: TT 120 Pamir
       MI 106 Cossack
       2x 20mm Chaingun, Helicopter Chaingun
       20mm Bullet x3
    ENEMIES: UCS base centered on north side of map, UCS patrol in southeast 
    corner.  Lots of 20mm and Rocket Tigers and Towers.
    MISSION: This mission will see your first actual combat.  Head east along the 
    coast with the Gruz in the lead to act as a damage magnet.  You'll encounter a
    handful of UCS Tigers that should be easily crushed with concentrated fire.  
    Keep going east until you hit a small pond, then north to find a mineral 
    field.  Set up your base: Power Plant, Mine, Refinery, Supply Depot, and LZ.  
    Be very careful not to move north of the mineral field or the UCS units will 
    spot you, and you don't want that yet.  
     Bring in the Taigas and Boyars and set them up, then group the Pamirs and go 
    east, then south.  You should run across a number of UCS Tigers.  Crush them 
    and search for a rotating artifact that looks like a radio.  Collecting this 
    gives you access to a bonus mission.  
     If you still have a decent military, head up north to assault the base.  
    Build reinforcements if you need them in the main base and bring them over, 
    transferring extra credits from your Refinery if they're piling up.  When you 
    are ready, follow the chasm up north to the rear of the UCS base.  You'll be 
    facing Large Towers, which need electrical power to function.  Take out energy
    transmitters to prevent them from firing.  As soon as you appear, the UCS will
    muster all its Tigers and bring them back to attack you.  Kill them with 
    concentrated fire and be willing to take some casualties.  After you are 
    relatively safe, knock out the Power Plant.  Now all the Large Towers are 
    helpless, but the Small Towers will still be able to fire so be careful.  
    Sweep south and west, destroying all structures, until you get mission 
    success.  Pull out all units, drain the mineral field, and siphon the credits 
    to your main base with the Ukraine before you end the mission.
          3. Arctic 2
    NOTE: This mission is only available if you captured the radio artifact in the
    first Arctic mission.  I also recommend you do this one after Kamchatka so you
    have Repairers already when you begin.
    OBJECTIVES: -Get to the Russian Base
       -Search for useful information in the tunnel systems
       -Locate the central computer in the tunnel systems
       -Provide your base with 50000 CR
    TRANSPORT: Repairer Taiga x2, Transporter Taiga x2, Boyar x2, Pamir x4 (x6 w/o
    RESEARCH: ZT 100 Siberia, ZT 101 Siberia, ZT 102 Siberia
       2x 105mm Cannon
       105mm Bullet x3
    ENEMIES: Three UCS bases in the northwest, northeast, and southeast corners of
    the map.  Ground units will be Rocket and Grenade Tigers; expect Gargoyles 
    from the southeast base.  Harvesters will also appear regularly.  Raids will 
    be relatively constant.
    MISSION: Move the Gruz and Pamirs west and north into the center of the walled
    area.  Build a Tunnel Entrance somewhere out of the way and an LZ.  Set the 
    Pamirs to clearing rubble so you have some space to breathe and get the 
    Ukraine in as soon as you can.  Have the Gruz go underground to explore when 
    the TE is up.  Send it north to the intersection, then west to find a laptop 
    (objective #2).  Now go east, follow the turn, and tunnel through the small 
    blockage to find the central computer and two $s.  The computer core lets you 
    move the six Tanks that are sitting close to where you entered.  Click them 
    all and Change Script to a Battle Unit so you can fight with them.  Send 
    everyone back up top.
     The core also gave you control of the structures on the surface, but they are
    all badly damaged and unpowered and won't last long without immediate repairs.
    Put up two Power Plants to power all the existing structures, then complete 
    the wall around the base with the Gruz.  Leave an opening between the 
    Pillboxes on the west side.  Mass your attack units and send them west to the 
    mineral field, then north to a smaller field.  You'll want to mine both of 
    these dry, but the UCS will try sapping the northern one first.  After the 
    wall is up build a Mine on each of the fields and power for both with a 
    Transport Base between them.  Start the Taigas running on the north field 
    first.  By now all your combat units should have been transferred to the 
    mission area.  Keep a handful back at the central base including some antiair
    20mms and send the rest to protect the north mineral field.  
     After the UCS runs through its own minerals they will start looking at yours.
    Each base will send units to attack you and Harvesters to try to steal your 
    minerals, but you should be able to fend them off as they will only attack 
    through the gap in the western wall.  Gargoyles might appear too, so be ready
    with your 20mms in one group for emergencies.  You can equip the Supply Depot 
    and VPC with weapons if you like, but it's not necessary.  After a while the 
    UCS units will stop coming because they have totally run out of cash.  
     It's up to you whether to take out the bases or not.  You'll suffer 
    casualties unless you're very careful, but it is worth a hefty chunk of 
    experience.  Remember to lead with your new heavily-armored Tanks and fire 
    from maximum range when taking out armed buildings and Small Towers.  Other 
    than that, you should be able to just wait until the minerals are depleted in 
    both of your fields.  If you do take out the bases, you can end the mission as
    soon as you hit the minimum for the objective and let the Taigas do the rest 
          4. Kamchatka
    OBJECTIVES: -Escort Construction Vehicle to our Western Base
       -Construct three Research Centers
       -Secure Laser Prototype
    TRANSPORT: Transporter Taiga x2, Boyar x2, Pamir x4, 20mm Taiga x2
    RESEARCH: ZT 100 Siberia, ZT 101 Siberia, ZT 102 Siberia
       MI 107 Cossack
       Rocket Launcher
       105mm Bullet x3
    ENEMIES: The LC will build a base over your old one in the southeast corner.
    There will be some raids on your new base, especially if you do not defend the
    mineral field.  Ground units will be Rocket and 20mm Moons and Lunars, with 
    20mm Meteors as air support.
    MISSION: The start of this mission seems very intimidating but it's not 
    really risky.  Select all three Taigas and move them through the east wall, 
    then send them to the western base directly.  Have the Gruz follow them 
    closely.  If any of the units exit the base to the west they will be destroyed
    by approaching LC forces.  You need the Gruz to survive and the Taigas to be 
    cannon fodder for it.  You'll still encounter the LC as you cross the bridge; 
    there's literally nothing you can do about it except hope.  The LC will 
    eventually stop following you, but by that point the Taigas will be gone and 
    the Gruz will be heavily damaged.  If you are extremely lucky or skilled you
    can save one of the Taigas by letting the Gruz take more damage from trailing 
    Moons, but it's not worth reloading over.  
     Once the Gruz arrives, immediately build the three Research Centers behind 
    the other structures and an LZ in the middle of the open area (the one south 
    of the mineral field, not the no-man's-land between the turret walls).  The 
    enemy will send tanks to attack, so let the Large and Small Towers take them 
    out.  Set up a Mine and Refinery on the mineral field.  When you get a chance,
    build a wall north of the Mine and a Small Tower or two; otherwise the LC will
    flank you with Meteors and tanks approaching from the beach later.  Get your 
    research going on Repairers, the Siberia, and Cossacks.  Cossacks are flying 
    Faberge eggs, but they are a necessary first step for your air force.
     By now your superiors will have informed you that you need to go back to the 
    old base, now overrun with the LC, and explore underground to find a Laser 
    unit.  Build up to the unit limit (set for each mission and visible on the WPC
    status screen).  The LC is using Meteors, so build some antiair 20mm Siberias 
    or Cossacks.  Remember: don't build Siberias until you have completely 
    researched them in order to get the most for your production credits.
     When you are ready, assemble your mob and head back the way you came.  Have 
    the Gruz (repaired by now, right?  Right?) follow so you don't have to waste 
    time later waiting for it to trundle to the site.  You'll run into a few units
    on the way but should take them out in short order.  Make sure your antiair 
    are grouped together for quick selection and countermeasures because your 
    Pamirs are helpless against Meteors.  Approach the base from the west to 
    prevent your Boyars from taking damage while reloading your units.  Some LC 
    tanks may run into the wilderness when they take damage; follow them and kill 
    them. If left alone too long, they can regenerate and become a threat.  
     As soon as your tanks have cleared the northern part of the LC base, let the 
    Gruz build a TE in a safe spot within the walls and go down.  The Laser 
    Siberia should show up on the map on its own.  Change Script and get it back 
    to the western base.  Drain the mineral field, evacuate your units, transfer 
    the credits, and end the mission.
          5. Leviathan
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy robots with new Laser weapon
       -Locate LC base and destroy it
    TRANSPORT: Boyar x2, Repairer x1, 20mm Siberia x3, Laser Siberia x1, Pamir x3
    RESEARCH: Laser (after test), 2x Laser, 3x Laser 
    ENEMIES: The LC base is at the east edge of the map.  It is defended by 
    Electro Moons.  There will be one attack shortly after the test is completed.
    MISSION: At first you can only control the Laser Siberia.  Send it north and 
    west to the small enclosed area with six disabled robots.  Kill them.  
     You will get a message that the LC has arrived in the area, gain control of 
    all the structures and units, and be able to research Lasers.  The LC will 
    attack immediately, so be ready with the Laser Siberia and Pamirs and call in 
    reinforcements with a shiny LZ.  Get all your carryover units together and 
    loaded and move east to the LC base.  Kill everything.  Build a Mine and send 
    a Transporter Taiga to the LC mineral field if you really want to maximize 
    your profits, then let it run automatically after you leave.
          6. Canada
    OBJECTIVES: -Find main computer and copy project data
       -Destroy enemy base
    TRANSPORT: Grozny x4 (or Cossacks), Transporter Taiga x4, Repairer Taiga x2
    RESEARCH: no new advances
    ENEMIES: Three enemy bases, all of which are revealed to you when the mission
    begins.  Surface enemies are generally 20mm Gargoyles and Plasma Tigers.  
    Underground you will face Panthers armed with Plasma Cannons.  Lots of them.
    MISSION: Set up your base to the southwest near the mineral field.  You'll 
    want two Mines here so you can pull the minerals out and send them home.  This
    mission is an opportunity to really set aside a chunk of change for EXODUS.
     The enemy is massing forces for raids at three points on the map: south of 
    your base, west-southwest, and east-southeast.  Use your air force to knock 
    them out, then send them to the west base.  If you're fast enough the UCS 
    won't have defenses over their mineral field yet. You can hover just to the
    west and kill all the Harvesters, starving him.  There are scattered Sharks 
    east of this base, northwest of the east base, and at the center of the map 
    that you can also mop up.  For now, that's all you need to do above ground.
     The next part is tricky.  Your initial objective is only to find the enemy 
    computer core, and you are told that you can use the underground tunnels to 
    get to it.  This is true.  The core is under the southern enemy base.  The 
    downside is that the underground of this map is infested with patrols of 
    Plasma Spiders and Panthers, and you don't have shields yet.  The only weapon 
    with enough punch to take down Panthers quickly is the Triple Laser, so build 
    at least six of them if you plan to play by the mission's rules.  Also bring 
    down a Repairer and get ready for a long crawl.  Have fun.
     Still here?  Good.  No one says you have to play by the rules at all.  Build 
    a TE east of the field and send a Gruz down.  You'll see tunnels to the north,
    but don't burrow into them.  Instead, start a long mission and burrow straight
    south.  Then cut east into the tunnel system below the southern enemy base.  
    If you stray from your path into the surrounding tunnels, your Gruz will be 
    killed.  It might be killed anyway so save often.  Also, autodestruct the TE 
    to make sure that roaming Panthers won't come up into your base and wreak 
    havok.  You should be able to find the core and a laptop that reveals the 
    entire underground map.  You can spend a little time hunting down the few 
    pickups underground, but there is nothing worthwhile.  Write this Gruz off 
    because it's not worth the recovery effort.
     Now that you have the computer data, you are commanded to destroy the enemy 
    bases.  The first one is starved and no longer a threat - use your air force
    to kill the power and let the army clean up.  The east base has a large force 
    of Gargoyles, so lure them out of the defense grid by hovering over the 
    coastal plain to the west.  Knock them down to size, then gut the power and 
    let the tanks mop up again.  
     Now that the first base has been cleared you can build another Mine over its
    old field.  There is another field at the southern tip of the west peninsula 
    you can also exploit.  Allocate Refineries and Transport Bases as you see fit.
     The southern base is a bit harder, mostly because you have to take it down 
    entirely with air and naval forces.  It is also holding a large naval force 
    just to the north and a flock of Gargoyles.  By now the mineral field east of
    this base is probably empty, so the Harvesters will provide easy targets.  
    Attacking them will draw out the Gargoyles and a few Rocket Tigers - proceed
    with caution and repair when necessary.  After the defenders are down take 
    out the Research Center.
     There is one more mineral field just west of the center of the map that you 
    can exploit, but you will have to build a bridge to reach it.  Also, you 
    cannot end the mission and automine unless you clear out all the Panthers and 
    Spiders underground first - that's just not worth it at all.  Wait out your 
    mining ops and pull the Transporters back before you leave.
          7. Alaska
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy enemy base
       -Supply base with 100000 CR
    TRANSPORT: Tank x6, <Pamir> x4
    RESEARCH: MI 140 Grozny
       2x Rocket Launcher, 3x Rocket Launcher
       Helicopter Rocket Launcher, 2x Helicopter Rocket Launcher
       Medium Defense Building
    ENEMIES: There are three UCS bases on this map. The first is over the large 
    mineral field, the second is in the southern central part of the map, and the
    third spans from the northern central area to the northwest corner.  You'll
    see lots of Rocket and Grenade Tigers plus 20mm Gargoyles, but the main threat
    is the Rocket Small Towers lining two long corridors.
    MISSION: Get comfortable, because no matter what this will be a long mission.
    You get started with two Cossacks, a Gruz, and an LZ near a small mineral 
    field with a recon report on a large mineral field to the north.  Call the 
    Ukraine and get the Gruz started on building a Mine and Refinery on the small 
    field.  Don't build anything else here because this won't be your base.  
     When the transport arrives send all the tanks in to destroy the UCS base over
    the large field.  There will only be one or two Rocket Tigers and some 
    structures equipped with Rockets.  Take it out quickly because if you wait to 
    assemble your entire army the base will be much better defended.  Keep the 
    Ukraine pulling in your units, combat first, then support.  You'll need at 
    least 6 Transporter Taigas to finish the mission as quickly as possible.  
     After the field is secured send the Gruz north and build three Mines over it
    with as little overlap as possible.  Two Transport Bases should be all you 
    need.  Also put up two Supply Depots, at least two Power Plants, and a second 
    LZ (I find that the first one always gets destroyed by a Gargoyle I didn't 
    see coming).  I also built a wall around most of my base, but I think this was
    a waste of resources.  Empty the small field first into your Refinery for 
    cash, then get the extra pair of Taigas onto the large field.  
     Once you are set up enemy units will start trickling in for the entire 
    mission.  Be ready for attacks from both the southwest and northwest passages.
    Don't try to follow these back for a counterstrike because both passages are 
    lined with Rocket Towers that will whittle down your forces.  It's also not 
    worth scouting with the Cossacks because this will entice entire flocks of 
    Gargoyles to descend on your base.  Set up the small field Mine with a 20mm 
    but don't bother equipping the others.  Let the ground units do the fighting 
    and repair them frequently to keep them alive.  There's a lot of experience to
    be had on this map if you play it right.  
     Once the small field is drained, abandon that base entirely and pull your 
    units back closer to the Mines.  Wait out the mission.  If you want to, you 
    can tap the large field with another Refinery, but it can be risky because 
    there are a limited number of minerals under the field.  Specifically, it's 
    worth about 166K, and 100K of that must go to the Transport Base or you'll
    never be able to finish the mission.  Drain the field completely and Call Trn
    before you evacuate.
          8. Japan
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy main enemy base to the South
       -Destroy enemy base in the West
       -Destroy enemy base in the Southeast
    TRANSPORT: All available Cossacks and Groznys, then Tanks.
    RESEARCH: TK 100 Caspian, TK 101 Caspian, TK 111 Caspian
       ESS 30 Irkutsk, ESS 40 Irkutsk
    ENEMIES: From the mission goals, you know there are three LC bases on this 
    map and their approximate locations.  What they don't tell you is that the 
    West base will attack with mostly Electro Moons and some Rocket Meteors 
    and the Southeast base will use mostly Rocket Meteors with some Electro Moons.
    I'm not sure what the South base uses because I kill it quickly, but I think 
    it leans toward Electro tanks.  The Electro Cannons the LC uses run through 
    your Pamirs pretty quickly and will continue doing so until you discover 
    Shield Generators.
    MISSION: The first part of this mission is heavily reliant on speed.  Unload 
    the Ukraine, group whatever units you have, and send them south along the 
    corridor to the largest base as soon as they have disembarked.  Use the air
    force to provide cover for your Tanks and Pamirs, especially against Meteors.
    Take out the base power before you get too close to the Guardians and you 
    should be okay.  It is very important to handle this quickly because if you 
    allow this base to grow it will become much more difficult to take down.
     Killing this base also gives you access to its rich mineral field, but you 
    don't have the units to defend this satellite mine as well as your original 
    base.  Keep pumping carryover units into the mission with the Ukraine and 
    build Groznys up to the limit.  
     The other two bases won't be nearly so easy.  The West base is protected by 
    mountains and a beach, and the Southeast base is waterlocked.  This means you
    must use either water or air forces to take them out.  The designers 
    thoughtfully provided you with a Ship Yard that will be destroyed unless you 
    dedicate many units to protecting it.  In any case, my aversion to water units
    still applies: even if you research them, they won't be able to completely 
    take out the bases and you will have to resort to air units anyway.  Thus, 
    this is the mission where you grow proficient with your air force.
     Take down the west base first, if only because it's closer to your repair and
    supply facilities.  Whittle down the enemy's power structures from the 
    mountain range between your bases.  Your air force should consist of at least 
    four units: the two Cossacks from Alaska and at least two Groznys.  Using 
    20mms or Rocket Launchers depends on your style.  After the power is down, 
    kill the rest of the base.  If you haven't already, now is the time to take 
    advantage of the abandoned mineral field to the south.  You'll probably have 
    to scrape LC Refineries off it.  Set it up with a Transport Base.
     Repeat this strategy for the Southeast base, only with more care.  There's 
    usually a large empty area of land just north of the base where you can 
    assemble your air force before attacking, but move a Repairer to the southern
    coast as close as you can get it so the choppers don't have to fly all the way
    back to the base to get fixed up.  The enemy will foolishly devote resources 
    to land units that you can take down from the sky, then move and kill off 
    Mines and solar cells to starve them.  Even though the mineral field was 
    probably close to empty, this will help you finish them off.  Take it slow and
    preserve your now-experienced air force.  When they're all dead, check the 
    south field and make sure it will automine after you leave.
          9. Great Lakes
    NOTE: I recommend doing New York before the Great Lakes because you can put 
    the Gargoyles liberated there to work here.  An air force is very necessary 
    for this mission or else the Plasma Cannons will shred you.
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy enemy Research Complex
       -Search alien base
    TRANSPORT: Grozny x4, Transporter Taiga x2, Gargoyle x4
    RESEARCH: MI 150 Grozny
    ENEMIES: There are two bases on this map: one in the northeast corner revealed
    to you at the beginning of the mission and another in the middle of the 
    southern edge of the map.  The enemy will field many Plasma Tigers and Spiders
    as well as 20mm Gargoyles.  Every building will be armed with either a Rocket 
    Launcher or Plasma Cannon.  And you STILL don't have shields.
    MISSION: Your objective for this mission is to destroy the three Research 
    Centers spotlighted at the beginning of the mission.  To do this, you'll have 
    to take out all of the enemy units and most of the base just to get close 
    enough.  Then the second stage kicks in and you have to get a Gruz into this 
    base, but we'll talk about that later.
     Send your new Pamirs and Gruz south to the mineral field.  Along the way 
    you'll pass four 20mm Small Towers, but you can run them safely with minimal 
    damage and your tanks might even take one out on their own.  Call in your air
    force ASAP at the LZ.  Have the Gruz set up the usual: two Mines, a Transport 
    Base, two Supply Depots, two Power Plants, and another LZ closer to your base 
    of operations.  
     As soon as your air force starts arriving, send them south and east along the
    coast to a bridge.  Dodge around the Fortress here and cut off its Power 
    Plant and defending Small Towers, then start killing off the Plasma Spiders 
    assembled here.  If you wait on this they'll kill your LZ and migrate to your
    base, becoming a much larger problem in the long run.  
     After this is done, ignore the Fortress (it's helpless and won't be fixed) 
    and fly due north to the edge of the map, then east.  Try to knock down a few 
    Harvesters and defending Gargoyles before you head back to base for repairs.  
    Don't let your units fly over the base to return.  Just keep chipping away at 
    this base for the rest of the mission - the Power Plants are located on the 
    northern border and next to the Refineries.  This base will continually build 
    Gargoyles to oppose you, so keep swatting them down as you crawl through.
     You won't have to worry about the second base to the south much until after 
    you've incapacitated the northeast one.  As you're taking it apart, a large 
    flight of Gargoyles may attack from the west.  If you're not expecting this it
    can be very painful.  Counter it by either taking this base out early
    (difficult, and not really a priority) or by sweeping down after you render 
    the first base harmless to kill off the Gargoyles and Harvesters.  There are 
    two muster points that this base uses to collect Gargoyles and Plasma Tigers -
    one west of your base on a plain and the other to the southeast, both of which
    you should clear out before you head for the base itself.
     After the Research Centers go down, you get a new objective to investigate an
    underground alien base.  You can do this one of two ways: 1) send a Gruz into 
    the northeast base after it is defenseless and down the UCS TE, or 2) build a 
    TE in your own base and tunnel north to the bedrock, then west around it and 
    northeast to the objective.  The second one is totally safe and can be 
    initiated before the base goes down but takes a LONG time.  If you send your 
    Gruz down the enemy TE, go to the southern chamber and tunnel west to bypass 
    the bedrock and reach the base.  The only thing here is a black cone (alien 
    computer core?), so snag it and head for home.  Make sure you also pump out 
    whatever minerals are left in the two enemy bases and the extra field west of 
    the southern base.
          10. New York
    OBJECTIVES: -Saving data on GOLAN IV - East
       -Saving data on GOLAN V - West
       -Saving data on GOLAN VI - South
    TRANSPORT: empty
    RESEARCH: no new advances
    ENEMIES: Rocket and 20mm Towers throughout the map, Grenade and Rocket Tigers,
    and several 20mm Gargoyles (more on these later).
    MISSION: This mission is totally different from anything you've faced before. 
    You have exactly one unit, a Caspian that has been modified to be completely 
    defenseless.  If you get attacked at any point in the mission, you have two
    options: 1) run away or 2) die.  Woohoo.
     However, you can use the tunnel systems to get around to your objectives.  
    There are no UCS combat units in the tunnels, though Harvesters do use them to
    get from mineral fields to Refineries.  Therefore, you are safe below until 
    you start leading Tigers down after you.  Also, the enemy has no naval units 
    at all, but the air force will follow you over the water and won't be fooled 
    by the go-down-one-hole-and-come-up-another trick.  
     You can survive this mission without Neo taking any damage at all.
     Your first target is in the middle of the map.  Go west-southwest along the 
    water, staying clear of the coasts and the Towers on them.  There are two 
    beaches protected by WWII-era landing blocks, but they won't stop one small 
    unit.  Go to the west beach and south to the UCS TE.  Underground, go 
    northwest through a triple corridor and you'll reach the first computer core.
     Before you go back above, travel back east along the north edge of the system
    until you find a small blind U-turn to the north.  At the end of this passage 
    is a laptop that will show you the entire tunnel system on this map.  Go back 
    up the same TE you came down.
     Retrace your path back to the LZ, then go south to the corner of the map.  
    Keep your distance from the Towers.  Swing west and you'll find another TE 
    near a mineral field.  Use it and find the computer core near the mainframe 
    panel to the northeast and return.
     Back up top, follow the west edge of the map north to a bridge, then use the 
    TE overlooking the sea.  Go north and use another TE, then dodge northwest 
    quickly to the last TE.  You will probably be leading a few Grenade and Rocket
    Tigers from the main UCS base in the north, so move quickly.  There is a 
    laptop in a southern branch of the tunnel soon after you enter in a room with 
    three green columns, but I have no idea what it does. If you didn't grab the 
    other laptop in the first tunnel, this one will still do absolutely nothing.  
    Just before you grab the last core, save your game and slow it down as much as
    possible. The reason is that as soon as you snag it and fulfill your 
    objectives, all the mobile enemy units on the map will become yours.  Quickly 
    look over the main UCS base on the north edge of the map and send any freshly 
    converted Gargoyles to your LZ.  If you wait, they will be destroyed by all 
    the Rocket Launchers attached to buildings in this area.  This is an excellent
    opportunity to flesh out your air force at no cost to you.  
    You also have an important choice here: if you completed this mission quickly 
    (as in under 10 minutes) you will only gain about four Gargoyles.  If you 
    choose to wait around in a safe place for another hour, you can liberate ten 
    or more.  Remember that time is precious.  
    The rest of the new units will probably be destroyed by Towers.  There is 
    absolutely no point to rescuing Harvesters because you can't use them, but you
    can salvage a Mammoth and a few Tigers if you are willing to build bridges to 
    the LZ for them.  It's not really worth the time.  Rescue Neo and your new 
    Gargoyles and go home.
          11. Amazon -N-
    OBJECTIVES: -Provide your base with 100000 CR
    RESEARCH: TL 70 Volga, TL 80 Volga
       MI 150 Grozny
       Heavy Rocket Launcher, 2x Heavy Rocket Launcher, 3x Heavy Rocket Launcher
       Guided Rocket 25%, Guided Rocket 50%, Guided Rocket 100%
       Heavy Defense Building
       B. United Civilized States
          1. Ural
    OBJECTIVES: -Find deposits
       -Provide your base with 20000 CR
    TRANSPORT: Harvester x3, Mammoth x1, Tiger x3
    RESEARCH: Tiger II
    ENEMIES: Some Pamir patrols
    MISSION: The first mission is easy.  It's not even necessary to actually 
    engage in combat.  As soon as you enter, send the Mammoth north and build a 
    Refinery and Power Plant next to the mineral field.  After those go up and the
    Harvesters start rolling, send a Mammoth up north to where the mountains are 
    closest and dig a trench across the gap.  The idea here is to prevent enemy 
    units from being able to roll close enough to your base to fire on your units.
    If the Mammoth gets stuck, use the other one to flatten the terrain around it 
    until it can get moving.  Once the north trench is completed, do the same for 
    the south end of the valley.  After these two trenches are complete, your base
    is completely safe from the enemy and you won't have to deal with them.  Empty
    the mineral field and pull out all the units.  Set the Harvesters to mining 
    the field in your main base.
          2. Arctic
    OBJECTIVES: -Defend base for two days (time remaining)
    TRANSPORT: empty
       2x 20mm Chaingun
       Grenade Launcher
    ENEMIES: Enemy base in the southwest corner.  Expect 20mm Taigas, Rocket 
    Siberias and 105mm Pamirs from due south and west.  Late in the mission you'll
    see Cossacks.  There's a mass of 50 Double 105mm Pamirs on the east edge of 
    the map, but they won't attack until the end.
    MISSION: This mission is all about fortification.  You'll have to move quickly
    at the start, so slow the game down.  There are four groups of 20mm Tigers on
    the map: one next to the WPC and the other three stationed with Small Towers 
    to the south, east, and west.  Pull all of them back, group them together, and
    switch them to Hold Position.  Very soon after you arrive, your Small Tower 
    outposts to the south will fall.  Block the approaching horde with your 
    starting troops; it'll be dear losses, but there's no help for that at this 
    point.  The west outpost will drop a little later as an attacking squad drives
    through.  Avoid building new defenders until you've researched the Tiger II 
    and Double Chaingun upgrades.
     You can use the two Mammoths to help defend your base by erecting either 
    walls and towers.  Enemy tanks often target walls in their initial charges, 
    ignoring your troops momentarily and letting you take the advantage.  Watch
    out for Cossacks, because they have slightly longer range than your towers and
    can take them down without a scratch if you can't interrupt with Tigers.
     The other option is to surround your base with trenches.  It's possible, but 
    it takes a full day if you know exactly what to do and longer if you have to 
    figure it out.  Block all sides and close the ends off so the enemy tanks 
    can't come down the middle and up the inside slope.  If you're trying this 
    route, save often.  If you're successful, you'll see enemy tanks start piling 
    up along the outside edge of the trenches.  The enemy will always seek out any
    available weak spot, so keep the Tigers roving to block ferreting tanks and 
    Cossacks.  Instead of digging trenches around your entire base, you can choose
    to only trench the four approaches to your plateau marked by your Small Towers
    at the beginning of the mission (west, south, and two east) but this is much 
    more risky since you're putting your Mammoths directly in the line of fire and
    you need at least one of them to survive to build an LZ.
     That's pretty much it for the mission.  Sit back and wait for the enemy to 
    come to you.  Build up to the unit limit after you've finished the research.
    Tigers won't be enough in the end and you should supplement them with Small
    Towers with Double Chainguns for extra defense. Try to limit Small Towers to 
    the minimum effective number since you won't be able to recoup this investment
    at the end of the mission.  There will be constant attacks from the south and 
    west, but preserve units by pulling heavily damaged tanks back.  
     At the end of the mission, shortly after the clock expires, your base will be
    attacked by the mass of Pamirs on the east edge of the map.  If it's at all 
    possible these will invade your base and make a mess of your evacuation.  
    Trenches will block them, but you have to cover all four sides.  Even if they 
    can't enter the base the Pamirs will sit on the cliff and shoot down on the 
    WPC and Power Plant.
     When you finish the two days you receive 5000 credits and it will now be 
    possible to build an LZ.  You should evacuate as many units as possible for 
    their valuable experience; also, this mission has a higher unit limit than the
    next few so the troops can carry over for immense effect.  At the same time, 
    you're facing down an army of Pamirs, so you'll be bleeding out as well.
          3. Stanford Lab
    OBJECTIVES: -Test tunnel entry
       -Test teleport
    TRANSPORT: empty
    RESEARCH: no new advances
    ENEMIES: none
    MISSION: This should barely count as a mission at all.  Command the test Tiger
    to move to the Tunnel Entrance in front of it.  Hit <Tab> to make sure it 
    safely arrived underground, then move it back through the TE to the surface.
    It blows up and takes the TE with it.  Now switch to the second Tiger and move
    it through the Teleport.  When it comes out, it blows up itself, the Teleport,
    a Research Center, and a Power Plant.  Flog your researchers and move on; 
    there's literally nothing else you can do here.  For now.
          4. Arctic 2
    NOTE: You don't have Repairers yet, so be careful with carryover units.  Leave
    any units less than 75% health in your main base so you can fix them later.  
    OBJECTIVES: -Find deposits
       -Provide your base with 30000 CR
    TRANSPORT: Harvester x1, Condor x2, Tiger x7
    RESEARCH: Gargoyle I, Gargoyle II, Gargoyle III
       Gargoyle Chaingun
       Sm Rocket Launcher, 2x Sm Rocket Launcher, 4x Sm Rocket Launcher
       20mm Bullet x3
       Grenade x3
    ENEMIES: Enemy base dead center on map.  Expect the usual 20mm Taigas, 105mm
    Pamirs, and Cossacks.
    MISSION: Your first base is in the northeast corner of the map next to a very 
    tiny mineral field.  You'll need a great deal more to fulfill your objectives,
    so for now just drain it all into the Refinery for cash.  Start scouting with
    the Mammoth west along the north edge of the map.  Pass a V at the north 
    middle border and keep going until you reach a crevice in the northwest corner
    running southwest.  Go due south and you should see a much larger field.  The 
    disadvantage here is that the enemy base is immediately to the east, so you 
    have to be very careful not to provoke them while you're vulnerable.  Set up 
    the Power Plant, Ore Transport Base, Supply Depot and new LZ.  Move units here
    as they arrive and pull the Harvesters over when they finish at the original 
    base.  The first base will soon fall to an attack by Cossacks.  You can choose
    to try to defend it, but it's not worthwhile.
     Defending the new base is relatively easy.  The east approach will be used by
    most of the invading ground forces, but you should also watch the back 
    entrance to the west and the north approach.  Sit back, keep your defenses up
    with Small Towers against aerial attack, and wait it out.  It's quite simple 
    to set up trenches on all three approaches at the narrow points so that no 
    ground units can touch you at all - the ED will only send a handful of 
    Cossacks at you in pairs once you take down the force that destroyed the 
    original base.
          5. Baikal
    NOTE: Because of an oddity about research, either take Stanford Lab 2 first or
     make sure you leave one advancement uncompleted at the end of this mission.
    OBJECTIVES: -Establish communication with the robots
       -Destroy all ED forces
    TRANSPORT: Mammoth x1, Harvester x3, Condor x2, Tiger x4
    RESEARCH: Spider I, Spider II, Spider III
       Harvester II
       Gargoyle Rocket Launcher, 2x Gargoyle Rocket Launcher
    ENEMIES:  Small enemy base in the center of the west map border.  Air assaults
    will include both Cossacks and 20mm Groznys, land forces will add Laser 
    Siberias to the familiar 20mm Siberias and 105mm Pamirs.
    MISSION: When the UCS retreated from this region as the ED advanced, they left
    behind some Trojan robots to be captured.  With their (minor) help, you're 
    going to take the region back.  The robots are sitting in a small enclosure in
    the ED base, and a few minutes into the mission they'll activate on their own
    and go wild attacking the base.  They'll be crushed quickly, but you can order
    them to concentrate fire for maximum damage.  
     This is the mission where you finally get Repairers and can bring all your 
    troops back from the near-dead, but the enemy has Repairers as well and will 
    do all it can to recover from repeated attacks.  Point is, kill things, don't 
    wound them.  Enemy repairers will cluster to repair a single building or even
    each other, which makes them much more effective.  They should be high on your
    target priority list.
     As for actually running the mission, set up your base is on the middle of the
    east border, northeast of the LZ.  Don't try to defend the LZ, just grab your 
    shiny Rocket Tigers and head for the field.  You can choose to send the 
    minerals to either a Refinery or Ore Transport Base at your discretion.
     This is the first mission you'll face Laser enemies.  Lasers, especially the
    Triple Laser, will be the bane of your ground forces' existence until you 
    discover Power Shield technology.  For now your units can take a hit or two,
    but Triple Lasers will kill a Tiger in one hit.  Take out Laser defenses from 
    the air to be safe.
     There are two approach corridors to this base: west and northwest.  Trench 
    one of them for defense and let the enemy come to you.  Expect one or two 
    waves of ground units and three or four flights of helicopters.  Every tank or
    helicopter you blow up means your enemies are down resources, until they 
    eventually run out altogether. 
     When there are no more attacks, make your way over to the enemy base and 
    start whittling down enemy Small Towers and units.  If the unit limit permits,
    build four Gargoyles and practice with air force tactics.  If it doesn't 
    permit, kill a few of your Tigers to make room - yes, it's that important.  
    Avoid the Large Towers and 20mm-armed buildings until you take the power grid 
    down.  When the defenses finally drop, just mop up with air and ground units 
    for experience.  If the mission doesn't end when the base dies, check the 
    southwest corner of the map for stray Repairers.  Pull out everyone and 
    everything - there's lots of valuable carryover on this mission.
          6. Stanford Lab 2
    OBJECTIVES: -Test tunnel entrance
       -Test teleport
       -Destroy Test-Robot
    TRANSPORT: empty
    RESEARCH: no new advances
    ENEMIES: none	
    MISSION: It's back to the lab again for another experiment.  Grab the test 
    Tiger and order it down the TE, then bring it back up.  This time it doesn't
    explode, which is an improvement.  Now send it to the teleport.  It arrives 
    safely, but malfunctions and starts attacking the Power Plant.  You get a new
    objective: kill the busted Tiger.  
     To kill your new enemy, find the three other Tigers near the research centers
    and switch them to a Battle Unit script.  Now you've just got to get over to 
    the other side of the river.  You're supposed to use the TE to go below, then
    tunnel to the other side and build another TE, which costs 1000.  On the other
    hand, you can build a bridge across the river for half that price.  Just click
    the Narrow Bridge option under the Mammoth's defense tab and pick an anchor 
    point on your side of the river, then the other straight across.  Bring the
    security forces across and scrap the rebel.
     Don't end the mission yet.  The game gave you 5000 credits so you'd have 
    enough to build the TE.  You can use the rest of the credits for research with
    the centers provided on the lab map.  This is why it's important to leave some
    research over from the last mission - otherwise these credits will be wasted.
    Switch off your centers in the main base to burn through the mission map's 
    resources faster.  End the mission when you hit zero.  The mission Mammoth 
    can't build an LZ, so you can't carry over these units.  Remember to turn on 
    the research center in your main base when you finish.
          7. Alaska
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy all ED forces
    TRANSPORT: Gargoyle x4
    RESEARCH: Large Tower
       Guided Rocket 25%, Guided Rocket 50%, Guided Rocket 100%
    ENEMIES: 10 105mm Pamirs.  Really.  That's it.
    MISSION: All you have to do for this mission is kill off the Pamirs that have 
    attacked your base.  You can't do anything with the base because it's already
    doomed by the time you get there.  Fortunately this small enemy group has 
    absolutely no antiair capability, so you can bring your shiny Gargoyles in to
    kill them all at zero risk for some experience.  You'll notice some artifacts 
    spawning in the base; these are ammo crates since you don't get any support 
    infrastructure for this mission.  Be careful when rearming Gargoyles because 
    they are vulnerable when they land.  When the tanks are all dead, evacuate 
    your air force and bring the free 10000 credits with you.  There's no way to 
    prevent the transmission of the stolen plans.
          8. Japan
    OBJECTIVES: -Find plans
       -Destroy hacker base
    TRANSPORT: Mammoth x1, Harvester x3, Condor x2, <Tiger> x3
    RESEARCH: Minelayer I, Minelayer II
       Shark II, Hydra I, Hydra II, Hydra III
       Repairer II
    ENEMIES: Cossacks, Groznys, Rocket Pamirs, 20mm and Laser Siberias - you know,
    the usual stuff.  Enemy bases due north of your south base, dead center on 
    map, and north center, with a spare Shipyard in the northwest.
    MISSION: If you played through the Eurasian Dynasty missions you know about
    Neo, the super-secret yet vulnerable spy that can take over enemy units.  This
    time you'll be on the other side of the equation and you'll see how much it 
     You start with three Tigers at an LZ.  Immediately call the transport.  In a 
    minute Neo will zap these Tigers and take control of the two on the right, 
    which will kill the third.  Preempt this by siccing the two potential traitors
    on each other so they'll be softened up when they turn and help them along 
    with the spare.  The transport will be able to rescue this one before a group 
    of ED tanks arrives and smashes the LZ.  Granted, losing one more Tiger isn't 
    much at this point, but I don't like letting Neo win.  After Neo's performance
    your superiors will order you to eliminate him as well.
     Switch to the other LZ.  Mark this one as Active, then send the Albatross to 
    the main base and call it here before it arrives.  While you're waiting, set 
    up your research: the Repairer upgrade is the highest priority, followed by
    Large Towers and then the rocket tracking upgrades.  This mission gives you 
    the Shark chassis for free with the option to upgrade your navy, but I 
    discourage that for reasons stated above.  Minelayers are nice, but I don't 
    find myself using them often.
     After the Albatross shows up and unloads, set up your base just west of the 
    LZ.  The mineral field south of the LZ should be funnelled into an Ore 
    Transport Base.  By this point you should be up to two Aerial Supply Depots
    and four Condors if you've been carrying over your Tigers.  There's another
    very small mineral field to the northwest that makes an excellent spot for a
    Refinery - use Energy Transmitters to power it.
     This is the first mission where you can put a navy to use and in honor of 
    the occasion you've been granted the basic Shark chassis for free.  If you 
    want to use the navy you're free to, but you won't be able to carry over the 
    ships you build to the next mission.  Ever.
     After you've had a few minutes to prepare, Rocket Pamirs and Laser Siberias
    will start rolling into the base through the tiny north gap.  It's fairly easy
    to defend.  When you finish researching the Repairer upgrade, build a new 
    Repairer and tell it to upgrade any existing Repairers so they can all do 
    field upgrades, then start working on upgrading all of your Tigers to better 
     There won't be many enemy attacks; for the most part they'll stay home until 
    you show up, then assault in droves.  Watch out for more Lasers this time 
    around, which can kill a Tiger in two hits.  To compensate, focus on using 
    your Gargoyles more for luring them out and taking down defenses.  When they
    start taking damage, bolt for your ground support.
     The first base due north of yours is defended by lots of air units and Rocket
    Pamirs, which makes it dangerous for your air force when you first arrive.  
    Whittle them down and start killing off the structure defenses: a line of 
    towers on the south approach and the three power plants.  Use the ground 
    forces to mop up and move the air force northeast to find a developed but 
    undefended mineral field.  Scrape the ED and their detritus off and you can 
    use it for your own with enough Energy Transmitters.
     The bigger problem is the base at the center of the map that protects Neo.  
    You know the location of his Headquarters from the mission briefing, and the 
    stolen plans are conveniently sitting next to it for you to collect.  The only
    defenses immediately around the HQ are several Laser and 20mm Small Towers 
    that shouldn't be too much trouble, but attacking them brings down all the 
    enemy forces from the northwest.  Withdraw and repair as necessary; enemy 
    helicopters won't.
     Be careful not to attack the Research Center next to the HQ until you've made
    preparations.  Also make sure that you collect the stolen plans (the rotating
    artifact next to the HQ) before you destroy either the HQ or the Research 
    Center to prevent them from becoming corrupted.  When you destroy the center 
    Neo will attack and convert all your units to use against you.  You can 
    minimize the damage by moving most of your units to the main base where they 
    will be safe or simply holding them in the Albatross.  Whatever unit(s) you 
    use will be lost, and since the area is only accessible from the air that 
    means losing one of your highly experienced Gargoyles unless you build a 
    sacrificial lamb.  If you lose this mission because you leave too many units 
    on the field for Neo to take and they destroy your base, proceed to New York.
          9. Great Lakes
    NOTE: You get Great Lakes whether you won Japan or not.
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy enemy forces
    TRANSPORT: Condor x2, Harvester x2, Gargoyle x4, <Tiger> x2
    RESEARCH: Harvester III
       Plasma Cannon, 2x Plasma Cannon
    ENEMIES: The LC base is northeast of map center and will send Rocket and Sonic
    Moons and 20mm Meteors your way.  There is a satellite mining colony along the
    east edge of the map.
    MISSION: This is the first time you face the Lunar Corporation in combat.  
    You'll have to build an LZ at the start of the mission, but you have enough
    time and resources to import defenses before you start seeing combat.  The
    first raid arrives shortly after the Albatross and should be easily repulsed
    with the aid of the Small Towers.
     Ostensibly the purpose of this mission is to test the Plasma Cannon, but it's
    not an actual requirement.  You have to research it yourself.  Unfortunately,
    now that you've finally got an energy weapon the LC will be using shields, 
    somewhat dulling your cutting-edge technology.
     When you've got your army prepared, move north-northeast to the coast.  LC
    units gather here before they move on your base, and you can take them out 
    before they become a threat.  Move east with a few units and scrape LC mines 
    off a third mineral field before they suck up too much.
     Wresting this field reduces the LC to meager resources, making the rest of 
    the mission extremely simple.  Because the path to their base curves down from
    the north, they have virtually no defenses to the south.  Let your air force
    fly over the water and take out the power structures.  Remember that to kill
    the power for the LC you have to take down both Solar Power Plants and Solar
    Batteries.  Without resources the LC won't field many units and the base 
    should be an easy kill.  In its death throes, the LC will send you a message
    that they are surrendering all their structures and units to you and are 
    seeking alliance negotiations - not that they give you anything useful.
     Make sure all your units are at full ammo and extract them.  If you moved 
    quickly to kill the satellite mine, you can leave one Harvester behind with an
    Ore Transport Base to funnel 300000 (!) credits to your spaceship.
          10. Kurshatov FZ
    NOTE: Again, leave at least one desirable tech advance unresearched until
    Stanford Lab so you can take advantage of the free credits there.  You also
    only get this mission if you succeeded in Japan.
    OBJECTIVES: -Find Prototype
       -Destroy ED base
    TRANSPORT: Mammoth x1, Harvester x3, Gargoyle x4, <Tiger> x2, 5000 credits
    RESEARCH: Panther I, Panther II, Panther III
       Heavy Grenade Launcher, 2x Heavy Grenade Launcher
    ENEMIES: Small enemy bases on the mineral field north of your LZ, east of map
    center, and far north.  There are only a handful of 105mm and Rocket Pamirs
    with Cossacks and 20mm Groznys for air support.
    MISSION: This mission runs slightly differently from what you're used to.  You
    don't have control of the LZ at the start, just six Rocket Spiders.  Move them
    east to descend to the lake, then west to the mineral field.  There are two 
    Mines and Refineries here protected by Small Towers and a few Pamirs that will
    sweep down from the north as you attack.  The Spiders are mostly doomed 
    because they can't rearm, so don't sweat it.
     As soon as you kill the first Small Tower the LZ comes online.  Call the 
    transport and the backups should arrive just as the Spiders gasp their last.  
    Let the Gargoyles sweep over the mountains and knock out the base.  Kill the 
    power first so that the Mines don't hog all the minerals.
     You have to provide your own startup funds for the base.  Keep it bare-bones 
    because there's no profit to be made here: Ore Transport Base, Power Plant, 
    and an Aerial Supply Depot.  Send your air force north to clear a small group
    of Towers and Pamirs, then east to the ED base.  Draw out the Groznys for a 
    slaughter, then circle and kill the power.  The prototypes you're looking for
    are on the east platform, but you can't do anything with them yet.
     Head for the north border of the map and kill the last ED structures.  There
    is an ED Tunnel Entrance here that you can use if you restrain yourself from 
    blowing it up; in that case you'll have to build your own.  Underground, you 
    can find some ammo crates to the northeast.  The activation device is in the 
    southeast.  As soon as you pick it up, the Grizzlies come under your command.
    Change Script to a Battle Unit so you can use them in combat.
     After you secure the Grizzlies you'll be ordered to destroy the ED base.  
    Since you already did that, you immediately win the mission.  Extract 
          11. New York
    NOTE: You only get New York if you failed in Japan.  You don't want to fail in
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy enemy forces
       -Defend Vehicle Production Center 1
       -Defend Vehicle Production Center 2
       -Defend Vehicle Production Center 3
    TRANSPORT: <Tiger> x10
    RESEARCH: Panther I, Panther II, Panther III
       Heavy Grenade Launcher, 2x Heavy Grenade Launcher
    ENEMIES: A whole bunch of Rocket Grizzlies.
    MISSION: Seriously, I have no idea how you're supposed to beat this mission.
    You get here if Neo managed to destroy your base in Japan and therefore 
    escaped.  He then turns your experimental Grizzlies against you and lets them
    loose against the New York manufacturing district.  You start with about nine
    20mm Tigers scattered across the map and more Harvesters than you'll need, 
    plus two Mammoths.  The Grizzlies come from across the southern bridge and 
    from southwest of the first VPC.
     You can use the Mammoth by the first VPC to build an LZ and start bringing in
    carryover units immediately.  Unfortunately, between LZ construction and 
    Albatross transport time they won't arrive until the southern contingent of 
    Grizzlies is already chewing on your southernmost VPC.  You can slow them down
    a little bit by grouping all your Harvesters at the beginning of the mission 
    and using them to block the bridge.  I'd also suggest upgrading all the base
    defenses with Rocket Launchers instead of 20mms and building more Towers to 
    supplement ground forces.
     The problem is that the Grizzlies are just too tough.  These things have 3600
    HP and 75% armor, making it nearly impossible for 20mms to take them out.  
    Grenade and Rocket Launchers stand a better chance, but I didn't have enough 
    of them to carry over.  The Grizzlies are using both a Heavy and Small Rocket 
    Launcher each, which allows them to tear through all of your units like toilet
    paper.  They might run short of ammo eventually, but they have 220 rounds to 
    start with.  You don't have enough firepower to sever the south bridge and 
    strand them.  By the time the Albatross returns with the second load of 
    carryover units the second Grizzly contingent is already attacking the north 
    VPC even though I'd only destroyed one of the southern Grizzlies.
     The only thing that might be possible is to use Great Lakes to build up an 
    enormous force of Plasma Cannons.  These might be able to destroy Grizzlies 
    fast enough, since they deal quadruple the damage of 20mms.  If this actually 
    works, let me know.
          11. Stanford Lab 3
    OBJECTIVES: -Test Teleport
    TRANSPORT: empty
    RESEARCH: no new advances
    ENEMIES: none
    MISSION:  This is the last time, I swear.  All you have to do is test the 
    teleport both ways to get the mission complete.  Use the lab's credits for
    whatever research is left over from the last mission.
          12. India
    OBJECTIVES: -Secure area during our negotiations with LC
       -Protect LC unit
    TRANSPORT: Mammoth x1, Harvester x3, Gargoyle x4, <Tiger> x2
    RESEARCH: Harvester IV
       Heavy Rocket Launcher, 2x Heavy Rocket Launcher, 3x Heavy Rocket Launcher
       Heavy Rocket 25%, Heavy Rocket 50%, Heavy Rocket 100%
    ENEMIES: One base located when you arrive, the other directly south of the LC
    base with two walls of towers blocking the way in.  20mm Groznys, Rocket 
    Pamirs, and Laser Caspians are the cannon fodder this time.
    MISSION: You're provided with Plasma Spiders this time, which should be 
    more useful than the Rocket Spiders from Kurshatov FZ since the ED doesn't 
    have shields yet.  The LC will send an Electro Moon down to negotiate.  You 
    must protect this unit and the UCS delegate Minelayer without the ability to 
    move them until negotiations are completed.  
     Get your LZ moving as quickly as possible.  There will be attacks on the 
    negotiations soon after you arrive and the Plasma Spiders aren't enough by 
    themselves.  Laser Caspians can take out your unshielded units in one hit; 
    counter with Laser-immune Grizzlies, Gargoyles, or defensive structures.  Tap
    the mineral field since you're already here.
     After a few minutes negotiations will be completed and you can move both the
    Moon and Minelayer.  Your new objective is to escort the Moon back to the LC
    base in the north.  Pull them back into your base and start plotting a course
    through the ED emplacements.  Use your air force to scout ahead: there are 
    Towers and Pillboxes all over the passage to the first base that have to be 
    disabled.  You'll get a message from Neo again, but he doesn't seem to do 
    anything except threaten.
     The first base serves as the mineral source for the ED, so if you can halt 
    mining in the west you should stop them from producing units.  Keep your 
    ground forces close by to clear defenses after your air force kills the power 
    so the ED can't build new Power Plants.  By now you should have no trouble 
    destroying 20mm defenses and Power Plants with the UCSAF.  However, it's
    unlikely you'll be able to drain much of this mineral field because the LC 
    seems to drop Mines on it pretty quickly.
     After the first base goes down, repeat the performance for the second.  
    Without resources they won't be able to build new units, making this a quick 
    kill.  Make sure you take out _all_ the towers before you send the Moon back
    to its base just to be safe.  If the Moon is destroyed you can still continue
    the game, but go to Madagascar (w/o LC allies) instead of the next mission.  I
    strongly recommend going with the alliance because it gives you access to much
    more mineral wealth.
          13. Madagascar (LC allies)
    OBJECTIVES: -Defend LC base
       -Annihilate ED forces
       -Secure artifact with Power Shield technology
    TRANSPORT: Gargoyle x4, <Tiger> x5, Repairer x1
    RESEARCH: Harvester V
       Heavy Plasma Cannon, 2x Heavy Plasma Cannon, Stack Heavy Plasma Cannon
       600 PSU Shield, 1200 PSU Shield, 1800 PSU Shield
    ENEMIES: One large ED base on the northeast corner of the island spewing 105mm
    and Rocket Pamirs, Laser Caspians, and 20mm Groznys.
    MISSION: With your new alliance to the LC come some responsibilities.  You are
    dispatched to Madagascar to defend the LC base here against encroaching ED 
    forces.  In this mission, as in any alliance, you and the LC have shared 
    vision.  The game provides you with a few Rocket Tigers and Plasma Spiders to 
    start, plus an LZ and TE.  Ignore the TE for now and set up your base on the
    northwest mineral field.
     The air force is again critical in this mission because it gives you the 
    necessary mobility for the fantastic distances involved.  Don't worry about 
    the LC base, they've got more than enough defenses to handle themselves until 
    you cripple the ED.  Bring in the army for ground crew while the Gargoyles 
    start chipping at the west side of the ED base.  Attacking the west side is 
    preferable because this is the location of the ED mineral field; without it 
    they won't be able to replace Power Plants and destroyed units.  Don't let 
    your Gargoyles get bogged down destroying Pillboxes, just gut the power and 
    Small Towers and move east.  
     After the ED base goes down the LC offers you Power Shield technology as a 
    reward.  To collect it send a unit down your TE and follow the tunnels to the
    spot underneath the LC base.  Your target is the blue computer core and 
    collecting it will complete your objectives.  There are also six artifacts
    southwest of the core that can impart shields to your units, but they won't
    work on Tigers.
          14. Australia (LC allies)
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy ED base and all ED units
    TRANSPORT: Harvester x3, Gargoyle x4, Repairer x1 
    RESEARCH: Bat I, Bat II
       Bomber Rocket Launcher, Double Bomber Rocket Launcher
    ENEMIES: One large ED base at the center of the south border.  In addition to 
    Rocket Pamirs and Laser Caspians you'll be facing Minelayers, Kruszchevs, and 
    even possibly Urals.
    MISSION: You're working with the LC again, this time to attack an ED base - 
    not much different from last time.  Unload your transport and set up a 
    minimalist base with an Ore Transport Base since you won't need the credits.
    Group your Gargoyles and fly them southeast to find a Minelayer.  Yep, the ED
    has mined the approach from your base and the only way to get ground units in 
    without losing a few is to lead with a Minelayer that can detect and destroy 
    them.  However, you don't want to have a lot of units on the field for reasons
    that will become clear.  Send all your units except for the Harvesters, 
    Repairer, Gargoyles, and maybe a couple of Tigers back to the main base.  
     Taking the base apart with your Gargoyles is really pretty easy because by 
    now they should be experienced enough to take out any 20mm emplacements 
    without getting scratched.  Even the Groznys the ED occasionally throws at you
    won't really be a problem if you kill them quickly.  The only potential 
    difficulty is preventing ED tanks from leaving their base to attack your 
    almost-defenseless one.  Blast them as they cross the minefield and be advised
    that they can sometimes go straight north instead of northwest.  Killing the 
    ED Mines is your priority.
     Eventually the LC will get its act together and attack.  When this happens, 
    pull back all your units into the Albatross.  For some reason the ED defensive
    structures won't fire on the LC so they can destroy the base slowly but 
    surely.  While they're doing that, though, you'll get a message from Neo and 
    he'll turn all your units against you.  If they're in the Albatross he doesn't
    get anything.  
     Pull the Gargoyles back out to clear any stray Minelayers and help tear down 
    the base and leave one Harvester on the field.  When you complete the 
    objective the field is clear of enemy units and the Harvester will credit your
    main base with about 150K credits for the project.
     If you were interested, yes it's possible to kill LC units and structures, 
    and no there aren't any apparent repercussions.  I'm not sure what happens if 
    you destroy the entire LC base after the mission is complete but I doubt it 
    has any effect.
          15. Egypt
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy ED forces
       -Destroy LC forces
    TRANSPORT: Gargoyle x4, Harvester x3
    RESEARCH: no new advances
    ENEMIES: Large enemy base in the southeast corner fielding Rocket Pamirs, 
    Laser Caspians, 105mm and Ion Kruszchevs, and a fully functional navy.  LC 
    base in the northeast corner with Sonic, Rocket, and Electro Moons and Craters
    and 20mm Meteors.
    MISSION: It's time for another joint ED-bashing mission.  You're in the 
    southwest corner of the map, the ED is in the southeast and must cross the 
    river, and the LC is in the northeast corner guarding the bridge.  To really 
    take this mission by storm takes some planning.
     First, get over your joy of being provided with three Plasma and four Rocket
    Panthers.  The order of business while the Albatross is in transit is to set 
    up the usual Power Plant, Ore Transport Base, and Aerial Supply Depot x2.  Arm
    the depots with rocket launchers and put up a Fortress on the northeast corner
    of your base.  When the Albatross arrives disembark the Gargoyles and get the
    Harvesters flowing, then cram the Panthers back into the Albatross and send 
    them home with 5000 credits.  You should now have only the Harvesters, 
    Gargoyles, a Mammoth, and maybe a Repairer on the mission map.
     With the base under construction send the Mammoth north-northwest into a 
    valley with a long east-west tomb.  You should see two mini-sphinxes and two
    obelisks in front of it.  Put in a TE here and send the Mammoth down.  The 
    tomb tunnels are obvious but surrounded by bedrock; to crack into them burrow
    southwest to the end of the passage.
     While the Mammoth is digging send the Gargoyles northeast to the LC base.  
    First sever two squares from the bridge near the map border to prevent the ED
    from having any possibility of launching a ground assault across the river.
    Yes, they could repair it with a Gruz, but they don't do that.  ED units will
    start attacking - focus on taking out the Caspians and Groznys, the Kruszchevs
    are a bit beyond the capabilities of Gargoyles.  After the immediate assault 
    is over it's time to stab your partner in the back.  Destroy all three LC
    Refineries - yes, I'm serious.  When they try to rebuild, blow them up before
    they hit the ground.  Eventually they'll stop trying.
     This is the first mission you can see the ED Ion Cannon.  It won't be much of
    a threat to you because the ground forces are stopped with the bridge broken,
    but if you allow ED tanks through you'll see just how annoying it can be.  
    Retrofitting all your buildings with shields isn't cheap, but only a few shots
    are necessary to hobble your entire base.  Your units won't get off much 
     Meanwhile your Mammoth should have managed to break into the Pharaoh's tomb.
    Down here are a total of nine spinning $s worth a total of 90K free credits.
    The first one is just down the hall from your entry point, then go northeast 
    to the room just east of your TE through the bedrock.  Grab two pickups here 
    and head east to the crossroads.  Get three more in the south burial chamber,
    then take the north path and work your way northwest through the warren to get
    the last three.  Take your Mammoth back up and send it to the Albatross.
     Take a look down south toward the ED base.  Watch for the LC to make an 
    attack against the ED fortifications and get crushed.  After this happens you 
    have a few minutes to move your units back to the Albatross to protect them 
    (including the Harvesters).  You guessed it: Neo sends you a message and 
    captures all your units on the map.  If everyone's already in the main base or
    Albatross he doesn't get anything.  Unfortunately that's not enough; a few 
    minutes later the LC claims that you double-crossed them and that the alliance
    is severed.  In theory this is because your combat units captured by Neo 
    attacked the LC, but it takes place even if Neo doesn't get any units and even
    if you didn't take out the LC's Refineries.  There is nothing you can do to 
    prevent Neo's attack or the cancellation of the alliance.  Oh well.
     Now that Neo is behind you it's time to pull in your units from the main 
    base.  Your main weapon is still going to be your air force unless you choose 
    to rebuild the bridge to the LC base.  Also build two new Rocket Bats for 
    long-range aerial assaults.
     Defense shouldn't be a major issue because the LC has no resources since you
    destroyed the Refineries and the ED exhausted their offensive drive on the LC 
    early on.  I recommend starting with the ED base because they're closer and 
    therefore much easier for your Bats and Gargoyles to resupply, plus you can 
    stop them from draining the field and secure some extra resources for yourself
    if you move quickly.  Take out the navy first, as for some reason they don't 
    try to escape if you engage them from outside their range with the Rocket 
    Bats.  Let the Bats handle antiaircraft defensive emplacements.  You can 
    choose to gut this base and then mop it with ground forces later after it's 
    helpless or take it down entire with the air force.  If you choose to rebuild
    the bridge and bring ground forces down, watch out for mines on the approach
    between the LC and ED - sweep thoroughly with a Minelayer to take them out.
     After the ED is toast head for the LC.  They're completely broke and 
    shouldn't provide much of a challenge.  If necessary move your army to the 
    north central island with the mineral field so your air force can retreat to 
    cover and repair if the LC units start dogging you.  After both bases go down 
    you can evacuate everyone and send all the resources to your spaceship.  Skip
    to Mozambique.
          16. Madagascar (w/o LC allies)
    NOTE: If you lose India you do not forge an alliance with the LC and come here
    instead of the version of Madagascar with the alliance.
    OBJECTIVES: Saving data from LC base computer
    TRANSPORT: Gargoyle x4, Mammoth x1, Repairer x1, Harvester x3, <Tiger> x1
    RESEARCH: Heavy Plasma Cannon, 2x Heavy Plasma Cannon, Stack Heavy Plasma 
       Shield 600 PSU, Shield 1200 PSU, Shield 1800 PSU
    ENEMIES: LC base at map center with 20mm Meteors and Rocket, Sonic, and 
    Electro Moons and Lunars.  ED base at northeast corner with Cossacks and 20mm
    Groznys, Laser, Rocket, and 20mm Siberias, and 105mm and Rocket Pamirs.  
    They're also allied against you.
    MISSION: Take the starting forces northwest to secure the mineral field.  Both
    the ED and LC will invade from the northeast with both air and ground forces,
    so focus any defenses in this direction.  
     Technically you don't have to attack the enemy bases.  The computer is 
    underground and you'll need to tunnel to reach it.  You can build a TE in your
    base and then dig all the way to the core under the LC base, but it will take
    a long time.  
     Your other option is to beat back the attacking waves and take the fight to 
    the LC base.  Destroy it and build a TE at map center to easily access the 
    core.  If you do this, note that the mountains protect the LC from ground 
    assault except for a narrow northeast corridor.  Wander too far north and 
    you'll hit the ED base with painful results.  They don't have much in the way
    of units, but the Towers and Pillboxes are more than enough for defense.  The
    LC power structures are at the south end of their base and therefore make easy
    targets for your air force.
     After you hit the core you can end the mission.  There is no need to destroy 
    either ED or LC forces or bases.
          17. Australia (w/o LC allies)
    OBJECTIVES: -Defend base
    TRANSPORT: Gargoyle x4, Condor x2, Repairer x1
    RESEARCH: Bat I, Bat II
       Bomber Rocket Launcher, 2x Bomber Rocket Launcher
    ENEMIES: Large ED production facility in the southwest corner building 
    Cossacks and 20mm Groznys, Laser, Rocket, and 20mm Siberias, and Rocket and
    105mm Pamirs.  Large-scale defensive emplacements east of your base and in the
    northwest corner with a Headquarters each.
    MISSION: The mission briefing this time around is quite deceptive because it 
    implies that you're building up defenses to stop an imminent ED attack.  While
    the ED will attack they won't use one gigantic push, nor will it likely be 
    enough to break through even the defenses that are built by default.  The only
    ground approach to your central plateau is the slope on the south side that is
    already guarded by two Fortresses and various Towers.  You do have to build 
    Energy Transmitters to make sure that all of these are online and ASDs for 
     The other thing is that you don't want to keep any units in this mission 
    unless absolutely necessary.  Neo's back again and he'll hit you twice to 
    switch your units to ED control.  The first time is about 26 game hours into 
    the mission, then again 26 hours after that.  In between you are free to build
    new Towers if necessary (especially over the mineral field on the southwest 
    side), mine, and fend off attacks with the air force as long as you can get 
    all your units back into the Albatross right before the Neo song-and-dance.
     Your Harvesters start at a mineral field below the plateau connected by a TE.
    Immediately pull them back and send them to work on the southwest field.  In
    theory you should be able to use command queues to get them mining through the
    tunnel but I can't seem to get it to work.  Power down the TEs so ED units 
    can't use them to dodge your defenses.
     Attacks from the ED will be relatively weak and sporadic.  Every once in a 
    while a few Pamirs and Siberias will come up the south slope but they should
    be easily stopped by all the defenses posted there.  If you feel nervous you 
    can block the passage entirely with Walls and take the tanks out from the air.
    Also watch for Cossacks and Groznys flying in from the southwest.
     After Neo's second assault bring in all your units.  Taking out the two 
    satellite HQs in the northwest corner and on the east side is very easy since
    they don't have any mobile units, allowing you to use your experienced units'
    range to destroy all Towers and Pillboxes without taking a hit.  The southwest
    base is slightly harder, but shouldn't pose much of a challenge either.  Note
    that even though your objective is to defend your own base, to satisfy it you
    must destroy all enemy structures and forces.  After you accomplish this you 
    can mine both of the large fields near your base plus whatever is left at the
    ED base.  From here proceed directly to Mozambique.
          16. Mozambique
    NOTE: Whether you allied with the LC or not you eventually end up here.
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy ED forces
       -Destroy Neo's HQ
    TRANSPORT: Gargoyle x4, Repairer x1, Harvester x1
    RESEARCH: Jaguar I, Jaguar II
       Shadow Generator I, Shadow Generator II, Shadow Generator III, Shadow 
        Generator IV
    ENEMIES: Enemy base 3/4 up the west border primarily minding its own business.
    Expect most of your attacks to come from the base on the north central border:
    20mm Cossacks and Groznys and 105mm, Laser, and Ion Kruszchevs.  The west base
    may field some Thors for target practice.
    MISSION: Neo's little stunt in Egypt (or Australia) was the final straw.  Now 
    your superiors want him dead and it's your job to make it happen.  Boy, this 
    sounds like a great idea.
     Your base this time is located in a valley between two severe cliffs.  Two 
    pairs of Teleports link your valley to the tops of the cliffs.  First things
    first: autodestruct the Teleport and Energy Transmitter on the west cliff.  
    There's nothing up here that you want to get to and it will serve as a passage
    into your base for enemy tanks.  On the east cliff is a mineral field you'll 
    want to tap, but this is also a target for enemy tanks.  For now set up a 
    Power Plant, Ore Transport Base, and two Fortresses to defend the field.  
    Don't depend on Energy Transmitters because they get blown up too easily.  
    Feel free to retrofit the Fortresses with Plasma Cannons since the ED still 
    doesn't have shields and aircraft won't approach from this direction.  Don't 
    start mining the field yet; with Neo on the map you should know better.
     I had a few problems operating the Teleports on this mission.  When the ED 
    attacked I switched off the west cliff Teleport so they couldn't transport 
    down, but after I turned it on it never worked again.  Instead I built a TE 
    in the valley and tunneled east, then built another TE.
     As for the base itself, set up a trench across the north approach to block 
    all tanks, two Aerial Supply Depots, and a few extra towers with AA 20mms or 
    Rockets.  The only thing you have to worry about actually hitting your base
    is aircraft because tanks are blocked by the trench to the north, the cliff to
    the west, and the Fortresses and cliff to the east (turn off the Teleport when
    they approach).  Send the Spiders home and leave only the UCSAF and a Repairer
    on the map.
     As soon as they disembark send the Gargoyles north to a small cul-de-sac 
    guarded by ED Small Towers.  Blow the towers and the Tunnel Entrances they're 
    protecting.  This stops the north ED base from being able to dispatch units 
    underground, giving you a bit more warning if you watch the west and east 
    approaches.  Don't try to stop the Kruszchevs with the UCSAF - Gargoyles can't
    deal damage fast enough and Bats aren't good with moving targets.
     Neo will steal your units twice during this mission.  I can't pinpoint the 
    time to any particular event, but the second one did happen just after a large
    mass of white (north base) tanks assembled on the west cliff.  All I can say 
    is to save often in different files until it happens, then reload and store 
    your units in the Albatross.  I'd estimate that the two events are separated 
    by about a game day.  As soon as Neo's second event triggers it is safe to 
    move all your units into the mission area.
     Now that you are feeling confident send the UCSAF northwest to the first 
    enemy base.  Usually there's a crowd of Repairers or combat units outside the 
    gates that make for easy pickings.  Swing west to the map border to break 
    through Small Towers easily and use the gap to get at the base's soft 
    underbelly.  Keep Bats hammering the front gates and their defensive 
    structures from range.  Don't bother destroying the entire base, just gut it
    for now.
     Turn your attention to the base at the north border of the map now.  Most of 
    the defenses are along the east edge, so approach from the west with air 
    units.  For some reason the ED lined a sheer cliff that's impassable to ground
    units with Lasers that are helpless against your Gargoyles and Bats.  Look for
    a Headquarters surrounded by Small Towers and wipe it out to satisfy the "kill
    Neo" objective with 96.8% certainty.
     Now just tear the two bases apart.  This can take a while simply because the
    distances involved you down as the UCSAF flies back and forth to rearm.  To 
    save time flatten your trench and send the army to destroy the west base.  
    After all the structures go down you'll receive a message that Neo's body 
    hasn't been found.
     If you've been truly diligent about sending resources to Project Mars this 
    mission will provide the last minerals you need to finish the spaceship.  
    Leave a Harvester for automining and you should satisfy the limit sometime in
    the next mission.  On the other hand if you aren't particularly close to your
    goal, don't worry too much because you've still got three more missions that 
    will provide minimum 300K to your coffers.
          17. Andes
    OBJECTIVES: -Provide your base with 100,000 CR
    TRANSPORT: Harvester x3, Gargoyle x4, <Tiger> x3
    RESEARCH: Dragon I, Dragon II
       Offensive Plasma Cannon
       Bomb Bay I, Bomb Bay II
       Plasma Bomb II, Plasma Bomb III, Plasma Bomb IV
       SDI Laser
    ENEMIES: Two enemy bases on the north side of the map: ED to the east, LC to
    the west, and both of them pissed at you.  Expect 20mm Meteors, Cossacks, and
    Groznys and some Sonic Thunderers for air cover; 20mm, Rocket, and Electro 
    Lunars and Moons; 120mm, Laser, Rocket, and Ion Kruszchevs; and Laser, Rocket,
    and Ion Siberias.
    MISSION: It's time to get your act together.  You're here because you haven't
    been sending enough resources to Project Mars.  If you can't get enough 
    resources to it between here, Columbia, and Achimania, you lose.  
    Incidentally, don't be afraid of the alarmist weather report you receive at 
    the beginning of the mission; the real clock is the one at the top of the 
    screen in your main base, and no matter what the video tells you there are 
    still that many days remaining before the earth explodes.  
     Your base starts with only four Plasma Spiders, a Mammoth, a Power Plant, and
    an LZ.  Call the Albatross and build an OTR on the west side.  This field 
    won't provide all the minerals you need, but it's a good start.  If you build 
    any defensive structures focus them on the slope to the west; all ground units
    will use this approach and air units will come down the valley right next to 
     When your air force arrives send it to the map's center to find a large 
    mineral field.  There are a handful of ED Small Towers that will go down 
    easily.  Then head north-northeast to the ED base and take out the mining 
    operation.  You can do this by destroying all the Mines and preventing new 
    ones from being completed or killing all the Taigas so they can't transport
    containers to the Refinery.  When the operation goes down the ED will become
    completely crippled and you don't have to worry about attacks from them.  
    Don't bother destroying the base because a) it's mined, b) it's unnecessary to
    satisfy your objectives, and c) it's a waste of time.
     After the ED base drops you can freely move to assault the LC base to the 
    west.  Power structures are at the north and south ends.  It is much more 
    difficult to stop the LC from building new structures because they don't need 
    a constructor unit, so feel free to withdraw.
     Alternately you can choose not to attack the base at all.  If you sit on the 
    central mineral field eventually the LC will empty their field and start 
    trying to mine there.  Put a few antiair defenders around the field and you 
    can destroy them in the air at great expense to the LC.  Don't leave any units
    on the field itself while you're doing this because when LC structures drop 
    they destroy any units underneath them (even though the LC can't build over 
    your units, if you wander under during construction they are destroyed).
     Between the base field and the central field you'll have no trouble hitting 
    the objective.  Clearing the map of enemy units can be very time-consuming, 
    but doing so ensures that you'll be able to automine an enormous amount of 
          18. Columbia
    OBJECTIVES: -Provide your base with 100,000 CR
    TRANSPORT: Harvester x3, Gargoyle x4, <Tiger> x3
    RESEARCH: no new advances
    ENEMIES: LC in the southwest, ED in the southeast.  Look for 20mm Meteors and
    Groznys; Sonic Thunderers; 120mm, Ion, and Laser Kruszchevs and Urals; and 
    20mm, Rocket, and Electro Lunars and Moons.
    MISSION: Just like the Andes, only easier.  You'll have to use Energy 
    Transmitters to reach the field east of your base, but again that won't be 
    enough to fulfill the objective.  Throw up a few rocket defenses around the 
    Power Plant just in case.  You get another free Grizzly and some Plasma 
    Panthers and Rocket Spiders for defense.
     The LC will send a medium-sized tank force at you early in the mission so 
    make sure you have enough combat units in the Albatross to deal with it.  The
    starting units won't be enough on their own.  Expect LC and ED tanks from the 
    south, LC air units from the west, and ED air units from the east.  Tanks will
    have to drive past the central mineral field to reach you base, allowing you 
    to engage them away from the main base.  You'll also see a large-scale raid by
    Thunderers that can be quite destructive, but after that the LC runs out of 
     Send the Gargoyles to map center to secure the large field.  I don't 
    recommend trying to attack either of the enemy bases because they start 
    entrenched and the mineral facilities are on the far sides.  Mining this field
    will be necessary and you can get a start by bringing in three more Harvesters
    and setting up a satellite mining operation while the first field is still 
    running.  Put up Towers if absolutely necessary.
          19. Achimania
    OBJECTIVES: -Supply your base with 100,000 CR
    TRANSPORT: <Tiger> x6, Gargoyle x4
    RESEARCH: no new advances
    ENEMIES: LC base in the northwest corner, ED base in the southeast corner.  
    Sonic Thunderers, 20mm Meteors, Cossacks, and 20mm Groznys; Rocket and Electro
    Moons and Craters; Laser, Ion, and Rocket Siberias; Laser and Screamer 
    Caspians; 120mm, Rocket, and Laser Kruszchevs; and 120mm, Laser, and Rocket
    MISSION: Get all the minerals you need because the Earth is about to go boom.
    There's a small field within your base, another one to the south, another 
    small one at map center, and the fields beneath the two enemy bases.  The 
    three you have access to should be more than enough as long as you can defend 
     The starting units this time are shockingly outdated.  Plasma Tigers and 
    Rocket Spiders won't be enough to stop the large LC attack that hits right 
    after the Albatross arrives.  You also have to build a Power Plant to get the
    base up and running.  Use Energy Transmitters to extend power south and mine
    the second field.
     Keep your units pointing west to stop approaching LC and ED heavy tanks.  
    Some air units may approach over the southern mountains but they shouldn't be 
    a major threat.  Mine until you hit the campaign objective and see the closing
       C. Lunar Corporation
          1. Ural
    OBJECTIVES: -Find deposits
       -Provide your base with 20,000 CR
    TRANSPORT: Rocket Lunar x5, Fang
    RESEARCH: Lunar m2, Lunar m3
       20mm Bullet x3
    ENEMIES: Large ED base on the north border of the map fielding 105mm Pamirs 
    and 20mm Taigas and defended by Small Towers.
    MISSION: First one's always easy, but this will be slightly harder than the ED
    and UCS versions because there's no way to avoid combat.  Luckily you're 
    provided with the Fang, an alien vehicle offered by the UCS to the LC as a 
    good-faith present.  Why they didn't keep it for themselves is a mystery.  In
    any case, this is the personal vehicle of YOU, the general, so if it gets 
    blown up the campaign ends because you're DEAD.  You can leave it on a mission
    after it ends, but then you lose it.
     You may notice that the LC only requires 500k minerals, while the ED and UCS
    both needed 1m.  The reason is that the LC is free to mine all of the moon 
    with impunity, but the moon lacks certain heavy metals that can only be 
    extracted on earth.  For those who were interested.
     From the LZ head due northwest to find the mineral field.  Drop an Ore 
    Transport Refinery, Solar Power Plant, Solar Cells, and Solar Battery for now.
    Don't explore, just keep mining.
     Eventually you'll get a message that enemy troops are in the area and you 
    should prepare defenses.  To be clear, "defenses" mean an Aerial Supply Center
    (1500) plus a Mercury (400) or two.  That's 2000 credits that would be much 
    better served in your main base for research.  Units you build can be 
    constructed in the main base and ferried over in the Jupiter.
     Instead, I choose to use the Fang as a damage magnet and lead defender.  As
    long as it doesn't move, it's not threatened in any way by the ED forces 
    because of its rapid regeneration.  Two shots from the Fang will kill a Pamir,
    three will kill a Taiga.  The Lunars will die very quickly if you allow them 
    into combat, so keep them back for support fire.  The Rocket Lunars will run
    out of ammo quickly, but whether to build an Aerial Supply Center or just send
    them to the Jupiter when they run out is up to you.  The Fang's ammo 
    replenishes itself over time.
     As long as the Ore Transport Refinery stays functional the minerals keep 
    flowing the the main base.  Even after the End Mission globe appears you can 
    keep overmining if you're patient for a full 30,750 CR.  Pull the survivors
    out and go home.
          2. ACME-Laboratory
    OBJECTIVES: -Conclude all tests
       -FANG must return to main base
    TRANSPORT: Fang x1
    RESEARCH: no new advances
    ENEMIES: nothing to speak of
    MISSION: The mission's actually just a demonstration of the Fang's abilities
    and mostly observation-only.  After the Fang arrives and disembarks send it 
    next to the Moon to the northwest.  Set the spectator camera and watch as the 
    LC tests the Fang's speed, regeneration, and power.  After the last test send 
    it home in the Jupiter to make the End Mission button appear.
          3. Himalaya
    OBJECTIVES: -Provide your base with 20,000 CR
    TRANSPORT: Fang x1, Lunar x6
    RESEARCH: Meteor m1, Meteor m2, Meteor m3
       2x 20mm Chaingun, 2x Meteor Chaingun
       Guided Rocket 25%
    ENEMIES: A steady stream of 105mm Pamirs, 20mm Taigas, and Gruzs throughout
    the mission.  Yes, Gruzs.
    MISSION: Unlike Ural, this time defenses will be a constant problem.  You also
    get access to several important researches like the Defender and Meteor.  I 
    don't actually recommend building Meteors for this mission because Lunars are 
    much cheaper and the air element isn't necessary, but research them after the 
    Double Chaingun, Defender, and Rocket 25%.
     You start with a small base and three 20mm Lunars.  Build an LZ immediately 
    and pull the Jupiter in with the Fang for backup - Lunars will be dropping 
    like flies throughout this mission.  They're cheap, speedy little buggers, but
    have no armor and will get pulverized by a couple of 20mms or a single 105mm.
    Also build 3-4 Lunars to supplement starting forces and another Mercury.  Drop
    a couple of Ore Transport Refineries on the mineral field.
     First you'll see a Gruz invading to build a Mine on your territory.  Take it 
    out with the Lunars, but don't pursue.  Shortly afterward you'll be visited by
    a few Pamirs that will show you just how easily those Lunars will explode.  If
    you didn't build extra Lunars and the Jupiter hasn't arrived yet the Pamirs
    will quickly crush existing defenses and move on your buildings.
     Beat back the attackers and set up a defensive line with Laser Walls on the 
    northwest opening.  Drop the laser beam (by selecting one Wall and clicking on
    the next one) when enemies attack so you can defend it.  Fang may hit level 10
    experience in this mission if you're keeping it on the front line.  Research 
    but don't build Meteors; you don't need them for this defensive mission.  Mine
    the field up to the limit and overmine if you feel comfortable continuing to 
          4. Arctic
    OBJECTIVES: -Deliver Alliance documents to the UCS base
       -FANG must return to main base
    TRANSPORT: Fang x1
    RESEARCH: no new advances
    ENEMIES: One large enemy base at the center of the map, 20mm Small Towers all 
    over the place, 105mm Pamirs, Rocket Siberias, and 20mm Cossacks.
    MISSION: This one's odd because it's addressed to an LC contact within the ED
    named Igor Burkov instead of your main general.  That doesn't mean much though
    because you still must use the Fang if you're going to satisfy the mission 
     All you have for the mission is an LZ on the south edge of the map - no 
    startup funds.  Pull in the Jupiter and drop off Fang for the messenger run.
    The UCS base that is your goal is in the northeast corner of the map, but the 
    land routes in the way are blocked by ED walls and tanks.  There are actually
    two walls: to the northwest from your TB and on the west border of the map. 
    Cut a hole through the northwest one and get ready to run.
     There's absolutely no way to dodge the damage you'll be taking as the 
    Cossacks and Pamirs descend, so just keep moving northeast.  Ignore the 
    buildings as much as possible until you hit a line of 20mm Small Towers backed
    up by Pamirs.  Blow up one or two of the towers so you can bolt through and 
    keep running northeast.  Get inside the UCS base and the Gargoyles, Tigers, 
    and structure weapons take out the ED troops following you.  This fulfills 
    objective #1.
     Sit in the UCS base long enough to regenerate your HP to full because you're
    dashing back.  Make sure the Jupiter is waiting for you at the TB before you
    run back again.  The ED will have replaced the lost units and will be chasing
    you again - move fast.  Climb into the Jupiter and the pursuing units will 
    back off.  Return the Fang to the main base and end the mission.
          5. Kamchatka
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy the ED Research Center
    TRANSPORT: Fang x1, Mercury x2, Lunar x7
    RESEARCH: Moon m2, Moon m3
       2x Rocket Launcher, 3x Rocket Launcher
    ENEMIES: You should very be used to 105mm Pamirs, 20mm Siberias, and 20mm 
    Cossacks by now.  The bases are on the west and south borders of the map.
    MISSION: Get moving quickly because your mission forces won't be able to hold 
    their ground for long.  There are five Rocket Lunars, but even with 25% 
    Rockets they have quite poor accuracy.  Worse, a Gruz invades your base early 
    on and they'll waste all their ammo missing it and then taking out any 
    structures in progress, leaving you defenseless.
     For now just sit in the base and watch your enemies roll in.  There are three
    ground approaches: over the bridge to the south and two passes to the west and
    southwest.  Blow a section out of the bridge and block the passes with Laser
    Walls and Defenders.  Let the Lunars retreat when they take damage so they can
    recover.  Remember that the Fang can't fire at Cossacks.  
     You can choose to win this mission with either the army or the air force.  
    For the ground war, wait until the Moon and Rocket Launcher upgrades are 
    completed - Lunars are just too fragile.  Alternately you can build four 20mm
    Meteors and use them for surgical strikes to weaken the base before mopping 
    with the Lunars and Fang.
     Either way your target is the south base.  There are many Cossacks defending
    it, but drop those and a few 20mm Small Towers and the air force is completely
    safe.  Wipe out the structures and you'll get mission complete.  Taking out 
    the west base for experience is entirely optional.  Make absolutely certain 
    that all your combat units are at full ammo before you leave this map!
          6. Canada
    OBJECTIVES: -Meet up with UCS convoy at northern base
       -Escort the UCS convoy to the southern base.  66% must make it through.
       -FANG must return to main base
    TRANSPORT: Fang x1, Meteor x4, <Moon> x5
    RESEARCH: Air Rocket Launcher, 2x Air Rocket Launcher
       Guided Rocket 50%
    ENEMIES: One enemy base at roughly the 9:30 position on the minimap guarded by
    105mm Large Towers and 20mm Cossacks, plus a few 20mm Small Towers posted 
    along your route and scattered 105mm Pamirs.
    MISSION: This one runs different from anything you've seen before.  You don't
    get a base or any startup funds, you can't build any buildings, but you are 
    required to engage in combat.  The reason you had to reload all your combat 
    units last mission is because you don't have a Supply Depot on this map and 
    they'll be stuck with the ammo left over from last time.  
     The mission briefing lays it out: the UCS has asked for an escort for three
    Mammoths from their north base (north of the LZ) to their south base.   At 
    least two of the three must survive to the destination.
     Pull four Meteors out to the mission first with Fang and either Lunars or 
    Moons, whichever you've got.  Leave the ground forces at the LZ for the moment
    and head for the south base with the air force.  Sweep north along a bridge 
    and kill off four 20mm Small Towers, then a mob of 105mm Pamirs.  They can't 
    hurt you but they may bolt as they take damage.  If your Meteors are using 
    rockets they'll run out of ammo quickly and become useless.
     After the second half of the route is clear go for the ED base to the 
    northwest.  You'll see four more Pamirs on the southwest edge.  Attacking 
    these arouses the interest of several Cossacks that actually may pose a danger
    if you're not careful.  Kill off as many Cossacks as you can, retreating as
     Now turn your attention back to the army.  Send the Fang north to rendezvous
    with the Mammoths.  After you get close they'll slave to the Fang and follow 
    it.  Go north over the bridge, then west.  Before you cross a second bridge, 
    destroy a handful of Pamirs to the northeast so they can't hit your flank.  
    Waiting to the west are a few more Pamirs that make for easy killing.  Head
    for the west border of the map and wait for the Mammoths to catch up.
     Now go south and skirt the ED base.  If you didn't kill off all the Cossacks
    before they'll harass you now.  If the Mammoths didn't catch up before you 
    went south they'll drive straight through the ED base and get killed by 
    defensive emplacements.
     Once you pass the base you're in the clear.  Just follow the path your 
    Meteors scouted earlier to the south base.  Remember that even though your
    tanks can float over the water easily the Mammoths are stuck on the land 
    route.  After they arrive you have to send the Fang home before you can end
    the mission.
          7. ACME-Lab 2
    OBJECTIVES: -Complete all tests
    TRANSPORT: empty
    RESEARCH: 1200 PSU Shield
    ENEMIES: none
    MISSION: You're back at the lab to test the Tenebre II, based on the Fang
    vehicle.  This time you don't have to do anything at all, just watch the 
    Tenebre run the tests.  After it destroys the first UCS drone robot it 
    explodes - there's nothing you can do to prevent this.
          8. Baikal
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy all ED structures
       -FANG must return to main base
    TRANSPORT: Fang x1, Meteor x4, <Moon> x5
    RESEARCH: Electro Cannon, 2x Electro Cannon
       Heavy Defense Building
    ENEMIES: Enemy base on the center west map border with Cossacks and 105mm 
    MISSION: Here's a simple mission.  The briefing tells you that you already 
    have the detonation codes for the ED base.  Just unload the Fang and send it
    to the base at the other side of the map.  Fang is in no danger as long as you
    don't sit still too long.  Park next to the Research Center until a message 
    appears, then run away.  All the buildings except for a Power Plant and a 
    Weapon Production Center in the southeast corner of the base will explode.
     This pisses all the ED units off and they make a beeline for your base.  The 
    Fang can probably take out a Pamir in a single shot now.  Let the Meteors 
    handle the Cossacks and mop up helpless Pamirs.  The rush is strong but it 
    won't last.
     With all the forces destroyed set up Mines and Ore Transport Refineries as 
    you see fit.  There won't be any more spending cash for a while, so be sure to
    set some aside now.  Reload your Meteors before you leave.
          9. ACME-Lab 3
    OBJECTIVES: -Stop the prototype and destroy it!
       -FANG must return to main base
    TRANSPORT: Fang x1, Meteor x4, 5000 CR
    RESEARCH: Sonic Cannon, 2x Sonic Cannon
       Weather Control Center
       2400 PSU Shield
    ENEMIES: TENEBRE III and many, many 105mm Pamirs.
    MISSION: Back to the lab again, but this time the test pilot has turned 
    traitor and started attacking your base.  There are two ways to win this 
    mission: the cheap way and the expensive way.  If you like quick victories
    bring along 5k CR in the Jupiter.  When it arrives, don't empty the transport;
    instead take the 5k CR and use it to upgrade the buildings in the base that 
    are being attacked.  Putting up shields on the building that TENEBRE is 
    actively attacking will slow it down a bit.  Add a Rocket Launcher to the 
    nearby Aerial Supply Depot and you'll be able to destroy TENEBRE without 
    risking any of your units.  Obviously this costs money, but it's the fastest
    way to win the mission.
     If you don't like spending money you can win the mission with actual combat.
    Unload the Jupiter and allow your buildings to self-destruct.  This destroys
    the entire base and puts TENEBRE on the run for ED cover.  Send the Meteors 
    south to destroy an ED TE in the corner.  With this gone there is no way the 
    TENEBRE can escape.  Now just follow it all over the map.  It's hard to hit 
    while it's moving, but it can't regenerate then either.  After it's down you 
    can end the mission or choose to kill more of the Pamirs for experience.
     The other thing you should do in this mission is bring the Fang so it can 
    collect the artifact right next to the LZ.  This will give it 3600 PSU shields
    for free - in fact, it's one of only two ways to give the Fang shields, and 
    you'll want those later when you face energy weapons.
          10. Amazon
    OBJECTIVES: -Provide your base with 50,000 CR.
    TRANSPORT: Fang x1, Meteor x4, Mercury x2, <Moon> x3
    RESEARCH: Guided Rocket 100%
       Shield Recharger m1, Shield Recharger m2
    ENEMIES: The enemy base is just east of map center, but he's provided with 
    tanks all over the map and tower outposts on the west and east bridges.  Face
    down Cossacks, 20mm and Rocket Siberias, and 105mm and Rocket Pamirs.
    MISSION: This mission's quite simple.  The briefing tells you that all you 
    need to do to stop the impending ED attack is sever the three bridges that 
    lead to your island in the north.  These bridges end in the northeast corner,
    just southeast of your base, and on the center west map border.  The clock at
    the top of the map tells you how much longer until the ED show up.
     The first thing you should do as you wait for the transport is drop two more
    Ore Transport Refineries on the large field you're already mining.  Also set 
    up enough Supply Depots for your tanks and Guardian pairs at the two breaks in
    the Laser Wall.  Rocket Launchers are the best weapons for all these 
    structures since they won't have to worry about ground forces.
     Now for breaking bridges.  The central bridge is unguarded so start there; 
    force-attack two adjacent squares so no one can cross it.  Mob the bridge with
    Lunars and Moons since there are no defenses.  With the central bridge down 
    head to the northeast corner.  Use your air force to fly past the Towers and
    Pillboxes and destroy the Power Plants from behind; if you move quickly you 
    won't take any damage.  Bring in the army after the Towers fall silent to take
    out the bridge.  If they venture too far south you may attract the attention 
    of a small group of Pamirs waiting on the next island.  After the bridge drops
    pull your army back to the base.
     The most difficult bridge to break is the west one, but it's not too tough if
    you're using the Meteors.  Fly over again and take out the Small Towers 
    defending the Power Plants first so you can move with impunity.  During this 
    time some tanks may flow across the bridge - let your army handle them without
    coming into range of the Towers.  Disable defenses on both sides of the bridge
    and let the army mop up.
     That's all you have to do for this mission.  If you're using extra OTRs the
    field will probably mine out before the clock expires, but you can stay to get
    the rest of the minerals.  The ED won't repair the broken bridges.  Eventually
    you will see a flock of Cossacks heading your way but the Guardians should be
    more than capable of handling these.  Wait for the field to empty and shut 
    down.  Again, make sure your Meteors are at full ammo before you leave.
          11. Great Lakes
    OBJECTIVES: -Meet up with the convoy at the first base
       -Escort the convoy to the southern base.  100% must survive.
       -FANG must return to main base
    TRANSPORT: Fang x1, Meteor x4, <Moon> x5
    RESEARCH: Regenerator m1, Regenerator m2, Regenerator m3
    ENEMIES: Scattered Rocket and 105mm Pamirs, Rocket and Laser Siberias, and a 
    couple of Laser Volgas.
    MISSION: The UCS needs another escort.  Drop the Meteors and Fang with 
    whatever escort you desire next to the Mammoth and three Harvesters.  You also
    have an important choice: to forge an alliance with either the UCS or ED.  
    Soon after the Fang and convoy start moving you'll receive a message from Neo,
    who you should be familiar with if you've played the ED and UCS campaigns 
    already.  He and your general have a past from 2140, and in honor of that 
    he'll give you the option to ally with the ED if you destroy the convoy.  If
    you choose this route, just blow the helpless civilian vehicles and go home.
    Skip to Rio de Janeiro (ED) on the walkthrough.  
     If, on the other hand, you want to work with the UCS, you'll have to play out
    the mission as is.  You'll be facing ED energy Lasers this time, so if you 
    don't have shields on your units you'll discover exactly why you should.  
    Alternately, this is a great time to burn through the Lunars you've been 
    carefully preserving so you can replace them with Moons.  Fortunately, the 
    Meteors can take out the Lasers from the air with no damage; unfortunately 
    this will take careful management since the Lasers are guarded by Rockets.
     First things first: your path this time is less direct.  You will travel 
    south from the LZ to an east-west island, then northwest along bridges to the
    north map border, then straight south across the main water body over bridges
    and small islands, then southeast to the UCS base.  The Lasers are located on
    the small island you cross in the middle of the water (southwest of the west
    end of the first turn) and north of the UCS base.  Take out the small island 
    with your Meteors first since it has Heavy Laser Volgas guarded only by a 
    couple of Rocket Siberias.  Note that the Volgas can freely move out over 
    water if distressed.
     After this detachment goes down send the Meteors southeast to the plain north
    of the southern UCS base.  Try to kill the Laser Siberias here without taking 
    too much damage from the Rocket Pamir guardians.  Backtrack north along the 
    bridges and clear out as many 105mm Pamirs as possible.  If your Meteors are 
    experienced enough they should be able to clear all the tanks in the level 
    without running out of ammo.
     Now get the convoy rolling.  You should have no trouble getting the convoy in
    as long as you're careful to make sure the path is clear.  Congratulate 
    yourself and move on to Madagascar.
          12. Madagascar
    NOTE: You only get Madagascar if you successfully escorted the UCS convoy in
    Great Lakes.  If you destroyed the convoy go to Rio de Janeiro (ED).
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy all ED forces
    TRANSPORT: Meteor x4, <Moon> x6
    RESEARCH: Crater m1, Crater m2, Crater m3
       Heavy Rocket Launcher, 2x Heavy Rocket Launcher, 4x Heavy Rocket Launcher
       Guided Heavy Rocket 25%
       3600 PSU Shield
    ENEMIES: Large enemy base on the northeast corner of the map with Cossacks, 
    Laser and 20mm Siberias, and 105mm and Rocket Pamirs.  Lots of Rocket 
    Launchers mounted on base defenses.
    MISSION: If you've played the UCS campaign you already know their side of this
    mission.  The UCS will still provide a steady flow of units against the ED in
    the north.  That won't be enough to take the base, but it will distract the ED
    for a while.
     As for yourself, the base defenses are more than enough to repel pretty much
    all the ED attacks.  Your task is to use the Meteors to tear down the base
    itself.  Start from the west where the mineral field is.  It's a challenge, 
    but possible, to kill the Mines quickly and prevent them from being rebuilt.
    The challenge bit is that you'll be harassed by Cossacks and may have to 
    retreat frequently to keep the Meteors alive.  Also, the Rocket Launchers on 
    the Small Towers have longer range than your 20mms, which is cause for further
    caution.  The longer it takes you to pull this off, the more resources the ED
    get to use against you.  
     The surprise for this mission is Neo's appearance.  He converts all of the 
    UCS units to ED control.  As a courtesy, he'll keep the majority of these 
    fighting the UCS in the south rather than attacking you directly.  This will
    disrupt the UCS attacks on the ED.  Stay here long enough and he'll do it 
     After the UCS base empties its mineral field the Harvesters will start 
    heading for yours.  You can destroy them with no repercussions to the alliance
    but doing so prevents the UCS from building more units to attack the ED with.
     When the resource-gathering facilities drop and the Cossacks stop flowing you
    are in perfect position to gut and dismember the base.  Take it slow and
    retreat when you need to repair.
          13. Australia
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy all ED structures
    TRANSPORT: Meteor x4, <Moon> x6
    RESEARCH: Crater m1, Crater m2, Crater m3
       Heavy Electro Cannon, 2x Heavy Electro Cannon
    ENEMIES: Enemy base on the south border of the map.  Lots of Rocket Towers and
    structures, plus Cossacks, Laser and Ion Caspians and Siberias, and the usual
    105mm and Rocket Pamirs.
    MISSION: Again, this is a retread of the UCS campaign version of this mission.
    The UCS has the west border, you have the east border, and you'll meet in the 
    south to crush the ED.
     This time you'll have to watch out for Ion Cannons.  It's an energy weapon so
    your shielded tanks will be safe, and the ED won't be using Repairers to take
    over your units, but they will shut down unshielded tanks and structures 
    fairly quickly.  Lasers will be upgraded to 2x Lasers and are therefore more
    dangerous.  And rocket emplacements will still be outshooting your 20mm 
    Meteors.  Other than that it's a very standard mission.
     Drop your base just southwest of the LZ around the mineral field.  Set up 
    defenses facing west.  The biggest threat to your base will be the UCS when
    Neo switches them to ED control again.  Twice.  Even so, the UCS base itself
    will knock down most of the converts with structure defenses.
     Attack the ED from the east border of the map to cut around the towers.  Lure
    out the Cossacks and Rocket Pamirs before you enter.  Take out the Power 
    Plants from behind to deactivate structure defenses and just crawl through.  
    The UCS will help tear the base apart as defenses drop.
          14. Mozambique
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy ED base
       -Destroy Neo's base
    TRANSPORT: Meteor x4, <Moon> x6
    RESEARCH: Guided Heavy Rocket 50%
    ENEMIES: One large base at the north end of the map with Cossacks, 105mm 
    Pamirs, Laser Siberias and Caspians, and introducing the 120mm Kruszchev.
    MISSIONS: Neo's stunt in Australia was too much and now the UCS orders you to 
    take him down as a show of support for the alliance.  Pretty sad, considering 
    how friendly he was to you this time around (as opposed to the UCS campaign).
     Unlike previous missions, I can't do this one with just the air force - they
    can't deal enough damage and are too fragile for sustained attacks.  So 
    starting here I built up a group of 5 Rocket Moons and 5 Electro Craters.  
    3600 PSU shields are a given.
     As for your base, enemies will be approaching from over the northwest plateau
    (Cossacks), down the east pass (tanks), and, surprisingly, up the cliff 
    overlooking your power structures to the south (more tanks).  I don't know how
    they get up there, but toss a couple of Guardians there to drive them off.  
    Beyond the mineral fields in your base and the ED base there are four more on 
    this map: in order of proximity they are southeast, southwest, northeast, and 
    northwest of your base.  Over the course of the mission the ED will take over 
    the two northern ones unless you check on them occasionally and scrape the 
    Mines off.
     The first thing you should do after you land is take out the ED Small Towers 
    and TEs in the cul-de-sac north of your base.  With these down the ED has to
    approach overland, which gives you more warning.  Also take out the other end
    of the tunnels at the north end of the east pass.
     There's no easy way to destroy the main ED base with the Meteors.  Approach 
    from the east and you're facing Small Towers with rockets plus Cossacks.  Try
    the west and find more Rocket Towers and the occasional Rocket Kruszchev, 
    which are much too tough for the Meteors to take out easily.  The mineral 
    field is on the north side right against the border and therefore is quite 
    difficult to reach and destroy before also taking out most of the base and its
    defenders.  Neo's Headquarters is on the west side of the base but it's well-
    defended; you can take it out with the Meteors but you have to destroy the 
    rest of the base anyway.  Even destroying the power infrastructure is very 
    difficult because of the prevalence of armed buildings and Cossacks that will 
    force you to retreat.
     I suggest moving quickly as soon as you create an attacking force of Moons 
    and Craters.  Sweep in from the east so you can retreat if necessary and cover
    them with the Meteors to swat down Cossacks.  Electro Cannons are excellent 
    for tearing apart buildings, but as soon as you start firing the ED will 
    upgrade the building in question with shields that slow you down.  Retreat as
    necessary to the cover of Regenerator and Recharger Phoboses and keep pounding
    until it falls apart.  If the mission doesn't end after you destroy the 
    northern base check the mineral fields northeast and northwest of your base
    for Mines.  And of course destroying Neo's HQ doesn't actually kill him.
          15. Rio de Janeiro (UCS)
    OBJECTIVES: -Kill Neo
    TRANSPORT: -Meteor x4, Crater x6
    RESEARCH: Crusher m1, Crusher m2, Crusher m3
    ENEMIES: 20mm, Rocket, and Plasma Tigers, Laser Siberias, 120mm Kruzchevs, 
    105mm and Rocket Pamirs, and Neo himself.
    MISSION: Neo's alive in Brazil.  The UCS managed to destroy all LZs in the 
    area, so he can't run anymore.  In turn he captured all the UCS units and is 
    now destroying the UCS base, so it's up to you to take him out.
     If you haven't been using Sonic and Electro Cannons before now it's time to
    start building them.  None of your enemies on this level have shields so these
    weapons will cut to the bone.  You don't need more than a single Jupiter-load
    of tanks.
     Let the captured UCS tanks burn through their ammo on the UCS structures 
    before you approach.  The Lunars you're provided with will probably get 
    themselves killed in short order so you don't have to worry about them at all.
    Sweep in with Electros and Sonics to clear the base.  
     Now go straight south.  You'll pass a V-shaped peninsula, then cross a large 
    bay.  Neo is with a group of tanks on the other side.  He's in a modified 
    Caspian that's actually quite speedy and difficult to herd with only the 
    Craters.  Use Meteors to keep track of him and take him out instead of chasing
    him all over the map.  After he dies you can end the mission or clear the rest
    of the map for experience.
          16.  Lesotho (UCS)
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy ED forces
       -Destroy UCS forces (traitors)
    TRANSPORT: Meteor x4, Regenerator x1, Recharger x1, Mercury x2, Crater x2
    RESEARCH: Thunderer m1, Thunderer m2
       Air Heavy Rocket Launcher, 2x Air Heavy Rocket Launcher
       Heavy Sonic Cannon, 2x Heavy Sonic Cannon
       Air Sonic Cannon, 2x Air Sonic Cannon
       Guided Heavy Rocket 100%
       SDI Defense
       Plasma Cannon
    ENEMIES: The ED has a base in the northeast corner with lots of Rocket 
    Launchers and Lasers defending the structures.  The UCS is in the northwest
    corner and fields Plasma and 20mm Tigers, 20mm Gargoyles, Rocket Panthers, and
    a steady stream of Harvesters.
    MISSION: Just from reading the breakdown you already know this is the mission 
    where your alliance with the UCS ends.  You also get access to several 
    technologies, the most important of which is the Thunderer bomber.  You won't 
    need it this time but it will be very useful in the future.
     You'll start with a handful of Rocket Craters and two adjacent LZs.  I don't 
    know why there are two, but there they are.  The Rocket Craters will 
    immediately start hammering on a Pillbox guarding the nearby mineral field.  
    Pull them back and set them to defending to the east, where the ED will flow
    from.  If you let them attack freely they will run out of ammo quickly and 
    can't be resupplied until you destroy the three Pillboxes and Power Plant and
    start building your base.  Bring in the Electro and Sonic Cannons to do that
     After the initial ED attack is repulsed the UCS will start making its way 
    across the central pass to attack the ED.  Along the way they'll destroy an ED
    TE.  It is possible to go underground in this mission by using this TE, but
    it's extremely dangerous since the LC can't build TEs and the only other one 
    is within the ED base itself.  I don't know what's down there.  Anyway, the 
    UCS tanks will push the ED back and secure your base for you, then keep going.
     Meanwhile focus on setting up your base.  Put a couple of Defenders on the 
    west side of the mineral field and at your end of the central pass.  As long 
    as the UCS are your friends they'll walk past unmolested.  Don't worry about
    the eastern front.
     Bust out your carryover Craters and Meteors to help the UCS dismantle the ED
    base.  If you keep your distance the structure defenses won't bother you much.
    I don't recommend using the provided Rocket Craters because they don't have 
    shields so the Lasers pose a significant danger to them.  Follow the UCS and
    watch them demolish the base.  When you get a chance clear the mineral field
    and drop OTRs or Mines on top of it with a couple of Defenders for protection.
     When it becomes clear that the ED base is doomed the UCS will send you a 
    message claiming all of the minerals in the region for themselves.  This 
    pisses off your LC superiors, who now order you to take out the UCS as well.
    The UCS units that attacked the ED will flow back through your base but these
    damaged Tigers and Spiders won't hold a candle to your Craters and Meteors.  
    The UCS will also start sending Harvesters in to siphon your mineral field.  
    Block the central pass with a Laser Wall so you can focus on the east pass.
     With the threat localized use your Meteors to head north to scout the UCS.
    The Power Plant is on the south side and makes an easy target, but between the
    Gargoyles and its own high HP you won't be able to take it down particularly
    quickly.  As it's going down the UCS will build another one on the north side
    of the base.  Use your ground forces to feint and draw attention to the 
    mountain ramp so your Meteors can blitz over and take this one out as well.
    Mop up.  After you finish this mission skip down to Peru.
          17. Rio de Janeiro (ED)
    NOTE: You skip to this mission from Great Lakes if you destroy the UCS convoy
    instead of escorting it, thereby creating an alliance with the ED instead of
    the UCS.  Neo receives you wholeheartedly.
    OBJECTIVES: -Escort Neo to the UCS base
       -Destroy all UCS structures
       -FANG must return to main base
    TRANSPORT: Fang x1, <Moon> x9
    RESEARCH: no new advances
    ENEMIES: A UCS base south of your LZ with Grenade and Plasma Tigers and lots
    of defensive emplacements.
    MISSION: This one's just fun.  Neo offers to "deal with" the local UCS base if
    the Fang will escort him in.  Just show up and move Fang close enough to slave
    Neo to him, then run south.  For some reason Neo likes to get stuck on the 
    laser wall, so turn it off if he jams there.  
     Head south along the shore until you see a small inland body of water 
    separated from the ocean by a short northwest-southeast strip of land.  Wait
    here for Neo to catch up.  Save.  Once he's with you dash west into the UCS 
    base and hide next to the Power Plant on the far side.  Start attacking it.  
    The UCS units will all follow you and won't pose a danger to Neo.  Keep moving
    if your HP drops past 25%.
     When Neo reaches the UCS base all the UCS units convert to your control, but 
    the structures and attached weapons will keep firing against you.  You must 
    protect Neo; if he dies you lose the mission and a major opportunity.  As soon
    as the units convert hit <NumLock> to pause and select all these units to 
    give them new targets.  If you don't do this they will keep firing on Neo and
    Fang by virtue of inertia.  It is very important to take out the Power Plant 
    first so that the defensive emplacements stop shooting.  You still have to 
    take out the Small Towers but that should be no challenge.  After you destroy
    the base kill two more towers on the peak just to the north, then four more
    northwest of those, then four more north of those surrounded by walls.  Take
    all your new units and head for the LZ.  Leave the Harvesters since there's 
    absolutely no way you can use them except as damage magnets.
     If you like you can choose to wait a long time before bringing Neo down, 
    increasing your unit reward but also making it more dangerous for both Fang 
    and Neo because they'll take more damage while they're invading.  It takes 
    about 26 game hours for the UCS to drain the mineral field and maximize their 
    units for you.  Also don't miss the handful of Plasma Spiders on the east 
    peninsula and the Plasma Spiders and Panthers to the extreme south.  The south
    troops are trapped by jungle but you can force-fire to destroy this.  If you 
    didn't get enough troops from the UCS base you can use these to destroy it.
     There are some extremely useful things in the units you just captured.  The 
    combat units are obvious, but you have to Change Script to a battle unit.  The
    Condors work just like your Mercuries.  The Repairers are much faster than 
    waiting for regeneration and can upgrade and add shields to your existing 
    units - for a price.  Using Repairers is the other way to give the Fang 
    shields (the first way was using the artifact in ACME-Lab 3).  The Mammoths 
    can be used to make cheap walls instead of the laser version as well as 
    trenches.  If you take captured units into combat note that you cannot reload
    Grenade Tigers because your Supply Depots don't make grenades.  You also 
    cannot upgrade UCS units with the Repairer because you don't have the right
          18. India
    OBJECTIVES: -Provide your base with 50,000 CR
    TRANSPORT: Meteor/Gargoyle x10
    RESEARCH: Crater m1, Crater m2, Crater m3
       Heavy Rocket Launcher, 2x Heavy Rocket Launcher, 4x Heavy Rocket Launcher
       Guided Heavy Rocket 25%
       Shield 3600 PSU
    ENEMIES: Scattered small bases with 105mm emplacements, plus one corridor 
    northwest of your base guarded by 20mm Small Towers.  Each of these bases has
    a group of either 120mm Trucks, 105mm Tanks, or Rocket Heavy Tanks.
    MISSION: It's another resource grab.  Immediately head for the mineral field
    northeast of your base and drop two OTRs on top; the third miner can be either
    a Mine to provide funds for defense of another OTR for quick extraction.  Also
    set up power and supply facilities and at least one Guardian to the east.  
    Keep the Jupiter moving bringing in combat units.
     The enemies for this mission are just local tribes that happen to be using 
    castoff ED equipment.  The good news is that they will fight each other just 
    as readily as they fight you.  The bad news is that they start the mission 
    with groups all over the map just waiting for their cue to storm your base.
    The small bases are scattered and very small, usually just a Supply Depot with
    a Boyar, sometimes Research Centers, sometimes Headquarters, plus Power Plants
    and lots of 105mm defenses.  Luckily there are very few antiair defenses.  
    Also, none of these enemies have shields, so the Electro Cannon and any Plasma
    weapons you liberated last mission will be very useful.
     As soon as they arrive group your air force and send them south.  Find and 
    destroy as many of the Trucks as you can before they start rolling to attack
    your base.  They have no antiair ability so this shouldn't be difficult.  
    After the Trucks die go northeast to a group of Tanks and kill those off the 
    same way.  Don't bother destroying the bases since they're completely helpless
    against you.
     Now go northeast to some more Tanks.  Kill as many as you can, but some will
    almost inevitably start moving toward your base.  Chasing them forces your 
    aircraft down a passage guarded by 20mm Small Towers.  More importantly, as 
    they move south they meet a group of Rocket Heavy Tanks that have migrated 
    from the northeast part of the map.  Both groups start shooting and might kill
    a few of each other off for you as they head south to your base.  
     Your ground forces still have to stop the combined offensive on the north 
    edge of your base.  It will be bloody, but you can let all the Lunars and 20mm
    and Grenade Tigers die since they'll soon become useless without shields.  
    Plasma Tigers, Spiders, and Panthers are more useful because of their higher
    damage, but they will also fall eventually.  The only old units you need to 
    preserve from this mission are the support units, the aircraft, and the Fang.
     After this there will be another attack from the east.  This base is located
    at the tip of the landmass and has Trucks, Tanks, and Heavy Tanks together.  
    You shouldn't have any trouble as long as you keep all your firepower together
    and don't let the Rocket Launchers focus on your aircraft.  After this allow 
    your military to destroy the abandoned small bases for experience.  Keep 
    mining until you hit the threshold; drain more if you feel comfortable.
          19. Egypt
    OBJECTIVES: -Escort Neo
       -Destroy UCS base
       -FANG must return to main base
    TRANSPORT: Fang x1, Meteor/Gargoyle x9
    RESEARCH: Crusher m1, Crusher m2, Crusher m3
    ENEMIES: UCS base spanning from southwest corner.  Lots of 20mm Gargoyles and
    20mm, Grenade, and Plasma Tigers plus base defenses.
    MISSION: Neo has the detonation code for the Egypt UCS base, but he needs you 
    to get close enough to use it.  The bridges across the Nile are guarded by 
    Small Towers that you can kill for fun.  On the west side, head south all the 
    way to the base and draw Neo into position next to the WPC.  Bring the air 
    force to the southwest corner so that the Fang can retreat if the UCS 
    Gargoyles start hammering it too hard.  Neo will blow most of the structures
    and head home.
     You still have a few more buildings to mop up.  The southeast side of the 
    main base has a surviving but unpowered Fortress.  Keep going east to the 
    shore to take out two Power Plants, a Teleport, and several towers plus some
    straggling Tigers.
     Now cut back to the main base and head north.  Wipe out any Small Towers you
    see either in the blockaded area or the pass east of it.  Farther north you'll
    find the last Power Plant and Teleport.  Take out the Small Towers at the 
    bridges if you didn't already and you should clear the objective.  Send the 
    Fang home for mission complete.
          20. Congo
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy UCS base
       -FANG must return to main base
    TRANSPORT: Fang x1, Meteor/Gargoyle x9
    RESEARCH: Thunderer m1, Thunderer m2
       Air Heavy Rocket Launcher, 2x Air Heavy Rocket Launcher
       Heavy Sonic Cannon, 2x Heavy Sonic Cannon
       Air Sonic Cannon, 2x Air Sonic Cannon
       Guided Heavy Rocket 100%
    ENEMIES: Large UCS base at map center with lots of 20mm and Plasma Towers and
    even Fortresses plus Rocket Tigers and Panthers and 20mm Gargoyles.
    MISSION: Here's an easy one.  The UCS have built a Plasma Cannon artillery 
    that Neo can capture and use to destroy the base in this area.  Send the Fang
    all the way to the revealed map location to the south and wait next to the 
    PCC.  You'll pass a few turrets but the shouldn't be able to deal appreciable
    damage as you zip by.  Neo will take over the PCC briefly, but security 
    backups will destroy it before you can put it to use.
     You still have to destroy the UCS base.  Send Fang back and fly east from the
    LZ to a small mineral field. Set up two Defenders facing west to guard the
    approach.  The level is set up so that the only way from the UCS base is 
    through a central pass.  Shortly after you arrive, before the Jupiter can 
    finish its second trip from the main base, a UCS attack will destroy the LZ.
    It's too strong to stop with your existing forces, so just build another LZ to
    the east.
     After you've brought in more troops you can send the air force south over the
    mountains.  The UCS base is vulnerable from the east, with Power Plants 
    supporting defenses on the south, center, west, and far west.  First attack 
    the east side and destroy all the Gargoyles and Repairers that appear, then go
    for the Small Towers and Power Plants.  Use ground forces to wipe the base off
    the map.  If the mission doesn't end yet check the west side for a defensive 
    outpost and the south approach to the PCC wreckage for Small Towers.  Make 
    sure your air units are fully loaded before you leave.
     There are two other mineral fields on this map that you can mine on equator 
    to the west and east.  Drop OTRs or Mines as necessary.  For some reason the 
    UCS rarely bothers these - they send most of their Harvesters toward your 
     You also get access to a lot of useful research, especially Thunderers and 
    Air Sonic Cannons.  Pick out what you like; you'll end the mission long before
    you research all the advances.  Sonic Thunderers are excellent for destroying 
    helpless structures.
          21. Lesotho (ED)
    OBJECTIVES: -Destroy UCS forces
       -Destroy ED forces (traitors)
    TRANSPORT: Meteor/Gargoyle x10
    RESEARCH: Heavy Electro Cannon, 2x Heavy Electro Cannon
       Plasma Cannon
    ENEMIES: UCS base to the west with 20mm Gargoyles and Plasma and Rocket 
    Panthers.  ED base to the east with Laser Caspians, 120mm Kruszchevs, Rocket
    Pamirs, and Cossacks.
    MISSION: Just like the UCS-ally version, only slightly more dangerous because
    of Plasma Cannons.  You start with 5 Rocket Craters, but they'll all die 
    trying to kill three Plasma Panthers.  Don't build a base yet.  Offload your
    air force and head for the UCS base.  Destroy Power Plants on the south and 
    north sides to render them helpless, then head to the ED base and destroy as
    much of their mining operation as possible.  
     Wait until the ED forces move past your base and head for the UCS before you
    start building a base.  If you go early UCS tanks will attack and tear it up
    in the infancy.  After the ED cripples the UCS base they'll demand that the LC
    surrender the region, but your superiors order you to keep mining.  
     With the ED base short on minerals they shouldn't be much of a challenge.  If
    you're still holding on to any Lunars or 20mm anything this is the mission to
    let them get killed and replace them with shielded Craters and Crushers.  
    Neither base is particularly offensive so just dismember them and mine out.  
    The UCS rarely finishes off their field, but the ED may make a play for it.
          22. Peru
    NOTE: The mission tree branches converge again here.  Whether you allied with
    the UCS or the ED you will reach this mission after the alliance breaks up in
    OBJECTIVES: -Provide the base with 100,000 CR
    TRANSPORT: Meteor x4, Regenerator x1, Recharger x1, Mercury x4
    RESEARCH: no new advances
    ENEMIES: ED base in the east defended with way too many rockets and sending
    Screamer Caspians, 120mm and Laser Kruszchevs, and a handful of Cossacks.  UCS
    base in the northwest with Rocket and Plasma Panthers, Spiders, and Tigers, 
    and 20mm Gargoyles.
    MISSION: It's time to shift into high resource-gathering gear.  This mission 
    is your first opportunity to finish the game if you've been diligent in using
     Your first base has about 60k minerals, but that's not enough.  After the 
    Jupiter offloads use the Meteors to secure a large field due north from the 
    provided Main Base.  The Solar Power Plant and Battery you start with can 
    easily be destroyed by troops approaching your base, so build new ones next to
    the field.  Drop two OTRs on this field and four more on the large north one 
    to speed extraction.  Also set up a Guardian in your base and at least three 
    on the north edge of the larger field.  I encourage upgrading at least one of 
    each of the hardpoints with energy weapons since the close quarters can cause
    the rockets to hit your own buildings more often than the enemy.
     Once you've secured the resources you're good to go.  It's not worth 
    attacking either of the enemy bases because they're too well defended and the 
    other base will attack you while the troops are away.  The UCS will keep 
    trying to tap the larger field with Harvesters but the Guardians will have no
    trouble.  Every once in a while you'll see some ground troops for target 
    practice.  The ED will send some Screamers your way, but if you've set up your
    defenses properly they won't bother you at all.  If you're in a good position 
    when you hit 100k overmine for bonus minerals.
          23. Amazon
    OBJECTIVES: -Provide base with 100,000 CR
    TRANSPORT: Meteor x4, Regenerator x1, Recharger x1, Mercury x2, Crater x2
    RESEARCH: no new advances
    ENEMIES: UCS attacking with 20mm Gargoyles, Rocket and Plasma Tigers and 
    Panthers.  ED attacking with Cossacks, 120mm Kruszchevs and Urals, and Laser
    Siberias and Caspians.
    MISSION: Again the mission is focused on resource collection.  If you need 
    more than 200k CR to finish the spaceship (check at the Space Port) try to 
    secure more than half this mission.  By this time I assume that if you allied
    with the ED all the stolen UCS units from Rio de Janeiro are dead.  All your 
    other ground units should have maximum possible shields.
     Your base has a small mineral field that should be dedicated to two OTRs 
    immediately.  Substitute one Mine if you're extremely short on cash and can't
    provide more from the main base.  Fly south from your base to find another 
    large mineral field at the center of the map.  Drop three OTRs here and let 
    your air force defend it.  As long as they stay over the field and don't stray
    to the pass to the west the only thing they have to worry about is encroaching
    UCS Harvesters.  Later they may see a few Rocket Panthers that will make for 
    difficult takedowns.
     Your main base will see Cossacks from the southwest over the power 
    structures, Gargoyles from the northeast, and tanks of all sorts flowing past
    the cliff to the north.  These tanks will have a clear shot on the mining 
    facilities so you must move your ground forces down to defend them.  The 
    provided Crushers have Heavy Electro Cannons that can be combined with Electro
    Craters for maximum effect since many of the lighter enemy tanks don't have 
     Stay within your bases, keep mining as quickly as possible and don't stop 
    until you hit the campaign objective or enemy attacks force you to retreat 
    from the central field.  Keep your defenses up and you should have no trouble.
          24. Andes
    OBJECTIVES: -Provide your base with 100,000 CR
    TRANSPORT: Meteor x4, Fang x1, Crater x5
    RESEARCH: no new advances
    ENEMIES: UCS base in the southwest corner with 20mm Gargoyles, Rocket and 
    Plasma Panthers, and Rocket, Plasma, and 20mm Tigers.  ED base to the 
    southeast with Cossacks, Laser and 120mm Urals, Ion Siberias, and Laser and
    Rocket Kruszchevs.
    MISSION: This is the last LC mission; if you don't get enough credits to 
    satisfy the space program here you lose the game.  Pull out all the stops and 
    donate any spare credits to the Space Port to accelerate the process.  Dump
    all your units in the mission area as soon as possible.
     There's a small field in your base that you can drop two OTRs on, but the 
    real mother lode is at map center (again).  Fly there with the LCAF and drop
    7-10 OTRs to pull out the minerals as quickly as possible.  For most of the 
    mission the UCS and ED will ignore this outpost, but later it will become a
    target.  Don't bother with defenses.
     Shortly after you arrive the UCS will send a small detachment of Tigers in.
    The Lunars the mission provides you with aren't nearly enough for defense, so 
    bring in the Craters and Crushers as quickly as possible.  Use the mission 
    Main Base to build more if absolutely necessary, but no more than you need to
    defend yourself. 
     After this initial attack, most of the pain will come from the ED arriving 
    through the east Laser Walls.  Stop them with focused firepower but don't 
    sweat light losses like the Lunars and Moons.  Every once in a while you'll
    see a Cossack, but some of these will be intercepted by the central field OTRs
    and the LCAF guarding them.  There will be one Cossack blitz, after that they
    come and die alone.
     Eventually the UCS will get their act together and start sending more forces 
    at you.  This is just a distraction so their Harvesters can get a piece of the
    central field.  This also signals that the ED will begin attacking the central
    field in earnest soon, so relocate tanks if necessary.
     When the ED finally show up they'll use heavy tanks to tear apart the OTRs 
    quickly.  Your Meteors can down Urals easily enough, but the stronger armor 
    and higher HP on Kruszchevs makes them a job for energy weapons.  Also watch
    out for a Gruz that builds Power Plants and Pillboxes that can become 
    problematic.  The ED will try to distract you with Cossacks, but destroy Urals
    first to help protect your mining operation.  Don't take tanks south of the 
    field because ED Minelayers are busy making a no-man's-land of the passage.
    When you have enough credits for the Space Port (not the mission objective) 
    you automatically win the game.
    V. Codes
    So you wanna cheat.  Well, it ain't hard, and here's how.  To open the cheat 
    entry line, just hit <enter>, type any of the following, then <enter> again.
    i_wanna_cheat		Activates cheat mode.  Must precede any other codes.
    ai.allmissions 1        Unlocks all missions at the next mission select
    armageddon		Meteor rain on screen
    fireworks		Place mines on screen
    x-mas_pack              Repair, reload, and shield selected unit or structure
    see_you_next_life	Kill selected unit or structure
    the_hammer_of_thor	Kill all enemy units on screen
    bad_time_bad_place	Damage all units and structures on screen
    massacre		Destroy all units and structures on screen
    eagle_eye		Reveal area on screen
    let_be_darkness		Hide area on screen
    no_more_secrets		Show entire map, but structures and units don't 
    			 appear on minimap
    no_one_hides		Show all units, but they won't appear on minimap
    dirt_cheap_research	Research costs less
    time_is_relative        Research goes faster
    einstein 1		Instant research for all players
    help_me_please!!! 1	Instant research for player only
    i_hate_limits X		Increase mission unit level to X
    i_love_this_game X	Get X credits

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