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    Game Script by ladytanaka

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/03/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    American McGee's Alice
    Game Script
    FAQ Created: 03-JUL-2008
    Version: 1.0
    Author: Ladytanaka
    Table of contents
    1: Version History
    2: Contact Info
    3: Disclaimer and Legal Information
    4: Warnings
    5: Introduction
    6: Character Abbreviations
    7: Script Conventions
    8: Game script
      Section 01 - Village of the Doomed
        01a - Dementia
        01b - Pandemonium
      Section 02 - Fortress of Doors
        02a - Fortress of Doors (pt 1)
        02b - Beyond the Wall
        02c - Fortress of Doors (pt 2)
        02d - Skool Daze (pt 1)
        02e - Skool's Out
        02f - Skool Daze (pt 2)
      Section 03 - Vale of Tears
        03a - Pool of Tears
        03b - Hollow Hideaway
        03c - Just Desserts
        03d - Wholly Morel Ground
      Section 04 - Wonderland Woods
        04a - Dry Landing
        04b - Herbaceous Border
        04c - Rolling Stones
        04d - Icy Reception
        04e - Fungiferous Flora
        04f - Centipede's Sanctum
        04g - Caterpillar's Plot (pt 1)
      Section 05 - Looking Glass Land
        05a - Pale Realm
        05b - Castling
        05c - Checkmate in Red
        05d - Mirror Image
      Section 06 - Behind the Looking Glass
        06a - Crazed Clockwork
        06b - About Face
      Section 07 - Land of Fire and Brimstone
        07a - Burning Curiosity
        07b - Jabberwock's Lair
        07c - Caterpillar's Plot (pt 2)
      Section 08 - Queen of Hearts Land
        08a - Majestic Maze
        08b - Airborne Terror
        08c - Mystifying Madness
        08d - Water Logged
        08e - Labyrinthine Revenge
        08f - Machinations
      Section 09 - Queensland
        09a - Royal Rage
        09b - Battle Royale
        09c - Ascension
        09d - Castle Keep
        09e - Heart of Darkness
    9: Cheshire Cat Random Hint Dialogue
    10: Background Story
    11: Non-implemented Dialogue
    12: FAQs
    13: Credits
    1: Version History
    Version 1.0 (03-JUL-2008) - original release
    2: Contact Info
    If you have any comments, suggestions, or corrections, email me at
    Make sure that you include the subject "American McGee's Alice"!
    3: Disclaimer and Legal Information
    This game script is for informational purposes only.  This may be not be
    reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
    be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance
    written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
    public display is strictly prohibited. 
    This game script guide in no way or form has any affiliation with EA Games or
    Rogue Entertainment. 
    All trademarks and copyrights in this document are owned by their respective
    trademark and copyright holders.
    Please do not ask me about posting this game script on your own site.  The
    finished game script will be posted only on GameFAQs. If you see this guide on
    any other website, please contact me about it. Thank you.
    Copyright 2008 Ladytanaka
    4: Warnings
    This script contains massive SPOILERS for the entire story of American McGee's
    The game and script contains scenes of violence and strong language. 
    5: Introduction
    This script contains all the game dialogue and description of all cutscenes in
    the game.
    This script's dialogue/text is as close to the actual game as I could manage. 
    It comes verbatim from the in-game subtitles and subtitle text extracted from
    various game files.
    6: Characters (in approximate order of appearance)
    ALICE - Alice (player)
    HARE - the March Hare
    HATTER - the Mad HATTER
    RABBIT - the White Rabbit
    PARENTS - Alice's parents
    MOTHER - Alice's mother
    FATHER - Alice's father
    NURSE - a nurse in the asylum
    CHESHIRE - the Cheshire Cat
    GNOME1 - a gnome in the mines
    GNOME2 - a gnome in the mines
    GNOME3 - a gnome in the mines
    GNOME4 - a gnome in the mines
    ELDER - the Gnome Elder
    TURTLE - the Mock Turtle
    BILL - Bill McGill (aka Larry)
    DUCHESS - the Duchess
    CATERPILLAR - the Caterpillar
    CENTIPEDE - the Centipede
    ORACLE - the Oracle (aka the CATERPILLAR)
    WHITE KING - the White King of the Pale Realm
    TWEEDLE-DUM - Tweedle-dum (the small Tweedle twin)
    TWEEDLE-DEE - Tweedle-dee (the big Tweedle twin)
    DORMOUSE - the Dormouse
    GRYPHON - the Gryphon
    JABBERWOCK - the Jabberwock
    7: Script Conventions
    "(vo)" indicates a voice-over, where the speaker is not physically (or
    visually) present and not clearly identified as speaking
    "< >" indicates visual/auditory descriptions of events or actions
    "<< >>" indicates optional hint dialogue from the Cheshire Cat
    8: Game Script
    -----start intro game credits-----
    EA Games
    <EA Game logo spins and explodes into a puff of flame as the CHESHIRE Cat's
    grin appears, followed by its face>
    Rogue Entertainment
    -----end intro game credits-----
    -----start intro cutscene-----
    <camera pans from a fireplace mantle with a ticking clock down to the lit
    fireplace, then sideways over a table with a chessboard, some playing cards,
    and an oil lamp>
    <camera continues pan over a writing desk with a pocket watch, old-fashioned
    pictures of Alice's mother and a portrait of Alice and her parents>
    <young ALICE sleeps in her bed, holding her stuffed rabbit>
    HARE(vo): Wake up, Dormy. It's time for the tea party.
    <camera zooms in on an open book in Alice's bed and the book illustration of
    the Mad HATTER's tea party>
    Mad HATTER(vo): I've got one.  Why is a raven like a writing desk?
    <camera pans over the writing desk again to focus on a black cat snoozing at
    the end of the desk>
    <the black cat gets up and stretches, bumping a stack of books>
    <the black cat screeches and runs away as the books topple, knocking over the
    pictures and other items>
    <sound of breaking glass> 
    <camera pans back toward the fireplace, showing the fallen playing cards and
    the now broken oil lamp>
    <sound of oil trickling over the floor>
    <the spilled oil from the lamp reaches the fireplace and catches fire>
    <closeup of book page -  "IV - SMOKE AND FIRE">
    HATTER(vo): Ahhhh!  Oh dear!  Oh dear!  
    HARE(vo): You must save Alice!
    RABBIT(vo): Wake up Alice!  Wake up!
    <ALICE sits up in her bed with a gasp as flames chase across the screen>
    <as the fire spreads across the room from the fireplace to the writing desk>
    ALICE(vo): Mom?  Dad?
    PARENTS(vo): Alice!?
    <camera pans across burning picture of young ALICE approaching a closed door
    with a bright light behind it>
    <camera pans across burning picture of young ALICE reaching out toward the
    closed door, as fire and smoke seeps around the edges>
    ALICE(vo): Mom!?  Father!?
    <camera pans down toward picture of young ALICE's hand reaching for the door
    FATHER(vo): For God's sake!
    MOTHER(vo): Get out, Alice!
    FATHER(vo): Save yourself, Alice! Get out of the house!
    <camera pans over picture of horrified young ALICE recoiling>
    <camera pans over picture of young ALICE running down some stairs>
    PARENTS(vo): (death scream) ALICE!
    ALICE(vo): (scream)
    <screams continue as camera pans to the outside of the house>
    <just outside the door, young ALICE (in her nightgown) lies in the snow, her
    stuffed rabbit lying nearby>
    <screams continue>
    <young ALICE looks up as camera zooms in on her shocked green eyes>
    <camera zooms out away from ALICE's blank green eyes>
    <as the sound of screaming fades away, ALICE lies in an asylum bed, stiff and
    unresponsive, her stuffed rabbit lying beside her>
    NURSE(female): Poor dear, after all these years.  Maybe that old rabbit will
    bring her around.
    <light fades as a door closes with a clang>
    <lightning flashes and thunder crashes as the sound of footsteps fade away>
    <ALICE's right arm twitches, then slowly curls around the stuffed rabbit>
    <lightning and thunder continue, accompanied by distant yells and screams of
    the insane asylum's inmates>
    <ALICE's gaze flickers, then she stares down in shock as the stuffed white
    rabbit in her arms suddenly comes to life and turns toward her>
    RABBIT: (deep, hollow voice) Save us, Alice!
    <scene turns into a photo>
    <camera pans downward as the photo, a white chess pawn, a queen of hearts card,
    a broken pocket watch (with gears spilling out of it), and the stuffed rabbit
    tumble through the air>
    <camera follows the stuffed rabbit as it hits the ground with a heavy 'flump'> 
    -----end intro cutscene-----
    01a - Dementia
    <ALICE falls screaming down a long hole with glowing blue walls and lands hard
    in a rocky landscape>
    <as ALICE gets up and dusts herself off>
    RABBIT: Please don't dawdle, Alice.  We're very late indeed!
    <White RABBIT runs off into a mine tunnel>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears and approaches ALICE>
    ALICE: You've gone quite mangy, Cat, but your grin's a comfort.
    CHESHIRE: And you've picked up a bit of an attitude.  Still curious, and
    willing to learn, I hope.
    ALICE: Wonderland's become quite strange.  How is one to find her way?
    CHESHIRE: As knowing where you're going is preferable to being lost, ask. 
    Rabbit knows a thing or two.  And I, myself, don't need a weathervane to tell
    which way the wind blows.
    CHESHIRE: Let your need guide your behavior.  Suppress your instinct to lead.
    Pursue Rabbit.
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    <when ALICE approaches the first gnome who is stooped and hunched under the
    weight of a large glowing stone strapped to his back with a locked harness>
    GNOME1: Our land is destroyed; our spirit crushed.
    ALICE: Reminds me of the asylum.  Is there no joy here?
    GNOME1: Slavery and happiness do not dwell in the same house.
    <GNOME1 runs off>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears near the fuming crevice>
    CHESHIRE: When the path is problematical, consider a leap of faith.  Ride the
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    <after ALICE floats over the fuming crevice>
    GNOME2: Stir up no trouble, stranger.  The Red Queen's agents are ruthless.
    ALICE: I'm not afraid of her, or her creatures.  Never was, really.  You should
    stand up to them.
    GNOME2: Defiance is useless.  While the Queen reigns, only death can release us
    from this misery.
    ALICE: Or her death, I suppose.
    <camera zooms down a tunnel toward CHESHIRE Cat, who stands in front of a
    glowing red crystal>
    CHESHIRE: Meta-Essence is the life force of wonderland; that of your enemies is
    especially potent.  Collect what you can. Use it wisely.
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    <when ALICE picks up the glowing Vorpal Knife>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears>
    CHESHIRE: Your knife is necessary, but not sufficient.  Always collect what's
    <ALICE holds up her knife and tests the edge of the blade>
    CHESHIRE: Reject only your ignorance and you may survive.
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    <camera pans up toward White RABBIT, who shrinks and runs into a small hole in
    the wall>
    <when ALICE approaches GNOME3>
    ALICE: Everyone seems completely dejected.  Are things really as bad as all
    GNOME3: The truth would reduce you to a blubbering baby.... Are you the savior
    Rabbit has been telling us about all this time?
    ALICE: I shouldn't think so.  I'm a person... and just now I wish to get very
    <ALICE holds up her hand in a 'that small' gesture>
    ALICE:  About this big.
    GNOME3: Calls for serious twisting.  You'll need to go sideways, not forward. 
    If I knew how, I'd go sideways myself.
    ALICE: Not twisted.  Small.  I wish to become about this big.
    <ALICE again holds up her hand in a 'that small' gesture>
    GNOME3: The Fortress of Doors holds such secrets.  But it will take more than a
    wish to get inside.
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears>
    CHESHIRE: Doors have locks.  Locks have keys.  Which you don't have.  Let's
    hope the Doors are open.
    ALICE: And if not, there may be more than one way to skin a cat, if you'll
    pardon the expression.
    CHESHIRE: Most unpleasant metaphor.  Please avoid it in the future.
    <when Alice walks by a ledge, CHESHIRE Cat appears atop it>
    CHESHIRE: Only a few find the way; some don't recognize it when they do; some
    don't ever want to.
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    <when ALICE encounters the next gnome>
    GNOME4: Rabbit told us a champion would come.  Are you that champion?
    ALICE: Perhaps.  Can you get me inside the Fortress of Doors?
    GNOME4: Oh no.  Wouldn't dare.  Since the upheaval, we've all become gutless
    half-wits.  I can barely risk crossing the road... But, make your way to the
    mines -- the deepest pit -- there's one wiser and braver than myself who might
    help.  He still lives free.
    <as ALICE approaches the "Yur Mine" sign>
    <CHESIRE appears below the sign>
    CHESHIRE: Every adventure requires a first step. Trite, but true, even here.
    <CHESHIRE vanishes>
    01b - Pandemonium
    <when ALICE approaches the first rope>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears>
    CHESHIRE: Hanging ropes are as good as step ladders to those who know how to
    use them.
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    <when ALICE approaches the Gnome ELDER>
    ELDER: Why do you pursue me to this deserted place...?
    ALICE: To benefit from your wisdom.
    ELDER: Even blurred vision is valued by the blind.  If I were clever, would I
    cower in this slag heap?  I'm not wise, girl... I've just grown old.
    ALICE: I wish to get very small.  No bigger than a mouse.  Do you know how I
    might do that?
    ELDER: Only that?  Oh yes, I could manage that... for a price.
    <ALICE shakes her head>
    ALICE: I have nothing of value.
    ELDER: You have nerve and your health.  Mine are nearly gone.  I've seen too
    much suffering... and I smoke too much you see.
    ALICE: What must I do?
    <camera moves up a curved staircase, through a hallway with Card Guards>
    ELDER: In the Card Guards' compound, a particularly rough diamond holds the
    key.  Retrieve it.
    <camera focuses in a skull-topped staff lying on a table>
    ELDER: I will... repay the favor.
    <the ELDER then disappears in a whirl of sparkles>
    <ALICE jumps on a mine cart, which moves up a shaft, then takes her on a ride
    through the mines>
    <camera shows the mine cart plunging downward into green slime>
    <camera pulls back to show ALICE standing on the edge of the platform, looking
    <when ALICE picks up the Playing Cards>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears>
    CHESHIRE: 52 pickup is a staple of juvenile humor.  But when the deck slices
    and dices, it's no laughing matter.
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    <after ALICE exits green portal>
    <camera pans across an area filled with Card Guards>
    <at the far end of the area, the ELDER stands in front of another green portal
    and beckons to ALICE, then disappears in a whirl of sparkles>
    <after ALICE enters the green portal>
    <ALICE approaches a blimp-like contraption where the ELDER waits>
    ELDER: You have the key!  Very resourceful.  Rabbit's confidence is now
    misplaced.  He is no fool.
    ALICE: I certainly hope he is not.
    <as ELDER and ALICE fly away from the mines>
    ELDER: Use the key to free my clan from the oppressive burden they carry.  Any
    fight against the Queen's tyranny is a good fight.  They've suffered...
    ALICE: I'm sure I'm very sorry for them, sir.  Really, I am.  But what about me
    getting small?
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: Ignore the Queen . . . for now. Keep your eye on Rabbit.
    CHESHIRE: Rabbit's handy with a map.  He's on the right road. And at present,
    you're too big to follow.
    CHESHIRE: Doors have locks, locks need keys, which you don't have. Let's hope
    the Doors are open.
    CHESHIRE: The Guards lack imagination. Don't play with them, unless you're
    ready to deal.
    CHESHIRE: Odds are the next gnome will know something of value. That last idiot
    was nearly useless.
    CHESHIRE: The old rebel is a legend. Search the mines for him.
    CHESHIRE: Keys and locks like hens and cocks are often found together.
    02a - Fortress of Doors (pt 1)
    <the blimp flies by a rocky column, where an insane child prances>
    <as the ELDER propells the blimp past massive stalactites>
    ELDER: There's a Skool, inside the Fortress, where you'll find certain items
    for creating a concoction that will make you small.
    ALICE: What items exactly?
    <the blimp approaches a rocky platform with a closed drawbridge gate>
    ELDER: Items.  Items, girl.  You'll know them when you see them.
    <camera switches to a Card Guard who quickly catches sight of the blimp and
    runs off>
    ELDER: Speaking of seeing things, we should avoid the Card Guards's notice,
    hang on! ... Ahhhhhh! -- DAMMIT! We've been seen.
    <drawbridge gate lowers and Card Guards rush out as the blimp flies away>
    <Card Guards shoot at the blimp as it flies over the Fortress walls>
    <the blimp approaches a castle in the void as Card Guards shoot at it>
    ELDER: Eventually, you must break through such walls... but for now, jump!
    02b - Beyond the Wall
    <when ALICE picks up the glowing red flask>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears>
    CHESHIRE: Time to raise some havoc.  The dogs of war are loose.
    <a red mist shoots from the flask and hits ALICE>
    <ALICE turns red, drops to her knees, then transforms (temporarily) into a
    demonic version of herself>
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    <after ALICE enters green portal>
    <camera shows a green portal, then pans back as three doors close in sequence,
    each with its distinctive musical tone>
    <after ALICE descends winding stairs to platform with 3 switches>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears near switches>
    CHESHIRE: The proper order of things is often a mystery to me.  You, too?
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    <after ALICE pulls the right, left, middle switches in sequence>
    <camera pans forward through the three musical doors as they open, revealing a
    green portal>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hint in the area of the three musical doors>>
    CHESHIRE: Inside the wall is not inside the Fortress. The old Gnome was short
    on details.
    <after ALICE enters green portal>
    <camera shows a hallway as a portion of the floor flips over, then breaks up
    into moving floating segments which lead up to a doorway with a green portal>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hint at the shuffling doors>>
    CHESHIRE: Observe, learn, and react.
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: Cling closely to the path, Alice. A fall will dash your head along
    with all our hopes.
    CHESHIRE: The Guards are tools of the Queen. All suits are dolts. But
    CHESHIRE: Boojums have revolting manners. They'll eat anything. Dispose of them
    or become a meal.
    CHESHIRE: That savage shriek is the mere tip of the iceberg that is the
    Boojum's repulsive personality. 
    02c - Fortress of Doors (pt 2)
    <as ALICE moves along the castle wall, camera shows an open window in the Skool
    house as 2 boojums fly by>
    <as ALICE approaches the open window of the Skool house>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears>
    CHESHIRE: Entering skool requires a real leap of logic!
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: Protective walls may impede you. But the walls most difficult to
    penetrate are those that surround our hearts.
    02d - Skool Daze (pt 1)
    <an insane child wanders around the level's starting point>
    <when ALICE obtains the Croquet Mallet>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears>
    CHESHIRE: Here's a riddle.  When is a croquet mallet like a billy club?  I'll
    tell you.  Whenever you want it to be.
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    <when ALICE enters the auditorium>
    <ALICE descends the steps to the front of the auditorium, where the ELDER is
    <two paintings of waterfalls hang over the stage>
    <two trapdoors open on the stage and 2 weeping/laughing insane children rise
    into view>
    ALICE: There's a bit more to do than you suggested, don't you think?
    ELDER: No need for sarcasm.  I admit, my memory's not what it was.  But I'm
    here now.  I'll try to amend its deficiencies.  
    <on the stage, another trap door opens and a third insane child appears>
    ELDER: The library contains a recipe for the potion.  Consult the Book of
    Bizarre Things. Oh, no... Run...
    <camera shows Card Guards running into the auditorium>
    <the ELDER disappears in a whirl of sparkles>
    <when ALICE exits the auditorium>
    <camera shows the ELDER materialize in the library>
    <the ELDER walks to a shelf, gestures, and the shelf slides backwards, opening
    up a new passageway>
    <after ALICE rides rotating platform to the second floor>
    <camera zooms in on CHESHIRE Cat as it appears near a bookcase>
    CHESHIRE: Steps to enlightment brighten the way; but the steps are steep.  Take
    them one at a time.
    <CHESHIRE Cat knocks over the bookcase, forming a ramp to the third floor>
    <after ALICE touches the 4th glowing book>
    <camera shows the 4 floating books forming a path to a book in a niche>
    <when ALICE climbs on the platform behind the book>
    <ALICE stands behind the book and looks up at CHESHIRE Cat>
    ALICE: There's no lock, but it won't open.  It's stuck.
    CHESHIRE: Treat it like a Chinese box or a stubborn lin.  A tap in the right
    spot might do the trick.
    <ALICE looks thoughtfully at the book, then pushes it to the very edge of the
    <as the book rocks back and forth, ALICE gives the book a final kick so it
    falls to the floor far below and springs opens>
    CHESHIRE(vo): You call that a tap?  Fortunate I didn't suggest force.  You
    might have pulverized it.
    <the pages of the book turn to show a blurry picture of a mushroom>
    <when ALICE approaches the open book on the floor>
    ALICE: Mushrooms, poppies, sugar and spice.  All those things are very nice. 
    When combined the proper mixture makes a getting-small elixir.  Hmm, I don't
    really like sweets.
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: This Skool serves more than nasty lunches. The laboratories are
    especially fascinating, if you can stand the vile stench.
    CHESHIRE: Countless generations of termites would only digest a mere fraction
    of the volumes here; and they wouldn't be one wit wiser.
    CHESHIRE: Every picture tells a story. Sometimes we don't like the ending.
    Sometimes we don't understand it.
    02e - Skool's Out
    <when ALICE obtains the demon dice>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears>
    CHESHIRE: Ah, the diabolical dice.  A word of caution.  Don't throw them when
    you're alone.  The fiends lack loyalty, and their notion of nourishment is
    quite disturbing.
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    <when ALICE pulls the lever in the gymnasium>
    <the gym seats extend from the wall>
    <camera shows the ELDER in the rafters, beckoning to ALICE>
    <when ALICE picks up the Rage Box in the floor alcove in the gym>
    CHESHIRE: How fine you look when dressed in rage. Your enemies are fortunate
    that your condition is not permanent. And you're lucky too. Red eyes suit so
    <as ALICE approaches the ELDER in the rafters>
    ELDER: The gymnasium should be safe.  Guards never exercise.  Can't afford to
    lose the weight.
    ALICE: I never cared for sports at school... I don't have to put on a pinny, do
    ELDER: No, it wouldn't suit you.  I've recalled one of the potion's
    <ELDER pulls out a purple mushroom>  
    ELDER: Mushrooms...  Lovely texture.
    <ELDER looks downward>
    ELDER: What's that?
    <camera pans downward to show 2 boojums flying through the hole in the gym
    <ELDER disappears in a whirl of sparkles>
    <after ALICE kills the 2 boojums in the gym>
    <ELDER materializes in a lab where thing are bubbling>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat hint in garden, before ALICE obtains the Jumbo Grow>>
    CHESHIRE: Nature has ordained that certain seeds require assistance to fulfill
    their destiny.
    <<CHESHIRE Cat hint in laboratory>>
    CHESHIRE: Gardners store rat poison and weed killer in sheds. Skools have
    laboratories for that purpose.
    <after ALICE enters lab and kills the two Card Guards attacking the ELDER>
    ALICE: You're fortunate I passed by.
    ELDER: Meaning what?  I was about to say that you're lucky to have found me.
    <ELDER reaches into a pocket and pulls out something>
    ELDER: Look, I found the last ingredient. Sugared spice drops...
    ALICE: Whenever we meet up, seems I also find a bit more trouble.  Seen any
    Jumbo Grow, about?
    <ELDER looks over to the side and ALICE looks in the same direction>
    <cabinet doors open showing a glowing flask>
    ELDER: There's a bit in that flask on that sideboard.  You see?  We're set. 
    Bring back some poppy blooms and we'll mix up the potion.
    <ELDER disappears in a whirl of sparkles>
    <when ALICE approaches indoor garden (after obtaining the Jumbo Grow)>
    <the flask pours out over the glowing spot in the soil bed labelled "Poppy
    <a large 'lollipop' grows out of the soil>
    <when ALICE returns to lab (after obtaining the 'poppy blooms')>
    ELDER: This condenser can mix the potion... doesn't look like it's good for
    much else, though.
    <ELDER gestures>
    ELDER: Now time to leave... but not as you came.  Go by way of the Observatory.
     This star is for your stellar performance... may open some doors for you.
    <ELDER disappears, leaving behind the star and the potion>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: Unplanted seeds dry out and die.
    02f - Skool Daze (pt 2)
    <as ALICE enters Observatory doors in library>
    <ALICE stands on elevator platform as the star rises into the air>
    <when ALICE uses the eyepiece of the telescope>
    <the globe in the Observatory opens, revealing a green portal>
    <ALICE drinks the potion and jumps into the green portal>
    03a - Pool of Tears
    <camera pans down a steep cliff as bugs throw a large rock down and White
    RABBIT runs up a path along the cliff face>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hint at starting point>>
    CHESHIRE: Rabbit's anxiety pollutes his reasoning. He begs you back to this
    hell-hole, then abandons you. Stop looking for good sense here. Settle for any!
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hint at the first bend of cliff path>>
    CHESHIRE: A rope and net would be handy. And a circus career. Your limbs and
    imagination will have to suffice.
    <when ALICE passes the waterfall the second time, a Soldier Ant pushes a
    boulder down the cliff path>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hint after the ant pushes the first boulder>>
    CHESHIRE: Take the high ground, then punish these pests. 
    <when ALICE passes the waterfall the third time, another Soldier Ant pushes
    boulder over the edge>
    <when ALICE approaches the sobbing Mock TURTLE who stands on the edge of the
    pool (which contains a giant statue of a weeping Alice>
    ALICE: What's all this then?  Did someone die?  Have you lost your family?
    TURTLE: No, my shell!  The Duchess stole it and tried to eat me for lunch! 
    Nobility must be served, I suppose...
    ALICE: Stop that wailing, won't you?
    TURTLE: You're very cold blooded for a mammal.  I was almost soup!
    ALICE: Tragic, I'm sure, but I'm a bit pressed for time.  Have you seen a
    TURTLE: Hmm... twitchy nose, shifty eyes... constantly consults his pocket
    watch?  Most peculiar beast.
    ALICE: Well, he's very dear to me.  I must find him.
    TURTLE: Caterpillar could help, I'm quite certain.  He knows everything there
    is to know.
    ALICE: And where does that smushy lay-about hang his hookah these days?
    TURTLE: Since the troubles began, he's in hiding.  I couldn't divulge the
    secret.  I couldn't risk telling you, without... something in return.
    ALICE: Risk nothing, gain nothing.
    TURTLE: His whereabouts, then, for my shell.  The Duchess won't part with it
    ALICE: Then she must do it unwillingly.  I'll teach her manners.
    TURTLE: You are brave.  But I warn you, she treats everything as prey!
    <the Mock TURTLE and ALICE look up as a leaf falls onto the water>
    <Mock TURTLE gets on the leaf and floats away>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hint after cutscene with TURTLE>>
    CHESHIRE: The dim-witted are not ignorant. Follow Turtle and find nobility, of
    a sort.
    <Mock TURTLE glides down a small waterfall and floats ahead of ALICE down
    another larger waterfall>
    <after ALICE encounters several thorned roots hanging over the water>
    <the Mock TURTLE runs cross a stone bridge over the water>
    <after ALICE jumps off the leaf and runs up the slope>
    <the Mock TURTLE jumps onto another leaf and floats away>
    <after ALICE dodges some trumpet-like branches hanging over the water>
    <ALICE goes over a tall waterfall, screaming>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: What a racket! Reminds me of your violin lessons.
    CHESHIRE: Plug that noisy orifice before we both go mad.
    03b - Hollow Hideaway
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hint as ALICE approaches the DUCHESS's house>>
    CHESHIRE: There's a distinct whiff of pepper on the wind. The Duchess must be
    <as ALICE approaches the Duchess's house>
    <a blue-green lizard with a tool belt walks around the corner>
    BILL: Psst! Over here!
    ALICE: Don't I know you?
    BILL: Bill McGill, at your service.  Call me Larry... Or not.  Have any brandy?
    ALICE: No, I've only my wits.
    BILL: Then you have nothing.  Wits are useless here - everything is down-side
    ALICE: I must see the Duchess.
    BILL: Impossible.  She only sees those who don't wish to see her.
    ALICE: That's not right.
    BILL: It's perfect.  She's supposed to be hiding from the Red Queen, who wants
    her dead.
    ALICE: Her head?!
    BILL: That, too.  Ruins my home; builds this monstrosity.  She's mad as monkey
    mash and just as tasteless.  Well, never mind.  We'll all perish soon enough. 
    Sure you've no brandy?
    ALICE: I'm here to retrieve the Turtle's shell.  I won't leave without it.
    BILL: Won't you indeed?  Stick your thumb in her eye, what!  Your devoted
    servant, Ma'am, I owe her a bad turn myself.  Follow me.
    <ALICE follows BILL as he climbs the stairs of the house>
    <as they approach its shaking doors, BILL suddenly bolts left out of the way as
    the doors suddenly swing open and ALICE gets sucked inside the house>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: The leaves appear no worse for it.
    CHESHIRE: Is our situation not dismal? Wonderland is so discombobulated that
    lady bugs have turned belligerent and enlisted in the Queen's army. Punish
    their conversion.
    03c - Just Desserts
    <as ALICE grabs the jackbomb off the table>
    <DUCHESS jumps out of the fireplace>
    DUCHESS: Come closer my little chick... Mmmm, properly seasoned, you'd make a
    handsome dish.
    ALICE: I'm not edible.
    DUCHESS: Not a full meal, certainly.  But a light snack, I think!
    ALICE: I'll have the Turtle shell now, you disgusting ogre!
    DUCHESS: Over my dead body!
    ALICE: I'll try to accomodate you!
    <when ALICE defeats the DUCHESS>
    <DUCHESS starts sneezing madly until she literally sneezes her brains out, then
    her head explodes>
    <a secret door behind a shelf opens and BILL and Mock TURTLE enter the room>
    BILL: I'll have the leeches in to handle this mess.
    TURTLE: At least my shell's in tolerable condition.
    ALICE: A simple thank-you would have been nice... I've kept my part of the
    bargain, Turtle.
    TURTLE: Fair enough.  I'll take you on a trip.  Hover around my bubbles. 
    Cuddle up to them, never leave them.  You'll muddle through.
    <BILL pulls a lever, opening a hatch>
    <Mock TURTLE jumps through the hatch, followed by ALICE>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: Annihilate what threatens to destroy you.
    03d - Wholly Morel Ground
    <after ALICE swims through a hole at the bottom of a wall, a giant fish lunges
    up between Mock TURTLE and ALICE>
    <after ALICE swims through the hole in the last wall, ALICE swims up toward the
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: Turtle's bubbles are like words to a prophet.
    CHESHIRE: His bubbles are to your survival what eyesight is to vision.
    04a - Dry Landing
    <ALICE jumps out of the water and lands hard on dry land>
    <as ALICE gets up>
    TURTLE: Finish what you start, please!  Remember, you're just a visitor.  We
    have to live here.
    ALICE: I'm not on holiday.
    TURTLE: And I'm not ungrateful...  You're an honorary reptile!
    ALICE: Lucky me...
    <Mock TURTLE waggles his head and a translucent shell appears on ALICE's back>
    TURTLE: You're think so when you're under water.
    <Mock TURTLE swims away underwater>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hint at starting point>>
    CHESHIRE: Even pebbles terrorize the tiny. But you must risk them. Caterpillar
    is waiting.
    <after ALICE lands on the ledge where White RABBIT waits>
    RABBIT: You've taken your sweet time.
    ALICE: What do you mean?  You're the one who didn't wait!  I have reason...
    RABBIT: Forget reasons, they're useless.  Caterpillar is waiting.
    <ALICE folds her arms>
    ALICE: I remember him well.  Thin-skinned.  Ill-tempered.  Smokes too much.
    Disagreeable smell.  Why do I need him?
    RABBIT: No one's wiser in Wonderland.  Only he knows what you must do to save
    us.  Now, follow closely.  The way is treacherous.  We have so far to go, and
    so little time to get there.
    <White RABBIT runs off>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hint on ledge with White RABBIT>>
    CHESHIRE: Don't lose him. He's not the brightest star in the galaxy. But he
    shines at one thing.
    <when ALICE approaches a deep pit>
    <White RABBIT runs off to the left on the opposite side of pit>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hint near pit after  White RABBIT runs by on other side of pit>>
    CHESHIRE: Don't lose him. He's not the brightest star in the galaxy. But he
    shines at one thing.
    04b - Herbaceous Border
    <White RABBIT runs up to ALICE>
    RABBIT: Strange how quiet it is here, now.  I don't like it.  Caterpillar is
    just beyond the clearing, Alice.  Let's sacrifice stealth for speed.
    <White RABBIT runs off>
    <White RABBIT pauses to sniff the air>
    <ALICE follows, then feels the ground rumble>
    <the giant feet of the Mad HATTER appear, shaking the ground with every step>
    <the Mad HATTER's giant foot stomps on the running White RABBIT, then twists,
    grinding the White RABBIT into the dirt>
    <ALICE runs up to the dead, flattened White RABBIT and drops to her knees>
    ALICE: Everyone I love dies violently... unnaturally.  
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears>
    ALICE: I'm cursed.  Why go on?  I'll just hurt others...
    <ALICE drops her head into her hands and sobs>
    CHESHIRE: No time for self-pity.  Evade these savage soldiers and find
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    <after ALICE goes underground>
    <Mad HATTER jumps on the ground, causing a pathway to collapse>
    <Mad HATTER jumps on the ground again, causing another underground path to
    <when ALICE approaches chamber with Playing Cards at the far end>
    <camera zooms in on CHESHIRE Cat, sitting next to the cards>
    CHESHIRE: Go with the flow.  Whatever floats will do.
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    04c - Rolling Stones
    <ladybugs chitter excitedly as an extra-large ladybug flies by, carrying a
    large round rock, escorted by smaller ladybugs>
    <ALICE watches as the round rock drops through the hole>
    <as the rock starts rolling toward her, ALICE turns and runs>
    (no dialogue)
    04d - Icy Reception
    <when ALICE obtains the Ice Wand>
    CHESHIRE(vo): Withering cold incapacitates an enemy more completely than deep
    wounds.  But winter does not last forever.
    <as ALICE exits ice wand area>
    <the round rock rolls into view, then hurtles across the cavern toward the
    tunnel where ALICE stands>
    <after ALICE rides air vents out of the caverns>
    <CATERPILLAR sits on a rock, wearing a fez and smoking a hookah>
    CATERPILLAR: Ah Alice... you've returned.
    ALICE: But Rabbit never told me why.. and now he's gone.
    CATERPILLAR: Why? Wonderland is severely damaged.  You must set things right. 
    That's why.
    ALICE: I barely recognize this terrible place.  What is it to me?
    CATERPILLAR: It's home... Well, it could be.  Having lost what you loved, you
    nearly wiped us out.  You've started to rebuild.  Your task, however, and your
    pain are not over.
    ALICE: Why must I suffer...?
    CATERPILLAR: Because your mind is fouled by self-deception.  Even your
    fantasies have fragmented into tortured versions of themselves.  You are
    wracked with guilt because you survived, and you dread the prospect of a life
    ALICE: What do you think I must do?
    CATERPILLAR: Destroy the Queen of Hearts.  Wonderland, and your entire world
    can become whole again.  I need to rest now. You need to regain your human
    size.  Grow up, Alice.  Embrace the truth.
    CATERPILLAR: Travel to the Fungiferous Forest, now, and nibble from the
    Mushroom of Life.  Take great care.  The voracious Centipede jealously guards
    it, and rules over waht you require.
    <CATERPILLAR exhales and puffs out a mass of smoke that turns into a green
    04e - Fungiferous Flora
    <when ALICE picks up the Mirror>
    <ALICE primps herself, then the mirror glows white>
    <ALICE turns invisible>
    <after ALICE fights several mushrooms>
    <as ALICE descends tunnel>
    CENTIPEDE: You pathetic and wretched excuse for warriors!  Form a line!
    <ants rush forward>
    <CENTIPEDE rears up>
    CENTIPEDE: Bring the intruder to my den.  I will punish her insolence and
    dispose of her!
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: If your stature were an illness, it seems the Centipede dispenses
    medicine to make you well. 
    CHESHIRE: Confidence and rashness are sides of a single coin. Please remember,
    you're about as big as a middling-size garden slug. Until you find the magic
    mushroom, get used to it.
    CHESHIRE: I'm afraid I have to expel a rather ferocious hairball. You're on
    your own, girl.
    04f - Centipede's Sanctum
    <the mouth of a giant nutcracker-like face opens and closes>
    <ants mill about excitedly as ALICE walks forward>
    <when she pauses at the edge of a steep drop, an ant shoves her and sends her
    sliding downwards and then up into the nutcracker-like mouth>
    <ALICE drops into the CENTIPEDE's den>
    <when CENTIPEDE dies, stalactites fall, forming a path to the mushroom>
    <when ALICE uses the Grasshopper Tea>
    CHESHIRE: Those who say there's nothing like a nice cup of tea for calming the
    nerves, never had real tea. It's like a syringe of adrenaline straight to the
    <as ALICE reaches the mushroom>
    CHESHIRE: I've never trusted toadstools; but I suppose some must have their
    good points.
    ALICE: I wish I were hallucinating.  What a horrible choice.  Eat a toadstool,
    or remain food for insects.
    <ALICE reaches up, pulls off a piece of mushroom, and eats it>
    <as ALICE starts to grow to normal size>
    CHESHIRE: It's rude to eat and run, but sometimes it's unavoidable.
    04g - Caterpillar's Plot (pt 1)
    <camera zooms across a barren rocky area with pools of lava to the CHESHIRE
    CHESHIRE: The dimensions of the desolate tract are unknown to all but the
    inhabitants.  Only one path will bring you to the endgame.
    <when ALICE obtains the Jabberwock's Eye Staff>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears on the outer edge of the lava pool>
    CHESHIRE: The Jabberwock's Eye Staff is incomparably powerful.  But its
    individual pieces are worth less than the carcass of a gnat.
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    <camera pans across the lava and down the tunnel as the gate blocking the way
    to the ORACLE opens>
    <as ALICE approaches an open area with a cave on one side>
    ORACLE(unseen): To destroy the palace, filled with malice, is the daring work
    of noble Alice.
    ORACLE(unseen): An endgame with the Red Queen is possible only after you crush
    her sentinel -- the vile, fiercilicious, and vengeful Jabberwock.  Without the
    Staff that bears his name, destroying him is the hopeless work of a wasted
    ALICE: I have one piece of the Eye Staff.  Where are the others?
    ORACLE(unseen): Scattered throughout the world.  When you have them all in
    hand, checkmate is possible.  The pale royals may be of use.
    ALICE: Obscure allusions to chess are fine, but it troubles me that anonymous
    oracles know more of my business than I do.
    <camera shows the gate in the white castle opening, allowing access to a green
    <as ALICE approaches top of the slope of blocks>
    CHESHIRE: Since you know the moves, best play with whites.  They go first.
    ALICE: Such order in the midst of chaos makes me woozy and disoriented.
    CHESHIRE: The regularity of the board disguises the predatory menace of certain
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: Flattering words often incite their object to rash action. Learn
    their true meaning. 
    CHESHIRE: Cats are color blind, you know. Kaleidoscopes hold no interest for
    CHESHIRE: These woods are familiar. The voice from the cliff, remember? Wonder
    if he's done a bunk by now.
    05a - Pale Realm
    <closeup of a pale clock with its hands moving>
    <camera pans through a pale city>
    <a door opens and a white rook emerges and stands guard at the closed door>
    <when ALICE approaches the white bishop>
    <ALICE and the white bishop exchange looks, then the white bishop moves aside>
    <ALICE steps into the narrow alleyway, then turns into a white bishop>
    <when ALICE pulls the switch on balcony, a bell tolls, the door guarded by the
    white rook opens and the white rook goes inside>
    <when ALICE approaches the white knight>
    <the white knight moves aside>
    <ALICE enters the area and turns into a white knight>
    <when ALICE pulls the switch inside the tower room>
    <camera shows the water wheel turning and the water level rising>
    <when ALICE approaches the palace of the white chess pieces>
    <the double doors open and a group of red chess pieces emerge>
    <two red knights stand guard as two red rooks drag the White Queen away onto a
    suspended platform which departs the area>
    <when ALICE approaches the White King>
    <the White King looks at the green orb in his hand, then glides down the steps
    to meet ALICE>
    WHITE KING: Help us, please. The Red Queen's forces are strong and show no
    mercy.  Our own queen is in terrible danger.
    ALICE: I saw her captured.  I'm sorry.
    WHITE KING: Without her generalship, red wins.  We're doomed.
    ALICE: As am I, if I can't pass through this realm.  I must collect the pieces
    to the Jabberwock's Eye Staff.
    WHITE KING: Free the White Queen, Alice.  That will help us both.
    ALICE: I'm not really a player.  What are the rules?
    WHITE KING: Rules?  There are no rules.  There's barely any strategy.  No time!
     Make a frontal assault on the Red Castle.  I won't lie to you.  You'll meet
    deadly traps and fierce opposition along the way.
    ALICE: Should I be grateful for the truth?  A lie or two might have been more
    WHITE KING: In war: truth first.  There's always time for lies later.  You
    won't face the enemy alone.  Carry this soldier to the White Queen.
    <a white pawn glides forward, then shrinks>
    <ALICE picks up the now pocket-sized white pawn>
    ALICE: A mere pawn is the best I can hope for?
    WHITE KING: I'm afraid so.  Now, return as you came.  The rooks know the way.
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: Make your move toward the White Knight's Castle.
    CHESHIRE: You know all the right moves. Use them.
    05b - Castling
    <when ALICE enters a narrow hallway with windows>
    <camera shows the White Queen bound and struggling on a guillotine>
    <the guillotine blade rises, then locks into place as the Red King watches>
    <the White Queen continues to struggle against her bonds>
    <the Red King swings his specter>
    <the blade falls, decapitating the White Queen>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: The White Queen awaits. You control her fate.
    05c - Checkmate in Red
    <when ALICE steps onto the checkerboard platform>
    <ALICE turns to watch the drawbridge lift, trapping her on the platform>
    <the Red King materializes in front of ALICE>
    <when ALICE kills the Red King>
    <a floating platform with columns and arches settles on the checkerboard>
    <ALICE climbs the steps onto the platform>
    <ALICE places the shrunken pawn on the large white square>
    <the white pawn grows to full size, shrinks back down again, then turns into a
    full-sized White Queen>
    <a group of red chess pieces appear>
    <the red chess pieces move forward and the White Queen advances to meet them>
    <as ALICE watches, the Mad HATTER appears behind her and knocks her out with a
    backward swipe of his hand>
    <camera pans back to show a chandelier and a strange painting of a man in a top
    <camera pans back further to show ALICE laying on an ornate table>
    05d - Mirror Image
    <closeup of a strange painting of a man in a top hat>
    <camera shows Alice lying on an ornate table>
    <a twitching insane child looks up at the clock in its padded cell as the clock
    face breaks>
    <in a control room, TWEEDLE-DUM watches one clock (out of several on the wall)
    <TWEEDLE-DUM turns around with a scowl on his face>
    <camera shows ALICE lying on an ornate table>
    <camera suddenly rotates 90 degrees to show that the table is actually hanging
    on the wall and that the everything around her (floor, ceiling, walls) are all
    rotated 90 degrees to the side>
    <several insane children wander or run around>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears>
    CHESHIRE: Look straight ahead; or askance.  Whichever way you choose, you must
    always look in the right direction>
    <ALICE drops to the wall-now-floor>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hint in mirror maze>>
    CHESHIRE: Paths that end in trouble are all the same. They only appear
    different when you don't know where they lead.
    <when ALICE obtains the Jacks>
    CHESHIRE(vo): This simple game can turn distinctly nasty.  Don't ever play
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hint in the asylum cell area>>
    CHESHIRE: Seek and ye shall find, they say. But they don't say what you'll
    <when ALICE destroys all the clocks>
    <camera shows steam escaping a large pipe>
    <the large pipe explodes, breaking down a set of doors>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hint in tilting platform area>>
    CHESHIRE: Don't get spun, whirled, twisted, gyrated, sloshed, or tossed. Avoid
    false moves.
    <when ALICE enters brown double doors>
    TWEEDLE-DEE: Look, Dum, it's whatshername, from the Neurotics' Ward.  Nurse's
    favorite lunatic.
    TWEEDLE-DUM: Oh yeah?  Scrawny, ain't she?  Who let her out, then?  They'll
    blame us, most like.
    TWEEDLE-DEE: She'll need more medicine.  Strong medicine.
    TWEEDLE-DUM: She got anything to eat?
    TWEEDLE-DEE: Doubt it.  She never finishes her grub at the asylum.  She had any
    meat on her, she'd make a delectable dish.
    <CHESHIRE Cat sits beside ALICE>
    ALICE: Despicable, grotesque, and smelly louts; I'll fill your bellies,
    CHESHIRE: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
    ALICE: Spare me the platitude.  Do you have any useful advice?
    CHESHIRE: Use their size against them.
    <after ALICE kills TWEEDLE-DEE and TWEEDLE-DUM>
    <camera zooms in on the Mad HATTER>
    HATTER: Bad timing.  Pity.  Reliable help is so hard to find these days.  Come
    in my dear.  You're just in time for tea.
    <camera zooms in on ALICE>
    ALICE: I only take mine with friends.
    <the Mad HATTER stands on the upper walkway in control room, looking down at
    HATTER: Count me to be among them.  Accurately.  I mean, honestly.  That's the
    truth.  Oh, I quite forgot.  You and the truth are not on familiar terms.
    ALICE: And you would know!
    HATTER: Truth is always bitter to those who fear it.
    ALICE: I fear nothing.
    HATTER: False.  You fear much... a return trip to the asylum, for example...
    the memories that drove you there... more years in, shall we say, supervised
    hospitalization... ah yes, you fear much.  Of course, all that might be
    ALICE: How?  Tell me.  What do you mean?
    <the floor under ALICE's feet crumbles away and she tumbles downward,
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: Seek the scattered pieces of the Eye Staff, Alice. I feel its power
    CHESHIRE: Each piece brings you closer to the endgame. But alone, each is worth
    less than a matchstick.
    06a - Crazed Clockwork
    <when ALICE approaches the clocks floating in mercury>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears on one of the clocks>
    CHESHIRE: A reflection sometimes exposes more reality than the object it
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    <when ALICE enters the Mad HATTER's lab as equipment rumbles and electricity
    <ALICE watches as a giant pair of tongs picks up an insane child, drops it onto
    a conveyor which pulls the child into the neighboring machine>
    <mechanical parts get dropped into the top of the machine>
    HARE: Dormy, wake up.  Someone's come to release us.
    <the multilated, half-mechanical HARE is strapped to a vertical board>
    <camera pans to DORMOUSE, also now half-mechanical, lies strapped to a table,
    metal limbs twitching uselessly>
    DORMOUSE: It's just a human.  Probably useless.
    HARE: Undo us, please, from this contraption.
    DORMOUSE: Or you can give us tea, if you prefer.
    ALICE: Were you impolite at table?  Did you slurp your tea? Or talk while
    chewing?  Confess your crime.
    <camera pans around ALICE as she stares up at the machine the insane child was
    dropped into>
    <closeup of HARE>
    HARE: We've done nothing of the kind.  It's the Hatter.  He's gone quite mad,
    if I do say so.  Speaking of which, how is the Queen of Hearts not like a
    <ALICE still stares at the machine>
    ALICE: Both are powerful, destructive, and indiscriminately cruel.  But the
    typhoon doesn't mean to be.
    HARE: Good answer.  Wrong, but good.
    <ALICE walks away from the machine (and its conveyor belt) and approaches
    ALICE: Oh, I beg your pardon.  You are in real danger.  Where is your host?
    DORMOUSE: Real danger? Are we?  Really?  Hare, I wish to go home. 
    <in the background, a robot rolls off the machine's conveyor belt and drops out
    of sight>
    DORMOUSE: Evidently I have worn out my welcome.
    <ALICE walks over to HARE>
    HARE: The Hatter will be here at 6. Sharp as clockwork.
    <camera pulls back to show the switch between HARE and DORMOUSE>
    DORMOUSE: Misses no opportunity to deny us our tea.  Most cruel, I'm sure.  And
    his medicine makes me tired...
    <when ALICE pulls the switch>
    <camera zooms in as a barred gate lifts>
    <camera pans by the Mad HATTER, who makes an annoyed sound, then hits a giant
    key which spins, then drops into a slot into the floor>
    <back in the lab, HARE gets repeatedly dunked into a vat of liquid, pulled out,
    then shocked, while an electrode repeatedly lowers and zaps DORMOUSE>
    <when ALICE approaches the slot in the floor and the newly opened door behind
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears>
    CHESHIRE: Quick as Mercury: and mad from it... among other things.  He is
    obsessed with time.  Find him.  Or your own time may be short.
    <CHESHIRE Cat disappears>
    <when ALICE opens door to GRYPHON's prison cage>
    ALICE: Those two seem to barely comprehend their situation.
    GRYPHON: They're blithering idiots.  But the Hatter does come at 6 on the dot.
    ALICE: For his tea?
    GRYPHON: No.  To check his cruel experiements.  With gears, springs, levers,
    and mechanical gizzards, he seeks an impossible precision like a watchmaker
    obsessed with infinitesimal fractions of seconds, or a mathematician who tries
    to square the circle.  He'll turn all the inhabitants into his automatons, or
    kill them in the attempt.
    ALICE: That's simply awful.  6 o'clock, you say?
    GRYPHON: 6 precisely, by that clock.
    ALICE: Hmm... Perhaps 6 comes early today.
    <after sinking the 4 sugar cubes and pulling the switch>
    <the clock hands advance to 6 o'clock>
    <in the GRYPHON's prison, the clock in the floor shows 6 o'clock>
    <the door behind ALICE opens to show a green portal>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: Even I know not where the missing piece of the Eye Staff is
    concealed. But if a segment were secreted amidst evil and madness, I would
    expect to find it here.
    06b - About Face
    <when ALICE obtains the next part of Jabberwock's Eye Staff>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears>
    CHESHIRE: The Staff lacks only the Jabberwock's eye.  Through he has two, I
    understand he's quite fond of them both.  I doublt time will change his mind. 
    Speaking of which, where is the Hatter?
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    <Mad HATTER appears>
    <when ALICE kills the Mad HATTER>
    <Mad HATTER stiffens, mechanical parts fall from his hat, then his head
    explodes and Mad HATTER topples to the ground>
    <when ALICE obtains the Deadtime Watch>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears>
    CHESHIRE: This unique watch stops time... for a time.  Unlike death... time
    moves on.  Those who stood still with time move on also... unless they're dead.
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    <when ALICE enters the green portal>
    <camera shows the GRYPHON's cage opening>
    <GRYPHON lands in front of ALICE>
    GRYPHON: With gratitude, I offer you my services.
    ALICE: Promise only what you're prepared to deliver.
    <ALICE gestures to herself>
    ALICE:  I am destined to battle the Red Queen.  The outcome is uncertain.
    GRYPHON: You won't fight alone.  Permit me to serve as your commander.  I'll
    muster the forces whose allegiance your courage and skill have already won.
    ALICE: How shall we prepare for battle?
    GRYPHON: An assault on the Queen depends on breaching the gates to her kingdom.
     Only the Jabberwock's Eye Staff can pry them open. If you open the gates, I'll
    lead the troups to victory.  Let us right the wrongs of this world, together.
    <ALICE gets on the GRYPHON's back and they take to the air>
    <GRYPHON pauses at the roof of the chamber, releases a burst of blue flame
    which smashes the roof open, and they fly away>
    07a - Burning Curiosity
    <GRYPHON and ALICE fly over a rocky lava-riddled landscape>
    <both ALICE and GRYPHON are on the ground>
    GRYPHON: Recruit whatever allies you can, Alice.  We'll need them all.  I'll
    return with reinforcements.  Take heart.
    <GRYPHON flies away, leaving ALICE on the ground>
    <when ALICE approaches a shaft of light in the rocky tunnel>
    <camera zooms in on a cave>
    ORACLE(unseen): The time of action has arrived.  You should not waste a day. 
    No lame excueses do you contrive, nor tolerate delay.
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears beside ALICE>
    ALICE: It talks like I'm on holiday, Cat.  Wandering about, having a bit of
    fun.  The oracle's an idiot.
    CHESHIRE: Confront what frightens or offends you.  Reckless or insulting talk
    should never go unchallenged.
    <CATERPILLAR emerges from cave, complete with fez and hookah>
    ALICE: You?  Bizarre creature!  I was beginning to like you.
    CATERPILLAR: Like me or don't.  But believe me.  The Jabberwock must be
    eliminated -- now.  Blow open the gates and confront the Queen.
    ALICE: I don't have the final piece of the Staff.  Without his eye, how can it
    be done?
    CATERPILLAR: I don't know.  But you must.  The situation is urgent.
    ALICE: What good are you to me?  I'm supposed to attack this ferocious
    creature; but I'm not even sure this is my fight.
    CATERPILLAR: It's no one else's, Alice.  Only you can save yourself.
    ALICE: Save myself?  From death?  Is that it?  Is that why I've come here?  I'm
    not afraid to die.  'times I've welcomed death.
    CATERPILLAR: Not death.
    ALICE: What then?  A fate worse than death?  I'm not stupid.  Don't make me
    think you are.
    CATERPILLAR: Think what you will.  But know this.  You withdrew from your world
    after the fire because you could not bear your terrible loss.  When you
    answered Rabbit's call, you began to emerge from your tragedy.  Stay on this
    path, Alice.  Save yourself, and you will save Wonderland.  You will restore us
    ALICE: What I've been feeling, I am beginning to understand.  I broke this
    world; and only I can repair it.
    CATERPILLAR: Go well, Alice.  The Jabberwock waits.  With Gryphon as your
    partner, you have reason to hope for success.  He's the strongest among us.
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: Gryphon's an ideal partner. Perhaps I'll just retreat for a nap
    CHESHIRE: The Queen's guardian rarely leaves his filthy lair.
    07b - Jabberwock's Lair
    JABBERWOCK: You've kept me waiting, Alice.  Have you never heard that
    punctuality's a virtue?
    <JABBERWOCK and ALICE stand on a platform suspended over a gaping void and
    circled by burning walls>
    ALICE: You and my dentist's assistant have much in common.
    <JABBERWOCK prowls around the platform>
    JABBERWOCK: You're habitually late, aren't you?  Between your dim-witted
    daydreaming and your preening vanity, the hours just fly by; there's barely
    time for anything else.
    ALICE: That the best you can do?  Hurl second-rate insults?  They don't hurt...
    JABBERWOCK: Your family was expecting you to come to them, weren't they? 
    Perhaps they thought you might warn them of the danger... being close to the
    source, as you were.  But they waited in vain, didn't they, and died for their
    ALICE: We were all asleep.  It was an accident... I...
    JABBERWOCK: You selfish, misbegotten, and unnatural child!  You smelled the
    smoke.  But you were in dreamland taking tea with your friends.  You couldn't
    be bothered.  Your room was protected and spared -- while your family upstairs
    roasted in an inferno of incredible horror.
    ALICE: (wail) Noooooooooooooooo...
    <when ALICE inflicts enough damage to JABBERWOCK>
    <JABBERWOCK knocks ALICE to the floor with a swipe>
    <as JABBERWOCK stalks toward helpess ALICE, GRYPHON suddenly flies in and
    attacks, ripping out one of JABBERWOCK's eyes in a spray of blood>
    <JABBERWOCK quickly flies away and escapes>
    <GRYPHON stands in front of ALICE as the JABBERWOCK's eye floats nearby>
    GRYPHON: Hurry, Alice.  The Eye Staff is yours.  The troops are gathered,
    everything is ready.  I'll deal with the Jabberwock.  You are our champion. 
    Lead us to victory in Queensland.
    <GRYPHON flies away>
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: The vile creature is a killer. And even his words can wound.
    CHESHIRE: It's impolite to keep royalty waiting. But the price of good manners
    may be too high. This Queen's a real bitch.
    07c - Caterpillar's Plot (pt 2)
    <when ALICE obtains the Blunderbuss>
    CHESHIRE: A blunderbuss in the hands of a blockhead, is a catastrophe waiting
    to happen.  You're not a bunderhead, but exercise great care.
    <when ALICE approaches the rippling wall>
    GRYPHON(vo): ...only the Jabberwock's Eye Staff can pry them open...
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: You may have missed something. What's rubbish to one is salvation to
    CHESHIRE: Look, Alice. Though his elliptical essence is unrecognizable, it's
    wrong to think him worthless.
    08a - Majestic Maze
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hint at starting point>>
    CHESHIRE: Find the Queen. Ignore her pledge to decapitate intruders, at your
    (no dialogue)
    08b - Airborne Terror
    <camera pans across tall chamber, then zooms in on CHESHIRE Cat>
    CHESHIRE: Ride the thermal drafts like a gyrfalcon.
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes>
    08c - Mystifying Madness
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hint at starting point>>
    CHESHIRE: The Queen. The Queen. My lower incisors for the Queen. Where is that
    wretched creature?
    <when ALICE pulls switch>
    <camera pans through a large pipe, around two bends, to show an opening gate
    with a heart-shaped Meta-Essence crystal beyond>
    <when ALICE steps on platform under a glowing heart>
    <camera shows the gates blocking the green portal opening>
    08d - Water Logged
    <camera zooms in on CHESHIRE Cat, sitting on a ledge in front of a pipe lid>
    CHESHIRE: Turtle proved that being a reptile has advantages.
    08e - Labyrinthine Revenge
    (no dialogue)
    <<CHESHIRE Cat Hints - location unknown>>
    CHESHIRE: Look for the Queen, but remember: She also has eyes for you.
    08f - Machinations
    <camera zooms in on CHESHIRE Cat in room full of moving gears>
    CHESHIRE: Time to jump in time to jump through time... I'm dizzy.
    09a - Royal Rage
    <camera pans by ALICE>
    <GRYPHON and JABBERWOCK face off>
    <GRYPHON engages in aerial combat until JABBERWOCK lands a fatal blow which
    knocks GRYPHON to the ground>
    <GRYPHON lands an a green slab of rock in the middle of a rock platform>
    <JABBERWOCK flies over and destroys the wooden bridge off the platform, then
    lands to taunt ALICE>
    JABBERWOCK: How typical.  How foolish you were to think you could overcome your
    <after JABBERWOCK topples over dead>
    <ALICE knees beside the mortally wounded GRYPHON>
    GRYPHON: You've destroyed her guardian, Alice, and avenged my death.  Enter the
    ultimate battle.
    ALICE: Must I fight on?  Can't the Red Queen be persuaded to surrender?
    GRYPHON: True words and logic rarely defeat evil intent.  She is still strong. 
    And so many have been harmed.  They want revenge, which we call justice.  She
    made this world, and she must pay.  You must lead our forces against her.
    ALICE: I'm not sure I know how to lead.
    GRYPHON: Do your best, Alice.  You can only do your best.  You can always do...
    <GRYPHON dies>
    <ALICE sobs in grief>
    <after the drawbridge lowers>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears>
    CHESHIRE: Without Gryphon, our forces are leaderless and a battle has begun. 
    Deliver from this evil, or let us perish.
    <when ALICE approaches the castle gates>
    <a dead Card Guard falls in front of the gate from above>
    09b - Battle Royale
    <ALICE runs along a narrow rock path above lava>
    <the path crumbles, cutting off the way be>
    <ALICE looks down a long lava-filled valley and the narrow zig-zag rock path
    above the lava>
    <a white pawn flies off the castle wall into the lava>
    <scene of white chess pieces fighting with Card Guards>
    (no dialogue)
    09c - Ascension
    <when ALICE steps on brown platform>
    <camera shows the platform rising up a long spiralling shaft>
    (no dialogue)
    09d - Castle Keep
    <ALICE and the platform reach the top of the shaft>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears>
    CHESHIRE: The Queen.  The Queen.  My lower incisors for the Queen.  Where is
    that wretched creature?
    <as CHESHIRE Cat walks off, it vanishes>
    <when ALICE approaches the switch overlooking the mirror and portraits>
    CHESHIRE: Only a few find the way; some don't recognize it when they do, some
    don't ever want to.
    <when ALICE pulls the switch, the heart-shaped mirror rotates to point to a
    <after ALICE destroys the pictures of the TWEEDLE Twins, the Mad HATTER and the
    JABBERWOCK, the exit doors open>
    <when ALICE approaches the large bronze doors>
    <CHESHIRE Cat appears and walks toward ALICE>
    CHESHIRE: Bravery and I are not on intimate terms.
    <CHESHIRE Cat turns around and sits down in front of ALICE>
    CHESHIRE: My natural curiosity is tempered with caution -- thus I've lived
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes, then reappears to ALICE's left>
    CHESHIRE: But now, ignoring my instinct to flee or fib, I speak the truth
    without regard to consequences.  Your courage deserves no less.
    <CHESHIRE Cat vanishes, then reappears to ALICE's right>
    CHESHIRE: You have suffered great pain and you've caused some. You've endured
    deep grief and feelings of guilt.  
    <the doors behind CHESHIRE Cat slowly open>
    CHESHIRE: But you will be tested by a more wrenching anguish, Alice.  There is
    worse to come.  You and the Red Queen cannot both survive.  You are two parts
    of the same...
    <something long and red slams into CHESHIRE Cat, decapitating him>
    <ALICE stares blankly as the CHESHIRE Cat's head lands near her feet, then
    drops to her knees shaking her head, then buries her face in her hands and
    starts weeping>
    ALICE: (wail) Noooooooooooooooo...
    09e - Heart of Darkness
    <camera pans by ALICE as she advances toward the Red Queen on her throne>
    ALICE(vo): Who am I?
    <the monstrous RED QUEEN leans foward>
    RED QUEEN: Off with her head!
    <RED QUEEN's mask falls off as she rises off her throne>
    <camera pulls back, showing the RED QUEEN as a puppet-like figure on the end of
    a massive tentacle>
    <part of the throne room floor collapses, separating ALICE and the RED QUEEN>
    <when ALICE inflicts enough damage on the RED QUEEN>
    <the RED QUEEN goes limp as the big tentacle thrashes wildly, then sags to the
    <ALICE approaches the RED QUEEN>
    <blue-white sparks leap from the RED QUEEN toward ALICE>
    <ALICE is enveloped in a glowing armor-like aura and a circling spark>
    <the big tentacle suddenly pulls back and disappears into the hole in the
    <something shoots out of the hole, knocking ALICE to the ground>
    <a hideous skull-like head with glowing eyes emerges from the throne>
    <the skull-like head's mouth opens wide, exposing the Mad HATTER's face>
    <the Mad HATTER's mouth opens exposing ALICE's own face>
    RED QUEEN: I rule Wonderland alone.  Your interference will not be tolerated. 
    This realm is for grown-ups; raw, well-ordered, ruthless, careening on the
    jagged edge of reality.  Self-pitying dreamers are not wanted here.  
    <ALICE sags to her knees>
    RED QUEEN: They cannot survive here.
    <closeup of the triple-faced RED QUEEN>
    RED QUEEN: You fear the truth.  You live in shadows.  Your pathetic attempts to
    reclaim your sanity have failed.
    <closeup of ALICE sobbing, her face buried in her hands and shaking her head>
    RED QUEEN: Retreat to the sterile safety of your self-delusions, or risk
    inevitable annihilation.
    RED QUEEN: If you destroy me, you destroy yourself!  Leave now and some hollow
    part of you may survive.  Stay, and I will break you down; you will lose
    yourself forever.
    <RED QUEEN withdrawns into the hole in the throne>
    <ALICE rises to her feet, looks away briefly, then looks up and runs forward>
    <closeup of the giant tentacled 2nd form of the RED QUEEN in a black void,
    surrounded by a ring of rock islands>
    <when ALICE kills the 2nd form of the RED QUEEN>
    <the RED QUEEN's body goes limp, then twitches and thrashes before exploding>
    <a brilliant white glow envelopes ALICE>
    <a shockwave expands from ALICE, turning the barren rock to green grass>
    <the Land of Brimstone (where ALICE obtained the Jabberwock's Eye Staff) turns
    into a lush green landscape with water and blue skies as the GRYPHON soars by>
    <in the Pale Realm, the sky turns blue and the white chess pieces, including
    the White King and White Queen, appear>
    <in the foggy Pool of Tears, the giant weeping statue of ALICE transforms into
    a normal smiling Alice, the skies turn blue, and the camera pans by a live (and
    healthier looking) White RABBIT as BILL stands near ALICE's statue>
    <in the Gnomes' town, the green slime turns to clear water and lights brighten
    as the camera pans by the CHESHIRE Cat, the ELDER, and the Gnomes (now standing
    straight, relieved of their locks and glowing rocks)>
    <ALICE stands on green grass, surrounded by the CHESHIRE Cat, White RABBIT, Mad
    HATTER, CATERPILLAR, Mock TURTLE, BILL, and two Card Guards>
    <scene changes to a book illustration version of the group picture>
    <camera pans up the book page to show the chapter title "XII - HAPPLILY EVER
    <camera pans down book page to show the following text>
    "YEA, ALICE! You've saved us!"
    And she had done more than that, she knew...
    She had saved -herself- as well.
    <camera pulls back as ALICE closes the book, her eyes closed and her mouth
    smiling as the sun shines down on her>
    <holding the book in her left arm, ALICE bends down and scoops up the black cat
    beside her with her right arm>
    <ALICE tucks the book under her left arm, picks up the suitcase beside her, and
    walks purposefully out of the Rutledge Asylum>
    9: Cheshire Cat Random Hint Dialogue
    If there isn't a hint specifically assigned to a given location, using the
    Cheshire Cat help key will cause the Cheshire Cat to appear and offer a random
    comment from the following list.
    CHESHIRE: Every adventure requires a first step. Trite, but true, even here.
    CHESHIRE: When the remarkable turns bizarre, reason turns rancid.
    CHESHIRE: What is sought is most often found... if it is truly sought.
    CHESHIRE: Only a few find the way; some don't recognize it when they do; some
    don't ever want to. 
    CHESHIRE: There's an ugly name for those who do things the hard way.
    CHESHIRE: The uninformed must improve their deficit, or die. 
    CHESHIRE: To the royal guards of this realm, we are all victims in-waiting.
    CHESHIRE: Only the foolish believe suffering is just wages for being different.
    CHESHIRE: Only the savage regard the endurance of pain as the measure of worth.
    CHESHIRE: Only the insane equate pain with success. 
    CHESHIRE: Tell yourself, I've seen worse at Rutledge's. Prevarication, in this
    instance, may help.
    10: Background Story
    The game manual for "American McGee's Alice" contains some very interesting
    background for the in-game story.
    The following transcription of the relevant portions of the game manual is
    courtesy of Odd Magne Granli (aka Lsnake/Engelen), who gave his kind permission
    to include his hard work in this script.
    This information is taken essentially verbatim (except for a few minor spelling
    corrections) from Lsnake's excellent walkthrough for this game.
    In order to understand the story of Alice, you should read the manual. If you
    don't have it anymore, I decided to write down the whole piece because I
    honestly think it's VERY important to understanding the story. So enjoy!
    A little explanation about the Background Story. It is the diary of the person
    who tries to reach out to Alice and cure her, and the person often leaves
    another note years afterwards. (Marked with the " " and the date)
    | Background Story |
    4 November 1864
    Received Confirmation from the superintendent that I will be given the
    opportunity to treat a very troubled and difficult patient. Dubious Honour! Her
    name is Alice, and her prognosis is not promising. After looking at her file,
    I'm astonished she has survived this long. She has been nearly comatose for a
    "Would I have admitted her had I known then what I know now?" -3/10/73
    11 November 1864
    Mute on a stretcher, with her head curiously bandaged, Alice seems to cling
    precariously to life. Her burns have healed remarkably in the year since the
    fire, but she languishes in a deep trance-like dementia. It's as if the blaze
    consumed her senses wholesale. Deaf, dumb and blind to all stimulation, she's a
    fair match for the infirmary's gloom. In a frenzied instant, a cankered feline
    pounced on Alice while she was about to be carried inside. Startled by the
    cat's yowl, the bearers lost their grip and dropped the wretched girl to the
    ground. Most curious to behold, the cat stood atop Alice as if claiming
    territorial right, or as if defending a rodent captured in the day's hunt from
    other hungry predators. Only when an orderly threatened it with a stick did the
    creature scamper into a nearby hedge. Even then the cat crouched beneath the
    shrubbery. With eyes agape, it fixed on Alice as if it had some vital interest
    in our proceedings.
    "It pays to heed the feline--something I've learned over the years." -21/10/73
    14 November 1864 
    Her one possession is a toy--a sooty, stuffed rabbit whose single button-eye
    dangles from a loose thread. Plaything from her time of innocence, and her only
    link to life before the fire, the rabbit is now sentinel to Alice's deepening
    "The rabbit may prove a valuable instrument for shock therapy. I should have
    noticed it sooner" -21/10/73
    8 December 1864
    When I hold a flame to her eye, nothing in her vacuous gaze berrays the
    faintest glimmer of response. I clap a pair of blocks at her ear. Nothing.
    Neither her sight nor her hearing appear to be damage, still she registers
    nothing at all. The rumour (passed on by Reverend Mottle amongst others)
    alleges that she feels nothing--not pain, or fear or other torments--is neither
    credible nor kind. Still, she is far, far gone, this one.
    10 December 1864
    Though she appears weak, she must have a strong constitution to have survived
    until now. Her fever persists, her breathing heaves violently at times and,
    even after more than a year of healing, burns so massive commonly cause great
    discomfort. You'd never imagine she's in any distress, though, the way lies
    there, as lifeless as a British Museum mummy. I daresay, however, that I'll
    stir her from her dreamery, even if the response is involuntary. I'll begin
    tomorrow with a steady treatment of cold plasters and bloodletting. The
    bleeding might cause some relief to her dementia. I also have a new shock
    apparatus that I'd like to try on her. I'm curious to see how she reacts to
    this treatment.
    6 January 1865
    Another patient died in the night. I'd been treating her with the same potion I
    intend for Alice. I had been quite certain she was improving with each
    subsequent vial, so this development is quite vexing. Perhaps the stronger
    mixture was too much for her chronically weak chest. A little more
    experimentation is in order before I feed this serum to Alice.
    "A little less laudanum and a little more camphor might have spared her"
    23 February 1865
    Through the windows of my laboratory, I can glimpse the garden ward. Nurse D-
    is leading a group of children to the airing room. I listen to great shuffling
    of feet on the pebble path. Will Alice, I wonder, ever stroll the grounds with
    the others? Will she ever regain her senses? Or, for the rest of her days will
    she remain cloistered behind these thick, grey walls? Based on her progress so
    far, it seems futile to hold out much hope for a cure.
    "Little could I have imagined her mind would eventually gambol in unimaginable
    forests and gardens" -27/1/74
    23 March 1865
    Nothing seems to aggravate the girl. I've tried restraint--handcuffs, leg-locks
    and straightjackets. I've tried solitary confinement. On the other hand, I've
    allowed her to smell freedom, leaving her for hours at a time unattended in the
    garden. Yet nothing stirs her. I still have a number of methods, some of which
    I haven't engaged in since the old days, but I'm beginning to doubt anything
    can bring about a change in this one.
    1 April 1865
    Each year on this peculiar day I pause--exactly at noon according to my pocket-
    watch--to ponder the absurdity of such a day. Is it not ironic that we here
    should celebrate a holiday dedicated to fools? The girl has shut down
    completely. If it were possible, I'd say Alice has retreated even further into
    what the European practitioners of psychiatry call her "psyche". I'll keep
    trying different methods, but unless there's some sort of marked improvement,
    there's no reason to hope. I'll document progress...if indeed there ever is any
    7 September 1873
    After years of slumber, she chooses to speak to use with a picture, a drawing
    of some sort of cat. Really, though, it's nothing like any cat I've ever seen.
    "Even a drawing so bizarre couldn't foreshadow the imaginings to come" -29/3/74
    10 September 1873
    While Alice napped following her afternoon sedation, Nurse D- took it upon to
    replace the rabbit's missing eye. Even after living so many years in an infirm
    population, it can still surprise me when a seemingly trivial act can trigger
    such a remarkable reaction. Alice woke from her nap and began to sob
    hysterically. "Tell me, child, what's wrong?" pleaded Nurse D-. "What is it,
    dear?" In an instant of semi-awareness, Alice spoke a sort of poetry.
    "Into the hole again, we hurried along our way Into a once-glorious garden now
    seepd in dark decay"
    She continued to cry, and it was only when Nurse D- plucked the newly stitched
    eye from the rabbit's face that Alice fell back into her customary state.
    "With such behaviour, maybe it was a mistake to stir these waters and awaken
    her" -29/3/74
    I don't know whether to cheer at this response--any response--or grow alarmed
    over the intensity of her emotional outburst. At least we discovered one thing:
    She can speak.
    11 September 1873
    When she is so inclined, Alice can draw. This morning I was greeted by another
    of Alice's artistic phantasmagorias. What is it she's rendering? I can only
    think it's a depiction of her nightmare of Hell.
    15 October 1873
    Approaching Alice's room, I heard the muffled sounds of laughter. A pair of
    orderlies were cursing at her and threatening her with leather straps. It's
    easy to see that this pair was weaned from the same teat. Alice didn't respond
    to their tomfoolery; and the orderlies were not impressed by my reprimand. Good
    help is so hard to find.
    18 October 1873
    The Superintendent paid a visit. The smell of his perfumed handshake is still
    in my nostrils. He doesn't visit often, but when he does he arrives unannounced
    and remains overlong. Typically, he flounces through the infirmary pretending
    to be interested in this case or that. This time, he requested to see Alice and
    asked for the leeches. When she refused to stir, the Superintendent stretched
    wide his mouth in a yawn of infinite boredom. When I displayed some of her
    recent artwork, the Superintendent's attention was caught again as if someone
    jabbed his fatty palm with a hot poker.
    "He was in a very agitated state when he departed" -7/4/74
    24 October 1873
    Nurse D- has been listening from outside the door. Alice, it seems, has been
    muttering inarticulately. Though no one can understand her, it's likely she's
    addressing the one-eyed hare.
    26 October 1873
    Her case is not overly remarkable...at least not when compared to the countless
    other patients who live within these walls. I am not minimising her tragedy--
    the undeniable strain is enough to set anyone's mind askew. Imagine the horror
    of hearing the piteous cries of your entire family--trapped in their burning
    bedrooms--and being unable to help. Alice certainly heard such screams. I
    imagine she's been hearing them for ten years.
    "Looking back, I retract this statement. Her case IS most remarkable" -7/4/74
    3 November 1873
    I hear the clock ticking onward, past midnight, and then I'm suddenly aware of
    other sounds. In the barren pit of the night, the most disturbed minds are
    alive throughout the asylum. Alice isn't stirring, so I listen to the blood-
    curdling shrieks, the haunting clank of shackles, the insane groaning,
    insufferable babble and lunatic mutterings. After the initial convulsions,
    Alice's body again appears lifeless. If it weren't for the for the sporadic
    utterances in her sleep, I'd hold the mirror to her mouth. It's impossible to
    comprehend what she says. It sounds like "too glum" or "through him" or
    "boo-jum". Nonsense really. Is it a person's name? A place? Or simply some
    conjuring of this raving delirium? I yell the utterance into her ear and prick
    her shoulder with a needle--she gasps, but her speech does not become any
    "Boojum! But how does she construct such fantasies?" -11//4/74
    The potion courses through her blood. Sitting in this cold room reminds me of
    the last treatment here. The shredded padding recalls to my mind the patient
    who believed rats spoke to him--they lived in the padding, he said. Indeed, he
    believed the spirits of his ancestors spoke to him through the rats. After the
    trepanation, he stopped having such delusions and was removed to the Dormitory.
    Alice remains quiet.
    21 November 1873
    Once again, the orderlies were up to their usual pranks. Weary of prying open
    Alice's mouth, the orderlies started "feeding" Alice's toy rabbit, spooning
    porridge onto the stuffed toy.
    "My suspicions are confirmed. Those oafish orderlies are the Superintendent's
    misbegotten nephews" -13/4/74
    While engaged in this feeding, the orderlies learned an essential lession in
    asylum protocol--never turn your back on a patient...no matter how docile she
    seems. From information I've gathered, Alice woke from her comatose state and
    attacked the orderlies. Quite venomous in her outburst, she pursued one of the
    twins with a spoon. Even in her condition, she was able to deliver quite a
    gash. She clutched the spoon like it was a butcher knife, gouging into his
    fleshy cheek. Ceasing in mid-attack, she turned the spoon on herself, digging
    it into her wrists, trying to open up her veins. I stitched her wounds and
    tended to the orderly. Alice shouldn't suffer any permanent physical scars,
    it's too early to say the same about the orderly.
    "An outburst such as this shouldn't have surprised me" -13/4/74
    She has returned to her dormant state. Nothing I say or do can entice her to
    relive her early morning animation.
    7 December 1873
    Here's been a slight change. Her mouth is now relaxed, and we can feed her
    without force. When it's time for her elixir, she seems to part her lips
    slightly as if she's inviting the new potion into her belly. Hardly a cure, but
    any change symbols progress.
    8 December 1873
    A mangy cat was licking at Alice's cheek. It hissed when I entered, and pounced
    onto the windowsill--it must be flesh and bones only to squeeze through the
    grate. I could almost perceive a smile on its scabbed face. It's curious how an
    animal's countenance can appear almost human. There are so many feral cats on
    the grounds. I wouldn't be surprised if they outnumber the patients.
    "It reminds me of the cat that pounced on Alice when she arrived here. More
    emaciated though." -26/4/74
    13 December 1873
    Something in the outdoor air may have stirred he imagination. On her return she
    produced an intriguing sketch. Once again she proves she is capable of doing
    something other than staring at the yellowed paint on the ceiling.
    "At times there's talent in her madness" -26/4/74
    15 December 1873
    It's been three days since I removed the rabbit from her room. We can hear her
    screams growing louder through the closed door.
    25 December 1873
    She has returned to her trance-like state, with one notable exception--her
    mouth stretches very wide whenever anyone enters the room. Whether it's for the
    potion or for the food, she's definitely inviting more.
    "What she means by repeatedly whispering "Eat me" and "Drink me" still eludes
    me"  -23/7/74
    17 April 1874
    Months pass and still nothing. Nurse D-, having lost patience with my
    treatments, insists on trying a "cure" of her own. She stiched the rabbit
    together and tucked it into bed with Alice.
    18 April 1874
    Interesting development! Alice has returned the gift, presenting Nurse D- with
    a drawing of a rabbit, though it's quite different from her toy.
    "My watch?" -10/5/74
    1 June, 1874
    Out of nowhere, and as shocking as a bolt of lightning across a sky of purest
    azure, Alice greeted me with a strange grin. And then, lightning bolt upon
    lightning bolt, she began to converse quite freely as if we'd been speaking to
    each other like this for decades. I'll include just a smattering of remarks as
    evidence, not that the burden of proof is with me in this foul courtroom.
    "Beware the Snark's poisonous spit...roll the Demon Dice wisely or the game
    turns on you...note the Centipede has a tender underbelly...I enjoy the taste
    of mushrooms, but not the ones that bite back."
    Regrettably, I cannot regard this manical outpouring as an improvement in her
    2 June, 1874
    It's a world of sheer, chaotic terror and unmitigated bloodshed--that's the
    world she inhabits. So severe are her delusions, so fantastical and absurd,
    that at times it's difficult for me to listen. She speaks of a nightmare realm
    where everything seems bent on her destruction. Gigantic Bayonet-toting ants
    and flesh rending flowers. Carnivorous fish and fire-spewing abominations. The
    range of hellish creatures populating her world is dizzying. They are, on
    balance, more dranged than the most demonic trptych Hieronymus Bosch ever
    painted. It's as if I have been waiting and waiting for water to pour from a
    spigot. Now, the water has finally started pouring, and I cannot staunch the
    flow, nor discover its poisoned source.
    7 June, 1874
    More and more, she confides in me. She drones on and on. I think the elixir is
    at the proper dosage now. At times, she seems to fear and loathe my presence,
    yet she speaks as if she can't help herself.
    8 June, 1874
    She spent the afternoon telling of a grisly siege between life-size chess
    pieces. Having been hounded by a cyclopic pawn, it seems she dispatched the
    one-eyed monster only to be chased mercilessly over the living chessboard by a
    pair of renegade rooks. as usual, her description was vivid beyond
    comprehension, a story decidedly more compelling than anything in Froissart's
    11 June 1874
    Dozing off for a few minutes only, I woke to the sight of Alice's freed hands
    tugging at my watch fob. Shackles might be required for future sessions--at
    least until she behaves. I'm taking her pencils as well. Let's see if this
    punsishment provokes a response.
    12 June 1874
    I should have predicted this. without pencil, she turns to poetry.
    "Mange-ridden to the core, he leads me through the fray With the toss of a
    Jackbomb, I clear abominations from our way"
    I asked her to describe a "Jackbomb". Cunning and clever girl, she asked me to
    return her pencil.
    15 June 1874
    Her conversation contains flashes of lucidity. Certain powerful words, however,
    cause her to dip back into her fantasy world. And a word like "fire" can, for
    obvious reasons, set her tumbling into an abyss of sadness.
    "Her conversations can be clear, but her drawings show no such progress."
    17 June 1874
    Alice hurled the teapot across the room. 
    "How many times must I tell you? I only take tea with friends!"
    18 June 1874
    At times, she can be quite civil, and sometimes disgustingly vile. As an
    experiment, I've decided to suspend all medication, except for a heavy dose of
    laudanum when she's in the foulest of tempers.
    25 June 1874
    Perhaps more cold saltwater treatments will cleanse some of the chaotic
    thinking from her mind. She has been ranting. In particular, she's been
    spouting violently against someone she refers to as the Red Queen.
    "Though the Queen dominates much conversation, Alice refuses to describe or
    draw the monarch. Her anger, though, knows no limit when she talks about what
    she'd like to do to the Queen." -20/7/74
    19 July 1874
    In her most disturbing outburst in quite some time, Alice attacked one of the
    nurses while being bathed. Called her "Duchess".
    22 July 1874
    From a recent conversation with Alice:
    "What have you been doing, Alice?"
    "Attending the tea party of course."
    "Was it a grand party?"
    "Oh most grand, dear doctor. I fear nothing and soon the Keep will be in
    25 July 1874
    Her sleep is very restless one night, and then calm as an infant's the next.
    She's become consistently unpredictable.
    27 July 1874
    Alice delivered another verse to her puzzling rhyme.
    "They taunt me about the burning as if I were to blame, 
    I clear them from my conscious with the eloquence of my blade"
    28 July 1874
    She spoke at length of a place called the Fungiferous Forest. It's a place
    filled with mushrooms the size or large trees; fungus and foliage that grabs
    those who trample it; cavernous wastes filled with creatures who are as
    disturbed as any I've ever heard of.
    "She's drawn a picture of a place like this, I seem to recall." -2/8/74
    10 August 1874
    It's difficult for me to connect the massively passive Alice to the
    aggressively assertive, powerful person she describes in her dreams. Her
    exploits with the knife conjure images of a musketeer's swashbuckling panache;
    her acts of courage those of a selfless hero. These are not "delusions of
    Grandeur". This is no simple madness. But what?
    "How does she really see herself then?" -24/8/74
    12 August 1874
    "Off with her head!" Those were her only words today. She wouldn't explain what
    this meant, though her face betrayed the violent anger that is usually
    associated with her tales of the Queen of Hearts.
    "What does it say about me that I've grown accustomed to such outbursts?"
    13 August 1874
    Everything I can think of, I have done. Treatments, remedies, disciplines and
    pleasures--nothing makes a difference. Alice speaks when and about what she
    wants, recites poetry on a seeming whim, draws pictures at her own pleasure.
    She does nothing at my command, instruction, entreaty or request. She's become
    very wilful, and nothing I do or say makes a difference. I truly do, however,
    become immersed in her fantastic tales of Wonderland. I wait for the day when
    she claims victory over the Red Queen and her minions, when Wonderland will be
    restored. Perhaps by this Alice will cure herself, regain her balance and leave
    this place of her own volition. Sometimes she appears to be so close, but at
    other times I'm certain it'll never happen and she'll spend the rest of her
    life housed behind Rutledge's gaunt brown walls...with me.
    24 August 1874
    "If it's my keen invention you'd like to destroy
     I'll withstand your best shot; I've got the right toy"
    11: Non-implemented Dialogue
    These are sound files and subtitles present in the game files, but not used (to
    the best of my knowledge) in the actual game.
    Alice - Idle Dialogue
    ALICE: Perhaps I'll just look around a bit.
    ALICE: A familiar face wouldn't be unwelcome.
    ALICE: Curiouser and Curiouser.
    ALICE: Where is that Rabbit?
    ALICE: Trembling signals timidity. I'd smell trouble... if I weren't shaking
    ALICE: This is all vaguely reminiscent, but alien.
    ALICE: A fine mess--comes from chatting with a Rabbit.
    ALICE: My Gosh. What was that? And what is that noise?
    ALICE: If ignorance is bliss, I must be ecstatic.
    ALICE: It seems one can't go home again.
    ALICE: Perhaps the asylum wasn't so bad.
    ALICE: How curious. How very curious.
    ALICE: I keep saying, You've seen worse at Rutledge's, but it's very little
    ALICE: Wondering alone is worthless. I must act.
    ALICE: Is this weird, or am I hallucinating?
    ALICE: Weird and terrifying are definitely not the same.
    ALICE: Curiosity can kill I suppose; but apathy is lethal.
    ALICE: A dream discarded dies hard.
    ALICE: Wonderland, where are you now?
    ALICE: This is a most peculiar trip.
    Cheshire Cat - Instructions / Powerups
    CHESHIRE: Haste makes waste, so I rarely hurry. But if a ferret were about to
    dart up my dress, I'd run.
    CHESHIRE: Scythes, hips, and the hangman's noose all do it. Why not you?
    <jack in the box>
    CHESHIRE: Jack's a friend, but his temperament is explosive. May be best to let
    him play by himself. 
    <jabberwock eye staff>
    CHESHIRE: Launch this rocket against a distant target. Its white-hot energy
    does terrible damage.
    <collect health>
    CHESHIRE: Whoever says too much of a good thing is not enough, speaks the
    <collect health>
    CHESHIRE: Whatever says too much of a good thing must be bad, tells a lie.
    <use weapon>
    CHESHIRE: For every task there's a proper tool; sometimes more than one.
    <turtle shell>
    CHESHIRE: The mask will not fool the water. But I will confound your enemies
    when you can swim and breath like a reptile while wearing it. 
    <darkened looking glass>
    CHESHIRE: Noisy creatures, crooks, and assorted voyeurs would love to be
    invisible. For you the option may be a matter of survival.
    <darkened looking glass>
    CHESHIRE: What they can't see, they don't want to hear. You'll do better if you
    become corporeal. 
    <rage box>
    CHESHIRE: You're sufficiently fortified to kick some ass.
    <rage box>
    CHESHIRE: You're sufficiently fortified to boot these creatures' nether
    <rage box>
    CHESHIRE: Threats, promises, and good intentions don't amount to action. 
    Cheshire Cat - Snide Comments
    CHESHIRE: I can't know everything. Pretend you're an orphan. . . oh, that was
    rude; you are.
    CHESHIRE: Work if you must. It's my nature to unwind from time to time.
    CHESHIRE: I've heard self-reliance is a virtue. Now you've heard it.
    CHESHIRE: I suppose experience teaches best, learn by doing, and similar
    cliches have merit. Take their advice. I'm busy.
    12: FAQs
    nothing yet
    13: Credits
    American McGee and Rogue Entertainment for developing this game.
    EA Games for publishing this game.
    GAMEFAQS for hosting this FAQ.
    Odd Magne Granli (aka Lsnake/Engelen) for his excellent walkthrough and for
    taking the time to transcribe the background story from the game manual.

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