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"Good presentation of a twisted Wonderland... but what about the gameplay?"

American McGee's Alice is an Action\Platform developed by Rogue Entertainment. The idea of a twisted version of the Alice In Wonderland story is quite a promising one but that alone is not enough since a game needs gameplay and Alice has zero to none on that…

Story: 3.8/10

The game isn't story driven but it could use a bit of improvement. You're Alice gone mad after her home burned down and your parent's dead. So your mind drifts into the evil version of Wonderland where the Queen of Hearts rules with an iron fist so you must travel to her place in order to kill her… and take back your sanity! No characters, no plot twists, no mystery, no nothing! Lame…

Graphics: 7.5/10

The only thing worth in this game is the graphic quality. As you now know this game is dealing with a more evil looking wonderland and that is something that was done very well. All areas have that fairy tale style but with a bit of a horror atmosphere, not that Alice is a scary game, it's just that everything looks quite spooky and distorted. Good work on special effects like fire and water reflections, great level design, descent animation and very detailed enemies.

Sound: 6.2/10

Nothing to worry or be happy about the sound of Alice. Music does its job done and creates the right “evil fairy tale” atmosphere although none of the tracks is something special. Sound effects are what you would expect and voice acting is of good quality with Alice sounding British, the smiling cat sounding wise and the evil queen sounding, errr… like the evil queen of wonderland.

Gameplay: 3.5/10

A great example of modern gaming… all show and no actual gameplay value. Alice looks great but in terms of gameplay it's a game where the developers have taken the most typical aspects of platform and action games and put them together in a rather average if not bad game. You control Alice with the directional buttons and rotate the view with the mouse. A pure action\platform hybrid, you jump over chasms, climb ropes and swing on them, push buttons to open doors or lower platforms and kill stuff with a wide array of weapons. Apart from the knife which is the typical melee weapon the rest of the weapons have some special use, like summoning a small gargoyle or something, a flamethrower or a meter shower, also all weapons have one primary and one secondary shoot mode. All these sound good but in actual gameplay they aren't enemies are very simple and weather you use the throwing cards or your bombs nothing really changes. Also killing stuff becomes easily repetitive in here just like with the platform part. Levels although have good design have nothing special that makes them look different from the previous ones making your quest a tedious one. Jump, jump, kill, jump, jump, kill, jump and jump… my God, an old game like Super Mario for the NES is far better than this, (and without the eye candy), and if that wasn't enough it is completely straightforward and has zero replay value…

-Good audiovisuals that aid the spooky atmosphere of the game

-Very boring and repetitive gameplay,
-Forgettable story

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Overall: 5.2/10

Just don't play it… please… I beg you… Don't look at the other reviews score, just don't!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 10/09/08

Game Release: American McGee's Alice (EU, 12/15/00)

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