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"Insane, Twisted, Deranged...An Excellent Game Indeed!!"

I've always been more interested in games that lack blood and usually require that you stomp on enemies rather than slash them. This game however was worth breaking my usual taste in games. I've always enjoyed the Alice Stories, but when I seen this, I rushed out to buy it as soon as it came out. What sucked was at the time, my old PC wouldn't run the thing. It wasn't until 2005 when I finally got a new PC that this game finally blew mind (as well as many others).

Plot / 10:
When this game first came out, many believed it was just a demented version of the original Alice Stories to appeal to the Blood and Gore Junkies. Violence aside, the game's plot line is very good and takes a few dips and turns as you move along. This story takes place after the original Alice Stories. Asleep one night, Alice is visiting Wonderland in her dreams when her cat accidentally knocks off a huge stack of books that start a chain reaction that ultimately ends with a fire starting. The Fire kills Alice's parents. Traumatized by the event, Alice goes into a coma-like state of mind and eventually lands in Rutledge's Asylum several years later. While her lifeless body lays in a bed within a padded room, her mind is forced back into Wonderland which has been hideously transformed by the Wicked Queen of Hearts (called the Red Queen due to a typo when the game's script was being written I guess). Now Alice must use her wit and several toys that have turned to weapons to destroy the Queen and her forces, take back Wonderland, and in the process reclaim her sanity.

Graphics / 8:
Although the game was released on the PC back in 2000, the Graphics had to suffer a tiny bit due to the program processor it was running, not to mention the size of the game and it's stages, story, and soundtrack. A bit blocky her and there, but the Game still had very vivid graphics that boggled the mind and added to the game's crazy atmosphere. The game truly brings out the best in Wonderland from the Pool of Tears, to the Wonderland Forest, to the Hatter's Tower, and finally to the Queen of Hearts' turf. The environments are truly a vivid sight to behold.

Music & Sound / 10:
Nine Inch Nails Founder, Chris Vrenna, composed every last bit of Music you hear in the game. In an interview I seen, Chris stated, that in addition to normal instruments, they used several toy-like instruments like xylophones and toy bells to create a soundtrack that combined intensity with child-like innocence. The result is fantastic. To this very day, I find myself humming several tunes from this game's soundtrack while I'm stocking stuff at work. As for voice overs in this game, all Voices come in clear as a whistle and all seem to fit each speaking role very nicely especially Alice's (Susie Brann) and the Cheshire Cat's (Roger Jackson).

Controls / 8:
Controls would've been better if you could apply them to a plug in PC Game Controller. No dice however. Controls are restricted to several keys and the Mouse. When playing, take a break now and then to avoid cramping your hands. However, cramps aside, Control Keys are a bit convenient in that they're kept pretty close to cut down on how much time it takes to tap them for the desired effect. Mouse controls are simple point and click kind and don't take much effort.

Gameplay / 10:
Despite it's blood and gore content, the Game actually has very fine Gameplay and Replay Value due to it's intricate puzzles and battle tactics. One of things I've always liked was the weapons which are mostly Toys transformed into deranged weapons. A pack of Cards slices enemies while dice summon demons to defend Alice. The story was a treat to play through and Battles and puzzles are challenging no matter how many times you play. The Music made everything a joy to play. I still hum the Hatter's Fin House music now and then. Gameplay can be a bit hectic especially when dealing with tons of enemies at one time and you're not using the God Mode Cheat. This is one game that has plenty of challenge to it, but is a treasure to play each time.

All in all I give it a perfect 10 outta 10. It's not fair to lower it's overall score like I usually do just because of it's blocky graphics and finger cramping controls. I would highly recommend this to any one (except minors. The game is rated M for Mature) and with all sorts of hype surrounding a possible motion picture, this Game gets better and better.

-Billy (thegamemaster8)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/09/09

Game Release: American McGee's Alice (US, 12/06/00)

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