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"Welcome my friends, to the story that never ends."

Don't want to be among mad people? It can't be helped.. it can't be helped. There're all mad here, especially in this game.

This game did have been getting some fame cause of it's very interesting storyline and characteristic. Don't believe me? Check the trailer (at ) and you'll see ^-^

IF you decide to play.. leave your sanity and believes behind.. cause in Wonderland.. you must be MAD to survive.

Alice grows up.. so does Wonderland. The evil Queen of Hearts takes over Wonderland. Alice is now summoned back to Wonderland to save it from the evil Queen. Simple storyline eh? Yes it is. So.. WHY the high score? The characters of Wonderland you'll meet and their looks and attitude is what makes this game so good. With great voice acting (see the Music section) and script.. it's no wonder that this game has Alice fans eagerly waiting for this game. We've got so many favorite characters back it just itches the players to see how they'll be like in this game!

Gameplay, it's similar to Tomb Raider WITH the Quake 3 Engine and fighting system (except it's in 3'rd person point of view instead of 1'st person point of view). Alice can do what Alice can: run, walk, climb up, climb down, swim, strafe, slice*, dice*, throw*, toss*, wack*, bash* and more! Why puzzles are unique in it's own way.. it's amazing how Wonderland looks are being grown up from it's Happy usual self. Don't let the word Tomb Raider scare you.. cause it's not like Tomb Raider (so far). Weapons although maybe different has an interesting effect on certain enemies. Like ladybugs, the knife will kill them in one hit while other weapons takes more than a hit to kill them! Learn which one works the best with each enemy!

Honestly, it could've been better. Although the controls are tight, the problem is that some things could've been better implanted. For example, the accurate-jump icon (the feet symbol which lets you know where you'll jump to accurately) could've been implanted better with a command to use it.. cause sometimes.. the accurate-jump DOES NOT show up when it's needed.. especially in dire battles. Some other controls could've been implanted better too (like USE/CLIMBUP command could've been separate controls and commands). Otherwise, the keyboard-mouse combo works really well in this game! Good job!

Beautiful, granted it's NOT the best graphics you'll ever see (like in FFVIII).. but I'm grading on QUALITY. Having a great 3D card makes it look so beautiful. Characters looks so great and recognizable. True they maybe slightly blocky (polygons of course), they look so good and real! Great looking environments and areas makes you feel like you're actually IN Wonderland!

-MUSIC/SFX- [10]
VERY GOOD background music (especially the one with the females humming) and voice acting. The bgm (background music) matches with the environments and puts some good mood for the players. The voice acting is perfect. Great synching with the actual model and voices makes it look like it's done by the best professionals there is! Plus the actors' voices attitudes and moods are very realistic which puts the mood for the players who play this game. A most excellent job! There is a minor problem (which doesn't happen too often, thank goodness), that problem is that some bgms is too short which sounds very repetitive.

-REPLAY- [08]
With Quake 3 style difficulties from EASY ranged to NIGHTMARE, it can be obvious that games will put themselves to the test and play it on a more harder difficulty after beating the game! This game has many elements of jumping puzzles, switches and such.. but with great voice acting, storyline and environments.. being bored won't come too easily for this game! Rarely, anything like this happens.. but American McGee surely accomplished it!

This game does some rare stuff that you don't see much on games anymore. Great storyline script, voice acting, challenges, puzzles and such keeps the players into the game. With added difficulty settings (and the fact you can pick a save to fight/see a favorite part of the storyline) keeps the replays coming. Music environments and the graphics for Wonderland helps and awes the players too! IF controls were a little better it would've been perfect. Now all we need to do is to wait for 2 things: Expansion Pack/Sequel and American McGee's Alice: The Movie (which Wes Craven is going to direct). I just can't wait!

IF you're interesting, check out the demo! The demo was impressive and fiendishly fun. Once you play it, you'll see what the full retail version is like and chances are.. you may buy it (like I did)!

Overall Summery [+/-]
+ going back to Wonderland
+ Interesting plus great storyline and script
+ memorable Wonderland characters returning
+ 10 weapons with alternate attacks
+ Interesting puzzles
- Controls could be a little better
- Alice gets hurt too easily (can die easily)
- Some gameplay difficulty maybe too hard for novices
- Certainly NOT for kids

*- effects only shown on weapons

Master LL- can't wait for the Alice movie to come out! If the game is THIS good, then the movie should be great as well!

Grade Scale (01-10):
01- Avoid like plague
05- Average
10- Perfect

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/07/00, Updated 12/07/00

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