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If Tim Burton, and American McGee, went head to head, to see who could think up the most bizzare, disturbing, and just plain weird PC game, McGee would take the cake.

American McGee's ALICE, really is a game like no other, it places us into a fairy tale we all know (or should know) so well. But, something in WONDERLAND has changed, or evolved, from a fairy tale, to a horror story... And thats exactly what makes the game good.

Really a game concept this good, would not be accomplished without our good freind, the Quake 3 engine, and a godly level designer, like American. oh, and of course our next best freind, our VIDEO CARDS! ALICE was meant to be played with a GeForce card (which words so well with the Q3A engine games), seeing this game Running on a Geforce card at 1024x768, in 32 bit color and detail textures on, IS AN OUT OF BODY Experiance, which definetly warrents this department, quite a score!


I could go on and on about the graphics, but, its just best I leave it be, and go on to another crucial part of this game (ALICE) THE SOUND, sound in any game is essential, but sound effects make a game, A game, and im glad to report, the sound affects in this game hit the nail on the head, either if your throwing knives into walking FACE-CARDS, or splashing around in a puddle of water, you really here evrything there is to hear, and it makes the game all the more better. though sometimes the sound doesnt stand out when it should, its not enough to hurt the game.

SOUND : 10.0

Okay, its pretty hard to say something negetive toward such a great game, but it cant be helped. The Controls in ALICE, were, problematic, NOT BAD, but not great, I found myself falling off some ledges due to some unresponsive control issues ( JUMP DANG YOU!!!) but, its really easily forgiven with a great save system, that loads nice and fast, the 3rd person perspective messed with me sometimes (just because IM not used to playing 3rd persons) BUT I got used to it fast, plus for me, it made the game a better experiance, than say, a first person perspective would. Also, 3rd person made it easier to accomplish some difficult jumping puzzles.


So, let me give my 2 cents on the actual gameplay side of things. ALICE NEVER GOT BORING, ill state that because, throughout the ENTIRE game, never was I bored with my surroundings, or puzzles that I did. ALICE was fun, not just fun, but a really fun experiance with, the story side of things, voice work was INCREDIBLE, and I felt like I was actually IN WONDERLAND (pretty stupid to say that, but its true) like I said before, CONTROL = NOT PERFECT, but I got over it, most original game this year.


The great thing about this game, is that I found myself, loading my saved games over and over to play a fun, or exiting part of the game again and again, the level designs are tripped-out, out of this world, freaky, weird, and cool, which for replay value anyhow, EVEN WITHOUT MULTI-PLAYER, made ALICE more replayable than most of the genre.


In conclusion, I cant find any reason to not reccomend this game to anyone...Exept for young children I suppose. Really more of an EXPERIANCE than just a game to me. Its worth evry penny.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/10/00, Updated 12/10/00

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