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"Turn your brain inside out and enter Alice"

After the release of Half-Life theres been a surge of action wannabe games out there trying to pick up on its success.
Fortunately American McGee and Rogue Entertainment managed to put out a game whose sole focus is a single player adventure (no multi-player mode) and using the Q3 engine of all things.

Alice turned out to be an enjoyable experience, from the spectacular graphics, to the disturbing imagery it is a game that's worth a run through.

Alice takes place where the Alice in Wonderland tale left off. Her home was destroyed by a fire that killed her parents, and left her badly burned. Traumatized by the experience and unable to deal with the real world she is trapped inside her head and admitted to an asylum.

As a note this game is certainly not meant for children, parental guidance is strongly suggestion. Some of the imagery in the game is quite disturbing. While I found the game's story, and setting quite enjoyable it is clearly meant for a mature player.

The game takes place in the mind of the very disturbed Alice, and the all too different and sinister Wonderland. Be prepared to think upside down and backwards to solve this game, the levels are quite creative.

The only downside to the game was that I found it to be all too easy. The first time through I played it on the Nightmare difficulty setting. At first I found the game quite difficult, but once I picked up on how the weapons worked and how to utilize terrain to my advantage I found the game to be quite easy.

The puzzles, while often interesting didn't require more than a moments thought to deal with. It only took me two nights to finish the game.

The quick save feature, like Half-Life, takes the tedium out of going through areas you've already completed to get to that one challenging spot you're having trouble with.

Graphics: 9
The graphics are unquestionably the greatest asset to the game. The graphics and levels were extremely well done, and if seen with a good graphics card on a high resolution in all their glory very, very pretty.

Sound: 9
The sound track for the game is excellent, I highly recommend playing the game in a dark room with the sound up. The accompanying sounds were well done and eerily appropriate.

Playability: 6
Unfortunately the game mechanics in various parts of the game were less than stellar. I was unable to jump off certain sections, and pixel collisions could cause strange graphic glitches, with items sticking through each other.

Difficulty: 5
The ''meta-essence'' you get from every kill coupled with the quick save feature made the game quite easy to get through, even on Nightmare.

Overall: 7

If you want to play a game that was creatively done and very pleasing to the eye and ear, than Alice is the game for you.

I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys action/adventure games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/03/01, Updated 01/03/01

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