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"Sick. Twisted. Goth. Platforming, killing joy"

Alice is a sick game. Think happy-go-lucky Disney Alice in Wonderland... only on drugs. This game simply drips atmosphere, and it shows. The gameplay is an entertaining mix of platforming and third person shooting, that seems to work quite well together.

Graphics: 8
The graphics in Alice are really good, provided your computer can handle it. Unfortunately, mine sucks, and I have to run on lower settings. However, on higher settings, the worlds and models are all very detailed and manage to effectively convey the psychotic nightmare that is American Mcgee's version of Wonderland (and what a beautiful version it is!). The enemies look cool, and are quite original. The weapons are also original, and look equally cool. The only problem I noticed (and this could very well be my sucky computer)was that things seemed a little blocky. Overall, a great looking game.

Control: 10
The control in Alice is simply perfect. Considering you can make it whatever you want, it tends to accommodate to anyone. They are very responsive, and I never have trouble getting Alice to do her next immoral deed.

Sound: 10
The sound in Alice is awesome. Eerie themes, strange plays on 'happy' songs, and gothic themes even out a stellar musical score that really helps to capture the freaky mood of the game. Sound effects are dead on, and fit whatever they are associated with. (IE: When someone is gibbed, they make a nice, satisfying splatter noise.)
Voices are very well done, especially the Cheshire Cat. His riddle-speak will often lead you in the right direction, and his weapon descriptions are downright cool.

Story: 7
Pretty weird, albeit a bit simple. Basic plot with twists and turns that amounts to 'Alice (who is completely and utterly insane due to the deaths of both her parents) must save tripped-out Wonderland from Queen of Hearts, thus restoring her sanity.'

Gameplay: 9
The gameplay in Alice is a fun hybrid of platforming and shooting. The weapons are all fun to watch, from the Croquet Mallet to the Flamethrowing Jack-in-the-Box. All very cool stuff. The combat is fun and imaginative, and can be quite difficult at times. The platforming mix cool, but can get a bit frustrating at times, since it can sometimes be hard to judge your jumps, and with enemies shooting at you while hanging on a vine. Overall, the gameplay is fun, and will please.

Final Score: 9
Alice is a well-made game, with great graphics and sound. It is fun to play, and is a great way to spend your spare time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/09/02, Updated 09/09/02

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