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"Only the Insane Equate Pain with Success"

Alice was a great game. Very twisted, and scary. It was scary because they managed to take a Disney movie and turn it all so horribly wrong and twisted. They managed to bring back the characters from within the movie and brought them back as wicked and evil characters. The game was much of you pursuing the the white rabbit through many puzzles and listening to Cheshire Cat's strange , twisted , and meaningful adages and quotes. Many of his sayings were disturbing but were cool and often encouraged you to go on or regain your sanity.

GamePlay 6/10- The game was made up of many puzzles which you had to think through and I often found it difficult and most often became frustrated. The controls were also a bit difficult to coop with if you did not have a joy stick.

Story 10/10 - You begin in ALice's bedroom where her house is burned in a fire. Both her parents were caught in the fire and Alice went insane. She ends up in a Mental Asylum. Soon in her fantasies she begins to remember Wonder Land, and is taken there. Where she meets the White Rabbit , and you have to follow the white rabbit. Through many times in the game the Cheshire Cat is there to help you out , and you meet people from the Disney Movie Alice in Wonderland , except in this game they are all deformed and changed . You must fight through card guards , bugs , and other types of monster and still manage to keep what's left of your sanity , if you have any . You battle monsters and follow the white rabbit , because he believes you are the savior who will save wonderland and defeat the Red Queen who had enslaved many people and creatures. On your journey to the red queen while pursuing rabbit you will be asked to do things for certain people in order to get through locked doors , or learn of the where abouts of people. But not just people will help you. You will pick up a variety of ''toys'' and weapons to help you slay the beasts you face.

Audio/Video 9/10 : The graphics were nice and the characters were well detailed. The platforms and levels were well arranged and look both beautiful and eerie. The speaking in the game was nice and really added on to the eerie mood. But what really made the game in my opinion besides the twisted plot was the music done by Chris Vrenna from Nine Inch Nails. His music really helped to make the game more interesting scary.

Alice might not be a game that all people will like. If you don't like the darkness and evilness this might not be a game for you. But my suggestion is play this game at a friend's house first before you buy it. But if you like eerie settings , tough puzzles , blood , and good plat form games you'll definitely want to buy Alice for your home personal computer.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/03/02, Updated 11/03/02

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