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"Going insane in Wonderland!!"

That right, ladies and gents. Alice has woken up in Wonderland, the world she saved from the evil Queen of Hearts. But, what happen in this world full of mystery and wonder? It seem to be tainted with a darker tone, not only in color but the mood and emotion has been twisted. The world around has been violated, cute little animals turned into killing machines, the locals gone loco, even your friends, the cat, that gay tea guy, and catepillar has been transformed. Is this all an imagination or is it like some bad reality show. Find out...

Graphics - 9 Wow, this game does a good job depicting what the world would look like if Wonderland been turned upside down. It feel's like your in another world or at least Wonderland. Alice looks hot by the way, man some fmv would do this game some justice, and that darn dress wasn't covered. Well, the game designers done a good job pulling you into Wonderland(version 2.11), it's a unique experience all the way.

Sound - 8 I enjoy the sound, nothing I would crank the volume to, but it's does a wonderful job blending the music with the game setting. It mixes children music with a blend of gothic and made it darker, must be for the adults. My only complaints were the Sound Blaster Audigy card was a little screwy, making thumping noises from time to time, so I had to choose a lower setting, other wise the music and fx sounds were good.

Controls 8- Ah the controls, they play like any 3rd person perscpective game, use a keyboard/mouse, or a joystick. The game didn't give me too much trouble moving Alice, although it's feels little loose when I try to jump from platform to platform. Otherwise, the controls in the game should've give you too much grief.

Gameplay - 7 I enjoyed hacking at the royal cards, they bleed and scream, the banshee schriek when I stab them repeatly. After playing a few levels, you'll realize there's too much platform jumping, often you have to time your jumps just right. Which could blunder your game since you want to worry whats happening next vs if you could time your jumps. Good thing the story is fresh, every level you conquer, Alice reveals why her wonderful Wonderland turn in this piece of Picasso, accompanying by her disappearing cat. If you could tolerate the plat-form jumping, then Alice would be a well rewarded experience, and at a $19.99 price tag, it's probably worth your time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/26/02, Updated 11/26/02

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