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"Good shooter, perfectly creepy"

American McGee's Alice is one creepy ass game. It is what made me like Alice in wonderland so much, that I actually made a "Mad Hatter Hat". Here's the story, Alice's house burns down. As it burns, Wonderland is turned evil. The what used to be happy little furry creatures have turned into grotesque monsters. Alice must fight to save Wonderland, and her sanity.

American McGee's Alice has options for everything, so you can chop the graphics down for slower computers, or set them at the highest to see the true beauty of Evil Wonderland.

The game-play is fun and addictive. The plat-forming puzzles will keep you on your toes. Plus the auto and quick save feature allows easy retries on hard jumps.

Alice is armed. She gets tons of strange magical toys, including the legendary Vorpal Blade. Each weapon/toy gets a secondary fire mode as well. Want to know all the weapons? Well, too bad! Go check the FAQs!

There are some power ups. They aren't very helpful, but are fun to use. I've only found two: Demon Alice and Insect Alice. They both look awesome! Hell, everything in this game looks awesome!

As mentioned earlier, the graphics are awesome. The enemies are wonderfully detailed little scumbags. But the game does stay true to its "M" rating. When you use your weapons right, the baddies will get decapitated, showing a spectacular show of blood and, uh, purple stuff.

The sound is good, but it could be better. Alice sounds good and British, as she should. While the other characters sound nice. Cheshire is my favorite though. The bad things about the sound are the enemies don't scream in pain as you slaughter them, although you'll sometimes hear gurgling sounds. The sound effects are ok, and the music is a bit repetitive. But the graphics make up for it.

All in all, it's a very good game. The main menu is good enough to put it on any top ten list! One of my personal favorites!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/18/04

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