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"'Only a few find the way, some don't regognize it when they do. Some don't ever want to' - Cheshire Cat"

This is a great game. No doubt anywhere that it's great. The moment I got to Skool it was one of the best gaming experiences I ever had, It was the one of the few games that came close (or tied) with my favorite game Duke Nukem - Manhattan Project. It was one of the few games that I bought as an almost blind buy that I really liked, anyway enough babbling onto the review.

Originality - 10/10
There has never been anything like this game before. It really blew me away. This is for a different rating but the level design was genius. The Cheshire cat was awesome. (I'll say more about that later)

Graphics - 10/10
Excellent Graphics, not breathtaking (ala KOTOR) but marvelous for It's time. Now it's dated but my computer is an old P2 333 mhz. Which brings me to the games greatest drawback, System requirements, it requires a P2 400 mhz, 16 mb opengl video card, 128 mb of ram. My old computer wouldn't be able to run the game if it didn't have a 64 mb vid card and 458 mb of ram. There are also a few graphical errors, (Such as the ice wand going through a wall) but this happens only a few times and not very often.

Controls - 10/10
I've never had any trouble controls on a third person action game, never. Theses controls aren't great for a third person action game but overall there quite good.

Storyline - 10/10
You are Alice. your whole family has perished in a terrible fire. You've been locked up at an Asylum, until you chose to follow the white rabbit again. Wonderland ahs been transformed and those who aren't dead, enslaved. So now you, as Alice, must rid wonderland of this terrible evil and reclaim your sanity. The Cheshire cat is really good in this game, he is your guide through this twisted wonderland. He will guide you but not tell you exactly what to do. The game is worth buying just to hear his guidance. The story is great easily gets a ten.

Gameplay - 10/10
The gameplay is amazing, the level design is genius. American Mcgee really out-did himself. All the weapons are messed up children's toys, it was amazing especially the Skool level. The problems I had were the last level was not quite as original as the others and felt out of place. The other problem is the gore, usually in games I don't notice it but in this game they overkilled it, especially on the knife, I found myself using the Ice wand because it didn't make to much gore. (I used that weapon 90% of the time, 2% with the knife 7% with the blunderbuss and 1% with all others) Maybe I'm just judging the knife, go ahead call me a wuss

Buy or Rent?
You can't rent computer games. Even if you could I say BUY!

In Conclusion
This was a great game that beat my expectations. It deserves to be next to Manhattan Project.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/27/05

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