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"Marvellous...Just Marvellous..."

I can't believe how much detail they have put in this game! Everything is crisp and clear. Animations are top notch and very life like. Only ''complaint'' comes from zoom option. when you zoom it gets really pixellated but i haven't ever needed this option. So if they had left that out no one wouldn't have complained :) Graphics get: 9½

Soundtrack is absolutely great. Musics have that epic feeling in them. If you have watched and heard movies like The Rock (music made by Hans Zimmer) you know what i'm talking about.
FX is also great. When you slice enemy's throat open you really feel it in your own throat :) Guns sound like real guns, water splashes like the real thing. Voice acting is great and very humorous with their accents :)
Sound gets: 10

Many have complained that this game has too many keyboard shortcuts to remember. actually there are about 10 keys you need to use and only about 5 are really necessary. And they aren't that hard to remember. But still, read the MANUAL!!! ingame manual that is (press F1 while playing) and there should be no problems.
You have 9 commandos to play in this game. There's Green Beret, Natasha ''the seducer'', Duke the Sniper, Lupin the Thief, Spy, Diver, Driver, Sapper and Whiskey the Dog :)
And unlike in original commandos, these all can drive a car and swim and all the basic stuff.
The Missions are very well designed and HARD! this game has very high learning curve but if you have patience you should have no problemo :) All missions have objectives you really have to think about how to succeed in them. And there's many ways to accomplish them. you can be stealthy or maybe run on rampage and shoot everything (i don't recommend that :D )
And when you accomplish a level you really feel like achieving something. not just, well, on to the next...
Gameplay gets HIGH 10 :)

Lasting appeal:
2 Training Missions, 10 real missions and 10 bonus missions in 3 difficulty levels. On normal difficulty each mission lasts at least 2 hours to 3 and half expect at least 60 great and rewarding hours of gaming with this one...or play them on all difficulty levels...100's of hours :) And i have to also remind you of co operative multiplay, which i haven't tried yet :( But Lasting appeal is 10 also

Graphics: 9½
Sound: 10
Gameplay: 10
Lasting Appeal: 10


BUY? Hell yeah! Why don't you have it already? chop chop! to the store now!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/30/01, Updated 12/30/01

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