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"A truly amzing, and somewhat accurate, WW2 action strategy adventure super game!"

Eidos has made yet another truly incredible games, first it was the tomb raider sieries, project eden, and now the commandos series. Commandos 2 is by far the best of the series(and I think it should be). This game thouroughly brings WW2 stealth action to the PC, and now to the consoles. Of course, the PC version is the best, because it is much easier to point and click in a strategy game than use cursor buttons on the consoles (duh). You even get a whole team of special commandos that have certain specialties, all that are able to be used at the same time. The commandos even talk when you click on them and give them commands, which is an improvement from the earlier games. The commandos missions range from Japan, to the camps of Nazis, in the heart of Germany.
Gameplay: 9of10
The gameplay was truly astonishing in this relativly inexpensive hit, with many more features, like being able to swim, and change cloths with a dead soldier. It is always great steering my men around, shooting the unexpecting guard. Luckily, unlike the James Bond games, there is blood when you kill the enemy, yet its so small, because of the far zoom of the game(you can zoom in too! but it does affect the graphics).
Graphics: 9of10
Wow. The first two commandos games had very 2d isometric graphics, which higly resembled the Gangster games also by Eidos. But Commandos 2, wow. wow. wow. The commando models are now in 3D! There environments are unbelievingly realistc, with every detail of moss and algae, and bricks, and smoke coming out of smokestacks. A HUGE improvement over the first couple of games is also the fact that you can go inside builsdings and explore, kill get items etc inside the buildings. In previous versions, you could only hide in the house, and you wouldnt even be able to see inside. WOW... Explosions. The best I have seen to date on the PC, truly one of the most realistic explosions out there. WOW.
Sound: 9of10
The sound has just wonderfull! There was very high quality music that fit the setting, the only con is that they only had like two gameplay songs, but they were extremely long, so the good stuff lasted. The SFX were also great, hearing crisp, loud gunshots, and monsterous explosions really made my day.
Overall, Commandos 2 is deffinetly a game to get, for anyone into highly realistc action strategy games. The only bad thing about it is the difficulty, there is a little difficulty in the missions( did I mention that the levels are huge, and take usualy two hours to complete:-D)
There are always good strategies that you will perfect over time, that will help you with these difficulties, and as a last resport, there are codes >:-(.
Final Word: Truly Amazing, pick it up today, you'll be impressed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/18/03, Updated 02/18/03

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