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"One of the best turn based games ever!"

Disciples 2:Dark prophecy is a fine showcase for the Turn based genre. It plays well, tells a good tale, and has some of the best artwork of any video game. If you are wanting a great playing game to test your strategic skills, then this is the game for you!

This game has artwork you have to see to believe. The artwork is a medieval style, gothic looking works, and it fits the game so well, sometimes you'll just go into battle and stare at the cool creatures. And the units themselves, my god! the Legions of the damned are some of the coolest looking units ever in a game, sporting some cool devils and evil looking creatures from hell. The spell effects are amazing also, as the higher level spell you have, the greater the effect and animation the spell is. The Level 5 spells are the best, and even rival rpg style effects. The only downfall about the graphics, only a minor one, is that there's not too many animations for the creatures, its still great though.

The music in the game is effective for this kind of game, as the battle music gets you in the mood. The music in the overhead map is calming and quite good, but its mainly only there just to provide overall sound. It stays in the background where it should be, never becoming too loud or annoying. The downfall to the games music is that there is only like 7 tracks in the game as a whole, 2 for battles, 4 for overhead map, and one for menu. More would be nice. The sound effects in battle are good, as you hear slashes and spell effects.

This game has some great gameplay, combining RPG elements with typical turn based combat. There are 4 side in total.The Empire, Legions of the damned, The mountain clan, Undead horde. Each one having specific spells, strengths, weaknesses, units and buildings. There's always something new to try out, and your style of play also is taken into account, When you pick your side, you are given the choice of how you want to play. Let it be warrior (regenerate hit points, but restricted to level 4 magic) Mage (spells cost half as much to research, and can learn them all) or Thief (where you can use more thieving abilities, and able to produce them right off the bat). It really good as it provides good checks and balances amongst the sides.
The game itself is easy to play. You have your hero and its army go around and collecting resources and other towns to expand your presence amongst the land and complete your objective. All the while you fight to gain levels and level up your army, so they can grow up to be better and more powerful. Once an ally levels up, they gain more hit points, better damage, and look totally different than before, as long as you've built the necessary building. Each turn your allowed to build one building. Each side has around 20 buildings and each one requiring different resources. Its really quite simple overall, but it provides great fun and challenge amongst CPU and other Human players. You'll soon rely on a technique that fits you well
The battle are simple, which is the games only flaw. You click on the unit to attack, and then you watch. While there is strategy of how you have your warriors placed, the battles them selves are just click and watch.
There is online play so you can smite your friends with your army, and you can download other maps players have made to continue the fun. There's already 20 pre made maps for your pleasure, and each side has their own story and objectives to complete. All this provides around 80 hours of gameplay.

Overall the plot is decent, but nothing mind blowing. Four sides fighting each other for control. Each Side has a different agenda, and there are some pretty cool twists and plot threads. Overall its very well done, even if it may seem basic.

This game provides hours upon hours of fun to anyone willing to get into this game, even if your a strategy lover or an RPG player, this game suits both equally and well. Pick it up! It doesn't require a good comp to run ether. To run smooth all you need is a p2 400. 128 mb ram. 8 mb video card. 750 mb hard drive

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/26/03, Updated 01/26/03

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