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    Quick Skill Level-Up Tips by Wes Ide

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/03/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Morrowind Quick Skill Level-Up Tips
    Written by Jason L. Hubsch (a.k.a. Wes Ide)
    June 3, 2002
    Version 2.0
    Table of Contents:
    1) Copyright Information
    2) Distribution Notice
    3) Contact Information
    4) Introduction
    5) Version History
    6) Explanation
    7) Skill List& Quick Level-Up Tips
    8) Submit Your Own Quick Level-Up Tips 
    9) Credits
    10) Closing
    1) Copyright Information:
    (c) 2002 WSP Entertainment.  All rights reserved. No part of this Guide 
    may be used or reproduced in any form or by any electronic or 
    mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, 
    without permission in written form from the author.
    2) Distribution Notice:
    Please do not post this on your own website.  You may link to it via 
    GameFAQs, but posting it on your own website is a violation of the 
    copyright herein established.
    3) Contact Information:
    Email: Jason@wsp.8m.com
    AIM: Reverend Wes Ide
    4) Introduction:
    This FAQ was started on May 7, 2002, when I posted a thread on the 
    Morrowind Message Board at GameFAQs and at RPGDot.com asking people to 
    contribute their own tips for Skills that they had learned through 
    gameplay.  I also added my own, and noted my intention to create and 
    submit a Guide for GameFAQs.  I got a bunch of responses but put it 
    away for a while.  Since that time, I've been playing, reading tips, 
    and learning more.  Today, I found tips that can quickly level-up every 
    weapon-related Skill, and decided to submit this Guide.
    5) Version History:
    Version 2.0 - June 3, 2002
    Lots of changes.
    I received a bombardment of emails from people notifying me of the 
    errors in my Guide that label some skills as counting towards your 
    level increase while others that don't.  The correction to this is that 
    only your major and minor skills count towards your level increase, 
    which differs per character.  I have corrected these labels throughout 
    the Guide.  Please accept my apology for my error and thank you to the 
    many people that let me know of it.
    I also have added a new section regarding the Mechanics of Level-ups.  
    It is an excellent read provided in its entirety by James Chao.  In my 
    opinion, it is so in-depth that it could be a Guide submitted to 
    GameFAQs itself.
    Next, I added a note regarding Armor and its relation to Athletics.  It 
    is posted in the Athletics listing, rather than in each Armor division, 
    and was submitted by Bloodrose.
    I also added a screenshot demonstrating how you can edit your 
    Morrowind.ini file for text displayed when you level up.
    The Submit Your Own Quick Level-Up Tips section was clarified to 
    describe accurate grammar and spelling.
    Lastly, I was also told via email quite often that swimming increases 
    your acrobatics faster than running, and added that to the List, as 
    well as several other tweaks.
    Version 1.0 - May 30, 2002
    See Introduction
    6) Explanation:
    Below is a list of the Skills in the game.  Note that the order listed 
    is what appears in my game as a Redguard Rogue, so your list might be 
    in a different order).  This will serve in manipulating a particular 
    skill to give you a better multiplier.  For example, Acrobatics' 
    governing attribute is Strength, so if I can increase that quickly, or 
    several times in one level, I can make it so I get a higher multiplier 
    for that attribute when I level up.  Using this should help people 
    really control how their character levels up.
    7) Mechanics of Leveling-Up
    The following comes directly from James Chao:
    If you raise your Major/Minor skill, the game will take calculate how 
    much of the same stats that you've practiced, divide that by two, and 
    then round down to determine your multiplier bonus(with the minimun of 
    2x).  For your Misc skills, if you raise any of them at all, although 
    they don't count toward your 10 skills level-up requirement, they will 
    factor-in for your multiplier bonus as well.  However, unlike Major and 
    Minor skill, they will ALWAYS only give you a 2x bonus, whether you 
    raised them by 1 point or by 100 points.  
    For example, say you have Sneak, Acrobat and Marksman as your Major 
    skill, and Med Armor as your Misc skill.  You raised Med Armor by 12, 
    Marksman by 3, raised Sneak by 4, and raise Acrobat by 3, which now 
    qualify you for a level-up.  Since both Sneak and Marksman governs 
    Agility, the game adds 3 and 4 together and divide it by two, giving 
    you a 3x multiplier bonus for Agility(round down from 3.5).  At the 
    same time, it also divides Acrobat's Strength bonus by two (giving you 
    1.5), and give you a 2x multiplier bonus on Strength(since the game 
    will always give you a minimun of 2x).  
    Although you have raised your Med Armor by a whooping 12 points, since 
    it is a Misc Skill, you will only get 2x for your Endurance, the stat 
    governed by Med Armor.
      What this means is that for you to get the BEST possible bonus 
    Everytime you level up, you should raise one of your Major skill by 10 
    points (giving your 5x bonus), as well as two of your different Misc 
    skills by 1 points.
    This will give you a 5x on one stat, 2x on two stats, giving you total 
    of 9 points to be distributed toward your stats.
    Also, if you gain Major/Minor skills without resting to level-up, 
    Although you will still get skill credits for your next level-up, you 
    will loose the multiplier bonus.  For example, say for you gain 12 
    points in your Sneak before your decides to rest, your will get 5x 
    bonus for your Agility.  
    The extra two points are now reserved for your next level-up.  So now 
    you only need 8 skill points for another level-up.  Say now you gained 
    8 points in Acrobat.  During your next level-up, you will gain 4x for 
    your Strength, but ZERO bonus for your Agility.  Again, although the 2 
    extra points of Sneak still count toward your level-up requirement, 
    their multiplier bonus is now lost.  I don't know whether this is a bug 
    or a design decision, but it certainly forces you to rest frequently 
    and discourages the cheap leveling-up tactic of holding/taping a button 
    down for 8 hours straight.
    8) Skill List & Quick Level-Up Tips
    Skill (Governing Attribute) - Description
    TIPS - Tips for level-up
    Short Blade (Speed) - Characters with great short-blade skill are more 
    effective with short, quick, thrusting weapons like daggers, tantos, 
    short swords, and wakazashis.
    TIPS - NOTE: As this is what I use primarily, it is how I discovered 
    this tip that will also work for all other offensive weapon skills.
    After entering the Cavern of the Incarnate in the main quest, a major 
    plot element unfolds.  Thereafter, several friendly ghosts appear at 
    your side.  One is a woman named Peakstar.  She is who I found this out 
    You see, after the plot element unfolded, I was unsure what to do and 
    knowing I was about to quit the game, I wondered what would happen if I 
    attacked these friendly ghosts.  So I attacked Peakstar.
    Peakstar immediately summoned a skeleton and I killed it, then turned 
    back to her.  None of the other ghosts attacked me as our war raged on 
    for... I'm not sure how long, but I gained at least 4 levels in Short 
    Blade and by that time it suggested that I rest, as I had gained a new 
    Level.  Each level I gained in Skill, I also got one tenth closer to 
    Leveling up as a character since Short Blade is one of my Major Skills.  
    If it is not one of yours, then you will not gain levels by increasing 
    this Skill.  But by the time that I had leveled up, I figured I'd try 
    to kill her, or at least go up another level in Short Blade and when I 
    did, and she still wasn't dead, I exited the Cavern of the Incarnate 
    and rested.  Then I entered the Cavern of the Incarnate again.
    When I did, she was right by the door and said "Please don't kill me," 
    then took of running towards the statue at the back of the Cavern of 
    the Incarnate as another skeleton emerged beside me. I killed it and 
    figured all was good, from what she had said, but suddenly Peakstar is 
    running right back at me from the statue. We fought some more, but 
    dammit, she just wouldn't die.
    An interesting note: none of the other ghosts are upset, and I even 
    tricked Peak once in that I ran behind a rock and she got stuck running 
    into it.  Her name was displayed and I could actually talk to her as 
    normal.  Her disposition with me was 75!
    The thing is, she fights bare-handed and although she hit me often, she 
    only actually hit me enough to take damage two or three times. So my 
    136 HP was down to 123. So theoretically, I could fight her all day and 
    max out my skills, exit the cave to rest when I needed to gain health 
    and/or after I Level Up, and go back in.  Yes, although these are 
    friendly ghosts, you are told there are enemies nearby considering you 
    are in mid-battle with one of them and she ceases to be friendly, 
    always attacking you whenever you enter the Cavern of the Incarnate.
    Later Doomisnear, from the RPGDot.com Morrowind Message Board explained 
    the obvious reason that she wouldn't die: I wasn't using an enchanted 
    weapon, which kills spectral enemies.  So you can switch to any kind of 
    weapon - as long as it is not enchanted - and continue this tactic to 
    jack up the stats of your desired Skill.  Note that, as Short Blade is 
    governed by Speed, so that when I leveled up, I got a 5x multiplier for 
    Matt Johnson also adds this: 
    With all weapon types -- unless you're using your idea of attacking 
    Ghosts, which are indestructible by unenchanted weapons, then try and 
    find a respawn spot for monsters and attack them using your weapons 
    weakest attack type.  For example, thrusting with an iron saber will 
    only do 1-4 damage, and I would almost get a stat point from one cliff 
    racer.  The reason is all that counts towards stat increase is the 
    amount of successful hits you get, and thusly, damage is irrelevant.  
    So thrust with iron sabers, thrust with clubs, chop with spears, and 
    thrust with axes seems to be the best attack types for increasing 
    Also with the respawn spot, the best one that I've found is the storage 
    room in the arena section of Vivec.  To get there go to Vivec, go to 
    the Arena section of town.  Then go to the Lower Waistworks, then the 
    Canalworks and look for a storage room.  The reason that this is a good 
    spot is there are three rats which spawn there.  You can take them out 
    one at a time (good for low level characters) and since rats barely do 
    damage to you (also good for low level chars), and it's indoors 
    (minimal lag for all you suckers like me with slow computers), and 
    there's a trapdoor in one of the rooms to a 'secret area' (which is 
    where the Morag Tong headquarters are), you can rest in a bed there.
    As long as you dispose of the rats corpse, as soon as you go back in 
    the room (you don't even need to rest), the rats will be right back 
    there.  This also comes in handy with Armor skills (See Light Armor).
    Mercantile (Personality) - Mercantile is the art of buying low and 
    selling high.  This skill guarantees lower initial prices for goods, 
    equipment, and services, and improves chances of getting better deals 
    by bargaining.
    TIPS - Every time you sell something, use the up and down arrow to 
    adjust it. At first, you should only raise the price by 1 gold piece 
    (and don't exceed half of what the item's actually worth).  Later on 
    you can get the full half.  Even later on, you can get 4/5th value.  
    Every time you buy something, take the price down by 1 gold piece at 
    first.  Later on, you can go much lower.  Don't worry about being 
    refused because your Skills only go up, never down (other than in 
    battle via magic, which can be restored with the correct potion).  Even 
    if your disposition with the merchant goes down from being refused, 
    (every time you offer and they refuse losing a reputation point with 
    them), when you leave the dialogue screen and come back all temporary 
    losses and gains are erased.  Only permanent losses or gain by 
    persuasion attempts or bribing remain. 
    If you really want to raise your Mercantile skill, sell items (and 
    barter them) individually.  If you have three Potions of Rising Force, 
    sell them one at a time and barter. This will give you three successes 
    instead of just one, therefore raising your skill three times as fast 
    (or whatever). 
    Axe (Strength) - Axe skill helps a user wield heave chopping weapons 
    like war axes and battleaxes more effectively.
    TIPS - See Short Blade
    Light Armor (Agility) - Light armor skill lets one move and defend 
    while wearing light-weight, flexible armors like leather, boiled 
    leather, fur, chitin, and glass armor.  To use any style of armor 
    effectively, the wearer must be trained, conditioned, and skilled in 
    its use.
    TIPS - Any armor is likely the next easiest to raise quickly if you are 
    so inclined.  Load up on potions and a Divine Intervention scroll, and 
    find an area with 3-4 fairly hard hitting opponents.  Stand there and 
    take a beating and drinking potions whenever necessary.  With 4 Thieves 
    or Telvanni whacking away at you, your armor rating will raise several 
    levels in seconds (less once that skill is higher).  When you run out 
    of potions, use the Divine Intervention scroll to get out of there in a 
    Matt Johnson also adds:
    In the same Vivec Storage Room with the Rats that I mentioned as 
    described in Short Blade, I personally have found this spot to be my 
    favorite option.  The reason is that by the time I seriously became 
    interested in upgrading my character, I was already at a decent level 
    and the rats would only do 1 damage to me - meanwhile, I have several 
    hundred hit points.  The reason that I like this method (although it is 
    admittedly slower than the already listed method) is that I could 
    walk away and watch an episode of The Simpsons while being attacked, 
    come back periodically and rest, then leave my character in front of 
    the rats again.  It was less tedious to me in that I was doing 
    something else but still training :)
    Another reasons that I like this method is that I can go down the 
    trapdoor and rest anytime.  And then not have to bother looking for 
    monsters again as they'll be there as soon as I come back up.
    And finally: if you use weaker monsters, it takes a little longer, but 
    you don't actually have to be present.  NOTE: the only reason it 
    takes longer is because weaker monsters have less chance hitting you, 
    and not because they do less damage.  The skill goes up depending on 
    how many successful hits they get on you (i.e. the less damage they 
    do, the better).  I found that sitting in front of 3 rats which can 
    only do minimal damage the easiest method to increasing my skill.
    Hand-to-hand (Speed) - Hand-to-hand skill is the martial art of unarmed 
    combat.  Hand-to-hand attacks damage only to the fatigue of a standing 
    opponent, but hand-to-hand attacks damage health when a target had been 
    knocked unconscious by a fatigue loss.
    TIPS - See Short Blade
    Block (Agility) - Block skill allows one to use shields to block any 
    melee attack.  A successful block removes all damage from the attack.
    TIPS - The Short Blade method will also raise your Block skill, as you 
    seem to randomly hold your shield up defensively and sometimes block a 
    Medium Armor (Endurance) - Medium Armor skill lets one move and defend 
    while wearing durable but flexible armors like chain, scale, bonemold, 
    and Orcish armor.  To use any style of armor effectively, the wearer 
    must be trained, conditioned, and skilled in its use.
    TIPS - See Light Armor
    Speechcraft (Personality) - Those skilled in speechcraft influence 
    others by admiring, intimidating, and taunting them.  Listeners are 
    more willing to divulge information or to entrust important tasks to 
    the skilled speaker.
    TIPS - The only way I know of this to work is from Training.  I used 
    Caius Cosades in Balmora in his home when I had done enough tasks for 
    him that a) he'd actually train me and b) his disposition towards me 
    was 100.  But the problem with this was that, each time I Trained and 
    went up one level in this skill, I also got closer to leveling up.  
    When your cursor hovers over your current level, you can see a fraction 
    (x out of 10) that shows how close you are to leveling up.  So 
    basically, each time I went up one skill point in Speechcraft, I went 
    up one tenth towards a new level.  However, by the time I reached the 
    next level, I still got a 5x multiplier for Personality.
    I was also told that if you constantly click Admire while talking to an 
    NPC, even if s/he refuses you 9 straight times, that next time s/he 
    could still like your admiration.  And that will count towards your 
    Speechcraft.  Remember what I said about Skills only going up, not 
    down.  The person that submitted this actually suggested resizing and 
    placing the part of the dialog box that says Persuasion over the same 
    place where the dialog box pops up when you click Persuasion.  
    Specifically, place it where Admire will appear.  Then you simply can 
    keep clicking the mouse button repeatedly. 
    Resized and repositioned: 
    When you then click Persuasion: 
    Athletics (Speed) - Athletics skill trains and conditions one for 
    running and swimming.  Skilled athletes move short and long distances 
    over land with speed and efficiency, and they also swim swiftly 
    NOTE: It seems that your Athletics is affected by the type of armor 
    that you wear.  The following is via email from Bloodrose:
    I've two characters at the moment, one a custom thief who has Athletics 
    as a minor skill, and one a custom battlemage who has Athletics as a 
    miscellaneous skill. Their armor skills are both major skills; the 
    thief uses Light, the battlemage uses Heavy. Despite the fact that the 
    mage has Athletics as a misc. skill, it still went up faster for her (5 
    times before getting to level 2!) than it did for my thief. I think 
    that Athletics is somewhat dependent on the weight of the armor that 
    you wear, rather than how much you are actually carrying.
    Here's why - my thief has a strength of 98 (max capacity of 490), and 
    when a long treasure hunt/bout of thievery is over, she's often 
    carrying just enough so as not to be over-encumbered. But while she's 
    running from place to place, loaded down with goodies, her Athletics 
    skill doesn't go up any faster than when she's unloaded and just 
    carrying the bare minimum (armor, weapons, scrolls, potions, etc.). In 
    contrast, the mage has a max capacity of 250-something (still low-
    level), and is in full Heavy Armor. As I said before, she leveled up in 
    Athletics 5 times before getting to level 2, and that was just running 
    around Seyda Neen, picking up stuff to sell for cash, doing the few 
    quests there, and diving for pearls.
    TIPS - Pointing yourself into a corner and holding the run button will 
    slowly make this rise over time, but that's all that I know of. 
    Long Blade (Strength) - Long Blade skill lets one use broadswords, 
    sabers, longswords, claymores, katanas, and dai-katans effectively.
    TIPS - See Short Blade
    Armorer (Strength) - Armorer skill is used to maintain weapons and 
    armor at top effectiveness.  Worn weapons do les damage.  Worn armor 
    provides less protection against attacks.  As wear increases, the 
    diminishing effectiveness of weapons and armor is dramatic.
    TIPS - You need to buy a hammer (or more likely, loads of hammers), 
    then equip it (same as for lock picks or mortar). It will open a new 
    window where you can repair your items. Remark that as for lock picks, 
    the hammer has 'charges'. Each time a repair is successful, your 
    Armorer skill will increase a little.
    Heavy Armor (Endurance) - Heave Armor skill is used to move and defend 
    while wearing massive and rigid armors like iron, steel, silver, 
    Dwemer, ebony, and Daedric armor.  To use any style of armor 
    effectively, the wearer must be trained, conditioned, and skilled in 
    its use.
    TIPS - See Light Armor
    Blunt Weapon (Strength) - Blunt Weapon skill makes you more effective 
    when using heavy bashing weapons like maces, hammers, clubs, or staves.
    TIPS - See Short Blade
    Spear (Endurance) - Spear skill permits effective use of long-hafted 
    thrusting weapons like spears and halberds.
    TIPS - See Short Blade
    Enchant (Intelligence) - This skill governs the creation, use, and 
    recharging of enchanted items.  Skilled enchanters are more successful 
    at creating new items.  Enchanted items burn less power, and are 
    recharged more efficiently from soul gems, for a trained user.
    TIPS - You simply use up the charges in an item.  Click on a full soul 
    gem and drag it to your picture.  Choose recharge item instead of 
    enchant item.  The best idea is to use the petty soul gems that are 
    found everywhere.  Buy several Gem Feeder scrolls and use them on low 
    level monsters, if you can't cast the actual spell.  Each gem will add 
    2 or 3 charges to your item at first, more as you become more skilled.
    Destruction (Willpower) - The Destruction skill is the mastery of the 
    spell effects of the College of Destruction.  Their spells harm living 
    and unloving things, and include elemental damage, draining, damaging, 
    vulnerability, and disintegration magical effects.
    TIPS - The best way to increase spell skills is to go to a spell maker 
    and get them to create a spell that has the minimum effect (i.e. 
    Chameleon for 1 point for 1 sec) - it should only cost 1 Magicka to 
    cast.  Name this spell "Practice [spell school]".  Then you can have a 
    load of them for each spell school you use and keep casting them as you 
    walk/run around town.  Make sure however to make these spells as 
    harmless as possible.  Use a Practice Mysticism spell like Absorb 
    Fatigue and you might accidentally cast it on passers-by by mistake, 
    which makes them turn hostile.  Try passive spells instead.
    Alteration (Willpower) - Students of the College of Alteration 
    manipulate the physical world and its natural properties.  Alteration 
    effects include water breathing and walking, jumping, levitating, 
    burdening, opening and locking, and creating shield barriers against 
    physical damage.
    TIPS - See Destruction
    Illusion (Personality) - Spell effects of the College of Illusion alter 
    the perceptions and thoughts of living subjects.  Illusion effects 
    blind, illuminate, paralyze, and silence, calm or enrage, charm, 
    distract and camouflage, and render invisible.
    TIPS - See Destruction
    Conjuration (Intelligence) - The spell effects of the College of 
    Conjuration include the mental domination of mundane and magical 
    creatures, summonation of otherworldly weapons and armor, and 
    summonation of Daedric or undead servants and powers to serve and 
    protect the caster.
    TIPS - See Destruction
    Mysticism (Willpower) - The spells of the College of Mysticism shape 
    and focus otherworldly forces to bind souls in gems, or teleport the 
    caster's body, or manipulate the world with telekinesis, or absorb or 
    reflect magical energies, or sense unseen objects at a distance.
    TIPS - See Destruction
    Restoration (Willpower) - Adepts of the College of Restoration heal, 
    restore, and fortify the body's attributes and abilities, cure disease, 
    and protect it from other malign influences.  Restoration spells can 
    also augment or absorb strength, endurance, intelligence, agility, and 
    other bodily attributes.
    TIPS - See Destruction
    Alchemy (Intelligence) - Alchemy identifies magical properties in 
    mundane substances.  Substances are consumed directly, or prepared as 
    potions to provide long-lasting benefits like healing and curing 
    disease, water-walking, magical shielding, and fortifying bodily 
    TIPS - An easy trick is to find a vendor who sells spell ingredients 
    and buys potions.  The ingredients get re-stocked every time you access 
    the Barter function, so just find two sets of cheap ingredients from 
    which you can create a potion (i.e. not Diamonds or Daedra Hearts) and 
    stock up until you run out of money.  Then just equip your mortar and 
    pestle etc. and choose those two ingredients and click away.  It takes 
    about 25-35 potions to increase your level, and the price will go up as 
    you get better.  Then you can sell the potions back to the vendor in 
    exchange for more ingredients!  Rinse and repeat.
    Alchemy is also raised whenever you eat an ingredient and it affects 
    you (i.e., there's no "XXX has no effect on you" message). The increase 
    is small, but there's an awful lot of Saltrice and Scuttle in the game, 
    and it can help out when your Alchemy skill is too low to make potions 
    with any degree of regularity.
    Unarmored (Speed) - Unarmored skill lets one avoid or reduce injury 
    during combat while not wearing any armor by evading, deflecting, or 
    absorbing blows.  Those versed in this skill are better defended 
    wearing no armor at all than they are when wearing armor.
    TIPS - I assume that the tips for Light Armor would work here, only 
    that you'd have to not be wearing any armor.
    Security (Intelligence) - Security skill lets one open locked doors and 
    containers with lock-picks or disarm traps with probes.  This skill is 
    essential for agents and thieves alike.
    TIPS - Buy a Lock spell and cast it on a door/chest, and then use a 
    lock pick to unlock the door/chest.  Just repeat this over and over to 
    gain skill.  Lock picks can be bought from a Khajit on the bottom floor 
    of the South Wall Corner Club in Balmora.  As to where to buy a Lock 
    It has also been suggested that you actually can use a lock pick to 
    lock as well as unlock.  So get a whole load of them, and just keep 
    Sneak (Agility) - The Sneak discipline is the art of moving unseen and 
    unheard.  Skilled sneaks are also adept pickpockets.
    TIPS - I have heard that if you hold the sneak button and point 
    yourself at a corner while a guard's back is to you, similar to the 
    Athletics method I mentioned, you will raise this over time. 
    Acrobatics (Strength) - Acrobatics skill enables one to jump long 
    distances and to avoid damage when falling to great heights.  Nimble 
    acrobats can reach areas others cannot get to and can direct their 
    paths while falling.
    TIPS - Simply keep jumping. Either bunny-hop as you go through the 
    game; or jump from somewhere high, get hurt and take damage (damage 
    from falling=huge raise in Acrobatics); or find somewhere to just jump 
    up and down continuously.  The only downfall to the third method is 
    that you can't just hold down the jump key.  You need to press it each 
    time - at least that's been my experience.  Anyone that knows how to 
    make it work my simply holding a button down - please let me know. 
    Also, an anonymous contributor suggested that you don't even need to 
    jump everywhere you go.  Just find a steep hill, one that you can 
    barely climb.  Now jump up it as fast as you can.  You don't even need 
    to sit and do it all the time, unless that is your thing.  Whenever you 
    go up a ladder or a set of stairs, you can jump. 
    Marksman (Agility) - With the marksman skill, one is more effective 
    with ranged weapons like the short bow, long bow, crossbow, throwing 
    star, and throwing knife.
    TIPS - See Short Blade, except you'll get Agility x5.  Also, though 
    less common than bows and arrows, using throwing stars and knives will 
    be faster and therefore raise your level quicker.
    9) Submit Your Own Quick Level-Up Tips
    If you know of ways not listed here, or improvements upon those that 
    are, you may email me them at Jason@wsp.8m.com with the subject line of 
    Morrowind (so I know it's not just more spam) and I will add them to 
    the Guide in an update.  I will not accept any console commands nor any 
    Mods, as I consider these to be cheating (see Closing).
    Furthermore, PLEASE check your grammar and spelling prior to submitting 
    anything.  The letter "I" is always capitalized and sentences end in 
    periods followed by two spaces, not an ellipsis (three dots) - PLEASE 
    separate sentences with periods!  Do not use profanity, as I will have 
    to edit that out too, and try to not leave out words ("go to caldera 
    ghorak mansion look for creeper... he is scamp" should be "Go to 
    Caldera and find the Ghorak Mansion.  On the second floor is a Scamp 
    named Creeper.")
    10) Credits
    Contributed=added to pre-existing Tips
    Provided=submitted Tips for previously unknown Tips
    From the original thread at the GameFAQs Morrowind Message Board:
    - Unfortunately, the thread that this all started in, as part of 
    GameFAQs, has been deleted from the archives.  Wow, the Morrowind 
    Message Board is 62 pages deep, and the earliest date on the last 
    thread is May 24, 2002 - less than a week ago!  Too bad I created the 
    thread on May 7, 2002.  I know that Afgar and VoodooDaddy provided Tips 
    on some of the above Skills, but I am not sure on which specific ones.  
    I did save the thread myself, so I will try to find out and post them 
    here in an update.
    From the Morrowind Message Board at RPGDot.com:
    - bpdlr provided the Tips on the Spells and Alchemy (I guess someone's 
    a mage!).  He also suggested using lock picks to lock doors and then 
    unlock them again.
    - crpgnut2 provided the Tips on Enchant.
    - Morandil and EverythingXen contributed to the Mercantile Tips
    - An anonymous Guest contributed the Tips for Acrobatics and provided 
    the Tips for all the divisions of Armor.
    - James Chao for providing the Mechanics of Leveling-Up section in its 
    - Bloodrose for providing the relationship between Armor and Athletics, 
    as well as Tips for Marksman and Alchemy.
    - Claude for Tips on Armorer Skill.
    - Matt Johnson for his Tips in Weapon and Armor Skill increases via the 
    Storage Room in Vivec.
    11) Closing
    My intention with this Guide is to provide the means for leveling up a 
    particular skill and to also give you better control of your 
    character's development.  Some would label it "cheap play" but I beg to 
    I remember playing Final Fantasy VII, and fighting monsters for a few 
    hours to simply level up.  This is what you are doing when you raise a 
    Skill via the above methods.  Sure, I could play through FFVII ad level 
    up as part of the game, but when I play games, I max everything out.  
    The game usually ends before that happens unless you make a 
    conscientious decision to level up.  Though deep beyond measure, 
    Morrowind is similar.  Simply put, the game will end before your stats 
    are maxed out.  While it's true that the challenge ends as your game 
    progresses in higher levels - a look at the Morrowind.ini file tells 
    you Bethesda only planned ahead for Level 20.  After Level 20, each 
    level-up gets the same message, as opposed to a unique message.  By 
    viewing the Morrowind.ini file, you can see and even alter the text 
    displayed at levels 1-20 and for all levels past 20.  Here's a 
    screenshot of my edited "all levels after 20" from my edited 
    Morrowind.ini file:
    Although I encourage contributions to be added in an update, I will not 
    accept console commands or Mods.  I consider these to be cheating.  To 
    me, cheating is the implementation of variables that alter the game 
    from the way that the developer intended the game to be in its final 
    state.  Adding a Mod seriously can seriously alter this.  Sure, some 
    are miniscule, like nude Mods I have seen, and the officially licensed 
    Entertainers Mod, but in terms of our situation, a Mod that would 
    increase or help increase Skills or Multipliers would not be accepted 
    in that it is an external application.  The above listed methods are 
    all encountered during gameplay.
    On the other side of the fence are the console commands.  They alter 
    the game by editing pre-existing code.  Think of it as a built-in Game 
    That said, I hope you enjoy these Tips and that you have some of your 
    own to contribute.
    12) Current stats and screenshot of character (HIDDEN SECTION!)
    For actually reading all of this, including my Closing statements (or 
    for simply accidentally stumbling upon this by scrolling to the very 
    bottom of the page :P ), here is my stats and screenshots of my 
    character in his current state.  I will update this with each update to 
    the Guide.
    Character: Wes Ide
    Level: 21
    Race: Redguard
    Class: Rogue
    HP: 186
    MP: 30
    Fatigue: 274
    Strength: 91
    Intelligence: 30
    Willpower: 30
    Agility: 67
    Speed: 50
    Endurance: 86
    Personality: 60 (enhanced)
    Luck: 40
    Major Skills
    Short Blade: 81
    Mercantile: 40
    Axe: 68
    Light Armor: 54
    Hand-to-hand: 30
    Minor Skills
    Block: 39
    Medium Armor: 53
    Speechcraft: 41 (enhanced)
    Athletics: 51
    Long Blade: 35
    Misc Skills
    Armorer: 20
    Heavy Armor: 22
    Blunt Weapon: 30
    Spear: 12
    Enchant: 23
    Destruction: 20
    Alteration: 21
    Illusion: 20
    Conjuration: 20
    Mysticism: 20
    Restoration: 20
    Alchemy: 20
    Unarmored: 20
    Security: 20
    Sneak: 25
    Acrobatics: 32
    Marksman: 6
    Reputation: 16
    Bounty: 0
    Fighter's Guild: Warder (Strength 33, Endurance 33)
    Ashlanders: Hearthfriend (Agility 45, Endurance 35)
    Blades: Operative (Intelligence 65, Personality 55)
    Mages Guild: Journeyman (Intelligence 30, Willpower 30)
    Armor Rating: 79
    Conoon Chodala's Axe
    Chop: 1-33
    Slash: 1-18
    Thrust: 1-5
    Value: 12000
    Cast When Used
    Fortify Attack 10 points for 30 seconds on Self
    Indoril Helmet
    Armor Rating: 70
    Value: 3000
    Indoril Right/Left Gauntlet
    Armor Rating: 70
    Value: 1400 (each)
    Indoril Right/Left Pauldron
    Armor Rating 70
    Value: 2400 (each)
    Glass Shield
    Armor Rating: 76
    Value: 13600
    Glass Cuirass
    Armor Rating: 76
    Value: 28000
    Conoon Chodala's Boots
    Armor Rating: 90
    Value: 100
    Cast When Used
    Fortify Endurance 10 points for 30 seconds on Self
    Fortify Speed 10 points for 30 seconds on Self
    Bonemold Greaves
    Armor Rating: 26
    Value: 220
    Constant Effect
    Fortify Personality 5 pts on Self
    Fortify Speechcraft 5 pts on Self
    Value: 8000
    Malipu-Atamain's Belt
    Cast When Used
    Restore Health 2 pts for 30 seconds on Self
    Fortify Agility 10 pts for 30 seconds on Self
    Value: 95
    Fighter's Ring
    Cast When Used
    Fortify Endurance 5 pts for 30 seconds on Self
    Fortify Strength 5 pts for 30 seconds on Self
    Value: 10
    Exquisite Robe
    Value: 80
    Caius' Black Shirt
    Cast When Used
    Fortify Sneak 20 pts for 20 seconds on Self
    Value: 4
    Caius Black Pants
    Cast When Used
    Chameleon 20 pts for 30 seconds on Self
    Value: 4

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