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    Techincal Tweaking FAQ by Wes Ide

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/05/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Morrowind Tweaks
    Written by Jason L. Hubsch (a.k.a. Wes Ide)
    June 5, 2002
    Version 1.0
    Table of Contents:
    1) Copyright Information
    2) Distribution Notice
    3) Contact Information
    4) Introduction
    5) Version History
    6) Explanation
    7) Morrowind Tweaks
    8) Submit Your Own Morrowind Tweaks 
    9) Credits
    10) Closing
    1) Copyright Information:
    (c) 2002 WSP Entertainment.  All rights reserved. No part of this Guide 
    may be used or reproduced in any form or by any electronic or 
    mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, 
    without permission in written form from the author.
    2) Distribution Notice:
    Please do not post this on your own website.  You may link to it via 
    GameFAQs, but posting it on your own website is a violation of the 
    copyright herein established.
    3) Contact Information:
    Email: Jason@wsp.8m.com
    AIM: Reverend Wes Ide
    4) Introduction:
    It is pretty universally established that somewhere along the line, the 
    developers at Bethesda messed up.  Lord only knows what kind of machine 
    the testers used, but for the majority of consumers, this game runs 
    choppy.  This Guide attempts to solve some of those problems.
    5) Version History
    1.0 - This is the introductory version.  As has happened with my 
    Morrowind Quick Skill Level-Up Tips Guide, I am sure I will get 
    bombarded with emails on other tips, and they will make it in future 
    6) Explanation
    In your Morrowind game directory is a file called Morrowind.ini which 
    holds all the information that the game uses while playing.  Open it up 
    with Notepad and immediately go to File->Save As and save it as 
    MorrowindINIBackup.txt, which will save the original version.  Now you 
    are free to edit the Morrowind.ini file as suggested below, and then 
    save it as Morrowind.ini over your original file.  If you experience 
    any problems and/or want to return it to its original state, simply 
    delete the edited version of Morrowind.ini and rename 
    MorrowindINIBackup.txt to Morrowind.ini
    The best thing to do is to search for the first line in each tweak 
    using the Edit->Find menu in Notepad, then edit it as suggested.
    7) Morrowind Tweaks
    A) Framerate
    Max FPS=240
    Everyone that is having freeze problems or desktop crashes should go in 
    to morrowind.ini file and edit Max FPS=240 to Max FPS=60
    B) Show Framerate
    Show FPS=0
    To have your framerate displayed in the lower right corner during 
    gameplay, change this to Show FPS=1
    C) Terrain Loading
    To disable the brief intermittent loads that can happen as often as 
    every few seconds on a system, change DontThreadLoad=0 to 
    DontThreadLoad=1. Instead, you get a "Terrain Loading" message that 
    pops up every couple of minutes. 
    So, the trade off is fewer pauses, but the ones you do get will be a 
    second or two longer because the game isn't loading terrain on the fly.
    D) Screenshots
    Screen Shot Enable=0
    To enable screenshots to be taken by pressing the Print Screen button 
    at anytime during gameplay, change Screen Shot Enable=0 to Screen Shot 
    Enable=1 or otherwise, the game will flat out tell you that Screenshots 
    are not enabled during gameplay if you try to take one.
    E) Level-Up 
    [Level Up]
    Each time you gain a level, you are given a message on the same screen 
    in which you distribute the three attribute points given to you for 
    leveling up.  The game designates what message you get for each level, 
    up to Level 20.  Each level thereafter is given a default message.
    However, you can change the messages for each level from 1-20, or the 
    default message, simply by finding [Level Up] and then changing the 
    text for the level you desire to change.  Heck, you can even add 
    individual messages for levels 21, 22, 23, and so on.  Personally, I am 
    at Level 25, and so I just changed my Default message, as shown in the 
    screenshot below:
    F) Miscellaneous Tweaks
    I am not sure what these do, but they were suggested as improving 
    performance of the game:
    Exterior Cell Buffer=32
    Change to
    Exterior Cell Buffer=45
    Change To
    8) Submit Your Own Morrowind Tweaks
    If you know of anything that can be done to improve or enhance 
    gameplay, please email me the Tweaks to Wes@wsp.8m.com with the subject 
    line of Morrowind Tweaks.
    9) Credits
    From RPGDot.com:
    - Danicek for providing the Tweaks for Framerate, Terrain Loading, and 
    the first Miscellaneous Tweak.
    - Baalcipher for providing the second Miscellaneous Tweak.
    10) Closing
    Hopefully you will experience smoother and better gameplay after having 
    read this guide.  And now some personal plugs:
    My Personal Website 
    Wes Ide's World
    My Business Site
    WSP Entertainment
    My Novel
    WSP, Vol. 1: The Epic Tale

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