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    Bartering Guide by kuilio

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/18/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    (Version 1.2) July 18, 2002.                Written by: Travis "kuilio" Cole
       *****************    The Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind    **************
       **************************    Bartering Guide     **********************
                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS
      1.    Updates
      2.	Introduction
      3.	Theory
      4.	How To Barter
        4.1 Bartering For More Profit...
        4.2 Bartering For Even More Profit...
      5.    Tips
      6.	FAQ's
      7.	Special Thanks
      8.	Credit & Copyright Information
      1.                                  UPDATES
     - July 18, 2002.
      ~ It seems like forver since I updated this guide. A few things have been
      ~ I have changed the wording in some parts of the guide to be applicable 
        for both the X-box and PC versions of the game. This will make things 
        easier for everyone.
      ~ I have edited the "Faster Scrolling" trick. I remind you that this
        trick ONLY works on the X-Box version. unfortunately, I know of no trick
        of this kind for the PC version...so don't ask. I have also found an easier
        way to perform the trick as well. For more info, head on down to section 5.
      ~ Added a GREAT new tip submitted by Reno.
      ~ I have since figured out that you can only take the platter and the key 
        BEFORE handing in your papers. After that, they will arrest you. So if you
        have already handed in your papers...unlock the warehouse with a scroll or 
        with your own skill. Or try stelaing the warehouse key without being noticed.
        Sorry for all the confusion this may have caused some people.
     - June 18, 2002.
      ~ Added a new tip. It is a great tip if you hate pressing the black and
        white buttons for so long. It speeds up the process by about 2X.
      ~ Changed the title of the guide from: "How to barter effectively and make
        a lot of money" to: "Bartering Guide". It's smaller, simpler, and it 
        looks more professional.
      ~ Changed the layout a bit. You may not have noticed but I find it looks
        much better.
      ~ Fixed a couple spelling errors I noticed.
      2.                               INTRODUCTION
        Hello there, you've come to this FAQ looking for information on becoming 
       rich using the bartering system. Well, you've come to the right place. With 
       this FAQ, I will teach you how to become a better salesperson. Not only can 
       you become rich, you can become rich right from the beginning of the game! 
       This FAQ is mainly suited for beginner's trying to get some extra spending 
       money, but everyone can use it at anytime. Read on to learn how I theorized 
       this process.
       3.	                              THEORY
        The theory of this technique is simple which I completely found by accident. 
       The theory is, you can buy/sell anything, and I said ANYTHING for absolutely 
       no cost. That's right, you can basically get everything for free if you 
       really wanted. At least from barterers that you can bribe that is. The whole 
       idea I conceived was buying something lower than cost, and selling it back 
       for a much larger profit. My theory was tested, and it proved true. This is 
       the fastest and most efficient way to make money from very early on in the 
       game. This technique will also raise your mercantile ability extensively and 
       will in effect, make you a much better salesperson as time passes on. Read on 
       to the detailed FAQ to learn exactly how to scam the dealers into giving you 
       all of their money.
       4.                              HOW TO BARTER
        You've just been released from custody, and you're in a city you've never 
       been to before. You realize that you have no cash and everything to spend it 
       on. What do you do? Well I'm here to tell you what you do. You make some 
       money is what you do. How do I make money? It's quite simple actually. 
        The first step is to get something to barter, preferably something 
       expensive. Something like a Limeware Platter perhaps? Yes. A Limeware Platter 
       would be perfect. Go to the Seyda Neen Census end Excise offices where 
       Socucious Ergalla is located and take a look at the shelf behind him. Sitting 
       up on the shelf is the Limeware Platter worth 650 Gold that you'll need for 
       bartering. To take it is a completely different story. Here's what you do to 
       take it. Step up as close as you can to the Platter. Take it...as soon as you 
       take it; open your item screen.  
        Drop the Platter(and anything else you may have stolen previously to be on the 
       safe side) and wait for the guard. He'll tell you that stealing is a crime and 
       not to do it again (hopefully). Press "goodbye" and you should be able to pick 
       up the Platter that you just dropped. You might want to practice this technique 
       on the bottles before actually performing it on the platter. If the guard 
       catches you before you dropped it, then you won't be seeing that item again 
       for a while...so practice. This trick also works on the key to the warehouse on 
       the shelf in the Excise Offices where Sellus Gravius is located. But the key 
       one has backfired on me once and I had to pay a 300 Gold fine. 
        Now, you're going to need a bit of bribing money before heading on over to 
       Arrille's Trade House and selling him the platter. I suggest completing the 
       "Where's Fargoth's Hiding Spot" mission and not reporting back to the Nord 
       who sent you on the mission in the first place. This will give you some money 
       to bribe Arrille (give Fargoth his ring back before completing this mission). 
       Another mission you could complete would be the "Who Killed The Tax 
       Collector" mission. Take the gold found on the body of the Tax Collector and 
       use it for bribe money. By the way, giving Fargoth his ring back will make 
       Arrille's disposition towards you be a whopping 80/100. Bribe him for the 
        Once you have 100/100 disposition with Arrille, you can begin the trading 
       process. Let's start with the platter shall we? Barter the platter. Depending 
       on how high your mercantile skill is; increase the value you want to sell 
       for. For right now, I suggest rising the price in small increments to see 
       just how far he is willing to rise for you. Once you figure out how much he 
       is willing to spend, sell it. Remember how much you sold it for, so you can 
       buy it back for a lower price. Now, buy it back from him for lower than what 
       you sold it for. Again, I suggest lowering in small increments to see how 
       much he is willing to sell for. Once you figure out what's reasonable, sell. 
       Remember that if he doesn't like the offers you are giving him, his 
       disposition will lower. If it lowers too much, leave the dialogue box, and 
       talk again. His disposition will return to 100. Another thing to remember is 
       that the dealer will eventually run out of money. If he does in fact run out 
       of money, wait in his store for 24 hours and his money will regain.
        If you are just beginning your game, you won't see much of a profit right 
       now. After bartering for a short time, you'll see that your mercantile skill 
       level is increasing. Every time your mercantile skill level increases, you 
       can afford to sell for a little more, and buy for a little less. Eventually 
       you can manage to make 200 Gold from each transaction with the Platter. But I 
       know what you are thinking...this is chump change. Well, you are right. It is 
       chump change. It is possible to be making a lot more Gold than what you are 
       making right now. On to the Next Step...
       4.1                      BARTERING FOR MORE PROFIT...
        Now that you've got the hang of it, your transactions are becoming more and 
       more profitable. But there is a way to earn even more of a profit. Once 
       you've been able to amass a large sum of Gold, you can move on to bigger and 
       better items. For this step, you'll need at least 3000 Gold to continue.
        Head on over to Ra'Virr's Trade House located in Balmora, right beside the 
       Mage's Guild. He has an item worth 3000 Gold. Unfortunately he only has 600 
       Gold to barter with. It doesn't matter at this point, because you can make 
       all 600 of it in one quick move. Rest. And then do it again. First of all, 
       raise his disposition to 100/100 towards you with some of that cash you've 
       amassed. Next, purchase that sword. Lower his initial offering to what you 
       think you'll be able to pull off. Then purchase it. You know the routine. 
       Sell it back for a lower cost than you paid for it and you'll be making 
       larger profits than you were with the platter. If you want more than 600 Gold 
       a turn, purchase the sword, keep it, and travel back to Seyda Neen and trade 
       with Arrille for up to 800 Gold. You might as well stay with Ra'Vir because 
       you might like some of his items. 
        Again, the higher you sell for and the lower you buy for, the faster your 
       mercantile skill will increase. The mercantile skill is very important to the 
       success of bartering. The higher your mercantile skill, the more money you 
       make in profit. Once you reach around 70, you'll be practically getting 
       things for bargain prices. Once you reach 100, you'll be practically getting 
       things for FREE!
       4.2	                 BARTERING FOR EVEN MORE PROFIT...                   
        If you are getting sick and tired for only trading for 600 Gold a turn, then 
       this is what you should be reading. If you really want to be raking in the 
       big dough, then head over to the Alchemists house in the North West end of 
       Balmora. She has a whopping 3000 Gold pocket and a nice item to barter. The 
       item in question is the Master Mortar and Pestle. this item is the perfect 
       item for bartering. Buy one, then sell it back. You'll notice that she now has 
       2. The more you do this, the more she'll have. When she has 4, purchase 4 at a 
       time. Lower the cost significantly, and buy. If you are good enough, You can
       easily make all of her 3000 Gold in one turn. Don't forget, you have to have 
       100/100 disposition with her. This is the person the experts should be trading 
       with. Well, you should know what you are doing by now and you really don't need 
       me to explain how to barter anymore. I'll let you do what you have to do to make
       some easy money.
       5.	                              TIPS
        Here are a few tips for the rich at heart.
       ~ This technique will work with every character you can barter with. 
       Every bartering character can be scammed using these effective bartering 
       techniques. You also must be able to persuade them as well. So this trick 
       will not work on Creeper.
       ~ You can essentially buy items for free. That's right. When you want to 
       legitimately purchase an item, you can purchase it for free. Here's how...
       Purchase the item of your choice for any cost. It doesn't matter because 
       you'll be making all of your money back anyways. After purchasing the desired
       amount, use the bartering techniques you learned above, to put the money you 
       just spent, right back into your pocket. This trick will work with any retailer 
       that can be pursuaded.
       ~ Buy and sell at even values. It's just easier.
       ~ Don't spend all of your money! Always keep around 3000 Gold so you don't 
       have to scrounge around for petty cash when you want to purchase an expensive 
       item. After buying and selling for high profit sales, bartering for cheap 
       items gets annoying. This is of course for players that have been bartering 
       for a long time.
       ~ You can also use admire instead of bribing if your SpeechCraft is high 
       enough. This can save you some money you would have normally spent on 
         ***XBOX VERSION ONLY***
       ~ Instead of just holding the black or white button to raise your cash up
       or down, try this. Double tap the button corresponding to the direction you
       wish to go. For example, if you wish to raise the amount, double tap the 
       Black button. DO the opposte for lowering. You'll notice a quicker scroll
       speed. It's that simple.
       Credit goes to f00dfight for originally pointing this out to me.
       ~ When you buy items from a merchant that has a high disposition with you,
       you will recieve them for a cheaper cost. When a Merchant has a low 
       disposition towards you, than you will buy things for a higher cost. We all
       know this...but here's the trick. Merchants will also BUY things from you for
       a higher price when they have a lower disposition. So buy from them at a high
       disposition, and sell back with a low disposition. I suggest lowering to about
       50 so you can raise it back up fairly easily. This can save you time from holding
       raise for a couple minutes. I recomend using this trick for more expensive items 
       rather than insignificant ones...it's more or a time consumer on cheap items and 
       not worth it. After finishing your deal, remember to get the merchants disposition
       back to 100 by either admire, or bribing. This trick will raise your SpeechCraft 
       and Mercantile skills together...although slowly. This is great trick...use it. 
       Credit goes to Reno for bringing this trick to my attention.
         If anyone finds any other tips they come across while using the bartering 
         technique, send them to:
       6.	                               FAQ's
       ~ Q ~ Did you know you can make more money by finding Daedric Armor or 
       killing ordinators taking their armor and selling it to Creeper or mudcrab
       ~ A ~ Yes, I did know that, but this FAQ was made with bartering in mind. 
       Plus bartering doesn't require you to go on long journeys or kill anyone! 
       It's free and anyone can do it.
       ~ Q ~ Why does it take so long???
       ~ A ~ Well, it's a process. And processes are long sometimes. Be thankful that 
       your making money!
       ~ Q ~ Does resting so much affect your gameplay? Does how many days you spend 
       playing the game matter?
       ~ A ~ To my knowledge: no. I'm pretty sure you can spend as many "in game" 
       days as you require.
          If you have any other questions NOT ANSWERED IN THIS FAQ, please send them 
       7.                             SPECIAL THANKS
       ~ Special thanks go out to CjayC for creating and operating GameFAQs; the 
       best source for your videogame questions and answers.
       ~ Derek. He just deserves thanks. He didn't do much, but he did something.
       8.                     CREDIT & COPYRIGHT INFORMATION
       All information in this FAQ was written and edited by Travis "kuilio" Cole.
       This FAQ Copyright ® 2002 Travis Cole.
       Any unauthorized reproduction of this FAQ is strictly prohibited.
       If you wish to reproduce this FAQ on a website, Book, Magazine or any other 
       facsimile, you must request my (Travis Cole) permission before doing so. 
       Personal use is permitted, you can make as many copies as you desire, but do 
       not attempt to transmit this FAQ into any other FAQ (or similar) website. You 
       must request the permission of Travis Cole if you wish to transmit this FAQ 
       into any other website than GameFAQs.
       You may not edit or alter ANY information in the above FAQ, and claim as your 
              You may send any questions you may have to:

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