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    Quick Start FAQ by Z-Force

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/25/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Morrowind Quick Start FAQ Version 1.1 (X-Box Version)
    Written by Z-Force (z-force@execpc.com)
    This is a quick start guide to Morrowind:  Elder Scrolls 3.  The purpose of this guide is to 
    get you really powered up in a hurry so you can whoop butt quickly and easily.  This 
    guide will probably be considered cheesy by some, and if you think so, that’s fine.  There 
    are tons of ways to play through this game, this is just a fast track one.  Although this 
    guide is intended for the X-Box version of the game, everything SHOULD translate over 
    to the PC version as well, but if it doesn’t, please don’t e-mail me asking why it doesn’t 
    work in the PC version, because I don’t know or care.  The information in this guide was 
    taken from a smattering of posts in the gamefaqs morrowind board, and some other 
    sources as well.  If you see something you posted on the board, and would like credit, 
    please drop me a line, and I will give you credit.  Also, this guide is copyrighted by me, 
    Z-Force.  If you’d like to post it on your site, that’s fine, just don’t alter it, or use it to 
    make money.  The latest updates (if any) will always be available at Gamefaqs.com.  
    With that said, let’s get on with the action.
    Version 1.0 – Very First Version
    Version 1.1 – Added corrections, updates, and a couple other things
    I don’t want to get too much into the details of character creation, but I will recommend 
    the following things.
    1.	Put a mix of attributes as far as what governs what into major and minor, so that 
    you will have an easier time getting multipliers when you level up.
    2.	Do NOT put a major or minor into the following attributes;  Sneak, Athletics, 
    Acrobatics.  That is because it’s easy to cheese these skills up, and you can get a 
    bunch of levels before you’re ready for em.  This is not a good thing.
    3.	I recommend putting weapon abilities in minor skills, because these are also fairly 
    easy to level up, but important enough to be major or minor.  I would put at least 
    two weapon skills as major or minor.  Same thing with magic schools.  If you 
    follow this walkthrough, you should probably make longsword one of these skills. 
    4.	Pick one armor that you intend to use throughout the game and put it as a major or 
    minor.  I recommend using either heavy or light, depending on what type of 
    character you want, but don’t bother with medium.
    5.	Other skill to consider majoring or minoring in are:  Security, Armorer, 
    Mercantile, or Speechcraft.  
    Everything else is up to you.
    When you’re in the office where the guy registers you, on your right will be a bookshelf.  
    On that shelf will be a Limeware Platter.  Grab it then QUICKLY drop it down before the 
    guard comes over (by going into the inventory screen)  The guard will chastise you, but 
    nothing else will happen.  Then you can grab the platter from the ground and it’s yours.  
    It’s worth about 600 gold, which is not too shabby.  According to Blink 182, you can also 
    grab stuff in the office including the key that’s there before giving him the papers.  In the 
    next room, grab all the stuff there, especially the lockpick.  Once you get out of the 
    office, get the ring from the barrel like the game tells you.  Once you get your orders 
    from the guy in the next room, the fun will begin.  Go out the door and give the guy here 
    his ring to bump up his disposition.  Then go over to the trader.  He’ll have a high 
    disposition for you as well, which means you can sell off that platter you swiped for a 
    nice price.  Then buy a decent weapon, some armor, and most importantly, a bow and 
    some arrows if you want (you can get arrows for free later on if you join the fighters 
    guild) Also grab any spells you want.  Now raid the excise office’s warehouse using the 
    lockpick you got.  In there, you can get a bunch of moonsugar and skooma, which will be 
    worth some good money later.  In the trader’s room upstairs is a guy who will give you a 
    quest to rob the guy you gave the ring to.  If you want more money, another lockpick and 
    that stinky ring you gave him, take this quest on and rob him blind.  If you do this, just 
    keep his money, and don’t go back to the guy who gave you the quest.  Once you’ve done 
    this, you’ll have a little money, but you will need more.  But that will come soon.
    Any way you want, either walking or taking the slit strider, get yourself to Balmora.  
    Before you do that, you may want to take advantage of this trick, submitted by Askholm.  
    Upon leaving Seyda for the first time, head past the Silt Strider and continue down the 
    road. Soon you'll see a book lying on the road. LOOK UP! Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No, 
    it is a mage putting his final touches on a spell. As he is currently plummeting to his 
    death, it is VERY final. Loot him, he has some nice duds and an even nicer sword. 
    Nowhere near as fine as the Daedric Dai-Katana, but it'll get you by for a while, at least 
    until you acquire the DD-K. If you want a cheap laugh, try out his scrolls. But save first! 
    Once at Balmora, join the mage’s guild and thief’s guild.  You can join the fighter’s guild 
    too if you want, but you might want to wait till later to do this.  Take on the first Thief 
    Guild quest, in order to get an invisibility potion.  This will prove invaluable later in this 
    walkthrough.  Also do the first mage guild quest.  These quests are really simple so I 
    won’t explain how to do them here.  Once you’ve done these, it’s time to go after the big 
    Get to Vivec via the slit strider.  Now you will learn why you grabbed your bow and 
    arrow.  Get up to the foreign quarter plaza.  You’ll see once place where you can jump 
    over a display of flowers and hide there and nothing will be able to get you.  This is right 
    next to the Fighter’s guild.  Now pull out your bow, and wait for the lone Ordinator to 
    come into view.  Shoot him with your bow.  You will get reported and receive a measly 
    bounty of 40.  Also, the Ordinator will come a runnin’ toward you BUT since you’re 
    behind the flowers he won’t be able to get you.  Now whip out your melee weapon and 
    chop him up.  Since you’re low level this will take a while since Ordinators are fairly 
    tough, but eventually he’ll drop, you’ll have taken no damage, and you’ll have a bounty 
    of 40.  Grab all the Ordinator’s armor, then hit the mage’s guild and warp to Caldera.  
    Exit the guild there, drop all the Ordinator’s armor on the ground, and turn yourself into a 
    guard then pay the 40 gold bounty to get it off your head.  Then go and grab the armor 
    again.  The reason you dropped it is the same as why you dropped the platter earlier, the 
    guard won’t confiscate it this way.  Now go to the manor nearby where some orcs are 
    hanging out.  Go upstairs to find the creeper.  You can sell that armor you jacked here.  
    He has a 5000 gold bankroll so each time you deplete it, go outside the town and rest 24 
    hours so he gets it back.  You can also rest inside the town if you find a place, but this is 
    illegal.  To sell the mace which is worth 12000, sell it, then buy back some other stuff 
    totaling 7000.  Eventually, you’ll sell it all, and get about 33000 gold in the process.  If at 
    any point in the walkthrough you need more money, you can repeat this process, the 
    Ordinator will regenerate.  Before you leave this town, go to the clothier, and get yourself 
    an exquisite amulet.  This will be valuable in a minute.  You’re about to get your bad self 
    a VERY powerful item.
    OK, this is a biggie.  Warp back to Balmora, grab a powerful soul gem from the lady that 
    enchants on the top floor.  She sells one for about 2800, that’s the one you should get.  
    You also should have picked up a spell that does the open effect by now.  Now enchant 
    the exquisite amulet you got with the open spell, stick the big soulgem on it that you 
    bought and give it a magnitude of 100.  You should now have an amulet that will unlock 
    any door or chest in the game.  With my gem, I was able to get 100 charges on the 
    amulet.  This item will serve you well throughout the game, so guard it carefully.  Now 
    go down to the mage’s guild quest giver and take on the second quest to put a fake soul 
    gem in the enchanter’s desk.  Do this, and then just to be a jerk, steal all the stuff on her 
    desk, ESPECIALLY that Grand Soul Gem she just left standing there.  She might has 
    well have put a big sign on that bad boy saying STEAL ME!!!  Also, break into her chest 
    next to the desk for some other nice stuff, including a amulet of divine intervention.  This 
    will be a nice item for making fast escapes.  Just don’t try to do an enchantment with this 
    lady anymore.  This is another way you can steal the gems, without joining the guild, 
    submitted by Chrono Darknova
    1. Buy a Telekinesis spell- wait even if you can't cast for cheese buy it. 
    2. Go to a Spell Maker, Make the Tele spell Magnitude 5-5 and Duration of 3-5 (What 
    ever you want actully) Now go over to the desk with the gems. Look around, there are 
    some stairs nearby you right? All you have to do is jump behind the pillar next to the 
    stairs, move around so no one can see you and activate the spell. 
    3. Since unless your a mage this spell can be tricky. Cast it over and over, it should cost 
    2-5 Magicka. Keep casting until it works 
    4. GRAB LIKE THE WIND. Aim and press A as fast as you can, you should pick up 
    every single thing, with no bounty. if not repeat Steps Three to four.
    Now we’re gonna get some really nice armor.  From the mage guild, teleport to Ald’ruhn.  
    Go to the fighter’s guild there, and go downstairs, and sniff around till you find a door 
    with a lock level of 80.  Use your lovely new amulet to open this door.  Make sure no 
    ones sees you doing this, or you’ll get a bounty.  Once you’re inside, shut the door.  You 
    will see a locked chest with a 100 lock which contains a full set of Orcish armor, which is 
    really nice for medium armor fans, and another chest with some glass armor, which is 
    super strong light armor.  Pick whichever one you’re specializing in and equip it.  The 
    other set can be sold off for nice money (especially the glass stuff if you decide to sell 
    that.)  Now that you’re well dressed for success, it’s time to get you a sweet weapon.
    Get yourself over to Molag Mar.  The easiest way is to go to Vivec and slit strider there.  
    From Molag Mar, you’ll want to head upward and slightly to the east.  Using the paper 
    map that came with the game, look for Mount Assarnibibi.  That is where you want to go.  
    The mountains around here are rather confusing, but eventually you will find an egg mine 
    called Maesa-Shammus near Mount Assarnibibi.  Once you find it, SAVE OUTSIDE.  
    What you’re about to do can be tough, and will probably take you a couple tries.  Once 
    you’re inside, you will find some powerful Kwama Soldiers that spit spells at you,  Run, 
    jump, do whatever you can to avoid these guys.  Some kind of enchanted item that casts a 
    healing spell is helpful here.  Make your way to the right, and through the tunnel, till you 
    make your way to a big room with the queen.  You might want to save again here to a 
    different slot.  Drink that invisibility potion so that the bad guys inside don’t see you.  
    Once in the queen’s room, make your way over to the right quickly and leap over some 
    rocks.  On the other side, you will find a dead guy… check his body to find A DAEDRIC 
    DAI-KATANA.  This bad boy is worth a whopping 120000 (you’re not going to sell it of 
    course)  Now use the Divine Intervention amulet to get the hell out of there.  You should 
    wind up in the Wolverine Hall.  Get to the Mage Guild.  At some point, you should have 
    picked up a drain health spell.  Now use that grand soul gem to enchant your new sword 
    with the drain health ability (I gave mine 35-70 magnitude) and set it to activate on strike.  
    You’ve now got an incredibly powerful weapon early in the game. 
    And that’s it!  To recap, you’ve acquired the following:
    An easy way to rack up money.
    An Amulet that can unlock any door or chest in the game.
    Some really strong armor (You can throw some enchantments on the armor if you so 
    A big sword that does a lot of damage, and recovers your energy whenever it lands.
    You’ve now got some massive power before you even really begin your quest.  You’re 
    now free to go and do whatever you want.  Have fun!

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