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    Vampire FAQ by Boomstick1986

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/10/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind 
    Vampire Faq version 1.0
    Email: Boomstick1986@aol.com
    0.0 Version history
    1.0 Introduction
    2.0 Advantages of Vampirism
    3.0 Disadvantages of Vampirism
    4.0 Clan/Faction/Bloodline
        4.1 Clan Berne (best for stealth)
        4.2 Clan Aundae (best for magic)
        4.3 Clan Quarra (best for combat)
    5.0 How to contract the disease
    6.0 Something everybody must have
     v. 1.0 - Wednesday, July 10, 2002
    This is my first attempt at writing a guide. I was just tired of seeing the same 
    questions over and over on the message board, so I decided to fix that problem. Also, 
    as with everything risky you may do, I recommend saving before becoming a vampire.
    Well the big thing to becoming a Vampire are the stat boosts, plain and simple.
    First off you get a 20 point stat boost to Strength, Willpower, and Speed. You also 
    get a 30 point boost to Sneak, Athletics, Acrobatics, Hand-to-hand, Unarmored, 
    Mysticism, Illusion, and Destruction. When you decide which bloodline (faction) you 
    want to join you will get other boosts, but those will come later.
    All vampires are immune to paralysis and common disease. 
    They also get a spell vampire touch, which is a drain health spell.
    Some of these disadvantages are are actually quite obvious, like the fact that you 
    can only go out at night because the sun will hurt you, but if you do decide to go 
    outside do it on cloudy or overcast days. Also people won't service you, they wont 
    even talk to you. Steal something, you can't just pay the fine, the guards will kill 
    you on site. You won't even be able to do fast travel (i.e silt strider, boat), so 
    you'll be walking or flying everywhere.
    Sleeping will not restore your health.
    You better get whatever spells you may want or need before you become a vampire, 
    because the people in the Mages Guild are the only people that will talk to you, but 
    they still won't sell to you.
    You have to choose one, and depending on which one you choose will be what extra stats 
    you get. There are three to choose from Clan Berne, Clan Aundae, and Clan Quarra. 
    	4.1 Clan Berne (Best for stealth): Their main headquarters is the Galom Daeus 
    observatory in the northern central part of Molag Amur mountains. Other places to 
    locate Berne vampires are: Raviro ancestral tomb west of Molag Mar, The Othrelas 
    ancestral tomb near Balur Salvu's farm just outside of Vivec, the Andrethi ancestral 
    tomb southeast of Hlormaren. 
    Clan Berne stat increases: 20 points on Agility, Sneak, Unarmored, Hand-to-hand
    	4.2 Clan Aundae (Best for magic): Their main headquarters is the Ashmelech tomb 
    on an island Southwest of Sheogorad. Sheogorad will be all the way in the central 
    northern part of your world map. Other Aundae lairs are at the Sarethi ancestral tomb 
    northwest of Dagon Fel, the Dulo ancestral tomb south of the Zainab Ashlander camp
    Clan Aundae stat increases: 20 point boosts to: Short blade, Willpower, Mysticism, 
    and Destruction.
    	4.3 Clan Quarra (Best for combat): Volrina Quarra leads this clan based at the 
    Dwemer ruin of Drucashti southwest of the Urshilaku Ashlander camp near Maar Gan. 
    Clan Quarra stat boosts: 20 point boosts to: Blunt weapons, Strength, Hand-to-hand 
    and Heavy armor.
    To get the disease you have to let the vampire hit you with Hand-to-hand or a weapon, 
    magic does not work. When you are "bitten" a message box will appear saying you have 
    contracted poly(somethin) hemophylia. Once you get that get inside of something, a 
    place with an empty bed that you can sleep in. You will need to sleep for three days 
    and you will have a dream. You are now a vampire
    I suggest you copy and paste http://m0use.net/~uesp/morrow/files/morfiles.shtml 
    into your browser and download the map program under the Walkthrough and help files 
    section. It is the best map for finding the places mentioned above and it is also 
    a really good map to have for finding your way around Morrowind.

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