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    Enchantment FAQ by TOlson

    Version: 0.9.1 | Updated: 08/10/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Elder Scrolls III:
    (-) Morrowind (-)
    Enchantment FAQ
    This Document is the sole property of Travis Olson and it is only on
    gamefaqs.com. This document may not be sold posted or copied without explicit
    written consent from the author.
    Copywrite (c) 2002. Travis Olson, Author.
    Version 0.9.1
    (-) Introduction (-)
    OK, this is my first FAQ/Guide so bare with me folks. I wanted to make a FAQ
    and this is one subject I had spent some time on. I also noticed that there
    isn't an enchantment FAQ so here we go.
    (-) Contents (-)
    Section:1 - Introduction
    Section:2 - Version History
    Section:3 - Explanation
    Section:4 - The Basics
    Section:5 - Souls & Gems
    Section:6 - Enchanting
    Section:7 - MISC. Enchanting
    Section:8 - Enchantment List
    Section:9 - Q&A's of Enchanting
    Section:10 - Original Enchantments
    Section:11 - Contact Me
    (-) Version History (-)
    Version 0.1: July 14 of 2002. First version of this my first FAQ, I will take
    in Comments and new info and update it as I can.
    Version 0.2: July 18 of 2002. I added something to the MISC. Enchanting
    Version 0.3: July 19 of 2002. Revise copywrite and legal info.
    Version 0.4: July 19 of 2002. I added more to the MISC. Enchant section, and
    more info in the basic enchant section.
    Version 0.5: July 20 of 2002. Fixed some typos and other mistakes, I want to
    keep this updated not just let it sit on gamefaqs never to be updated.
    Version 0.6: July 22 of 2002. Today I added the enchantment List(the new
    section 9), it has over 90 enchantable items listed and there enchantment
    points. I will add more to the list later.
    Version 0.7: July 23 of 2002. I changed the format a little, and added some to
    the misc. enchantment section.
    Version 0.8: July 30 of 2002. Well I got some good input from people about my
    FAQ and some contributions from others. I added the sections (5.1) and changed
    sections 9 to section 10 and created a Q&A section for 9.
    Version 0.9.1 August 8 2002. I added the new section 10. Its the results of the
    Poll/Contest List your original enchantments. If your enchantment made the list
    its here in section 10.
    (-) Explanation (-)
    This Section is for people that just got the game and don't yet know what
    enchanting is. In the world of morrowind enchanting is the forging of magic and
    material into one item. This can be a magic ring, or even a magic sword, sound
    cool hell yeah.
    (-) The Basics (-)
    OK when enchanting there are two methods of doing this, one pay someone to do
    it for you, two do it yourself. "Pay someone to do it for you," let me explain
    this means, you pay someone else a fee (usually a large one) to enchant an item
    for you. This method is good because the enchanter will never fail (you on the
    other hand may fail when attempting to enchant) but you also have to have the
    item you want to enchant and a soul gem with a soul in it (I explain this in
    section 5). As for who can enchant there are many who can do this service
    usually in a mages guild. If you do it yourself you still need the item and
    soul gem but it wont cost you anything which is a plus. As for your enchantment
    level... the level determines how much charge you use when using the item, as
    well as how fast the charge is replenished. Enchanting success is in relation
    to your intelligence, just like alchemy so if your int. is high you will have
    more chance of successfully making a potion or enchanted item.
    (-) Souls & Gems (-)
    In the game of morrowind you will find colorful stones called soul gems. These
    soul gems very in color, shape, and capacity, from the petty soul gem to the
    grand soul gem. Now what the soul gems are for is enchanting, trapping a soul
    in one of these gems is part of the enchanting process. The trapped soul is the
    power that goes into your enchantment. To trap a soul you will need a soul gem
    and a soultrap spell or scroll (which are easy enough to come buy try the mages
    guild). When you have a soul gem and soultrap spell your ready to trap a soul
    find a monster in the wild and cast the soultrap on it (a white cloud should
    encircle the monster) now you must kill it. Once it is dead a message box will
    say you have trapped a soul. Easy huh? well there is slightly more to it than
    that, when you trap the soul it will go into the smallest gem that will contain
    it so if you have a grand soul gem only and trap a cave rat you are wasting the
    soul gem on an inferior monster. Here are the soul gems in order of there worth
    and capacity:
    Petty soul gem
    Lesser soul gem
    Common soul gem
    Greater soul gem
    Grand soul gem
    so if you want to trap a golden saint you would "need" a grand soul gem.
    (5.1)Soul's and there Charge
    (Contributed by. "Vol4EVER")
    (Edited by. Travis Olson)
    Format is: Creature Name - Charge Value - Lowest Soul Gem Required
    (^ denotes creatures which may be summoned)
    Ancestral Ghost - 100 - Common^
    Clannfear - 100 - Common^
    Cliff Racer - 20 - Petty
    Daedroth - 195 - Grand^
    Dremora - 100 - Greater^
    Flame Atronach - 105 - Common^
    Golden Saint - 400 - Grand^
    Guar - 20 - Lesser
    Kagouti - 20 - Petty
    Kwama Forager - 15 - Petty
    Least Bonewalker (goes in as Bonewalker) - 75 - Common^
    Nix Hound - 10 - Petty
    Ogrim Titan - 70 - Common
    Rat - 10 - Petty
    Scamp - 100 - Common^
    Skeletal Minion (goes in as Skeleton) - 20 - Petty^
    Skeleton Warrior - 30 - Common
    Slaughterfish - 10 - Petty
    Winged Twilight - 300 - Grand^
    (*note these are yet to be verified by me, if you find one or more of these to
    be incorrect contact me and I will correct it or remove it.)
    (-) Enchanting (-)
    Okay I will now go more deeply into enchanting itself. When enchanting every
    item has a certain amount of magic it can hold depending on your skill and the
    item. Items baring the exquisite brand will hold more than something baring a
    command brand (in a later version I will have a list of the amount each item
    can hold). If you are not enchanting yourself your skill factor will not
    matter. When enchanting yourself or paying for it you can only enchant an item
    will a spell your character already has learned, this is important, say you
    want a sword that will cast a fire attack when you slash you must have a fire
    spell it doesn't matter which spell. In enchanting you will choose the
    magnitude(amout to cast like 25 hp fire damage) and duration (the time it will
    last like 25 hp fire damage for 10 seconds). If you have a weak fire spell you
    can make a strong fire enchantment you only need one of each type of spell. Now
    I will list the different ways an enchanted item my be used.
    (Cast when used) - This mean drawing your hands to cast a spell. Usually an
    item like a ring or shirt not a weapon.
    (Cast when Strikes) - This will cast the spell when the weapon strikes the
    enemy. So when your sword hits it will do its normal damage plus the magic
    effect enchanted in it.
    (Cast on Touch) - With this you have to be within touching range of the enemy
    you have your hands out ready to cast.
    (Cast on Target) - This will cast on something at a distance, so you can be
    safe and far away, you must also have your hands out with this one.
    (Constant Effect) - This one will be active at all times you never need to cast
    it just wear the item and its working. Only golden saints and ascended sleepers
    can give you the constant effect.
    (-) MISC. Enchanting (-)
    (7.1) You can enchant flawlessly on your own like the enchanters in the game
    but it cost much less...
    Ok go to the imperial shrine in wolverine hall and talk to the guy next to the
    shrine, buy 100 to 150 ash yams and bloat. Now make about 10 potions(i.e. try
    until you have made 10 potions) now take the potions. Now your int. is in the
    hundreds. So now you will make the potions of better quality and more
    successfully. Now that you have made like 100 potions, you will need all the
    soul gems and item you want to enchant with ready now take about 45-50 potions
    your int. will be so high you can enchant anything to the max with constant
    effect and it will be successful.
    This is not my work, I read this on the GameFAQs boards some time ago and I am
    not taking credit for it. I dont remember who posted it but I am passing the
    info along, not taking credit. Hope this helps some people it really helped me.
    (7.2)Quick magic:
    If you are tired of all time it takes to cast a spell say in combat... try
    making an enchant item with that spell if it is a simple spell like firebite.
    Make a say like I did Glass tower shield with a 400 golden saint charge and a
    cast on target shock 80-90 hp of damage in 40 range, you can take out a whole
    room with a few clicks of the right trigger. I love this one I call me shield
    the Zeus's Fury!
    (7.3)Azura's Star Quest:
    Looking for grand soul gem's? Why. There is a soul gem called Azura's Star, it
    never breaks i.e. you can use it again and again for ever. So you could trap a
    rat use it and you will still have the soul gem, then trap a golden saint and
    use it again and again.
    To get this awesome gem all you have to do is go to the shrine of azura(this is
    on your paper map bottom right corner). Now when your there go inside the
    shrine and talk to the big statue inside. She will give you a quest, go to the
    island northwest of dragon fel. On your paper map it has a little house on it,
    go there and kill the golden saint and other monsters. Now take the signet ring
    from the golden saint and return it to the statue. You now have the azura's
    star enjoy.(side know azura tells you not to disturb the lady on the island in
    the house, dont go inside the house you wont be able to get azura's star)
    (-) Enchantment List (-)
    This is a list of many of the items in morrowind that can be enchanted. The 0/#
    is representative of the indicator when trying to enchant something (example:
    your trying to enchant a glass claymore it would say; Enchantment 0/4, Cast
    cost 0, and Charge 400 or whatever depending on the soul) so if something says
    0/20 it has 20 possible points of enchantment.
    Common robe: 0/1
    Common shoes: 0/1
    Common skirt: 0/2
    Common belt: 0/1
    Common ring: 0/1
    Common glove: 0/1
    Common amulet: 0/1
    Common pants: 0/2
    Expensive shirt: 0/7
    Expensive ring: 0/15
    Expensive pants: 0/7
    Expensive amulet: 0/15
    Extravagant skirt: 0/30
    Extravagant belt: 0/20
    Extravagant ruby amulet: 0/60
    Extravagant sapphire amulet: 0/60
    Extravagant ring: 0/60
    Extravagant robe: 0/20
    Exquisite robe: 0/40
    Exquisite ring: 0/120
    Exquisite amulet/hlervu locket: 0/120
    Netch leather tower shield: 0/22
    Netch leather gauntlet: 0/6
    Chitin tower shield: 0/37
    Chitin helmet: 0/12
    Chitin cuirass: 0/10
    Chitin greaves: 0/1
    Chitin shield: 0/25
    Chitin dagger: 0/1
    Chitin gauntlet: 0/10
    Chitin pauldron: 0/1
    Imperial shield: 0/50
    Imperial dragonscale helmet: 0/20
    Imperial dragonscale tower shield: 0/60
    Dreugh Shield: 0/45
    Dreugh cuirass: 0/18
    Iron tower shield: 0/75
    Iron shield: 0/50
    Iron Shortsword: 0/4
    Iron dagger: 0/2
    Iron pauldron: 0/2
    Steel longbow: 0/3
    Steel dart: 0/1
    Steel dia-katana: 0/7
    Steel tanto: 0/2
    Steel saber: 0/5
    Nordic leather shield: 0/15
    Dwemner greaves: 0/2
    Dwarven war axe: 0/5
    Dwarven crossbow: 0/5
    Dwemner shield: 0/50
    Silver longsword: 0/4
    Silver dagger: 0/1
    Indoril shield: 0/45
    Bonemold helmet: 0/20
    Bonemold pauldron: 0/1
    Bonemold greaves: 0/2
    Bonemold shield: 0/40
    Bonemold tower shield: 0/60
    Bonemold cuirass: 0/16
    Bonemold bracer: 0/16
    Bonemold boots: 0/7
    Redoran watchmen's helmet: 0/12
    Redoran guard shield: 0/60
    Orc warhammer: 0/6
    Orcish tower shield: 0/90
    Glass helmet: 0/15
    Glass cuirass: 0/12
    Glass bracer: 0/10
    Glass pauldron: 0/1
    Glass shield: 0/30
    Glass tower shield: 0/45
    Glass claymore: 0/4
    Glass halberd: 0/3
    Glass staff: 0/4
    Glass longsword: 0/3
    Ebony shortsword: 0/8
    Ebony tower shield: 0/150
    Ebony longsword: 0/12
    Ebony shield: 0/100
    Ebony war axe: 0/10
    Ebony greaves: 0/5
    Ebony cuirass: 0/40
    Ebony spear: 0/10
    Ebony broadsword: 0/10
    Ebony staff: 0/90
    Ebony boots: 0/17
    Daedric shield: 0/150
    Daedric tower shield: 0/225
    Daedric dagger: 0/6
    Daedric wakizashi: 0/13
    Daedric katana: 0/18
    Daedric battle axe: 0/16
    (-) Q&A's of Enchanting (-)
    (Contributed by. squirrelnut544143)
    (Edited by. Travis Olson)
    Q. How do I enchant stuff?
    A. You can either do it yourself (the hard way), or have someone in the Mages
    Guild or one of the many other enchanter's do it for you, for a large sum of
    money that is.
    Q. Where can I find Grand Soul Gems?
    A. All over. Look mostly in Bandit's Caves. Also, raise your luck to about 50,
    and I can almost guarantee you'll find one per cave.
    Q. Where are Golden Saints?
    A. Look in Deadric Ruins. They are usually hanging around them. Or, buy the
    summon spell or the scroll.
    Q. I see a Golden Saint, how do I Soul Trap them?
    A. First off, cast Soul Trap on it (spell in Balmora Mages' Guild I think, if
    not, look in other Mages' Guilds) now there should be a like fog around them.
    Now kill them and you have trapped them. If they happen to cast a spell on
    themselves, the Soul Trap is gone. Just, re-cast and hack away.
    Q. What does "constant effect" do?
    A. It's like the Excalibur in FFT, you always have Haste on you. But, you can
    put whatever you want on it, as long as the enchantment rating is okay.
    Q. What is an enchantment rating?
    A. How much of a magic spell, or whatever you can fit on the
    weapon/armor...etc...(refer to section:8)
    Q. What does "Point Cost" mean?
    A. It means how much charge it takes away from the armor/weapon...etc..when you
    use it's power.
    A. No, just rest for a while. Usually a day or so and it recharges back up to
    (-) Original Enchantment (-)
    This is the new addition to my FAQ, it is the Enchantment idea's I got from the
    GameFAQ's message boards. If your name and enchantment are up here you are one
    of the winners. Not much of a prize, but you get to help people and get
    recognition. Thanks to all who contributed.
    * The format is as Follows:
    "Blank" (Name of the Enchanted Item)
    Item - (Item used in Enchantment)
    Spell(s) - (Kind of Magic used in the Enchantment)
    Effects - (How the Spell is cast, i.e. Cast When Used)
    Charge - (The charge in the gem used to create the Enchantment)
    Contributor - (person who made this Enchantment, and winner of the online
    "Amulet of Angels Wings"
    Item - Exquisite Amulet
    Spell(s) - Levitate 8pts
    Effects - Constant
    Charge - N/A
    Contributor - BLACKnBLUE
    "Soul Stealer"
    Item - Ebony Longsword
    Spell(s) - Absorb Health 25pts, Soul Trap 15 seconds
    Effects - Cast when Strikes
    Charge - N/A
    Contributor - toddgrich
    "Dagger Of Fleetness"
    Item - Deadric Dagger
    Spell(s) - Fortify Agility 27-28 pts for 5 seconds
    Effects - Cast when Strikes
    Charge - 400
    Contributor - Master420(me)
    "Jean Grey's Locket"
    Item - Exquisite Amulet
    Spell(s) - Telekinesis 24 pts on self
    Effects - Cast when Used
    Charge - N/A
    Contributor - uppyr
    "Call of the Mime"
    Item - Exquisite Amulet
    Spell(s) - Silence 59 seconds on self
    Effects - Cast when Used
    Charge - N/A
    Contributor - uppyr
    "Defence Ring"
    Item - Exquisite Ring
    Spell(s) - Bound Boots, Gloves, Shield, and Helmet
    Effects - All Constant
    Charge - 400
    Contributor - Master420(me)
    "Pamala Andersons Hepatitus C"
    Item - Deadric Claymore
    Spell(s) - Poison 1-10 for 10 seconds,Soul trap 25 second
    Effects - Cast when Strikes
    Charge - N/A
    Contributor - CHMooKiE
    "Nerevarine Sword"
    Item - Deadric Claymore
    Spell(s) - Absorb Health 54 pts
    Effects - Cast when Strikes
    Charge - 400
    Contributor - Nerevarine
    "Deadric Vayporblyde"
    Item - Deadric Wakizashi
    Spell(s) - Chameleon 100pts for 2 seconds
    Effects - Cast when Strikes
    Charge - 400
    Contributor - SR71
    "Moon Clogs"
    Item - Exquisite Shoes
    Spell(s) - Slowfall 2pts
    Effects - Constant Effect
    Charge - 400
    Contributor - Master420(me)
    "Burning Comatose"
    Item - Deadric Katana
    Spell(s) - Fire 23pts,Paralyze 3 seconds
    Effects - Cast on Strike
    Charge - 400
    Contributor - Master420(me)
    "Hell Biter"
    Item - Deadric Claymore
    Spell(s) - Absorb health 54pts
    Effects - Cast on Strike
    Charge - 1000(vivic's soul)
    Contributor - Squirrelnut544143
    "Spidey/Spider-Man Shoes"
    Item - Exquisite Shoes
    Spell(s) - Jump 100pts 2 seconds, Slowfall 5pts for 20 Seconds
    Effects - Cast When Used
    Charge - 400
    Contributor - Master420(me)
    "Nova Armor"
    Item - Deadric Curiass
    Spell(s) - Fortify Strength 12pts
    Effects - Constant Effect
    Charge - 400
    Contributor - Squirrelnut544143
    "Lucky Star"
    Item - Exquisite Amulet
    Spell(s) - Fortify Luck 13pts, Light 26pts in 50ft
    Effects - Constant Effect
    Charge - N/A
    Contributor - williechuck
    "Holy Nova"
    Item - Exquisite Ring
    Spell(s) - Weakness to Shock 100pts in 50ft on Target, Shock 100pts in 50ft on
    Effects - Cast When Used
    Charge - 400
    Contributor - BlueInferno5
    "Kilt of the Gods"
    Item - Exquisite Skirt
    Spell(s) - Restore Fatigue 12pts
    Effects - Constant Effect
    Charge - 400
    Contributor - Funkydopeloven
    "Keeper of the Abyss"
    Item - Exquisite Pants
    Spell(s) - Water Breathing, Slowfall 1pt, Night Eye5-6pts
    Effects - Constant Effect
    Charge - N/A
    Contributor - Cerkill
    "key of Morrowind"
    Item - Exquisite Amulet
    Spell(s) - Open 100pts on touch
    Effects - Cast when Used
    Charge - N/A
    Contributor - jooby the gamer
    "Soul Claimer"
    Item - Ebony Staff
    Spell(s) - Drain Health 100pts, Soul Trap 8 seconds,Paralyze 14 seconds
    Effects - Cast when Strikes
    Charge - N/A
    Contributor - Stingoray8u
    Item - Deadric Dai-Katana
    Spell(s) - Chameleon 100pts for 4 seconds on self
    Effects - Cast when Strikes
    Charge - 400
    Contributor - SR71
    (-) Contact Me (-)
    If you wish to contact me because I have made an error ( I am Human you know)
    or wish to contribute or just want say good job you can contact me at
    GoD_4_2_0@yahoo.com, or ixikromeixi on AIM(AOL Instant Messager) or Master420
    at gamefaqs. Thanx to everyone who reads this I hope it helps you.
    (_.^._.- GoD -._.^._)
    Copywrite.  (c) 2002.
    Travis Olson.

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