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    Books FAQ by croikle14

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                ***************Rare Books FAQ***************
                               By croikle14
             For the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (xbox version)
                    Contact me at croikle14@hotmail.com
                               Version One
    Table of Contents
    Section 1- Introduction
    Section 2- Updates
    Section 3- Why collect books?
    Section 4- Where are the books?
               4.1- Series
               4.2- Individual Books
    Section 5- Special Thanks
    Section 6- Copyright Information
    Section 1- Introduction
    So, you ask, why do I write an FAQ on books? I always enjoyed searching out 
    rare and unusual books across Vvardenfell, and after the success of my topic 
    on the boards, I decided to convert this into an FAQ. Hopefully after 
    searching out these books, you’ll understand why I love them so much!
    Section 2- Updates
    Version 1- 9/25/2002- Submitted to GameFAQs
    Section 3- Why collect books?
    The game Morrowind has a vast array of books that go from informative to 
    entertaining. It’s also a great way to spend time after you’ve completed the 
    main quest, and you are just wandering around looking for stuff to do. Also, 
    the books give you a great insight into the history of Vvardenfell that you 
    otherwise would not have known.
    Section 4- Where are the books?
           Section 4.1- Series
    The Black Arrow- A good story that includes the name of the master Marksman 
    Value- 400g each
          All volumes(2)are in Tel Mora, at Kirsty's House
    Bone- A creepy story about the invention of Bonemold.
    Value- 300g each
          Part 1- Ainab, Shrine (Ainab is a Sixth house base, but I don't
          Have great directions. It’s on a small island to the south-
          Southwest of Rotheran, in the Sheogorad region.
          Part 2- Grytewake, Cabin (the Grytewake is Southwest of Hla Oad)
    Brief History of the Empire- Just some background for those who want to know 
    about Morrowind’s history.
    Value- 50g each
          All volumes (4) can be bought from Jobasha in Vivec or can be
          found in the Ald-ruhn Mages Guild
    Charwich- Koniinge- A story told entirely through a collection of letters 
    between Charwich and Koniinge.
    Value- 300g each
           Volume 1- Vivec, Dralor Manor
           Volume 2- Hla Oad- Murudius Flaeus’ House
           Volume 3- Tel Uvirith, in Tower Upper, or on Farena Arelas
           Volume 4- Nevrila Areloth’s House, Sadrith Mora
    Corpse Preparation- These books are somewhat of a necromancer’s handbook.
    Value- 50g each
          All volumes(3)can be found in Sorkvild the Raven’s tower in
          Dagon Fel.
    A Dance in Fire- A great series that is very easy to obtain!
    Value- 150g each
          All volumes (7) can be bought from Jobasha in Vivec.
    Feyfolken- This series is about an evil enchanted quill- You have to read to 
    find out what that means!
    Value- 300g each
          Feyfolken 1- Marandus, Upper
          Feyfolken 2- Dubdilla, south of Vos set in the south side of a
          Feyfolken 3- Sud, where you go for a Mages Guild quest. It's
          basically due west from Dagon Fel on the opposite coast.
    Mystery of Talara- This is a lively, interesting series that should appeal 
    to everyone… kind of like Anastasia…
    Value- 250g each
          Part 1- Dro’Shavir’s House, Caldera
          Part 2- Valvius Mevureius’ House, Caldera
          Part 3- South Guard Towers, Caldera
          Part 4- Omni Hard-Mouth’s Shack, Dagon Fel
          Part 5- Valvius Mevureius’ House, Caldera
    Palla- A story about a lovesick (aww) student who takes his obsession to 
    another level.
    Value- 400g each
          All volumes (2) can be found in Aryon’s Chambers in Tel Vos. You
          have to levitate to reach him.
    Poison Song- A creepy, Sixth House related horror story.
    Value- 30g each
          Book 1- Nevrila Areloth’s House, Sadrith Mora
          Book 2- Trendus Dral’s House, Sadrith Mora
          Book 3- Nevrila Areloth’s House, Sadrith Mora
          Book 4- Ules Manor, Suran
          Book 5- Trendus Dral’s House, Sadrith Mora
          Book 6- Ules Manor, Suran
          Book 7- Madren Ulvel’s House, Sadrith Mora
    The Real Barenziah- A long series, with some books reaching 82(!!!) pages in 
    length. It is, however, a really great story.
    Value- 20g each
          All versions may be bought from Jobasha in Vivec.
    Vampires of Vvardenfell- Some background info on Vampire clans and, if need 
    be, where to find the cure.
    Value- Volume 1: 50g, Volume 2: 400g
          Both volumes can be found in the Vivec Secret Library, which is
          located under a locked trapdoor in the Office of the Watch in the
          Hall of Justice
    Wolf Queen- Another great series, that is both interesting and exciting.
    Value- 250g each
          Book 1- Nedhelas' House, Caldera
          Book 2- Skyrim Mission, Ebonheart
          Book 3- Vivec, Telvanni Sorcerer
          Book 4- Tiras Sadus, Ald-Ruhn
          Book 5- Ebonheart, Imperial Commission
          Book 6- Ald Sotha lower
          Book 7- Ghorak Manor, Caldera
          Book 8- Tel Mora Services
    2920: The Last Year of the First Era- A great read, but it’s not easy to get 
    this bunch- It requires a lot of travel.
    Value- 275g each
          First Seed- Gnaar Mok, Mush-Mere's shack
          Last Seed- St. Delyn Potter's Hall
          Evening Star- Khuul, Helga's Shack
          Sun's Dusk- Garothmuk gro-Muzgub, Smith- Suran
          Rain's Hand- Gnisis, Arvs-Drelen
          Sun's Height- Vivec, Redoran Trader
          Morning Star- Venim Manor Bedrooms, Ald-ruhn: under-skar
          Mid Year- Andalen Ancestral Tomb
          Frost Fall- Suran Temple, or Telvanni Council House
          Hearth Fire- Caldera Guild of Mages
          Second Seed- Vivec Secret Library
          Sun's Dawn- Ald-ruhn Guild of Mages
    36 Lessons of Vivec- A long, preachy, bible-like story. It’s not the 
    greatest read, but a great collection to have.
    Value- 200g each
          Sermon 1- Molag Mar- Vaseiseus Viciulus, trader
          Sermon 2- Vivec, High Fane
          Sermon 3- Vivec Secret Library
          Sermon 4- Vivec Secret Library
          Sermon 5- Vivec Secret Library
          Sermon 6- Vivec, High Fane
          Sermon 7- Molag Mar, Temple
          Sermon 8- Molag Mar, Temple
          Sermon 9- Molag Mar, Temple
          Sermon 10- Vivec, High Fane
          Sermon 11- Tel Vos Central Tower
          Sermon 12- Arano Ancestral Tomb
          Sermon 13- Ghostgate Tower of Dawn
          Sermon 14- Balmora, Temple
          Sermon 15- Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk
          Sermon 16- Morvayn Manor, Ald-ruhn
          Sermon 17- Ald-Ruhn Sarethi Guard Quarters
          Sermon 18- Ghostgate Tower of Dawn
          Sermon 19- Tel Aruhn: Maren Uvaren, Enchanter
          Sermon 20- Ald-Ruhn Arobar Guard Quarters
          Sermon 21- Gnisis, Temple
          Sermon 22- Balmora, Hlaalo Manor
          Sermon 23- Gnisis, Temple
          Sermon 24- Vos: Ulvil Llothas' Farmhouse
          Sermon 25- Morvayn Manor
          Sermon 26- Vivec Secret Library
          Sermon 27- Vivec St. Olms Temple
          Sermon 28- Vivec, High Fane
          Sermon 29- Maar Gan Outpost
          Sermon 30- Vivec, St. Olms Yngling Manor
          Sermon 31- Holamayan Monastery
          Sermon 32- Holamayan Monastery
          Sermon 33- Molag Mar- Saetring the Nord, Smith
          Sermon 34- Balmora, Temple
          Sermon 35- Vivec Secret Library
          Sermon 36- Vivec Secret Library
           Section 4.2- Individual Books
    The Alchemist’s Formulary- Not a story at all, but contains valuable potion 
    Value- 300g
          Found in Pelagiad, at Mebestien Ence- Trader, and in the Gateway
          Inn at Sadrith Mora.
    The Armorer's Challenge- A book that includes the name of the Armorer master 
    trainer, Sirrolus Saccus.
    Value- 325g
          Found at Hodlismod’s shop, the armorer, in Caldera
    Azura and the Box- A tale on how the Dwemer tricked the Daedra Azura- and in 
    doing so, cursed themselves for eternity.
    Value- 200g
          Found in Vivec, in the Telvanni Tower at the Telvanni Canton
    Breathing Water- A story about a thief and his desire to find an underwater 
    Value- 400g
          It can be found in Sirlonwe’s chest, in the Vivec Guild of Mages
    The Cake and the Diamond- A story that mentions the name of the Alchemy 
    master trainer.
    Value- 200g
          Found in Vivec’s Telvanni Apothecary, in the Telvanni Canton
    Chance's Folly- One of my favorites in the entire game- If you enjoy 
    suspense, puzzles, twists, and insanity, this is for you!
    Value- 250g
          Can be found in Vivec’s Arena Storage
    Chimarvamidium- A tale about the creation of a Dwemer centurion that is not 
    all that it seems.
          Found in Sirlonwe’s chest, in the Vivec Guild of Mages
    Death Blow of Abernanit- A poem about the defeat of an invincible foe.
    Value- 300g
          Found in the Madach Tradehouse in Gnisis
    The Dowry- A tale about how a wealthy noble is searching for the perfect 
    husband for his daughter. But is the best candidate all he seems?
    Value- 300g
          In Vivec’s Telvanni Tower, in the Telvanni Canton
    The Dragon Break Reexamined- A somewhat dry history book on the Septim 
    Value- 250g
          Can be found in Gnisis: Arvs-Drelen, or at Seryne Relas’ House
          in Sadrith Mora.
    The Final Lesson- The story, intended to be the final lesson to the 
    characters Taksim and Vonguldak from the Feyfolken series, is about how one 
    can never forget the simple lessons.
    Value- 350g
          Found in Tel Aruhn’s Upper Tower
    The Four Suitors of Benitah- On how a man changes himself to try and win the 
    girl of his dreams.
    Value- 300g
          Found in Sadrith Mora, at Vaden Belas’ House
    A Game at Dinner- A book that is not only creepy, but mentions the name of 
    Dhaunayne Aundae, the head of the Aundae vampire clan.
    Value- 200g
          Can be found in Vivec’s Guild of Mages
    The Gold Ribbon of Merit- Surprisingly similar to the series “The Black 
    Value- 250g
          Found in Kunirai, a base just N-NW of Telasero
    Hallgerd's Tale- A humorous story that is somewhat of a dirty joke about a 
    heavy armor master.
    Value- 325g
          Can be found in Itan the Gentle's Shack, at Dagon Fel
    The Hope of the Redoran- A book that contains the name of Athyn Sarethi, who 
    is key in the main story.
    Value- 250g
          Found in Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk
    The Horror of Castle Xyr- a great play, with a creepy twist.
    Value- 250g
          Can be found in Tel Naga’s Great Hall, in Sadrith Mora
    How Orsinium Passed to the Orcs- A book that, as the title implies, is about 
    the passage of Orsinium to the Orcs.
    Value- 200g
          Found in Vivec, in the Telvanni Prison Cells
    Ice and Chiton- About a weak and lost military group that uses only a dusty 
    set of chitin armor to escape.
    Value- 325g
          It can be found in Suran, at Garothmuk: Smith
    The Importance of Where- A tale about an evil beast and the (drumroll) 
    importance of where.
    Value- 200g
          Can be found in Vivec, Telvanni Tower, in the Telvanni Canton
    Incident in Necrom- A great book about vampire hunters.
    Value- 225g
          Found in Balyn Omarel's House, in Balmora
    The Last Scabbard of Akrash- A good story about how an abolitionist and his 
    girlfriend use sneaky tactics to murder slave traders.
    Value- 250g
          Found at Dandera Selaro, Smith, in Ald-ruhn
    The Legendary Scourge- A book on the mace, Scourge, made by the Daedra Lord 
    Value- 200g
          Can be found in Tel Fyr, in the Hall of Fyr.
    The Locked Room- a good tale about a thief school, and a sadistic teacher.
    Value- 200g
          Found in the Barracks at Gnisis
    Lord Jornibret’s Last Dance- A poem about how an irresistible noble finally 
    meets his match.
    Value- 300g
          Can be found in St. Olms Upper North-Two
    The Lunar Lorkhan- On the Heart of Lorkhan, the force that gives Dagoth Ur 
    and the Tribunal Gods immortality.
    Value- 350g
          Can be found in Tel Fyr, in the Hall of Fyr.
    The Marksmanship Lesson- A story about how a slave finds a unique way to 
    exact revenge.
    Value- 250g
          Found in Ald-ruhn, in the Llethri Guard Quarters, and in the
          Argonian Mission in Ebonheart
    Master Zoaraym's Tale- A tale about an elite fighting school and an unlikely 
    candidate for the fighting competition.
    Value- 300g
          Found at the stronghold Tel Uvirith, in Omavel’s House
    The Mirror- On how a mighty warrior finally meets his match.
    Value- 225g
          It can be bought from Codus Callonus in Ald-ruhn, or found in
          Suran’s Guard Tower.
    Night Falls on Sentinel- A story about an assassin, and a strange Redguard 
    he meets at a tavern.
    Value- 275g
          Can be found in Ghorak Manor, in Caldera
    Notes on Racial Phylogeny and Biology- An interesting book that contains 
    information on the various races, including those that are not found on 
    Value- 275g
          Found in Seyda Neen, at Eldafire’s House
    Prayers of Baranat- A little Tribunal-influenced, but still good.
    Value- 250g
          Can be found in Ald-ruhn’s Morag Tong Hall
    Ransom of Zarek- About a clever man who attempts to escape from Nord 
    Value- 200g
          Found in the Underground Stream near a body deep in the Gnisis
    Realizations of Acrobacy- A book that includes the name of the Acrobatics 
    master trainer- Senyindie.
    Value- 200g
          Can be found in Aryni Orethi's House, in Ald-Ruhn
    The Rear Guard- A book in which the name of the light armor master, Aerin, 
    is mentioned.
    Value- 200g
          Can be found in Gnaar, Mok, in Anglalos’ Shack
    Secrets of Dwemer Animunculi- This book gives you the spell “Summon Sphere 
    Value- 450g
          Can be found in Galom Daeus, a dwemer ruin S-SW of Uvirith’s
    The Seed- A book about the Argonian’s revenge on the man who took away their 
    most precious items.
    Value- 200g
          Found in Punsabanit, a smuggler’s den south of the ruin Mzuleft
    Silence- On how a great warrior uses the spell silence for a variety of 
    Value- 230g
          Can be found in Laterus Burial of the Urshilaku Burial Caverns
    Sithis- A book that is written by a follower of the Sixth House, and is 
    somewhat confusing.
    Value- 275g
          Found at Arvs-Drelen in Gnisis.
    Smuggler's Island- A story on how two moon sugar smugglers are trapped on a 
    deserted island. Kind of like a survival story, with (once again) a twist.
    Value- 250g
          Found in the lower level of the stronghold Falasmaryon
    Song of the Alchemists- A story written in poem form, about two alchemists 
    competing for a position in the king’s court.
    Value- 200g
          Can be found in Ashalmimikala’s Shrine. It is a daedric ruin
          found west of the stronghold Andraseth.
    Starlover’s Log- A depressing story written as journal entries that end 
    Value- 350g
          Found in Tel Fyr, in the Hall of Fyr
    Surfeit of Thieves- I highly recommend this book- it is on a group of 
    thieves that do not know what they got themselves into.
    Value- 350
          Can be found in Hla Oad, at Fatleg's Drop Off underground
    The Third Door- A poem about an axe master and the man she loves- but it has 
    an odd twist at the end.
    Value- 250g
          Can be found in Ald-Ruhn’s Guard Tower 1 (might be 2...)
    Trap- A creepy and deceiving tale.
    Value- 250g
          Found in Drushcashti, the Quarra base. Druscashti is northernmost
          of two Dwemer ruins drawn north of the city Maar Gan on the paper
          map, in Foyada Bani-Dad.
    Unnamed Book- A book about thieves, murder, and backstabbing. No title 
    Value- 225g
          Found in the Savel Tomb, which is a good walk SW from Holamayan
          Monastery. You have to travel across a small island, and continue
          SW to the mainland. The Savel tomb should be there.
    Vernaccus and Bourlor- A story about how a prophecy indirectly comes true.
    Value- 250g
          Found in Suran, at Ralnosa Gilvayn, Outfitter
    The Wraith's Wedding Dowry- How a thief-turned bride gets back her dowry.
    Value- 300g
          Found in Vivec’s Fighters Guild (in with Sjoring Hard-Heart), or
          in the lighthouse at Seyda Neen
    Withershins- A strange tale about how an Argonian visits a rather 
    unconventional healer.
    Value- 250g
          Can be found in the Ald-Ruhn Guild of Mages
    Words and Philosophy- More of a story about a Bosmer swordfighter- don’t see 
    too many of those!
    Value- 225g
          It can be found in the Vivec Telvanni Prison Cells and in
          Balmora, Western Guard Tower North
    Section 5- Special Thanks
          This is the section dedicated to those diligent people who helped me 
    out while making this FAQ. I have to give special thanks to easyeman, for he 
    truly backed me up during this whole process. Most people get frustrated 
    with my over-analytical qualities, but he put up with me wonderfully :]. His 
    original ideas and unabounding assistance really helped get this FAQ off the 
    ground. Also, thanks to those who offered their help- I was surprised that 
    so many people were willing to assist me in writing this, and thanks to 
    those who complimented my efforts on the boards, for it was those comments 
    that were the catalyst for my action. I hope that everyone reading this will 
    discover some of the obscure, yet still interesting, literature of 
    Section 6- Copyright Information
          This FAQ is copyright of Jillian (croikle14)- please do not 
    redistribute or copy this FAQ in any way without MY permission. If you want 
    to ask permission to reproduce parts of my FAQ, e-mail me at 
    croikle14@hotmail.com, and I will decide whether you can use it or not. If I 
    find that it has been reproduced without my express consent, I will take 
    action. You can contact me with any comments or questions as well, but 
    PLEASE do not flame me or ask questions that have already been answered in 
    my FAQ.

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