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    Vampire Aundae Clan Guide by Orest

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/08/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind
                    Vampire Aundae Clan guide v1.1
                    Copyright 2002 by Orest (y_orest@yahoo.com)
     Last updated on October 8, 2002
      This document was written by Orest also known as D.Y. and cannot be used
    without his permission. To receive my permission you need only one thing: email
    (y_orest@yahoo.com) me and receive my permission. Of course, you can read and
    print this document but don't post this document on your site without my
    permission. I hate copyright violence so don't angry me.
     If you have questions about my guide or want to add or correct something then
    send me a message (y_orest@yahoo.com). But don't try to send letters with some
    nasty remarks. Please put "Morrowind" subject when emailing me.Latest updates
    of this guide are available at www.gamefaqs.com. I am sorry if I don't respond
    to the letters because I read my mailbox not often. I can respond to the
    letters lately.
      v1.0 The first release (October 3, 2002)
      v1.1 Current version (October 8, 2002)
           Added some additional information
           Fixed some grammar and spell errors
           Added Part 4: FAQ and Last Part: Credits
      PART 4: FAQ
      Part 0: Introduction
       So you want to become a vampire and join Aundae clan then you'll come in a
    right place. Here I'll explain some information about Aundae clan and their
     Part 1: Becoming a vampire of Aundae clan
       Aundae vampires are mages and sorcerers so this clan is recommended for mage
    characters. Their main headquarters are in the Ashmelech tomb which is located
    in Sheogorad region on the island (not so big and not small) south-west from
    main Sheogorad island where Dagon Fel is situated or you can access this tomb
    from Sanctus Shrine (swim south-east from Sanctus Shrine to the island past
    main big island). There are also another Aundae location with nameless Aundae
    vampires: Sarethi Ancestral Tomb (north-west from Dagon Fel), Dulo Ancestral
    tomb (west from Uvirith's Grave and south a little), Serano Ancestral Tomb
    (near Galom Daeus Dwemer ruins in the north Molag Amur region near lava, just
    go north-east a little).
      Vampire bonuses:
        Strength +20
        Speed +20
        Willpower +20
        Sneak +30
        Hand to Hand +30
        Unarmed +30
        Mysticism +30
        Illusion +30
        Destruction +30
        Resyst paralysis: 100%
        Resist Common desease: 100%
        Resist Normal weapons: 50%
        Vampire Touch (absorb health 10 to 30 pts on touch) (available in spell
    list). Advice: use it often.
      Vampire penalties:
        weakness to fire: 50%
        sun damage: 5 pts per second (so travel at night to avoid sun damage)
        communication penalties: all people in Morrowind will ignore or fight you.
    Only other vampires, Mages Guild and House Telvanni will speak with you but you
    cannot access their services.
        travel penalty: Forget about silt striders, boat and mages guild traveling.
    Travel by foot. This penalty seriously influence game processing so I recommend
    you to think about becoming a vampire and save game.
        resting penalty: You cannot restore your health points after resting. So
    use Vampire Touch spell on enemies to restore some health.
       Interesting ability:
         disturbing dreams: After resting you can see some vampire dreams. This
    dreams are repeated.
      Clan Aundae additional bonuses:
        Willpower +20
        Mysticism +20
        Destruction +20
        Short Blade +20
      Becoming a vampire:
        I don't recommend to become a vampire at the beginning of the game because
    it will be difficult to train your skills and increase attributes because of
    high bonuses. And there is a quest of curing vampirism. When vampirism will be
    cured then you lose your bonuses.
        So you do not change your mind to become a vampire Aundae. So read below.
    To become the vampire you must contact another vampire from some vampiric clan.
    So go to the one of the Aundae locations (see above) and enter the location. If
    you have a very strong common desease resistance then decrease this resistance
    with spell Weakness to Common Desease. Then let the vampire fight you in melee
    combat until you contact "porphyric hemophilia" common desease. Then run from
    this location and don't cure this desease. Rest 72 hours with this desease and
    you should see the dream about girl with blood tears. Congratulations, you are
    a vampire. So don't forget about mark, recall, divine and almsivi intervention
    spells. Propylon indexes for Dunmer strongholds will help a lot in travelling. 
    Remember: DON'T REST outside.
    Part 2: Aundae quests
      So you are a vampire. Now go to the Ashmelech tomb and the vampires will not
    fight you but you cannot use their services. Go and speak with Dhaunayne Aundae
    the leader of the Aundae clan. She will give you the first quest.
       quest 1. She seeks the clues of her family offspring. Find what happened
    with her son Vilandon. She gives you Aundae signet ring which belongs her
    family and can be identified by others in Sadrith Mora .
         So travel a long pass to Sadrith Mora and go to the Mages guild in
    Wolverine Hall. Speak with Tusamirul about family crest and he tells you about
    Sinyaramen in Gateway Inn. Retrieve the potion from Tusamirul to deliver this
    potion to Sinyaramen otherwise Sinyaramen will not speak with you. Go to the
    Gateway Inn in Sadrith Mora, find and speak with Sinyaramen about family crest.
    It seems that Vilandon was a vampire hunter after his mother became a vampire.
    He was killed by vampire Kjeld hundred years ago. Now return to Dhaunayne
    Aundae and tell her this story. Receive the second quest.
       quest 2. Dhaunayne Aundae wants you to find and kill Kjeld. Kjeld belongs to
    clan Quarra.
          Go to the Drucashti Dwemer ruins the main Quarra clan headquarters
    (south-west from Urshilaku camp near Bthungthumz Dwemer ruins). Kjed is a smith
    of Quarra clan. Kill Kjed and I recommend you to kill other vampires in this
    location. Now return to Dhaunayne Aundae. Now you are a full member of Aundae
    clan and can use their services.
       quest 3. Speak with Dhaunayne about other work and she tells you about some
    vampire hunter who is somewhere near Ald-ruhn. You must kill him in daylight in
    order to provide an example to other vampire hunters.
          Now go to the Ald-ruhn and enter Mages Guild. Speak with mages about
    vampire hunter. They tell you that his name is Ano Vando. Then rest until
    daylight and prepare for good battle. Exit the Mages Guild and fight Ano Vando
    who awaits you near Mages Guild. Remember that you must kill him in daylight or
    you'll fail the quest. The vampire hunter is very tough and has a very powerful
    fire damage mace and shield. I recommend you to kill him because he has the
    best shield (Darksun Shield) in the game and one of the best maces (Light of
    the Day) in the game. If you can't kill him in daylight then try to fight him
    at night. Of course, you fail the quest but can take his cool stuff.  If you
    kill him than take his stuff and return to Dhaunayne Aundae. She rewards you
    with Aundae amulet which alows you to return to Aundae headquarters anytime (if
    you want to return to Aundae just equip this amulet and choose Yes option to
    return to the clan). This amulet don't work if you are a human.
          Ano Vando vampire hunter stuff:
            lets see the vampire hunter's stuff
           Light of the Day (mace)
              chop: 5-30
              slash: 5-30
              thrust: 1-2
             charge: 500
             cast when strikes:
              fire damage 4 to 20
              shield 20 pts for 5 sec
              resist magicka 30% for 5 sec
              drain magicka 100 pts
           Darksun shield (my favourite shield)
             Armor rating: 12
              constant effect
               drain magicka 100 pts on self (this effect works once when you equip
    the shield so you will not suffer magicka penalty)
               reflect 20% on self
               restore fatigue 10 pts on self (this works every second so you will
    always fight with full fatigue)
               night eye 10 pts on self
           But as vampire you can't equip this stuff (or you'll be soon dead )  so
    firstly you need to complete Molag Bal's quest in Bal Ur to cure yourself from
      quest 4: when you completed previous quests then Dhaunayne Aundae will tell
    you that she has no quests for you but if you kill a great number of vampires
    from other clans than she rewards you.
        You need to find the vampires from other clans and kill them.
       Quarra clan:
         Drucashti Dwemer ruins ( headquarters) south-west from Urshilaku camp
       Berne clan:
         Galom Daeus Dwemer ruins (headquarters) west from Uvirith's grave near
        There are some other tombs with nameless vampires.
         If you kill enough vampires then Dhaunayne Aundae will let you to use clan
    cattle but don't kill cattle.
    Part 3 Vampire References
       There are also some side quests for vampires but I found only few. If you
    ask people in Tel Mora about latest rumors then they tell you about some
    vampire in the Drethan ancestral tomb near Ald Daedroth. This tomb is located
    on the island east of Dunmer stronghold Rotheran in the Sheogorad region. In
    this tomb you'll find a vampire Marara. She wants to die in battle with another
    vampire. Speak with her then kill her and search her body for extremely useful
    Marara's ring (constant effect: reflect 20%, acrobatics +20, resist normal
    weapons 40%).
       I've also heard from people about some ancient vampire who is imprisoned by
    Azura somewhere to the north but I couldn't find this location. I've told that
    this vampire has some quests for you too.
       You can also kill some unknown vampires in the tomb (I don't remember the
    name) near Gnisis.
       There is also a vampire Calvario in the Nerano Ancestral Tomb (west from Tel
    Vos). If you didn't kill him in the main quest that you can talk with him or
    kill him.
       If you want to become a mortal again than go to the Bal Fel Shrine (north
    from Suran) and speak with Molag Bal statue to accept the quests. Complete the
    quest and return to Molag Bal to cure from vampirism and continue your main
    quest or other faction quests.
    PART 4: FAQ
     1) Q (Greg) :If my Attributes (like Strength/Willpower/Speed) shoots up over
    100 by becoming a Vampire, am I still allowed to increase my skills
    (major/minor/misc) up to 100 AND still be able to level up?
        A: During some of my experiments as a vampire I'll discover the next: You
    have some attributes (STRENGTH,WILLPOWER or others) or skills that are below
    100 (before becoming a vampire) and then when you become a vampire some of your
    atrributes or skills are >=100. If some of your skills are below 100 after
    vampirism then you can raise them and level up with them (major/minor) but you
    cannot raise your >=100 attributes when accepting new level. For example when
    you increase some attribute or skill with some ring or other item then you can
    see that the value of your attrubute or skill has white color on the screen. It
    seems that your value is temporary and can be restores to the normal value when
    you unequip your item. After becoming the vampire your attributes and skills
    are not colored in white or red color so it seems that this is your new
    nontemporary values and the game rules now work with your new attributes and
    skills. And so when some of your maj/min skills are >=100 then you can not
    increase them and as a result level up with them. Misc. skills >=100 you cannot
    increase too. When I've played as a vampire my Willpower was 117 and
    Destruction 113. Other attributes and skills were below 100. I couldn't
    increase only Willpower and Destruction until curing vampirism. Other skills
    and attributes were increasable.
    2)Q (Kurth) : If my attribute is above 100 and is drained by some enemy to the
    value below 100 can I restore this attribute to its normal value (above 100).
        A: Yes, you can restore the previous value above 100 with some restore
    potion or spell.
    LAST PART: Credits
      Firstly, I would like to thank a God because he created me and made me free.
      Of course, I thank Bethesda Inc. for Morrowind world.
      Special thanks to www.gamefaqs.com for their game FAQs. I hope that my guide
    would help some people in their vampire difficulties.
      Credits to Greg and Kurth for their questions.
      Don't lose freedom.
     This guide is available on www.gamefaqs.com
      Other sites are not permitted now.

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