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    Imperial Guide by MCMayhem

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    The Morrowind Imperial Guide (PAL XBOX)
    December 2002, Mathew E. Reuther
    v1.2 (Second Update of the Public Release and Full Version, No Updates Planned)
    1) Introduction
    2) Character Creation
    3) Getting Started
    4) Joining The Imperial Legion
    5) Joining The Imperial Cult
    6) Imperial Legion Missions
    7) Imperial Cult Missions
    8) Imperial Cult Ranks/Requirements
    9) Imperial Legion Ranks/Requirements
    10) Extra Material and Strategies
    11) Final Words
    12) Version Information
    13) Other Works
    Section 1: Introduction
    There's a great number of FAQs out there, and a huge load of information to
    digest.  This FAQ/Guide is designed from the standpoint of playing a Cyrodil
    new to Morrowind.  It is also of use to those people who simply wish to learn
    more about the Imperial Cult and Imperial Legion, or just look at another guide
    which contains a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
    Though there are no planned updates pending for this guide, I will make changes
    or additions as I see fit, or need to based upon new information/opinions.  If
    you have something you think belongs in this FAQ, or would like to discuss
    something at all, please feel free to email me at <graymere@zipcon.net>.  At
    times these updates will be added to the FAQ without being checked.  When this
    is the case I will note them as *UC (unconfirmed) in the text.
    This guide is Copyright 2002, Mathew E. Reuther.
    All rights are reserved by the author of this FAQ.  Copying parts of, utilizing
    without permission in whole or part, or otherwise infringing on these rights is
    a violation of copyright law.  If you feel the need to post this FAQ somewhere,
    you must check with the author FIRST.  If you want to base another work on this
    guide, you must ask permission FIRST.  If you do not receive a reply, the
    answer is NO.
    Only locations below are authorized by the author to post this FAQ:
    the author himself (graymere@zipcon.net)
    All others must apply for permission via email and receive it prior to 
    redistributing this FAQ in any manner.  (Even personal email.  Send the person who
    needs the FAQ to once of the above sources to get it.)
    Note that the author has no desire to email the FAQ to people, so don't send an 
    email requesting it.
    Contact Info
    Tha author may be reached at:
    (Mathew E. Reuther)
    This email address may be used to contact the author regarding the FAQ, or
    anything else you may find relevant.  Not all email will be answered.  Not all
    email will be opened.  Be clear in your subject matter, and brief in your
    content and you may very well get a reply.  (Check your spelling as well
    Section 2: Character Creation
    First off, we create a character who fits the Imperial motif we're going for.
    This is most easily accomplished by choosing to be an Imperial, and taking an
    appropriately Imperial name.  To this end, name yourself something Roman-Empire
    sounding, and you'll be on the right track.  Most of the Imperials have a name
    which would fit right into Gladiator quite nicely, so if you'd like to call 
    yourself Maximus, go to town.
    Once we've chosen a gender, face, name and race, we've got to make our class
    decisions.  To this end, we need to think a bit about what it means to be an
    Imperial, and what will be expected of us as a member of the Imperial Legion,
    and the Imperial Cult.  To start with, make the choice to create your own
    custom class.
    Now, since we're going for two Imperial factions which don't share a whole lot
    in common, it is wise of us to make the determination to mix and match a little
    bit in our skill selection.  Let's take a look at the vital statistics of each
    faction first.
    Imperial Legion
    Attributes: Endurance and Personality
    Favored Skills: Athletics, Spear, Long Blade, Blunt 
                    Weapon, Heavy Armor, Block
    Imperial Cult
    Attributes: Personality and Willpower
    Favored Skills: Speechcraft, Unarmored, Restoration,
                    Mysticism, Conjuration, Blunt Weapon,
    So, for this example, I'm going to create the following skill/stat decisions:
    Class Name: Imperial Champion
    Specialization: Combat
    Favored Attributes: Agility and Luck
    Major Skills: Heavy Armor, Restoration, Mysticism, Block, Conjuration
    Minor Skills: Enchant, Long Blade, Armorer, Athletics, Speechcraft
    Why?  The class name is arbitrary.  I chose it because it doesn't really scream
    "fighter" or "priest", just "Imperial Citizen" . . . use whatever you like, of
    The specialization of Combat is preferable to the others in my estimation, as
    this character will be more of a melee type fighter than a spellcaster.  The
    Imperial Cult has tendancies towards spells which can supplement a warrior's
    abilities, but not as many which will truly incapacitate a foe.
    The attributes were chosen because you cannot improve luck more than 1 point
    each level (meaning, you will be able to get to 100 luck 10 levels sooner, if
    you should even choose to attempt to raise your luck), so it makes sense to
    start with a bonus to the most difficult stat to raise.  As well, Agility is
    low on an Imperial, and since it determines in part your ability to hit
    accurately, it is going to be important for this character.  (As well, for
    reasons detailed below, we chose to forego the additional endurance bonus.)
    Majors were chosen to match up with the requirements of the two factions this
    character will focus on, while maintaining some kind of sense and playability.
    (There's not much sense in having multiple armor or weapon skills.)  Having
    spellcasting skills as majors will enable this character to cast more easily,
    and begin with a better spell selection than if minor skills were selected.
    The minor skills include a couple which I would typically steer away from, but
    am using for this character, as it's more of a thematic/genre type persona than
    a min/max machine.  Typically I'd steer far clear of Athletics (raises too
    easily and uncontrollably) and Speechcraft (Illusion is the much better choice
    for a personality based skill in my opinion), but for this character, these
    coincide with the supposed strengths the factions seek in their members, and it
    plays to the Imperial's role to select them.
    Of course, you may select anything you like.  This is just the character who 
    will be used in the writing of the FAQ.
    Now, we select a Birthsign.  Plenty of good choices here.  I'd suggest The
    Ritual, The Warrior, The Lady, The Steed, or The Lover.  Combat ability,
    attribute enhancement, or religious overtones are nice for this archetype.
    For this character, we're selecting The Lady.  As such, we're not taking
    Endurance as a favored attribute for the class, though with another sign that
    might be a better option than Agility.
    Thus, we have our example Imperial finished!
    Name:        Marcinius Praetonius     Major Skills:
    Race:                    Imperial     Heavy Armor:                   35
    Class:          Imperial Champion     Restoration:                   30
    Sign:                    The Lady     Mysticism:                     30
    Level:                          1     Block:                         35
    Health:                     40/40     Conjuration:                   30
    Magicka:                    40/40     
    Fatigue:                  150/150     Minor Skills:
                                          Long Blade:                    30
    Strength:                      40     Armorer:                       20
    Intelligence:                  40     Athletics:                     20
    Willpower:                     30     Speechcraft:                   25
    Agility:                       40     Enchant:                       15
    Speed:                         40     
    Endurance:                     65     Misc Skills:
    Personality:                   75     Medium Armor:                  10
    Luck:                          50     Blunt Weapon:                  15
                                          Axe:                           10
    Abilities:                            Spear:                         10
    Lady's Favor                          Destruction:                    5
    Lady's Grace                          Alteration:                     5
                                          Illusion:                       5
    Powers:                               Alchemy:                        5
    Star of the West                      Unarmored:                      5
    Voice of the Emperor                  Security:                       5
                                          Sneak:                          5
    Spells:                               Acrobatics:                     5
    Hearth Heal                           Light Armor:                   10
    Bound Dagger                          Short Blade:                    5
    Summon Ancestral Ghost                Marksman:                       5
    Detect Creature                       Mercantile:                    15
                                          Hand-to-Hand:                  10
    Section 3: Getting Started
    Seyda Neen
    Now that you've picked up your papers, you can decide to supplement your income
    a little bit.  As a kind of payback for being locked up in prison over an
    obvious misunderstanding back on the mainland, you can feel free to abscond
    with as much of the Census and Excise folks' stuff as possible.  This includes
    a one-time offer.  Because you just got into town, they'll go easy on you once
    (and only once) if you happen to be caught stealing while inside the buildings.
    (However, should you exist the buildings and re-enter, they will nab you and
    prosecute you if you try this!)
    Use this to your advantage now and grab that Limeware platter from the shelves
    where it sits, asking to be your property.  As soon as you have it in your
    hands, and they're screaming, enter your inventory and drop the platter before
    they arrive.  Once they've given you a stern warning, take your platter from
    the floor, and leave their presence, to find more goods to take from them, of
    course!  (While they're not looking this time, since they'll get a wee bit
    angry should you try this again, and going back to jail after just being
    released seems a bit excessive.)
    In the next room you can take just about everything that isn't nailed down
    . . . as well as the storeroom down the hall further.  In fact, you get a small
    weapon here, which is a nice help as well.  (At least it is if you happen to be
    set upon before you get a different one!)  Once finished in those two areas,
    take all your ill-gotten gains outside into the courtyard, where there's a
    barrel waiting to be plundered.  Having finished that, you can wander on in to
    talk to the captain himself.
    Take your time to talk with him, get the release fee you've been promised, and
    step outside to breathe the sweet air of freedom!  Now, before smelling it too
    much, save your game.  The character creation process is long enough that you
    really don't want to be stuck doing it again should a crash take place.
    (Which would be unusual, but certainly not unheard of.)
    Now, what to do with yourself?
    Talk to Fargoth the wood elf.  If you're willing to (temporarily) part with the
    ring, you can get quite a bit of a disposition boost from both him and the 
    merchant Arrille.  Well worth it, considering your next stop . . . selling some
    of those goods to Arrille in the Tradehouse!  (Even more worth it when you see
    the possibilities set forth in finding where Fargoth hides his valuables.)
    You can sell off as much as you'd like, and buy anything from Arrile which
    tickles your fancy.  For this example, I'm keeping the Limeware Platter and the
    Flin which I found.  Everything else has been sold, and the proceeds come to a
    bit over 400 gold.  The Platter and Flin will be sold in Caldera, to Creeper,
    as the loss of value with Marcinius' low Mercantile skill is too great at this
    stage.  (Every coin counts for the moment!)
    Fargoth's Hiding Place
    After selling to Arrille, wander up the stairs and have a talk with everyone.
    You can, at this point, accept a quest to seek out Fargoth's secret hiding
    place.  If you do so, you will need to wait on the lighthouse, looking down
    into the village.  At 11pm, Fargoth will go to his hiding place, and you can
    get his treasure after he leaves.  Of course, if you feel like keeping it all
    for yourself, that's just fine.  You can just never report back to the fellow
    who told you about the job in the first place!  (Hrisskar is the fellow's
    More Excitement
    You should also chat with various residents of the town.  You'll discover that
    a tax collector has gone missing (happens a lot, trust me), that a certain
    person isn't happy in town, that there are smugglers nearby which need to be
    rooted out, and more.  For a peaceful little town, there sure is plenty to deal
    The Missing Tax Collector
    If you head out of town and take a left, you'll see a large tree in front of
    yourself.  Pass that tree on the left, and skirt the edge of the pond to find a
    body.  Strip it clean and report back to the Census and Excise folks.
    (Specifically Socucius Ergalla, the man you spoke with about your class and
    sign.)  You'll then have the choice to keep what money you found, or give it
    up.  If you choose to give it up (like a good little Imperial citizen) you will
    be asked to find the murderer, and offered a 500 septim reward.  Should you
    choose to keep the 200 gold, you will not be told to seek the murderer.  (You 
    may, however, do so anyway.)
    The Hunt For the Murderer
    Seeing as how hunting killers is dangerous business, it is wise to find some
    kind of weapon!  Fortunately, going for a short stroll will find us a few to
    choose from.  Near the lighthouse are a few hollow treetrunks.  One of them
    contains a cup and some gold, while another has a fine weapon for a young
    axeman (or woman): an Iron Shardaxe.  With this weapon, you may proceed to hunt
    the killer down, or you can take a stroll out of town, down the same path you
    followed to find the dead taxman.  Instead of veering off, keep walking until
    you reach the "manna from heaven" . . . or at least the mage falling out of the
    sky.  By stripping the poor lad clean, you'll find a few scrolls which out not
    be used (and which again, I've chosen to keep to sell to Creeper), as well as a
    fine sword with which to hunt down murderers.  Finally, should neither of these
    weapons suit your Imperial, you may of course visit Arrille and stock up on
    spells, weapons, armor, potions, and whatnot until you feel comfortable.
    That accomplished, the Murderer can be found in the shacks behind the
    Tradehouse.  Foryn Gilnith is his name, a Dunmer with an unpleasant
    disposition, and someone who interferres with Imperial Law.  Definately someone
    who needs a talking to.  Or a killing, which is much more likely.  Having
    dispatched him, you may feel free to strip him clean, as well as everything
    within his shack, which includes a nice book on the arts of buying and selling.
    A fine reward on it's own, but that's not all, as once you return to Socucius
    Ergalla, you will recieve 500 gold more for your hard work!
    You may finish this quest off by returning the ring to the lighthouse keeper,
    who was the tax collector's lover.  Though she doesn't give you much, the two
    healing potions she does provide you with are quite useful at this stage, and
    you are helping the bereaved lover of an Imperial.  Would you want any less
    done for you?  (While you're in the Lighthouse, make sure to check the upper
    level for a book you can glance at.  It will aid your unarmored skill, which is
    not a bad thing at all if you happen to be a more schollarly Imperial!)
    Unhappy Citizen
    Speaking with Vodinius Nuccius gives you the option to suggest to the Silt
    Strider travel agent Darvame Hleran that Vodinius Nuccius sent you.  However,
    when you do this, you learn that Vodinius Nuccius is not happy in Seyda Neen.
    (Who can blame him, it's a backwater.  Not good for us cosmopolitan Imperials.)
    If you return and speak to Vodinius Nuccius, he admits his unhappy nature, and
    offers to sell you a ring, which he has been unable to sell because it is 
    cursed.  The proceeds from the ring will help him get out of the little village
    of Seyda Neen, and otherwise make his day.
    Buying the ring gives you nothing other than the ring itself: Nuccius' Cursed
    Ring (Damage Health 10 on Self, Fortify Athletics by 5 for 60 seconds on self,
    (Note, this is a break even deal if you sell it to Creeper, and you can feel
    good about yourself for helping another Imperial.)
    Smugglers in the Caves
    If you go a bit past the Silt Strider platform, you will find a cave called
    Addamasartus.  Within this den of vile deviltry is a loathsome pack of
    smugglers, hard at work breaking Imperial law.  (Not to mention keeping slaves,
    which may be legal in Vvardenfel, but sure doesn't have to sit right with you!)
    In the first area is a smuggler who will engage you in melee.  Down the stairs
    is a magic-wielding foe, who can be drawn up the stairs if you're cautious.  A
    bit beyond the magic wielder is a smuggler with throwing weapons.  Once you've
    defeated these three, you can feel free to free the slaves if you'd care to,
    and take all that they owned.
    Further exploration of the caves will yield more loot underwater, and in a back
    area which can be difficult to access.  (Though provides a relatively nice
    little ring.)
    Though this is not a quest, it is a taste of what your life has become.
    From here, you can wander off to Balmora.
    Before doing much on the main quest, you can head to Caldera and sell all your
    loot you've kept to Creeper, in Ghorak Manor.  The easiest way to do this is to
    head to the Balmora Mages Guild (left off the platform you arrive on, and then
    right down the plaza to the building with an eye on it's sign) and get the
    guild guide to send you to Caldera.  Walk out of the guild and follow the
    street to the end, where Ghorak Manor will be on your right.  Upstairs will be
    Creeper, the Scamp, who buys many types of loot and has 5000 gold each day.
    Arriving in Balmora, you need to make your way off the platform, to the right,
    and over the bridge.  Cut through the alley and enter the Corner Club, where
    you can ask about the whereabouts of the man you're supposed to meet: Caius
    Cosades.  Discovering his whereabouts, you'll head up to his house and get
    started with his orders for you.
    Blades, Caius' First Orders
    Speaking to Caius, you are told to go visit the trainers and prepare yourself
    for duty.  Once that's accomplished, he gives you 200 gold and suggests that
    you look into freelance work, or work with one of the factions (including the
    Imperial Legion and Imperial Cult).  Then, if you still insist that you're
    ready, he asks you to get information from a man in the Fighter's Guild,
    Hasphat Antabolis.  However, you're warned that he's likely to want something
    in return for the information he gives out.
    Hasphat may be found in the basement of the Fighter's Guild (which is next to
    the Mage's Guild), and it is suggested that you finish the beginning Fighter's
    Guild quest before doing the mission he gives you.  The reason for this is that
    it will give you a bit more practice fighting, as well as a place to store
    whatever excess stuff you have.  (The storeroom on the top floor which you
    clear out is a very good place to put things for the timebeing.)
    (The Fighter's Guild quest is detailed in other FAQs, so you should seek
    elsewhere if you need guidance.)
    As a quick aside, the reason these Blades quests are in the Getting Started
    section is due to a bug.  You need to complete the first couple of Blades
    quests before the Orc Mage in the Balmora Mage's Guild has a chance to
    disappear.  She has a tendancy to vanish after a fairly short period of time,
    and does not reliably return.  Thus, until the first couple Blades quests are
    complete, it is inadvisable to do too much else.
    Back to Hasphat.  He requests that you go to Arkngthand and bring him back a
    Dwemer Puzzle Box.  Simple enough, except for the road being guarded, the box
    itself being inside a ruin overrun by bandits, and your relatively weak state.
    Ah well, such is the life of a brave Imperial Citizen.
    To reach the ruin, go out of the gates near the Silt Strider, turn left and
    cross the bridges, then take a left at the first sign, and follow the gradual
    hill to the right.  Eventually you will reach a large bridge, guarded by a
    rather unpleasant man bent on killing you.  Either dispatch him or outrun him,
    but make your way across the bridge and up to the right, where you'll see a
    crank, which when turned will give you access to the ruin.
    Inside, you will need to defeat or evade the two guards in the main area as you
    descend.  Once you have reached the floor, climb the rocks opposite the
    entryway to reach the upper level of that side.  There you will find a door to
    your left.  Inside is the bandit boss . . . and the Puzzle Box.  Defeat him (or
    grab and dash if you can withstand his punishment) and return to Hasphat for
    your information.
    Then bring that report to Caius for your next job!
    Blades, Caius' Second Orders
    Next Caius needs information from Sharn gra-Muzgob.  He warns you that she'll
    expect some silly errand to be performed.  Telling you to look for her at the
    Balmora Mage's Guild, he sends you on your way.
    Tracking her down in the basement, you find out that she does indeed want
    something done for her.  A little tomb raiding, to be precise.  She outfits you
    with a few scrolls and a magic dagger (spirits cannot be harmed by mundane
    weapons) and asks you to journey to the Andrano Anscestral Tomb to recover a
    Setting off from Seyda Neen, you need to turn right as you leave the Silt
    Strider platform, and then follow the path to the left, bending around a hill.
    Immediately after this bend, the tomb is visible to your left in the hillside.
    Ready yourself for battle, because that's what you'll face!
    Inside there are skeletons, anscestral ghosts, and bonewalkers.  In order to
    reach the skull, go down the stairs into the shrine room (stopping to check out
    the body of course) and then proceed to the left.  Follow this passage down
    into a large room with a couple of chests and many urns.  Immediately outside
    this room is a door which you will enter, and travel down a passage to another
    door.  This is the door which holds the skull you seek, guarded by a Bonewalker!
    Having dispatched the creatures in your way, you may choose to search the
    entire tomb for treasure, or merely head back to Balmora with your skull in
    hand.  Regardless, once you reach the Mage's Guild again, you've finished with
    Sharn, and may at last go about your Imperial business without the pressure of
    unpleasant disappearing acts.
    The end of this particular quest, is of course when you return the information
    Sharn has given you to Caius.
    Section 4: Joining the Imperial Legion
    Gnisis, Fort Darius
    A frontier outpost, and the only Imperial Legion post which will accept
    recruits, Fort Darius is located in Gnisis, which is accessable via Silt
    Strider from a number of other cities.  In order to join the Legion, you must
    visit General Darius, who is downstairs in the Madach Tradehouse.
    By joining, you recieve an Imperial Chain Cuirass.  Each time you appear before
    another member of the Legion and attempt to talk with them, you MUST be wearing
    some kind of Imperial Curiass.  If you do not, they will not speak with you.
    Section 5: Joining the Imperial Cult
    Fort Moonmoth
    (The fort is located out the Balmora gates and to the left, over the bridges,
    only a short walk away.)
    Easy to reach from Balmora, Fort Moonmoth provides us with an outstanding place
    to drop in and join the Imperial Cult at.  Unfortunately, when we talk to
    Somutis Vunnis. it becomes clear that while he can invite us in to the Cult, he
    has no tasks for us to perform!  The fee to join the Imperial Cult is a small
    matter, only 50 coins.  This is a sum that our prior exploration allows us to
    pay, and gladly.
    Rest easy, there is plenty of work waiting for us in Ebonheart.  For now, we
    can be satisfied that Imperial Cult Altar blessings are merely 10 gold, instead
    of 25, and we're a member of the big Imperial family which crosses the lands
    . . . or at least the southern lands.
    Getting to Ebonheart is not that difficult, as a number of ships travel there,
    and it's not far from Vivec or Seyda Neen if you don't mind a short walk.  Once
    in Ebonheart it is a small matter of wandering into the castle compound and
    finding the home of the Cult.  (This is easier if you've bothered to buy the
    spell, or scrolls of, Divine Intervention.)
    Once in Ebonheart, you may explore your options for advancement and duties with
    the members of the Cult.  (Which shall be detailed in section 7.)
    Section 6: Imperial Legion Missions
    Gnisis, Fort Darius
    The Land Deed
    After joining the Legion, Darius is interested in proof of your loyalty to the
    Imperial agenda.  To this end, he sends you to collect a land deed from the
    Widow Vabdas whose house is outside the northern gates of Gnisis, and to the
    After talking to the widow, you discover that her husband was in fact murdered.
    The proof of this foul deed is to be found inside the Gnisis Eggmine, which
    lies on a hill above the town.
    Getting inside is simple, as a Legion member you merely talk to the guard.
    Once inside, you should progress to the lower part of the eggmine, avoiding the
    grumpy orc sentry by running past him to the opposite door.
    Inside this new area is an underground stream.  And, lo and behold, the ghost
    of the murdered husband.  The orc sentry has killed him and dumped both his
    body and the murder weapon in the water.  You need to dive down and recover the
    axe, then return to the sentry's post and wait for him to attack you.  Slay him
    lest you be murdered in the same manner as his last victim!
    Report to Darius after the deed is done and show him the axe as proof.  Now
    Lugrub gro-Ogdum shall trouble the people of Gnisis no more!  Your reward is an
    Imperial Broadsword, which is not a terrible blade, but if you're inclined to
    use long blades, you should have acquired a better one earlier in this guide.
    So, we shall merely sell it, and move on to our next mission.
    You should be able to earn a promotion to Spearman at this time.  (Which will
    garner you a shield, something you may very well not have yet.)
    (Note, it is POSSIBLE to kill the Widow Vabdas and take the land deed, though
    since this is hardly befitting a member of the Imperial Legion, the above path
    should prove adequate.)
    Assuming you solve the quest leaving the widow intact, you can speak to General
    Darius about the land deed and be given the opportunity to give to a fund to
    assist her.  This has no known effect other than making you feel good about
    Gnisis Eggmine Blight Cure
    Darius asks you to clear up the Blight which has afflicted the Kwama Queen in
    the mine.  He tells you about Hetman Abelmawia, who will sell you a scroll of
    cure blight disease.  Armed with that, and your steel, you're ordered back into
    the Eggmine.
    Hetman Abelmawia's house is on the northern side of Gnisis, relatively close to
    the Tribunal Temple.  He'll sell you scrolls enough to deal with the queen.
    (Which is one, if you do it correctly, standing beside her, and not in front.)
    The queen is located just to the left of where you entered the lower eggmine
    when dashing past Lugrub.  She is, however, guarded by various warriors and
    foragers, which will require subdual (and which can be very dangerous if you're
    still weak).  As quickly as you can, cure her and make your way back out.  (In
    fact, at this point, it may be your only option to charge the queen, cure her,
    and then use an intervention spell to escape.  Particularly if you have yet to
    advance a level, which is quite possible if you've been following the
    walkthrough and chose to do Legion missions first.)
    (Unless you want to explore the Dwemer ruins which are attatched to the mine at
    this time, in order to gain pieces to other quests.  If you do so, make sure to
    grab a piece of scrap metal.  Of course, that assumes you're string enough to
    handle the warriors and foragers in the queen's area.)
    Returning to Darius, your job is done.  He rewards you with 100 gold.
    You should be able to earn your next promotion at this time, garnering an
    Imperial Steel Cuirass, a welcome upgrade from the Chain Cuirass, and finally a
    piece of Heavy Armor for your torso.
    Missing Trooper
    This time you're sent on a search and rescue mission.  Madura Seran is missing
    from Ald Velothi, up north.  You must travel from Gnisis to Ald Velothi to find
    out what happened.
    The journey may be hazardous, so be prepared.  Along the way you may encounter
    those who would take advantage of your genorosity.  If you're still weak, do
    not hang about trying to give aid to those who may not be trustworthy.
    Remember your mission and it's importance to the Imperial Legion.
    Arriving in Ald Velothi, you discover that the trooper has been taken by
    Ashlanders, and is being held on a hill nearby.  You can kill all of the
    Kidnappers, or pay a ransom of 500 gold.  If you're still young and
    inexperienced, your only option may be to pay.  This should be fine still,
    assuming you have not spent all the money you've been able to save up, there's
    enough to pay the coin and worry about it another day.
    Escorting Madura Seran back to the Ald Velothi Outpost and then returning to
    Gnisis to see Darius completes your task.  You are rewarded with a reputation
    point for this effort.
    Missing Tax Collector, Again
    With all the tax collectors that go missing, you'd think that the Imperial
    Legion would start sending out armed parties to collect them.  But, again, one
    is missing, and Darius is sending you to investigate.  Ragash gra-Shuzgub was
    last seen at Arvs Drelen, the old Velothi tower inhabited by Baladas, a
    Telvanni.  The tower in question is near the northern gate of Gnisis, and is
    entered near where you must ascend to travel to the eggmine.
    Entering Arvs Drelen, you will need to fight some rats.  Simple enough, indeed,
    though you need to be wary of opening the wrong doors, as more powerful foes
    lurk in this wizard's abode.  Turning to your right as you enter, you will soon
    find a locked-up tax collector, as well as a bedroom in which lies a key to the
    summoning room of Arvs Drelen.
    Taking the key up to the top of the tower, you will enter a room with a
    Daedroth which, fortunately for you, is not interested in killing anyone right
    now.  Above this you will find Baladas who will agree to let the tax collector
    go on the condition that nobody bother him about taxes again.  (Though it may
    be that you will have to bribe the grumpy wizard with a few hundred gold coins
    before he sees this as the case.)
    Taking the key given to you by Baladas, you may free the orc and escort her
    outside.  Returning to Darius will complete your mission.  There is no reward
    for this mission.
    After completing this mission, you should be able to advance, gaining more
    pieces of heavy armor.
    A Conspiracy Against the Emperor
    Darius is concerned that there may be a plot afoot amongst some of the troopers
    in the garrison.  He's worried that they may be members of the Talos Cult.
    Your job is to discover proof of a conspiracy against the Emperor!
    Visiting the garrison barracks and asking about will lead you to a Legion
    member named Oritius Maro.  Of course, he's not interested in talking until you
    sweeten him up a little.  (Cash is usually enough to make him talk.)  Once his
    lips start moving, he'll direct you to the storeroom, where a trap door leads
    to his co-conspirator Arius Rulician, and an altar for the talos cult.
    Once inside, you can speak to Arius, then pick the lock on the chest atop the
    altar.  Taking the plan causes Arius to attack, so be on your guard!  Once
    you've defeated him (hopefully not as difficult now with your armor upgrades)
    you will need to get out of the garrison, past Oritius.
    Once both are dead, you may return and present the proof to Darius, ending this
    mission to his satisfaction.  There is no reward for this mission.
    You should be able to advance again, though since the requirements are getting
    steeper, it may be that you'll have to train up a bit.  This should serve to
    give you a bit more health, which will serve you well as you move on about your
    business with the Legion.  If you can advance, you'll be given pauldrons and
    boots for your accomplishments.
    This is also the last quest Darius has for you, so now it's off to Fort
    Moonmoth near Balmora!
    Balmora, Fort Moonmoth
    Before hitting the Legion fort here, it may be advisable to pick up a piece of
    scrap metal.  You could have done this inside the Gnisis Eggmine, or in Balmora
    at the Alchemist's shop, or even in Arkngthand.  But, if you didn't, keep those
    locations in mind.
    In Fort Moonmoth, your contact is Radd Hard-Heart.  He'll get you started on the
    duties of a Champion (and promote you to Champion if you left Gnisis to train
    before reporting in to Moonmoth) and give you more chances to rise through the
    Bouyant Armigers Hunting Challenge
    The Legion has been challenged by the Bouyant Armigers (a local military
    organization) to a hunt.  In order to make the Legion look good, you're asked
    to retrieve some scrap metal, which comes from fallen Dwemer centurions.  (Or
    from the locations I mentioned before!)
    Should you not have any Scrap Metal, by far the easiest way to get some is to
    buy it in Balmora.  If you feel like engaging in a bit of combat for it, go
    ahead and go back to Arkngthand, as there are pieces spread throughout the
    area, usually found in metal kegs.
    Once you've recovered a piece of scrap metal and given it to Radd, your mission
    is finished, job once again well done.  Nicely, your reward for this is 500
    gold, which helps out a pocketbook plagued with far too much spending and not
    nearly enough earning.
    Rescue of a Hermit
    Radd needs you to find out what happened to Jocien Ancois, who has been
    teaching imperial culture and virtue to ashlanders at the Erabenimsun Camp.  He
    has apparently been taken from there, and it's imperative that he be rescued.
    Radd will mark the camp's location on your map, and asks you to investigate and
    resolve this problem.
    Setting off to the camp (which is in Molag Amur) may be dangerous, so be on
    your toes.  Watch for dangerous creatures on (or off) the road, and steer clear
    of the many natural hazards as well!  In addition, the route itself is
    difficult to describe.  It may in fact be easiest to just garner some sort of
    levitation or water-walking method and make a run from Sadrith Mora.  However,
    it's not impossible to navigate through Molag Amur, just difficult.  Keep an
    eye on your map and be very careful, you should make it through.
    Once you reach the camp, speaking to the Ashlanders reveals that the hermit
    went to see a wise woman who left the Ashlander tribe, and practices foul
    magic.  Sounds like this could turn ugly, so make sure you're ready for
    whatever may come.
    Travelling to the west, you can find the camp of Mabrigash, and more
    importantly the head magic weaver, Zennammu.  It's relatively simple, as Jocien
    tore pages from a book to guide you.  Upon reaching the camp, you discover that
    in exchange for the hermit, they want another man!  Assaba-Bentus is a fine
    man, and will apparently do nicely.  Jocien will be released should you bring
    Assaba-Bentus to them!
    Returning to the Erabenimsun Camp, you may find Assaba-Bentus and speak to him
    of the problem you face.  If you suggest to him that he may not be able to
    resist their charms, he will brag about having escaped them already.  If you
    suggest he do so again, he'll agree, and follow you back to the womens' camp.
    Upon escorting Assaba-Bentus to the camp, you may speak again with Zennammu
    about the hunter, and Jocien.  As agreed, the hermit is released.  Speaking
    with him, he assures you that he'll find his own way back to the Erabenimsun
    Camp, and you are free to return to Radd Hard-Heart with the good news.
    The reward for this mission is nothing.
    (As a note, a side quest you can pick up in this region involves an escaped
    slave.  If you choose, you can escort the slave to Ebonheart, which will work
    out well for you should you decide to begin with the Imperial Cult quests.  If
    this is what you decide to do, leave Molag Amur and head to Molag Mar, where
    you may catch a boat to Vivec, and from Vivec to Ebonheart.)
    Rescue The Imperial Citizen
    Dandsa is in danger and Radd is sending you to deal with the problem.  You must
    travel to Abernanit, a cave to the southeast of Gnaar Mok, and rescue her!
    Getting there is not too difficult, as you may travel back to Balmora, turn
    south, then after the egg mine cut west over the Odai Plateau and down to Hla
    Oad, where a boat may take you to Gnaar Mok.
    Arriving at Gnaar Mok, head to the southwest.  On an island closeby, you will
    find the cave Abernanit.  (In a pool of swampwater, the door facing away from
    the town.)  Once inside, you will encounter a number of bandit/smuggler types.
    They keep Dandsa captive up the flight of stairs.  Once you rescue her, you
    must escort her outside in order to allow her to escape.
    The cave itself does have some loot in it, and may be worth picking over
    carefully if you are so inclined.  Returning to Radd will ccomplete your
    mission.  If you've followed the established quest pattern, you should be ready
    to advance again.
    Stop the Rampaging Netch
    Returning to Gnaar Mok, you will find that if you wander the coastline around
    the passage to the town, and to the north, there are a Bull Netch and Betty
    Netch which are aggressive to you.  These two, when killed, will give you a
    different message.  Once you have recieved the message about killing the
    breeding netches twice, you can return to Radd.  (These creatures are actually
    found near Gnaar Mok at all times, and may be slain at any point prior to the
    quest in order to immediately complete Radd's task.)
    Execute Sorkvild the Raven
    A necromancer (whose magic is outlawed by the Dunmer) has set up a stronghold
    just outside of Dagon Fel in an old Dwemer tower.  Your task is to prove to the
    Dunmer that the Imperial Legion is always ready to root out lawbreakers.  Radd
    sends you to slay this foul spellcaster.
    Easy enough to find, the tower lies just outside of Dagon Fel, quite close to
    the docks.  Once inside, there are a number of Sorkvild's allies on the bottom
    floor, and then Sorkvild himself on the second floor.  You will need to fight
    at least Sorkvild, but it is worth it to kill the others for their items as
    Once you have defeated Sorkvild, feel free to enjoy the spoils of his tower.
    His helmet (the Masque of Clavicus Vile) has a constant effect of Fortify
    Personality by 30, as well as being an exceedingly strudy piece of Heavy Armor.
    Various Dwemer items may be found in the tower as well.
    Returning to Radd with the good news complete not only this mission, but all of
    the jobs he has available for you to do.  You must move on to another Fort to
    continue your advancement in the Legion.
    Ald'ruhn, Fort Buckmoth
    Located out the small gate behind the Fighter's Guild, atop a hill, Fort
    Buckmoth will see you taking your orders from Imsin the Dreamer, who is found
    downstairs near the Imperial Cult Altar.
    Collect Evidence of Smuggling
    Imsin starts you out searching for evidence of Drinar Varyon's involvement in
    Dwemer artifact smuggling.  He tells you Drinar lives in Ald'ruhn, and you can
    indeed find him, near Ienas' house.
    Entering the room, search carefully amongst the redware pots near him.  Amidst
    them is (barely visible) a Dwemer Tube.  Returning the tube to Imsin completes
    your mission.  (Note that it appears Drinar will NOT notice when you take the
    tube, and report you for a crime.  This is good, because he's right near you
    when you're searching for the tube itself!)
    This should allow you to advance again, if you meet the requirements.  (Though
    I have to admit my note-taking got sloppy here, and I'm not positive that this
    is the quest that gave Marcinius Knight Bachelor status.)
    The Rescue of Joncis Dalomax
    Near Hla Oad there is a Daedric Ruin, Ashurninibi.  Inside is a captive Knight
    whose ransom is too much for the Legion to pay.  Thus, Imsin is sending you in
    to extract the man, and mete out justice to any who attempt to stop you.
    It is relatively easy to find the ruin if you follow the coast north from Hla
    Oad.  Around it are the typical Daedric creatures (and the normal ones nearby)
    which are always a challenge if one is not prepared.  Once inside, you can
    expect to face some dangerous opponents, though if you're cautious they may be
    easily dispatched.
    Joncis Dalomax may be discovered in the room beyond the altar chamber, and will
    be happy to find his own way out once you arrive to tell him you've eliminated
    the orcs who held him captive.
    Returning to Imsin will provide you with your reward, which is a whole lot of
    nothing!  Ah well, on to the next mission.
    Recover a Maiden's Token
    While the Legion is in competition with the Bouyant Armiger's, they cannot
    stand by and watch as a member of that organization is blackmailed.  You are
    being sent to recover a glove which was given as a gift from a Dunmer woman of
    stature to a Boyuant Armiger, but has been obtained by a Telvanni Outcast.
    To find the Telvanni, Verona Nelas in Assumanu, you must travel to the Island
    upon which Ald Redaynia lies.  Southeast of the tower is a cavern (which faces
    south) and inside lies your goal.
    Though it is necessary to deal with some minions, you should be able to talk to
    Verona and ask her to return the glove.  If you are sufficiently charming, she
    should agree that she's got better things to do with her time and give you the
    glove.  The other option is to simply kill her, though it seems needless and
    contrary to Imperial law.
    Returning the glove to Imsin completes your quest, though it would also be
    possible to seek out Ilmeni Dren in Vivec.  Her apartment is Canal South-One on
    St. Delyn Canton.  There is no noticable affect in finishing this way.  There
    is no reward involved in the completion of this quest.
    You should be able to advance again, given adequate skills and statistics.  (My
    notes for this were shoddy, and I am not 100% sure this is the quest which
    allowed Marcinius to reach Knight Protector status.)
    This is the final quest Imsin has for you, thus it is time to once again seek
    Ebonheart, Fort Hawkmoth
    Frald the White will give you quests in the Hawkmoth Garrison.  He can be most
    easily found by climbing the stairs in the courtyard outside the Garrison, then
    turning right atop the step, and entering the door.
    No Courtesy?
    Unhappy to say the least, Frald has been forced to listen to a Bouyant Armiger
    from Ghostgate speak of how the Legion lacks in the "finer" arts.  (Amusing
    when you consider that Imperials have higher Personality and Speechcraft than
    pretty much anyone else.)
    Your job is to go and prove to this Dunmer (Salyn Sarethi, found on the lower
    level of the Tower of Dusk) that Imperial Legion members DO in fact have such a
    skills within them!  If your Intelligence is too low, you will be told to seek
    out a copy of the Red Book of Riddles.  Read it and carry it with you when you
    meet with Salyn.  If you do not have a copy (there is one available earlier on
    in the Imperial Cult/Legion quests, thus Marcinius had acquired it already) you
    may get a copy in Ald'ruhn by asking Codes Callonus.
    Speaking to Salyn, he challenges you to a contest of riddles.  Assuming your
    intelligence is high enough, or you've taken care of getting the book, you will
    be given a conversation option which is obviously the answer after each
    question.  (It is the third, and only one which even looks like an answer.)
    After having won (or lost) return to Frald in Ebonheart to finish this mission.
    If you won, he will give you a Speechcraft Tome (2920, Second Seed) for your
    good work.
    Execute the Traitor
    You must slay Honthjolf, a man who betrayed the Legion.  He has become a guard
    at Aharnabi, serving Daedra worshippers.  Frald warns you that Honthjolf was a
    Knight Errant of the Legion, and thus is a skilled opponent.  This den of scum
    is found near the Shrine of Azura.  It is easiest to search the coastline,
    looking inland, as the entrance is not at all far from the water.
    Once inside the cave, you will find a number of relatively easy opponents (they
    may still give you problems if you're not careful, however) and Honthjolf who
    is all alone in a small closed off section of the cave.  (Apparently making
    himself quite at home.)
    After slaying him, you may return to Frald to complete your mission.
    Vile Slanderer
    Suryn Athones, an Ordinator in the Justice Offices has been spreading foul lies
    about the Legion.  Frald the White asks you to pay him a visit and silence his
    foul mouth with blood.
    When you confront Suryn, he indeed does say foul things about the Legion.  In
    order to be sure you aren't given a bounty for fightig (and killing) this
    miscreant, you should taunt him into attacking you.  Like all Ordinators, he
    can be a tough fight if you let him cast too many spells.  Fortunately, you're
    face to face with him, and should be able to defeat him handily.
    Though Frald doesn't give you a reward on your return, Suryn's equipment is
    worth quite a sum of money indeed.
    Escort a Murderer Home
    It is a sad thing when a Knight becomes a murderer (don't you know all about
    that) but it is even more disheartening when one cannot get a fair trial.
    Frald needs you to find Saprius Entius in Vivec and escort him back to
    Ebonheart, where he can be sent to the Empire for a trial.
    Arriving in Vivec (the fastest way is by Almsivi Intervention) you may speak to
    residents (I discovered the rumor by talking to an Ordinator) about Entius to 
    learn that he was spotted in the Arena.  Once you arrive in the Waistworks,
    it's possible to discover that he's hiding in the storage area in the
    When you speak to Saprius, two Ordinators attack immediately.  You must defeat
    them with Entius' help.  (Be careful not to let him die, or to accidentally hit
    him, as these are bad for your mission.  Also, don't shut the door before
    talking to him, or you'll be stuck inside with him, unable to attack the
    After stripping the Ordinators clean (which equates to a large score indeed)
    you may escort Saprius out.  The easiest way to get him away from Vivec is
    through the Underworks, and out into the sea through a drain.  Then you can
    simply swim west to land and continue south to Ebonheart.  (Be careful, he
    doesn't swim very fast, and has trouble following between land and water
    and water and land.  DON'T LOSE HIM.)
    Frald is very happy with your work, and though this is his last task for you,
    he has a helmet which his father gave to him, and he'd like you to have it now.
    The Helm of Graff the White is a piece of Heavy Armor with a decent rating that
    provides a constant 10% Reflect.
    Ebonheart, Grand Council Chambers
    Once you've proven yourself worthy (become a Knight Protector) Varus Vantinius,
    Knight of the Imperial Dragon of the Order of Ebonheart will offer you a pair
    of missions which will earn you the rank of Knight of the Garland.  Varus is
    found atop the steps, in the room with the Governor.
    Recover the Lord's Mail
    Stored in a well-guarded shrine, the wonderous Lord's Mail has been stolen.
    Varus needs you to recover it, and quickly.  He gives you a key to the shrine,
    which is located in the Imperial Comission, below.
    Searching the shrine, you may find that there is a well hidden door (and quite
    locked as well, level 95) which seems to be why the guards outside think foul
    magicka must have been used.
    Speaking to a number of sources (all within the building, thankfully), you may
    eventully piece together that Furius Acilius, an expelled member of the Guard
    had knowledge of the armor and a system of caves below Ebonheart.
    Using this knowledge, you may find a key to the hidden door in the chapel lying
    beneath the pillow in Acilius' old sleeping quarters.  Or, you may search
    outside of Ebonheart for an entrance to the caves.  If you choose to go search,
    it is imperative that you search BELOW the waterline to the north of the Chapel
    and Council Chambers (outside of the walls) as the cave is submerged.
    Once inside the caves, you will find Furius hiding in them.  He will fight you
    to the death once you speak with him.  Though not an amazing opponent, he does
    wear the Lord's Mail, which is a powerful piece of armor.
    Levitating atop the ledge in his room will provide you with worthwhile
    treasure, so be sure to make the trip up before leaving.  It's important to
    note that a key may also be found in the caves, so if you snuck in through the
    underwater location, you can get back into the chapel in the Imperial
    Once you return the Lord's Mail to Varus, your mission is completed.
    Recover Chrysamere
    You are now asked to recover the Paladin's Sword, Chrysamere.  It was stolen,
    and Draramu Hloran is suspected of holding it now.  Varus can only tell you
    that he suspects Draramu to near Sadrith Mora.
    Arriving in Sadrith Mora (via boat, most likely) you may speak to the
    residents of the settlement about Hloran to learn that she is found in Abanabi,
    which is on an island southwest of Sadrith Mora.  You may need to sweet talk a
    bit before getting anything out of the citizenry however, as they're all
    terrified of Hloran.
    Pretty much due southwest of Wolverine Hall is her lair.  It is a short hop by
    levitation or waterwalking.  If you swim, there may be things both in the air
    and underwater waiting to attack you.
    Inside the cave is fairly large, though still easily navigable.  Hloran herself
    will not be reached until you dispatch a number of minions.  Once you do find
    her, the fight should hopefully be brief (she's not exceedingly powerful, and
    cannot withstand too much punnishment) and end in your victory.  You may take
    the object of your search off her corpse, and loot the place.
    Don't forget (if you've the weight to spare) to stock up on the deposits of Raw
    Ebony found deep within the pool.  (Though look out for things which lurk in
    deep places!)
    Returning to Varus with Chrysamere completes your mission, and earns you the
    rank of Knight of the Garland (assuming you've got the skills to back it up),
    which is as far as Varus wants you to go.
    Honorable Duel
    If you speak to Varus about advancement once you're a Knight of the Garland, he
    will be honest and tell you that there can be only one, and since he'd rather
    die than allow you to take his rank, the only acceptable answer is to fight to
    the death in the Vivec Arena.
    If you accept his suggestion, you must travel to the Vivec Arena and demolish
    him in order to claim your title.  Though he is a surdy warrior with two
    powerful items (courtesy of you) backing him up, there's no real contest if
    you're an accomplished fighter (as you should be, if you've followed the guide)
    and are skilled with your personal tactics.
    Should you be worried about him, be sure to bring a stock of potions to restore
    yourself, and fight him quickly, as he will take a bit of time to swing the
    mighty Chrysamere.
    Once you defeat him, you have become Knight of the Imperial Dragon of the Order
    of Ebonheart.  The most powerful member of the Imperial Legion in Morrowind.
    The powerful artifacts the Lords Mail (very highly rated Heavy Armor, Cure 
    Poison/Resist Magicka 20-30% for 30 sec, 400/400, cuirass) and Chrysamere (5-70
    chop, Resist Fire 5-20% for 30 sec, Reflect 5-20% for 30 sec, Restore Health
    5-20, 1140/1140, two-handed long blade) are yours to keep.
    This completes your journey through the ranks of the Imperial Legion.  Now you
    are ready to go out and tackle all the other challenges Vvardenfel is ready to
    Section 7: Imperial Cult Missions
    Doing these missions you have to decide which ones to do, and in what order.
    It is, in fact, much easier to do the Almoners and Lay Healers than the Shrine
    Sergeants.  However, you may also choose to do one mission from each, and then
    do the next set of missions.  This is, in fact, how our example Imperial did
    the missions.  Starting with Kaye, then Iulus Trupton, then Synnolian Tunifus,
    one mission each.  As such, when advancement is noted, it will be because of
    the pattern being followed.  (The oracle quests were completed last, and all
    advancement in the Cult had already occurred by then.)
    It is possible to gain greater amounts of disposition within the Cult by
    completing missions in a "superior" manner.  (For example, if you are sent to
    collect donations, and return with double the goal, your disposition increase
    with Cult members will be greater than if you return only as much as you were
    sent to gather.)
    Ebonheart, Shrine Sergeants
    Kaye is a Redguard, standing right next to the entry of the Imperial Chapels.
    Speaking to him will allow you to take on Shrine Sergeant missions for the Cult.
    Unlike the others, Kaye wants results.  As such, you cannot merely present him
    with some object you picked up elsewhere . . . he wants things done, and done
    right.  Thus, to complete his missions, you MUST go on them, unlike the
    Almoners and Lay Healers.
    Stolen Bowl
    An Altmer named Caryarel was healed by the Cult, but is suspected of stealing a
    Chapel Limeware Bowl.  It is your job to find him, and get the bowl back!  Kaye
    tells you to check with other Altmer, as they may know his location.
    Checking across the way in the Hawkmouth Legion Garrison will allow you to
    speak with a high elf about the man.  You will be able to discover that he
    lives in Gnaar Mok, which can be reached via Hla Oad.
    Arriving in Gnaar Mok, you will find his hut, locked, next to the docks.
    Breaking in, you will find the bowl amongst his posessions.  Returning to Kaye
    with the bowl completes your mission.
    Kaye will be pleased enough to reward you with 200 gold and 3 scrolls of Divine
    You should be elligible for advancement after this quest if you are doing the
    missions in the order followed by our example Imperial.
    Caldera Haunted House
    A Bosmer named Nedhelas has some trouble with a haunted house, and Kaye needs
    someone to go investigate.  Since you're available, he's giving you 200 gold to
    buy an enchanted weapon (which you should already have) and sending you to
    Caldera to investigate.
    Reaching Caldera is not very difficult, as all the mages guilds will transport
    you via guild guide.  Probably the fastest way to get there is by boat to
    Vivec, and then guild guide from the Vivec Guild of Mages to Caldera.
    Nedhelas may be found wandering the streets, and when spoken with will give you
    a key to his house, and inform you that a trap door inside the house seems to
    be the problem.
    Inside the house, you discover that in fact a tomb lies beneath it, and the
    haunt is an Anscestral Ghost named Galos Heleran.  Slay the troublesome spirit
    and speak to Nedhelas, then return to Kaye having finished your duties.
    Your reward for the successful completion of this mission is two Scrolls of
    Golnara's Eye-Maze.
    Kaye needs you to hunt down a witch who escaped a recent Imperial Cult purge at
    Ashalmawia.  Thelsa Dral is suspected of being in hiding in the Asha-Ahhe
    Eggmine, and your job is to find and defeat her.  Kaye provides you with 300
    gold, and the tip to look for the eggmine near Khuul.
    Taking a boat to Vivec, then hopping on the Silt Strider to reach Khuul (via
    Seyda Neen and Gnisis) is your best option.  Once there, you need to head south
    of the village, into the mine where there are a few miners who can tell you a
    bit more.
    Inside the mine, follow the passge down.  The witch has a couple of guards, and
    is unfortunately a capable spellcaster who will not hesitate to summon
    reinforcements, as Kaye warned you before you departed.  In fact, she is
    powerful enough that your first priority should be killing her, no matter what
    the others are doing.  Once she falls, your job will be considerably easier.
    (Also note that one of the guards is using hand to hand, so your fatigue may
    become an issue more than your health!)
    After killing them, if you speak with the miners, they will reward you with 4
    Large Kwamma Eggs each.
    Returning to Kaye in Ebonheart garners you a real reward, however.  Kaye
    acknowledges that the missions are getting a bit tougher, and as such offers
    you a ring called Firestone (1-25 fire damage on touch, 15/15).
    Missing Acolyte
    Linus Iulus disappeared some time ago on a journey from Suran, east to Zafirbel
    Bay.  Recently the Chapel Oracle, Lalatia Varian had a vision of a Silver Staff
    of Shaming, just like the one Linus possessed.  Kaye needs you to seek out the
    staff and return it, and any other personal effects of the dead acolyte to him.
    To aid you in your search, Kaye provides you with a Detect Enchantment Ring, as
    well as 100 gold for travel expenses.  He sends you off to Mount Kand, as this
    is where Lalatia believes her vision took place.  You also learn that the staff
    is on the east or west side of the mountain, in the shadow of the rising or
    setting sun.
    You must reach Molag Mar by boat from Ebonheart, via either Vivec or Tel Branora.
    Once there, travel north and follow the signs to Mount Kand.  (It's not a very
    long journey fortunately.)
    The body lies on Mount Kand itself (which can be tough to scale at many angles)
    above the cavern entrance, and is surrounded by fairly large rocks.  You should
    be able to approach the summit from just south of the cavern entrance, and
    climb in a northwestern direction, reaching the skeletal remains.
    For a relatively quick trip back to "civilization" you can Divine Intervention
    from Mount Kand to return to Wolverine Hall.
    Once you return the Staff to Kaye, your quest is over.  Your reward for this is
    a Restoration Shirt (Fortify Fatigue by 1-10 for 5 seconds).  If you happen to
    return the Belt and Amulet as well (which you will receive as you rise in ranks
    within the Cult, and if you're following the quest pattern in this guide,
    already have obtained) you will recieve the Silver Staff of Shaming as well.
    (Note that if you have his belt and amulet on you, they are automaticly taken,
    so if you do want to keep them, hide them from Kaye!)
    Restless Spirit
    An Argonian in Hla Oad named Okur needs the assistance of the Cult.
    Apparently, a haunting spirit has been plaguing the poor Cult faithful
    Argonian.  Your task is to journey to Hla Oad, determine what is causing the
    spirit to rest uneasily, and fix the situation.
    Hla Oad is easily reached by boat from Ebonheart, and Okur is found in a hut
    straight off the docks.  Okur will tell you that Julielle Aumine has been
    haunting her, and that a band of four smugglers murdered her to keep her quiet.
    You must track them down and slay them, then return Julielle's amulet to Okur.
    She also tells you to search to the south, at a place called Yasamsi.
    The cave is not difficult to find, just make sure not to go too far and cross
    the bridge.  It lies off the path to the left, in a pool of water.  Be ready
    for battle when you enter!
    Arriving in the cave, it is likely that a pair of the smugglers will leap to
    attack.  A warrior, and a wizard who will conjure assistance.  The other two, a
    warrior and a rogue, wait deeper inside.  If done correctly, one may be drawn
    out to fight before the other, giving you less time fighting them both.
    The rogue has the amulet you seek, and there's plenty of loot spread about the
    cave itself to be sorted through (some of it can be quite nice).  Returning the
    amulet to Okur and travelling back to Ebonheart completes your task.
    Kaye is pleased with the work you've done, but you've been so efficient that
    now he's got nothing left to be done, and thus your missions for him are
    through!  He rewards you with a Scroll of Hellfire, a Scroll of Summon Flame
    Atronach and a Scroll of The Fifth Barrier.
    You may also be elligible for advancement if you can manage the difficult
    requirements of the position.
    Ebonheart, Almoners
    Iulus Trupton is an Imperial, located downstairs in the Imperial Chapels.
    Speaking to him will give you access to missions for the Almoners of the
    Imperial Cult.
    All of Iulus' quests may be completed by handing him money or the items to be
    donated.  It is possible to bring him everything he desires and complete every
    quest in one go if you so desire.  (Of course, you'll have to speak with him
    many times to accomplish this.)
    Alms For The Poor, Skyrim Mission
    Your duty is to collect 100 gold from the members of the Skyrim Mission in
    Ebonheart.  All you must do is speak with them and collect donations.  In point
    of fact, you don't HAVE to speak with them, and can just give money to Iulus.
    However, since you do get coin from them, it doesn't hurt at all to ask them
    for money, and in fact if you raise your disposition with them far enough, you
    will be able to generate plenty of money.  Speaking to Heidmir has the most
    chance of giving you a large sum of money, so it is wise to make sure your
    disposition with him is high before asking for a donation.
    The reward for returning 100 gold to Iulus is two Bargain Fortify Personality
    If you return double the amount requested, you will receive a better reward for
    the quest.  Even if you don't actually get 200 from the mission, it may be
    worth it to say you did, as the reward is a pair of Shoes of Conviction,
    capable of boosting your personality by 10 for 20 seconds.
    All money you gain is yours to keep, and you pay the coin out of your pocket
    when returning to Iulus.  This means that on a good mission, you can actually
    profit, even after returning a double quota!  This is true of all fund raising
    missions.  Our example Imperial made 280 gold from the Skyrim Mission with an
    89/100 disposition.
    After completing this quest, you should be elligible for advancement.
    Alms For The Poor, Argonian Mission
    Another fundraiser in Ebonheart, this time with the Argonians of Black Marsh.
    You are asked by Iulus to raise 100 gold again, and warned that Argonians tend
    to be poor, though they are charitable.
    Reaching the Argonian Mission, you may explore a sunken passage to discover a
    hiding slave.  Using this knowledge, you may gain a greater amount of money
    from the leader of the Argonians, Im-Kalaya, as speaking to him about the
    runaway slave will increase his disposition towards you.  None of the other
    Argonians will donate to the cause, so 200 gold is the most you will be able to
    Returning to Iulus with 100 coins will earn you a pair of Luck Fortification
    If you double your goal, you will be rewarded with Zenithar's Frock (Fortify
    Mercantile by 5 for 50 seconds).
    Upon completion of this mission, you should be elligible for promotion, though
    if you have not managed to increase your skills, you may need to train or use
    some of the Cult's favored skills first!
    Alms For The Poor, Ald-ruhn
    Iulus is deeply troubled by the lack of money collected by the Fort Buckmoth
    Shrine.  It seems that as the majority of citizens in Ald-ruhn are Dunmer and
    worship the Tribunal Temple, it has been very difficult to obtain any donations
    of note.  He is sending you out to obtain 100 gold in donations immediately.
    Once in Ald-ruhn, bear in mind that few people will donate.  It may be quite a
    challenge to get people to give you 100 gold for the temple, let alone the 200
    that you're of course trying to get, as an upstanding lay member of the Cult.
    (If you feel like not taking time out to scour Ald-ruhn, it would make sense to
    merely report having collected the 200, though it can be a good way to learn
    your way around the city to try to collect them.)  Our example Imperial was
    able to gather 125 gold from all the people he spoke to, which did not include
    every resident of Ald ruhn, but did cover the majority of them, and possibly
    all the non-Dunmer, though the city is large enough (and some people are
    wearing helmets) that it's possible a few were missed.  (The Bosmer in the Rat
    in the Pot was relatively generous and disposition was not at 100/100.)
    Returning with whatever money you can to Iulus completes your quest.  If you
    bring him 100 coins, you will recieve a Scroll of Fphyggi's Gem Finder and one
    of Didala's Knack.
    If you claim to have doubled your goal, and give him 200 coins, you will
    recieve a Mercantile book (The Buying Game) as well as the scrolls!
    Harvest Pageant, Shirt Collection
    As a costume for an upcoming celebration, Iulus needs a red shirt with a black
    vest.  He tells you to ask the clothiers in various cities for a donation of
    such a shirt.
    The shirt is question is a common shirt which is colored red, and appears to
    have a black vest over it.  It can be found on slain foes as well as in certain
    clothing shops.  It is best to check the clothier in Caldera for this shirt if
    you do not already have one from a slain opponent.
    Returning this shirt to Iulus results in your reward.  He offers you a copy of
    A Dance in Fire, Chapter 7 (which happens to be a text on the Mercantile
    Balmora Celebration, Brandy Collection
    Because of a celebration being planned, the folk of Balmora are going to need
    to donate some fine Cyrodilic Brandy.  Five bottles in total are needed, and
    Iulus suggests checking all the bars and cornerclubs in Balmora to see about
    If you speak with in the Balmora Cornerclub, he will give you a bottle, and
    suggest that the Council Club just got a shipment in, and that since they're
    just a bunch of Cammona Tong ruffians, perhaps if some of their bottles
    "disappeared" it might serve them right.
    Sure enough, five bottles of brandy are sitting in a closet in the Council
    Club.  Closing the door while you grab them keeps anyone from noticing.
    (Though if they do, your friends at Fort Moonmoth wouldn't mourn their deaths
    Returning the bottles to Iulus garners you the pleasant reward of a pair of
    gloves, the Right and Left Hands of Zenithor.  (These enchanted gloves
    respectively Fortify Personality and Luck by 5 constantly.  Wouldn't hurt to
    wear the left glove when rummaging through certain chests and such if you're
    interested in a bit better chance of good loot.)
    Collecting From Cunius Pelelius, Caldera
    Iulus needs you to get 500 drakes as soon as possible from Cunius Pelelius in
    Caldera.  You are told to seek him out in the Governor's Hall.
    Arriving in Caldera, the building in question is atop a hill, and easy to see.
    Cunius is in the main room, but will have nothing to do with you at this time.
    In order to make him see the benefits of taking time out to speak with you,
    you'll need to head over to the ebony mine and speak with some of the miners
    and slaves, who when questioned about Caldera, the mines, ebony and such will
    in the end reveal things about the smuggling of ebony by none other than Cunius
    Pelelius.  Armed with this, you can threaten the man with blackmail, and he'll
    pay up 3 raw ebony, worth 200 each.  (Alternately, you can demand payment from
    him and kill him when he attacks you.  The value of the items he carries is
    more than 500 gold as well.  He is useless once you blackmail him anyway, as
    he'll no longer speak to you.)
    However you get the money, you can return the 500 gold to Iulus for your
    reward.  He hands you a plethora of scrolls: a Scroll of Black Despair, a
    Scroll of Elevram's Sty, a Scroll of Lord Mhas' Vengeance, a Scroll of Savage
    Might, a Scroll of The Gambler's Prayer and a Scroll of Alvsia's Warping.
    The Ashlander Mission
    The East Empire Company's Canctunian Ponius has agreed to sponsor a mission to
    the Ashlanders for the whopping sum of 1000 gold.  Iulus needs you to handle
    collecting the money as soon as possible, as this is such a large undertaking.
    He is concerned that the funds have not been forthcoming, and that all
    correspondance with the benefactor is greeted with silence in return.
    You merely need visit the docks in Ebonheart to find the East Empire Company.
    Canctunian is in the back, and when asked about the pledge will tell you that a
    clerk embezzled 3000 gold, and that he's at the edge of personal bankruptcy
    because of this huge loss.  Offering to track down the clerk reveals that his
    name is Mossanon, and that other employees might be able to help with your
    Speaking with the other employees will allow you to determine that he was
    (until recently) a well-regarded high elf clerk.  He did have many comings and
    goings around the Vivec Mage's Guild and the guild guide service there,
    however, which struck many others as odd.
    If you travel to the Vivec Mage's Guildand speak with the guild guide, she will
    remember the altmer and recall that he often travelled to Sadrith Mora, and was
    found in the company of a Telvanni woman.
    Moving on to Sadrith Mora is simple enough with the guild guide's help.  Once
    there, you can speak to folks inside the Mages Guild to learn that Sinyaramen,
    an altmer trader over at the Gateway may know of Mossanon.
    Sinyaramen will suggest checking around, as he does recall seeing the two of
    them together.  He thinks perhaps the ladies of Sadrith Mora might know
    something, as an altmer and dunmer together as a couple might cause some
    True enough, if you speak to women in town, they will reveal (in a catty way)
    that Volmyni Dral, who has a pod near Wolverine Hall has been seen in the
    company of a high elf.
    Checking her pod, you may find Mossanon upstairs, and listen to his sad tale.
    If you demand the money, or promise to keep his secret, you will be given 2500
    gold.  Then you are free to return to Ebonheart.
    Speaking to Canctunian, you have the option of giving him 2500, 2000, or 1000
    gold.  No matter which amount you choose, he will pay the pledge to the
    Imperial Cult.  (So, obviously, demanding the money of Mossanon and only
    giving Canctunian 1000 of it could be considered a bit vile for a member of the
    Returning the pledge to Iulus finishes your mission and gets you Zenithar
    Whispers (Charm 30 points for 5 seconds on touch, 190/190), and a reputation
    point.  This is also the last mission he has for you.
    Ebonheart, Lay Healers
    Synnolian Tunifus is an Imperial, found downstairs in the Imperial Chapels.  He
    can give you missions which will aid the Lay Healers in the Imperial Cult.
    All of Synnolian's quests may be completed by simply handing him the
    appropriate items.  As such, it is possible to plan ahead, walk in with
    everything he's going to ask for, and leave having completed all the quests at
    once.  (Having spoken to him over and over of course.)  This will mean passing
    up part of the quests, however.  There are a number of them which result in a
    reward at the midpoint of the quest.
    Marshmerrow Harvesting, Restore Health Potions
    Synnolian Tunifus is in urgent need of marshmerrow for restore health potions!
    He's asked you to obtain five portions of the herb.  To this end, he's sending
    you to Pelagiad to meet with a farmer, and has provided you with a gift to help
    smooth the way to getting the important marshmerrow.  Balur Salvu is supposed
    to be a bright fellow, and it's suggested that if you're polite, he might be
    able to help you.
    South of Pelagiad, the farmer may be found.  You'll want to head out the main
    road and turn towards Vivec and Ebonheart.  As you reach the location where
    Vivec and Ebonheart ways split, the farm should be in view to your left.
    Giving him the gift potion, Balur invites you to pick what marshmerrow you need
    from his fields.  As well, if you ask him to teach you something, he'll give
    you an alchemy text which can be difficult to come by, The Cake and the
    Returning to Ebonheart and handing over the marshmerrow to Synnolian gives you
    an Apprentice's Mortar and Pestle and a Standard Restore Health Potion.
    You should be elligible for advancement after completing this mission.
    Muck Gathering, Cure Common Disease Potions
    Synnolian asks you to deliver 4 potions to Gnisis, Fort Darius.  Chaplain Orgul
    is in need of them.  While in Gnisis, it is important for you to gather up five
    portions of muck and return with them.  He informs you that muck is best
    harvested near Abishpulu Shand's hut, as the Chaplain Orgul has a deal with him
    to allow this.  Giving you 80 gold for the journey, Synnolian reminds you to
    ask Chaplain Orgul to teach you something while you're there.
    Quite simple, really, as Chaplain Orgul may be found in the basement of Fort
    Darius.  When you deliver the potions, he will teach you one of the restore
    attribute spells of your choice.  He offers strength, willpower, luck and
    speed.  The hut with muck near it is located right below the eggmine, and
    the mucksponges border on the Gnisis Barracks.
    Once you've gathered your muck, head back to Ebonheart and give the five
    portions to Synnolian for your reward.  You will receive a Potion of Cure
    Common Disease, an alchemy text (The Alchemist's Formulary), and an
    Apprentice's Retort.
    You should be able to advance after this mission if you are skilled enough.
    Willow Anther Gathering, Cure Paralyzation Potions
    The need for willow anther is so great that Synnolian suggests you go steal
    some from a criminal, Gurak gro-Bagrat.  You are told that his house lies north
    of the foreign quarter of Vivec, on the mainland.
    Finding the house proves little trouble, and taking the willow anther (which is
    found right up against the house, in some planters) is not much of an issue
    either.  As long as you're relatively careful and don't tarry talking to anyone
    in the vicinity, you should be just fine.
    Returning to Ebonheart with five portions and giving them to Synnolian allows
    you to collect your reward.  This time he hands over a Potion of Cure
    Paralyzation and a Restoration text (The Four Suitors of Benitah).
    At this point, you should be elligible for advancement again, though with the
    steep requirements, it may be that you'll need to practice quite a bit first.
    (In fact, our example Imperial advanced TWICE after this mission for some
    reason.  Most likely due to the fact that Imperial Cult mission givers are
    often far too concerned with shouting out things about their own missions than
    in talking to you about anything important like advancement and rewards!)
    Scrib Jelly Gathering, Curo Poison and Cure Blight Potions
    Synnolian needs five pieces of scrib jelly in order to make his next batch of
    potions.  He tells you that the closest source of scribs is the Shulk Egg Mine,
    south of Balmora.  (If you have been doing the Fighter's Guild missions in
    Balmora, this is a familiar location.)  To aid your search for the scribs, he
    teaches you the Detect Creatures spell.
    Any scrib jelly will do, of course, though if you wish to go to the Shulk Egg
    Mine, you can speak with the miners and recieve some jelly for free (Dinok is
    in fact bugged, and will give you unlimited scrib jelly), which may be useful,
    as it's possible to recieve this mission while relatively powerless,
    particularly if you've decided to work on this quest line with a non-combatant
    character.  While scribs are not overly dangerous, they can paralyze you, which
    leaves you vulnerable to any other creature which may come along.
    Once you return with the five portions of scrib jelly, your mission is
    complete.  Your reward this time is a Potion of Cure Poison, a Potion of Cure
    Blight Disease and an Apprentice's Alembic.  (So, as you can see, this is
    indeed a good line of quests to do in order to get yourself started as an
    Corkbulb Root Gathering, Cure Common Disease and Restore Health Potions
    Arvel Manor has an agreement with the Imperial Cult to allow harvesting of
    corkbulb root.  However, Synnolian needs someone to go fetch it, as he cannot
    go himself.  To aid you, he teaches you a spell of Swimmers Blessing, because
    there is no direct land route to the manor.
    If you travel north of the Foreign Quarter of Vivec, the Arvel Manor and
    Plantation will be to the north of Dren plantation, and will be marked on your
    map.  You will indeed need to swim a bit on the way, and it is probably in fact
    easier to travel past Fort Moonmoth towards Pelagiad collecting corkbulb root
    along the way, or grab it from some careless farmers before arriving at the
    Manor.  (Particularly if you are doing the mission pattern we've established,
    as you'll be in Balmora collecting brandy, and returning to Ebonheart on foot
    via Pelagiad will take you past some fine corkbulb areas.)
    Once at Arvel Manor, it's a simple matter to pick the roots, as you have
    permission.  Returning to Synnolian will earn you a fine reward, a Potion of
    Cure Common Disease and a Standard Restore Health Potion.
    Rat Meat Gathering, Cure Poison Potions
    Synnolian needs you to take a short trip over the water to Vivec where there
    are plenty of rats to be found.  The meat of the rats is very useful in the
    manufacture of his next batch of potions.
    Simply put, every single underworks of a canton will contain rats which have a
    chance of giving you the needed meat.  Pick a canton, descend into the deepest
    levels, and exterminate the rats.  Do be careful about falling in the water in
    these various underworks, as it can be difficult to get back out again.
    Bringing five portions of rat meat back to Ebonheart is all that is required
    for this mission.  Your reward is a Potion of Cure Poison, and two texts, The
    Wraith's Wedding Dowry and Charwich-Koniinge, Volume 1 (both of which are
    manuals regarding Unarmored).
    You should be elligible for advancement if you've followed the pattern of these
    quests, and have all the right requirements fulfilled.  (This brings you to
    Primate, the highest level in the Cult.)
    Netch Leather Harvesting, Cure Paralyzation Potions
    Only needing one portion of netch leather, Synnolian feels comfortable with
    sending you to harvest it from a Bull Netch.  He suggests steering clear of the
    Betty Netch, and checking near Balur Salvu's house near Pelagiad, which you
    visited before near when gathering marshmerrow.
    In fact it is fairly certain that you can walk into a Bull Netch anywhere in
    the Ascadian Isles, particularly north of Vivec.  No matter where you find your
    netch (bull or betty), bring the portion of hide back to Synnolian for your
    This is Synnolian's final mission for you, and as such he rewards you with 5
    Quality Magicka Resistance Potions and a Belt of Balyna's Soothing Balm
    (Restore Health 3 to 12).
    Ebonheart, Oracle
    Speaking to Lalatia Varian will allow you to undertake the more difficult
    series of Oracle Quests, assuming you have attained at least the standing of
    Acolyte in the Cult.  Some of these missions can be quite hazardous, and as
    such they are best done after the other Cult missions, though may be completed
    sooner if one is cautious.
    Before being granted a mission, one must swear an oath to the Oracle.  After
    swearing to uphold the sanctity of the visions, she will allow you to learn of
    what she has seen.
    The Oracle Quests are some of the most rewarding and interesting you may
    complete.  They can be very enjoyable to do without asistance, and as such I
    would caution against using this section of the guide unless you become truly
    Ring in Darkness
    For your first taste of the Oracle's visions (barring the shrine sergeant quest
    which was filtered through Kaye), she weaves a complex series of clues.  All
    that you come forth with after listening to her is that you must speak to a
    couple of dunmer, specifically a savant and a scout, in order to learn more.
    Your mission is to recover the Ring of The Wind, and Lalatia provides you with
    two scrolls each of Divine Intervention, Vigor and Vitality to aid you in this.
    Your first stop is in the Ebonheart Grand Council Chambers to speak with
    Llaalam Dredil.  He is up the stairs with the Duke, and will tell you that
    Nammu is the most likely place to check for the site of this vision, as it has
    the correct features to it.  He suggests you search west of Tel Ahrun, on the
    In Vivec, you need to find the Elven Nations Cornerclub, which is in the Hlaalu
    canton.  There you will meet Nalasa Sarothren, a scout who is able to tell you
    the exact same thing which Llaalam did.  Seems that Lalatia was a little
    redundant in suggesting you talk to both of them!  (It is arguably possible
    that your world map will not be marked unless you talk to both, however I was
    unable to verify this.)
    Once you make your way to Nammu (which shouldn't be too tough for a seasoned
    member of the Cult, but remember that it is just northwest of the shrine, on
    the mainland, and faces the water, though is back from the shore a bit, in a
    pool which has rocks in it like stepstones), you will face a number of enemies,
    one of which (a warrior) will attack you quickly as you enter.  Further inside,
    you will face an archer, so if you need to get in close, be sure to use cover
    to protect yourself.  There are a few others in the cave as well, but they are
    warriors of no import.  The only other major opponent is Galmis Dren (a
    battlemage) who wears the ring you seek.  
    After defeating Galmis you may explore the top level of the pillar (from the
    vision) and speak with a redguard named Jon Hawker.  If you give him a Divine
    Intervention scroll, he will leave you with a pair of magical gloves:
    Zenithar's Wiles (Charm 1 to 50 for 5 seconds on touch) and Zenithar's Warning
    (Demoralize Humanoid 20 to 80, Demorialize Creature 20 to 80, Silence and Blind
    5 to 25% for 10 seconds on touch), as well as a cryptic remark about being fond
    of the gloves maker (who he also prayed to for Divine Intervention).  
    (Gamefaqs.com user "Earl" noted that you can remain in the dialogue and use a
    Divine Intervention Scroll multiple times to gain more reputation from Jon. 
    There's plenty of loot around the cave, so make use of it.  It's possible to
    come out of the area with a good stash to sell off if you take your time and
    search the crates and barrels.  If you're not interested in small rewards, you
    can skip crossing the bridge, as the two outlaws down that passageway have
    little enough between them.
    Returning to Lalatia will complete your quest.  Depending on if you mention Jon
    Hawker to her or not, your reward will vary.  If you saved him and mention it,
    your reward is the ring and two reputation points.  If you do not mention him
    to her, she will suggest that perhaps you have been tested by the avatar of
    Zenithar himself, and your reward will be the ring and two reputation points.
    The ring is a fine reward indeed, giving a constant Fortify Agility by 30!
    Boots of the Apostle
    Lalatia will inform you of a vision she has had regarding the lost Boots of the
    Apostle (which Tiber Septim himself once posessed).  She again suggests the
    dunmer scout or savant (which lets you know where you're going to seek more
    information, of course) as a method of deciphering her vision.  (She also hints
    as to the powers of the boots when you discuss them with her.)
    If you speak to Llaalam, he will know nothing this time (there's no option for
    the Boots in his conversation menu), but Nalasa will tell you that she is sure
    that the ancient dunmer fortress of Berandas south of Gnisis is sure to be what
    you are searching for.  She notes that it is unique in that it has caves
    beneath it, such as Lalatia saw in her vision.
    Arriving in Gnisis (via Silt Strider most likely), you should proceed across
    the river to the southwest.  A fairly short distance away is the location you
    seek.  Enter the keep upper level and proceed deeper, through the lower level,
    and finally into the underground.  Along the way, you can expect to see various
    daedra, who will do their best to make life as unpleasant for you as possible.
    They can be quite strong, so be sure you're well prepared to face them!
    In the underground level, there are few enough places to travel, though it's
    worth noting that down one dead-end passage, if you climb up a steep bank, you
    will find a dead body (complete with thiefly provisions, and a stolen key,
    which opens a chest elsewhere in the underground).  The other (and much more
    important) dead body lies as deep into the underground as you can get (follow
    the lava, you'll find it in a large chamber), guarded by daedra.  Once you
    dispatch them, you can feel free to take the Boots of the Apostle from the
    corpse, and return to Ebonheart.
    Near the boots it is possible to find Ama Nin and offer a divine intervention
    scroll to escape.  Doing so gains you 1 reputation point.  (Which may be
    repeated as long as you remain in the dialogue and have scrolls.)  [Courtesy of
    gamefaqs.com user "Earl".] *UC  She rewards you with Mara's Skirt (Constant
    Effect Fortify Health by 5) and Mara's Blouse (Constant Effect Resist
    Magicka by 10).  [Courtesy of Earl Jensen, which may be the same as above,
    though this was received via email] *UC
    Speaking to Lalatia upon your return gives you one reputation point, and the
    Boots of the Apostle (Levitate 30 to 40 for 30 seconds, as well as being good
    light armor) themselves.  She deems you a hero worthy of wearing them, all
    for your efforts in recovering them.
    Rescue a Cultist, Recover a Blade
    This time there's no doubt as to where you're going.  Lalatia has sent a Cult
    member off on a quest, and they've been captured!  It's up to you to find the
    fellow Cultist AND recover the relic which was originally to be reclaimed!
    The relic in question is the Ice Blade of the Monarch, the Cult member's name
    is Adusamsi, and the location you need to travel to is the Dunmer Stronghold of
    Rotheran.  This vile place may be found on the southern part of Sheogorad,
    south of Dagon Fel.  It may be difficult to gain access to it, though the
    ability to levitate will be handy in moving over any mountains in the way.
    Once there, you must enter the arena and fight any Dunmer or Daedra that stand
    in your way.  One of the Dunmer is Llaren Terano.  He holds a key to free the
    slaves, the Ice Blade of the Monarch, and Adusamsi's ring of Divine
    Intervention.  Speaking to Adusamsi (who is locked in a room with other slaves)
    will tell you of Terano, and speaking with her again with the ring in your
    posession will give her the ring and set her free.
    Once you have the Ice Blade of the Monarch and have freed Adusamsi, you may
    return to Ebonheart for your reward.  (Though getting the Propylon Index for
    Rotheran may be worthwhile.  Enter the Communal Hut and kill the Dunmer inside
    to find it.)  This time, your reward is to keep The Ice Blade of the Monarch (a
    two-handed long blade, 5 to 50 chop, 10 to 40 frost on strike, 60/60) and
    Adusamsi's Ring (Divine Intervention, 40/40).
    Vengeance and the Scroll of Fiercely Roasting
    Your missions this time from the Oracle Lalatia Varian is to track down what
    remains of a Cult member who has fallen while pursuing revenge for his mentor's
    death, and recover an artifact scroll known as The Scroll of Fiercely Roasting.
    Lalatia knows that the Cultist, Urjorad was slain at the Daedric site of
    Ashalmimilkala, which is found a bit north of Hla Oad, and almost directly west
    of Balmora, on a chain of "islands" which come out from the main coastline.
    Getting there from Ebonheart is a fairly simple matter of catching the boat to
    Hla Oad, and exploring up the coast.
    The outside of the ruins are inhabited by the typical mix of Daedra and
    standard creatures.  These can be dangerous if you are not wary, so be on the
    lookout as you approach.  The entrance is, as is typical, up a set of stairs
    near the middle of the area.
    Once inside, you will face Daedra and both the former knight Meryaron and his
    master, the priest Carecalmo.  While possible to avoid the priest and recover
    the scroll (which is your main objective) you will almost invariably end up
    facing Meryaron, who is near the entrance of the shrine.  He is a heavily
    armored (steel platemail) fighting man who blocks a far bit if using a shield.
    In the flooded altar room, it is possible to enter the passage to the right in
    order to gain access to a ledge area where the body of Urjorad lies.  Past the
    altar (and, actually, past the ledge area, on the lower part through some
    water) is the rather unpleasant Carecalmo.  While not a dangerous opponent if
    handled QUICKLY, he can be a difficult encounter if allowed to cast many
    spells.  (The Ice Blade of the Monarch or a similarly impressive weapon makes a
    fairly good mess of him in skilled hands.)
    Upon recovering the scroll, or, recovering the scroll and killing Carecalmo and
    Meryaron, you may return to Lalatia for your reward.  If you've only managed to
    recover the scroll, it will be less than if you've killed the priest and his
    bodyguard.  The better reward is two reputation points, and the magical
    Gauntlets of Glory!  (Left: Fortify Unarmored by 10 for 120 seconds, light
    armor, 300/300)  (Right: Fortify Hand to Hand by 10 for 120 seconds, light
    armor, 300/300)
    Recovering Skull-Crusher
    Long ago was Skull-Crusher, a powerful warhammer, lost to the world above.
    Lalatia Varian has had a vision of the lost weapon, and wants you to seek it
    out and recover it.  She relates to you the sights of a Daedric ruin and a
    molten forge cut off from the world above, as well as some connection with the
    Halls of the Dead.
    Speaking to Llaalam this time will educate you on the meaning of the Halls of
    the Dead.  It is in fact a Dunmer turn of phrase for an Anscestral Tomb.  When
    you move on to Nalasa as speak about the vision, she will let you know that a
    ruin which has been sealed to the world for quite some time is Anudanbia.  So,
    it follows that you will be searching near Anudambia for a tomb!
    Taking a boat to Sadrith Mora and then heading east from the town's northern
    edge (near the Telvanni Council hall) you will reach the coast after just a
    short time.  As you walk down the coast, keep an eye on the islands out to the
    east.  As you near the Daedric ruin, you'll see an anscestral tomb on an island
    nearby to the east.  Once you approach it, you'll find that it is the Omaren
    Anscestral Tomb.
    Entering the tomb, you'll find Daedra inside, as well as a tunnel, which
    happens to lead into Anudambia!  Exploring the ruin, you will discover a number
    on the art of being an Armorer, as well as some equipment to use in your
    repairs.  Suspended in a chest above the molten forge and anvil you will find
    Skull-Crusher itself.  It may be difficult to open up the way into Anudambia,
    or the chest which holds Skull-Crusher itself, depending on your skills and
    what you manage to acquire during the course of the mission, so it may be wish
    to come prepared to defeat locks and traps of a fairly substantial nature.
    Please note that you may also acquire a Daedric Face of Terror in the same area
    as Skull-Crusher so be on the lookout. *UC [submitted by Earl Jensen]  Once you
    have retrieved the warhammer, all that remains is return to Ebonheart.
    Lalatia will discover that Skull-Crusher (chop 10-60, constant effect feather
    15 and Fortify Attack 5, one-handed blunt) is not cursed, as she had feared,
    and allow you to keep it.  As well, she provides you with a ring called
    Foe-Grinder (a.k.a. Foe-Quern in the NTSC version) [submitted by Earl Jensen]
    *UC (Fortify Blunt Weapon by 20 for 120 seconds, 600/600), and two reputation
    points!  Alas, this is the end of the road for your Oracle quests! Saying your
    goodbyes, you may now make your own way in the world, equiped with the best the
    Cult has to offer.  (Which is not insubstantial, noting the plethora of magical
    items which you've collected for your services!)
    Section 8: Imperial Cult Ranks/Requirements
    Attributes: Personality and Willpower
    Favored Skills: Speechcraft, Unarmored, Restoration,
                    Mysticism, Conjuration, Blunt Weapon,
    50 gold donation
    Imperial Cult Blessings: 10gp
    Willpower 30, Personality 30
    One Skill at 10, Two Skills at 5
    Willpower 30, Personality 30
    One Skill at 20, Two Skills at 8
    Maran Amulet (Fortify Speechcraft, Restoration, Conjuration and Mysticism by 5 for 30 seconds)
    One Reputation Point
    Willpower 30, Personality 30
    One Skill at 30, Two Skills at 10
    Stendarran Belt (Fortify Attack, Blunt Weapon, Unarmored and Enchant by 5 for 30 seconds)
    One Reputation Point
    Imperial Cult Blessings: 0gp
    Willpower 30, Personality 30
    One Skill at 40, Two Skills at 12
    Willpower 31, Personality 31
    One Skill at 50, Two Skills at 15
    Septim Ring (Fortify Attack, Unarmored, Blunt Weapon and Speechcraft by 10 for 60 seconds)
    One Reputation Point
    Willpower 32, Personality 32
    One Skill at 60, Two Skills at 18
    Akatosh's Ring (Fortify Conjuration, Mysticism, Restoration and Enchant by 10 for 60 seconds)
    One Reputation Point
    Willpower 33, Personality 33
    One Skill at 70, Two Skills at 20
    Willpower 34, Personality 34
    One Skill at 80, Two Skills at 25
    Willpower 35, Personality 35
    One Skill at 90, Two Skills at 30
    Section 9: Imperial Legion Ranks/Requirements
    Attributes: Endurance and Personality
    Favored Skills: Athletics, Spear, Long Blade, Blunt 
                    Weapon, Heavy Armor, Block
    Imperial Chain Cuirass
    Endurance 30, Personality 30
    One Skill at 10
    Imperial Shield
    Endurance 30, Personality 30
    One Skill at 20
    Imperial Steel Cuirass
    Endurance 30, Personality 30
    One Skill at 30, Two Skills at 5
    Imperial Steel Helmet
    Imperial Steel Left Gauntlet
    Imperial Steel Right Gauntlet
    Endurance 30, Personality 30
    One Skill at 40, Two Skills at 10
    Imperial Steel Left Pauldron
    Imperial Steel Right Pauldron
    Imperial Steel Boots
    Knight Errant
    Endurance 31, Personality 31
    One Skill at 50, Two Skills at 15
    Imperial Templar Knight Cuirass
    Imperial Templar Greaves
    Knight Bachelor
    Endurance 32, Personality 32
    One Skill at 60, Two Skills at 20
    Imperial Templar Helmet
    Imperial Templar Bracers
    Knight Protector
    Endurance 33, Personality 33
    One Skill at 70, Two Skills at 25
    Imperial Templar Pauldrons
    Imperial Templar Boots
    Knight of the Garland
    Endurance 34, Personality 34
    One Skill at 80, Two Skills at 30
    Knight of the Imperial Dragon
    Requirements: (Not true requirements.)
    Endurance 35, Personality 35
    One Skill at 90, Two Skills at 35
    Section 10: Extra Material and Strategies
    Quest Pattern Followed in This Guide
    Our example Imperial Marcinius started his career in the Imperial Legion (well,
    barring some few other quests in Seyda Neen, for the Blades, minor guild
    quests, etc.) at Gnisis.  Completing all of the tasks General Darius had for
    him, he then traveled to Fort Moonmoth near Balmora, and spoke to Radd
    Hard-Heart.  Undertaking missions up to the point at which he needed to rescue
    the hermit from the Ashlanders, Marcinius then decided on a slight change of
    pace, and visited Ebonheart for the first time.
    During the next months, Marcinius did missions for the Shrine Sergeants, the
    Almoners, and the lay Healers, one each, in that order.  He was careful not to
    devote too much time to any one branch of the Cult, as all are vital services.
    This, of course, led to him finishing off with Kaye a bit before the others.
    Once finished with the Almoners and Lay Healers, he approached Lalatia Varian,
    and began to work directly for the Oracle.  His time spent working for the
    various orders within the cult were also a time of great study and practice,
    and he was able to advance himself greatly.  He even became Primate of the
    Imperial Cult, the greatest achievement a Lay Member can strive for.
    Devoting himself to these dangerous missions, Marcinius worked hard to derive
    the best possible outcome from each task.  He was rewarded time and again and
    praised by Lalatia for his dedication to his duties.  At last, he recovered
    Skull-Crusher, and there was nothing left for him to do for the Oracle.
    Knowing this, Marcinus returned to Radd Hard-Heart in Fort Moonmoth.
    Once Radd had no more use for him, Marcinus visited Fort Buckmoth, and spoke
    with Imsin the Dreamer.  After spending a bit of time assisting around
    Ald'ruhn, he travelled to Ebonheart and aided Frald the White.  Finally, once
    he had completed all the duties Frald had to offer, he spoke with the Knight of
    the Imperial Dragon in Ebonheart, Varus Vantinius.
    Marcinius recovered the lost Imperial Legion artifacts for Varus, then agreed
    to meet him in an honorable duel for the title of Knight of the Imperial
    Dragon.  After a bloody fight, Varus lay slain, and Marcinius Praetonias stood,
    the Knight of the Imperial Dragon in Ebonheart.
    Strategies For Imperials
    * Natural Charm
    Imperials are well-liked by a large number of NPCs.  This aids them in gaining
    trust and information.  Imperials also tend to be adept in Speechcraft and
    Mercantile, and have a high Personality score.  Because of this, Imperials can
    often gain the confidence of many NPCs relatively easily.
    However, for those times which seem to not work out, the Voice of the Emperor
    (usable once each day) will raise the disposition of your target to 100/100 for
    a brief time.  In most cases, this is enough to produce a very favorable
    reaction indeed!  Combining this power with the Imperial's natural charisma, it
    is easy to see that Imperials will be much more skilled at manipulating
    situations than other races.
    * Instant Refreshment
    Though not as useful as their ability to win friends and influence people, the
    Star of the West (usable once a day as well) may come in handy in certain 
    circumstances.  Though one should always be careful to maintain a small reserve
    of fatigue, lest you be knocked out of a fight, there are times when this may
    not happen.  If running dangerously low on fatigue, this power offers a quick
    restoration, with the added benefit of causing enemies to become tired
    In addition, the large fatigue absorbtion can knock many foes out of the fight.
    This can be quite useful when trying to not kill, but rather incapacitate
    someone.  Combined with hand to hand fighting, the Star of the West can be a
    formidable thing!
    Strategies for Everyone
    * Keep potions of Restore Magicka, Health and Fatigue on you at all times.  I
    tend to carry 10 Standard Health, 10 Standard Magicka and 2 Quality Fatigue.
    * Carry potions of Cure Common Disease and Cure Blight Disease.  There are some
    VERY nasty diseases.  Black Heart Blight for example will usually cut your
    carrying capacity to almost nothing, so you cannot make your way to a healer
    and retain your equipment.
    * Always learn the Mark and Recall spells (as well as Divine and Almsivi 
    Intervention) early on in the game.  They make it much easier to get around,
    and will save you a large amount of time.
    * Try to get the Boots of Blinding Speed early on in the game.  Once you have
    them (or even prior to getting them) you can make a spell which gives you a
    large magicka resist for a short time, and cast it immediately before you put
    them on.  This will save you a lot of time!
    * Remember to boost your luck.  And, if you can stomach it, take luck as a
    favored attribute.  With a high luck score, you will find better items more
    frequently.  (Such as Grand Soul Gems and Ekash's Lock Splitter Scrolls when
    searching smugglers caves.)  Your level will also greatly influence your loot.
    * Don't loot at low level!  It's possible to leave things alone and come back
    at a higher level to really clean up.  This is ture of many lairs which you may
    encounter randomly by wandering about.  Though this can be fun, it's best to do
    missions for factions/guilds and advance.  Then, once you're higher up (15-20),
    start to just wander when the mood strikes you.  This will insure a good chance
    of nice loot.
    * Learn how to kill effectively.  Every character has things they're good at.
    If your character can hit very quickly over and over, make sure you attack in
    rapid succession.  (This is an excellent way to utilize short blades for
    example.)  If you need a great deal of power behind your blows (such as with a
    large, two handed weapon), be sure to ready your strike before engaging the
    enemy.  You can do a great number of things while poised to strike, including
    opening doors, speaking with people, etc.  If you're magically inclined, figure
    out the best strategy for using your spells.  Once you have it, rehearse until
    it is perfect.
    * Know your enemies.  If you have problems with a specific type of enemy under
    certain circumstances, do all you can to avoid that.  (For example, Daedroth
    and their poison blasts when in a narrow space without cover.)  You can often
    draw enemies to you by making use of corners and such.  As well, use superior
    speed (get the boots hint hint) to outmaneuver an enemy and close with them
    before they can hurt you at range.
    * Read other guides!  There are plenty out there, and many have good
    * Ask questions!  Visit message boards dedicated to Morrowind, ignore the dumb
    "r u a nu b!" comments, and ask those questions you have.  People who know one
    thing about the game may not know another.  There's simply too much to do in
    the world to know EVERYTHING (or remember it all), so don't feel bad about
    asking questions.
    Marcinius Praetonias: Knight of the Imperial Dragon and Primate
    As a bonus, here's Marcinius after his final battle with Varus Vantinius.  All
    the attribute numbers shown below are BASE, and are NOT modified by the gear
    listed in the equipment section.  As such, Strength, Speed, Agility and 
    Personality are in particular are quite a bit higher than listed.  Not every
    bit of equipment he carries is listed, some of it isn't interesting enough
    even for this relatively in-depth look at him.
    Name:        Marcinius Praetonius     Major Skills:
    Race:                    Imperial     Heavy Armor:                   64
    Class:          Imperial Champion     Restoration:                   91
    Sign:                    The Lady     Mysticism:                     34
    Level:                         20     Block:                         42
    Health:                   181/181     Conjuration:                   32
    Magicka:                    46/46     
    Fatigue:                  350/350     Minor Skills:
                                          Long Blade:                    87
    Strength:                      92     Armorer:                       30
    Intelligence:                  46     Athletics:                     37
    Willpower:                     68     Speechcraft:                   31
    Agility:                       45     Enchant:                       18
    Speed:                         47     
    Endurance:                     79     Misc Skills:
    Personality:                   75     Medium Armor:                  17
    Luck:                          69     Blunt Weapon:                  27
                                          Axe:                           16
    Abilities:                            Spear:                         11
    Lady's Favor                          Destruction:                   13
    Lady's Grace                          Alteration:                    15
                                          Illusion:                       6
    Powers:                               Alchemy:                        8
    Star of the West                      Unarmored:                     13
    Voice of the Emperor                  Security:                      14
                                          Sneak:                         17
    Spells:                               Acrobatics:                    18
    Almsivi Intervention                  Light Armor:                   15
    Balnya's Antidote                     Short Blade:                    6
    Bound Dagger                          Marksman:                       7
    Bound Longsword                       Mercantile:                    27
    Cure Common Disease*                  Hand-to-Hand:                  12
    Cure Common Disease Victim            
    Detect Creature                       Factions:
    Divine Intervention                   Great House Redoran:     Hireling
    Fleeting Spirit*                      Thieves' Guild:           Wet Ear
    Flicker*                              Imperial Cult:            Primate
    Hearth Heal                           Fighters' Guild:        Swordsman
    Hide                                  Blades:                Apprentice
    Levitate                              Imperial Legion:  Knt ot Imp Drgn
    Mark                                  Mages' Guild:              Evoker
    Minor Woodlore*                       
    Night-Eye                             Equipment Worn:
    Nimble Moment*                        Imperial Templar Pauldrons
    Ogrul's Quick Again                   Imperial Templar Bracers
    Ondusi's Open Door                    Imperial Templar Greaves
    Recall                                Lord's Mail
    Regenerate                            Boots of Blinging Speed
    Righteousness                         Ebony Shield
    Soothe*                               Masque of Clavicus Vile
    Soul Trap                             Sterkbroek+
    Strong Resist Magicka                 Sterktrui+
    Summon Ancestral Ghost                Chrysamere
    Summon Skeletal Minion                Ring of the Wind
    Sunder Lock*                          Adusamsi's Ring
    Swimmer's Blessing                    Balm Amulet   
    Water Walking                         Equipment Carried:
    Water Breating                        Septim Ring
    Wisdom                                Akatosh's Ring
    Withstand*                            Amulet of Health
                                          660,000 gold
    Custom Spells (Marked *):             Potions of
    Cure Common Disease                    Cure Disease
     Cure Common Disease                   Cure Blight Disease
     on Self                               Quality Restore Fatigue
    Fleeting Spirit                        Standard Restore Health
     Summon Ancestral Ghost                Quality Restore Health
     Duration 1 on Self                    Standard Restore Magicka
    Flicker                                Exclusive Shadow
     Invisibility                         Scrolls of
     Duration 10 on Self                   Almsivi Intervention
    Minor Woodlore                         Divine Intervention
     Detect Creature                       Leaguestep
     Duration 1 Magnitude 1 on Self        Mark
    Nimble Moment                          Summon Golden Saint
     Fortify Agility                       Purity of Body
     Duration 1 Magnitude 15 on Self      7 Empty Grand Soul Gems
    Soothe                                Assorted Lockpicks
     Restore Health                       Assorted Probes
     Duration 1 Magnitude 1 on Self       Assorted Armorer's Tools
    Sunder Lock
     Open                                 Custom Equipment (Marked +):
     Magnitude 100                        Sterkbroek
    Withstand                              Exquisite Pants
     Resist Magicka                        Fortify Strength 1-23
     Duration 1 Magnitude 49-100          Sterktrui 
     on Self                               Exquisite Shirt
                                           Fortify Strength 1-23
    Section 11: Final Words
    The writing of this FAQ took about 2 weeks or so.  I played Morrowind for about
    6-10 hours a day, 5 days a week in order to finish it.  During the course of
    gameplay, Marcinius was saved about 70 times.  (A few times were not considered
    major enough to be kept, and were thus overwritten.  The actual save count was
    probably around 80.)  The actual FAQ itself was at least 16 hours of writing
    When I went into this FAQ, it was because I wanted to get some writing done (it
    doesn't hurt to practice) and share some information with the large number of
    people who will be getting this game for Christmas (new XBOX owners, new game
    owners), and who have recently been able to get it in PAL countries (like
    myself).  I chose to cover the Imperial aspect of the game primarily due to the
    lack of a complete guide on the Imperial Legion.
    I expanded the scope of the guide to include the Imperial Cult and the Cyrodil
    as I'm a large fan of roleplaying an archetype.  It just makes sense for an
    Imperial Citizen to join the Legion and aid the Cult.  It was my goal to bring
    enough detail and clarity to the missions I've covered within this guide to
    make it worth choosing to use over some of the other options available.
    As such, this is a large guide, with everything from character creation, to
    strategies, to mission walkthroughs and more.  I sincerely hope that there's a
    little bit of something for everyone, be they Imperial or Wood Elf, Mage or
    Thief, newbie or veteran.
    Mathew E. Reuther
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Section 12: Version Information
    v1.2 Jan 2003: Second update.  Updated copyright for 2003 and added the section
    related to my other FAQs.  Added information from Earl Jensen (possibly the
    same as gamefaqs user Earl) regarding Ama Nin, Foe-Grinder's name in the NTSC
    version, and the Daedric Face of Terror located near Skull-Crusher.
    v1.1 Dec 2002: First update.  Includes changes submitted by gamefaqs user
    "Earl" regarding freeing Jon Hawker and Ama Nin.  Added the *UC notation to
    designate unconfirmed information and Section 12 for update details.
    v1.0 Dec 2002: First full version, released to GAMEFAQS.COM.
    Section 13: Other works
    It is possible that you may find other work I've completed useful.  I have
    authored the following FAQs (available via gamefaqs.com under the contributor
    name MCMayhem [http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/28863.html]):
    The Morrowind Imperial Guide (PAL XBOX)
    The Morrowind Sanguine Items Guide (PAL XBOX)

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