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    East Empire Company Walkthrough by EvilTimmy

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                         Evil Timmy
                   The Elder Scrolls III:
              East Empire Company Walkthrough
    === 0.1 License
    This guide has been abandonded; it may be free distributed and modified, but
    I'd appreciate if the line 'Based on the work of Jason Van Hoy' were added to
    the text. Do NOT email me with any questions about this guide, as they will be
    ignored. Feel free to add this to your guide and edit/change as necessary. All
    trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders. While this guide strives to be as
    accurate as possible, none of the information contained herein is guaranteed
    to be accurate.
    === 0.2 About this guide
    Welcome to my first ever walkthrough. I hope I've learned enough from looking
    at other walkthroughs and experimenting with the style of this one to turn out
    something that's not utter crap, but if it is, don't hesitate to tell me why.
    I chose to write a guide on the East Empire Company because I love quests or
    missions in any game where your work has a real effect on the world, and
    throughout the missions for the Company, you'll see the colony go up around
    you as you complete your tasks. There's also a fair few questions springing up
    already about how to complete certain quests, and I've tried to answer all of
    them in my walkthrough. Please note that this guide is exclusively about the
    East Empire Company; it doesn't and won't cover side quests, loot, the main
    quest of Bloodmoon, or general gameplay tips for Morrowind. If you're stuck on a
    quest, read what I wrote, then read it again, then try it out, then read it once
    more, and if it still doesn't make sense, then check the forums at gamefaqs.com
    or elderscrolls.com. Please DO NOT email me about the guide, as it's abandoned.
    === 0.3 Version History
    24 Mar 2004 - Version 1.1
     * I've officially abandoned this guide, so don't email me about it.
     * Updated copyright and about sections to reflect abandoned status.
     * Thanks are in each section, rather than in the version history
     * Updated Coming Soon section for anyone rewriting this guide
     * Added an alternate solution to 1.4
     * Added a faster option in 1.12
     * Corrected directions to the rock arch in 1.12
     * Updated info on the third guard in 1.14 
     * Added info about a potential problem in 1.15
     * Corrected info about selling stock in 1.16-17
    11 June 2003 - Version 1.0.2
     * Added fix for random problem with 1.13 - thanks PrincessKitten93!
     * Added easier solution for 1.2 - thanks MysticWeirdo!
    9 June 2003 - Version 1.0.1
     * Added info about random locations for 1.12 - thanks kifreak!
    8 June 2003 - Version 1.0
     * Original release
    === 0.4 Coming Soon
    Nothing, as this guide is abandoned. If you're taking the task of updating it
    or adding it as part of your own guide, the biggest thing that needs to be
    added is the quests for Carnius Magius rather than Falco Galenus, starting at
    1.4 and through to the end. AFAIK there are no outstanding errors, but it's
    always possible that there are some that have been missed by myself and the
    many helpful readers out there.
    1.0 Quests
    === 1.1 Getting Started
    * Enemies: None
    * Reward: Becoming a member of the East Empire Company.
    Welcome to Solstheim, where the mead is hot and the women are cold. Yes, you
    heard me right. This place is decidedly not warm, and guess what? You're going
    to spend hours running all over it. The first thing to do is talk to Basks-in-
    the-Sun, the Argonian just to your left. He's kind enough to tell you where to
    find the people who'll get you started on your quest. You want to talk to
    Carnius Magius at the Imperial Cult Shrine. To find him, head north to the 
    Imperial Fort. Continue north across the courtyard, and you'll see a familiar
    banner on the building. Go in, and continue forward and up the stairs. Magius 
    is on the first landing, behind the (unlocked) door to the right. Talk to him
    to get a background on the area and what you'll be doing, then about 'join the
    East Empire Company'.
    === 1.2 Escort Service
    * Enemies: Plague Wolves, Spriggans, Plague Bears (if you walk)
    * Reward: None
    Your first task is to take some new workers up to the future site of the East
    Empire Company and bring them to Falco Galenus. Assuming you've played through
    a fair bit of Morrowind, this shouldn't be very hard; I wouldn't advise playing
    Bloodmoon with a new character. Talk to Carnius Magius about an 'assignment'.
    After he gives you the information, head down to the docks. Talk to Gidar
    Verothan. He'll ever-so-kindly let you take the lead, but he does mark your
    destination on the map. You can walk in a pretty much straight line to Raven's
    Rock, avoiding or killing the local fauna at your own discretion. You can also
    talk to Basks-in-the-Sun at the docks to the south, and take a boat ride over
    there; just walk north and slightly east from where you get dropped off. When
    you get close to your destination, look for an Imperial in mostly Imperial
    Plate; that's Falco Galenus. Let Verothan get close enough, and you'll get a
    standard thank-you dialog box, and your journal will update.
    === 1.3 Ebony
    * Enemies: Plague Wolves, Spriggans, Plague Bears
    * Reward: 100 Gold, EEC Stock Certificate
    Talk to Falco Galenus. He'll tell you that the East Empire Company needs to
    have five pieces of ebony to show to investors to really get the project off
    the ground. He'll hand you one, and tell you that there's more in the
    area...you need four more pieces. If you look directly north of the area where
    he's usually walking, you'll see a bunch of rocks. But, interspersed between
    the stones are (you guessed it) piles of raw ebony. Take the five seconds to
    walk there (you won't even be out of sight of Galenus), grab the raw ebony, and
    walk back. If, for some reason, Galenus has wandered farther than usual, the
    raw ebony's still easy to find. It's almost exactly between the tops of the two
    squares indicating Raven's Rock on your world map. Take the ebony back to
    Carnius Magius in the Imperial Cult Shrine for your reward. The Stock
    Certificate, while fairly worthless now, will be very valuable as you advance
    in this quest, so keep it around. It starts out worth 100 gold, but will be
    worth thousands by the end of the quest. Talk to Magius about 'stock
    certificate' to check the value of your current certificate or sell it.
    === 1.4 Hroldar the Strange
    * Enemies: Hroldar
    * Reward: 1000 Gold (if you don't kill him)
    Talk to Carnius Magius again. He'll tell you that you need to wait for the
    site to be built before he has any more work for you. This is a good
    opportunity to explore; you've got three days before you can do anything. You
    can just explore, loot some of the barrows and caves in the area, do side
    quests, work on the main quest, or simply rest, but it'll take 3 days. You'll
    get a new journal entry when you can return to Magius. He'll forward you to
    Falco Galenus, who has an...interesting problem. Talk to him, and he'll tell
    you about Hroldar the Strange. He's protesting the destruction of nature, and
    holding up the construction at Raven Rock. First, you have to try and talk to
    him, but this fails pretty quickly. Return to Galenus, and he'll tell you to
    rough up Hroldar, but with only your fists. Knock him up a bit, but don't kill
    him, otherwise you'll forefit your 1000 gold reward, and he'll get pissed at
    you. Talk to Galenus, and he'll reward you (or not reward you) and send you
    back to Carnius Magius to finish the quest. Again, you have to wait for your
    next quest, so find something to keep yourself occupied.
    -- Another solution (courtesy of Chapparal)
    If your HtH skills really aren't up to the task of beating up a Nord, you can
    use enchanted items or spells to drain Hroldar's fatigue, which is the actual
    trigger. Make sure they have a long enough duration that they can stack, and
    cast to your heart's content.
    === 1.5 Shipping News
    * Enemies: Draugr, Berzerkers, Bears
    * Reward: 300 Gold; 3000 gold for a little extra work
    Back to Carnius Magius. He asks you to check that a shipment has arrived in
    good condition. When you talk to Falco Galenus back at Raven Rock, he tells you
    the ship hasn't arrived and tells you to ask around the camp. You need to talk
    to Gamin Girith the Dark Elf about 'seen anything'; he's a bit to the East, in
    the group you escorted earlier, and is wearing a yellow-and-blue shirt and
    brown pants. He'll tell you that he saw a light to the northwest. Report this
    to Galenus, and he'll ask you to find the ship. It's shipwrecked on about the
    westernmost point in Solstheim; just follow the coast northwards and it'll be
    easy to find. There's a few draugr guarding the ship, so be prepared for a bit
    of combat. Walk around into the water, and get on the boat. There's six Miner's
    Picks weighing 20lbs each; one is in the cabin, while the other five are down
    in the ship's hold.
    Now, talk to Apronia Alfena and get her to walk back with you. She'll thank
    you, and it'll increase your rep with Galenus. Talk to him to finish the first
    part of your quest; talk to him again to sell him the picks for 500 gold each.
    This means you can net 3000 gold, and all you had to do was take a little
    stroll. You need to report back to Carnius Magus, but now there's boat
    transporation available. Head a bit southeast of town and talk to Veresa Alver
    (she's standing between two torches, shouldn't be hard to find). It's 6-7gp
    assuming you don't have a horrible rep with her, so don't waste your time and
    take the boat. Carnius Magius, being his usual cheerful self, gives you 300
    gold and tells you to get out of his sight. By now, you know the drill...go
    find something to do for a few days.
    === 1.6 Future of the Colony
    * Enemies: None
    * Reward: None
    After three days have passed, go and see Falco Galenus (Carnius Magius will
    just direct you to him). He's got some interesting things to say, and basically
    asks you to side with him for the good of Raven Rock. Carnius Magius is a
    bastard anyways, so you might as well. Talk about 'crossroads', then 'aiding
    me' twice, and choose to help him. You're now working for Galenus.
    === 1.7 Time to Choose
    * Enemies: None
    * Reward: 300 Gold
    Galenus now needs help with a choice...should they build a trader or a smithy?
    It's really up to you, but most of the workers I talked to said they wanted a
    trader (they've both got 10,000 gold, so either works for unloading loot).
    Make your choice, confirm it with Galenus, then report back to Magius in the
    Imperial Cult Shrine for your ever-so-hefty reward.
    === 1.8 O Captain My Captain
    * Enemies: None
    * Reward: 1000 Gold
    Keep yourself busy for two days, and you'll get a new journal entry. Report to
    Magius, and he'll acknowledge the report and brush you off. Head back to Raven
    Rock and talk to Galenus. He'll tell you that Baro Egnatius, the captain of the
    new supply ship, wants an obscene fee for transporting the ore. Take a wild
    guess who gets to talk some sense into him. Head to the dock to the southwest,
    and talk to him about 'extra payment'. After failing (yes, you will), go back
    and talk to Galenus. He'll tell you to talk to Apronia Alfena, the Breton you
    rescued from the wrecked ship. She's usually pacing around a bit to the west of
    Galenus. A short chat later and you'll have Elberoth's saber, which you can use
    to your advantage (sadly, it doesn't involve putting the pointy bit through
    Baro Egnatius). Equip it and talk to Baro Egnatius, and he'll quickly change
    his tune. Talk to Falco about 'extra payment' and he'll give you 1000 gold.
    === 1.9 Hail to the Thief
    * Enemies: None
    * Reward: 500 gold
    Talk to Falco again, and he'll tell you that he suspects Uryn Maren of
    stealing some ebony from the mines. He'll give you a key and ask you to check
    it out. Maren's house is right next to you, just south of the mine. Enter his
    house (no need to sneak, as nobody's home), and open the chest in his bedroom
    to find...nothing. Falco still suspects him, though, and asks you to watch him
    and see if he does anything suspicious. Head down into the mine. Maren is in
    the first tunnel to the right. You only have to track him for a short distance,
    as he follows the mine shaft down and takes the first right. Watch out,
    however, at the big crossroads, as he turns around and looks for you. He'll
    walk into the Storage Room and keep his back turned to you. Walk towards him,
    and you should get a new journal entry as you do. Talk to Maren, and he'll
    explain that Carnius put him up to it. Return to Falco, who will send you to
    Carnius Magius. Talk to him about 'explanation', and he'll laugh and say that
    it's his word against that of a thief. When you return, Falco will tell you
    that Uryn Maren was found murdered soon after being locked up, and give you 500
    gold. There's another three-day wait before your next quest.
    === 1.10 Mean Drunk
    * Enemies: Seler Favelnim
    * Reward: 1500 gold
    Falco tells you that there's a problem in the bar (west side of Raven Rock);
    an old Dunmer by the name of Seler Favelnim is attacking anyone who enters.
    Before entering, his wife pleads with you not to hurt him, as he's just an old
    man. When you approach him, he'll start a dialogue with you, then attack. As
    he's only got his bare fists, you shouldn't have too much trouble with him. Let
    him swing away, and he'll eventually talk to you again. Reason with him, don't
    kill him, and he'll eventually give in. He'll thank you, his wife will thank
    you, and Falco will thank you with 1500 gold.
    === 1.11 Breaking the Ice
    * Enemies: Coventia Celata, possibly Dreugh
    * Reward: 1000 gold, can have Stalhrim equipment made.
    Finally, back to a real adventure...Falco will tell you that the miners broke
    through to a burial chamber, and it's covered in ice they can't break through
    (you may have seen the same thing if you've explored any of the barrows; it's
    called Stalhrim). You're supposed to talk to Graring, a Nord who resides to the
    northeast. On your world map, follow the river that separates the right side of
    Solstheim from the left north, beyond the lake, and you'll see where it meets
    another, much shorter river. The river delta there is where you'll find
    Graring. When you arrive there, you'll see his hut and storage shed, and
    Graring, along with two other Nords. However, they're not very talkative. Walk
    to the rocks a bit to the East, and you'll see Coventina Celata. She's looking
    to kill Graring, and that's a bad thing. Kill her, then talk to Graring again.
    He'll give you an Ancient Nordic Pick Axe and tell you to chip off a piece and
    bring it back to him. You can enter nearly any barrow to get this; the simplest
    to explain one is Kelsedolk Barrow, a short walk directly south of the
    SouthEast Storehouse at Raven Rock. Once you have a piece of Stalhrim, return
    to Graring, and talk about 'Stalhrim'. He'll thank you, and tell you that Aenar
    and Hidar (the other two Nords) will now make you Stalhrim weapons and armor
    if you provide the raw materials. Each piece will cost one piece of Stalhrim,
    take two days to complete, and you can only have one piece being forged at any
    === 1.12 Reporting for Duty
    * Enemies: None
    * Reward: 1000 gold
    Time to do a bit of running...Falco tells you that Carnius Magius needs to
    have a report delivered within five hours. Hop on the boat to Fort Frostmoth,
    (or simply use Divine Intervention; thanks Delve) and you'll find...he's not
    there! Talk to the man out in the hallway, and he'll tell you that Magius went
    to one of three locations:
    * Brodir Grove
    Get back on the boat, and head east-northeast of Raven Rock. You'll see three
    very large stones when you're there; head a short ways to the northeast and
    you'll run into Carnius and a guard holding a torch.
    * The shipwreck
    If you don't remember the directions from earlier, get back on the boat, and
    follow the west coast to the north until you reach the shipwreck. He shouldn't
    be hard to spot.
    * East of the rock arch (Corrected thanks to Russ Reckman)
    Head directly northeast from the north archway of Fort Frostmoth, and you
    should run into Carnius Magius and his guard. It may be helpful to save at
    Fort Frostmoth first and find exactly where he is, as it's hard to explain.
    When you find him, mention the report and he'll be surprised that it made it
    on time. Return to Falco for your reward.
    === 1.13 Sticks and Stones
    * Enemies: Spriggans
    * Reward: 2000 gold
    Note that many people have had problems with this mission. I'd recommend you
    create a separate save before you start it, and reload from that if you have
    any problems.
    Falco tells you that there have been a lot of Spriggan attacks lately, and
    that they seem to be focusing on a grove at the east side of Raven Rock. Head
    over there, and prepare to do battle with some glorified sticks. Remember, you
    have to kill them three times before they stay dead. You'll get a journal entry
    when you've wiped out enough of them.
    -- A fix (courtesy of PrincessKitten93)
    I know a lot of people have been having trouble with the Spriggans that should
    be (and aren't) spawning on the east edge of the colony. You can enter the
    following commands in the console (hit ~) to spawn the four Spriggans you have
    to kill.
    placeatpc "BM_spriggan_co1" 1,1,1
    placeatpc "BM_spriggan_co2" 1,1,1
    placeatpc "BM_spriggan_co3" 1,1,1
    placeatpc "BM_spriggan_co4" 1,1,1
    Kill them, get the journal entry, and proceed on.
    Walk to the bar and talk to Unel Lloran, the Dunmer standing next to the fire.
    He'll tell you that you need to find a way to attack the roots, as the trees
    appear to have a sort of magical protection and can't be cut down. Head into
    the mine, and talk to any of the workers about 'roots'. They'll mention a
    tunnel that was blocked off by the roots, at the bottom of the mine. At almost
    the bottom of the mine, you'll hit a 3-way crossing, where you'll find Gratian
     Caerellius pacing around. Take the passage to the north, then turn right
    (east) and enter the Abandoned Mine Shaft. You'll get a journal entry about
    the roots, so head back up and talk to Unel Lloran. Take him with you and show
    him the roots, and he'll suggest that you get some bittergreen petals to
    poison the water the roots are drinking from.
    If you can cast Almsivi Intervention, you'll end up in Gnisis; otherwise, take
    boat, silt strider, or whatever you prefer to get there. Enter the temple, and
    take the second door on your left. Buy the petals from Zanmulk Sammalamus,
    then return to Solstheim (the Gnisis silt strider will take you to Khuul, and
    you can ride the boat from there). Reenter the mine at Raven Rock, and give
    the petals to Unel Lloran. He'll ask you to inform Falco about what's been
    done. Talk to him to finish the mission and get your reward.
    === 1.14 Guard Duty
    * Enemies: None
    * Reward: Help in mission 1.15
    Falco, while impressed with your skill, realizes that you can't keep all of
    Raven Rock safe on your own, so you're tasked with finding some guards to help
    out. The first, Afer Flaccus, is in the back corner of the ground floor of the
    bar. The second, Gratian Caerellius, is in the mines. Continue going down on
    the main path and you'll find him eventually. A third, Garnas Uvalen, is at
    the east side of Raven Rock, near the unfinished buildings (thanks Karel
    Ceusters and Delve). Return to Falco, and he'll thank you for a job well done.
    It'll take a few days to get them equipped and trained, so go find something to
    keep yourself busy.
    === 1.15 Assassins
    * Enemies: Nord assassins
    * Reward: 1000 Gold, 10 Exclusive Restore Health potions, Ice Shield
    Falco tells you about rumors of his impending assassination, and asks you to
    stay close. You won't have to wait long before these rumors become clearly
    true. Wait until you get another journal entry to attack (while waiting for
    the assassins to show up), or you'll be given criminal status (thanks Sean
    Johnston). Stick close to Falco, or you'll get a dialog box popping up, telling
    you to stick close. The assassins shouldn't be too hard to see or kill, and
    you've got the guards that you just recruited on your side. As long as you stay
    by his side and off anyone who gets too close, you should be alright. Talk to
    him after eliminating the assassins for your reward.
    === 1.16 Takedown
    * Enemies: Plenty of Nords, Carnius Magius
    * Reward: Factor of the East Empire Company, killing that smug bastard Magius
    A shipment of silver longswords has been delivered to Fort Frostmoth, but
    being the nasty old man that he is, Carnius Magius is withholding them from the
    colony. Head to Fort Frostmoth, and you'll find Atrius outside Magius' office.
    He'll give you three longswords, and you can now be on your way. When you
    return, talk to Falco, and he'll tell you of a Skaal attack, and inform you
    they're now holed up in the mines. There are ten Nords you have to take out
    before the workers will be safe. The two miners are close to the door with the
    roots; instead of turning right to enter the passage with the roots, continue
    straight ahead. Once all ten are dead, the workers will thank you, but before
    you return to Falco, check the body of Toralf for a note (he should be closest
    to the two workers). He'll take the note and ask for a moment to read it; talk
    to him again, and he'll ask you to confront Carnius about it. When you talk to
    him at his office, he's more than a bit annoyed, and will attack you. Be sure
    you let him strike the first blow, then kill him (he's got a Stalhrim mace, but
    no armor...easy pickings). Return to Falco in Raven Rock to be named Factor of
    the East Empire Company. Your stock certificate peaks in value at 10,000 gold
    here, so this is an ideal time to sell it (thanks Bill Troup).
    === 1.17 Late Great Estate
    * Enemies: None
    * Reward: A new house for you, completion of East Empire Company quests
    Falco tells you about one last thing to do...get a house built for yourself.
    He directs you to Aldam Berendus, a Dunmer with a red mohawk just a short walk
    to the east. There's three possible locations, each marked by a single torch
    (one on the west side of the colony, one to the northeast near the entrance,
    and one last torch to the southeast). The location is up to you, as the house
    is exactly the same no matter which place you choose. Head out of town and do
    something for three days, and you'll get a journal entry saying that your house
    should be built. Head back and enjoy it.
    Congratulations, you've completed the quests for the East Empire Company!
    There's still a lot of land to explore, and even a few sidequests in Raven
    Rock, but those are best left for another guide.
    2.0 Advancement
    Favored skills: Speechcraft, Mercantile, Security, Long Blade, Medium Armor
    Rank: Underling
    Requirements: None
    To advance: Talk to Carnius Magius about 'join the East Empire Company'
    Rank: Clerk
    Requirements: 30 Personality, 30 Willpower, one skill @ 10
    To advance: Talk to Carnius Magius about 'promotion' after completing 1.3 Ebony
    Rank: Steward
    Requirements: 30 Personality, 30 Willpower, one skill @ 20
    To advance: Talk to Carnius Magius about 'promotion' after completing 1.4
    Hroldar the Strange
    Rank: Fixer
    Requirements: 30 Personality, 30 Willpower; one skill @ 30, two skills @ 5
    To advance: Talk to Carnius Magius about 'promotion' after completing 1.5
    Shipping News
    Rank: Agent
    Requirements: 30 Personality, 30 Willpower; one skill @ 40, two skills @ 10
    To advance: Talk to Falco Galenus about 'promotion' after completing 1.7 Time
    to Choose
    Rank: Negotiator
    Requirements: 31 Personality, 31 Willpower; one skill @ 50, two skills @ 15
    To advance: Talk to Falco Galenus about 'promotion' after completing 1.8 O
    Captain My Captain
    Rank: Officer
    Requirements: 32 Personality, 32 Willpower; one skill @ 60, two skills @ 20
    To advance: Talk to Falco Galenus about 'promotion' after completing 1.9 Hail
    to the Thief
    Rank: Deputy
    Requirements: 33 Personality, 33 Willpower; one skill @ 70, two skills @ 25
    To advance: Talk to Falco Galenus about 'promotion' after completing 1.9 Hail
    to the Thief
    Rank: Factor
    Requirements: 35 Personality, 35 Willpower; one skill @ 90, two skills @ 35
    To advance: Talk to Falco Galenus after completing 1.16 Takedown

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