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    Trainers FAQ by Gauntlet Man 99

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/22/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Secret Trainers FAQ
    |FAQ for: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind               |
    |System: XBOX                                            |
    |Version: 1.0                                            |
    |Last Updated: 7/22/03                                   |
    |E-mail: Icewind717@hotmail.com                          |
    |Author: CZewe                                           |
    I. Introduction
    This FAQ has been created to stop the countless posts on message boards everywhere with people
    constantly asking, "Where is the (insert skill here) secret trainer?"  After many hours
    (coughtwentyminutescough) of scouring Vvardenfell for all of the secret trainer locations,
    I have managed to find all of them except the Long Blade.  Information on him/her would be
    greatly appreciated.  And *PLEASE* stop asking where to find these guys...there's a FAQ now.
    Also, yes, this _is_ my Tribunal one too, but now it doubles as a Morrowind Secret Trainers
    FAQ also...next, Bloodmoon!
    II. Table of Contents
    I. Introduction*
    II. Table of Contents*
    III. Contacting Me*
    IV. Version History*
    V. Secret Trainers & Their Locations*
    VI. Next Version*
    VII. Credits*
    VIII. Legal Stuff*
    IX. Farewell*
    *Section is finished
    III. Contacting Me
    My e-mail address is Icewind717@hotmail.com, and I’ll accept e-mails that have anything to with 
    the stuff on the “E-mail Me With” list.  But if I get anything that is on the “Do not e-mail Me 
    With” list I will delete it and block your e-mail address.  If you just want to talk to me you 
    can drop me an IM on AIM at the screename Outcast717.  But if you have questions about 
    Morrowind, IM me at Icewind45.
    E-mail me with:
    Spelling and Grammatical errors on my FAQ
    Praise Letters
    Asking for help on the Morrowind Secret Trainers as long as your question isn’t answered on 
    this FAQ
    Asking if you can use this FAQ on your site
    Constructive Criticism
    Do Not E-mail me with:
    If you send me spam I will obliterate you off the face of the Earth, so DO NOT spamify me.
    Large Contributions 
    Things that have nothing to do with Morrowind
    Hate Mail/Flames
    Questions about Morrowind that are answered on this FAQ
    Chain Letters
    IV. Version History
    Version Number: 1.0
    Date Added: 7/22/03
    What's New: Everything.  Duh.
    V. Secret Trainers & Their Locations
    Here they are, every single Secret Trainer in Morrowind that I could find, just waiting to
    train you higher than any other.
    Skill: Acrobatics
    Location: Fighter's Quarters in the Waistworks in Viver, Arena.
    Person: Senyndie
    Skill: Alchemy
    Location: Propylon Chamber in ValenVaryon.
    Person: Abelle Chiditte
    Skill: Alteration
    Location: Seryne Relas's House in Tel Branora.
    Person: Seryne Relas
    Skill: Armorer
    Location: Bottom level of the Hawkmoth Legion Garrison in Ebonheart.
    Person: Sirollus Saccus
    Skill: Athletics
    Location: Adibael's Yurt in the Kaushtababi Camp.
    Person: Adibael Hainnabbibi
    Skill: Axe
    Location: Top level of Falensarano.
    Person: Alfhedil Elf-Hewer
    Skill: Block
    Location: Courtyard of Buckmoth Legion Fort.
    Person: Shardie
    Skill: Blunt Weapon
    Location: The Abbey of St. Delyn the Wise (St. Delyn's Plaza in Vivec).
    Person: Faralenu Henim
    Skill: Conjuration
    Location: Bottom level of the Temple in Ald'Ruhn.
    Person: Methal Saran
    Skill: Destruction
    Location: Piernette's Farmhouse
    Person: Leles Birian
    Skill: Enchant
    Location: Indoranyon
    Person: Quorwynn
    Skill: Hand-to-Hand
    Location: Bottom level of the Holmayan Monastery.
    Person: Taren Omathan
    Skill: Heavy Armor
    Location: Arena Fighters Training (Vivec).
    Person: Seanwen
    Skill: Illusion
    Location: Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub (Sadrith Mora).
    Person: Erer Darothril
    Skill: Light Armor
    Location: Andus Tradehouse (Maar Gan).
    Person: Aerin
    Skill: Long Blade
    Location: Armiger's Stronghold (Malog Amur)
    Person: Ulms Drathan
    Skill: Marksman
    Location: Missun Akin's Hut on top of Falasmaryon.
    Person: Missun Akin
    Skill: Medium Armor
    Location: A boat in the Tel Fyr dock.
    Person: Cinia Urtius
    Skill: Mercantile
    Location: Ababael Timsar-Dadisun's Yurt in the Zainab Camp.
    Person: Ababael Timsar-Dadisun
    Skill: Mysticism
    Location: The Gateway Inn (Sadrith Mora).
    Person: Ardarume
    Skill: Restoration
    Location: Voc Chapel.
    Person: Yakin Bael
    Skill: Security
    Location: Hecerinde's House.
    Person: Hecerinde
    Skill: Short Blade
    Location: Lucky Lockup Cornerclub (Balmora).
    Person: Todwendy
    Skill: Sneak
    Location: Dreugh Jigger's Rest (Gnaar Mok).
    Person: Wadarkhu
    Skill: Spear
    Location: Bottom floor of the Tower of Dusk (Ghostgate)
    Person: Mertis Falandus
    Skill: Speechcraft
    Location: Mages Guild in Sadrith Mora.
    Person: Skink-in-Tree's-Shade
    Skill: Unarmored
    Location: Vacant Tower (Dagon Fel)
    Person: Khargol gro-Bogùk
    VI. Next Version
    In Version 1.01: Expect more detailed locations.  Also note that it will most likely be the
    final version of this FAQ.
    VII. Credits
    First, I'd like to thank me for typing this up.  And...um...that's all.  Thanks for everyone's 
    help =(.
    VIII. Legal Stuff
    This document has been written for it to appear at Gamefaqs.com.  This script may not be copied 
    in any way and/or published in any way.  Any commercial usage of this FAQ is strictly forbidden 
    and can only be used for personal use.  Any necessary legal action will be taken if any of 
    these terms are violated.  Plagiarists will be convicted.  The Elder Scrolls, Morrowind, 
    Bethesda Inc., and any related materials are copyrighted too.
    NOTE: You may use this on your site as long as I say you can.  To reach me e-mail me at 
    Want that in English?
    This FAQ was made for GameFAQs.  It can't be published on any site, WITHOUT my permission.  You 
    can NOT sell this FAQ or use it to promote your website or company in any way (again) WITHOUT 
    my permission.  I will take legal action if I ask you to remove this FAQ from your site and you 
    don't.  The rest is self-explanatory.  Now, repeat after me: "I will not use this FAQ on my 
    site, or alter it in any way at all without Chris Zewe's permission."
    Now, for the condensed version:
    Do NOT use this FAQ for any commercial purpose, or at all without permission.
    Sites already authorized to use this FAQ: GameFAQs, Gamewinners, Gamespot and IGN.  If you 
    would like your site to be added to that list, please email me.  90% of the time I'll say yes.
    Sites NOT authorized to use this FAQ: Neoseeker and Cheat Planet.  If you find this FAQ on any 
    site that does not have my specific permission, notify me.
    That's about as much as is possible to say, so you get the point.
    IX. Farewell
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END OF FAQ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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