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    Quest FAQ by Vaphios

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    Morrowind (TM), Tribunal (TM) and Bloodmoon (TM) quest FAQ v.0.11 
              Oiroke (Mikael romberg)
                   with a little help from...
                        072.V (Daniel Romberg)
                             Zyrax (Antonio Barenfeld)
    Copyright Mikael Romberg 2003
    Calm Before the Storm**********************************************************
    m333p! m33p! m333p!
    A.1---Table Of Contents--------------------------------------------------------
    Find it easy :P ***************************************************************
    A little dot before the number means that the section is not complete. An 
    exception is made for misc. quests as they tend to be pretty many and you'll 
    never know if there's another one. ;)
    To find a specific employer or section or something, add the '.1' at the end. 
    For example: I want to look at Caius Cossades quests at section '2.5'. I search
    for "2.5.1" and I get there on the spot!
    A. Calm Before the Storm
       A.1. Table of Contents
       A.2. Message from the Master
       A.3. Contact Information
       A.4. Update History
       A.5. Checklist
    1. Seyda Neen
       1.1. Census and Excise office [MORROWIND MAIN QUEST PART A]
       1.X. Misc. quests
    2. Balmora
       2.1. Fighters Guild: Eydis Fire-Eye
       2.2. Mage's Guild: Ajira
       2.3. Mage's Guild: Ranis Athrys
       2.4. Thieves Guild: Sugar-Lips Habasi
       2.5. Blades: Caius Cossades & The Seven Trials [MORROWIND MAIN QUEST PART B]
       2.6. Great House Hlaalu: Nileno Dorvayn
    3. Ald Ruhn
       3.1. Mage's Guild: Edwinna Elbert
       3.2. Fighters Guild: Percius Mercius
       3.3. Thieves Guild: Aengoth The Jeweler
       3.4. Great House Redoran: Neminda
      *3.5. Great House Redoran: Athyn Sarethi
      *3.6. Temple: Tuls Valen
      *3.7. Great House Redoran: Lloros Sarano
    4. Vivec
       4.1. Fighters Guild: Lorbumol gro-Aglakh
       4.2. Thieves Guild: Gentleman Jim Stacey
       4.3. Thieves Guild: Bal Molagmer
       4.4. Morag Tong: Eno Hlaalu
       4.5. Fighters Guild: Sjoring Hard-Heart
       4.6. Great House Hlaalu: Crassius Curio
       4.7. Great House Hlaalu: Edryno Arethi
       4.8. Mage's Guild: Archmage Trebonius
      *4.9: Temple: Endryn Llethan
    5. Sadrith Mora
       5.1. Mage's Guild: Skink-in-Tree's-Shade
       5.2. Thieves Guild: Big Helende
       5.3. Fighters Guild: Hrundi
    6. Ebonheart
       6.1. Imperial Legion: Frald the White
       6.2. Imperial Legion: Varus Vatinius
       6.3. Imperial Cult: Kaye
       6.4. Imperial Cult: Iulus Trumptor
       6.7. Great House Hlaalu: Duke Vedam Dren
       6.X. Misc. Quests
    7. Hla Oad
       7.X. Misc. Quests
    8. Caldera
       8.1. Great House Hlaalu: Odral Helvi
       8.2. Mage's Guild: Folms Mirel (REQUIRES THE MASTER INDEX PLUGIN)
    9. Fort Buckmoth
       9.1. Imperial Legion: Imsin the Dreamer
    10.Fort Moonmoth
      10.1. Imperial Legion: Radd Hard-Heart
      11.1. Imperial Legion: Darius
    X. Misc quests & stuff
       X.1. Misc. Quests
       X.2. Gaining Ranks
       X.X. The Map & Locations
       X.Y. Means of Transportation
       END. The List
    A.2---Message from the Master--------------------------------------------------
    Yeah, he rules! ***************************************************************
    Copyrighted material!
    Copyright 2003 Mikael Romberg.
    If you have any questions then mail me. If you see this FAQ at any other place
    than gamefaqs, it has been illegaly copied without my permission and I would be
    grateful if you emailed me about it.
    Enough of the serious crap. :)
    Once there was a little boy who played alot of RPG-games. While playing a game 
    called Morrowind, he suddenly realized there weren't any complete quest-faqs. 
    And he started to take notes. He copied many things from his journal in the 
    game and then... he sat down and wrote alot of words. He wrote and he wrote. 
    Then, after two days, he could finally continue with the game. Now he writes 
    down a quest as soon as he completes it. And don't think he's a n00b because 
    there aren't many quests in this faq. Our hero has played this game many times 
    Well, I have to admit it. I wrote this faq because the cdkey I used for playing
    Diablo2 & LOD, where left at my brother's. So, I was really really bored. 
    Really bored. Think of, sitting in a cell- bored. A playstation2 without games-
    bored. You get it. So I once again installed Morrowind. [Insert the story 
    above here]
    A.3---Contact Information------------------------------------------------------
    OIROKE, FAQ-master & savior of the m33pers
    mail: vaphios@hotmail.com                              msn: vaphios@hotmail.com
    ICQ:  122594406                                     jabber: them33per
    ZYRAX, second in command
    mail: borgny_daure@hotmail.com                    msn: borgny_daure@hotmail.com
    ICQ:  130612026 
    Well, just mail me at the adress displayed above. But DON'T send hate mails, 
    spammail me, or write bad things in the mails. I get about 10 mails each day 
    which about 6 of them are regarding this faq, 1 is some lovemails from some 
    nice chick, and the rest are porn advertising or old fashion stupid obvious 
    spam. And PLEASE do not add me to some mailing list for some political news. I 
    hate those. I really do.
    Yes, I know my ASCII logo sucks. No, I don't want your help making another one. 
    And there's currently no reason to add me on MSN messenger for the moment, as 
    my ISP got byebye. But, if you still think you're lucky enough to talk to me 
    that one hour I spend on the internet each day, you're welcome to try. I'd 
    actually prefer that if you just need some fast help, as mails are really 
    boring to write. ;)
    AND, finally, if you want to know something concerning a quest, check if 072.V 
    or Zyrax wrote it first, and mail them first if they by any chance did. Then, 
    if they ignore you, mail me. If it's an error, say a wrong name, confusing 
    misspelling, or a wrong location, mail me. This is just to make things easier 
    and more efficient. :]
    A.4---Update History-----------------------------------------------------------
    This is the most arousing section in the FAQ **********************************
    v.0.11: 8/2-2004 - ??/?-???? (super-lamer edition)
      Well... suddenly my nick was changed to Oiroke, as many complained that I 
      couldn't have a nick that was a pronoun. ("Watashi" is the japanese word for
      "I", "Oiroke" is the japanese word for "Sexy" ;D). And I FINALLY got over my
      lazyness and completed the main quest. Enjoy!
    *Added 2 marked location
    *Added 4 marked/unmarked location
    *Added 3 Edwinna Mage's Guild quests
    *Added 2 Trebonius Mage's Guild quests
    *Added 2 Skink-In-Tree's-Shade Mage's Guild quests
    *Added 2 Ajira Mage's Guild quests
    *Added 17 Eno Morag Tong quests
    *Added 5 Radd Imperial Legion quests
    *Added 4 Frald Imperial Legion quests
    *Added 5 Darius Imperial Legion quests
    *Added 3 Imsin Imperial Legion quests
    *Added 3 Tuls Valen Temple quests
    *Added 1 Endryn Llethan Temple quests
    *Added 2 Athyn Sarethi Redoran quest
    *Added 1 Lloros Sarano Redoran quest
    *Added the Quest for the Master Index (think of it as 10 quests ;D )
    *Added the New and Fantastic Travelling section (X.Y). Hope you'll like it! >,<
    *Completed all Imperial Legion quests
    *Completed all Mage's Guild quests
    *Completed all Morrowind Main quests
    *Completed all ranks of Morag Tong
    *Rearranged the Table of Contents as it was growing like hell...
    *Rewrote some of the faq that noone reads. The text above for example.
    *Updated the information regarding becoming a guildmaster for some factions.
    *Decided to add a checklist and an ASCII logo
    *Sectionalized the first part of the guide ;)
    v.0.10: 2/1-2004 - 10/1-2004 (210272 bytes! 4741 lines! 40 hours of work! wee!)
      School's about to start, and Zyrax helps out (his quests are labeled 
      (by Zyrax) for obvious reasons). Biggest update yet. I think it's because 
      Zyrax actually have no life at all... SWEET! Could you have better crew?
    *Added 12 marked locations
    *Added 33 marked/unmarked locations
    *Added 2 more Big Helende Thieves Guild quests
    *Added 6 Gentleman Jim Stacey Thieves Guild quests
    *Added 7 Bal Molagmer Thieves Guild quests
    *Added 1 Eno Hlaalu Morag Tong quest
    *Added 8 Hrundi Fighters Guild quests
    *Added 2 Sjoring Hard-Heart Fighters Guild quests
    *Added 7 Nileno Dorvayn Hlaalu quests
    *Added 6 Crassius Curio Hlaalu quests
    *Added 5 Odral Helvi Hlaalu quests
    *Added 2 Duke Vedam Dren Hlaalu quests
    *Added 8 Edryno Arethi Hlaalu quests
    *Added 6 Neminda Redoran quests
    *Added 2 shrine quests
    *Added 5 Kaye Imperial Cult quests
    *Added 7 Iulus Trumptor Imperial Cult quests
    *Added 1 Varus Vatinius Imperial Legion quest
    *Added 4 more misc. quests
    *Added 3 more guild's ranks
    *Completed all Thieves Guild quests
    *Completed all Fighters Guild quests
    *Completed all Great House Hlaalu quests
    *Completed all ranks of Fighter's Guild
    *Completed all ranks of Thieves Guild
    *Completed all ranks of Mage's Guild
    *Completed all ranks of Imperial Legion
    *Completed all ranks of Great House Hlaalu
    *Rearranged lots of quests because they were actually factionquests instead of 
     misc quests. Everything should be okay now... :/
    v.0.09: 28/12-2003 - 31/12-2003 (hmmm...)
      Well, it was 4 months since i did any updates... I blame my school for giving
      me such a hard time. Anyways, it's christmas holidays and i have some spare 
      time, so I'll try to do something... I also have help from my bro, 072.V, and
      the quests he has written is labeled (by 072.V). Unlabeled quests are by me..
    *Added 4 more Blade quests with Caius
    *Added 3 Big Helende Thieves Guild quests
    *Added 1 more Edwinna Ald'ruhn Mage's Guild quest
    *Added 3 more Skink-in-Tree's-Shade Mage's Guild quest
    *Added 4 misc. quests
    *Added the 'quest' for the Wizard Staff
    *Added the rank-section and added 8 guilds' ranks
    *Added 12 marked locations
    *Added 29 marked/unmarked locations
    v.0.08: 26/8-2003 - 28/8-2003 (I'm on gamefaqs!!!)
    *Minor spelling corrections
    *Added 'The List'
    *Added more of the fun text above
    *Added 2 more Percius Ald'ruhn Fighters Guild quests
    *Added 4 marked locations
    *Added 7 marked/unmarked locations
    *Added 2 Skink-in-Tree's-Shade Mage's Guild quests
    v.0.07: 20/8-2003 - 21/8-2003 (second attempt for a release ;) )
    *Spelling correction
    *Added rewards on some quests
    *Fixed some ugly design errors 
    *Added 1 more blades mission
    *Added 5 more Lorbomul Vivec Fighters Guild quests
    *Added 4 more Edwinna Ald'ruhn Mage's Guild quests
    *Added 1 more Ranis Balmora Mage's Guild quest
    *Added The Map for testing if it fits in this guide
    *Added 27 marked locations
    *Added 28 marked/unmarked locations
    *Added The misc. quests part (it's called X because it'll always be last)
    *Changed version and stuff to fit in the guidelines on gamefaqs.
    *Added The Pilgrims Path
    *Added 2 Percius Ald'ruhn Fighters Guild quests
    *Added 6 Aengoth Ald'ruhn Thieves Guild quests
    v.0.06: 20/8-2003 (first release!)
    *Added the crappy text you see above
    *Corrected some mistakes
    *Tried to make the faq look cool, but failed :(
    *Converted the guide to 79 characters per line (took some long hours)
    v.0.05: 19/8-2003 (not released)
    *Added 6 Sugar-Lips Balmora Thieves Guild quests.
    *Added 1 Blades quest with Caius.
    *Removed difficulty ratings because of the unbalance in The Force. 
    v.0.04: 19/8-2003 (not released)
    *Added 5 Ranis Balmora Mage Guild quests.
    v.0.03: 18/8-2003 (not released)
    *Added 5 Ajira Balmora Mage Guild quests.
    *Added 1 Edwinna Ald'ruhn Mage Guild Quest.
    v.0.02: 18/8-2003 (not released)
    *Added 9 Fire-Eye Fighters Guild quests. 
    *Added 1 Lorbumol Vivec Fighters Guild quest.
    *Added difficulty ratings
    v.0.01: 17/8-2003 (not released)
    *Created the faq
    *Added Scyda Neen and the main quest. 
    *Added the murder quest. 
    *Added the two ring quests and the hiding spot quest.
    What's to come? What's left? **************************************************
    Begun and completed                 completed
    -------------------                 ---------
    Morrowind main quest                     100%
    Tribunal main quest                        0%
    Bloodmoon main quest                       0%
    Morrowind Misc. quests                     3%
    Tribunal Misc. quests                      0%
    Bloodmoon Misc. quests                     0%
    Fighter's Guild quests                    98%
    Fighter's Guild ranks                    100%
    Fighter's Guild mastering                 90%
    Mage's Guild quests                      100%
    Mage's Guild ranks                       100%
    Mage's Guild mastering                   100%
    Thieve's Guild quests                    100%
    Thieve's Guild ranks                     100%
    Thieve's Guild mastering                 100%
    Temple quests                             12%
    Temple ranks                              40%
    Temple mastering                           0%
    Imperial Legion quests                   100%
    Imperial Legion ranks                    100%
    Imperial Legion mastering                100%
    Imperial Cult quests                      28%
    Imperial Cult ranks                       90%
    Imperial Cult mastering                    0%
    Morag Tong quests                         86%
    Morag Tong ranks                         100%
    Morag Tong mastering                     100%
    GH Hlaalu quests                         100%
    GH Hlaalu ranks                          100%
    GH Hlaalu mastering                      100%
    GH Redoran quests                         20%
    GH Redoran ranks                          60%
    GH Redoran mastering                       0%
    GH Telvanni quests                         0%
    GH Telvanni ranks                          0%
    GH Telvanni mastering                      0%
    Bloodmoon East Empire Company quests       0%
    Bloodmoon East Empire Company ranks        0%
    Bloodmoon East Empire Company mastering    0%
    Tribunal King's Trust quests               0%
    Map section                               46%
    Travel section                           100%
    In future updates we may see things such as:
    * Weapon / Armor guide
    * Skill guide
    * Character Creation guide
    * Tips & Tricks
    * Enchanted items guide
    * Master trainer locations
    Seyda Neen*********************************************************************
    This is the first town you'll ever be in. The town has a trader and bar, a 
    Census and Excise office which you was released from and alot of small shacks.
    1.1---Census and Excise office-------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Socucius Ergalla*****************************************************
    1.1.1:  Caius Cossades
    1.1.2:  Murder Of Processus Vitellius
    Caius Cossades
    REWARD: 200 gold
    This is a main quest, and if you screw it up you can't complete the game. 
    It is recommended that you wait with this quest a little, as we have a few ones
    to do in Seyda Neen first. 
    This mission starts at the same time you are free from the Census and Excise 
    office. You are to go to Balmora and report to a guy named Caius Cossades. You 
    get a package and a note which can help you a little.
    Take the siltstrider east of Seyda Neen. Travel to Balmora and cross the river.
    Caius Cossades house is in the northeast corner of Balmora. Just enter the 
    house and talk to Caius and answer yes to his questions. You are now a member 
    of the Blades and if you ask him about orders once you'll get some money.
    Murder of Processus Vitellius
    REWARD: 500 gold & 2 healing potions
    If you follow the water to the west for about two squares on the map, you'll 
    find a dead body lying on the ground. Search him and find a tax record and some
    money. Go back to the Census and Excise office and talk to Socucius Ergalla. 
    Tell him about the corpse and turn over the money you found. Socucius will be 
    happy that you are honest and says that if you find the man who murdured 
    Processus you'll be rewarded with 500 gold. 
    If you ask around a little you'll hear a rumour about his lover Thavere 
    Vedrano, who supposedly had a fight with him. You'll find her in the lighthouse 
    which is very close to the other buildings and really hard to miss.
    It's located in the east of Seyda Neen. She'll say that it isn't her and the 
    murderer is Foryn Gilnith, who lives in Seyda Neen. You'll find his house 
    behind the Trading house. Go there and ask him about the murder, and he'll 
    admit that it. Now you have the choice to believe him or to kill him. When 
    you've killed him, take his ring and bring it back to Thavere in the 
    lighthouse. She'll be pretty happy and give you two healing potions. Head back 
    to the Census and Excise office to get your money.
    You can also go kill Foryn Gilnith BEFORE reporting the death of Processuss 
    Vitellius and then go get your reward. Now, Ergalla won't take Vitellius 200 
    gold. Now you got 700 gold instead!
    (SENT IN FROM Kaijin)
    1.X---Misc. Quests-------------------------------------------------------------
    1.X.1:  Fargoth's ring
    1.X.2:  Vodunius' ring
    1.X.3:  Fargoth's hidingspot
    Fargoth's ring
    REWARD: Better prices at Arrille's Tradingpost?
    Talk to Fargoth in Seyda Neen. He walks around a bit between the Census and 
    Excise office and the Trader. He says that the evil Imperialists took his ring 
    and he want's it back. If you haven't already got it, it is located between the 
    building were you generated your character, and were you leave your release 
    notes. The ring is in a barrel beside one of the doors. Give the ring to 
    Fargoth and he'll give in a word for you with the Trader, Arrille. Don't worry 
    if you want to keep the ring. You can get it back in quest 1.2.3.
    Vodunius' ring
    REWARD: Cursed Ring
    If you talk to a guy named Vodunius Nuccius in the center of Seyda Neen, he'll 
    tell you that you should talk to Darvame Hleran at the siltstrider and tell her
    he sent you. If you ralk to her and mention his name, she'll say that she 
    thinks he isn't really happy in Morrowind. Go back to Vodunius and he wants you 
    to buy his cursed ring foor 100gp so he can leave Morrowind.
    Fargoth's hidingspot
    REWARD: 100 gold
    On the second floor of the tradingpost is a little bar. Here you'll find a man 
    named Hrisskar Flat-Foot. He'll say that he's got some work for you. Fargoth is
    hiding money from the Imperialists and you must find them. Go to the lighthouse 
    and wait/rest until it's dark outside. Now you should see Fargoth with a torch 
    somewhere in the city. Watch him as he walks down into a small pond with a 
    treestump in it. As he leaves, go down there and take the money. If you gave 
    him back his ring, it should also be here. Take the money to Hrisskar and he'll
    give you a slice.
    Balmora is one of the first cities you enter, and it's pretty big. It spreads 
    out over four squares on the Vvardenfell map. It is here that you get your 
    first main quests from Caius, your employer within the Blades. There's also 
    some Blades Trainers here who can give you some nice training. 
    2.1---Fighters Guild-----------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Eydis Fire-Eye*******************************************************
    2.1.1:  Kill the rats
    2.1.2:  Kill the egg poachers
    2.1.3:  Kill the Telvanni agents
    2.1.4:  The codebook(or kill Sottilde)
    2.1.5:  Debt Money
    2.1.6:  Kill Dura gra-Bul
    2.1.7:  Kill the Orc leader
    2.1.8:  Kill Doures Verethi
    2.1.9:  Kill the Hunger
    Kill the rats
    REWARD: 100 gold
    In this first mission here, you're supposed to go to a house owned by Darayne 
    Thelas. It isn't really hard to find, if you look at all the doors on the 
    opposite side of the river in Balmora. Inside the house you should speak to 
    Darayne and she'll give you a key to her storage room. She also tells you that 
    one of the rats is trapped in her bedroom. So grab your sword or spell or 
    whatever and open the door to the bedroom(that's the door which you didn't came
    in through). There is only one rat here and it shouldn't be a problem even if 
    you're at a low level. When you've killed the rat you can steal the books and 
    take the money in the locked SKRIN. Leave the house and climb the stairs to 
    your left. Enter the door to use the key. When inside, you'll be immediatly 
    attacked by two rats. This can actually be hard on a low level, but if you have 
    full fatigue and some potions you shouldn't have a problem. After the rats have
    been taken care of, go back to Thelas to get your reward.  
    Kill the egg poachers
    REWARD: 100 gold & some potions
    Exit through the south gate of Balmora and follow the river south. After a 
    short walk you'll bumb into some miners by a campfire. Right behind them is a 
    door to the eggmine. Walk through the caves until you find a door to the Queens 
    lair. If you went through another cave area, you'll probable be attacked 
    immidatly. There are two egg poachers. A male and a female. If approaching them
    from the south you should be able to take them one at a time. They aren't 
    really hard if you have potions etc. After slaying them both, return to 
    Fire-Eye to get your reward.
    Kill the Telvanni agents
    REWARD: some gold
    The esiest way to get to Caldera is to take the Guild Guide at the Mage's 
    Guild. Take the west exit out of Caldera and follow the signs to the Caldera 
    Mining Company. On the way to the Mining Company, just by the bridge, you'll 
    meet a fellow named Alveleg. If you ask him about the Telvanni agents he'll 
    attack you. After killing this weak archer you should enter the cave located 
    behind him. Now is the time to save and get ready. You'll fight three people at
    the same time. A fighter with a sword and shield, which is you biggest threat,
    another fighter who is not as dangerous as the first one, and a mage with a 
    staff who doesn't really cast any extreme spells. If you get the one with the 
    shield down the other two shouldn't be any problem.
    The codebook(or kill Sottilde)
    REWARD: 50 lousy gold
    After getting the quest, go to the Thieves Guild, also known as South Wall 
    Cornerclub. It's located on the southeast corner of Balmora. Here you'll find 
    Sottilde standing in the doorway. For obtaining the Codebook there are several
    ways, and here are some of them:
    A: Steal it
    If you are a good thief you can pickpocket it from her. The best way to get it.
    B: Bribe her
    If you aren't a member of the Thieves Guild you can bribe her. Otherwise she'll
    tell you to choose sides. This is the second best way of getting the book. 
    C: Kill her
    This option is an obvius one if you are a straight dumb fighter. And if you are
    a member of the Thieves Guild, this is probably needed because she babbles 
    about loyalties and wont give up the book. The best way of killing her is to 
    taunt her so that she attacks you. If you suck at taunting, Do a pickpocket and 
    she'll attack you if you fail.When you've killed her you'll get a price on your
    head for 1025 gold and you'll be expelled from the Thieves Guild. If you are a 
    member you can talk to the bartender downstairs and he'll fix the bounty if 
    you've paid Sugar-Lips for being such an ass killing fellow members. 
    TOTAL COST: 1600  
    REWARD:     50 
    CONCLUSION: not worth it
    After obtaining the book, report back to Fire-Eye to get your well-earned 50 
    Debt Money
    REWARD: 100 gold
    Take a siltstrider to Suran. Walk down the nearby stairs and you should find an
    entrance to Desele's house of Earthly Delights. Inside, she stand behind a 
    counter beside a slave. She wont give you the money, so now it's time to bribe 
    her. This is actually almost the only mission you get from Fire-Eye that 
    doesn't involve killing. If your good at bribing (which I wasn't), you wont 
    need more than 50-75 gold to get her to give you the debt money. Head back to 
    Fire-Eye in Balmora and she'll give you 100 gold. Did you earn any money? I 
    Kill Dura gra-Bul
    REWARD: 250 gold
    Another kill-quest from the Fighters Guild. You shouldn't have a problem to 
    find her house, as it is by the river on the estern side. Just check all the 
    doors facing the river. Well, there isn't really much more to it. Kill her and 
    go get your reward. I say this mission is easier than the Telvanni agents. 
    After you've killed her, go back to Eydis to get your reward. 
    Kill the Orc Leader
    REWARD: 500 gold
    A farmer named Alof requested that a gang of orcs are doing some bad stuff. To 
    get to the farm, go to Fields of Kummu. If you don't have the location on your
    map, it's located on the top middle of the lake southeast of Balmora. If you 
    have problems finding it, follow the road that goes south from Balmora east 
    beside the lake. The farm is to your right. 
    Alof tells you that the orc leader, Burub gro-Bamog, must be slayed. The orc's 
    lair, Ashunades, is just to the west of Marandus. If you're having problems 
    finding it, travel northeast from the farm over the hills to find it. Here 
    there are some creatures immune to normal weapons. I recommend silver ones, 
    enchanted or spells. There is two entrances to Ashunades. One is the more 
    "central one" and it's surrounded by ruins. If you are weak - avoid this. To 
    the west of that entrance is a roud follow it a short bit to the south and find
    another entrance. Here is the orc leader. Kill Burub and leave. If you want 
    some gems and some scrolls you take the central entrance to meet some other 
    orcs. The first one is a strong warrior which'll kick your ass if you're 
    When you're finished here, go back to the farm and talk to Alof. He'll report 
    back to Fire-Eye and you should do that too to get your reward.
    Kill Doures Verethi
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    Another killquest for you. Yay. Well, it is the Fighters Guild... What else can
    fighters do? Anyway, Mannammu is located southeast of Pelagiad. On the map you 
    can see that Pelagiad consist of two squares. Mannammu is southeast of the top 
    one and east of the other. Mannammu is mostly surrounded by water, and there is
    "a bridge of earth" to it.  
    Inside you'll almost immidiatly encounter a weak woman. There'll be one more 
    encounter until you reach a bridge here comes a male fighter and a mage. after 
    slaying them, you can continue walking along the cave, or jump town and swim. 
    While swimming, you'll encounter two fishes and a Dreugh. There's also a chest 
    on the bottom of the water with some money. When walking through the cave from 
    the bridge, you'll encounter another mage and an archer. I REALLY recommend 
    cleaning out the cave becouse of the dwemer artifacts and other goodies you'll 
    find searching the chests and barrels. 
    At the end of the cave you'll meet Doures Verethi. No talking is allowed. He 
    has a enchanted knife, but don't worry, it's just 4-7 frost damage on hit. I 
    had no problem at all because I was a Nord, and Nords has 100% frost 
    resistance. Take all the nice stuff in his little lair and leave. Head back to 
    Balmora and the fighter's guild to get the money. 
    Kill the Hunger
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    This one is pretty easy. Get potions and whatever you think is needed for a 
    short trip. Remember to get a silver weapon if you don't have one or an 
    enchanted one. The tomb lies on the top middle of the lake that is north of 
    Pelagiad. To get there, take the south exit from Balmora and cross the bridges.
    Follow the path to Pelagiad, but when you leave the ashlands, turn left. The 
    road will follow the lake towards the Fields of Kummu. You should be able to 
    spot the tomb when walking on the road, just focus your sight to the left.
    When inside, there is a circular ramp going down, and if you follow it, you'll 
    encounter a Skelton Champion and a Bonelord. When they're dead open the locked 
    door to the right. Down the ramp here you'll see the Hunger. He wont attack 
    you, so prepare to hit him, and hit him hard. He should be easier than the 
    skeletons you just killed. The hunger has a really nice helm, the Sarano Ebony 
    Helm, and you want it. So take it. You can clean out the rest of the tomb to 
    get some gems and other stuff. There is also a dreugh shield in the same room 
    as the Hunger. There are 2 more bonelords and skeletons beside the first two. 
    When you have killed the hunger, return to Fire-Eye for the reward.
    2.2---Mage's Guild-------------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Ajira****************************************************************
    2.2.1:  Mushrooms
    2.2.2:  Sabotage
    2.2.3:  Flowers
    2.2.4:  Ceramic Bowl
    2.2.5:  Stolen Reports
    2.2.6:  Ajira's Secret
    2.2.7:  Ajira's other Secret
    REWARD: 4 cheap restore magicka potions
    Ajira tells you that she needs some mushrooms for some research. Luminous 
    Russula, Violet Coprinus Bungler's Bane and Hypha Facia. Because I've played 
    this game several times, I looked for the mushrooms and flowers that Ajira want 
    when I walk from Seyda Neen to Balmora the first time(that's right, silstriders
    are for loosers). You can find the mushrooms if you follow the river south out 
    of Balmora, cross it at the wooden bridge and cross the hills to the west. 
    While you are looking, also try ti find the flowers to avoid running to times. 
    Give all the mushrooms to Ajira to complete the quest.
    REWARD: gems worth 70000 gold
    Ajira tells that she've made a bet with Galbedir and she must win it. You are 
    to replace a soul gem in Galbedir's desk with a fake one. Her desk is at the 
    top floor, so just go up all the stairs. If you check the desk, you should find
    the soul gem. Take it, and leave the fake one. While here, TAKE ALL THE SOUL 
    GEMS ON THE DESK. They are worth over 70 000 gold altogether, and you wont be 
    charged for stealing. Also take the plate that the gems are placed on. Go back 
    and talk to Ajira to finish the quest.
    Keep these gems as they're pretty good for enchanting. 
    REWARD: 6 cheap restore magicka potions
    Now you have to get some flowers for Ajira. If you've played this game before,
    you probably got them on an earlier trip. If not, you can find the flowers just
    south of Balmora by an eggmine, and on the road between Balmora and Pelagiad. 
    Ceramic Bowl
    REWARD: depends on your mercantile skill, about 10 gold
    Go to Ra'Virr the trader and buy a ceramic bowl. Go back and give it to Ajira.
    This quest immidiatly triggers the next one, and you wont finish this quest if 
    you don't ask Ajira about it.
    Stolen Reports
    REWARD: some potions
    Oh no! All that time looking for flowers and mushrooms are wasted! Someone 
    stole the reports and you must find them. Of course, it's Galbedir who took 
    them, and don't expect her to admit it. The two reports are at the following 
    1. Under the chest of drawers in the screened room with beds on the lowest 
    2. Beside some bags on the middle floor(ground floor) just beside the stairs 
       down to Ajira.
    Get them back to Ajira to finish her last QUEST.
    Ajira's Secret
    REWARD: Staff of Magnus (value 210'000)
    After gaining the rank of Warlock, Ajira tells you the secret about the Staff 
    of Magnus. The staff can be found in a cave called Assu, which is on the same 
    square on the map as Mount Kand. It's three squares north and two squares west 
    of Molag Mar. You can get there by taking the guildguide to Vivec and the 
    siltstrider to Molag Mar. 
    I can't really guide you to the cave, so you're on your own. Levitation helps 
    alot. When you find the right square, Mount Kand will be marked on your map. 
    Then just search the square and you'll find the cave easily. 
    The itnerior will be easy to navigate through. You need levitation in the end 
    of the cave to get up on the platform the staff is. You'll encounter two 
    summoners, three daedroth's, a frost atronarch and any creatures summoned. The 
    staff is in possession of the summoner in that last room. 
    Ajira's other Secret
    REWARD: Warlock's Ring
    Now we're hunting a ring. Get yourself to Vivec by taking the guildguide. Leave
    and use a waterwalking spell and run east to Bal Fell which you can find in the
    map section. The cave we're looking for, Ahirbaden is two squares east of Bal 
    Fell and is on the medium-sized island.
    When inside, you'll encounter frost atronarchs, earth atronarchs, a dremora 
    lord and a sorceress by the name Vindamea Drethan. She has the ring. 
    At first, jump down into the water and beat up the dremora. Get yourself to the
    chest and search it for an old key and a potion of levitation. Use the potion 
    and go back to the room with the water. You should now find another door if you
    levitate up. It's locked and can be unlocked with the key. 
    Search this area to find the sorceress and the ring.
    2.3---Mage's Guild-------------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Ranis Athrys*********************************************************
    2.3.1:  Manwe in Punabi
    2.3.2:  Llarar Bereloth
    2.3.3:  Unsanctioned Healing
    2.3.4:  The Escort
    2.3.5:  The Necromancer
    2.3.6:  The Telvanni Spy
    2.3.1 & 2.3.2----------------
    Manwe & Llarar
    REWARD: some gold, some scrolls
    As it is also recommended by Ranis, you should do this quests at the same time.
    That's why I wrote them together.
    First, you should get some almsivi intervention or divine intervention scrolls. 
    The trip will be long, and if you don't have to walk all the way back home, 
    things will be much more fun. I recommend the almsivi scroll most because it 
    takes you back to the temple in Balmora, which is much closer than the divine 
    scroll which will take you to the fort in Pelagiad. 
    You should also pack up with lots of healing potions, as you'll meet many 
    irritating cliff racers on the way. You should also bring a silver or enchanted 
    weapon in case of meeting enemies resistant to normal ones. When you feel that
    you are ready, exit Balmore to the south.
    1. Walk over the first bridge and follow the signs to Moonmoth
    2. There is a road leading up a mountain here. Follow it.
    3. Cross the bridge to encounter a summoner. He should be easy.
    4. Follow the road past the dwemer ruins. 
    After a while you should check your map. There is a river here and a little 
    lake. On the western tip of the lake is a road leading north. If you follow 
    that road a bit you'll get to Punabi. Punabi is a cave to your right when 
    walking northeast on this road. Inside you'll meet a woman named Manwe. Manwe 
    wont give you the money, and i didn't try to bribe her because my extreme lack 
    of money. So I pulled out my nordic claymore and took her out in two swings, so
    she's not that hard. Take her money and an enchanted amulet and sword.
    When you've got thew Guild dues, get back on the road and follow it yet again 
    to the northeast. Watch your left for another entrance. This one is much harder
    to miss, because it's more like a building. Enter it and you're in Silipund. 
    People here hate you already, so don't bother talking to them. Follow the 
    corridor and go up some stairs. You'll be in a bar-like place. In the back of 
    the room is some more stairs that you should climb. Now you stand in front of a
    mighty mage named Llarar Bereloth. He'll refuse to join so now is the time to 
    pull out your sword. Don't worry about the athourities as Silipund isn't under 
    Imperial law. This mage can be tricky with his lightning and draining spells. 
    He doesn't have much health, about 80 I believe. So if you hit him hard the 
    first time when he's not ready, he shall die fast and easy. Now you can take 
    stuff from his shelf. I recommend taking a copy of Chronicles Of Nehuleft, as 
    one is needed in another quest. 
    When both quests are finished, use an intervention scroll and make your way 
    back to Balmora to get your rewards. 
    Unsanctioned Healing
    REWARD: nothing
    The Mage's Guild doesn't really like people who teaches other healing without
    the Mage's Guild approval, even though restoration isn't one of the Mage's 
    Guild's schools. Logic isn't it?
    Anyway, make your way to the South Wall Cornerclub. It is in the southeast 
    corner of Balmora. Inside you take the stairs down and suddenly you're in a 
    bar. Talk to the only argonian here, who's name is Only-He-Stands-There. Flashy
    name. Ask him about the unsanctioned training and he'll offer you training in 
    exchange for you lying to Ranis that he stopped training people. The choice is 
    yours. I lied. Go back to the Mage's Guild and talk to Ranis to finish this 
    The Escort
    REWARD: nothing
    This quests purpose isn't to escort Itermerel, but to get his notes. There are 
    several ways as usual, becauser this is a flexible über game. Itermerel is at 
    the Eight Plates, which is just north of the Mage's Guild. He stands right in 
    the doorway. Now you can pickpocket him or take him with you. While escorting 
    him, you can kill him as you leave land of Imperial law. If you ask him about 
    the notes he'll tell you that he may give them to you when you arrive in 
    Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad. If you decide to escort him, you can take the 
    siltstrider to Seyda Neen to make the walk shorter, or just start walking. Exit
    Balmora to the south and cross the stone bridges. From there, follow the signs 
    to Pelagiad. As soon as you're in Halfway Tavern he'll stop following you and 
    you can get the notes by asking him nicely. Get the notes back to the Mage's 
    Guild to get the reward of 'nutting atoll'.
    The Necromancer
    REWARD: 2 scrolls of Elemental Burst: Fire
            2 scrolls of The Fourth Barrier
    A necromancer have been reported in Maar Gan and you're supposed to kill this 
    person. Take the guild guide to to Ald'ruhn, and then from there, the 
    siltstrider to Maar Gan. Enter the city through the walls in front of you. Turn
    right and Tashpi's house should be on you right. It's the last house before the
    temple in front of you. Enter and ask Tashpi about necromancy. She'll tell you
    that Ranis lied and she offers to leave Vvardenfell in exchange for you 
    telling Ranis that she's dead. I think it's a wonderful offer. Agree and take 
    the siltstrider back to Ald'ruhn. Use the guild guide to get back to Balmora.
    Go up the stairs and lie to Ranis to get some scrolls.
    The Telvanni Spy
    REWARD: Soul Drinker
            2 scrolls of Summon Golden Saint
    There is a spy within the mage's guild and it's time to find it. Take the guild 
    guide to Vivec and go down the stairs here. Talk to Tiram Gadar about Telvanni 
    Spy. He'll say he's clean and redirect you to Trebonius who has his 
    Credentials. Talk to Trebonius and ask him about Telvanni Spy and Tiram Gadar. 
    He'll say that everything is in order and give you Tiram's Credentails. If you 
    take a closer look at the credentails, you'll see that Trebonius is a big fool,
    hiring Spies for the Mage's Guild.. Phht! Take the credentials to Ranis and 
    you get some nice stuff.
    2.4---Thieves Guild------------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Sugar-Lips Habasi****************************************************
    2.4.1:  Diamonds
    2.4.2:  Nerano manor key
    2.4.3:  Dwemer Artifacts
    2.4.4:  Vintage Brandy
    2.4.5:  New-Shoes Bragor
    2.4.6:  The Master Of Security
    REWARD: some gold (& 2 diamonds)
    There are several ways you can do this, and one of them is buying a diamond in 
    the Nalcarya's Alchemy shop northwest corner of Balmora. 
    Another and better way is to steal one from the shopowner. If you have an 
    acceptable security skill or The Tower sign this is real easy. Go upstairs in 
    the shop and stand so that you can't see the guard downstairs but still can 
    reach the little chest on the shelf over the bed. Now you can unlock it without
    being caught. Inside there's 3 diamonds, and after giving one to Sugar-Lips, 
    you can sell the other two and earn some extra cash. Be careful not to sell 
    them where you stole them. 
    Be careful not to sell any diamonds here. The game checks if Nalcarya SHOULD 
    have any diamonds in her house. If so, are they missing? If so, are you selling
    any diamonds? If so, you'll be caught.
    Nerano Manor Key
    REWARD: some gold
    After getting the quest from Sugar-Lips, go to the Council Club. It is located 
    just by the siltstrider. Go down the stairs inside and you should find Savor 
    Trandel here, you'll need to pursuade him bigtime to get the key. I guess you 
    could kill him to, but I don't really recommend it. A pickpocket is also 
    You can also go and take it from Ondres Nerano himself. The manor is just south
    of the alchemist shop in the last quest. When inside, there are the usual ways
    to get something from someone. To kill or to steal. just remember to go from 
    behind when pickpocketing for higher success rate. One thing I haven't tried is
    to bribe him, but I think that's pretty impossible. 
    When you have chosen your path of evil return with the key to Sugar-Lips.
    Dwemer Artifacts
    REWARD: some gold or potions 
    Now it's time for a pretty long trip. So buckle up some potions and a mighty 
    sword and start walking. You should have Hla Oad marked on your map, but if you
    don't, it is soutwest of Balmora. Just a bit west of where Odai river meets the
    sea. Follow the river until you get to Odai Plateau and then go west. I think 
    you can take a boat there from Ebonheart. Anyway, when finally in Hla Oad you 
    must find Fat-Legs Drop Off. It's the house/shack furthest from the water. When
    inside you'll meet Ra'Zhid. You can't bribe the guy, he'll just play stupid. 
    The artifacts is in the locked chest close to the exit. I have two solutions to
    get the artifacts: 
    A: Pickpocket/Kill
    Ra'Zhid holds a key which you can open the chest. To get it, you must 
    pickpocket him or slay him. Stealing it is pretty hard when his friend is 
    watching, but i think it's possible with some invisibility and l33t-sneaking 
    skillz. If you choose to kill him - do this with a taunt or failed pickpocket.
    That way his mage friend shouldn't be bothering you. After killing / 
    pickpocketing him, take the key and open the chest.
    B: Tower/Run way (my own special way)
    This is the easy five-step guide to get the artifacts without killing Ra'Zhid. 
    You should be ready to have some gold to pay for your crimes afterwards.
    1. Use your Tower opening skill to open the chest
    2. Take the artifacts within
    3. Run out and leave all your stolen things on the ground
    4. Talk to a nearby guard and pay for your crimes
    5. Pick up your stuff and leave
    When you've got the artifacts, head back to Sugar-Lips and get some badass 
    money or invisibility potions(don't remember).
    Vintage Brandy
    REWARD: some gold
    Now we're going out to steal some more stuff, and this time it's a real easy 
    one. You are to steal som Vintage Brandy from Ralen Hlaalo in the Hlaalo manor.
    This manor is also close to the alchemist shop, and both it's doors are locked.
    You can only find one door? If you have an acceptable Acrobatics skill you can 
    walk up a set of nearby stairs and jump over to the manors balcony. This door 
    has a higher lock level but noone can see you here so it is better if you're 
    using the Tower sign skill or if you're good at lockpicking. There are pretty 
    many bottles of Vintage Brandy in the house. One on Ralen's body which lies on 
    the ground. The people in the house say that they mourn him but they just left 
    his dead body on the ground... Nice... Anyway, you wont be attacked by security
    guards or anything in here so you can take it pretty easy. There are some 
    bottles on a shelf and one in a chest in one of the bedrooms. When you have a 
    bottle of goddies, take it to Sugar-Lips and get your reward. 
    A simpler solution (if you've got money) is to buy a bottle of vintage brandy 
    from Bacola Closcius, who runs the South Wall Corner Club. You just go 
    upstairs, buy the bottle and come down again to Sugar-Lips. She accepts it just
    the same.
    (SENT IN FROM Wulouis)
    New-Shoes Bragor
    REWARD: some gold and crappy shoes
    Now we're going to head away to the fine town of Pelagiad. If you weren't a 
    sissy in the beginning of the game, you should know where it is. Otherwise 
    you'll have leave Balmora to the south and cross the first bridge. Follow the 
    signs to end up in Pelagiad. You can also take the siltstrider to Seyda Neen 
    first to have a slightly shorter walk. When in Pelagiad, enter the local 
    tradingpost. You now have two options. You can buy artifacts from the trader or
    walk upstairs and steal them. When you've got some Dwemer artifacts, enter the
    fort and try to find the orc. He's a trader really close to the front door of 
    the fort. Now it's time for some blackmailing. When he's agreed to releas 
    New-Shoes, go downstairs and try to find him. He's in on of the cells, and the 
    prison is behind the guards quarters. If you talk to him he should give you his
    really nice shoes. Yay. Go back once again to Sugar-Lips to get your reward. 
    The Master Of Security
    REWARD: some potions?
    This mission is over faster than a knifefight between Whinnie the Poh and Conan
    the barbarian. Just look on the doors to find the house belonging to Hecerinde,
    an altmer. The house is on the eastern side of the river, and i think it's the 
    most northern river-facing house. Ask her about South Wall and she'll agree to 
    help. Go back to Sugar-Lips for a reward.
    Employer: Caius Cossades*******************************************************
    2.5.1:  Arkngthand
    2.5.2:  Andrano Ancestral Tomb
    2.5.3:  Infomania
    2.5.4:  Ashlander Informant
    2.5.5:  Urshilaku Camp
    2.5.6:  Dagoth Gares
    2.5.7:  Corprusarium
    2.5.8:  Lost Prophecies (Caius last assignment)
    2.5.9:  Kogoruhn
    2.5.10: Cavern of the Incarnate
    2.5.11: Fourth Trial: Hlaalu
    2.5.12: Fourth Trial: Redoran
    2.5.13: Fourth Trial: Telvanni
    2.5.14: Fifth Trial: Urshilaku
    2.5.15: Fifth Trial: Zainab
    2.5.16: Fifth Trial: Ahemmusa
    2.5.17: Fifth Trial: Erabenimsun
    2.5.18: Vivec & Wraithguard
    2.5.19: Sunder, Keening & Six Vampires
    2.5.20: Final Showdown
    Caius tells you to go to the Fighters Guild and talk to Hasphat Antabolis. He 
    is on the bottom floor of the Fighters Guild. He tells you that he wishes a 
    dwemer puzzle box for the information. So fix some supplies. Some silver and/or
    enchanted weapons as some of the creatures are immune to normal ones. Some 
    potions and if you wish, a almsivi intervention for a fast trip back home. 
    To get to Arkngthand(try to pronounce that) you should leave Balmora through 
    the south exit, cross the bridges and walk up the mountain to the north of 
    Moonmoth. Cross this ancient bridge and the ruins should be directly to the 
    right. Pull the lever and run inside. 
    This place is really big so I'll just tell you have to get the box and the rest 
    is up to you to explore. As usual I recommend it, because of the dwemer armour
    and weapons you might find. There are also alot of gems and other valuable 
    Go down the 'stairs' made of stone and you'll meet some archeologist / 
    smugglers / whatever. They aren't really fit for fight as they all fight with 
    knives. After killing them there should be another set of 'stairs'(they aren't 
    really stairs, they are more like a pillar that has collapsed and made a ramp 
    which you can climb). If you don't know which place i mean check for three 
    doors that leads to same room as eachother. Above them is the place you want to
    go to. When up, there is a door to Cells of Hollow Hand. Another encounter is 
    here but easily slain. The box is on a shelf to the left. 
    Now you can explore / die / go back to Balmora / use an almsivi scroll. When 
    back in Balmora, go back to the Fighters Guild and talk to Hasphat. He'll tell
    you about the Six Houses and other stuff until you get a note from him. Take 
    this note to Caius to finish the quest.
    Andrano Ancestral Tomb
    REWARD: Apprentice promotion
    Now it's time to get some information regarding the Neverine Cult, so after the
    briefing with Caius head over to the Mage's Guild. Go down the stairs and 
    you'll see Sharna gra-Muzgob to your left. Of course, you must perform a silly
    quest. You are to go to the Andrano Ancestral Tomb and take the skull of 
    Llevule Andrano. 
    To get to this tomb, travel in any way to Pelagiad and exit to the south. 
    Follow the road south and you should spot it to your right. From now on I'll 
    just tell you the way to the skull. There are about 4-5 rooms that I don't 
    mention and in these you may find some goodies if you're lucky. In all those 
    room you'll encounter a skeleton or an ancestral ghost. Or both. 
    When you get in, there are some stairs in front of you. Go down and meet an 
    ancestral ghost. turn left and follow the corridor until you see a door to your
    right and some stairs in front of you. You'll meet a skeleton here. Go down the
    se stairs and go through the room. There is another corridor to the left. Folow
    the ramp down, down some stairs and enter the door to the the right. Here 
    you'll meet a bonewalker. The skull is to your left in this room.
    When you have the skull. Bring it back to Sharna and ask about the Neverine 
    Cult. Take the notes you'll get from her to Caius to finish the quest.
    REWARD: 200 gold and Journeyman's Promotion
    You are to go to Vivec and talk to alot of people. Caius gives you 200 gold for
    supplies and stuff. The fastest way of getting there is to take the guild guide
    at the Mage's guild. When there find the three people.
    Travel to the St. Olms. Enter the Waistworks level and you'll encounter 
    Duvianus Platorius who is looking for Addhiranirr. Notice where this man is so 
    you can find him later on when we need to. Now, go down to the canalworks, and 
    then take a trap door to the udnerworks. After looking around here a little 
    bit, you should be able to find Addhiranirr. She wants you to get rid of that 
    other guy, as he wants her money. So, go up and talk to that guy and tell him 
    that Addhiranirr went away, then go down again and ask Addhiranirr about
    First, go to the foreign quarter. The enter the lower waistworks level. Try to
    find the black shalk cornerclub. Here, you'll find Huleeya. Huleeya is having a
    little difficulties with the local fools. If telling Huleeya to follow you, 
    these people will attack you. They are pretty easy. You can also bribe them to
    leave you alone. Now, lead Huleeya to Jobasha's bookstore that is just by the 
    black shalk. When there, talk to him until you get his notes. If you want to, 
    you can buy the Progress Of Truth here as you'll need to buy one sooner or 
    Mehra Milo:
    Travel to the Temple District and enter the Hall of Wisdom (hard to miss, two
    entrances on the first level platform) and look for the Library. You shouldn't 
    have any problems finding it because there's six entrances to it from the Hall
    of Wisdom. Find Mehra (she's walking around in the library) and talk to her. 
    She'll lead you to the back of the Library and tell you to find a copy of the
    book 'Progress of Truth'. You can find it in the 'Secret Library' (haven't done
    that :/ ) or buy it at Jobasha's Books (if you haven't already done it).
    When you've got the book and the notes, take the guild guide back to Balmora
    and go to Caius. He'll reward you with gold and a promotion.
    Ashlander Informant
    REWARD: 200 gold and Finder's Promotion
    You'll now travel to Ald'Ruhn to get some info from an ashlander named Hassour
    Zainsubani. You'll also get 100 gold to buy him a gift.
    Take the guild guide to Ald'Ruhn and go to the Ald Skar Inn located in the
    northwest corner of the city. When inside, walk up the stairs in front of you
    and then down the stairs to your right. He's the dark-skinned guy in front of 
    Ask him about business, gift-giving customs and then thoughtful gift. If you're
    lucky, you might get the information now, and if you're not, you must buy him a
    book of poetry. I believe you can find one in the local bookstore. 
    When you have his notes, go back to Caius and get even more money.
    This will also trigger the next quest.
    Urshilaku Camp
    REWARD: nuttin'
    Caius tells you to go to the Urshilaku Camp, to speak to the wise woman there
    about you being the Nerevarine. He also tells you to stop by Fort Moonmoth to
    get som scrolls and potions Somulis Vunnis and Crulius Pontanion has.
    From Balmora, take the guild guide to Ald'Ruhn, and then the siltstrider to 
    Maar Gan, and finally the silstrider to Khuul. Now swim along the coast, past
    a shipwreck, until you get to some deadric ruins. Now you can walk along the 
    coast (watch out for the strong and dangerous creatures here) until you get to
    the Urshilaku camp.
    Now find Zabamund's Yurt and enter. Talk to him about the Nerevarine prophecies
    and then choose "tell him all you know about the sixth house and the nerevarine
    cult". He should now allow you to see Sul-Matuul, the leader. He is in the Yurt
    next to Zabamund's, and is labeled Ashkhan's Yurt. Ask him about nerevarine 
    prophecies and the initiation rite. He'll tell you to go to the Urshilaku 
    Burial Cave and fetch his father's Bonebiter Bow. And off you go...
    1. Astral Burial
    The cave is located one square east and two squares south of the camp. Enter
    and be prepared. First, there is a one-way cave. You'll encounter a rat and two
    skeletons before getting to the Karma Burial Door.
    2. Karma Burial
    At first, this is a one-way too. Follow the caves until you get to wome water
    with lots of stones in it. Here you can jump from stone to stone to get to the 
    platforms in the water with stuff on them. If you jump past the platform to the
    right, you'll encounter two skeletons. Here you can take some of the crappy 
    stuff the mummies are holding. When ready, go back to the water and the stones
    and take the left path this time, slay the rat there, and enter the Laterus 
    3. Laterus Burial
    Now comes the most interesting room. There are no encounters here(yay). In the 
    middle you can see a BIG pillar rising and a set of stairs made of stone to 
    your left. When climbing the stairs you'll see some mummies sitting on 
    platforms attached to the pillar in the middle which are holding some goodies.
    The stairs also gets you to the different burial chambers. The first door leads
    to 'Fragile', second to 'Kefka', third to 'Kakuna' and fourth to 'Juno'. THEN,
    there is some platforms attached to the outer walls off the room if you look
    carefully after passing the last door. On one of these platforms you can find
    Glass greaves, which is a nice light armor. But from that platform look back at
    the pillar, and you'll see another platform with a mummy holding one of the 
    best swords in the game, the Magebane. It's two-handed and is made of glass.
    The bow is in the last tomb, Juno Burial. But here are the chambers in order of
    4. Fragile Burial
    Here you'll have two ways to go, left and right. To your right there is an
    Ancestor ghost, 2 skeletons and some armor and some weapons. There's also
    another dead adventurer here. To the left there is an ancestor ghost, some
    books by the mummy, and an urn with some scrolls and a chest with some potions.
    5. Kefka Burial
    First, you'll encounter a skeleton. Then you'll find a pond with a dreugh 
    Cuirass at the bottom of it. And then a large room with 3 skeletons and some
    crappy stuff. Lastly, a small room with a nordic claymore. But what do you need
    that for when you have your Magebane?
    6. Kakuna Burial
    This is another strange cave. There is a ramp made of stone leading up to a 
    'platform' with some loot. There are 3 skeletons here. In the chests and urns 
    on the top of the platform you can find some scrolls, books and potions.
    7. Juno Burial
    This is another one-way cave, and it's really hard to get lost. You'll 
    encounter 4 skeletons and find some pretty nice stuff if you're lucky. At the
    end of the cave you'll meet the Wraith of Sul-Senipul. After beating him, take
    the bonebiter bow and leave.
    When you have the bow and feel that you're finished here, go back to the
    Urshilaku camp and speak to Sul-Matuul again. You're now a friend of the 
    Urshilaku tribe, and cvan sleep in any bed in the camp. You are also allowed to
    take the nerevarine test. Go to the wise womans hut and speak to Nibani Maesa.
    She'll, after some talking, give you two books, tell you that you may be the
    nerevarine, and put up to 7 notes in your journal. Now you have everything you
    need to go back (at last) to Caius. Use an almsivi spell/scroll/amulet to get
    to Gnisis. From there, take the siltstrider to Ald'Ruhn and then the guild 
    guide to Balmora. Talk to Caius in his house. He'll give you 400 gold to 
    prepare for your next assignment.
    Dagoth Gares
    REWARD: 1000 gold, Traveller's Promotion
    You are going to slay a Sixth House Priest named Dagoth Gares in a base. The
    base is in a cave north of Gnaar Mok. First, take the guild guide to Ald'Ruhn.
    Then walk out south to the Buckmoth fort and talk to Raesa Pullia (optional).
    When she has filled you in with the info, take the Ald'Ruhn Siltstrider to 
    Khuul and then the boat to Gnaar Mok(or you can just walk from Ald'Ruhn. It'll
    take about 3 minutes). Talk to someone in town and they'll pinpoint the 
    location of Khartag Point on your map. Go there. 
    Walk north outta town and follow the coast until you get to som planks leading 
    over to an island. Here you should find the entrance to Ilunibi.
    This place was kind of chaotic to explain so I made some maps for you.
    Carcass of the Saint     Marowak's Spine        Tainted Marrow
       ######A######            ###D####              #####D###
       ###### ######            ### ####              ### 3 3 #
       ###### ######            # 333 C#              ### # ###
       ###       ###            ### ####              B 3 #   #
       ### ##1## ###            #   ####              ####### #  
       ###2##4##3###            #2###E##              #######2#
       ###B#####C###            # 14# ##              ####### #
                                ###1# ##              #######1#
                                ###    B              ####C   #
                                ##### ##              #########
            Blackened Heart           Soul's Rattle
               #########                #########
               ##### ###                ##### 5 #
               #3      #                ### #   #
               # ### # #                ###3## ##
               #  3  # #                E       #
               #### ##B#                ###3##1##
               ####   ##                ### 3#1##
               #### #3##                #########
               ####3# ##
               #### ####
               ####  F##
    Doors:                           Randomly selected encounters:
    A = Exit                         Ascended Sleeper
    B = Marowak's Spine              Ash Ghoul
    C = Tainted Marrow               Ash Zombie
    D = Carcass of the Saint         Scamp
    E = Blackened Heart              Bonelord
    F = Soul's Rattle                Golden Saint
                                     Winged Twilight
                                     Frost Atronarch
    1 = Dreamer
    2 = Ash Slave
    3 = Randomly selected encounter
    4 = Dead Adventurer
    5 = Dagoth Gares
    The maps may not be of any use but you may get to know what you're going to 
    face. You may say - "Hey, I met a Winged Twilight and got killed 9 times before
    I took my baseballbat and wrecked my computer!" - as some of the encounters can
    be extremely dangerous when low-level.
    When encountering Gares, he'll talk to you. You can ask him about everything to
    clear thiongs up. When the conversation ends, he'll attack you. I'd say some of
    the encounters where more of a challenge than him. Anyways, when you've beaten 
    him he'll curse you with the Corprus disease. It'll lower your attributes and 
    slowly kill you. 
    Use an almsivi intervention to get back to Balmora. From there, just walk back 
    to Caius Cossades house. 
    He'll tell you about a corprusarium and trigger the next quest.
    REWARD: Operative's promotion, 750 gold, Caius stuff
    To cure the disease, Caius tells you to go to an old Telvanni Wizard in Tel Fyr
    name Dvayth Fyr. He gives you a dwemer artifact and some potions of rising 
    force. If you ask him, he'll also mark Tel Fyr on your map. 
    To get there, take the guild guide to Sadrith Mora. Now swim/levitate/waterwalk 
    over to Tel Fyr. When there, it's not hard to spot.
    Enter the Onyx hall and go west up some stairs. Go through the door to Hall of
    Fyr. Now drink one of the Rising Force potions and go up. When you are one 
    level up, levitate north and talk to Divayth. Give him the artifact as a gift,
    and ask him about the disease. He'll tell you about a potion that might work 
    but you have to go down to the Corprusarium to get a pair of boots first. So go
    back to the Onyx hall and go east down some stairs. There should be a door to 
    the Corprusarium here. Enter. 
    There's an argonian here that'll tell you about the rules. No attacking the 
    diseased in the Corprusarium. So run through the old gate straight north and 
    through the door to the Corprusarium Bowels. Yagrum, the guy with the boots, is
    in the western part of this cave. 
    He's could actually be the last dwarf left! This can be interesting if you're 
    doing the quest with Trebonius to find out what happened to the dwarves. 
    When you have the boots. Go back to Divayth and give him the boots. Drink the 
    potion there and be amazed. You are now immune to all sorts of diseases. Yay!
    Use an almsivi intervention to find yourself in Molag Mar. The take a 
    siltstrider to Vivec and another one to Balmora. Go and talk to Caius and he'll
    promote you to Operative, give you 750 gold, and give you his pants, shirt, and
    his ring. 
    Lost Prophecies (Caius last assignment)
    REWARD: Lost Prophecies, Seven Curses, Kagrenac's Tools
    Well, we're off to see Mehra Milo again! Wee! I presume you know how to get to 
    the hall of Wisdom, as we have been there before. Check the local map to see 
    where Mehra's private quarters are and go there. There's a lvl 20 lock on the 
    door so pick it and enter. Find the note to Amaya on the chest of drawers here 
    and read it. Ahaaa, of course. Caius said there might be trouble so of course 
    there is. Take the potions if you need them (levitation) and get out of the 
    Temple. If you haven't got divine intervention scrolls (two of them, one is 
    neccessary, but two is practical) go to the Mage's Guild and buy some. 
    Now, in the temple area, use the levitation potion and levitate up to the big 
    chunk of rock in the sky. Talk to the guard standing around here and say "visit
    someone" and he'll give you the key to all exterior doors. Find the door on the
    opposite side of the rock from where the guard is standing. Now, you can either
    sneak or run as hell. The guards here wqill attack you after a while. Find the 
    door to the prison keep by not walking straight ahead at the first crossing. 
    Look around a little, I know you can find it.
    Anyway, when in the prison keep, quickly run over to the desk on your right and
    take the key. You'll have to commit some crimes, and I'm sorry for it. Use your
    key on the prison cell door to the far right. Talk to Mehra inside and give her
    a scroll of divine intervention. She'll tell you to meet up in Holamayan. I now
    recommend you to use the the other divine intervention scroll to get to 
    Ebonheart. Because we commited some crimes you may want to avoid the guards 
    here. It IS possible to free Mehra without doing it but I did, and I'm writing 
    this FAQ, so I'm in charge. :)
    Get yourself to the docks located in the east part of Ebonheart. Find a woman 
    here named Blatta Hatera and talk to her about go fishing. You'll now find 
    yourself in Holamayan. Wee... that saved us 5 hours of running around in the 
    middle of nowhere. Talk to the monk here on the docks on how to get into the 
    Now walk up the stairs made of stone and find yourself standing in front of a 
    big... thing. Rest until 6 am or 6 pm. Doesn't matter. When you wake up, the...
    thing will open up and you can enter. So do it. 
    Look around a bit to find the library here. Mehra Milo and a guy called Berelo
    is standing here waiting for you. Talk to Berelo about the lost prophecies to 
    get them along with Seven Curses and Kagrenae's Tools. 
    Now, as you've been in the Urshilaku Camp before, I presume you know how to get
    there. If you're having problems, check quest 2.5.5 to freshen up your memory. 
    Find Nibani Maesa in the Wise Womans yurt and talk to her about the lost 
    As this was the last assignment you got from Caius, we'll continue from here by
    following Nibani and her advice to follow the path to become the Nerevarine.
    REWARD: Malapu Ataman's Belt & Hearthfriend's Promotion
    Well, to do the upcoming third trial, you must first prove yourself worthy to 
    Sul-Matuul. Find the Ashkahn's yurt and talk to him. You're going to a 
    stronghold called Kogoruhn and fetch some items. A cup, some corprus weeping 
    and the Shadow Shield. He'll mark Kogoruhn on your map, the terrain is light 
    and it's an extremely large structure which you can't miss, so you won't need 
    directions. Get there and read on. :)
    First enter Pollock's eve and kill Dagoth Girer inside. You can find som 
    corprus weepings under the urn-thingie in the middle of the room close to the 
    pillar. There is also a "House Dagoth cup" on the table here. Leave Pollock's 
    Eve and find the door to the Hall of Phisto.
    Hall of Phisto
    ENEMIES: Ash Ghouls, Ash Zombies, Dreamers
    Take a left turn and then two right turns and find some stairs leading down to 
    a door marked "Hall of Maki". Enter.
    Hall of Maki
    ENEMIES: Everything from Ascended Sleepers to Flame Atronarchs.
    Walk forward into the large room with a bridge leading to the other side of the
    room and two ramps. Walk down the right ramp and enter the door on the east 
    side of the room. Open the door north and find yourself in another large room. 
    Walk down the ramps and find the door to the north leading down to Nabith 
    Nabith Waterway
    ENEMIES: Ash Ghoul, Dagoth Ralas, Ash Zombie, Frost Atronarch
    Walk on the left side of the water and enter the first 'pipe' to your left 
    after taking the right turn. Swim through the part of the pipe that is filled 
    with water. You should now face south. This last area is simple. Just get 
    around either way and kill Dagoth Ralas and the Ash Zombie here. Find the door
    to the south that leads to Charma's Breath.
    Charma's Breath
    ENEMIES: Dagoth Daynil, Bonelord, Dagoth Fervas, Greater Bonewalker, Dagoth 
             Uthol, Flame Atronarch
    Just take two right turns and you'll only encounter the Flame Atronarch. Use 
    the door here to get to the Bleeding Heart. Be sure to kill Dagoth Uthol if you
    don't want to go back here later (not neccessary, but you'll learn why later).
    Bleeding Heart
    ENEMIES: 2 Flame Atronarchs, 2 Ash Slaves, Dagoth Elam
    Clean the whole area here. You'll find the Shadow Shield on an altar. It's easy
    to spot as it glows. Also take the two daedric gloves here lying on another 
    altar in the same 'room' as Dagoth Elam.
    When you have all three items, get out and back to the Urshilaku Camp and 
    Sul-Matuul. He'll give you his blessing and a riddle. You'll also get a belt 
    which can be more or less useful. And, without realizing it, you've also 
    started the next quest. And, when you didn't think you would get more, you'll 
    also be rewarded with the next 'rank' within the Ashlanders, "Hearthfriend". 
    You.... is family. 
    Cavern of the Incarnate
    REWARD: Moon & Star
    The Cavern of the Incarnate, which is your destination, is located four squares
    west and one square south of Tel Vos. To get there, Use an almsivi/divine 
    intervention and navigate your way to either Tel Mora or Vos using my fantastic
    travel guide at the end of the faq. 
    From Tel Vos, travel west and jump/levitate over the mountains. The entrance 
    consist of two pretty large doors made of stone and is located at the end of a 
    valley shaped as a U-turn pointing to the south.
    To enter the Cavern, rest until 6 am or 6 pm. Inside, find the small Moon & 
    Star in the hands of a large statue. Watch the movie to learn about the next 
    tasks. Also, talk to the ancestors here and listen to their stories to get 
    their items.
    When finished, head back to Sul-Matuul and Nibani to learn more. Talk to them 
    about everything.
    Be aware of that if you gain the title of Urshilaku Nerevarine you won't be 
    able to get quests from the Temple for a while. You'll also be affected in 
    other social ways. Now there's two big tasks that lies before you. The fourth 
    and the fifth trial. Note that you can do these in any order, and I recommend 
    you to start with "2.5.14: Fifth Trial, Urshilaku" as you're standing next to 
    Fourth Trial: Hlaalu
    REWARD: Belt of the Hortator
    Crassius Curio:
    First, we're gonna run over to Crassius Curio in the Curio manor on the plaza 
    level of the Hlaalu Compound (in Vivec, of course).He is one floor down from 
    the 'lobby' level. Talk to him and ask to be Hlaalu Hortator. He'll demand 1000
    gold so just pay to make it quick. I think you don't have to pay if your 
    disposition level is high enough. Haven't tried it though. :/ 
    Dram Bero:
    Now, go to the St. Olms Compound and enter the plaza level. Find the haunted 
    manor in one of the corners. Enter and Findthe level 50 locked door to the 
    lower floor. You'll find Dram here and he'll give you his vote without having 
    to pay him or anything. >,<
    Yngling Half-Troll:
    While we're still in the St. Olms Compound, find Yngling's Manor in the plaza. 
    Enter and find Yngling Half-Troll in here. He'll charge you a whooping 2000 
    gold to get his vote. Note that if you talk to the other councils, they tell 
    you that you can kill Yngling. I haven't tried it (I know I should because of 
    the FAQ but I forgot :/ ).
    Orvas Dren:
    You can find Dren in his Villa located at his plantation. Look for Dren 
    Plantation in the map section to find it. Dren is on the top floor standing 
    around in an orc armor. There are several ways to get his vote, and one of them
    is blackmailing. If you get the key on the desk directly to the right after 
    going down the stairs from him, and then using it on the door on the lowest 
    floor. Killing the two guys with paralyzing daggers and looting the chest on 
    the shelf here to get the mail you can blackmail him. Get up and show him the 
    note and you'll get the vote. You can also be friendly with him and choose the
    "Empire"-option when talking to him. You can also choose the "Peace"-option to 
    fight him. Whatever you do, you have to do it before you can get Nevena's and 
    Velanda's votes, as everybody tells you if you ask them.
    Nevena Ules:
    ...can be found in the Ules manor one square west of Suran. You can get to 
    Suran by taking the siltstrider from Vivec. You can find Nevana on the third 
    floor and you won't have to pay her or anything... Wee!
    Velanda Omani:
    ...lives outside Vivec on Elmes Island. Take the bridge to the mainland from 
    the Telvanni Compound, then turn south and cross the wooden bridge to Elmas 
    Island. The path from the south end of the bridge leads to Omani Manor. You can
    find Velanda on the third floor and you'll get her vote if you ask for it! :)
    When you've persuaded all of them, get back to Crassius Curio and you'll be 
    named Hortator of Hlaalu. He'll give you the Belt of the Hortator as a proof. I
    was kind of surprised I dfidn't have to take my clothes off or anything because
    of my earlier experiences with Crassius.
    Fourth Trial: Redoran
    REWARD: Ring of the Hortator
    Athyn Sarethi:
    First, we need to find Athyn Sarethi in his manor. The manor is located in the 
    west part of the manor district (the under-skar) in Ald'Ruhn. He's just at the
    entrance so ask him about being to Redoran Hortator. He'll tell you go and get
    his son, Varvur, who has been locked up in the Venim Manor, which is located in
    the south-east part of the manor district. Go in and find the door on your 
    right side after walking for a bit inside whcih gets you to the Venim manor 
    Right Wing. Look to the right to find a short corridor that seems to be a dead 
    end. But behind the tapestry there is a lvl 50 locked door! Vurvur is behind 
    it, and you can either lockpick it or take the key from the nearby bench when 
    the guard walks away. Talk to Vurvur and tell him to follow you. If you're 
    spotted by guards (in the manor) from now on, they will attack you. Get him 
    back to Athyn to get his vote. He'll also tell you that the most of the 
    Councilors will accept you with an exception of the Venim councilor who you 
    must challange to a duel when you've got all the other votes. 
    Hlaren Ramoran:
    The Ramoran manor is in the southwest Manor District. Inside, walk straight 
    through to the private quarter and fin Hlaren here. He'll give you his vote 
    Garisa Llethri:
    The Llethri manor is in the northwest Manor District. Inside, walk straight on 
    to the manor bedrooms. Enter the first door on your right to the private 
    quarters and find Garisa here. The vote is yours.
    Brara Morvayn:
    You'll find Brara in the Council Hall. Enter the Council Entrance which is in 
    the north Manor District. Walk straight through to the duor to the Council 
    Hall. Then find the door to Morvayn Quarters in the northwest.
    Miner Arobar:
    The Arobar Manor is in the northeast Manor District. Inside, walk forward to 
    the guard quarters. Take the door in front of you to the private quarters. Take
    a right to the Manor Bedrooms. Go left through the door to find Miner.
    Bolvyn Venim:
    The Venim manor is in the southeast Manor District. Inside, walk straight on to
    the private quarters and talk to Bolvyn who is standing in a room to your left 
    when entering. He'll tell you to go to the Vivec arena and fight him to death. 
    To get there, take the guildguide to vivec and the gondola to the arena. Climb 
    all the way up to get to the arena pit. You can now look down into the pit and 
    see a confused Bolvyn who tries to attack you. Well, prepare for a decent 
    battle. Note that he carries full ebony armor and a daedric dai-katana, so 
    don't underestimate him. When he's slain, loot him. No vote here, though one 
    less voter.
    When you've got all the votes, return to Athyn Sarethi to get the Ring of the 
    Hortator. You'll also get a public notice and a letter. I don't want to spoil 
    the fun for you so I'll let you read them yourself.
    Well, actually... As soon as you've been made the redoran hortator you can go 
    do quest 2.5.18 to meet the archcanon and Vivec himself. Zyrax actually freaked
    out because he did the redoran first. He thought that this crisis meeting was 
    because he had played 176 days ingame. He cried and didn't think he could do 
    the Fourth and Fifth trials. (Yes, he got to do them. The ingame time DOES NOT 
    affect the main quest in any way, with an exception of the corprus disiease 
    which will kill you after several days.)
    Fourth Trial: Telvanni
    Some preparations... get some levitation spells/scrolls/potions/evil stick of 
    flying/whatever as those eeevil towers can be kind of hard to navigate through 
    without them. >:(
    Aryon is the ubermaster that will name you hortator after gaining all the 
    votes. Find him by getting to Tel Vos, which is found 100 feet west of Vos, 
    which can be reached by boat from Tel Mora, Tel Aruhn and Sadrith Mora, and 
    Sadrith Mora can be reached from the other four Mage's Guild towns. When in Tel
    Vos, use some levitation to get up to the top of the tower, and enter Aryon's 
    Chamber through a door to the south. Find Aryon here and talk to him about the 
    hortator thingie and choose the second option. He'll give you his vote and tell
    you about the others.... Oh man, this just seems like problems. But it also 
    seems as we're gonna get to kill someone! Wee! So let's get started!
    Take a boat or something to Tel Aruhn. Then use levitation to get up as far as 
    you can to enter the Upper Tower. Inside, at the end of the section, you'll 
    find Gothryn. He'll tell you that he needs some time to consider. But as we're
    in a hurry, taunt him to attack you and then run down the stairs behind you. It
    should now be pretty easy to pick them off as they come down. Gothryn will cast
    fire spells and paralyzing spells. This can be a pain as they last 5-10 
    seconds. Beat him up and take his daedric dagger (if you want it, that is) and
    loot the dremora lords to get their daedric weapons. 
    Take ze boat to Tel Mora and once again use levitation to get to the top. Enter
    the Upper tower and you'll find Dratha here. Ask about being the hortator and, 
    if you're a 'he', you'll need some bribing. And as I recall Aryon said it 
    would've been easy if you were a girl you'll probably don't need to do 
    anything. Easy vote there.. Yummy yummy.
    Take your favourite means of transportation to Sadrith mora (boat, perhaps?) 
    and use some.... levitation! LEvitate east and up the big tower here to find 
    the entrance to the Tel Naga Upper Tower. Find Neloth here who certainly woke 
    up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Persuade him to get his 
    disposition level up (72 worked for me) and ask about being hortator. He'll 
    give you his vote and kindly ask you to **** off.
    Well, I recommend you to take the boat to Tel Branora. The maybe using some 
    levitation to levitate to the top of the tower in the northeast and enter the 
    upper tower. Go down the stairs and find the ramp up to a door leading to 
    Therana's Chambers. Levitate up and find Therana. She's a very amusing person. 
    Get her disposition level up a bit if it's low and then talk to her about being
    hortator. She'll start telling you a story (hmmm...) and it can continue 
    forever if you choose the first alternative. So don't. Choose the third one and
    if you're lucky (or have the required speechcraft skill) she'll name you 
    hortator. Yay.
    Wow! We're gonna use something else than the boat. Take the... uhm... boat to 
    Sadrith Mora, the guildguide to Ald'Ruhn and then the siltstrider to Gnisis. 
    Walk straight on from the siltstrider to find the entrance to Arvs-Drelen. 
    You'll find Beladas here somewhere to the left, behind a locked door which can 
    be opened with a key to the right. Or something. Get his disposition level up 
    (I made it at 83) and talk to him about being hortator. Choose option two and 
    get his vote.
    When you've got all the votes, take the batmobile (or any other way of 
    travelling) back to Tel Vos and Aryon. He'll name you Hortator of House 
    Telvanni and give you the Robe of the Hortator. Congratulations.
    Fifth Trial: Urshilaku
    REWARD: Teeth of the Urshilaku
    Easiest part of the fourth and fifth trials. Talk to Sul-Matuul in the 
    ashkahn's yurt about being the Urshilaku Nerevarine. He'll explain the need and
    duty to be named nerevarine and how you are going to handle the other tribes 
    and houses.
    He'll give you the teeth of the Urshilaku as a proof of being the nerevarine.
    Easy, huh?
    Fifth Trial: Zainab
    REWARD: Thong of Zainab
    You'll find Zainab Camp four squares south and two squares west of Vos, and 
    it's easy to get there if you just use the boat services. Check the travelling 
    section on how to get to Vos from your present location.
    Well, this guy certainly has some doubts about you. You're going to go slay a 
    vampire. Piece of cake. It's easier to find the Nerano Ancestral tomb if you 
    start of in Tel Vos and walk two squares straight west and search that square 
    for the entrance. Don't walk through the ashlands to get up there. The 
    mountains there are a pain. Inside you'll encounter some skeletons and 
    ancestral ghosts. And in the end of this little tomb you'll encounter Calvario.
    Slay him quick and get back to the camp. Piece of cake!
    Nut we aint finished yet. Now we have to get a Telvanni bride for the Ashkahn..
    Find the wise womans yurt and ask her about her councel. She'll direct you to a
    slave dealer in Tel Aruhn. Use a divine intervention to get to Sadrith Mora. 
    Run down to the docks and take the boat to Tel Mora. Here you hsould find a 
    clothier in the eastern part of town. Buy excuisite shirt, skirt and shoes. 
    Also run into the Apothecary in Tel Mora and buy som Telvanni bug musk if you 
    don't have any. 
    Now get back to the docks and take the boat to Tel Aruhn. Find the slave trader
    here and talk to her about 'something special'. Buy the slave and open the 
    cage. Give her your 'presents' and tell her to follow you. Get to the docks and
    travel to Vos. Now start walking. Aaaaaall the way back to Zainab Camp and the
    Ashkahns yurt. The salve will ask you about the groom. Talk to the Ashkahn to 
    get the Thong of Zainab and he'll name you nerevarine of Zainab.
    Fifth Trial: Ahemmusa
    REWARD: Madstone of Ahemmusa
    You'll find Ahemmusa Camp two squares north of Vos, and it's easy to get there
    if you just use the boat services. Check the travelling section on how to get 
    to Vos from your present location. 
    If you ask someone in Ahemmusa about Nerevarine, they'll tell you to go see one
    of the kahns first. Enter any of the yurts except the Ashkahn's and talk to the
    owner about the nerevarine. They'll let you go to the wise woman. Find her yurt
    and enter. She'll tell you about a shrine called Ald Daedroth in the north that
    she wants cleaned out so the Ahemmusa can move in and feel safe.
    You'll travel between some islands here, and you'll need to swim. It's marked 
    on your map so you will find it without further directions. Enter the outer 
    shrine when you're there.
    Inside there is a battle going on, or at least it seems so. Beat up everyone 
    that attacks you. Note that they can be dangerous as they have nice weapons and
    spells. There is an obvious way to get through this shrine. If you want to make
    it quick, go straight through the outer shrine to find a door to the inner 
    shrine. Do the same here and fin a door to the Antechamber. Here you'll find 
    Hlireni Indavel. Talk to her about "Player of the Game" and choose the second 
    option. She'll let the Ahemmusa live in peace with her people in the shrine.
    Well, they wont attack you here anymore (I think... I slayed everyone here at 
    sight...) so go back to the camp and talk to the wise woman again. And now, you
    have to lead her to the shrine. Yay. Well... it's not so difficult as she uses 
    waterwalk. One problem less. Just lead her into the inner shire up on the altar
    with Sheogorath's statue. She'll name you the Ahemmusa nerevarine and give you 
    the Madstone of the Ahemmusa.
    Fifth Trial: Erabenimsun
    REWARD: Seizing of Erabenimsun
    Easiest way to Erabenimsun Camp is going via Sadrith Mora and 
    waterwalking/levitating/swimming south to the camp. Check the travelling 
    section to see how to get to Sadrith Mora if you don't already know(which you 
    actually should). 
    When you've gotten into the camp, find the wise womans yurt in the middle and 
    talk to her about everything. So, you are supposed to kill the ashkahn and his 
    weak friends and name Han-Ammu the new ashkahn.
    Well, start of by entering the ashkahn's yurt and slaying both inside. Take the
    War Axe of Airan Ammu and Saint-Kil's Heart of Fire from their bodies. Then, 
    enter Ashu-Ahhe's yurt and kill him. Finally, enter the yurt on the far left 
    and kill the mage inside. Loot his corpse for the Robe of Erur-Dan. 
    Take all those little thingies to Han-Ammu and talk to him about being ashkahn.
    Give him the artifact and give a little speech. Repeat two times. He'll now 
    agree to be ashkahn and name you nerevarine of Erabenimsun. Go back to the wise
    woman and talk to her so that she'll give you the Seizing of Erabenimsun to 
    prove your nerevariness. :/
    Vivec & Wraithguard
    REWARD: Wraithguard
    Get to Vivec in any way and use almsivi intervetnion to get to the Temple 
    Canton. Talk to Danso Indules who stands around by the hallway through the 
    temple. She'll tell you to go see Tholer Saryoni in the high fane. Enter the 
    Hall of Wisdom and find the entrence on the west side up some stairs to the 
    high fane. The door has a level 50 lock which you're going to pick. Enter and 
    talk to Tholer and accept to go to see Vivec. Get his keys and exit the same 
    way you came. LEave the Hall of Wisdom through the south exit and Enter the big
    palace to the south using your key. 
    Inside, you'll find Vivec floating. Talk to him about everything and agree to 
    everything (accepting the wraithguard, saying the oath) to get to know the 
    history better (if you wish, that is). When you have the wraithguard, get some 
    supplies and head to ghostgate. Preferably taking the guildguide to Ald'Ruhn 
    and following the roads east until you bump into the ghostfence. Then follow 
    the fence to it's southern tip to find ghostgate. You can talk to the Boyant 
    Armigers here about 'inside the ghostgate' to get a map and get some locations 
    marked on your map. Now we're gonna slay some vampires (two, at least. More for
    the one who think it's neccessary).
    Sunder, Keening & Six Vampires
    REWARD: Lots of 'Heart-'-artifacts, Sunder, Keening
    The first two vampires listed here is mandatory to kill to get Kagrenac's two 
    other tools, Sunder and Keening. The other vampires is good to slay if you 
    don't want them to appear when you're beating up Dagoth Ur later on. (that was
    the impression I got when I read the books Vivec presented to me.)
    1. Odros & Keening
    The first location we're going to inside the ghostfence should be marked on 
    your map (if you talked to the boyant armigers) and it is Odrosal. Go there by 
    using levitation over the mountains to save some time and patiance trying to 
    walk around the mountains. When you've find it, enter the Dwemer training 
    academy. Inside you'll encounter a godlen saint, a fire atronarch and of 
    course, Dagoth Odros (who is in the room straight in front of you as you enter,
    behind steel and iron doors). When you've killed everyone here, including 
    Odros, loot him and take his key and his Amulet of Heartfire. Find the hallway
    leading east from the first room to find a ladder behind a locked door. Walk up
    the ladder and get the Keening. NOTE that you should never equip either the 
    Keening or the Sunder without first equiping Wraithguard. If you don't, you'll
    2. Vemyn & Sunder
    Now, find Vemynal on your map and get there. Preferably levitation which as 
    usual is your best friend. Enter the Outoer Fortress. When inside, go right and
    follow the corridor until you can turn right again. Find here the door to the 
    Hall of Torque. Take a right turn and then the first door to your right. Go 
    through some stairs and doors to find Dagoth Vemyn. Slay him and take the 
    Sunder and Amulet of Hearthheal.
    3. Araynys
    This the only vampire who's not located in within the ghostfence, and as he 
    takes most of our time, we'll take him out first. First of all, get to Gnisis.
    Preferably by using almsivi intervention to get to Ald'Ruhn, and then taking 
    the siltstrider to Gnisis. Now, Walk south out of Gnisis and find the square 
    with the coal cave entrance. From here, walk three squares east. In the 
    northeast corner of this square is a cave called Mamaca. If you bump into a 
    daedric shrine named Dushariran walk ½ a square straight west over the road to
    find the cave. Enter and find yourself in Sanctum of Awakening. Walk straight 
    through to find a door to Sanctum of Black Hope. Take a right turn and walk 
    down the cave, through a locked door. Take another right turn and you'll find 
    Araynys at the end of the cave here. Slay him and take the Soul Ring he 
    4. Uthol
    If you're lucky, you might have killed Uthol while doing quest x.x.x. Anyway, 
    get back to Vemynal in the red mountains, and take the northeast road out of 
    the shrine leading east. Turn left heading north when the road splits and 
    you'll be facing the cave entrance. Enter and you'll almost immidiatly face 
    Dagoth Uthol. Slay him and take the Belt of Heartfire.
    5. Endus
    The Endusal stronghold can be found one sqaure west and one square south of 
    Dagoth Ur's Citadel. From Ghostgate, follow the road north until it splits. 
    Take the northeast road and when you can turn left to continue north, do it to
    find yourself at the stronghold. Enter Endusal, Kagrenac's Study. Just wipe 
    this place out, it's really small and shall present no challange to you. Endus
    is behind the door straight in front of you when entering the stronghold. Kill
    him and take the Amulet of Heartrime. 
    6. Tureynul
    Go to Tureynulal on your map, using levitation or walking. Enter Kagrenac's 
    Library and walk straight through to find Tureynul. Kill him and take the 
    Amulet of Heartthrum. Also read the books here to get some skill points.
    Final Showdown
    REWARD: Azura's Ring, lots of reputation, respect from the people of Morrowind,
            something to tell your friends, access to Trebonius last quest, 
    	get to see the ending movie
    This is it, we're at last going to go beat Dagoth Ur. Find Dagoth Ur on the map
    and navigate yourself there and find the entrance to the outer facility. This 
    door is just like the one in the first main quest. The crank to open the door 
    is just south of the door. 
    Inside, walk down the stairs and hear Dagoth Ur talking to you while going 
    through the first door. Head straight on (beating up all the enemies if you 
    wish) and through the door at the end of the room. Jump down the platform here
    to the lower floor and go forward to find the door to the inner facility. 
    Walk down the stairs and take the right door. There is a lot of doors here, but
    after getting through two of them going straight on, take the door on the right
    to finally find the door to the lower facility. 
    You'll now encounter Dagoth Gilvoth, the last vampire. Kill him and take the 
    Blood Ring. Find the door to the facility cavern, but don't enter. Now is the 
    time to buff yourself to the max. Use all the artifacts acquired when killing 
    the vampires and heal yourself. 
    Enter the door and talk to Dagoth Ur about anything you like. When you think 
    your ready, end the conversation and attack him. He'll throw pretty destructive
    spells at you and hit you hard. Beat him up and take a deep breath. Find the 
    door to Akulakhan's Chamber, but again, don't enter. Take the Heart Ring lying
    in front of the door and use it together with all the other artifacts again. 
    Heal yourself and prepare for the final battle. 
    Enter the door and run past all the enemies here. Run to the edge in front of 
    you and look down. Quckly jump so that you can land in Akulakahn's (the big 
    robot thingie in the middle) chest and see the heart. Now open your inventory 
    and equip the Wraithguard and then the Sunder. As I warned you before, you 
    can't equip it in another order as you'll die if you do. Hit the heart with the
    Sunder and then quickly change weapons to the Keening. Hit the heart five times
    with it and turn around. Get over the bridge as fast as you can before it blows
    up. Turn around and watch the poor Akulakahn turn to dust as Dagoth Ur screams
    and disappeares. 
    Walk back up (or levitate) and take the door back to the facility cavern. Go 
    back to the door leading to the lower facility and you'll meet Azura which will
    play the final movie and give you Azura's Ring. Gladly accept it and call your
    friends to tell them you've finally finished Morrowind(TM). 
    Do note that you can still play the game to complete everything else and 
    perhaps find more challenges in the two expansions, Tribunal & Bloodmoon.
    2.6---Great House Hlaalu-------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Nileno Dorvayn*******************************************************
    Head for the Hlaalu Council House in northwest Balmora. Talk to Nileno Dorvayn 
    about joining the house. She will give you a book and tell you that you should 
    go and se Crassius Cario in Vivec at his manor. You can do that if you like, or
    you can talk to Nileno again to start your first quest!
    2.6.1:  Disquise
    2.6.2:  Alchemical Formulas
    2.6.3:  Inanius Egg Mine
    2.6.4:  Guar Hide Squeeze
    2.6.5:  Delivery for Bivale Teneran
    2.6.6:  Who Murdered Ralen Hlaalu?
    2.6.7:  Ebony Trade
    Disguise (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 500 gold
    When you talk to Nileno, she will tell you that your voice sounds like a 
    Redoran. She asks if you will disguise yourself as the now deceased Redoran 
    woman Relmerea Saram. Accept and you shall recieve a Native Gah-Julon Bonemold
    hemlet. Now head for Ald'ruhn. Once your there, head for Under-Skar (the place
    with all the manors) and enter the Redoran Manor. Equip your new helmet and 
    talk to Neminda. Say Orphan of Arnesia and you will get Nemindas Order. Head 
    back to Balmora and to the Hlaalu Council House and speak with Nileno again to 
    recieve 500 gold.
    Alchemical Formulas (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: A copy of Aurane's recipe
    Talk to Nileno and she wants you to go to Vivic to find Aurane Frernis 
    alchemical formulas. So off you go to Vivic and to the Foreign Quarters Lower 
    Waistworks. Here you will find Aurane Frernis Apothecary. When you enter you 
    will see a chest to the left on the floor that is trapped and has a locklevel of
    40 i think. Sneak the recipe from the chest (can be a tough one) and then head 
    back to Balmora and Nileno to recive your reward. A copy of the recipe you just 
    stole ;)
    Inanius Egg Mine (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 500 gold
    Talk to Nileno yet again and she will tell you that a rival of hers is getting 
    his wealth from his egg mine and now she wants you to kill the Kwama queen of 
    the mine.
    The mine is southwest over the mountains outside Suran. The mine is facing the 
    mountain. Head in and you'll meet the terrifying kwawa worm ;)
    Anyways, when you reach the water area, dive into the water and find the 
    underground tunnel, it leads to the queen. Kill the queen and head back to 
    Balmora for your reward, 500 gold.
    Guar Hide Squeeze (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    Talk to Nileno and she tells you that the Redroran House is profiting more on 
    guar hides then the Hlaalu House. She wants you to make the Vivec people by 
    their hides and to do that you need to talk to the importer of the hides.
    Head to Vivec and enter the Foreign Quarter Upper Waistworks. Speak with Rolasa
    Oren and ask her about the hides. If she doesn't comply with your attempt of 
    converting her import, then bribe her until she does. It's as easy as that!
    Head back to Balmora and grab your 1000 gold that you've earned ;)
    Delivery for Bivale Teneran (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 500 gold, 1 Exquisite Shirt and 1 pair of Extravagant pants
    Nileno wants you to deliver a message to their spy in Ald'ruhn. It's the 
    clothier in Under-Skar.
    Head to Ald'ruhn and enter Under-Skar. On the bottom floor of Under-Skaar to 
    the left from the entrance you will find Bivale Teneran's shop. Give her the 
    scroll and she will hand over a Exquisite Shirt and a pair of Extravagant 
    Pants. Go back to Balmora and get your reward in form of 500 gold pieces.
    Who Murdered Ralen Hlaalo?
    REWARD: gold
    Good question! Just who murdered him? You will get the key to his manor. Go 
    there and when you're inside, talk to the maid and she will give you the 
    murderers description. Exit the manor and talk to some local guards, they think
    it matches the description of Thanelen Velas at the Council Club. Head over 
    there and hear what he has to say. He pleads his innocence and blames the 
    murder on the Argonian Nine-Toes. Nine-Toes cannot be the murderer however 
    since he doesn't fit the description of the murderer. Taunt Thanelen Velas 
    until he attacks you and then kill him. Return to Nileno to collect your 
    Ebony Trade (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: It depends... only 1000 gold or, 1000 gold Glass Boots, Glass Cuirass
    Nileno wants you to stop the Redorans from profiting on ebony. She will give 
    you 2 choices:
    1) To head for Ebonheart in an attempt to make Canctunian Ponius, master of 
       the East Empire Company to buy the Hlaalu ebony instead of Redoran.
    2) To head for the Sudanit Mine to shut down the Redoran Ebony Mine.
    Well she also mentions that if you do both, she might throw in a special bonus 
    for you.
    First of all head to Ebonheart and to the East Empire Company Hall on the right
    side from the docks. Talk with Canctunian Ponius and bribe him until he agrees 
    to only buy ebony from Hlaalu. Then you should move along to Ald'ruhn.
    Exit the town to the south and you will be standing on a road between Ald'ruhn 
    and Buckmoth Legion Fortress. Head east on this road until you reach Ghostfence 
    Gigantic barrier, you can't miss it :P). The road turns right and follow the 
    road and look on your right side, the mine should be there after you've walked 
    a bit. Enter the mine and head as far in as you can until you see Darns 
    Tedalen. Taunt him so that he attacks you. When you have killed him the mine is
    shut down and it is time to head back to Balmora.
    You will now recieve 1000 gold and the bonus price.
    Ald Ruhn***********************************************************************
    Ald Ruhn is a town with lots of sandstorms, and really cool architecture. 
    3.1---Mage's Guild-------------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Edwinna Elbert*******************************************************
    3.1.1:  Chronicles of Nehuleft
    3.1.2:  Detect Creatures Potion
    3.1.3:  Chimarvamidium
    3.1.4:  Huleen's Hut
    3.1.5:  Chimarvamidium II
    3.1.6:  Arkngth-Something
    3.1.7:  Excavation Report
    3.1.8:  Dwemer Scarab Plans
    Chronicles of Nehuleft
    REWARD: a potion?
    This book can be obtained in the rare-book shops. I recommend that if you 
    didn't do the quest in Balmora involving going to Silipund and beat up a guy 
    for not joining to get the book, you should go to Vivec as it has the book. You
    can also get it at the bookstore in Balmora.
    Detect Creatures Potion
    REWARD: Exclusive Potion of Shadow
    Skink-in-Tree's-Shade was supposed to make Edwinna a detect creatures potion, 
    and he's late. Take the guild guide to Sadrith Mora's Mage's Guild. Ask 
    Skink-in-Tree's-Shade about the potion and he'll hand it to you. Go back to 
    Edwinna and get your potion of shadow.
    REWARD: scrolls
    Sirilonwe, an altmer in Vivec's Mage's Guild somehow got a copy of 
    Chimarvamidium. Take the guild guid to Vivec. When there turn left and then 
    right. You should now be in Sirilonwe's room. The is an unlocked door here. 
    Open. Get inside. Close the door. Now you can be alone for a moment as you 
    unlock the chest on the floor with your scrolls, security skill or tower 
    skill. Take the books inside as you can learn something from them and get a 
    nice coin for it. Take the book back to Edwinna.
    Huleen's Hut
    REWARD: 2 scrolls of The fifth Barrier
    Pack up with a silver/enchanted weapon or some nice spells and head over to 
    Ald'ruhn's siltstrider. Travel to Maar Gan. Exit Maar Gan to tour left and 
    follow the road and city walls to the east. Here you'll bumb into the hut. 
    Huleen's Hut is spotable from the top of the silstrider when there's no 
    sandstorm. Go inside and you'll encounter a scamp. Kill it and take it's key. 
    Go down the stairs. Here you can also find another key if you wish. Open the 
    door and talk to the naked dude named Listien Bierles. He is but a foolish 
    n00b-apprentice who failed summoning a scamp.
    Go back to Edwinna and get som scrolls.
    Chimarvamidium II
    REWARD: Alsivi int. Amulet & Divine int. Amulet
    Take the book back to Sirilonwe in Vivec's Mage's Guild via the guild guide. 
    You can give it to her she'll be really happy. This is actually the only thing
    you need to do. Piece of cake huh? Go back to Edwinna and get som nice amulets 
    which can be really useful later on.
    REWARD: Nuttin'
    If you already have a dwemer tube, this quest'll be pretty easy for you. I 
    already have one, but I've gotta write this goddam faq, so I went to 
    Arkngthunch-Stardumz anyway. First, You'll get Ald Velothi marked on your map,
    and a few tips how to get there. 
    As Edwinna recommends you, you should start by taking the Siltstrider to 
    Gnisis. From there, Walk/Jump/Levitate north until you get to Ald Velothi. This
    isn't much of a town really, and everyone hated me when I got there. So, travel
    west 2 squares until you bump into two large bridges. Cross them and you'll see
    a pretty large statue. To your right is the entrance to Arkngthunch-Sturdumz.
    It's pretty easy to find the tube in here. It's small and there's no sort of 
    labyrinth. You'll encounter 2 Steam Centurion and 3 Centurion Spiders, so if 
    you're weak, you should've brought some potions. When you have the tube, i 
    recommend an Almsivi Intervention to get back to Gnisis. From there, take the 
    Siltstrider back to Ald'Ruhn and the mage's guild. Talk to Edwinna to get 
    absolutely nothing. Grmmmhnf, ungrateful....
    Excavation Report
    REWARD: Any loot you find
    Edwinna will mark the location of Nchuleftingth on your map. Take the 
    guildguide to Balmora and the siltstrider to Suran. Then start walking, jumping
    or levitating to Nchuleftingth (four squares north, one east of Suran). 
    Enter the place and go right through a steel and iron door. Talk to Senilias 
    Cadiusus and he'll explain the problem.
    Go back and find the door to the "Test of Pattern". Enter. There are three 
    cranks in this room along the wall to your left. Two of these will hurt you, 
    and one will just turn around and get stuck. I don't know if you need to pull 
    the "right" crank to get through the door to the lower level, I just pulled 
    them all and went down. Oh yeah, the right crank was the one furthest into the 
    room, but it may be randomized (probably not). Well, GET DOWN THERE, anyway.
    You'll find the report on a dead body if you turn right and go down the stairs.
    On the dead body of Anes Vendu to be exact. Be SURE to grab the "Hanging 
    Gardens" book beside him if you want to do the Arhmage Trebonius' quests later.
    You can loot the place if you want, then return to Senilias and then back to 
    Edwinna. No reward. Sorry.
    Dwemer Scarab Plans
    REWARD: Any loot you find
    Take the guildguide to Sadrith Mora and run down to the docks. Take the boat to
    Dagon Fel and find Msuleft one square south and one square west. It can be 
    pretty tricke to get around those mountains, but it isn't anything that a good, 
    old can of levitation can't handle.
    The plans are inside (duh) directly in the room to your right when entering. 
    You'll encounter an orc, and then it's just to take the plans on the bottom, 
    left shelf. (they go by the name "Dwemer Scarab Plans")
    Before you leave, be SURE to take the book in the room through the nearby level
    40 locked and trapped door. You can get keys anywhere here, but the closest one
    is on the body of that orc you just killed. The books name is "The Egg of Time"
    (Chrono Trigger, anyone???) and is on a desk to your right upon entering. 
    There's also two hostiles here, so be ready. :)
    When you've satisfied your lusts use an almsivi intervention to get directly 
    back to Ald'Ruhn. Give the plans to Edwinna to finish the quest.
    Dwemer Airship Plans
    REWARD: nothing at all
    Take the siltstrider to Gnisis and find your way over the bridge in the town to
    the cave entrance. Bribe/Admire the guard and get his disposition level over 80
    and ask about the egg mine. He'll give you a key and you can enter.
    Find your way through the mine until you get to the door to the lower levels. 
    An orc guard will tell you that he'll attack you if you don't leave. I don't 
    know if he will, but to be safe run past him and enter the door to the 
    underground stream. There's a werid Ancestral Ghost here with a name that won't
    speak nor attack you... I'll think you should leave him to be on the safe side.
    Run through this place to find another door back to the lower level. You'll now
    encounter some kwama warriors. After slaying them, enter the nearby door to 
    Take the Airship plans on the table after slaying the rats here. Be SURE to 
    take the book called "Divine Metaphysics..." under the table if you want to to
    the Arhmage Trebonius' quests later on.
    Get back to Edwinna to finish her last quest. And if you took all three books, 
    you can go finish Trebonius first quest. 
    3.2---Fighters Guild-----------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Percius Mercius******************************************************
    3.2.1:  Necromancers in Vas
    3.2.2:  Kill Nerer Benean
    3.2.3:  Bandits in Suran
    3.2.4:  Flin Delivery Boy
    Necromancers in Vas
    REWARD: 500 gold
    You are to go to Vas and kill some necros. If you check the map, you'll 
    probably already be crying because of the distance. But ph34r not. I'll give 
    you three ways of getting there:
    1. Fly
    Go and get the Shrine of Daring (see X.1.1 for details) in Vivec. Then take the
    guild guide from Vivec to Ald'ruhn. From there, take the siltstrider to Khuul 
    or Maar Gan, and then levitate to Vas (which should be marked on your map.
    2. Walk/run
    Take the siltstrider to Khuul or Maar Gan. From Maar Gan, walk northwest along 
    the road until it bends east. I do recommend you to go to Khuul, and using a 
    waterwalking spell/scroll/potion. This will save time and you wont encounter 
    very many enemies.
    3. The Percius Way
    Do as he says, taking a boat from Tel Mora to Drageon Fel. I haven't actually 
    tried it and I don't know how you'll have to walk afterwards.
    When at thge marked location on the map, you shouldn't have any trouble finding
    Vas. Outside Ulyni Helim will stand. Take her with you into the evil lair. 
    Entry Level: 
    2 skeletons, 3 Bonelords
    A church with at least one hostile
    Vas Tower:
    2 Dremora Lord, 2 Skeletons, 1 Ancestral Ghost.
    Daris Adaran is at the top of this level. He summons a Bonewalker and casts 
    some weak spells. When he's dead, Ulyne tells you the quest is over and that 
    you can go home. Take all the books in this room, Especially the Vampires Of 
    Vvardenfell II, as it is needed in a quest if you haven't already done it. Use
    an Almsivi Intervention to find yourself in Gnisis. Take the siltstrider back 
    to Ald'ruhn to complete the mission.
    Kill Nerer Benean
    REWARD: 500 gold
    Now you may wonder: "Why the heck must I go all the way back up there to kill 
    some silly outlaw who is so isolated from the rest of Vvardenfell that he 
    probably wont commit any crimes?" Well, you'll get 500 gold? Whatever. I had 
    much trouble finding Sargon. I searched for 15 minutes, checked other faqs, 
    and couldn't find it. When I was trying to get home i was wondering if I would
    walk or take an intervention scroll. And then, I stumbled across the cave. Yay!
    You'll find the location on my nice map in section X.2. 
    To get there, check the options for finding Vas in quest 3.2.1. When inside, 
    you'll encounter an enemy. There is a bridge turning right here, and some water
    I think there is a connection on all the little 'puddles' of water in almost 
    each section of this cave. You can probable swim to the last part and kill 
    Nerer first - but who would want that? After the bridge there'll be another 
    hostile waiting. Now the cave will fork. To your left is a door and to your 
    right is a bridge. On the bridge is a summoner which will most likely summon a 
    greater bonewalker. When you've killed the summoner, you can loot the boxes 
    here for about 50 gold. Let's go back to that door shall we? It is trapped. 
    Should be no problem even if your security skill is low. If you haven't got any
    probes. Try to survive the trap. 
    Another encounter here. Turn right after this bridge here. You'll now meet a 
    fighter/mage who can be pretty hard. There is also a female mage here but she 
    is really easy. Now cross the last bridge and meet the überboss. He has a 
    healthdraining sword and an ebony cuirass. Is worth a nice coin if you don't 
    want to use them yourself. 
    Now you can finally go back to Ald'ruhn. I prefer using my Almsivi intervention
    amulet to Gnisis and then the siltstrider to Ald'ruhn. Talk to Percius to be 
    Bandits in Suran
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    First, take the guild guide to Balmora. Then take the siltstrider to Suran. 
    Oran Manor is located in the southern part of Suran, just to the west of the 
    temple. When inside, he'll be behind the only closed door in this manor. He'll
    tell you to go kill Daldur Sarys in Saturan. 
    Now we have a problem. Getting to Saturan is a real pain. I jumped over the 
    mountains to the east of north Suran. I really recommend you taking levitation
    scroll/spell/potion or jumping over the mountains as I wasn't able to make good
    directions to Saturan. Check The map if you are uncertain of the location. 
    1. When inside you'll encounter two people, though one on one.
    2. Go further down into the cave until you reach a wooden thingy.
    3. Here you'll meet an orc with an enchanted frost axe. Own him.
    4. Go down some wooden stairs and find yourself on a bridge. Encounter here.
    To the right you'll encounter a slavemaster through an unlocked door.
    To the left you'll find two people. One is Daldur and the other one is a 
    conjurer and will summon a bonewalker. When these has been slain, loot this 
    place. There are alot of nice scrolls, soul gems and other good items. 
    When finished, go back to Oran manor to get the money.
    Flin Delivery Boy
    REWARD: 500 gold
    (please insert girl if you feel offended)
    Percius'll mark some locations on your map, and these are pretty useful. 
    First, take the guild guide to Sadrith Mora, and then a ship to Tel Mora.
    Now, I must tell you that you're on your own. You have the location, there is a
    good terrain for walking, and you won't encounter anything that you can't beat
    or escape from. 
    When in Zainab camp, go west two squares. The mine is on the far east of this 
    To find Dangor in this mine, Follow the cave and don't turn left or right at 
    intersections. Just continue forward until you reach a room with lava, and 
    you'll find Dangor.
    Give him the wares and use an almsivi intervention to get right back to 
    After talking to Percius, you'll recieve 500 gold.
    3.3---Thieves Guild------------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Aengoth The Jeweler**************************************************
    3.3.1:  Anarenen's Devil Tanto
    3.3.2:  Redoran Master Helm
    3.3.3:  Pillow Book
    3.3.4:  Withershins
    3.3.5:  Scrap Metal
    3.3.6:  Darts of Judgement
    Anarenen's Devil Tanto
    REWARD: The loot in Mage's Guild
    This one should be really easy for you. Go to the Ald'ruhn Mage Guild, which is
    locayed straight forward as you leave The Rat In The Pot. Inside you'll be 
    attacked by the Mage's Guild one and only guard. After slying this n00b, go 
    down the stairs to your right. When you are at the bottom floor, look for a 
    little storage area to your right. In here you'll find a locked chest and three
    small boxes on a shelf. The Devil Tanto is in the locked one on the top shelf. 
    Bring it back to Aengoth to finish the quest.
    Redoran Master Helm
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    This mission demands some sneaking skills or some chameleon (I did it with a 
    Fighter with no sneaking and a 20% chameleon scroll). Leave The Rat in The Pot
    and turn right. Go up these stairs and you'll see the Under-Skar in the 
    horisont. Enter. The Arobar Manor is in the northeast corner of the Under-Skar.
    When inside, go straight forward into the guard quarters. Now go straight 
    forward into the Private quarters. Turn right and enter the Manor Bedrooms. The
    door to the left leads to the bedroom of Miner Arobar. The helm is located on a
    closet to your right when entering. My way to get it was to stand behind the 
    closet, use the chameleon scroll, jump up and take the helm. While here, you 
    can also do the next quest as it's target is in the other bedroom.
    Go back with the helm to Aengoth and you shall be rewarded.
    Pillow book 
    REWARD: Chameleon ring
            Amulet of Far Silence
    This mission demands some good lockpicking skills or a locksplitter spell. The 
    lock is at level 75. Our target is also trapped so carry a probe with you.
    Leave The Rat in The Pot and turn right. Go up these stairs and you'll see the 
    Under-Skar in the horisont. Enter. The Arobar Manor is in the northeast corner 
    of the Under-Skar. When inside, go straight forward into the guard quarters. 
    Now go straight forward into the Private quarters. Turn right and enter the 
    Manor Bedrooms. The door to your left leads to the Arobar's daughter's bedroom.
    There is a woman here who could ruin your stealing. Close the door and position
    yourself so that you can reach the locked chest beside the bed and the woman is
    behind the pillar / behind the screens and she can't see you. Now open the lock
    and disarm the trap and take the book inside. Return with the book to Aengoth
    to get som nice jewelry.
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    Take the siltstrider to Maar Gan. Turn right through the wall and up 2 set of 
    stairs. Go through another wall here and Andus Tradehouse is the middle 
    building of three here. Miles Gloriosus is in a room downstairs. Now you have 
    three options.
    1. Sneak A
    Use you sneak and security skills to unlock the locked chest in his room. The 
    book is inside.
    2. Sneak B
    Use your sneak skill twice as you first pickpocket his key to the chest and 
    then open it to take the book.
    3. Violence
    Taunt him to attack you and then kill him. Take his key and unlock the chest. 
    Grab the book and get out of there.
    Return the book to Aengoth to get your money.
    Scrap Metal
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    I actually found some scarp metal earlier in the game, and forgot to get rid of
    it. Anyway, you can try to raid a dwemer ruin of your choice - or you can use 
    your l33t-stealin' skillz to get them much easier. He needs four pieces of 
    scrap metal... And where can we find any? You thought you needed to leave 
    Ald'ruhn? NO! Go to the Under-Skar and on the northwest lower level is an 
    Alchemist shop. The shop has 5 pieces of scrap metal. There is another mission 
    whcich demands one pice of scrap metal so buy them all if you want to. 
    Return to Aengoth and get 250 gold for each piece of scrap metal.
    Darts Of Judgement
    REWARD: 2000 gold
    Go to the Under-Skar once again. Take the door to Llethri manor, which is in 
    the northwest corner of Under-Skar. Go down the stairs and take a right, 
    entering the door to the guard quarters. The darts are on a bed to your left as
    entering the room. There are three guards patrolling the room which you must 
    sync with to steal the darts, unless you have some wicked sneaking skills.
    When you have the darts, you kan keep them or give them to Aengoth for 500 gold
    3.4---Great House Redoran------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Neminda**************************************************************
    3.4.1:  Hostile Mudcrabs
    3.4.2:  Cure Disease Potion
    3.4.3:  Mathis Dalobar
    3.4.4:  Founder's Helm
    3.4.5:  Hostile Bandits
    3.4.6:  Athryn Sarethi in danger!
    Hostile Mudcrabs
    REWARD: 2 Hackle-Lo Leaf
    You are to go to Drulene Faren's Hut (4 squares west of Ald'Ruhn) and kill some
    mudcrabs threatening Drulene's Guar herd. Just walk straight west until you 
    spot alot of guars. ;)
    Drulene will tell you that two mudcrabs killed a guar and dragged the body 
    away, and that they came from southwest. So go STRAIGHT southwest from her hut.
    Over the small hills. You should now be able to see a little swamp pond. The 
    mudcrabs are just west of the pond. 
    Kill them and return to Drulene and she'll give you 2 Hackle-Lo Leaf. Go back 
    to Neminda in Ald'Ruhn(almsivi will get you there directly) to finish the 
    Cure Disease Potion
    REWARD: nothing
    First, take the silstrider to Khuul. Now if you don't have Ald Velothi marked 
    on you map, check the map section. Anyways, follow the coast west until you 
    get to Ald Velothi. It's easy to spot.
    In Ald Velothi, find the Outpost and enter. Talk to Theldyn about the potion 
    and give it to him. Now, go back to Ald'Ruhn in any way you want. Talk to 
    Neminda to finish the quest. 
    Mathis Dalobar
    REWARD: nothing
    To find this lost Merchant, take the siltstrider to Maar Gan and head out west.
    Straight west. Check the map section for the location to Rothran Ancestral 
    Tomb. It should be 2 squares west of Maar Gan.
    When there, go inside and talk to Mathis and tell him to follow you.  Take him 
    back to Maar Gan and up to the shrine east in town. 
    Go back to Neminda to get your next assignment.
    Founder's Helm
    REWARD: nothing (I sense a pattern here)
    After all the neccassary information has been given, run down to the mage's 
    guild and take the guild guide to Balmora. Find the Eight Plats (which is 
    slightly north of the mage's guild) and enter. Go down to the Bar area and find
    Alvis Teri. 
    Obviously, he wont give it to you at first. You can either get his disposition 
    over 70 or you can taunt him to attack you(I did both :D ). This time you CAN'T
    kill him and take the bounty, as it would bring shame upon the house. 
    When you have the Founder's Helm, take the guild guide back to Ald'Ruhn and 
    Neminda. Give her the helm to complete the quest.
    Hostile Bandits
    REWARD: 2 Hackle-Lo Leaf
    You must go back to Drulene Faren's Hut and take care of some bandits. How to 
    get there? Check 3.4.1!
    When there, speak to Drulene and she'll tell you the bandits came from the 
    south. So go south. Straight south over a hill until you bump into two guars 
    standing outside an ancestral tomb. The Telvayn Ancestral Tomb to be exact. 
    Enter! Now, you'll encounter 3 blighted rats and go through three doors before 
    meeting the two bandits, Glaum and Gaban. Fairly easy. Loot the place if you 
    find anything you like (I like the book which increases Heavy Armor to your 
    left when entering the room with the bandits). 
    When they are taken care of, return to Drulene to get 2 more Hackle-Lo Leaf. 
    Go back to Neminda in Ald'Ruhn to get your next quest!
    Athyn Sarethi in danger!
    REWARD: 200 gold
    Ah! Athyn is in danger! Run to the Sarethi manor in the under-skar (leave the 
    redoran council, take the Sarethi Mansion door to the northwest of under-skar).
    Enter and talk to Athyn. When the conversation ends, you'll be attacked by two 
    Slay them, talk to Athyn, return to Neminda, GET YOUR FIRST REWARD! WOOHOO!
    This is also her last quest. You'll now need to find a supporter, which will be
    Athyn Sarethi after saving his son, if you haven't already done it. 
    3.5---Great House Redoran------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Athyn Sarethi********************************************************
    3.5.1:  Save Sarethi's Son
    3.5.2:  Clear Sarethi's Son's name
    3.5.3:  Ondres Nerano
    Save Sarethi's Son
    REWARD: nothing
    Go to the Under-Skar in Ald'Ruhn (the large shell-thingie with lots of manors) 
    and find the Venim Manor. Enter and go right to find a door to the Right Wing. 
    In the northern part of this place you'll find a bench with a key and a note. 
    If you take the key (when the guard has wandered off) and read the note you'll 
    find out that some 'guest' is being held in a hidden room. If you go northeast 
    you'll find a dead end, BUT if you look behind the tapestry you'll find a door!
    Unlock it with the key and find the Varvul Sarethi. He'll ask you to lead him 
    to the Sarethi Manor. Just leave and go back to the Sarethi Manor. Remember
    that the guards here will aggro on you, and some of them can do some moderate
    Talk to Athyn to complete the quest.
    Clear Sarethi's Son's name
    REWARD: nothing
    Athyn Sarethi asks you to clear his son's name, as he is charged for the murder
    of Galtis Bralis Carvaren. First, find the door to the guard quarters and 
    enter. Walk to the end of the hall here and open the door to the left to find 
    Varvur's room. Talk to him and ask about 'Bralen Carvaren', and then 'bad 
    dreams'. Take the ash statue on the shelf in the middle of the room. 
    Go back to Athyn and he'll tell you to talk to Lloros at the temple. You can 
    find the temple in the easter part of Ald'Ruhn. Go there, enter, and you'll 
    find Lloros Sarano in the back, standing nexct to some shrines. Talk to him 
    about the statue and he'll ask you to fin out where he got it. This will 
    trigger Lloros Sarano's first quest. He'll also take the statue and tell you 
    that he can clear Varvur's name because he was under the influence of the 
    Go back to Athyn to finish the quest.
    Ondres Nerano
    REWARD: nothing
    Easy one. Run down to the Mage's Guild and take the guildguide to Balmora. From
    there, exit the mage's guild and go to the northeast corner of Balmora. Look 
    around and try to find the Nerano manor. Check the local map if you're having 
    Inside you'll find Ondres standing around. Wait until your fatigue is full, as
    he uses hand-to-hand. Talk to him about 'slanders' and challange him to a 
    duel. Beat him up until he gives up.
    Exit his house and go back to Ald'Ruhn and Sarethi to finish the quest.
    Employer: Tuls Valen***********************************************************
    3.6.1:  Compassion
    3.6.2:  False Incarnate
    3.6.3:  Anhaedra
    REWARD: The Four Suitors of Benitah
    You're going to cure an orc named Bulfim gra-Shugharz who has a blight disease.
    You can find her in the daedric shrine named Maelkashishi. You are given a 
    potion but Tuls Valen recommends you to learn the spell Rilm's Gift instead as
    the potion is expensive. It's up to you, but the spell can be bought from 
    Methal Seran on the lower level of the temple. Just take the stairs down and 
    get it there. 
    Maelkashishi can be reached by taking the siltstrider to Maar Gan and then 
    walking straight west over the mountains out of the ashlands. The shrine is 
    located one square north and four squares west of Maar Gan, so walk north along
    the border to the ashlands a short while until you find the shrine.
    There are three or four hostiles here, which can be dangerous. You can find 
    Bulfim to the right just after going down the stairs after entering the shrine.
    Cure her using the spell or talk to her about the disease to give her the 
    When she is cured, head back to Ald'Ruhn and talk to Tuls Valen to finish the 
    quest. You can keep the potion if you didn't use by lieing or give it to him 
    (I think it affects the advancement if you give it to him or not). He will give
    you a book called 'The Four Suitors of Benitah' which will increase your 
    Restoration skill with one point.
    False Incarnate
    REWARD: 3 Exclusive Restore Health Potions
    A false incarnate has appeared in Suran, and your task is to stop him. Take the
    guildguide to Balmora and then the siltstrider to Suran. You'll find Elvil 
    Vidron in the center of the town close to the water. Talk to him and persuade 
    him and raise his disposition level over 80 and ask him about 'false 
    incarnate'. Pick the second alternative and he'll realize his n00bishness. If 
    your speechcraft skill isn't good enough to persuade him you can beat the crap 
    out of him (didn't try this though so it may need some taunting first). 
    Get back to Tuls and tell him the good news. 
    REWARD: Death Blow of Abernanit
    Now we're going to visit the shrine in Maar Gan. Just take the siltstrider to 
    get there. Fin the Shrine in the eastern part of town. Enter and read the 
    incription on the rock. Sounds like we're going to taunt someone... hmmm...
    Oh there, a deadra named Anhaedra standing around doing nothing! Talk to him 
    and you'll see that the only thing you can talk about is taunting. Do it a few 
    times until he attacks you. Slay him and leave. Go back to Tuls to get a book 
    named "Death Blow of Abernanit" which will increase your Block skill with one 
    3.7---Great House Redoran------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Lloros Sarano********************************************************
    3.7.1:  The Ash Statues
    The Ash Statues
    REWARD: Potions
    To get this quest one must finish quest 3.5.2.
    Go back to Varvur and ask him about hte statues. He'll tell you that he got it
    from Galtis Guvron at the Rat in the Pot. Go there and go into the back room. 
    Galtir is standing next to Aengoth the Jeweler. Ask him about the ash statues 
    and he'll attack you. Kill him and loot the note from his body. 
    Take it to Lloros. He'll tell you to go to Hanarai Assutlanipal in her house 
    which is just to your right when leaving the temple. Go there and talk to her 
    about the statues. She'll attack you too. Kill her and go back to Lloros to 
    finish the quest.
    Vivec is without doubt the largest town in Vvardenfell, as it covers over 10 
    squares on the map. Each square is a part of the city. Each part is divided 
    with levels, ie lower waistworks, waistwork, plaza etc. The richest lives in 
    the plaza and the poorest in the waistworks.
    4.1---Fighters Guild-----------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Lorbumol gro-Aglakh**************************************************
    4.1.1:  Juicedaw Feather ring
    4.1.2:  Kill Tounge-Toad
    4.1.3:  Kill Dro'Sakhar
    4.1.4:  Debt Money
    4.1.5:  Kill Adraria Vandacia
    4.1.6:  Kill Rufinus Alleius
    Juicedaw Feather ring
    REWARD: 100 gold
    Nar gro-Shagramph was supposed to deliver a ring called Juicedaw Feather ring 
    to Ranes Ienith. He kept it for himself and now you're going to get it. He is 
    in the Hlaalu Plaza. To get there, take the boat to the Hlaalu district and the
    climb the stairs to the top. Enter the big doors and try to find him. He's the
    only orc in the plaza so he shouldn't be hard to spot. Bribe him to get about 
    75 on the meter and then ask him about the ring and he'll give it to you. You 
    can also pickpocket the ring if you are a skilled thief. Go back to Lorbumol 
    and give him the ring.
    Kill Tounge-Toad
    REWARD: 500 gold
    This is a fast one. Run over to the Mage's guild that is also in the plaza and
    take the Guild Guide to Ald'ruhn. Exit the guild and look for The Rat In The 
    Pot. It's very close to the Mage's Guild. Take the stairs down and find Tounge
    Toad. Now you have two options, you can kill him or you can let him flee. 
    Either way you'll get the reward, so the fleeing option is strongly 
    When you've dealt with Tounge-Toad go back to Lorbumol and get some money.
    Kill Dro'Sakhar
    REWARD: 500 gold
    This should be easy for a l33t-fighter like you. Walk or take a boat to St. 
    Olms, The boat goes to arena, and then you'll have to walk anyway. Dro'Sakhar
    appartment is on the southern side of 'ground level'. It's "St. Olms Canal 
    South-Two" to be exact. This Khajiit is armed with a dagger and no armour. You
    make the first move and this'll be over in seconds.
    When Dro'Sakhar is dead, report to Lorbumol to get some easy money.
    Debt Money
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    Lirielle Stoine owes a client 2000 gold and you're the one to get it. Take the 
    guild guide to Ald'ruhn. Lirielle is the bartender in Rat In The Pot, so go 
    there. Talk to her and she'll tell you that her brother was the one to owe 
    debt. He was killed in his quest far manhood or whatever in a place called 
    Mallapi. Now the Lierielle got his debt.
    From here, you can go back and pay it with your own money to finish the quest. 
    OR, you can go to Mallapi! Read the following first:
    In Mallapi you'll meet:
    Winged Twilight
    Dremora Lord
    2 mages
    These are extremely hard enemies if you're lowlevel. I had a lvl 18 fighter 
    which had problems with it. But, as you're doing the fighters guild quests - 
    this may be something for you. You can get lots of money from the loot here. I 
    made about 6000 gold on the stuff i found. Also remember to carry 
    silver/enchanted weapons for the Dremora Lord as he is immune to normal ones.
    To get to Gnaar Mok, take the boat from Vivec to Hla Oad, and the boat from 
    there to Gnaar Mok. Mallapi was surprisingly easy to find. It is one square 
    northeast of Gnaar Mok. There should be a road around here somewhere, and if 
    you look to the north from it when following the road, you should be able to 
    spot a cave entrance. I won't guide you through this place, as it's really just
    for lootin', but i can tell you that Mr. Stoine's body lies in the water to the
    right when the cave first splits.
    When you feel ready, go to Lorbumol with 2000 gold to loose 1000.
    Kill Adraria Vandacia
    REWARD: 500 gold
    Another bounty mission. Take the siltstrider from Vivec to Seyda Neen. When 
    there, locate the Census and Excise office where your started. In front of it 
    is The Census and Excise Wharehouse. There is a level 45 lock on the door so if
    you had chosen the Tower sign you'd own it. When inside, take the stairs up. 
    Our prey is at the end of a corridor here. Use a taunt (or failed pickpocket if
    you suck at taunting. Know that if you don't taunt, you must pay 1000 gold for 
    killing people). Adraria isn't really hard and you wont even need to use a 
    potion. When slayed, pay off the nearby guard if you need to, or wait and pay 
    off in an Thieves Guild for half the cost. There's 100 gold here beside a log 
    book. When the guard has walked avay, take the money.
    Go back to Lorbumol as usual to get your money.
    Kill Rufinus Alleius
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    Yet another bounty. This time it's a magistrate in Ebonheart. To get there, you
    can go to the temple district and take a swim or use the rising force shrine 
    here. You can also take the boat from just outside Vivec to Ebonheart.
    When in Ebonheart, walk straight forward until you come to a castle-like place.
    There's supposed to be a bridge over to the grand Council from here, but you 
    need to climb some stairs first. Look around a bit.
    When inside, look for a door to an imperial-something place. Here is a library 
    with some tables. Rufinus should be standing against a wall to your right. 
    Do a failed pickpocket or taunt. Strangely, you won't be charged for crimes 
    here. So beat him up bad. He uses hand-to-hand combat which can be really 
    annoying sometimes, as it knocks you down and drains your fatique.
    Qhen he's dead, loot him and his room on floor down to get some gold. Then go 
    back to Lorbumol as usual.
    4.2---Thieves Guild------------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Gentleman Jim Stacey*************************************************
    To find Jim Stacey, go to the foreign quarter and enter the lower waistworks. 
    From here, take the eastern door to the canalworks. Find The bookstore here and
    enter. In the back you'll find a level 65 locked door. Open it (the keeper 
    won't aggro) and find Jim Stacey. 
    4.2.1:  Nads Tharen's Key
    4.2.2:  Percius Mercius
    4.2.3:  Bittercup
    4.2.4:  Hrundi
    4.2.5:  Ranes & Navil
    4.2.6:  Kill Sjoring Hard-Heart
    Nads Tharen's Key
    REWARD: 500 gold
    There is normally more to do in this quest, but as I'm writing this faq, I 
    guess you only want to know how to complete it. So, head to St. Delyn district 
    and find the South-Two apartment on the south side (duh) on the 'ground' level.
    Inside the Nads Tharen's body along with the key.
    Head back to Foreign Quarter and Jim Stacey to get some gold.
    Percius Mercius
    REWARD: 500 gold
    Easy one. Travel to Ald'Ruhn (I recommend the guild guide) and Find the 
    Fighters Guild. Down the stairs to your left you'll find Percius. If you 
    haven't done his quests, you must pursuade him to talk about 'help us fight'. 
    This is it! Go back to Jim Stacey and he'll give you 500 gold.
    REWARD: nothing or bittercup
    You have to choices, you can:
    1. Kill Fire-Eye Eydis to make it quick.
    2. Head out to nowhere and find a silly cup. 
    When getting the quest, Jim also marks the location of Redaynia on your map. 
    There are many ways to get there, but I'll tell you mine. First I ran up to 
    the mage's guild and took the guild guide to Ald'Ruhn, and then the siltstrider
    to Khuul. From there, I used my fantastic waterwalking spell and ran all the 
    way up to Ald Redaynia. Outside there are two skeleton archers standing around.
    When inside, open the lvl75 locked and trapped door. Now you'll encounter 3 
    skeleton champions, 1 bonelord and 1 skeleton war-wizard. Aftar slaying them 
    all and climbing the stairs, you'll find the bittercup on an altar. Take it and
    Easiest way out is almsivi intervention to Gnisis. Then silstrider to Ald'Ruhn 
    and finally guild guide to Balmora. Go to the Fighters Guild and talk to 
    Fire-Eye and offer the cup OR kill her and keep the cup.
    Go back to Jim to finish it off. 
    REWARD: nuttin'
    Take the guild guide to Sadrith Mora and go down two floor to enter the 
    fighters guild. Find Hrundi and talk to him. If your "love-meter" is high you 
    may not need to do this quest, just ask him to join our cause. 
    Otherwise, go to the Fara's Hole in The Wall by the docks and talk to Falena 
    Hlaren about Hrundi's woman. Now go back to Hrundi and ask him to join our 
    With Hrundi in the gang, go back to Vivec and Gentleman Jim Stacey.
    Ranes & Navil
    REWARD: Ring of Shadow Form
    You are to kill two "really dangerous" Camonna Tong guys called Ranes and 
    Navil. To find them, you must go to the Dren Plantation. To get there(it should
    be marked on your map by now), walk north from Vivec. Check the map section if 
    you feel that is necessary. Now, enter the Dren Manor and walk down all the 
    stairs until you'll come across a level 60 locked door. Unlock it to reveal 
    another level 60 locked door. Now you'll immediatly encounter the two guys. One
    of them has a paralyzing dagger which can be a real pain in the ass. 
    When they're dead, loot the place and go back to Vivec and Jim. You'll get a 
    yummy ring as a reward. 
    Kill Sjoring Hard-Heart 
    REWARD: Skeleton Key, Master Thief Promotion
    This is it! Walk up to the Foreign Quarter Plaza and enter the Fighters Guild.
    Go down all the stairs and try to find Sjoring in his room. Now, I leave the 
    rest to you. He can be very easy or very hard depending on your character. One 
    of the problems here could be that you may have to fight everyone in Vivec's 
    Fighter's Guild at the same time (5 ppl total). So buckle up with buffs to the 
    When Sjoring is dead, go back to Jim to get your final quest and the mighty 
    skeleton key which can unlock every door or chest or whatever lock in the game 
    (comes with 50 uses). You'll also be the new guildmaster as Jim decides to 
    4.3---Thieves Guild------------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Bal Molagmer*********************************************************
    When you talk to Jim Stacey the first time, he'll give you the Bal Molagmer 
    gloves. To get the quests, put them on and talk to Jim Stacey. To find Jim, 
    check above. 
    4.3.1:  Hlervu Locket
    4.3.2:  Yngling Half-Troll's Corruption
    4.3.3:  Land Deed
    4.3.4:  Enamor
    4.3.5:  Brallion's Ring
    4.3.6:  History Books
    4.3.7:  Dwemer Goblet
    Hlervu Locket
    REWARD: nothing! we're helping the poor here!
    The first task for the Bal Molagmer is getting back a stolen locket from the 
    Venim Manor in Ald'Ruhn which belongs to a poor retired eggminer. Take the 
    guild guide (or any way of travelling you may prefer) to Ald'Ruhn and get into
    the Under-Skar. The Under-Skar is that big Shell-thingie in Ald'Ruhn. Enter and
    find the entrance to the Venim manor. Now go left and find and find the door to
    the guard quarters. The locket is ON a chest in one of the rooms. Actually, 
    it's in the only room with a lock on in. There is a guard in the corridor, so 
    sneak so you wont get caught. I think it's a level 55 lock.
    When you have the locket, leave the under-skar and find Braynas Hlervu's house.
    It's to the far east of Ald'Ruhn. He stands outside his house. Give him the 
    locket in the name of Bal Molagmer. Of course, he wont undarstand but thank you
    Go back to Jim Stacey to get the next quest.
    Yngling Half-Troll's Corruption
    REWARD: nope.
    Yngling's manor is in the St. Olms district. Get there and run all the way up 
    to the plaza. His manor is in the southwest corner. Enter! Go down the stairs 
    in the back and be amazed by the mighty level 85 locked door. After unlocking 
    it, enter and find Yngling's Ledger on a table.
    Take it and return to Jim Stacey.
    Land Deed
    REWARD: not really.
    Head over to the Temple Canton in Vivec. Find your way into the Hall of Wisdom 
    and from there to the Library. Go to the northwestern bookshelf. You'll find 
    the deed on the bottom shelf under a book. Take it when the ordinators are out
    of sight and run away. 
    Take the siltstrider to Seyde Neen and look for Indrele Rathryon's house. It's
    in the western part of Seyda Neen. Indrele will be wandering around her house.
    Talk to her about the deed and give it to her and tell her it belongs in her 
    hands. She'll recognize the gloves of Bal Molagmer. 
    When she has thanked you for the deed, go back to Vivec and talk to Jim Stacey
    to finish the quest.
    REWARD: yeah right...
    So... We're going to Ghostgate... Wee...
    Take the guild guide to Caldera and head northeast to Ghostgate. If you don't 
    know where it is, take a look at the map section. Anyway, when you're there, 
    enter the tower of Dusk. From there go to the west and to the lower tower. In 
    the northeast part of this area, behind a door, you'll find Salyn Sarethi and 
    his chest. It's easy to avoid them seeing you putting back the Enamor and the 
    note to Salyn Sarethi in the chest. 
    When finished, use an almsivi spell to get to Ald'Ruhn. From there, take the 
    guild guide to Vivec and go back to Jim Stacey to finish the quest.
    Brallion's Ring
    REWARD: in your dreams!
    You are to get Brallion's ring and deliver it to Ilmani Dren. Run up to the 
    mage's guild and take the guild guide to Sadrith Mora. From there, leave the 
    Wolverine hall and follow the road north through Sadrith Mora until you come 
    across Fara's Hole in the Wall. Enter and walk down the stairs. Brallion is the
    ugly guy here. You can now:
    1. Steal the ring. If you have the elite pickpocketing skills.
    2. Taunt him and kill him.
    3. BUY the ring from him if you ask him about it. 
    When you have the ring, Run back to the Wolverine Hall and take the guild guide
    back to Vivec. Now go to the St. Delyn Canton. Find the St. Delyn Canal
    South-One on the south (duh) side of the canton. Enter and talk to Ilmani. Give
    the ring to her in the name of Bal Molagmer which she of course will know 
    Return to Jim Stacey to get your next assignment.
    History Books
    REWARD: 1'000'000 gold... naah, just kidding
    Take the guild guide to Caldera and find your way to the Governor Hall in the 
    north. Enter and take the northern stairs up to a room with a locked closet and
    a locked chest. The books are in the chest. It's trapped and the lock is at 
    level 40. When you have the books, go back to the guild guide and go to 
    Ald'Ruhn. Vala Catraso is at the bottom floor to the north. Talk to her and 
    donate the books in the name of Bal Molagmer.
    Go back to Jim Stacey when you're finished.
    Dwemer Goblet
    REWARD: no comment
    First of all, get to the Temple district by foot, boat or an almsivi 
    intervention. When there, enter the Hall of Justice. Now find you way into the
    Justice Offices. There are two entrances and one will lead you directly to 
    Berel Sala's room. When there, you should find the goblet on a table. Now, 
    sneaking skill is a must. Use your best chameleon spells. Invisibility is 
    pretty good too. Another way I found out was to use a telekinesis ring and 
    stand in the corridor reaching the goblet without being noticed.
    When you have the goblet, get out of the temple or use an almsivi intervention 
    to fin yourself standing beside Danso Indules. Give away the goblet in the name
    of Bal Molagmer.
    Return to Jimmieboy to finish the quest.
    4.4---Morag Tong---------------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Eno Hlaalu***********************************************************
    In the Vivec Arena Waistworks, take the western door to the Arena Canalworks 
    and enter the Arena Storage. Behind one of the locked doors you will find a 
    trapdoor to Arena hidden Area. Once there, find Eno Hlaalu(he's at the very 
    top, in the northeastern corner. Just climb all the stairs you can find and 
    you'll get there).
    Tell him that you want to join the guild. You will now be probationer and he'll
    give you a test to pass for full membership.
    4.4.1:  Writ for Feruren Oran
    4.4.2:  Writ for Toris Saren
    4.4.3:  Writ for Odaishah Yasalmibaal
    4.4.4:  Writ for Sarayn Sadus
    4.4.5:  Writ for Ethal Seloth & Idroso Vendu
    4.4.6:  Writ for Guril Retheran
    4.4.7:  Writ for Galasa Uvayn
    4.4.8:  Writ for Mathyn Bemis
    4.4.9:  Writ for Brilnosu Llaryn
    4.4.10: Writ for Navil and Ranes Ienith
    4.4.11: A Contact with the Dark Brotherhood
    4.4.12: Sanguine Fleetness
    4.4.13: Ultimatum for Movis Darys
    4.4.14: Ultimatum for Carecalmo
    4.4.15: Ring of Sublime Wisdom
    4.4.16: Execute Durus Marius
    4.4.17: Execute Severa Magia
    4.4.18: Challenge Eno Hlaalu
    Writ for Feruren Oran (by 072.V)
    REWARD: membership in the Morag Tong
    When you ask Eno Hlaalu for membership in the Morag Tong, he will give you a 
    writ for the honorable execution of Feruren Oran. Head to the Hlaalu District 
    and enter through the door in the northeast part of the waistworks. He'll not 
    be very forthcoming so just kill him. Present the writ to the ordinators when 
    they stop you and return to Eno Hlaalu for your reward.
    Writ for Toris Saren (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 500 gold
    Now that you're a member of the Morag Tong, Eno Hlaalu will have two writs
    for you to choose from. Choose both of them at the same time to save some of
    your precious time.
    The first assanination of Toris Saren will take place at the Redoran Compound
    in Vivec. Head all the way up to the Redoran Plaza and enter it. Find the
    Saren Manor at the Plaza and enter it. Toris Saren will be standing there so
    talk to him. He won't be very forthcoming so slay him.
    The execution is now finished. If you really want to, go back to Eno Hlaalu.
    I recommend that you to go for the second writ instead.
    *** If you get reported, present your writ to the Ordinators/Guards.
    Writ for Odaishah Yasalmibaal (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 500 gold
    This assasination is harder to find then it is to slay the guy you're after.
    If you use the map in this FAQ it would be easier to understand and to find.
    Odaishah's Yurt is located at 6O-1E at the map. I'll try to explain the best
    i can anyway so here goes nothing...
    Take the boat or guild guide from Vivec to Sadrith Mora. From Sadrith Mora,
    take the boat again to Tel Mora. From Tel Mora take the boat to Tel Aruhn.
    After the many boat rides it's time to find that goddamn tent!
    From Tel Aruhn, swim/levitate southwest until you reach the mainland.
    odaishah's Yurt should be along the coast, so just follow the coast in either
    direction to find it. Enter the Yurt and slay Odaishah before heading back to 
    Eno Hlaalu in the Vivec Hidden Arena.
    *** If you get reported, present your writ to the Ordinators/Guards.
    Writ for Sarayn Sadus (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 500 gold
    Another one of those 'Head out to nowhere to execute some guy and getting
    a pitiful reward for it'-quest. Sarayn Sadus is hiding in a cave called
    Zaihtirari. Talk to Eno about the Erabenimsun Camp and he'll mark it on the
    world map for you.
    First of all head to Molag Mar or Sadrith Mora, and the to the Erabenisum Camp.
    Zaihtirari is located northwest of the camp. Head northwest until you reach
    the steampit with lots of dead trees around it(near the lavapool). From there,
    take the road north and enter the cave. Fight your way through the cave until
    you reach Sarayn Sadus and then slay him. Head back to Eno for the reward.
    *** If you get reported, present your writ to the Ordinators/Guards.
    Writ for Ethal Seloth & Idroso Vendu (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    Finally there will be a couple of writs for some guys in Vivec.
    These guys are located at the Telvanni Compound at the Telvanni Plaza area.
    Head over there and enter the 'Temporary Telvanni Housing'. Ethal and Idroso
    will both be inside, slay them and return to Eno for the 1000 gold reward.
    Quick and easy earned money!
    *** If you get reported, present your writ to the Ordinators/Guards.
    Writ for Guril Retheran (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    Yet another easy quest that is located close by. Exit the Arena Compound and
    head over to the Redoran Compound. Go to the Redoran Waistworks and enter
    the Flower of Gold Cornerclub. Go downstairs and you'll find Guril standing
    around. Kill him and head back for your reward.
    *** If you get reported, present your writ to the Ordinators/Guards.
    Writ for Galasa Uvayn (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    You thought the easy quests were over? Heck no!
    This assasination will take place at the Hlaalu Compound. Go there, then enter
    the Waistworks. Head to the northern part of the Hlaalu Waistworks to find the
    Hlaalu Treasury. Enter and head downstairs to find Galasa. Kill her and head
    back to Eno Hlaalu for reward.
    *** If you get reported, present your writ to the Ordinators/Guards.
    Writ for Mathyn Bemis (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    Eno wants you to kill Mathyn Bemis, a bad gang member. Their hideout is located
    in the Hlaalu Compound. Go there and enter the Waistworks. From here, go down
    one level and enter the Hlaalu Canalworks. The hideout is located in the
    western part of the Canalworks. Kill Mathyn Bemis and his fellow gang members.
    Head back to Eno Hlaalu for your reward.
    *** If you get reported, present your writ to the Ordinators/Guards.
    Writ for Brilnosu Llarys (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    Brilnosu is a mage at the stronghold Hlormaren which is located northwest of
    Balmora along the coast. Eno will mark it on your map. Bring a levitation
    potion and then head for Balmora or Hla Oad, and then make your way up to the 
    When you arrive you'll see some doors 'n stuff. Instead of entering any of
    them, you should use your levitation potion and fly up to the top level.
    Brilnosu is standing at the top, so kill her quickly. When your done, head back
    to Eno.
    *** If you get reported, present your writ to the Ordinators/Guards.
    Writ for Navil and Ranes Ienith (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: ?
    If you have finished all of the Thieves Guild quest, you'll know that one of
    the quests is to kill Navil and Ranes. If you did this you won't get any 
    reward, but the quest will be finished.
    You'll find Navil and Ranes Ienith at the bottom floor of Dren's Villa
    at Dren's Plantation. Dren's Plantation is located north/northwest of Vivec.
    When you arrive at the plantation, enter Dren's Villa and head down the set of
    stairs to the locked door. Lockpick the door and you'll face another locked
    door. Open it and Navil & Ranes will be inside. Kill them both and loot the
    place of all the goodies before you finally head back to Eno Hlaalu.
    *** If you get reported, present your writ to the Ordinators/Guards.
    A Contact with the Dark Brotherhood (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: nothin'
    Now that you've completed all the writ quests it's time for the
    'special duties'. Ask Eno Hlaalu for some special duties and it will trigger
    the quest. 
    Exit the Arena Compound and head for the Foreign Quarters Compound. Go into the
    Lower Waistworks and find the Enchanter Miun-Gei's shop. Talk to him about
    the Dark Brotherhood and he'll tell you that his contact is Tsrazami the
    Khajiit. Now that you have the name of the contact, you should head back to
    Eno Hlaalu and report.
    Sanguine Fleetness (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: nothin'
    When your ready for a new quest, ask Eno for some of those special duties again
    and it will start the next one. It's time to begin collecting the 27 threads.
    Eno wants you to retrieve the Sanguine Fleetness from a Dark Brotherhood mage
    in Pelagiad. Take the silt-strider to Seyda Neen and walk to Pelagiad.
    When you arrive at the town you should go to the Halfway Inn which is in the
    central part of the town. Head upstairs and enter the open wooden door to
    Hrordis. If you are a skilled thief you can pickpocket it from her, but if you
    can't do that kill her instead and pay the 1025 gold or try to escape to the
    nearest 'remove price on your head' guy. Below i will list them all.
    Phane Rielle 		Balmora
    Tounge-Toad 		Ald'ruhn
    Rissinia 		Sadrith Mora
    Crazy-Legs Arantamo	Vivec, Foreign Quarters Canalworks
    			(backdoor of Simione Frallines bookshop) 
    When your done, head back to Eno and deliver the Sanguine Fleetness.
    Ultimatum for Movis Darys (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    Movis Darys is located at the Mage Guild in Ald'ruhn. Guild guide or take the
    silt-strider to Ald'ruhn and you'll find him at the bottom floor of the Guild.
    Tell him the ultimatum and recieve his Sanguine belt as a token of trust.
    Head back to Eno Hlaalu for your reward.
    Ultimatum for Carecalmo (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    Yet another ultimatum will be handed out by your hand, and this time it's
    Carecalmo's turn. Carecalmo is a mage that is located inside the Daedric ruins
    of Ashalmimilkala. This is west of Balmora and west of the stronghold of
    Hlormaren. If you look at your world map and check near Hlormaren you'll see
    a 'belt' of islands/land inte ocean. Ashalmimilkala is located on this 'belt'.
    Inside the Daedric ruin you'll encounter a fighter, kill him and continue
    further into the ruin. Talk to Carecalmo and he'll get mad at you because of
    the ultimatum. Slay him and pick up whatever Sanguine item he dropped before
    you head back to Eno Hlaalu.
    Ring of Sublime Wisdom (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: nothin'
    Eno will tell you that Anel Rethelas has one of the missing Sanguine items in
    her possesion. Your mission is to kill Anel and bring back the missing ring.
    Exit Vivec and head for Khuul by using the silt-strider from Ald'ruhn.
    From Khuul, walk sothwest until you reach the town of Ald Velothi. From here
    walk west until you reach the old Dwemer ruins. Continue west until you find
    the Daedric ruin of Yasammidan near the ocean. Enter it and find Anel Rethelas.
    Kill her and retrive the ring to Eno Hlaalu.
    Execute Durus Marius (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 2000 gold
    You will now perform an execution of some pitiful bandits that live under the
    St.Olms Compound. Exit the Arena and head for St.Olms Waistworks. From hear
    walk down to the St.Olms Canalworks at the east side of the Waistworks.
    Head down the first stairs and then take the right stairs to the Underworks.
    Here you'll find the lair of Assernerairan. Kill the 2 bandits and Durus
    Marius and pick up the nice Daedric Longsword that one of them carries.
    Pick up any Sanguine items you find and then head back for your reward.
    Execute Severa Magia (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Black Hands Dagger
    This is the last mission which you will recieve from the Grandmaster Eno
    Hlaalu. This quest is also an execution of a Cult member. Severa Magia is
    hiding in the Daedric ruins of Ald Sotha northeast of vivec. Run over there
    from Vivec and enter it.
    From the entrance you'll see a crossroad. Go to the right to find 2 easy guys
    to beat up. The left road leads to one Daedroth and one pretty tough guy.
    Straight from the entrance is the passage to the lower level. Head right
    from the lower entrance to find Severa Magia. Kill her and grab the items
    before you report back to Eno Hlaalu. Eno will give you the Black Hands Dagger
    which has been brought done for many generations through the Morag Tong.
    You should now have reached the rank of Exalted Master.
    Challenge Eno Hlaalu (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Grandmaster promotion
    Talk to Eno Hlaalu and challenge him. He will now give you two choices in order
    to get the Grandmaster promotion.
    1) Let him retire and leave the Morag Tong forever.
    2) Fight him in a battle to death for the title of Grandmaster.
    The best way is to let him retire since he's not carrying anything valuble.
    4.5---Fighters Guild-----------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Sjoring Hard-Heart***************************************************
    You can find Sjoring in the Vivec's Fighters Guild in the Foreign Quarter 
    4.5.1:  Killing Spree I
    4.5.2:  Killing Spree II
    Killing Spree I
    REWARD: Champion's promotion
    You are to kill 3 of the high-ranked thieves guild members. Sugar-Lips Habasi 
    (found in Balmora South Wall Cornerclub), Big Helende (found in Dirty Muriel's
    Cornerclub just outside Wolverine Hall in Sadrith Mora) and Aengoth the Jeweler
    (found in The Rat in the Pot in Ald'Ruhn). Sjoring gives you 5000 gold for 
    whatever you might need. As soon as I got this quest, I realized how stupid it 
    was. Killing all the quest-givers within the thieves guild. But hey, maybe you 
    don't care about the thieves guild? In that case, kill them. Taunting is a must
    here if you don't want a whole guild + billions of gold wasted on bountys. 
    NOTE: just take this quest to get the 5000 gold. You can be the guildmaster and
    still not have to kill those thieves. Do all the thieves guilds' quests until 
    you get the last one from Jim Stacey. He tells you to kill Sjoring. When that 
    quest is done, you'll be Master in both the thieves guild and the Fighters
    Guild. Also, the influence of the eeeevil Camonna Tong is gone. Everyone is 
    happy! (except Sjoring of course 'coz he'll be pretty dead)
    When all the guildmasters are dead, report back to Sjoring to be promoted to 
    Champion. This will also piss off Lorbumol gro-Aglakh and he'll now attack you
    on sight. 
    Killing Spree II
    REWARD: Master's Promotion (well, sort of...)
    Sjoring tells you to kill Jim Stacey, the head of the thieves guild. To find 
    him, check section 4.2. When attaacking him, you must also fight Crazy-Legs who
    is in the same room, but noone can be a threat to a great fighter like you,huh?
    When you've killed Jim Stacey, return to Sjoring to be.... ATTACKED BY HIM! 
    Kill him and be the new Master! (you must also fight the others in the Vivec 
    fighters guild as they like their boss so much). 
    NOTE: This aint really a good choice of a quest. You can be the guildmaster and
    still not have to kill those thieves. Do all the thieves guilds' quests until 
    you get the last one from Jim Stacey. He tells you to kill Sjoring. When that 
    quest is done, you'll be Master in both the thieves guild and the Fighters
    Guild. Also, the influence of the eeeevil Camonna Tong is gone. Everyone is 
    happy! (except Sjoring of course 'coz he'll be pretty dead)
    4.6---Great House Hlaalu-------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Crassius Curio*******************************************************
    4.6.1:  An Admiring Sponsor
    4.6.2:  Valfred the Outlaw
    4.6.3:  Stronghold
    4.6.4:  Kill Banden Indarys
    4.6.5:  Bero's Support
    4.6.6:  Kill Reynel Uvirith
    An Admiring Sponsor (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: A perverted sponsor
    Nileno tells you that you need a sponsor and that Crassius Curio will almost 
    certainly answer to that request. Crassius Curio has his place at the Curio 
    Manor in the Hlaalu Plaza in Vivec. You can find him in his manor by going left
    down the stairs from the manor entrance and then go right through the wooden 
    door. He tells you that you need to do him a favour, and that you don't need to
    be shy. Right now as a player you sit and wonder what the heck he ment. Talk to
    him again and... well, the guy can't help that he is a pervert so off with 
    everything on your body! Talk to him again and he will become your sponsor.
    He now sends you to do some quests for Odral Helvi in Caldera. He is located in
    the Governor Manor. (See Odral Helvi quest section X.X.X)
    Valfred the Outlaw (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    Crassius sends you on a mission to make Valfred the Outlaw, a raw Ebony dealer,
    to respect the Hlaalu House. Head for Hla Oad by boat from Vivec. Talk to the 
    Boat manager about Valfred and he will tell you that Valfred must be close by 
    in his own ship. Follow the coast and you will find his ship floating around 
    the shore. Talk to him, and bribe him to respect the Hlaalu House. When you've 
    done this, head back to Crassius to get the reward of 1000 gold pieces.
    Stronghold (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: A Stronghold
    Between these quests you have to talk to Dondos Driler in Hlaalu Council House 
    in Balmora about building yourself a stronghold. Dondos Driler tells you to get
    a land deed and a construction contract since we can't break the law.
    The land deed you will recieve from Baren Ales inte the Dwarven Treasury in the
    Hlaalu Waistworks. Buy the deed from him and then head for Ebonheart. Go into 
    the Grand Council chambers in Ebonheart and find Duke Vedam Dren. He will grant
    you a construction contract. So now it's time to get your own manor!!!
    Head to Balmora and talk to Dondos Driler and he will send someone to start 
    building the Stronghold. This will take a few days, but when you see that your 
    journal updates, go and see Dondos Driler if the work has begun. When the work 
    has begun, go and have a look at your manor on the Odai Plateu southwest of 
    Balmora. Talk to the Orc building the house and he will tell you that 
    everything goes as planned. Head back to Dondos Driler and give him the 
    updated story of the building process. He will tell you that the house will be
    done in one week.
    After a week has passed, your journal should update and say that "The Manor 
    should be done today". Talk to Dondos Driler again and he tells you that the 
    first stage is complete, and that you need to begin the second stage. You will
    need to find a Egg Mine and some Egg Mine Workers to bring in some money to the
    Hlaalu House. Luckily, you got a blighted Egg Mine in your contract, so now all
    you have too do is to heal the Kwama Queen in the Shurdan-Raplay Egg Mine.
    You will need a scroll of Daerir's Blessing which can be found in Gnisis in 
    Hetman Abelmawia's house. Buy it from him and head for the Egg Mine. Fight your
    way through until you reach the Kwama Queen, use the scroll and she will be all
    better! :)
    Now all you need is workers... Dondos Driler suggests that you go to Gnisis and
    Tel Aruhn to find some egg miners. In Tel Aruhn head for the Underground and 
    talk with the man furthest down(The one that isn't a slave) and he will join 
    your cause. Now you can go to Gnisis and head to the Tansumiran cave dwelling 
    to find another egg miner. Head back to Balmora and Dondos Driler and he will
    begin building stage two of the manor. 
    When the week has passed, talk to Dondos Driler again and he'll say that you 
    need someone to protect you from bandits. Head to the Fighters Guild and to the
    bottom floor. Talk to Flaera about getting protection and she will send out a 
    word to a warrior for 1000 gold. Go to your manor and speak with the warrior.
    Now you can head to the Bandits Lair and kill them, they are stationed in the 
    Zainsipiu cavern southeast of your manor, across the river.
    Head back to Dondos and talk to him about your stronghold. He will begin the 
    preparations of the final stage of your manor.
    And after a week or so your manor should be completed!
    Kill Banden Indarys (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    The Redoran House has built a Stronghold without permission which is against 
    the law. You'll have to take this matter upon yourself and slay that manor 
    Crassius will point out the location onto your map so it's time to get to 
    Ald'ruhn. Walk your way to Bal Isra and enter the manor. Find Banden Indarys 
    inside(He will be the only one attacking you) and kill him. Head back to 
    Crassius to retrieve 100 gold.
    Bero's Support (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: nuttin'
    Hlaalu needs the aid of Drem Bero. He is a bit tricky to find.
    Head for the St.Olms Plaza in Vivec, once your there enter the Haunted Manor.
    Walk down the stairs and open the level 50 door. Enter and talk to Drem, he 
    will only join you if you can beat one of his Champions in the Arena. Agree and 
    then go and to Garding the Bold about the matchup and he will head to the Arena
    to face you. Get over to the Arena Pit in Vivec and fight Garding (really 
    easy), but don't kill him... just wound him severe :P 
    Now head back to Drem and he will join your cause.
    Kill Reynel Uvirith (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    Telvanni has also begun to build a Stronghold without following the law. So 
    Crassius sends you to kill the master of the manor, Reynel Uvirith. Talk to 
    Crassius again about the mission and he will mark the spot on the map.
    Now then, exit Vivec and head for Uvirith's grave, teleport to Sadrith Mora
    first to make it quicker. Once you arrive, enter Tower Lower and head to the 
    second floor. Reynel will be there and she is a sorceror, so the fight will be
    over quickly. Head back to Crassius for reward.
    Head to Duke Vedam Dren in Ebonheart for more quests. He is in the Grand 
    Council Chambers.
    4.7---Great House Hlaalu-------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Edryno Arethi********************************************************
    4.7.1:  Bank Courier
    4.7.2:  Murudius Flaeus's debt
    4.7.3:  Escort Tarvyn Faren
    4.7.4:  Telvanni at Odirniran
    4.7.5:  Exterminator
    4.7.6:  Ashlander Ebony
    4.7.7:  The Shipwreck Prelude
    4.7.8:  Guard Ralen Tilvurs
    Edryno is found in the Hlaalu Upper Waistworks in Vivec.
    Bank Courier (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 50 gold
    Edryno wants you to run a little errand for her (very little). She will give
    you a Sealed Report to hand over to Baren Alen. Exit her room and run to the
    opposite side to the Hlaalu Treasury. Head downstairs and through the door.
    Talk to Baren Alen and give him the report. Head back to Edryno for the mighty
    reward of 50 gold pieces.
    Murudius Flaeus's debt (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 400 gold
    Edryno sends you on a mission to pick up a debt from Murudius Flaeus in Hla
    Oad. Take the boat there from Vivec and enter his house. He'll say he doesn't
    have the money. Bribe him until he gives you his key to his chest. The chest
    is UNDER Falinda's house, it contains 800 gold. Now travel back to Vivec and
    report to Edryno and you will recive the reward.
    Escort Tarvyn Faren (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 500 gold
    Yet another easy quest, Tarvyn Faren wants escort from Vivec to Pelgaid. He
    will be walking around by the Silt-Strider outside Vivec. Talk to him and
    choose the travel together option. Escort him to the Half-Way Tavern in
    Pelgaid. After that head back to Edryno in Vivec for you're reward.
    Telvanni at Odirniran (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    Hlaalu House members need help from you as the Telvanni has taken over the 
    Odirniran. Head out of vivec and onto the Silt-Strider and travel to Molag
    Mar. Head southeast to find Odirniran. It's south of the dwemer ruin
    When you enter find your way to the Hlaalu house members on the first floor.
    They will tell you that one of their teams went missing. Everyones dead except
    Vedelea Othril. She has been captured by the Telvanni necromancer. So into the
    lair you go and search for the necromancer. You'll fight skeletons and Bone
    Lords on your way there. Once you've reached the necro, you'll kill him before
    you noticed it. He has a Key on him which is to the cell of Vedelea. Free her
    and escort her back to her sister. Head out of the Odirniran and back to
    Vivec. Collect your reward of a 1000 gold pieces.
    Exterminator (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: gold
    Edryno has recieved a request from Yngling Half-Troll from the St.Olms Plaza.
    His rats has been poisoned by a sabotuer, and now you must go there and kill
    the blighted ones. You will get the Key to Ynglings basement so leave Edryno
    and head over to St.Olms Plaza. Once you arrive at the basement kill only the
    blighted rats... NOT the game rats. When you're finished, head back to Edryno
    for the reward.
    Ashlander Ebony (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    Edryno tells you that the Zainab Camp is selling Ebony. Hlaalu wants Zainab to
    sell the Ebony via them so that the sell price for Ebony stays up.
    Head for Sadrith Mora, then head to the docks and go to Tel Mora by boat. Take
    the boat over to Vos and then walk southwest from Vos to reach the camp.
    When you arrive at the camp, talk to Gulakhan Ashibaal located inside the
    Ashibaal tent. Ask him about the ebony and he'll play stupid because he
    doesn't know you. So bribe him until he answers in a respectable way. Tell him
    to sell via Hlaalu, because of the sell price on Ebony. He will then agree and
    it's time to head back to Vivec and Edryno for the reward.
    The Shipwreck Prelude (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 500 gold
    It's finally time to go on a treasure hunt! Edryno is searching for the ship
    Prelude which went under during an attempt to use a secret dock approximatly 1
    year ago. It's location is supposedly to be east of Bal Fell(islands south of
    Vvardenfel). The ship contains a Daedric Wakuzashi that Edryno wants. 
    Watashi da FAQ-master sez:
    You can probably get whatever Daedric Wakuzashi you want. If you got one by 
    slaying a dremora lord, for instance, and don't really want to go all the way 
    to find the ship. :)
    The rumour about the ships location is very true, so off you go to Bal Fell
    (Travel to Tel Branora is recommended). If you start at Bal Fell on the map,
    it's straight to the east. You really can't miss it if you head straight to
    the east(trust me :P). When you reach the ship, go down and face a skeleton
    warrior. Take whatever you like from this level. Then head down to the second
    level and kill the Bone Lord. You will now see a body which is no other then
    the ships captain. He wears a Key which you will grab. Open the chest with the
    key to retrieve the Daedric Wakuzashi. This sword is what Edryno sent you for.
    Head back up too the surface and then go back to Vivec. Edryno will take the
    sword and then give you 500 gold.
    Guard Ralen Tilvurs (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    Ralen Tilvurs shop in the Foreign Quarter Plaza has been robbed 3 nights in a
    row. He now wants you to help him to stop the thief by standing guard during
    night time. Head to Ralen Tilvurs Smithy at Foreign Quarter Plaza and talk to
    him. All you have to do now is wait for the thief to appear, then you kill
    him. A very easy quest if you ask me. ;)
    After you've killed him head back to Edryno to get your reward. 
    4.8---Mage's Guild-------------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Archmage Trebonius***************************************************
    4.8.1:  Disappearance of the Dwarves
    4.8.2:  Death to the Telvanni
    Disappearence of the Dwarves
    REWARD: Nothing
    Well, after getting this silly task, you may realize that Trebonius is a 
    bonehead. To finish this quest you must find some books. These books are 
    "Hanging Gardens...", "Egg of Time", and "Divine Metaphysics...". These can be
    obtained through doing quests 3.1.7, 3.1.8 and 3.1.9. As you may notice, these 
    are the three last quests for Edwinna at the Ald'Ruhn Mage Guild. You don't 
    need to do these quests, but only follow the instructions on how to find the 
    After the books are in your possession, you must go to the Tel Fyr Corprusarium
    and talk to Yagrum. For instructions on how to get there and find Yagrum, check 
    quest 2.5.7. Ask him about the three books and your journal will be updated. 
    With this information, go back to Trebonius. He won't understand a thing but 
    he'll be happy as he can brag about it when other Archmages comes to visit him.
    Death to the Telvanni
    REWARD: Trebonius' Ring, Necromancer's Amulet, Arch-Mage promotion
    Well, this is probably the last quest you'll ever do for the Mage's Guild as it
    is pretty far in the game. This is because you need to finish the WHOLE 
    Morrowind main quest. That's section 2.5.1 to 2.5.20. 
    So you finished them all? Well, congrats. Now, Are you a member of the 
    Telvanni? Forget this. Do you want to join the Telvanni? FORGET THIS. Have you
    realized that there is a much better way to get Trebonius' very nice amulet. 
    And that's killing him. Check the ranking section for more details on this.
    Anyways, if you're still up to it, load your shotgun and buckle up. You've 
    already been to every one of the masters before in the main quest, so check 
    section 2.5.13 for details on their locations. Killing them won't be illegal...
    I think. I think I read that in a forum. I didn't know this at the moment I 
    finished the quest, so I taunted them by routine. 
    Killing them all and then talking to Trebonius will result in him giving you 
    his jewelry. 
    Employer: Endryn Llethan*******************************************************
    4.9.1:  Divine Disease
    Divine Disease
    REWARD: 2 Potions of Cure Blight Disease
    A woman named Tanusea Veloth has the corprus disease and you must persuade her 
    into leaving Vivec and travel to the corprusarium before someone else catches 
    Leave the temple and go north to the Arena canton. Climb up and enter the Arena
    Pit. You can find her in the northern part of the Pit. Talk to her about 
    leaving Vivec and choose option two. She'll agree and later leave.
    Head back to Endryn to get your reward. A cure for the blight disease you might
    have gotten from her if you're unlucky. :)
    Sadrith Mora*******************************************************************
    With the interesting Wolverine hall, this city offers a fine number of quests.
    5.1---Mage's Guild-------------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Skink-in-Tree's-Shade************************************************
    5.1.1:  Tenyeminwe
    5.1.2:  Vampires of Vvardenfell
    5.1.3:  Arrange a meeting
    5.1.4:  Necromancer in Shul
    5.1.5:  Yakin
    5.1.6:  Galur Rithari's Papers
    5.1.7:  Letter to Trebonius
    REWARD: nothing :(
    This is one wasy escort mission. Skink asks you to take Tenyeminwe at Dirty 
    Muriel's Cornerclub to Gals Arethi's Ship at the Telvanni docks. Leave the 
    Wolverine hall and cross the stone bridge and you're at the Cornerclub. You'll
    see Tenyeminwe as soon as you're in there. Talk to her and leave. 
    The hardest thing is that you can run too fast and you'll lose her. But that 
    shouldn't be a problem I hope. Follow the path through Sadrith Mora to the 
    northwest until you come across the Docks. It aint really hard to find. 
    Your journal'll be uptated when you're there. Go back to Skink to get your 
    reward of absolutely nothing.
    Vampires of Vvardenfell
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    I actually got the book when finishing the Fighters Guild quest where you go to
    Punabi and Silipund and kill that guy... I think he has the book in one of his 
    shelves. Anyway, if you're not planning to go that far, you can find one at 
    Jobasha's. Take the guild guide to Vivec. Then leave the plaza and go down one 
    level and enter the lower waistworks. Look around and try to find Jobasha's 
    rare books store. He'll sell you the the book which is worth 400 gold.
    Bring the book to Skink and he'll give you some gold.
    Arrange a meeting
    REWARD: nothing >:(
    You are to arrange a meeting with one of the Ashlander camp's Wise Women. Skink
    recommends the one in the Ahemmusa camp. To get there, run down to the docks in
    Sadrith Mora, take the ship to Tel Mora, and if you don't want to swim, take 
    the ship from Tel Mora to Vos. Now, Run north along the coast until you get to 
    the camp. It should be fairly visible from the coast. 
    Find the wise eomans yurt and speak to Sinnammu Mirpal. She wont meet with 
    Skink, but let her apprentice do it. So to find the apprentice run west from 
    the camp, past the egg mine there, and then follow the coast west past some 
    daedric ruin (watch out for the enemies here if you are low-level). The 
    entrance to the Favel Tomb should be easy to spot, but if you are having 
    problems i recommend my map in the end of the faq. 
    When inside, walk down the stairs and go through the door to find Minabibi. 
    She'll tell you that she must defeat the restless spirit in the tomb. Open the 
    next door to fight a skeleton and finding a '36 lessons of Vivec'-book. In the 
    next room you'll find the spirit and a Bonelord. Defeat them and loot the place
    if you wish. Talk to Minabibi before leaving the tomb and then run back to the 
    Talk to Sinnammu(the Wise Woman) about the meeting and tell her Minabibi slayed
    the spirit. Now you can get back to Skink in whatever way you like. I recommend
    almsivi scroll/spell/amulet to get to Ald'Ruhn, and then the guild guide to 
    Sadrith Mora and you'll find yourself standing beside Skink. Talk to him and 
    the quest will be over.
    Necromancer in Shul
    REWARD: nothing :´(
    Now we're going to slay a necromancer, who lives in Shul. To get there, take 
    the guild guide to Vivec and then the boat to Hla Oad. Do as Skink recommended
    and follow the road north until you get to a wooden bridge. There may be a 
    bandit here that will 'rob' you if you talk to him. Follow the coast on your 
    left side north until you get to anther bridge. Walk over it and walk south. 
    You should now stand in a swamp and be able to see a daedric ruin to the south.
    The entrance to Shul is on the northern tip of the swamp. Check the map I've 
    made if you're lost. 
    When inside, you'll encounter 2 skeletons and a bonelord on your way to a 
    trapped door. Disable the trap and meet... Telura Ulver the necromancer! She'll
    summon an undead creature and attack you. Kill her first as her summon will be
    unsummoned when you do. Loot her place and get out. 
    As usual, I recommend almsivi which will return you to Balmora, where you can 
    take the guild guide to Sadrith Mora. Talk to Skink to finish the quest.
    REWARD: nothing :@
    This time we're going to go out n' do some soultrapping. To find the cave, 
    please check the map section for the coordinates. To get there, use some 
    waterwalking spells/scolls/potions to run to the mainland in the northeast. 
    Inside the cave you may encounter ash slaves, dreamers, atronarchs, ascended 
    sleepers etc. And some of them can kick your ass if your low-level. 
    You may need to look around for ash ghouls, as the creatures are randomly 
    generated. When you find one, use the scroll and beat it up. When he's dead, 
    you should get a message that you trapped a soul. Check your inventory if you 
    have a 'Grand Soul Gem (Ash Ghoul)'. 
    Return to Skink with the Gem and he wont give you anything... as usual.
    Galur Rithari's Papers
    REWARD: Skink's Amulet
    After becoming a wizard, one can get this quest. Travel to Vivec using the 
    guildguide and get yourself over to the Temple district using the boat or 
    walking. Or levitating. Or whatever.
    Enter the Hall of Justice and find your way into the Office of the Watch. Look
    in the corners to find a half-hidden trapdoor which has a level 45 lock and is
    trapped. I don't know if the guards here will go aggro on you because it went 
    very smooth for me when I used some chameleon and sneaked with 25 in sneak. 
    When you've busted up the trapdoor, enter and take the door into the secret 
    Look around. Check all the fine books which can increase your skills (there are
    about 10-15 of them). Anyway, the book you're looking for is in the end of the 
    library and is labeled 'Galur Rithari's Papers'. Grab them and return to Skink. 
    He'll give you an amulet worth 1000 and has nothing on it. It isn't any better 
    than a common amulet for enchanting so.... sell it!
    Letter to Trebonius
    REWARD: Arch-Mage promotion
    After gaining the rank of Master Wixard, you can get this quest. If you read 
    the letter you'll see that you are about to get the throne of the mage's guild,
    and Trebonius the stupid will lose his mighty power (well, we all saw it 
    Just take the guildguide to Vivec and give the letter to Trebonius. 
    I strongly recommend you to challange/kill Trebonius later, as he has a veeeery
    nice amulet which YOU WANT. Believe me. Unless you're a cheater. You'd probably
    have something better. You scum!
    5.2---Thieves Guild------------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Big Helende**********************************************************
    5.2.1:  Dispel Potion Recipe
    5.2.2:  Grandmaster's Retort
    5.2.3:  Hire a Wizard
    5.2.4:  Redoran Secret Cookbook
    5.2.5:  Felen Maryon's Ebony Staff
    Dispel Potion Recipe
    REWARD: 500 gold
    You are to 'borrow' a dispel potion recipe from an alchemist named Anis 
    Seloth. Her house is slightly northeast of the Sadrith Mora docks and north of 
    the Tel Gara Great Hall. If you ask her about it, she'll tell you that she wont
    give it to anyone. So, just walk up the stairs and loot the recipe in the crate
    along with some other goodies. 
    Now go back to Wolverine Hall, the castle by Big Helende's 'hideout', and walk
    over the bridge. Turn left and go up the stairs and enter the Imperial Shrine.
    Take the door on your left and walk up one floor and then enter the Mage's 
    Guild. Tusamircel is the yellow dude. Ask him about the recipe and give it to
    Now run back to Helende and get your well-earned money.
    Grandmaster's Retort
    REWARD: 200 gold
    Just run down to the dock in Sadrith Mora and take a ship to Tel Mora. Not far
    from the docks is the trader Berwen's house. Enter and be amazed, as the Retort
    is on a shelf to your left. You can probably steal it if you are good. I 
    couldn't, because I'm more of a fighter. If you fail, you can buy it from her.
    It's worth 1600 gold which i just found good because I could sell one of my 
    three sets of Dark Brotherhood armor which I got in a recent attack. When here,
    you can also do quest 8.X.1 where you kill a corprus stalker.
    When  finished, take the ship back to Sadrith Mora and Big Helende to get your
    Hire a Wizard
    REWARD: Dire Shardbolt ring
    You are to go to the Mage's Guild and hire a wizard for protection. But don't 
    go there yet, as we need to get something first. They want 4 pieces of raw 
    ebony and I know two good ways of getting them. You can run around in dwemer 
    ruins and hope for the best to find some, or you can run down to the Sadrith 
    Mora docks and steal some (you ARE a thief, aren't you?). Find the ship which 
    you can travel with and look far a trap door down to the cargo rooms. It'll 
    have a level 5 lock on it, and the shipmaster stands next to it. But don't 
    worry about him. He didn't aggro when I unlocked it right in front of him. Walk
    straight forward and take the other trapdoor down to the lower part, and go 
    down. Here you can find two crates with 4 raw ebony pieces each. 
    Take the ebony to the Mage's Guild in the Wolverine Hall and talk to Arielle 
    Phiencel about hiring a wizard. Give her the ebony and then run back to Dirty 
    Muriel's. Talk to Big Helende and she'll give you a ring.
    Redoran Secret Cookbook (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Quality Potion of Shadow
    It's time for annual cooking contest between Ald'ruhn and Sadrith Mora, or so 
    it seems anyway. This quest given to you by Helende is the easiest so far. Fara
    from the "Fara's Hole" in Sadrith Mora wants to spice up the competition a bit 
    by stealing the Redordan secret cookbook from the Llethri Manor.
    Leave Sadrith Mora and head for Ald'ruhn. Now head for Under-Skar and the 
    Llethri Manor. From here go down straight down the stairs and turn right. Enter
    the Llethri Private Quarters. Well inside it's straight ahead through the 
    wooden door and then to the right wooden door. Inside is a chest which contains
    the secret cookbook. It's a Locklevel of 50 so it should be a piece 'o cake. 
    Head back to Big Helende in Sadrith Mora to recive your reward.
    Felen Maryon's Ebony Staff
    REWARD: 250 gold & some potions OR Felen Maryon's Ebony Staff
    You are to find a valuable Ebony staff owned by a guy called Felen Maryon. 
    Notice that you can't use whatever Ebony staff you want this time, as the one
    you're about to get is an enchanted one. 
    To get to Tel Branora, the place where Felen is hiding, run down to the docks 
    in Sadrith Mora and take the boat to Tel Branora. When there walk up the 
    spiral-formed ramp until you get to the Upper Tower. From there, find one of 
    the two doors to the chambers. Now you need to levitate. Use a 
    You'll find Felen here somewhere. His staff is resting against some shelves 
    just behind him. I'm not much of a thief, but I managed to steal it anyway. I 
    jumped over the shelf and stood behind it. Used a 15% chameleon spell and a 
    potion of invisibility. Then I sneaked and took the staff. 
    When you've got the staff, take the boat back to Sadrith Mora, and run back to 
    Dirty Muriel's. Big Helende will now give you a choice. You can keep the staff 
    or you can give it to Big Helende and get 250 gold and some other stuff which I
    don't actually remember what it was.
    5.3---Fighters Guild-----------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Hrundi***************************************************************
    5.3.1:  Hrelvesuu
    5.3.2:  Nix Hounds
    5.3.3:  Corprus Stalker
    5.3.4:  Rels Tenim
    5.3.5:  Sujamma Delivery
    5.3.6:  Sondaale
    5.2.7:  Engaer
    5.3.8:  Pudai's Golden Eggs
    REWARD: 500 gold
    You are to go to the Nchurdamz dwemer ruin and help Larienna Macrina clear out 
    the place. Hrundi will mark the place on you map and my only tip this time is 
    levitation or waterwalking. When you're at the ruin, find Larienna outside by 
    the campfire. She'll ask you to explore together. Enter the dwemer ruin. 
    There's not much tyo say about this place. The creature you're going to kill is
    at the end of the ruin, and there's only one way to go. You'll encounter 4 
    Centurion spiders, 3 Centurion spheres and 1 Steam Centurion. And of course, 
    the Hrelvesuu. When you've slayed it, Larienna will thank you and it's time to
    go back. Use almsivi or divine intervention and siltstriders or whatever to get
     back to Sadrith Mora. 
    Hrundi will reward you with 500 gold.
    Nix Hounds
    REWARD: 250 gold & 4 Raw Glass
    Check the map section where to find Dissapla Mine. It's tiny walk northeast of 
    the Falensarano Stronghold. Just find the road going past Felensarano and 
    follow it north and it will fork close to the northeast corner of Falensarano.
    To find Falensarano, check your map as Hrundi has marked the location. 
    When inside, try to find a guy named Novor Drethan and talk to him. He tells 
    you to find a healer named Teres Arothan. Walk north through the caves and find
    some steps/ramps leading up to another platform west of your current position. 
    Get up and follow the caves west/southwest. You'll now encounter 2 nix hounds. 
    After beating them up, find Teres and ask her to follow you back to the 
    entrance. When back, talk to Novor to get 4 Raw Glass. 
    Get back to Hrundi to get 250 gold.
    Corprus Stalker
    REWARD: 500 gold
    Hrundi will tell you to go to Tel Mora and take care of a corprus stalker in a 
    house owned by a trader named Berwen. Take the boat to Tel Mora and you 
    shouldn't have a problem finding her house. When there, walk up the stairs and 
    slay the stalker. Go down and talk to Berwen before leaving. Take the boat back
    to Sadrith Mora and talk to Hrundi to get your reward.
    Youcan actually get this quest anytime by just going to Tel Mora and talk to 
    Berwen. A little bug I may say, as you can go to Hrundi and he'll ask you if 
    you've finished the quest.
    Rels Tenim
    REWARD: 200 gold
    Once again, check the map section to find the Shallit Cave. I recommend you 
    run down to the Sadrith Mora docks and take a boat to Dagon Fel. The 
    levitate/waterwalk to the island just south of Dagon Fel. The entrance is by 
    the water on the northeast side of the island. When inside, walk past the water
    and find yourself in a large caveroom. Look up. See the rocks there? You need 
    to levitate up! When there, fight yourself through two doors and 4 of Rels 
    guards to find yourself in Rels room. Kill him and loot the place. You can find
    lots of nice stuff, including a daedric weapon. I got a Wakazashi but I think 
    it's random.
    Go back to Sadrith Mora and Hrundi when you've killed Rels and Hrundi will give 
    you some gold.
    Sujamma Delivery
    REWARD: 500 gold
    You are to deliver 20 Sujamma potions to a mine called Dunerai Caves.
    This quest is easy, except that you have to find the caves, which can be 
    annoying. To pinpoint the location of the Dunerai Caves, check the map section.
    To prepare for the trip, get some potions of levitation and an almsivi 
    intervention spell just in case.
    First, get to Ghostgate, which is fairly easy is you follow the road from 
    Caldera. To get to Caldera, take the guild guide. When in ghostgate, follow the
    road south and when you can, follow it west. As you can see, Dunerai is more to
    the east than to the south. If you can't find it, use levitation and go to the 
    squeare 1 south and 2 east of Ghostgate and look around for a campfire, a 
    cavern door and 2 miners. 
    When you've found it enter the cave and look for Nelecar (he's almost at the 
    end of the cave) and talk to him. When you've given him the Sujamma use the 
    almsivi spell to get to Ald'Ruhn, and then the guild guide to Sadrith Mora. Run
    down to Hrundi to get your reward.
    REWARD: 500 gold
    Now we're going to excort a girl through a stronghold called Telasaro. To get 
    there, you can take the guild guide to Vivec and then the Siltstrider to Suran 
    and run east until you bump into this huge structure.
    If you look around a bit, you'll notice a note on one of the doors. Sondaale 
    has gone inside alone... Great! Head into the Telasero Upper level. 
    You'll encounter randomized creatures here all in the ash-theme. Ash Ghoul, Ash
    Slave, Ash Zombie, Dreamer, Ascender Sleeper, Corprus Stalker, Lame Corprus. 
    You might even bump into a Golden Saint. Anyway, on this level there is about 
    8-12 encounters. Work your way down to the Lower levels. Clear the area out and
    find Sondaale in a room behind an unlocked door standing on a table with two 
    rats on the floor. When they're dead, talk to Sondaale and ask her to follow 
    you up to the surface. Do it. When out, talk to her and your journal will be 
    updated. Now get back to Hrundi either the way you came, or by using almsivi or
    a recall spell(if you were smart enough to use a mark spell at Hrundi's 
    Fighter's Guild).
    Talk to him and get your reward.
    REWARD: 1000 gold
    Ahhh, a bounty. Leave the Wolverine hall and go to Sadrith Mora. In the center 
    of Sadrith Mora you should be able to find the Tel Naga Tower. Climb your way 
    up(you need levitation to get up) to finally find yourself at the very top of 
    the Upper Tower. Here you'll find three level 20 locked and trapped doors. 
    Engaer is behind the one to your left when entering from the entrance furthest 
    up in the Upper tower. 
    You can just attack him, as no bounty will be placed on your head, but the 
    others in the Tower will attack you. There are three mages out in the corridor.
    When Engaer is dead, return to Hrundi for half the bounty.
    Pudai's Golden Eggs
    REWARD: 10000 gold
    This one will be very easy for you because I've marked the location in the map 
    section. To find it, take the boat in Sadrith Mora to Dagon Fel andfollow the 
    road west. When at the square specified on the map, look around and you'll find
    it in no-time. 
    When inside, fight the hostile foragers and warriors and work your way through 
    to the queen's lair. Find the queen and take the heavy eggs behind her. You 
    need to be able to carry 210 lbs. 
    When you have them, get back to Hrundi to get 10000 hold and to finish his last
    Another city... It is here that you'll travel to the Tribunal expansion world.
    6.1---Imperial Legion----------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Frald the White******************************************************
    There are 2 employers in Ebonheart for the Imperial Legion. Frald the White
    in Fort Hawkmoth, and Varus Vartinius inside the Grand Council Chambers.
    Go see Frald the White first. Enter the Fort by going up the stairs by Apellus
    Matius and the enter the door.
    6.1.1:  Courtesy
    6.1.2:  Honthjolf is a Traitor
    6.1.3:  Suryn Athones' slanders
    6.1.4:  Saprius Entius
    Courtesy (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 2920, Second Seed (book)
    Frald wants you to duel Salyn Sarethi in a wit and poetry contest. Salyn can
    be found inside the Tower of Dusk at Ghostgate. Exit the fort and take the boat
    to Tel Branora, and then to Sadrith Mora. Head over to the Mage's guild inside
    the Wolverine Hall and teleport to either Caldera or Ald'ruhn. From here, walk
    all the way to Ghostgate.
    Once you have arrived at the Tower of Dusk, enter it and head down to the lower
    level. Salyn is inside the bedroom(If you've done the Bal Molagmer quest
    'Enamor', then you'll know that Salyn is the guy that lost his blade).
    Talk to Salyn and challenge him to a duel. He will start the duel by saying a
    poem. You'll get a number of selections to answer him, so hose the most logic
    answer. When you've answered right 3 times, he'll confess that the Imperial
    Legion might have some wit after all. And with all this meaningless blabber
    completed, head back to Frald in Ebonheart to recieve the reward.
    Honthjolf is a Traitor (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: nothin'
    Frald wants you to find and kill the traitor Honthjolf. He is supposed to hide
    inside a cave near the Shrine of Azura. This can be a tricky one to find.
    Exit the fort and head to the docks for a transport to Tel Branora. From here,
    take the boat to Molag Mar.
    Now then... From Molag Mar on the world map, head straight to the east until
    you reach the coast to the ocean. Follow the coast south and you'll see the
    Shrine of Azura (Large statue :P). From there, head southwest(but not too far)
    until you see the cavern of Aharnabi. Inside there is 5 enemies except
    Honthjolf, 3 mages and 2 Storm Atronarch's. Slay them all and find your way
    to Honthjolf. He's pretty easy so don't worry too much about him ;)
    When you've slayed him, loot the place if you want before you head back to
    Frald the White in Ebonheart.
    Suryn Athones' slanders (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: nothin'
    Suryn Athones has been telling slanders amongst the people and for that he must
    be put to rest. Exit Ebonheart and head over to the Temple area in Vivec.
    Head inside the Hall of Justice and find your way to the Justice Offices.
    Go through some wooden door and find Suryn Athones inside one of them. All you
    have to do now is to taunt him until he attacks you and then kill him.
    When your done poking the poor guy to death, head back to Frald in Ebonheart.
    Saprius Entius (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Helm of Graff the White
    One of the Imperial Legion's members has commited a very foul crime. He is 
    currently hiding from the Ordinators in Vivec since they won't give him a fair
    trial. They'll probably jez' pop his head :P
    Get some healing potions for this mission if your low on them.
    Anyways, Frald wants you to bring him back so that he can be transported to the
    mainland for a more fair trial. Exit the forts and take the boat to Vivec.
    Head for the Foreign Quarters and take the internal Vivec boat to the Arena
    area. Head up to the Arena Waistworks, and find your way to the Canalworks on
    the western side of the waistworks. From here, enter the Storage Room area.
    Enter the first wooden door and then the wooden door without a locklevel on it.
    Saprius Entius is inside, and you can choose the 'travel together' option.
    You'll be attacked by 2 Ordinators which can do some severe damage to you.
    When you've killed them, escort Saprius out of Vivec safely. Avoid the guards
    since they intend to attack you. Take the boat with Saprius from Vivec docks
    to Ebonheart. Escort him to Frald and the quest will be finished.
    6.2---Imperial Legion----------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Varus Vatinius*******************************************************
    6.2.1:  Lord's Mail & Chrysamere
    Lord's Mail & Chrysamere (by 072.V)
    REWARD: Duke's Guard Silver Cuirass & Knight of Garland Promotion
    Varus will give you a Shrine Key and send you on your way. Go downstairs and 
    enter the Imperial Commision to ther north. Ask Rufinus Alleius about the 
    Lord's ail and he will tell you to ask about Furius Acilius in the Imperial 
    Guard Garrison.
    Go there through the door to the west. Ask around, and you will learn that he 
    used the southwest room. Check it out and look under the pillow to find a key.
    Return to the Commision and go downstairs. There will be two locked doors. Open
    the one to the right and enter the room where the mail was stolen. On the south
    wall is a hidden door which you can open with your newly found key. Open it and
    enter the caves.
    This on's easy. Kill the rats and take the north passage. You'll meet Furius. 
    Talk to him and he will attack you. Kill him, take the Lord's Mail and return 
    to Varus Vartinius with it.
    NOTE: The cave can also be entered from the outside. The entrance is in the 
    water, just north of the bridge between the fort and the Ground Council 
    Chambers. If you use this entrance and ignore the key above there is another 
    one in a floating crate near where you killed Furius.
    After successfully returning the mail Varus will give you a Duke's Guard Silver
    Cuirass(and wear the Lord's Mail himself, the bastard). He will then order you 
    to find the Paladin's Blade, Chrysamere. To do this, travel to Sadrith Mora.
    Once there, ask around about Draramu Hloran and learn about the Abanabi Caves 
    in th southwest(check the map section if you have problems finding it). 
    Enter the cave and take the southwest passage. Kill anything that bothers you. 
    You will come to a cavern room. Climb the ladder and continue down the passage 
    until you find Draramu Hloran. Kill her and take the Chrysamere from her body. 
    Return to Ebonheart and Varus Vantinius will make you a Knight of Garland.
    NOTE: You can now challange him for the title of Knight of the Imperial Dragon. 
    Defeat him, and get the mail and sword back, along with the title.
    6.3---Imperial Cult------------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Kaye*****************************************************************
    The Imperial Cult's base is found at the Imperial Chapel in Ebonheart's Castle.
    Talk to any cult member to join the faction, it costs 50 gold to join.
    Here you can talk to The Oracle, The Healer and this guy we'll begin the quest 
    6.3.1:  Missing Limeware
    6.3.2:  The Haunting
    6.3.3:  Theresa Dral the Witch
    6.3.4:  The Silver Staff of Shaming
    6.3.5:  Restless Spirit
    Missing Limeware (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Some scrolls
    You will start by doing the Shrine sargeant missions from Kaye.
    He tells you that a High Elf got into the chapel with a swamp fever a few days 
    ago. After he was cured a rare Limeware Bowl was missing, a suspected thievery 
    by the High Elf. The High Elf's name was Caryarel, and this is your only lead 
    into finding him. He thinks that the other High Elfs might know of his 
    Head into the Hawkmoth Legion Fort in Ebonheart and speak with the High Elf. He
    will tell you that Caryarel lives in Gnaar Mok, a little island northwest of
    Balmora. Head down to the docks and take the boat to Hla Oad. From there take 
    the boat to Gnaar Mok. When you arrive you'll see his schack right by the 
    docks. Sneak inside and look in one of the barrels, here you will find the 
    bowl. Grab it and take the boat back to Ebonheart. Kaye will give you a couple
    of scrolls for your trouble.
    The Haunting (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 2 Eye-Maze scrolls
    Kaye has gotten a request from Caldera. Nedhelas says that his house is haunted 
    by some ghosts. Head to Caldera using guild guide and walk to the center of the 
    town, there you will see Nedhelas walking around. He'll give you a key to his 
    house, so head over there. Inside his house, enter the trap door and kill the 
    skeleton. Further in you will find the ghost, kill it very easily and head out 
    to talk to Nedhelas again. Then head back to Ebonheart and Kaye for your 
    Theresa Dral the Witch (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Firestone
    It seems that a witch have taken over an egg-mine south of Khuul. kaye wants 
    you to slay this wretched and foul witch as quickly as possible.
    Go to Khuul using boat or the Silt-Strider. Go south of the village and find 
    the Asha-Ahhe Egg Mine. Enter and talk to the man nearest to the entrance. Then
    continue into the mine until you find 3 people beside a campfire. This is the 
    witch and her two henchmen. Slay all 3 of them in a easy fight. Head back to 
    the entrance and talk to the egg miner and he'll give you 4 Kwama eggs to chew 
    on. Head back to Khuul and take the silt-strider back and go to Ebonheart again
     Talk to Kaye and you'll receive a Firestone. 
    The Silver Staff of Shaming (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Detect Enchantment Ring, Restoration Shirt
    Kaye tells you that a guy named Linus Iulus dissapeared mysteriously a couple 
    of years ago. He was last seen leaving the town of Suran to the east. However,
    the Oracle of the Chapel had a vision, and in that vision she saw the Silver 
    Staff of Shaming at Mount Kand. This staff was carried by Linus by the time he
    dissapeared. She wants you to retive it and gives you a Detect Enchantment 
    Head to Molag Mar in the best suitable way. Well there, travel northwest to 
    Mount Kand (It's marked on your map). Head up the mountains and check your 
    local map. The corpse is located south of the Assu mine and south of the Mount
    Kand cavern. On the corpse you'll find the staff, a belt and a amulet. take all
    three and head back to Ebonheart. Kaye will take the amulet and belt, but you 
    can keep the staff in honor of Linus.
    Restless Spirit (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Scroll of Hellfire, Scroll of Flame Atronarch, Scroll of Fifth Barrier
    A request from the Argonian Okur in Hla Oad has reached the Chapel. Kaye wants 
    you to go there and find out more. When you reach the place, head to Okur's 
    schack and talk to him. He'll tell you that he was haunted by the ghost of 
    Julianne. She won't rest in peace until her 4 killers are slain and when her 
    amulet is brought back to her husband. You'll find the 4 so called 'strong 
    opponents' in the Yasami mine south of Hla Oad. Head there, inside waits Dudley 
    and Thervam Drelas. Kill them and continue into the cave. Larius Dergius and 
    Ralos Othrenium waits in back of the cavern. Kill them and pick up the amulet 
    from Ralos body. Loot the place (quite many magic items in the crates 'n 
    barrels) and head back to Okur. He'll take the amulet and bring it back to 
    Julianne's husband. Head back to Ebonheart and recieve the reward.
    Kaye has no more jobs for you now, but head into the basement to find the 
    Oracle and the Healer.
    6.4---Imperial Cult------------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Iulus Trumptor*******************************************************
    You'll be doing almoner quests in this section. Running around begging for 
    money. A real pain if you ask me, but what heck, it has to be done ;)
    6.4.1:  Alms from the Skyrim Mission
    6.4.2:  Alms from the Argonian Mission
    6.4.3:  Shrine at Buckmoth shortfall in alms
    6.4.4:  Shirt and Vest for Harvest's End
    6.4.5:  Brandy for the fundraising dinner
    6.4.6:  Donation from Cunius Pelelius
    6.4.7:  A generous pledge from Canctunian Panius
    Alms from the Skyrim Mission (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Shoes of Conviction
    Iulus Trampton is located in the Imperial Chapel's basement. Talk to him.
    Head for the Skyrim Mission in Ebonheart and talk to Eiruki to get 20 gold.
    Then talk to Briring to get 5 gold, head in and see Heidmir. Bribe him until he
    likes you. He will then give you 200 gold.
    Head back to Iulus and tell him you got the DOUBLE. You'll receive the Shoes of
    Alms from the Argonian Mission (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Zenithar's Frock
    When you've gotten the quest, head to the Argonian Mission, just beside the 
    Skyrim Mission, and talk to Im-Kilaya. He'll give you 100 gold.
    Head back to the chapel and tell Iulus that you got DOUBLE again. This means
    that you'll give away 100 gold of your own stash. This is going to be a habit
    when you collect alms to the poor.
    Shrine at Buckmoth shortfall in alms (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 2 scrolls, The Buying Game (book)
    This one is a pain, he wants you to collect funds in Ald'ruhn from people.
    Save some time to take 200 gold from your own stash when you say DOUBLE.
    Shirt and Vest for Harvest's End (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Chapter of Fire 7 (Book)
    You'll have to find a red and black Common Shirt. Guildguide to Caldera, and
    make your way to Falanaamo the Clothier in town. Either you buy the shirt or
    you bribe him until he makes him contribution. When you've got the shirt, head
    back to Iulus and get the reward.
    Brandy for the fundraising dinner (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Zenithar Right Hand, Zenithar Left Hand (Gloves)
    You'll need to get 5 bottles of Cyrodilic Brandy from Balmora in this quest.
    Head to Balmora, and go to Southwall Cornerclub. Head up the stairs and talk to
    Bacola Closcius. He'll give you 1 bottle. Head down to the Council club and
    bribe Banor Seran behind the bar disk in the basement. Do it until he gives you
    one, or you can steal it from him.
    2 bottles down, 3 to go!
    Head to Eight Plates and bribe the owner until you get a bottle. Then go to
    the Pawnbroker and buy a bottle from her. Now we have 4 bottles. The last one 
    you can find in the Lucky Lockup. Bribe the owner for the last bottle.
    Go back to the Chapel in Ebonheart, and report to Iulus.
    Donation from Cunius Pelelius (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 6 scrolls
    Another one that is too inconvienient to complete, just pay Iulus the 500 gold
    to save the trouble.
    A generous pledge from Canctunian Panius (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Zenithar's Whisper
    Head to Canctunian in his office at the East Empire Company in Ebonheart. He'll
    tell you that a clerk has embezzeled 3000 gold from him. So in order to get his
    donation, you must retrieve it for him. Talk to the Orc outside Canctunian's
    office about Mossander. Head for the Mage Guild in Vivec and ask around. They
    will say that he used the guild guide to Sadrith Mora a few times. Guildguide
    to Sadrith Mora and ask around. They'll tell you about his girlfriend in
    Sadrith Mora. Exit Wolverine Hall and 2 houses to the north from Wolverine Hall
    You will find her house. Enter, and head upstairs to find Mossander. Talk to
    him and he'll give you an explanation. Take the 2500 gold he offers and head
    back to Canctunius in Ebonheart. Give him the 2500 gold and recieve the 1000
    gold he offered to give the Chapel. Head back and deliver the 1000 gold to
    6.7---Great House Hlaalu------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Duke Vedam Dren*****************************************************
    Duke Vedam Dren can be found at the castle in Ebonheart. Head up the nortwest
    stairs inside the castle until you reach the 3rd floor. He will be standing in
    the corridor there.
    6.7.1:  Control the Ordinators
    6.7.2:  Dealing with Orvas Dren
    Control the Ordinators
    REWARD: Nothing
    You will receive a Key from the Duke. He wants you to persuade Archcanon 
    Tholer Saryoni to control Berel Sala's ordinators. Tholer is located at High
    Fane in Vivec. Get yourself a almsivi/divine scroll if you don't have this 
    magic. You NEED one, trust me.
    Head for the temple area. High Fane is located up the stairs to the right, 
    just past Hall of Justice and Hall of Wisdom. Use the key on his door and talk
    to him. He wants you to do a favour for him. He wants you to find the Robe of
    St. Roris. It's in the Assemann cavern.
    Head to Assemann which is on the island between Pelagaid and Seyda Neen, to 
    the SOUTH in the ocean. In other words, the island northwest of Ebonheart. 
    Once you find it, enter the cave and fight your way through some Dreamers and 
    stuff... It's pretty much a one way cavern but you'll probably need some of
    those levitation potions if you're not a great acrobatic. After awhile you'll
    reach some sort of chambers with a thin ledge to walk on with Lava beneath 
    you, In that chamber you will fight a Dagoth Hlevul, a pretty weird enemy
    which can do some severe damage because he throws Fire and Poison at the same
    time. When you've beaten him, look after a ledge on the wall and you'll see a
    chest. Robe of St. Roris is inside, grab it and use your almsivi scroll. If 
    you don't have one, you didn't read what i wrote earlier in the text. The
    doors in the cavern has been worn down, and you can't exit that way.
    Head back to Tholer Saryoni at High Fane and he'll control the Ordinators.
    Report back to Vedam Dren for the final quest of the Great House Hlaalu.
    Dealing with Orvas Dren
    REWARD: Grandmaster advancement
    Orvas Dren must step down, he has become dangerous since he controls the
    Camonna Tong. Vedam wants you to stop him, but to avoid bloodshed if you can.
    Head to Orvas Dren's Manor at the Dren Plantation north of Vivec and east of
    Pelgaid. Enter Dren's Villa and head up the stairs to the top. You can either
    kill him or bribe him until he likes you. If you bribe him, he will step down
    in your favour.
    After your decision, head back to Vedam Dren and recieve the Grandmaster
    6.X---Misq. Quests-------------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Various**************************************************************
    6.X.1:  Dredil's Delivery
    Dredil's Delivery (by 072.V)
    REWARD: 75 gold
    Go to the second floor of the Grand Council Chambers. Speak with Llaalam Dredil
    and he will ask you to run an errand for him. Agree to deliver the message to 
    J'Zhirr at the East Empire Company and go to East Empire Company Hall. Give the
    letter for Llaalam Dredil. Return to Llaalam with this letter. Tell him you 
    have finished running an errand for him and he will give reward with the 
    generous sum of 75 gold.
    Hla Oad************************************************************************
    A small town in the middle of a swamp.
    7.X---Misq. Quests-------------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Various**************************************************************
    7.X.1:  Rabinna's Inner Beuty
    Rabinnas Inner Beuty (by 072.V)
    REWARD: 400 gold or ??
    Talk to Relam Arinith in the underground part of Fatleg's Dropoff. He will ask 
    you to deliver a slave, Rabinna, to Vorar Helas in the eastern part of Balmora. 
    When you have left the dropoff you can talk to Rabinna about Relam Arinith. By 
    following this conversation you will learn that the actual delivery is a large 
    amount of moonsugar that Rabinna has swallowed, and you will be given the 
    option of helping her by finding Im-Kaliya at the Argonian Mission in 
    Now you have to options, deliver the slave or save her:
    Take the boat to Ebonheart and visit the Argonian Mission in the south-east 
    part of town. Rabinna will now inform you that she is now safe. Finally, speak 
    with Im-Kaliya about Rabinna and you will be rewarded with 400 gold.
    Deliver Rabinna as you were told to Vorar Helas. His house can be found right 
    next to Cauis Cosade's house. Both doors are locked but the second floor door 
    is much easier to open, as it has a lower lock level and it is mostly out of 
    Upon entering, Vorar will rush up stairs and begin a fight with Rabinna. 
    Helping Vorar kill Rabinna is fine. When she is dead, Vorar will take the 
    moonsugar and reward you with 400 gold and a Ring of Medusa's gaze, which has 
    an effect of Paralyze for 5 seconds on target, a cost of 15 charges out of 75,
    and a value of 188 gold.
    (SENT IN FROM Reidhardt)
    8.1---Great House Hlaalu-------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Odral Helvi**********************************************************
    Crassius Curio first sends you to talk to Odral Helvi in Caldera to do some 
    buisness. Off to Caldera it is and into the Govenors Manor. Head northeast to 
    the spiral stairs and on to the 3rd level. 
    8.1.1:  Sealed Orders
    8.1.2:  The Caldera Spy
    8.1.3:  Erroneous Documents
    8.1.4:  Rent And Taxes
    8.1.5:  Shipment of Ebony
    Sealed Orders (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Amulet of Domination
    Talk to Odral and he will give you a sealed order to deliver to Tenisi Llandri 
    in the Hlaalu Treasury in Hlaalu Upper Waistworks, and you can definatley NOT 
    show it to someone else... This is a bit suspicious, so break the seal open and 
    read it. Well well, it seems as if Mr.Helvi is going to travel around quite a 
    Instead of giving it to his lover you should go back to your pervert sponsor 
    and show him the document. Then head back to Odral to finish the quest. 
    The Caldera Spy (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 500 gold
    Odral will tell you that someone stole his precious Mining Report. He now wants 
    you to find the thief. Head out of the Manor and speak to one of the local 
    guards. He will tell you that you should interrogate two of the newer citizens 
    of Caldera. Elmussa Damori is one of them. Find her house near the Manor and 
    head upstairs to talk to her. She will admit that she stole the report as a 
    guild quest. She will hand you the key to her chest and beg you not to tell 
    Odral the truth which sounds reasonable.
    Since it is Odral we're talking about you should give the report to Crassius 
    first before delivering it too Odral. When you have given the report back to 
    Odral you will recieve a payment of 500 gold.
    Erroneous Documents (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 6 scrolls
    Odral will give you some land deeds. Why? Because there has been a mix up with 
    the ones in the Hlaalu Records in Vivec (Yeah Right!). He wants you to switch 
    places with the land deed he just gave you and the one in Vivec. Head to 
    Crassius and give him the new land deed and he will give you 500 gold.
    You still have to get the old land deed though... head for Hlaalu Records in 
    the Hlaalu Upper Waistworks (beside the Hlaalu Treasury in quest X.X.2) and you
    will find a Ascendian Land Deed chest in one of the bookshelves. Sneaking 
    skills are required. When you've retrived the land deed head back to Odral to 
    recieve 6 scrolls.
    Rent And Taxes (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: -100 gold and a pet named Gorky :)
    Odral is angry because some poor farmers haven't paid their rent and taxes. He 
    wants you to go and collect the money and he wants them dead they can't pay. 
    Head to Suran and exit west of the town. Continue west on the road until you 
    reach Manat Varnan-Adda's Farm (if you can't find it talk to some slaves on the 
    other farms, they give some good directions). He can't pay you the money, but 
    don't kill him, there is no point, and besides... who wants to do what Odral 
    says anyway? Leave the farm and head past the Dren Plantation and into Llovyn 
    Andus farm. He can't pay you either, but he will give you his pet guan Corky.
    Well, leave this place and return to Caldera and Odral to get your reward, to 
    pay the 100 gold he wanted from the farmers. Well well, see it as a good cause 
    Shipment of Ebony (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Dire Shardbolt Ring & Eye-Maze Ring
    Odral will ask you to make a delivery of raw Ebony to Drinar Varyon in 
    Ald'ruhn. This is an illegal action though, so head for Crassius once again and
    tell him about the situation. He will send you to Fort Buckmoth to see 
    Segunivus Mantedius. Tell the truth to Segunivus and he will arrest Drinar and 
    Ondral and they will be sent onto a prison ship, hurray!
    Head back to Crassius to get your reward, 2 rings.
    8.2---Mage's Guild (The ten propylon indexes and the master index)-------------
    Employer: Folms Mirel**********************************************************
    BIG NOTE: This quest REQIRES the Master Index plugin, which can be downloaded
              from the official Morrowind homepage, and alot of other places too!
    To make the propylon index travelling better, Bethesda Studios made a nice, 
    official plugin that enables the quest for the master index. Folms Mirel on the
    second floor of the Caldera Mage's Guild tells you that he can make a master 
    index if you bring him all ten propylon indexes. You'll also get 500 gold each
    time you bring him one (that's 5000 gold in total for those who can't count). 
    The first ones are pretty easy to get, but as you come to the last two, you'll 
    have to raid a deadric shrine, which can be a challange for you lowlevel 
    8.2.1:  Hlomaren Index
    8.2.2:  Marandus Index
    8.2.3:  Falasmaryon Index
    8.2.4:  Valenvaryon Index
    8.2.5:  Indoranyon Index
    8.2.6:  Berandas Index
    8.2.7:  Andasreth Index
    8.2.8:  Rotheran Index
    8.2.9:  Falensarano Index
    8.2.10: Telasero Index
    Hlomaren Index
    Folms explains that the first index can be found in the Caldera Pawnshop owned 
    by Irgola. You can find the shop two buildings east of the Mage's Guild. 
    It's kind of difficult to steal the index, as Irgola stands eight feet from it.
    There's also a patrolling guard inside the shop.
    The index is worth 500 (all of them are(with exception to the Valynvaryon 
    Index, which is worth 25)) if you're going to buy it. I did. Both times I did 
    this quest.
    When you have the index return to Folms to get a clue about the next one. 
    Returning to Folms will get quiete a habit, so get used to it! If you want to,
    you may want to use the Mark & Recall combo to get back fast if you wish. 
    Marandus Index
    The next one is said to be somewhere in the St. Olms Temple in Vivec. To get 
    there, start off by taking the guild guide to Vivec. Exit the Mage Guild and 
    Foreign Quarter. Get down to "Ground Level" and take the city boat to the Arena
    and then run south to get to the St. Olms canton (you can also run the whole 
    way but we're kinda lazy here...).
    Work your way up to the Plaza level and find the entrance within to the temple.
    Take the door to the left and take the stairs down. There are two door to the 
    northwest (not close to eachother though) with a level 5 lock on both. One of 
    them leads to a storeroom with two rats. 
    The index is easily spotted on the floor between the crates in the end of the 
    Go back to Folms to find out about the next one. Two down, eight to go!
    Falasmaryon Index
    The next propylon index is located in Maar Gan. Get there by taking the guild 
    guide to Ald'Ruhn and then the siltstrider to Maar Gan.
    When there, you can find the Shrine in the eastern part of town. Inside you'll
    find the index on a plate beside a rather large rock. Now you should use your 
    fantastic sneaking skills. You can also open the door on your left and and go 
    down the steps a bit, use some disquising spells, like chameleon and 
    invisibility, use telekinesis, and then sneaksteal the index.
    If you by any chance manage to get the index, go back to Caldera again the same
    way as you came. Only seven remaining now!
    Valenvaryon Index
    Now it's time to travel far, far away to Urshilaku camp. To get there check the
    map section and quest 2.5.5 for instruction. The location should be marked on 
    your map.
    You may also want to get far enough in the main quest part B as it is a pain to
    get there for the slow ones and you are going to the Urshilaku Camp in quest 
    2.5.5 (which explains the instruction). Note that if you haven't done anything
    in the main quest, you'll have to do four time-eating quests before you'll get 
    to travel to Urshilaku Camp. 
    When in Urshilaku, find the fancy yurt of the Wise Woman. You have two choices,
    you can steal it from her desk, or buy it from her for the outrageous price of
    25. This is the only propylon index which value isn't 500.
    Get back to Folms and you now have gotten four of the indexes! Six more is 
    hiding in the world of Morrowind. 
    Indoranyon Index
    If you did the last one at the same time as you did the main quest, you might 
    as well do the same again. In the main qeust you travel to Tel Fyr in order to
    Cure the Corprus disease.
    For directions to Tel Fyr, check quest 2.5.7 and the map section.
    Find Divayth Fyr (directions to him can also be found in section 2.5.7). Talk 
    to him and ask him about the index. He tells you that you can have it(may be 
    affected by your disposition level towards him). Grab the index and get outta 
    Go back to Caldera and get another 500 gold. Halfway there, five left!
    Berandas Index
    Folms tells you that the index is in possession of Baladas Demnevanni in 
    Gnisis. Take the guildguide to Ald'Ruhn and the siltstrider to Gnisis. 
    Find Arvs-Drelen in the town an enter. Take a right turn, then a left turn. Go
    through the doow to find a "Summoning Room Key" on a nightstand. Go back and 
    find the two curved corridors. Take the left one and follow the ramp up to a 
    locked and trapped door. Use the key to unlock it and enter. Here you'll 
    encounter a friendly Daedroth. Ignore it and walk up the stairs behind it. Talk
    to Baladas and ask about the index. He'll let you take it. It's on the left, 
    top shelf. Be sure to check out all the books as the can increase your skill 
    points a little.
    Go back to Caldera and glance at your 60% accomplishment.
    Andasreth Index
    Take the guildguide to Balmora and exit north. You should have Hlormaren marked
    on your map and when your in the neighbourhood, you can't miss it.
    Now you can either levitate up to the top of the structure or work your way 
    through the lower and top level of the Hlormaren Stronghold to get out of the 
    dome. Note that there are a lot of aggressive, though weak, people here. 
    Inside teh dome you can find the idnex on a shelf to the left.
    Keep up the (good :/) work, we're getting close. Only three left.
    Rotheran Index
    Take the guild guide to Sadrith Mora and run down to the docks. Take the boat 
    to Dagon Fel and check your map. The stronghold is south and you shouldn't have
    any difficulties getting there. As usual, a stronghold is large and almost 
    impossible to pass by without noticing it.
    This time you won't have to climb a large building but only enter the Communal 
    hut here on the stronghold. Rols Ienith will attack you as soon as you enter 
    and when you've slayed him, loot his corpse for the index.
    Hang in there, two left.
    Falensarano Index
    Well, now it's getting interesting. We're gonna raid a daedric shrine. 
    Maelkashishi can be reached by taking the guildguide to Ald'Ruhn, the 
    siltstrider to Maar Gan, and then walking straight west over the mountains out 
    of the ashlands. The shrine is located one square north and four squares west 
    of Maar Gan, so walk north along the border to the ashlands a short while until
    you find the shrine.
    You'll now encounter a dremora, so if you don't avoid it and the entrance he's 
    guarding, and you're lowlevel, die and/or give up. He wont go easy on you. ;)
    Now you'll need some levitation. Use it to enter the shrine from the top of the
    tallest tower. You should now be in the forgotten galleries, and you should see
    a winged twilight one platform down. Continue levitating UP to anthoer platform
    and you'll find a skeleton corpse and the propylon resting beside it. Note that
    there's also a daedric longbow here (2-50 dmg, 50000 gold) which you might 
    Return the index and realize you've only got one left to hunt down. Wee!
    Telasero Index
    Getting there should be easy. Folms marks the stronghold on your map, and it's 
    large enough to be impossible to miss. Just take the guildguide to Balmora and 
    then the siltstrider to Suran. Now, prepare for walking east three squares, and
    then do it. 
    Enter the Telasero, Upper level. Here you'll encounter creatures from the 
    To make a long (naah) dungeon short, walk out to the large room with the ramps 
    and turn left. Walk down the corridor passing a door on your left and a ramp to
    your right. When your at the end of the corridor, turn right and enter through 
    the door to the lower level. 
    Slay all hostile activity and then check the right of the two coffins in the 
    large, first, main room. The index is waiting for you together with some 
    clothing, a scroll and some other junk.
    Grab it and return...
    FOR THE MASTER INDEX! Congratulations!
    Fort Buckmoth******************************************************************
    9.1---Imperial Legion----------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Imsin the Dreamer****************************************************
    Imsin the Dreamer can be found at Fort Buckmoth which is just outside Ald'ruhn.
    Enter the Buckmoth interior, and from the entrance walk straight and then
    through the wooden door on the right side. Head down the stairs and you'll find
    her there.
    9.1.1:  Dwemer Artifacts at Drinar Varyon's place
    9.1.2:  Rescue Joncis Dalomax
    9.1.3:  Maiden's Token
    Dwemer Artifacts at Drinar Varyon's place
    REWARD: ?
    Rescue Joncis Dalomax (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: nothin'
    Speak with Imsin at Fort Buckmoth and then head for Hla Oad in what way you
    find most suitable. I recommend using the guild guide in Ald'ruhn to Vivec.
    And from there take the boat to Hla Oad.
    Anyways.. when you have reached Hla Oad, walk northwest along the coast until
    you find the little "bridge" leading over to the Daedric ruin Ashurnibibi.
    Enter the ruin and fight the two orcs inside. Head behind the large statue
    and there should be a large round door with a pretty high locklevel.
    Lockpick the door and find Joncis inside. Talk to him and then head back to
    Imsin for the reward of nothiness.
    Maiden's Token (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: nothin'
    Speak with Imsin at Fort Buckmoth and find out about the quest. You are
    supposed to head for Assumanu, a cave southeast of Ald Redaynia. If you don't
    have Ald Redaynia on your map, speak to her about it and she'll mark it on
    the map. It's on the islands to the north.
    The fastest way is probably by going to Khuul by silt-strider from Ald'ruhn,
    and the run along the shore and swin over to the island. Assumanu is southeast
    of Ald Redaynia as i've told you earlier. Enter, and you'll probably have to
    fight 2 guys. The rest of the people down there won't attack you. Speak with
    Valona Neras and get her to like you. Bribery is an easy way out ;)
    Speak with her and recive Ilmeni's Glove. Exit Assumanu and head back to
    Fort Buckmoth to finish the quest.
    Fort Moonmoth******************************************************************
    10.1--Imperial Legion----------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Radd Hard-Heart******************************************************
    You'll find Radd Hard-Heart at Fort Moonmoth outside Balmora. Enter the fort's
    interior and he should be standing infront of you.
    10.1.1:  Scrap Metal
    10.1.2:  Rescue Jocien Ancois
    10.1.3:  Rescue Dandsa
    10.1.4:  Breeding Netch
    10.1.5:  Sorkvild the Raven
    Scrap Metal (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: 500 gold
    This is an easy quest. If you have one piece o' Scrap Metal on you, give it to
    him. If not, find the nearest alchemist and buy it from him/her. I got mine
    from the alchemist in Sadrith Mora as i was there regarding Tevanni buisness.
    When you've got a piece, head back to Radd and he'll give you 500 gold as a
    Rescue Jocien Ancois (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: nothin' for alot of work :/
    This quest can be quite a pain. When you've done this quest, you feel like
    taking a break from Morrowind for a few hours :P
    Anyways, Radd wants you to help the captured Jocien Ancois that dissapeared
    at the Erabenimsun Camp. Ask him about the camp and he'll mark it on your map.
    Now then, as a recommendation i suggest that you head for the Vivec Temple area
    and give the Shrine of Daring a Force Rising potion to make you levitate 100pts
    for 12 hours. Then fly to the guild guide in Vivec Foreign Plaza. guild guide
    to Sadrith Mora and exit the Wolverine Hall.
    Levitate your way to the Erabenisum Camp. when you've arrived, talk to some
    people about Jocien Ancois. They'll tell you that he went to Mabrigash.
    This is a little camp located exactly 6 squares due to the west on the world
    map. Levitate over there, and it can be tricky to find. There is a paper trail
    for the lost one to follow. Enter the Yurt and talk to Zennammu about Jocien
    who is also inside the tent. She wants you to bring the warrior Assaba-Bentus
    to her as a trade for Jocien.
    Head back to Erabenisum Camp and talk to Assaba-Bentus who walks around at the
    camp. When you've gotten him to follow you, walk all the way back to Zennammu's
    Yurt. When you've reached the yurt your journal should update. Head inside the
    yurt and talk to Zennammu and Jocien will be released.
    Head back to Radd Heard-Heart at Fort Moonmoth for the reward(gah!!).
    Rescue Dandsa (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: nothin'
    Radd wants you to rescue Dandsa who has been taken hostage by some bandits near
    Gnaar Mok. Personally, i think it's too many rescue missions in the Imperial
    Legion :P
    Exit the fort and go to Balmora. Take the silt-strider over to Vivec, and then
    go to Hla Oad by boat. Continue to Gnaar Mok by boat from Hla Oad.
    The bandits lair is a cavern called Abernanit. You'll find it by going to the
    mainland southeast of Gnaar Mok along the coast.
    Enter Abernanit and fight the 4 bandits in the cave before reaching Dandsa.
    Travel together with Dandsa back to the entrance, then head back to Radd.
    Breeding Netch (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: nothing
    Talk to Radd and he'll send you back to Gnaar Mok once again. Take the most
    suitable way over there and talk to a villager about the breeding netch.
    The netches can be found north of Gnaar Mok, it's Bull Netch and a Betty Netch.
    Take them out quickly and a message should pop up saying you killed a breeding
    netch. Head back to Radd Hard-Heart to finish the quest.
    Sorkvild the Raven (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: nuttin'
    Yet another easy quest from Radd which won't take more then 5-7 minutes to
    finish. Your quest is to take out Sorkvild the Raven who is an necromancer
    living in the Dwemer ruin in Dagon Fel.
    Head to Balmora and guild guide to Sadrith Mora, take the boat to Dagon Fel
    from there. Sorkvild's tower is located in the Dwemer ruin at the east side of
    town. Enter and kill the 3 guys down there. Also pick up the Dwemer scarab
    plans from the wall near the Hlaro Long-Leg. When you're done, use the ladder
    in the central room to face Sorkvild. He's easy and you'll take him out in
    a flash. Grab whatever of his stuff you find intresting and then head back to
    Radd Hard-Heart.
    11.1--Imperial Legion----------------------------------------------------------
    Employer: Darius***************************************************************
    Darius can be found in Gnisis, in Mabach's Tradehouse at the bottom floor.
    Speak with him about joining and he will give you an Imperial Chain Mail which
    you will have to wear everytime you want a mission.
    11.1.1:  Widow Vabdas Deed
    11.1.2:  Gnisis eggmine
    11.1.3:  Rescue Madura Seran
    11.1.4:  Rescue Ragash gra-Shuzgub
    11.1.5:  Talos Cult Conspiracy
    Widow Vabdas Deed (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Imperial Shield
    Speak with Darius and he will tell you about a land deed that he needs in order
    to expand the legions territory in Gnisis. First of all, exit the tradehouse
    then exit the town by going through the west entrance. Walk on the road and you
    will find Vabdas Hut on the left side of the road. Head inside and talk to her.
    She'll tell you that her husband was murdered by the Imperials and wants you
    to get out of her house. Speak with her again and ask her about murderer and
    she asks you to find out the truth. Exit Vabdas Hut and go back to Gnisis and
    the eggmine there. Find your way through the eggmine until you reach the
    Underwater Stream. Here you will find a ghost, Mister Vabdas of course, and
    he'll tell you that the orc Lugrub gro-Ogdum killed him. Beside the ghost is
    a 'pool' of water. Dive to the botom of the 'pool' and pick up the Lugrub axe
    beside Mr.Vabdas corpse. Head back to Darius and show him the axe as proof.
    He accepts the prrof and now sends you to bring the pitiful orc to justice.
    Hopefully, you already killed the orc on your way down to the Underwater
    Stream. He is the one that shouts "Leave in 10 seconds, or i will attack you".
    Anyways, when he is dead, talk to Darius about Lugrub and he will reward you
    with a Imperial Shield.
    Gnisis eggmine (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Imperial Steel Cuirass
    Speak with Darius again and he'll set you on a quest to cure the blighted
    Kwama Queen in the Gnisis eggmine. Hopefully you have the 'Cure Blight' spell,
    if not.. you can get a scroll from Hetman Abelmawia. He is located at the
    opposite side of the Gnisis Temple. Anyways.. head back into the eggmine and
    find your way to the queen. Cure her and head back to Darius to recieve the
    Rescue Madura Seran (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: nothin'
    Daruis tells you that Madura Seran has been kidnapped by some ashlanders near
    Ald Velothi. He wants you to rescue her. Take the silt strider to Khuul and
    head southwest until you reach Ald Velothi. From here, head 2 squares south on
    the world map and you will find the Aidanat Camp which consists of only one
    tent. Enter Abassel's Yurt and speak with Abassel Asserbassalit and he demands
    500 gold. Kill him or pay him, the world has alot of ashlanders for all i care.
    Speak with Madura Seran after your choice and transport her back to the Ald
    Velothi outpost. When you're there she'll thank you. Head back to Gnisis in
    your own suitable way and then talk to Darius. He thanks you for your trouble,
    but thats all he does.. hmmpf, ungrateful.
    Rescue Ragash gra-Shuzgub (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: nothin'
    Darius wants you to bring back the tax collecter Ragash, who went missing when
    she went down to collect tax from Baladas in Arvs-Drelen. Exit the tradehouse
    and find your way to Arvs-Drelen, northwest in the town of Gnisis. From the
    entrance of Arvs-Drelen, head straight forward through the wooden door. Then
    head right through the door again. Then straight through the door to find the
    jail. Lockpick it open and escort Ragash back to Gnisis. Head back to Darius
    to finish the quest.
    Talos Cult Conspiracy (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: nuttin'
    Darius is troubled about a conspiracy against the emperor. He wants you to
    talk to some soldiers to find out more about the Talos Cult. Exit the
    tradehouse and head right to the Barracks. At the entrance there is 2 guys.
    One of them is Oritius Maro. Get him to like you by bribing him. Then ask him
    about the Talos Cult. He offers you to join the cult, so accept the offer.
    He'll give you a key to the Talos Cult HQ. Head to the storage room in the 
    Barracks and enter the trap door. There you'll find Arius Rulician. Talk to him
    and then you should sneak 'n lockpick the chest on the altar. Get the note and
    head back to Darius. This is the proof against them, so head back and execute
    both of them. When this is done, go back to Darius to finish the quest.
    By now you should be a Champion of the Imperial Legion.
    Go to the other Forts to get some quests.
    Here you'll find many fine things. For example, a map which is going to let it 
    be easier to find locations in quests. Also, all the quests that you get on the
    road in the game, or I can't really set in a town or location, will be found 
    here. Only this type of quests are the ones you can mail and tip me about. See
    the introduction for more info.
    X.1---Misc. Quests-------------------------------------------------------------
    X.1.1:  The Pilgrims Path
    X.1.2:  Wizard Staff
    X.1.3:  The White Guar
    X.1.4:  Recovering Cloudcleaver
    X.1.5:  Favors for Orcs
    X.1.6:  Shrine Of Azura
    X.1.7:  Shrine Of Mephala
    X.1.8:  Shrine Of Boethia
    X.1.9:  Shrine Of Clavicus Vile
    X.1.10: Shrine Of Malacath
    X.1.11: Shrine Of Mehrunes Dagon
    X.1.12: Shrine Of Molag Bal
    X.1.13: Shrine Of Sheogorath
    The Pilgrims Path
    REWARD: membership in Temple
    I don't really know why I placed this Quest here, but i think I thought you 
    could this quest in several places.
    To get the quest. Talk to Feldrelo Sadri in Balmora Temple's lowest floor. All
    temples I've seen (except for Vivec) are similiarly built. Tell Feldrelo that 
    you want to join, and She'll set you on the Seven Graces quest.
    The Shrine of Humility
    Feather 20 pts
    Get some muck somewhere in Balmora or wherever you may find it. I got mine 
    looting some houses in Balmora. If you're feeling lucky you may be able to get 
    some at the farm nearby the shrine (NOTE: the muck spawns randomly in the 
    crates/bags in Alof's farmhouse. There may not be any at all. You must also be 
    a skilled thief as he is never further than 8 feet away. Play it safe.)
    To get to Fields of Kummu (C9-P3), Walk south out of Balmora, taking the two 
    bridges east to the Moonmoth Fort. Where the road forks to Pelagiad to the 
    right after the ashland, go left. Follow the road and the shrine will be on 
    your right. This location should be marked on you map and really easy to find.
    The Shrine of Daring
    Rising force effect
    Go to Vivec from Balmora using the guild guide or siltstrider of whatever fits 
    your needs. Take the local boat to the temple area and try to find a woman with
    a robe that stands up some stair. She sell potions. Buy a potion of rising 
    force if you don't already have one and then walk to the southwest corner of 
    this area. Here you should find the shrine.
    NOTE: This shrine can be very useful in traveling, as it lasts for twelve hours
    Especially nice for areas which you must walk, for example the Urshilaku camp.
    Taking the guild guide from Vivec to Ald'ruhn, the silstrider to Khuul, and 
    then flying to the camp. This eliminates most encounters, all terrain delays, 
    and fatigue loss.
    The Shrine of Generosity
    Mercantile 10 pts
    From the last shrine, continue south and climb a long set of stair. On top, 
    there are two shrines and i don't think it matters which one you take(I took 
    the one on the right). Offer here 100 gold and recieve the blessings.
    The Shrine of Courtesy
    Swift swim, Water Breathing
    Get a Silver Long Blade somewhere in Vivec. You can get it in most smithies on 
    the plaza levels. When you have one, go once again to the Temple area. Climb 
    those long stairs mentioned in the last Shrine, but now you should jump of onto
    the water to your right or left(doesn't matter). The thing that matters here is
    what level you jump of at. The Puzzle Canal is on level 3, which is the 3rd 
    level counting from the top. Get inside the grate and find yourself in deep 
    water. Get up on a nearby ramp and you'll probably encounter a rat. When this 
    great threat is slayed, Try to find the entrance to the puzzle canal (this is a
    really small area, it isn't hard). Now you'll once again find yourself in 
    water. Swim up to the central platform and if you wish, read the shrine. It 
    tells you to breath the water. So - jump in! The path will open when all your 
    health is consumed under the water. When you otherwise would have died, a black
    flash will occur and you should swim up to the platform. Now you've got rid of 
    the forcefield and a bridge has been summoned from nowhere. Inside you'll find 
    Krazzt. Give him the silver longsword and examine the shrine.
    The Shrine of Justice
    Cure Blight, Disease and Posion
    From Vivec, take the guild guide to Ald'ruhn, and then the siltstrider to 
    Gnisis. Find the Temple in this town and enter it. In the second room to your 
    left is a person who can sell you a Potion of Cure Common Disease. Also, buy 
    some dreugh wax for the next shrine. With the potion in your hand, find the 
    stairs leading up (or down, don't remember), and you'll be at the shrine. This 
    shrine doesn't look like the others. It looks like a big pillar in the middle 
    of the room. Offer the potion and recieve the blessing.
    The Shrine of Valor
    All armor skills 10pts
    From Gnisis, go back to the siltstrider and walk south. Swim over the little 
    river here and continue south. Walk in a straight line until bumping into the 
    ocean. Now you should be close to a gigantic stone pretzle. Under this 
    worm-like-stone-thingie, is the Koal Cave Entrance. The shrine is right by the
    door inside.
    The Shrine of Pride
    Shield, Fortify Magicka
    The easiest way I did this shrine, was to go to Vivec and get the Shrine Of 
    Daring Blessing (Rising force effect for about twelve hours). Check the shrine 
    description above to find it. When you have it, take the guild guide to 
    Caldera. From there, levitate to the dot on your map that says 'Ghostgate'. 
    You'll meet about 10 cliff racers on the way, so if your're lowlevel, get some
    potions first. When at Ghostgate, continue north along the road and where it 
    forks(very close to ghostgate), turn right. The shrine is right up the road. 
    Here you'll need a soulgem, and any soulgem will do. 
    When you're finished
    Go back to Balmora Temple and Feldrelo Sadri. She'll give you the wonderful 
    Wizard Staff
    REWARD: Wizard Staff
    To gain the rank of Wizard within the Mage's Guild one must find a Wizard
    Staff. It can be bought by one of the Mage's Guild's leaders when asking for
    advancement. They'll sell it to you for 5000 septims. 
    It can also be found in a cave called Sud, as the guildleaders tell you. To get
    there, you should first travel by boat to Dagon Fel, from Sadrith Mora. You 
    should also prepare yourself with some levitation scrolls/potions/whatever as 
    you need to get up on a platform later on. From there, travel west. The 
    entrance is on the northern tip of a beach wich is on the far west side of the
    island. Check The Map section if you can't find it.
    Inside, there's a stone ramp leading down to your first encounter. A Golden 
    Saint. Can be dangerous if you're low-level. If you follow the caves you'll 
    come to an area with water. To your left is two fortress-like stone structures.
    On the left one's is a lot of skeleton archers, and on the right one is a door.
    If you enter the door you'll encounter a mage and a Dremora Lord. Then you can
    follow the caves around encountering a Daedroth. If you continue following the
    caves, you'll get to the fortress-thingie where the archers stood (you could 
    also jump from the right stone-thingie to the left one). After slaying them, 
    enter the door and meet another Dremora Lord and a scamp. Now you need to use 
    the Rising Force potion you got or the levitation scroll or your superb jumping
    skill to get up on this third large stone structure. When up there, enter the 
    door and meet Anirne. She can be irritating with her spells but you can hide 
    behind the door when she casts her spell and then attack. Repeat. Take the 
    staff from her.
    Now you can raid the place or go home. Go to one of the Mage's Guilds and get 
    your promotion. You can sell the staff if you want to. It's worth 10000 
    You can also get the Wizard Staff in a daedric shrine called Ramimilk. To find
    it, check The Map section.
    Many, many people have mailed me about that you can find a staff in the 
    Urshilaku Burial Caverns. So far I've gotten 7 mails about it (I think that's 
    many :/ ) so it's time to put it up. The Burial caves in quest 2.5.5 where 
    you're going to get the bonebiter bow can be checked for details on how to get 
    there, or it can act as an inspiration on going through the main quest long 
    enough to have another reason to go there and kill two Cliff Racers with one 
    destruction spell (it's a joke, silly.). When there, get as high as you can in 
    the Laterus Burial cavern, and use a levitation spell and levitate to the top 
    western part of the cave. Look around for a mummy holding a wizard's staff. 
    There's also a locked chest with some yummy gems and such. THERE! Are you all 
    happy now? Stop emailing me about this! >,<
    The White Guar
    REWARD: Shield of the Undaunted
    Location: Ahemmusa camp, Urshamusa Rapli
    Talk to Urshamusa who is walking around in the camp, and she'll tell you about 
    a vision where you followed a white guar. 
    To find the guar, head out west past the eggmine, and follow the road until 
    you get to a ashland-type rock in the middle of everything. Behind it stands 
    the guar. Walk up to it and it'll start moving. Follow it.
    Finally, you'll come to the dead body of Ashamanu. Loot her amulet and head 
    back to Urshamusa and she'll give you a crappy light armor shield.
    Recovering Cloudcleaver (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Depends on which side you choose (3 potions or gold?)
    Head north from Caldera and in the cross-road you will see Hlomar Wine-Sot, a 
    man in lepard underwear. Although he is in modern fashion in the underwear 
    buisness he wants you to help him retrive his precious axe Cloudcleaver from 
    the witch who stole it.
    Head northwest and there you will find a healer named Sosia Caristiana standing
    on the road. Talk to her about Hlomar and his Cloudcleaver and she will make a 
    proposition. Talk to Hlomar again about this proposal. He won't accept it and 
    you will face two options. Either to side with Sosia or with Hlomar. If you 
    side with Sosia you will kill Hlomar(duh), and viceversa. Killing Hlomar will 
    acctually give you something more then just the pleasure in beating an unarmed 
    man in his sexy underwear, you will recieve 3 potions from Sosia. If you kill 
    Sosia you will get gold (i think).
    You could side up with Sosia and then later on kill her to get the 
    Favors for Orcs (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: One Diamond
    This is a stupid quest, but it has to be done ;)
    Anyways, Head north of Caldera to the first cross-road, continue north and look
    to your left as you walk on the road. There you should see the orc Bugrol 
    standing around. Talk to him and he will tell you that he ran away from some 
    Calderian guards awhile back.
    He will give you a note to deliver to a certain orc named Bashuk, who is 
    located inside a house in Caldera. She will give you a note to bring back to 
    Bugrol. Head back to him and he will give you his "present" which is a diamond.
    Shrine Of Azura (by 072.V)
    REWARD: Azura's Star
    Talk(well, listen) to the statue of Azura in the Shrine Of Azura(check the map 
    section). She will tell you of a wager with Sheogorath and ask you to stop and 
    find proof of his meddling.
    Head to the island where Rayna Drolan lives (it's northwest of Dagon Fel. Check
    the map section for Rayna Dolan's shack if you feel it's neccessary) in a shack
    but leave her alone. Instead, kill all the nasties (Hungers, Atronarchs, etc), 
    including the Golden Saint and Staada. 
    Make sure you take Sheogorath's Signet Ring from Staada.
    Return to the Shrine Of Azura and get your fine reward, a reusable soul gem. 
    Yummy, yummy. 
    Shrine Of Mephala (by 072.V)
    REWARD: Ring of Khajiit
    Speak with Taros Dral in the Morag Tong Headquarters (check section 4.4 if you 
    want to know how to get there) and ask him about the sensitive matters he needs
    help with. Agree to help him and he will ask you to poison the 'freelancing' 
    Morag Tong member Balyn Omavel, and give you 5 Treated Bittergreen Petals to 
    put in his food.
    Use your favorite means of transportation to get to Balmora. Balyn Omavel lives
    in the east side of town, in the house next to Caius Cosades'. Enter the house 
    through the trap door on the roof without Balyn seeing you. Place the poison in
    his cauldron and get out.
    Return to Taros Dral. He will tell you to approach the altar. Do so and Mephala
    will give you your very own Ring of Khajiit. 
    Shrine Of Boethia (by Zyrax)
    REWARD: Goldbrand, the Legendary Sword of Boethian
    Well, i can say that this one sure took ALOT of time to complete. It all began
    when i spoke with M'Aiq The Liar (see section 'All Locations' on where to find
    him) and he told some lies. About talking Mudcrab Merchants(which is true).
    And he talked about the shrine of Boethia that was lost under water outside
    the coast of Hla Oad. One of the FAQ makers (072.V) told be he had been
    looking around the coast but with no results. So we all thought it was a lie.
    However, while i was just cruising around in Seyda Neen, i thought about the
    shrine again. And started by looking outside the coast of Seyda Neen. From
    there i worked myself up on the map, with no results. When i was just about
    to give up, i saw the Ashurnibibi Daedric Ruin north of Hla Oad. So i scouted
    one last time. I was way out in the ocean and then i saw something odd
    beginning to shape on the bottom of the ocean. It was a old Daedric Ruin, lost
    under water. I finally thought i had found it, and searched for an entrance.
    Noone to find though, i searched the broken statue, and realized i could talk
    to it. I got a quest from the statue of Boethian and was overjoyed.
    A little more specific way of finding the shrine and completing the quest:
    From Hla Oad, head north until your reach the Ashurnibibi Daedric ruin by the
    coast. From here, levitate/swim out straight to the west for about 2 or 3
    squares on the map. Here you will find a sunken Daeric ruin with a broken
    statue in the middle. Talk to the head of the statue and he will begin to
    talk to you about his shrine. He wants you to help him to rebuild his shrine.
    If you can complete the task, he will give you his legendary sword, Goldbrand.
    He gives you a riddle of how to find the sculptor. Something like this:
    "Rough hands to smooth stone, carving rocks instead of bone. In Caldera an
    arist waits; His masterpiece to create".
    Head to Caldera and talk to some people about the sculptor. They'll tell you
    that there aren't any in Caldera, but you should talk to the trader Verick
    Gemain about it. Verick tells you that the only 'artist' in Caldera is the
    orc at Ghorak's Manor that likes to carve rocks. So head to Ghorak's Manor
    and head to the 3rd floor and speak with Duma gro-Lag. He tells you that he
    will do it, but he needs to know what the statue looks like, and he needs
    2000 gold to do it. Head out of the manor and guildguide to Vivec. Go to 
    Jobasha's Rare Book shop in the Lower-Waistworks of the Foreign Quarter.
    Ask him about the Boethian and he'll tell you he might got one. Barter and
    find the Boethian book, then head back to Caldera and the orc. He takes the
    gold and the book and tells you it might take a few weeks to complete it.
    It takes exactly 20 days, and he's building it at Khartag Point which is
    located northwest of Gnaar Mok on a small island.
    When he is finished after 20 days, talk to the new Boethian statue to receive
    the legendary sword of Boethian, the Goldbrand.
    X.2---Gaining Ranks------------------------------------------------------------
    Gaining ranks throughout the game helps you getting betters quest and in the 
    end gives you the opportunity to be the guildmaster.
    X.2.1:  Mage
    X.2.2:  Fighter
    X.2.3:  Blade
    X.2.4:  Thief
    X.2.5:  Temple
    X.2.6:  Ashlander
    X.2.7:  Imperial Cult
    X.2.8:  Imperial Legion
    X.2.9:  Morag Tong
    X.2.10: Great House Hlaalu
    X.2.11: Great House Redoran
    Skills: Alchemy, Mysticism, Illusion, Alteration, Destruction, Enchant
    rank          | int | will | one skill at | two skills at | other              
    Novice        | --  | --   | ---          | ---           | joining the guild
    Associate     | 30  | 30   | 10           | ---           | ---
    Journeyman    | 30  | 30   | 20           | ---           | ---
    Evoker        | 30  | 30   | 30           | 5             | ---
    Conjurer      | 30  | 30   | 40           | 10            | 200 gold
    Magician      | 31  | 31   | 50           | 15            | ---
    Warlock       | 32  | 32   | 60           | 20            | ---
    Wizard        | 33  | 33   | 70           | 25            | Wizard Staff(X.1.2)
    Master Wizard | 34  | 34   | 80           | 30            | ---
    Arch-Mage     | --  | --   | --           | --            | see following text
    (When you've gained the rank of Wizard or Master Wizard you can challenge
    Trebonius in the Vivec arena. After killing him, you can loot his corpse for
    Trebonius staff and an extremely useful necromancers amulet which has some nice
    stuff with constant effect on it. You now rule the Mage's Guild.
    There is one more way though. You can also do Skink-In-Tree's-Shade's last 
    quest, which you have to be a Master Wizard to get. Check section 5.1.7 for 
    details. You won't get his fine artifacts, so I recommend you taunting his ass
    off, killing him and taking them after completing this quest.
    And just when you though there was no more ways of earning the title of 
    arch-mage, another on popped out of nowhere. Complete Trebonius second quest, 
    4.8.2. This is NOT recommended though as it must be done after completing the 
    WHOLE mainquest and it involves killing all the Telvanni masters. )
    Skills: Armorer, Axe, Block, Blunt Weapon, Heavy Armor, Long Blade
    rank          | str | end  | one skill at | two skills at | other              
    Novice        | --  | --   | ---          | ---           | joining the guild
    Associate     | 30  | 30   | 10           | ---           | ---
    Journeyman    | 30  | 30   | 20           | ---           | ---
    Swordsman     | 30  | 30   | 30           | 5             | ---
    Protector     | 30  | 30   | 40           | 10            | ---
    Defender      | 31  | 31   | 50           | 15            | ---
    Warder        | 32  | 32   | 60           | 20            | ---
    Guardian      | 33  | 33   | 70           | 25            | ---
    Champion      | 34  | 34   | 80           | 30            | ---
    Master        | --  | --   | --           | --            | see following text
    (To become Master in the Fighter's guild one must kill Sjoring Hard-Heart after
    gaining the rank of Guardian. The problem is, that if you attack him, you'll 
    also have to fight the whole Vivec guild. That's five people altogether. They
    shouldn't be much of a threat at the rank of Champion, but if you have problems
    you should take some buff spells/potions/scrolls and start of with Sjoring. Try
    to get him into his room and close the door.)
    Skills: Speechcraft, Marksman, Light Armor, Sneak, Restoration, Long Blade
    rank          | int | per  | one skill at | two skills at | other              
    Novice        | --  | --   | ---          | ---           | quest 1.1.1
    Apprentice    | 40  | 30   | 30           | 20            | quest 2.5.2
    Journeyman    | 45  | 35   | 40           | 20            | quest 2.5.3
    Finder        | 50  | 40   | 50           | 25            | quest 2.5.4
    Traveller     | 55  | 45   | 60           | 25            | quest 2.5.6
    Operative     | 60  | 50   | 70           | 30            | quest 2.5.7
    (You won't advance further than Operative within the Blades, even though you 
    can see some stats for the next rank after it. Caius leaves after quest 2.5.7 
    and then you won't have more contact with the blades (except for the trainers,
    but that doesn't matter).)
    Skills: Marksman, Short Blade, Light Armor, Acrobatics, Sneak, Security
    rank          | agi | per  | one skill at | two skills at | other              
    Novice        | --  | --   | ---          | ---           | joining the guild
    Weat Ear      | 30  | 30   | 10           | ---           | ---
    Footpad       | 30  | 30   | 20           | ---           | ---
    Blackcap      | 30  | 30   | 30           | 5             | ---
    Operative     | 30  | 30   | 40           | 10            | ---
    Bandit        | 31  | 31   | 50           | 15            | ---
    Captain       | 32  | 32   | 60           | 20            | ---
    Ringleader    | 33  | 33   | 70           | 25            | ---
    Mastermind    | 34  | 34   | 80           | 30            | ---
    Master Thief  | --  | --   | --           | --            | quest 4.2.6
    (The last quest Jim gives you is to kill Sjoring Hard-Heart. I recommend you 
    not to do so before you are at least Guardian in the Fighter's Guild. If you 
    are Guradian you'll also be Master in the Fighter's Guild. Weee! Anyway, when 
    the quest is finished, Jim will retire and you'll be the new master thief. 
    You'll also be given the mighty skeleton key which can unlock every lock in the
    Skills: Unarmed, Alchemy, Restoration, Mysticism, Conjuration, Blunt Weapon
    rank          | per | int  | one skill at | two skills at | other              
    Layman        | --  | --   | ---          | ---           | joining the temple
    Novice        | 30  | 30   | 10           | ---           | quest X.1.1
    Initiate      | 30  | 30   | 20           | ---           | ---
    Acolyte       | 30  | 30   | 30           | 5             | ---
    Adept         | 30  | 30   | 40           | 10            | ---
    Curate        | 31  | 31   | 50           | 15            | --- 
    Skills: Marksman, Light Armor, Mysticism, Alteration, Spear, Medium Armor
    rank          | agi | end  | one skill at | two skills at | other              
    Clanfriend    | --  | --   | ---          | ---           | quest 2.5.5
    Hearthfriend  | 30  | 30   | 20           | ---           | quest 2.5.9
    Brother       | 45  | 35   | 40           | 20            | ???
    Imperial Cult
    Skills: Speechcraft, Unarmored, Restoration, Mysticism, Conjuration, Enchant
            Blunt Weapon 
    rank          | per | will | one skill at | two skills at | other              
    Layman        | --  | --   | ---          | ---           | joining, 50 gold
    Novice        | 30  | 30   | 10           | 5             | ---
    Initiate      | 30  | 30   | 20           | 8             | ---
    Acolyte       | 30  | 30   | 30           | 10            | ---
    Adept         | 30  | 30   | 40           | 12            | ---
    Disciple      | 31  | 31   | 50           | 15            | ---
    Oracle        | 32  | 32   | 60           | 18            | ---
    Invoker       | 33  | 33   | 70           | 20            | ---
    Theurgist     | 34  | 34   | 80           | 25            | --- 
    Primate       | 35  | 35   | 90           | 25            | ---
    Imperial Legion
    Skills: Athletics, Spear, Long Blade, Blunt Weapon. Heavy Armor, Block
    rank            | end | per | one skill at | two skills at | other              
    Recruit         | --  | --  | ---          | ---           | joining the legion
    Spearman        | 30  | 30  | 10           | ---           | ---
    Trooper         | 30  | 30  | 20           | ---           | ---
    Agent           | 30  | 30  | 30           | 5             | ---
    Champion        | 30  | 30  | 40           | 10            | ---
    K.Errand        | 31  | 31  | 50           | 15            | ---
    K.Bachelor      | 32  | 32  | 60           | 20            | ---
    K.Protector     | 33  | 33  | 70           | 25            | ---
    K.of the Garland| 34  | 34  | 80           | 30            | ---
    Knight of the Imperial Dragon                              | se following text
    (To gain the rank of Knight of The Imperial Dragon, one must, when he has the 
    rank of Knight of the Garland, challange Varus Vatinius to a duel in the 
    Morag Tong
    Skills: Marksman, Short Blade, Light Armor, Acrobatics, Sneak, Illusion
    rank          | spe | agi  | one skill at | two skills at | other              
    Associate A   | --  | --   | ---          | ---           | joining Morag Tong
    Associate B   | --  | --   | ---          | ---           | quest 4.4.1
    Blind Thrall  | 30  | 30   | 10           | ---           | ---
    Thrall        | 30  | 30   | 20           | ---           | ---
    White Thrall  | 30  | 30   | 30           | 5             | ---
    Thinker       | 30  | 30   | 40           | 10            | ---
    Brother       | 31  | 31   | 50           | 15            | ---
    Knower        | 32  | 32   | 60           | 20            | ---
    Master        | 33  | 33   | 70           | 25            | ---
    Exalted Master| 34  | 34   | 80           | 30            | ---
    Grandmaster   | 35  | 35   | 90           | 35            | see text below
    (You're not really a member of the Morag Tong until you've finished the first
    quest. Check part 4.4.1 of the guide for more details.)
    (Before you can become the Grandmaster, you'll have to do ALL the quests. 
    After that you can challenge Eno Hlaalu who will give you two choices,
    either to let him retire, or fight him to the death.)
    Great House Hlaalu
    Skills: Speechcraft, Mercantile, Marksman, Short Blade, Light Armor, Security
    rank          | spe | agi  | one skill at | two skills at | other              
    Hireling      | --  | --   | ---          | ---           | joining the house
    Retainer      | 30  | 30   | 10           | ---           | ---
    Oathman       | 30  | 30   | 20           | ---           | ---
    Lawman        | 30  | 30   | 30           | 5             | ---
    Kinsman       | 30  | 30   | 40           | 10            | ---
    House Cousin  | 31  | 31   | 50           | 15            | ---
    House Brother | 32  | 32   | 60           | 20            | ---
    House Father  | 33  | 33   | 70           | 25            | Stronghold lvl 1
    Councilman    | 34  | 34   | 80           | 30            | Stronghold lvl 2
    Grandmaster   | 35  | 35   | 90           | 35            | Vedam Dren quests
    Great House Redoran
    Skills: Athletics, Spear, Long Blade, Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Armorer
    rank          | end | str  | one skill at | two skills at | other              
    Hireling      | --  | --   | ---          | ---           | joining the house
    Retainer      | 30  | 30   | 10           | ---           | ---
    Oathman       | 30  | 30   | 20           | ---           | ---
    Lawman        | 30  | 30   | 30           | 5             | ---
    Kinsman       | 30  | 30   | 40           | 10            | ---
    House Cousin  | 31  | 31   | 50           | 15            | ---
    X.X---The Map & Locations------------------------------------------------------
    This map will allow you to make it easier to find locations mentioned in the 
    faq. If you haven't got the big island in the nortwest on your map, it is 
    because you don't have Bloodmoon. You mostly use the map by finding one 
    location that you have one your map, and finding out which square the location
    you're looking for is in. Then you compare the distance to find the location. 
    For example:
    I want to know where Marandus is. I check it and know that it is in square 
    D0-O4. I then check for a location that i know about. In this case the Moonmoth
    Legion Fort. I compare and see that Marandus is five squares east of Fort 
    Moonmoth. With the location 'marked' on my map, it is much easier to find.
    And remember, use this map as much as you can. It took me 3 ½%@#(&¤$£ hours to 
    |    + = Land    |   ~ = Water    |    * = Small islands, mixed water/land    |
    |                              MARKED LOCATIONS                               |
      A = Vivec                         |  a = Khartag Point
      B = Ebonheart                     |  b = Tel Fyr
      C = Seyda Neen                    |  c = Erabenimsum Camp
      D = Pelagiad                      |  d = Molag Mar
      E = Hla Oad                       |  e = Kogoruhn
      F = Odai Plateau                  |  f = Tel Aruhn
      G = Balmora                       |  g = Telasero
      H = Moonmoth Legion Fort          |  h = Zaintiraris
      I = Fields Of Kummu               |  i = Tel Branora
      J = Arvel Plantation              |  j = Ald Redaynia
      K = Dren Plantation               |  k = Ald Sotha
      L = Marandus                      |  l = Mzahneh
      M = Urshilaku Camp                |  m = Andasreth
      N = Ashurnabitashpi               |  n = Nchurdamz
      O = Suran                         |  o = Falensarano
      P = Caldera                       |  p = Mzuleft
      Q = Gnaar Mok                     |  q = Yansirramus
      R = Ghostgate                     |  r = Dagoth Ur
      S = Buckmoth Legion Fort          |  s = Bal Isra
      T = Ald'ruhn                      |  t = Sanctus Shrine
      U = Wolverine Hall                |  u = Nchuleftingth
      V = Sadrith Mora                  |  v = Mount Kand
      W = Maar Gan                      |  w = Bal Fell
      X = Koal Cave Entrance            |  x =
      Y = Gnisis                        |  y =
      Z = Vas                           |  z =
      0 = Khuul                         |  @ =
      1 = Bal ur                        |  § =
      2 = Tel Mora                      |  # =
      3 = Vos                           |  ¤ =
      4 = Zainab Camp                   |  % =
      5 = Ald Velothi                   |  & =
      6 = Ashalmawia                    |  ? =
      7 = Dagon Fel                     |  $ =
      8 = Ahemmusa Camp                 |  £ =
      9 = Ashurnibibi                   |  ^ = 
    |                               ALL LOCATIONS                                 |
    name                               type                                location
    Abanabi                            CAVE                                   E4-O6
    Abernanit                          CAVE                                   C1-O6
    Ahemmusa Camp                      ASHLANDER CAMP                         D9-N2
    Aidanat Camp                       CAMP                                   B7-N4
    Almurbalarammi                     DAEDRIC                                E4-P7
    Ald Redaynia                       TOWER                                  C4-M7
    Als Sotha                          DAEDRIC                                D4-P7
    Ald Velothi                        TOWN                                   B7-N3
    Ald'ruhn                           TOWN                                   C5-O2
    Aleft                              DWEMER                                 C1-O7
    Andasreth                          STRONGHOLD                             B9-O3
    Arkngthunch-Sturdumz               DWEMER                                 B5-N4
    Arvel Plantation                   FARM                                   D0-P4
    Aryon Ancestral Tomb               TOMB                                   D1-O6
    Ashalmawia                         SHRINE                                 B8-N3
    Ashalmilmilkala                    DAEDRIC                                C0-P0
    Ashirbaden                         CAVE                                   D9-Q0
    Ashurnabitashpi                    DAEDRIC                                C3-N0
    Ashurnibibi                        DAEDRIC                                C1-P2
    Assu                               CAVE                                   D9-P3
    Bal Fell                           DAEDRIC                                D6-Q0
    Bal Isra                           DAEDRIC                                C7-N9
    Bal Ur                             DAEDRIC                                D4-P3
    Balmora                            TOWN                                   C5-P1
    Baram Ancestral Tomb               TOMB                                   E4-O1
    Buckmoth Legion Fort               FORT                                   C6-O3
    Caldera                            TOWN                                   C6-O5
    Dagon Fel                          TOWN                                   D5-M6
    Dagoth Ur                          A BAD PLACE                            D0-O2
    Dissapla Mine                      MINE                                   D7-O1
    Drath Ancestral Tomb               TOMB                                   C3-N1
    Dredoth Ancestral Tomb             TOMB                                   E4-O8
    Dren Plantation                    FARM                                   D0-P5
    Drulene Faren's Hut                FARM                                   C1-O2
    Dunerai Caverns                    MINE                                   D2-O5
    Ebonheart                          TOWN                                   D0-Q1
    Elith-Pal                          MINE                                   D5-N8
    Erabenimsum Camp                   ASHLANDER CAMP                         E1-O9
    Falensarano                        STRONGHOLD                             D7-O2
    Favel Ancestral Tomb               TOMB                                   D6-N2
    Fields Of Kummu                    SHRINE                                 C9-P3
    Ghostgate                          TOWN                                   D0-O4
    Gnaar Mok                          TOWN                                   C0-O5
    Gnisis                             TOWN                                   B8-N7
    Habinbaes                          CAVE                                   D2-M5
    Hla Oad                            TOWN                                   C2-P3
    Hleran Ancestral Tomb              TOMB                                   C4-O2
    Ilunibi                            CAVE                                   B9-O4
    Kagoruhn                           STRONGHOLD                             C8-N5
    Koal Cave Entrance                 MINE                                   B7-N8
    Khartag Point                      AREA                                   B9-O4
    Khuul                              TOWN                                   B9-N1
    Kushtashpi                         DAEDRIC                                D7-N2
    M'Aiq                              The Liar (go there)                    D7-M7
    Maar Gan                           TOWN                                   C5-N6
    Marandus                           STRONGHOLD                             D0-O4
    Minabi                             CAVE                                   D6-P7
    Molag Mar                          TOWN                                   E1-P6
    Moonmoth Legion Fort               FORT                                   C7-P1
    Mount Kand                         AREA                                   D9-P3
    Mzahneh                            DWEMER                                 D6-P8
    Mzuleft                            DWEMER                                 D4-M7
    Nchuleftingth                      DWEMER                                 D8-P1
    Nchurdamz                          DWEMER                                 E5-P5
    Odai Plateau                       AREA                                   C3-P3
    Odirnirnan                         TOWER                                  E5-P6
    Palansour                          CAVE                                   B8-N5
    Pelagiad                           TOWN                                   C8-P5
    Pudai Egg Mine                     MINE                                   D1-M7
    Ramimilk                           SHRINE                                 C7-O4
    Ravel Ancestral Tomb               TOMB                                   E6-P4
    Rayna Drolan's Shack               SHACK                                  D1-M4
    Rothran Ancestral Tomb             TOMB                                   C7-N6
    Sadrith Mora                       TOWN                                   E5-O4
    Sanctus Shrine                     SHRINE                                 C9-M7
    Sanit                              CAVE                                   D6-N3
    Sanni                              TOWER                                  D8-M9
    Sargon                             CAVE                                   C6-M8
    Saturan                            CAVE                                   D5-P4
    Setus Egg Mine                     MINE                                   D9-N0
    Sethan Ancestral Tomb              TOMB                                   D7-N9
    Seyda Neen                         TOWN                                   C6-P7
    Shallit                            CAVE                                   D6-M9
    Shashpilamat                       DAEDRIC                                E5-P4
    Shrine of Azura                    SHRINE                                 E7-P6
    Shul                               CAVE                                   C1-P1
    Sinamusa Egg Mine                  MINE                                   D9-N2
    Sinsibadon                         CAVE                                   D5-P7
    Sud                                CAVE                                   D0-M6
    Suran                              TOWN                                   D4-P4
    Tel Aruhn                          TOWN                                   E3-O3
    Tel Branora                        TOWN                                   E2-Q1
    Tel Fyr                            TOWER                                  E3-O7
    Tel Mora                           TOWN                                   E1-N4
    Telasero                           STRONGHOLD                             D7-P5
    Telvayn Ancestral Tomb             TOMB                                   C1-O4
    Urshilaku Burial Caves             TOMB                                   C5-N2
    Urshilaku Camp                     ASHLANDER CAMP                         C4-N0
    Vas                                HIDEOUT                                C8-M6
    Vivec                              TOWN                                   D1-P7
    Vos                                TOWN                                   D9-N4
    Wolverine Hall                     CASTLE W/ GUILDS                       E6-O5
    Yakin                              CAVE                                   E1-O1
    Yaknalit                           CAVE                                   D7-P9
    Yansirramus                        DAEDRIC                                E0-O4
    Zainab Camp                        ASHLANDER CAMP                         D7-N8
    Zaintiraris                        DAEDRIC SHRINE                         E0-P8
    X.Y---Means of Transportation--------------------------------------------------
    Travelling around in Vvardenfell can be a pain. This section is dedicated to 
    the lost souls that find it terrifying to have to find a small cave in the 
    middle of nowhere that'll take three hours to get to.
    X.Y.1:  Siltstrider
    X.Y.2:  Boat
    X.Y.3:  Guildguide
    X.Y.4:  Propylon Index
    X.Y.5:  Misc Travelling
    First off is the standard transporting method. The big weird creatures with big
    holes in their backs and long legs. 
    The routes which you can travel by siltstrider covers the western and southern 
    parts of Vvardenfell. It's a good way to travel, but it takes time (in game, 
    you won't notice it). This will only affect you if you're having a problem with
    how much ingame time you've taken. If you do care, I strongly recommend the 
    guildguide, the master index, and walking.
    Now you'll se a little list of towns and where you can travel from it by taking
    the siltstrider. Of course, it works the other way around. If you want to check
    how to get to a certain location, just find it in the left list and check where
    you can go from in the right list.
    From/To                           To/From
    Ald'Ruhn                          Balmora
                                      Maar Gan
    Balmora                           Ald'Ruhn
                                      Seyda Neen
    Gnisis                            Ald'Ruhn
                                      Maar Gan
                                      Seyda Neen
    Khuul                             Ald'Ruhn
                                      Maar Gan
    Maar Gan                          Ald'Ruhn
    Molag Mar                         Suran
    Seyda Neen                        Balmora
    Suran                             Balmora
                                      Molag Mar
                                      Seyda Neen
    Vivec                             Balmora
                                      Molag Mar
                                      Seyda Neen
    The boats works pretty much like the siltstriders. They take time, and is a 
    nice alternative to walking.
    A slight difference is that you can travel to almost every town on the coast, 
    which means that you can get to the other side of Vvardenfell fast and 
    From/To                           To/From
    Dagon Fel                         Khuul
                                      Sadrith Mora
                                      Tel Mora
    Ebonheart                         Hla Oad
                                      Sadrith Mora
                                      Tel Branora
    Gnaar Mok                         Hla Oad
    Hla Oad                           Gnaar Mok
    Khuul                             Dagon Fel
                                      Gnaar Mok
                                      Solstheim (In Bloodmoon)
    Molag Mar                         Tel Branora
    Sadrith Mora                      Dagon Fel
                                      Tel Branora
                                      Tel Mora
    Tel Aruhn                         Tel Mora
    Tel Branora                       Ebonheart
                                      Molag Mar
                                      Sadrith Mora
    Tel Mora                          Dagon Fel
                                      Sadrith Mora
                                      Tel Aruhn
    Vivec                             Ebonheart
                                      Hla Oad
                                      Molag Mar
                                      Tel Branora
    Vos                               Sadrith Mora
                                      Tel Aruhn
                                      Tel Mora
    Aaaah... My favourite! It's fast, it's fast, and it gets me where I want.
    No, seriously. Always use the guildguide when you can. That's my advice. When 
    you need to get further or perhaps need to rest anyway to get healed, you 
    should complete the trip with boat or siltstrider. There are five locations 
    which you can travel from and to with the guildguide, the towns which has a 
    Mage's Guild. You can travel to all the four other locations from all the 
    Mage's Guilds. The places are:
    Sadrith Mora
    Not much more to say really... Only that you can't use the service if you've 
    upset the Mage's Guild in any way. 
    Propylon Index
    Scattered around the world of Vvardenfell ten propylon indexes can be found to 
    travel between the Propylon chambers located by ten strongholds. 
    If you have an index, you must also find a propylon chamber which has a pillar 
    with a matching target location. For example: if I have the Hlormaren propylon 
    index, and want to get there, I must find a propylon chamber stronghold that 
    have a propylon pillar with the target Hlormaren. 
    This can make this way of travelling rather complicated, and that's why 
    Bethesda Studios made an official Plugin that introduced the Master Propylon 
    Index, which let's you travel between all the Strongholds AND you can use it to
    travel to Caldera Mage's guild from any Propylon Chamber. For instructions on 
    this quest, check section 8.2 on how to get through the quest.
    (NOTE: The master index can only be used by talking to Folms and tell him your 
    destination. Using a pillar in a propylon chamber when having the master index 
    in your inventory gets you back to Folms.)
    You can also check section 8.2 on how to find the indexes even if you don't 
    have the plugin. If you have them all they may be as useful, but maybe not as 
    practical as the master index.
    And as the Master Index also gets you to Caldera, you can easily use the 
    guildguide to travel fast! Wee!
    Misc Travelling
    There are indeed many small tricks get somewhere, and get there fast. This 
    section will explain some of them, and maybe inspire you to combinate them in a
    jolly way. More of these small tips will come when I remember them. :/
    *** The Boots of Blinding Speed
    You may have found this one in lots of other faqs, but hey, we love it. There 
    is a woman outside Caldera, which will ask you to escort her to Gnaar Mok in 
    exchange for her Boots of Blinding speed. These will boost your speed by 200 
    points and blind you 100%. Fear not. If you already have some Magicka 
    Resistance you'll notice that you wont be very much blind at all. If you have 
    50% blindness you'll still be able to see clearly. If you don't however, you 
    can enchant an item with 100% immunity to Magicka, or you can get a spell which
    does that for a short amount of time. The blindness is only calculated by the 
    resistance you had when you put the boots on. So even a few seconds is enough.
    There is also a bug in the earliest versions which make these boots blind not 
    work at all, and you run around with 200 extra points in speed. The later 
    versions sometimes remove the blindness when quicksaving or changing area. The
    latest version have fixed all those bugs. Well, as a sumup, these boots are 
    very addictive. If you've tried them you wont be able to live without them. 
    Zyrax, one of the faqwriters, refuses to patch the game in order to exploit the
    bug to get around faster... Phht! Get them early in the game, and fix atleast a
    50% Magicka resistance spell to fully experience the power of the boots. I'm 
    currently enjoying the boots at a 67% blindness (with only 33% magicka 
    resistance) and it's not so bad. Just turn up the gamma on your monitor or 
    something. ;)
    *** The Mark and Recall spells
    These two baddies are another favourite. Use the spell mark to place a location
    which you can teleport to anytime by using the other spell called recall. This 
    can be extremely useful when doing many quests for someone that stands in an 
    area which is a pain to acces. Like Gentleman Jim Stacey for example. If you do
    all the Bal Molagmer and Jim's quests all in a row Mark and Recall can save 
    alot of running. I can also recommend finding the talking mudcrab merchant east
    of Vivec and place a mark there as it can take some time to get to him (The 
    talking mudcrab merchant is a heckofa moneyfactory for the lost soul who can't 
    sell his expensive equipment. The mudcrab buys and sells things for their exact
    value, and he has 10000 gold that you can get every 24 hours). Note that you 
    only can mark one place. If you mark a new place, the previous one ill be lost.
    You can travel to the marked location as many times as you want. But now you 
    may ask where to find the spells? Well, you can buy both of them from Sirilonwe
    in the Vivec Mage's Guild on the Plaza level of the Foreign Quarter canton.
    *** Levitation
    I strongly recommend you having an enchanted item which cast at least a 1 point
    levitation for 15 seconds, but the best would be if had a constant effect. In 
    that case you can bind it to a quickbutton with F1 and equip it/unequip it when
    necessary. It can be a major pain trying to navigate through corridors and 
    caves with levition. Now, why would we want easy access to levitation? Well, 
    there are TONS of mountains and hills out there in Vvardenfell that will piss 
    you off. Now, with even the 1 point levitation you'll be able to efficiantly 
    cross those bad terrains fast.
    *** Waterwalking like Jesus
    Waterwalking can be, regardless what you think, a fast way of travelling. It's 
    faster than swimming, and it can get you around heavy terrain. This only works 
    if you're travelling along the coast. OR, maybe around Sadrith Mora and Vivec 
    with those ugly small islands. Well, maybe it's not THAT good. But it can be a
    lifesaver. So try it. At least once. :)
    END---The List-----------------------------------------------------------------
    Kaijin, Reidhardt
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