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"It is here! uhm, this is it?"

The fourth part of the Monkey Island series. Ever since I heard they were working on it I couldn't wait to play it.
Now it is finally here and it just doesn't live up to it.

Graphics 5/10

3D. Sounds good, doesn't it? Wrong.
The characters of the previous monkey island games are full of life. They always looked cartoony and fun. Not the case here.
The characters look stiff. Some only made me smile because of previous parts (Murray for example).
Murray is nothing but a heap of white polygons now. He does not have any character (yes, a skull can have character).
Some of the textures in the cutscenes are not to good either, they look all blocky and pixelated.
Bad move to try to make a cartoon with the present (realtime) 3d technology.
On the other hand the backgrounds are great.

Sound 8/10

This would have been a 10 if it weren't for the sound glitches. tsk tsk tsk.
I've always loved the music of Monkey Island (where is the soundtrack Lucasarts?). And not only the known tunes sound good.
For example the track in the ''palace of prosthetics'', very nice.
The voices and sound effects are nice too, but some voices sounded alike. Cheese and the perfume guy for example.
Why the hell the substitution of ''hell'' with ''heck'' in game lucasarts, in the cutscenes this is not the case. Another sloppy mistake?

Story 2/10

What happened here? This is a disgrace to the Monkey Island series.
When I played the demo I was already shocked by this, but I thought it would be only a small part of the game. Well, I wish I was right. The few twists don't make it any better. It makes the characters look stupid and flat.

Controls 6/10

The controls are good. It works practically the same as Grim Fandango (a game which I love). The new inventory system works out fine. Every 3d game suffers from the occasional error in movement, I didn't expect otherwise.

Gameplay 3/10

What about the humor that made the Monkey Island series so good? It's not here, that's for sure.
The whole insult system has been overused. There is no more fun in it. Well, maybe if you are new to Monkey Island, but after three previous parts the fun really starts to wear off.
Monkey Kombat? oh boy, someone slap the guy who thought of that.

Replayability 3/10

I consider myself a big fan of lucasarts adventure games. I own most of them and play through them about every two months.
Full Throttle may be short, but I've played it numerous times and it is still fun. EMI is short, but I won't be playing it again.
It also is way too easy.
If this is your first adventure game you might like this difficulty degree though.

Overall 4/10

I think I found the Ultimate Insult(tm). I got it right here and it's 2cds big.
If it wasn't for the great backgrounds, the music and the fact it has 3 big brothers to support the basis of the story this would be a sad sad game.
The story is obviously done (it ended in CMI for me, now I see this so called story). Don't extract more of it please. Another part will do more harm than good.
Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to hunt for Big Whoop.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/12/00, Updated 11/12/00

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