• Passwords

    GOLDRUSH1957 49ers
    LIONPOWER1957 Lions
    STABLES1958 Colts
    JOLLYGREEN1958 Giants
    GREENWINGS1960 Eagles
    THEREWASAMAN1962 Oilers
    GETEM1962 Texans
    OUTDOORS1963 Bears
    LITTLEPEOPLE1965 Browns
    MEGIVEYOU1966 Chiefs
    WHOSHOTJR1966 Cowboys
    CHAMPS1966 Packers
    TUNDRA1967 Cowboys
    SNOWPLOW1967 Packers
    GRAYANDBLACK1967 Raiders
    BLITZER1967 Rams
    SHOCKER1968 Colts
    TVTIMEOUT1968 Jets
    HEIDI1968 Raiders
    NOFLUKE1969 Chiefs
    ALLFLUKE1969 Vikings
    MNF1970 Browns
    GEEDYUP1970 Colts
    RIDEON1970 Cowboys
    DAMNYANKEES1970 Jets
    COURAGE1970 Lions
    MARCHON1970 Saints
    PEOPLEEATER1970 Vikings
    OVERTIME1971 Chiefs
    STARS1971 Cowboys
    LONGESTGAME1971 Dolphins
    AIRSHOW1972 Colts
    PERFECT1972 Dolphins
    AIRTIME1972 Jets
    SOUR1972 Raiders
    REDWITHENVY1972 Redskins
    LUCKY1972 Steelers
    JUNGLECATS1973 Bengals
    ORANGEJUICE1973 Bills
    LONGLIVE1973 Vikings
    DEFENDERS1974 Dolphins
    STRUGGLE1974 Raiders
    STEELCURTAIN1974 Steelers
    TARK1974 Vikings
    BASEBALLTEAM1975 Cardinals
    HAILMARY1975 Cowboys
    ALLABOUTMADDEN1975 Raiders
    ANGELCITY1975 Rams
    MIRACLELEAP1975 Steelers
    PURPLE1975 Vikings
    PATGAMES1976 Patriots
    MADTEAM1976 Raiders
    POWEROFPURPLE1976 Vikings
    ONEMILEHIGH1977 Broncos
    USATEAM1977 Cowboys
    THEGHOST1977 Raiders
    ROLLER1978 Chargers
    RECORDNIGHT1978 Cowboys
    CANNEDTUNA1978 Dolphins
    EARL1978 Oilers
    HOLY1978 Raiders
    DYNASTY1978 Steelers
    PIRATES1979 Buccaneers
    COMEBACK1979 Cowboys
    RAMITDOWN1979 Rams
    AHEADATTHEHALF1979 Redskins
    BLACKISCOOL1979 Steelers
    GREENBOYS1980 Eagles
    UPUPUP1980 Falcons
    LIONHEART1980 Lions
    DIRTYRICH1980 Oilers
    RAIDACROSSBAY1980 Raiders
    THECATCH1981 49ers
    TIGERS1981 Bengals
    NOCHANCE1981 Cowboys
    BLOCKEDKICK1981 Dolphins
    BEFORETHEMAN1982 Dolphins
    DCSBEST1982 Redskins
    HOMESICK1983 Raiders
    NOMATTERWHO1983 Redskins
    THEMANSLAYER1984 49ers
    DANTHEMAN1984 Dolphins
    MADDEN841984 Madden Team
    INTHEHILLS1984 Rams
    RAINGOAWAY1984 Seahawks
    UPSET1985 Bears
    OPENDOME1985 Cowboys
    GIANTSLAYER1985 Dolphins
    FLYAWAY1985 Falcons
    AIRLINER1985 Jets
    MAD19851985 Madden Team
    BLOWOUT1985 Patriots
    AWAYFROMHOME1985 Raiders
    THEDRIVE1986 Broncos
    NONSTOP1986 Browns
    PEAS1986 Giants
    86MADDEN1986 Madden Team
    HITTER1987 Broncos
    FUMBLERUSKI1987 Browns
    1987MAD1987 Madden Team
    REDMAN1987 Redskins
    MANOMAN1987 Saints
    BENGALKILLER1988 49ers
    NEVERSLEEP1988 Bears
    NOHOPE1988 Bengals
    MADDEN881988 Madden Team
    MOONBALL1988 Oilers
    GARNETANDGOLD1989 49ers
    CRUSHED1989 Broncos
    MAD19891989 Madden Team
    YEARINYEAROUT1990 49ers
    WIDERLIGHT1990 Bills
    VISIONQUEST1990 Chiefs
    CUTTINGHAM1990 Eagles
    ILOVEKICKERS1990 Giants
    90MADDEN1990 Madden Team
    ONEEYE1990 Raiders
    STILLPROUD1991 Bills
    GIVEMEARUNGAME1991 Broncos
    NEONLIGHTS1991 Falcons
    TOOMUCH1991 Lions
    1991MAD1991 Madden Team
    SKINME1991 Redskins
    STILLYOUNG1992 49ers
    COMEBACKKID1992 Bills
    HOWBOUTEM1992 Cowboys
    MADDEN921992 Madden Team
    WEAKDEFENSE1992 Oilers
    SACKMAN1992 Packers
    HEADBAG1992 Saints
    NOTAGAIN1993 Bills
    WHOISBETTER1993 Cowboys
    MAD19931993 Madden Team
    BYTHEBAY1994 49ers
    OUCH1994 Broncos
    CHARGE1994 Chargers
    OLEJOE1994 Chiefs
    ROPIN1994 Cowboys
    94MADDEN1994 Madden Team
    ONEMANMATTERS1995 Chiefs
    NEWCOMEBACK1995 Colts
    BLUESILVER1995 Cowboys
    1995BAD1995 Madden Team
    JUMPINTHERIVER1995 Steelers
    TAKEEMDOWN1996 Jaguars
    MADDEN961996 Madden Team
    MAD19971997 Madden Team
    98MADDEN1998 Madden Team
    ALMOST1998 Packers
    1999MAD1999 Madden Team
    GOLDNINERSAll 49ers
    ORANGETIGERAll Bengals
    BLUEBILLSAll Bills
    MIGHTYBUCKSAll Buccaneers
    FLYINGCARDSAll Cardinals
    BLUECHARGERSAll Chargers
    REDCHIEFSAll Chiefs
    BLUECOWBOYSAll Cowboys
    AQUAFINSAll Dolphins
    BIGGIANTSAll Giants
    JAGSROARAll Jaguars
    YELLOWPACKAll Packers
    BIGCATSAll Panthers
    REDPATSAll Patriots
    SILVERRAIDAll Raiders
    GOLDRAMSAll Rams
    DARKBIRDAll Ravens
    REDINDIANSAll Redskins
    MARCHINGINAll Saints
    HIGHBIRDSAll Seahawks
    BLACKSTEELAll Steelers
    TOWEROVERAll Titans
    CONQUERAll Vikings
    INTHEGAMEEA Sports Team
    BUYMEEcko Team
    HANDSUPMarshalls Team
    MADDENMENMillenium Team
    SCAREMEMonsters Team
    KINGTUTMummies Team
    SUGARPLEASESugar Buzz Team
    SUPERMADDENSuperbowl Team

    Contributed By: Gbness, Biospark3, JChamberlin, and PS2pcGAMER.


  • Get a sack on almost every passing play

    When on defense, look at where the tight end lines up. Take control of the defensive end that is above the tight end and move him to the other side of the defensive line. When the ball is snapped, you'll have a clear path to the quarterback as one offensive tackle cannot block two defensive ends, while the guard on that side won't usually be fast enough to assist. One could easily accumulate well over 100 sacks or more through an entire season via this cheap AI exploit.

    If there are no tight ends on offense, simply do this trick with whichever defensive end is faster. The only exception to this trick is when the offense lines up with two tight ends, though the sacks you'll accumulate will easily cancel out the rare times that the offense decides to use a formation able to stop the glitch.

    Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.


  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    All Historical TeamsBeat them in the Great Games section

    Contributed By: tomstaind.

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