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    Secrets FAQ by MLyon

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    Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    Version 2.01 (FINAL Final!)
    Written by Mike Lyon (mike@fourteenseconds.com)
    Wolf Multiplayer alias: Kremin
    Although I spend most of my time playing multiplayer Wolf, I think the
    single player missions are great fun.  I’ve been frustrated by the lack
    of a secrets FAQ so I finally decided to do my own. I personally found 
    all of the secrets unaided with the exception of those listed in the 
    "Revision History and Thanks" section.
    The FAQ is now complete and contains solutions to 42 out of 42 total 
    Mission 1: Ominous Rumors
    Part 1: Escape!
    Secrets: 7
    Solutions for: 7/7
    1- The first secret doesn’t come for a while.  After you leave the
    prison cell, move through the underbelly of the castle until you come
    out into the open air for the first time (after climbing the large set
    of stairs).  Walk to the door across the embattlement you’re on, go down
    the hall and kill the guard.  Now you can go up or down the spiral
    staircase.  Go all the way down.  At the very bottom turn left and kick
    the wood barricade several times.  Some ammo!
    2- Hightail it back up the stairs to the door with the flashing red
    light.  Go inside and kill the guards and destroy the alarm.  There are
    technical schematics on the wall next to the alarm.  Kick them!  Ooh,
    3- Go out the open window and down into the courtyard.  Go into the
    bunker on the opposite side of the yard.  This is the bunker with the
    stove in it.  Go in between the second set of beds and you'll see some 
    funny looking stones on the floor.  Shoot them out and get some more 
    4- Go back up into the tower and then across the embattlement to the 
    other side of the courtyard.  Turn right and go in the upper door.  Shoot 
    the Nazi by the fire and take out the fuckers shooting up the floor below
    you.  Fall down through the hole in the floor they’ve made.  Turn to the
    wall opposite the door where the Germans came out and kick it twice.
    Ooh, secret bunker!  There’s a meal on the table and grenades and a 
    health pack in the closet.
    5- Go back out the hole you made and through the door into the armor
    room.  Move through the opening on the right, kill some Nazis in the
    this short hallway, and take the door on the right.  Turn immediately to
    your right.  Activate the broken candlestick and a wall will open behind
    you.  More gold for you!  Also - more grenades and health in the closet.
    6- Go back out the short hallway and in the other door.  Kill Nazis,
    etc, and then go over to the picture of Hitler.  Smash it, and more gold
    is yours!
    7- Go through the door to the right of secret 6 and down the hallway.
    Turn right and stop, look to your right.  There are two alcoves with
    designs in the center.  Press the design on the left alcove and the
    right one will slide open.  You’ve just found the Holy Grail!  Good job,
    Part 2: Castle Keep
    Secrets: 4
    Solutions for: 4/4
    A- This first one isn’t a secret, but it might as well be.  Kill Nazis
    in the first section of the castle until you reach the control room -
    it’s right by the alarm that will be invariably set off as soon as you
    kill someone.  Shoot the mechanic and to the left of him will be a
    yellow switch to open the armory.  Way back at the beginning of the
    level in the first door to your right is the armory.  Enjoy!
    1- At the beginning of the level, go into the door at the right.  Kill
    the general and go over to the picture of Himler.  Use it, and then use
    the switch that is revealed.  Now turn and shoot the Nazi flag above the
    fireplace.  Grab a chair and throw it on the table.  This next part is
    super tricky.  Get on top of the very top of the chair, and do a running
    jump on top of the fireplace.  Look into the hole and whaddayaknow,
    2- This one’s in the wine room (you’ll know when you reach it because
    a: it’s full of wine and b: two guards will talk about the wine).  After
    dispatching with the guards, go in between the two barrels closest to
    the door and press the stone on the wall.  That opens up one of the wine
    racks.  Inside?  A nice 1938 Latour!  Care for a drink?
    3- Go out of the wine room and down the hall into the big dining room
    area.  Kill guards, go down the steps and kill more.  There’s a certain
    general who screams “Protect the gold, you fools!”  Hmm, think there’s a
    secret down here?  Kill everyone and go down the hallway, turn left and
    go in the door with the red light above it.  There should be two boilers
    and a can of kerosene to the left of them.  Chuck a grenade towards the
    kerosene and high-tail it outta there.  Kaboom!  One hole in the wall.
    And, guess what, gold.
    4. When you exit the gold room, go right and through the door into the
    room with a meal on the table and propaganda on the walls.  There will
    be a schematics board on the wall as well as a photo board.  Break the
    schematics board and then break the wall behind it.  Voila!  More gold!
    Part 3: Tram Ride
    Secrets: o
    Mission 2: Dark Secret
    Part 1: Village
    Secrets: 2
    Solutions for: 2/2
    1- After speaking to the resistance member who gives you the Sten, exit
    out the door he opens for you.  Go left, straight ahead, off the bridge
    and under it.  Go right through the gate, then left and follow this
    pathway all the way to a little bar.  Kill all the soldiers and go over
    to the bookcase.  There’s one book on the second case that sticks out.
    Push it in and the floor of the bar will open.  In the basement you’ll
    find medkits and GOLD!
    A- Not a secret, but fun.  After getting Secret one, head back out till
    you’re by the bridge again.  There should be a door to your right and a
    set of stairs in front of you.  Go in the door, it’s just a German gal
    and some food.  Take a chair.  Now go back out and head up those
    stairs.  You’ll have to dispatch a couple Nazis, and then right in front
    of you will be some steps down.  There’s a ledge that goes around
    towards a second story window, but you can’t jump in the window.  So
    creep along the ledge and carefully lay down the chair underneath the
    window.  Jump on chair, jump into window!  Now you can take out 2
    snipers before they whack you later on, and you’ll also find ammo and
    health kits!  (PS - I found a pipe on the other side of the wall that 
    you can just climb to get up here, but hey, why not do it the hard way?  
    2- After the two above parts, move on until you get to the double doors
    that lead down into the wine cellar (the one where the 2 officers are 
    chatting).  There's a balcony along the far wall of this courtyard.  Get
    on a railing and jump from the railing to the snow-covered corner, then 
    to the next side and from there up to the balcony.  The balcony has two 
    health packs.
    Part 2: Catacombs
    Secrets: 1
    Solutions for: 1/1
    1- Sometimes, finding these secrets is just NOT FUN.  But I digress.
    After you’ve gotten Dr. Zemph’s journal, go through the crypt and up the
    rubble to a room with four coffins.  Around the corner is a hallway, and
    to your left is the other part of the 2nd floor that you couldn’t get to
    before because some of it collapsed.  Kill the zombies.  You’ll notice a
    conspicuous painting to your left along the far wall.  It won’t open.
    Go back towards the room with 4 coffins but take a left and you’ll come
    to another room with 4 coffins - there’s a dead Nazi on the ground and
    one of the torches has burnt out.  Anyway, to the right of the Nazi’s
    body along the far wall is a loose brick.  Rummage around until you find
    it, and press it.  Once you press it, you have only several seconds to
    get back to that painting I mentioned before.  Sprint to the painting,
    go inside and get The Helmet.  Whew...
    Part 3: Crypt
    Secrets: 2
    Solutions for:  2/2
    1- After getting across the bridge guarded by the fire-breathing zombie,
    there’ll be a big, garish cross to your left.  Kick it a few times and
    it will fall and make a hole in the floor.  Go through until you reach
    the crypt, which has ammo and health!  To get out, the switch is behind
    the coffin.
    2- Eventually, you’ll get to the room with the three traps you have to
    spring to get the elevator platform to come down.  Do them in this
    order: First, the one with the eye symbol above the door; Second, the
    one with the crane symbol over the door; Third, the one with the snake
    symbol.  When you go up to the second level, go around to either side of
    the alcove with the lever.  Both sides will be opened up and inside will
    be a chest of treasure!
    Part 4: The Defiled Church
    Secrets: 1
    Solutions for: 1/1
    1- When you reach the chapel full of Nazi death girls, kill them all and
    go up the ladder in the room left of the altar.  Go onwards until you
    can get out on the balcony overlooking the altar.  Jump on the railing
    and then over onto the second floor area that’s normally inaccessible.
    Go through the door at the far end and get health, ammo, and a creepy
    Mission 3: Weapons of Vengeance
    Part 1: Forest Compound
    Secrets: 1
    Solutions for: 1/1
    1- Here’s how I find it to be most effective to get into the military
    base and get this secret without triggering the alarm.  After you get
    the Snoop and see the base in sight, pull the Snoop out and dispatch the
    guard by the alarm box and the guard above the gate.  Usually the alarms
    won’t go off.  Now go around the far left side of the base, and crawl in
    the window.  Shoot or stab the commander in the back, then go out the
    window on the opposite side of the place.  Stay behind the boxes and
    look at the water tower.  Wait for the sniper to come around and Snoop
    him.  Then go up to the gate that overlooks the exit to the level.  As
    they say in the mission profile, DON’T kill the guard who will let you
    through the gate.  Turn on the Snoop and point it at the truck you’ll be
    leaving in.  Eventually the guard will come by; cap him.  Now you can go
    back to the place where you killed the commander easily.  You’ll see a
    stack of boxes outside the building and a cable stringing towards the
    warehouse.  Jump on one box, then another, then onto the cable, onto the
    roof of the warehouse, and in through the hole.  Long-winded enough for
    you?  Inside you’ll find ammo and armor.  Shoot the gas tanks and get 
    some treasure as well, a helmet!
    Part 2: Rocket Base
    Secrets: 1
    Solutions for: 1/1
    1- The hardest secret in the game, really.  After you’ve destroyed the 
    rocket and made your way back towards the beginning of the level, you’ll 
    run into a room filled with computers.  Behind a radar schematic is a lock 
    box.  Turn around and go over to the table with the document on it from 
    Himmler to Deathshead.  Edge around the left side while crouching and 
    you'll see a tiny switch on the underside of the table.  Press it to open
    the lock box and get some gold!
    Part 3: Radar Installation
    Secrets: 1
    Solutions for: 1/1
    1- When you make it to the machine shop (2 ways to identify it - 1:
    there are a lot of machine tools around (heh), and 2: it’s right by
    where the south radar would be if you were playing this level
    multiplayer), there is a grate on the floor.  Kick it out and go down
    the tubes till you reach a storage room.  Ammo and armor for you!
    Part 4: Air Base Assault
    Secrets: 0
    Mission 4: Deadly Designs
    Part 1: Kugelstadt
    Secrets: 1
    Solutions for: 1/1
    1- In the last area of this mission, right before you jump down the hole
    to the next mission, climb one of the steel girders tipped against the
    first pole.  From the top you can jump up to the ruined second floor of
    this building and find some ammo and health!
    Part 2: The Bombed Factory
    Secrets: 0
    Part 3: The Trainyards
    Secrets: 2
    Solutions for: 2/2
    1- At the front of the level, get down so the train is in front of you.
    Go all the way to the left side of the train and to your left will be a
    ladder.  Go up to this rooftop and from the cement railing do a running
    jump onto the train.  Go down into the train and get armor, health, ammo
    and gold!
    2- At the end of the level will be the room with scaffolding above you
    (where you go up top to press the button to open the door to exit the
    level).  From the scaffolding, run around until you’re facing the garage
    door on the opposite side of the room with the red light above it.  Get
    up on the railing and do a short running jump over to that platform.
    Turn left and jump over to the platform with the lift controls.  Go
    through the door to get your secret as well as weapons and armor.
    Part 4: Secret Weapons Facility
    Secrets: 4
    Solutions for: 4/4
    1- Really, I'm just a super idiot for having to be told about this one!
    At the very beginning of the level, right up in front of the elevator to
    your left, are some gas tanks.  Blow them up and head into the gated 
    room to get ammo, health and armor.
    2- After the first electric beast is released, go out through the double
    doors and kill two more.  Then open up the remaining closed door and
    kill the one inside.  In his cell will be a hole into the gated room.
    Go in to get ammo and health!
    3- Right before the entrance to the sub pen, you’ll see there’s open
    water you can jump into.  Right as you jump in, go around the sides of
    the big pipes and break the grate.  Move underwater to your right, and
    there’s a ladder on your right.  Climb it to find the secret area.  The
    button will open bars on the air ducts above you.  Then go up the
    ladder, down to the other end of the hall, up another ladder, across a
    catwalk, open up the panel and twist the wheel.  This’ll fill the area
    below you with water!
    4- So drop down off the catwalk after secret 2 and jump in the water!
    Go around the corner underwater and you’ll see a hole in the ceiling.
    Swim through it, go up the ladder, and you’re in the gated room that was
    inaccessible before!  Ammo and health for you.
    Mission 5: Deathshead’s Playground
    Part 1: Ice Station Norway
    Secrets: 1
    Solutions for: 1/1
    1- After getting across where the submarine was docked, go over to the
    large building on the right past the gates.  Go around to the back of
    the building and there will be a grate you can destroy.  Go through the
    crawl space and up into the locked room to get weapons, armor and
    Part 2: X-labs
    Secrets: 1
    Solutions for: 1/1
    1- This is one convoluted explanation, but here’s the exact directions:
    Start in the room with the steel window looking into the vat of water.
    Take the ladder down and swim through the tunnels until you reach a big
    room.  Head for the steel door in front of you and open it.  Take a
    right at the first opportunity and open that steel door.  Go left around
    the wall and open the steel door on your left.  Go right and up into a
    room with ammo and health!  Careful though, one of those big super
    soldier fuckers is about to blast through the door...
    Part 3: Super Soldier
    Secrets: 0
    Missions 6: Return Engagement
    Part 1: Bramburg Dam
    Secrets: 1
    Solutions for: 1/1
    1- When you go down to the bottom of the dam, dispatch the soldiers by
    the pipes and get to the tram.  Press the tram button but don’t get on
    it.  As it goes up it will reveal a grate - destroy it and climb through
    the crawl area to reach the locked room, which holds ammo, armor and
    Part 2: Paderborn Village
    Secrets: 5
    Solutions for: 5/5
    1- After assassinating Major Hochstedder, go into the ajoining room
    where his mistress is dressing.  Go up to the right hand side of the
    chest sitting at the foot of the bed and kick it open.  More gold for
    2- After Hochstedder's assassination, move through the passageway to
    the next part of town.  On your right will be a small door with a lock
    on it.  Shoot off the lock and crouch through the door.  After going
    through the basement you’ll come up in a room with gold and armor!  For
    extra yucks, listen to the alchemist in the next room rave, and then
    shoot him.  Har!
    3- After leaving the alchemists there will be a sniper in a second floor
    window right in front of you.  Shoot him and walk up to the wall under
    the window.  There will be a drain pipe to your right.  Climb it and
    sneak in the window to score health and ammo.
    4- Go down into the wine cellar and kill the guard.  Go over to the room
    right of this area where there are two big barrels in the center of the
    room.  Go up to the left barrel and press the spigot in.  A wall will
    open up to the left.  Go in and find gold!
    5- When you kill General Haupman, there is a portrait of Hitler behind
    his desk.  Break it and flip the switch.  A secret compartment will open
    on the opposite side of the room, containing very good ammo and gold.
    Part 3: Chateau Schufstaffel
    Secrets: 2
    Solutions for: 2/2
    1- In the room right before the gigantic staircase, the one with the
    fireplace, shoot the painting of Hitler on the wall and then the
    swastika behind it.  This will open up the door at the base of the
    stairs.  Descend the spiral staircase to get a grail and armor.
    2- When you fall in through the roof into the library, dispatch all the
    Nazis in this large area.  Then go to the large fireplace surrounded by
    paintings.  Go up to the fireplace and pull the fire poker.  The
    fireplace will slide open and you’ll find much gold inside!
    Part 4: Unhallowed Ground
    Secrets: 1
    Solutions for: 1/1
    1- On the second hill is a ruined house; this is the hill that has a
    door set into it below the ruins, but you can’t go in.  Go up to the
    house and kill the Nazi girl and the sniper in the tree off ahead of
    you.  You’re going to fire at the floor, but it’s not terribly obvious
    where.  Stand so that the fireplace is facing your back and walk forward
    until you’re almost to the first wall jutting out.  Turn right, face
    down, and set those guns ablaze!  Jump down into the basement and find a
    good ton of gold, as well as some health and armor!
    Mission 7: Operation Resurrection
    Part 1: The Dig
    Secrets: 2
    Solutions for: 2/2
    1- Right at the beginning of the level there’s a big suspension bridge
    to cross.  Jump up on the right hand side and move up the beam till
    you’re at the top.  Look to your right and you’ll make out a ledge in
    the darkness.  Jump over to the ledge and climb in through the tiny
    hole.  Inside you’ll find gold.
    2- Near the end of the level you’ll come to a door that’s boarded up and
    has many warning signs on it.  Kick through and go through the first
    room.  In the second room turn to your right and there will be a
    gasoline barrel against the wall.  Shoot it and the wall will explode
    open, revealing a Nazi relic.
    Part 2: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    Secrets: 2
    Solutions for: 2/2
    1- After the room with 4 tombs on either side of the wall (2 mummies
    will attack you) you’ll come to a staircase.  At the base of the
    staircase to your right are some bars.  Kick them out and go into the
    lost crypt to find some gold!
    2- After taking out the Nazis and zombies in the ruined church, go up
    the stairs to the second floor overlooking the courtyard.  Go over to the
    right side of this u-shaped floor and climb the diagonal beam going up
    into the roof.  Break the wood in front of you and move ahead, and on
    your left will be a room with a hole in the floor.  Drop through the
    hole and you’ll find much-needed ammo and health.
    Part 3: Heinrich
    Secrets: 0
    And that’s the end of the game!  This FAQ actually ends up being far
    more complete than I had anticipated; practically a walkthrough!  
    Revision History and Thanks:
    Version 1.0 - My first run through reveals 37/42 secrets.
    Version 1.1 - Added the solution to secret 3 in 1-1, "Escape!".
    Version 1.2 - Added the solution to secret 1 in 3-2, "Rocket Base".
    Version 2.0 - Added the solution to secret 2 in 2-1, "Village".
                  Added the solution to secret 1 in 4-4, "SWF"
                  Added the solution to secret 1 in 6-2, "Paderborn Village".
    Version 2.01- Added last treasure location in 3-1, "Forest Compound".
    THANKS to:
    Orrin McClellan and Michelle Stanton for providing the solution to 
    secret 3 in 1-1!
    Ray T.L. Lim for providing the solutions to secret 2 in 2-1, 1 in 4-4, 
    and 1 in 6-2!  A masterful player, indeed!
    The latest version of this FAQ will always be available at:
    This FAQ is copyright and intellectual property of Mike Lyon.  Please
    don’t steal my work, that would be unequivocally lame.
    Thanks again!

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