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"A game worth playing"

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a first person shooter that may not be big now, but is still a game worth playing.

Relevance to original storyline: 4/10
The original Castle Wolfenstein game was more of a spy game than anything else. ID Software then turned it into a First Person Shooter after getting permission from the games original creator at Muse Software. In the FPS you spend all your time in the castle, just on different floors. If you have played Kens Labyrinth or Doom you know what I mean. Return to Castle Wolfenstein still has some fighting in the castle, but you spend most of the game away from the castle. I don't know a whole lot about the original storyline, but RTCW has a much deeper story.

Story Line: 7/10
Like every game ever in the Castle Wolfenstein series, the game takes place in World War II. This game uses unreal sciences of raising the dead, bio engineering, and mechanics. I don't want to give away more than that so I will stop at this. The story line is pretty good, but insanely far fetched. I have a preference for reality so that's why I didn't give it a higher rating. Still a very worth while game.

Sound Effects/ Graphics: 8/10
I mostly play older games, but RTCW has great graphics. I can't say much more on the graphics because I can't think of anything else. I like the sound effects as well. When an enemy dies it makes one of two sounds. It makes somewhat of a weird thud, or if it is blown up it makes a splatter sound. The sound of someone dying seems to be audible only to you. I don't know why that is, but it just is. The problems I have with the sound are the game music, and German conversation. The game music can be rather bland and redundant at times. As an alternative I just disable music for the game then play some music on my media player. German conversations annoy me because it's always in English. In WWII, some Germans spoke English, but for the most part they spoke German. This was especially true when in Germany like they are for most the game. Once again that's me liking realistic stuff. I would have preferred German language with English subtitles.

Weaponry: 10/10
This game by far has top notch weaponry. With the exception of a few weapons, almost everything is WWII era. The size of the arsenal is rather satisfying as well with 16 different weapons of which 4 of them are explosives. I won't disclose what they are, but you can bet it's worth while.

Difficulty: 3/10
This is where the game really disappointed me I was hoping for a game that would provide me with an interesting challenge. I was hoping for something that would provide thinking deeply. That was not the cast though. The game has 3 difficulty levels, and from my experience the only difference is availability of ammunition, and maybe enemy accuracy(I'm not sure on the accuracy). The availability of ammunition should only be an issue for maybe the first level or 2 unless you are the kind of person who has to shoot an entire clip of ammo at every Hitler picture you see. Even after the game stops providing a challenge it's still a good way to kill an hour or two.

Types of Enemies: 8/10
RTCW has seven types of enemies which can possibly be broken down even further into 9 types of enemies. This of course excludes any boss creatures. Different enemies have different abilities, different strengths, and different weaknesses. I'm still trying to keep from giving away too much so I'll leave it at that.

Environments: 8/10
All previous Wolfenstein games have taken place in a castle. RTCW takes place in a castle, out in the country, in a science labratory, in a destroyed city, and more. You don't have to keep looking at the same old walls. That was the problem with the other games, your surroundings were so redundant that you could often lose track of where you were, or just lose interest.

Secrets: 10/10
I'll humor you and act like you have not played ID soft's Wolfenstein 3D. In the game you are always surrounded by walls and a somewhat low ceiling. All secrets in the game were the same. You walk up to a secret door that looks like part of the wall, you use your open door function, and the wall pushes back. Pretty lame right? RTCW uses much more realistic hiding places that aren't always easy to figure out. There are many hidden switches that will open hidden doors in a different part of the level. I guess when I said it doesn't give much thought I was somewhat mistaken.

Game Items: 7/10
Much of my comparison of this game as you have probably noticed are based on Wolfenstein 3D which is somewhere around 10 years older. This part is no different. In Wolfenstein 3D all you got were health, ammo, new gun, and treasure. RTCW has all that and more. This game also uses armor which reduces health loss when damage is taken. There are special books you can collect that will teach you much about the story line. There are also rare bottles of 1938 Latour wine. Today '38 latour is worth something like $500 for a single bottle(yes I got bored and looked it up). These bottles of wine are very rare, and each bottle restores 25 health. It might not seem like much, but it can make a big difference.

Character Control: 9/10
Wolfenstein 3D only had movement forward/backward, turning, shoot, weapon toggle, and action(door open) for movements. RTCW offers more though When you have multiple items in your inventory you can toggle between them and use whatever is selected. You can also reload a weapon when it's low on ammunition. You can jump too. Rifles also have scopes for sniping.

Over All: 8/10
This game is not perfect, but it's still much worth playing. Killing people, blowing stuff up, foiling Germany's plans, and even stealing their technology, this game has just about everything short of driving cars.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/30/07

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