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Reviewed: 12/08/01 | Updated: 12/08/01

Cool offline, amazing online

What can i say? this game is great. First of all i would like to tell you about my pc specs. i have a p2 450mhz voodoo 3 2000 and 128 megs of ram. RTCW ran sweet with only a few tiny bits of slowdown. Any lower than this system might just be able to handle it. I also have a 56k modem. On CS i get a ping of 130-160 on RTCW i get a ping of 190-240. This is without tweaks however.

graphics 9/10- stunning, great face details, lots of detail outside too. A bit colourless though which is a shame because sometimes it can get a bit dull.

Storyline 8/10-. Well first of its a bit dull and just an excuse to kill nazis. Fun but dull. It picked up where you come across the monsters. then it gets scary as hell and as fun as halflife, ok mabye not that fun but really good anyway.

Online 9/10- sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool. The maps seem boring at first but so did CS's and and halflife's untill you get used to them. You can choose different classes like medic and soldeir. the leuitenet can give people ammo and is best to support the front line soldiers, I like to be the medic because you can revive people if they were only shot in the chest and fell down unable to move. My fav map is beech. Its D-day sort of beech, if any of you have played DoD on that d-day map its just like that excpet darker, at night, an a lot better. the nazis have gun post and the guns over heat and smoke after a while of firing. Bombs are always blowing up on the beech. The sheer fun about online is working as a team, ducking and returing fire trying to reach that downed front line bloke at the front. Or sacraficing yourself by stepping out of cover to take that 1 importent fire from your rocket launcher to take out that mad gunner in the post, and watch it fly throught the night sky and just before your hit by one of his trigger happy firings, watch him splatter all over the falls ( the rockets which makes you slow, overheats and takes ages to reload so don't worry about ppl just running and jumping using it).

The flame thrower is nothing less than stunning too, you need some skill in using it though but when your experinced with it there nothing less cool than seeing an enemy be engulfed with flamed and resort to a lump of buring ruble.

Should you get it?
Yes, its a bit expensive and single players a tad short but online will keep you going for ages. And just wait till the modding guys take this one up.

overall 9/10 ----very good

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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