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id Software's definitive first person shooter returns to reunite you in an apocalyptic battle with ultimate evil. Rage against Hitler's diabolical machine in single-player or wage war in team-based multiplayer mode - all in a full-blown Fatherland graphically realized to Germanic perfection. Face your fear. The fate of humanity is in your hands.

Gameplay: the single player is great, and the multiplayer is also great. In single player mode each mission is totally different, its not like every other FPS where the mission is always kill kill take object kill kill. In RTCW, missions range from blowing your way into a crypt to stealing an Axis airplane. I never play single player on FPS games, but in RTCW I didn’t play multiplayer until I beat single player. Also the single player has some of the best AI I ever played in a game, and its not the cheap kind of AI that you hate! In multiplayer mode you assume the role of a solider, a medic, a lieutenant, or an engineer. A good team will usually consist of all four of these. Every map in multiplayer is different, in one you have to blow open a crypt, another you have to capture certain points in the city. There are lots of maps and new ones are always coming out! Overall the game play is great.

Story: in multiplayer there is no story; single player has an OK story not great but not bad. In single player it starts of with you escaping from Castle Wolfenstein but then it gets deeper with involvement of the Germans experimenting on zombies. My only gripe with the story is I hate the whole zombie thing I rather just fight humans throughout the game.

Graphics and Sound: the graphics are great IMHO, some of the landscapes in the game that you witness are breathe taking. Also all the models in the game look great, I can’t understand why anyone would be disappointed with the graphics. The sound effects are great; the guns each have a unique sound that sounds wonderful. I just love taking out my MP40 and strafing in a hall way and hearing the sound of it blast through my opponents. Im usually too distracted by the bullets blazing to hear the music in the background but when im reloading my gun or exploring it usually fits the mood. The graphics and sound are very good in this game.

Replayability: after you beat single player mode you might want to play it again on a harder mode, there’s no rewards for this but it can be fun. The real replay ability in this game though is the multiplayer, you can play multiplayer over and over and you wont get bored with all the different maps. I say the replay ability in this game is high.

Rent or buy? Um...well I don’t know if you can really rent computer games anywhere, but that shouldn’t be an concern because this game is a definite buy!

Overall 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/17/02, Updated 01/17/02

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