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"One of the best FPS ever made..."

Let me start off by telling you guys that I bought this game the very day it came out, and I still play it everyday, whereas other shooters like Counter-Strike and Serious Sam gets boring after a while.

Graphics[10]: Wow. I never thought the Quake 3 engine could make a game look this beautiful. Whereas MoHAA's graphics appear funky and cartoonish, RtCW's graphics are top notch, especially if your computer can handle the higher resolutions. Even on 600x480, though, they still look fabulous.

Sound[10]: They got everything right in the sounds department. The weapon effects sound so real that sometimes it makes you think you're smack in the middle of a WWII movie. The background music is even better, as the music takes the game to another level of suspense and horror. In one part of the game, where you infiltrate a building through a wine cellar, you can hear a drunken soldier standing at the bottom of the stairs singing ''Horst Wessel Lied'', a real WWII German military march, along with the radio upstairs.

Story[9]: Its almost given that shooters don't have intricate and involving storylines. However, with the release of Half-Life, things began to change. The story of Wolfenstein is a very interesting and can suck you right in... If you keep an open mind, that is. There are some easily offended people who will be insulted by the story and the surroundings; as DKamikaze says in his review, swastikas and pictures of Hitler decorate the walls quite liberally. However, keep in mind that it is Germany during WWII, what else can you expect? As for the scantily clad female assassins, what game doesn’t have its share of femme fatales? The amount of creativity and imagination that went into this game should be appreciated more, and criticized less.

Performance[8]: Damn, this game chews up more CPU cycles than any other program I’ve ever run. On a P3 1 GHz computer with 526 megabytes of DDR RAM and a 64 megabyte NVIDIA GeForce 3 video card, the game runs a mere 40 fps when set to max resolution/effects. Ouch.

Multiplayer[10]: RtCW is actually two games in one, since the single player and multiplayer aspects are developed separately and by different developers. The multiplayer aspect is where RtCW really shines, anyway. Connecting to a game is made simply by the in-game server matching software that is included. The newest version now incorporates PunkBuster anti-cheating software to monitor players, although it might cause a bit of extra lag on 56k users. The maps in multiplayer are essentially beefed up versions of single player missions, with a few exceptions (custom maps, and mp_beach). The weaponry is a perfect blend between realism and fantasy, ranging from the Thompson, MP40, Silenced Sten, Flamethrower, and Panzerfaust to the uber cool fantasy Venom Gun (a prototype chain gun). Many single player weapons are left out for balancing reasons, such as the Snooper and the scopeless Mauser.

Overall[9.4]: The good definitely outweighs the bad in this game, so go out and buy it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/17/02, Updated 04/17/02

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