Review by untouchable010

Reviewed: 03/22/04

One fine FPS

Ah, Return to Caslte Wolfenstein...what can I say? You're returning to the castle that kinda started the whole FPS business(pretty much forming it into what it is today). I have to say that this game is one of my favorites on PC; it's one fine game. So lets get on with the review!

Ah, the story...the thing that drives the game along. Yes, the story is good, and interesting. The SS Paranormal Division is ****ing things up, bringing evil things upon us, all adding up to one thing...but I wont go into detail, you need to find out yourself. The video clips throughout keep the game going, and are nice to watch, moving the game(and story) along. You find yourself having to break the **** out of a cell and taking on the German War Machine by yourself. It's all good'll enjoy it.

GAMEPLAY: All throughout the game you find yourself running and gunning trying to keep yourself alive and inflicting large casualties upon your foes(ok ok, sorry lol). But, one thing I like about this is indeed you can just run through guns blazing although its not always smart; you can also use STEALTH. Yes, I said stealth, and stealth can be a much better alternative to the running 'n gunning. Sneaking up on guys and using the knife is the best approach to being unnoticed. Another good thing is if you are staying quiet, you can hear conversations you would've missed if you had just simply run in and shot everyone up. The enemy AI is pretty smart, coming over to fallin comrads and stuff...and taking cover when they need to reload then running back out shooting. I even love the way the AI is animated, how they move and such. The game doesn't get repetitive either, always new areas, and no area looks much like the one before. And yes, this is a ''Mature'' game, so theres blood and guys blowing up in pieces, but I dont remember many cusswords(if any). You dont fight just the Nazis...but other...things. You'll find out when you play it, aight?

SOUND: All the guns sound just fine(with also the shells from the guns and the ricocheting shots off walls) and the enemies say things every now and again. Some people complain that the Germans dont speak German, but rather English, although I like that; I like to know what they're saying. So all the sound is just fine, no low quality crap you might find in some games. You'll find yells get quieter as they are farther away then louder as they get closer. The sound is good.

GRAPHICS: The graphics in the game look great. All the outside and inside areas look nice and detailed. The enemies themselves look all good and pleasing to the eye aswell, with their helmets and clothes and stuff. The guns all look nice too...yet some could've maybe used a bit more detail; I'm not complaining though. All in all, everything looks just fine.

LASTING APPEAL and REPLAYABILITY: I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys FPS's. You dont get much better than this. There is infact replayability, with all the secret areas to find in each level, and all the treasure thats hidden for you to find. So yeah, there is replayability, not to mention the fact you'll just want to play the game over and over since its that good. Theres also a really good multiplayer along with single player, but I'm sure another review has that covered since I never play multi and this review is strictly about the single player game. So if you like FPS's then pick this game up; it's at a great cost nowadays...

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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