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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Katman

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 10/12/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Sanity: Aiken's Artifact FAQ/Walkthrough/Talent List
    l /       ______             __               l
    l/          l               /  \              l
    l   ___     l   _______    /____\     _____   l
    l\  l  l    l   l  l  l   /______\    l   l
    l \ l__l__  l   l  l  l  /        \   l   l   .
    (Actually, I just cut-and-paste the ASCII art here, if you could call it that,
    from my Fallout 2 FAQ...)
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Review
    3. Talent List
    4. Walkthrough
    4.1 Priscilla Divine and the Sun Totem
    4.2 Adrian Starr and the Illusion Totem
    4.3 Joan Aiken and the Science Totem
    4.4 Elijah Krebspawn and the Demonology Totem
    4.5 The Bone Priest and the Death Totem
    4.6 Golgotham and The Final Battle
    5. Cheats
    6. Hints and Tips
    7. Credits/People I Don't Like (one of the more popular sections)
    Version List:
    1.7 A few more Health and Sanity Spheres were uncovered, and I added info on
    the Null Ground Talent that I missed.
    1.5 The full version, which I forgot to list. Had the whole walkthrough,
    including both mindbending puzzles.
    1.1 Walkthrough 'till Mission 4 (INCUDING THE A-B-C-D BLOCK PUZZLE! YAY!), also
    I added a few of the Booster Pack Talents to the list, along with the special
    Binary Grid Glyph Talent, which you need to get at www.RagesOfSanity.com (it's
    free!) and the Summon Greater Zombie Talent (another cool free one at
    www.RagesOfSanity.com!). Also corrected a typo where I mixed up the Lightning
    Strike and Lightning Bolt Talents.
    0.9 Walkthrough complete up 'till Mission 3. You see, I plan to use the money
    to buy Persona 2!
    0.7 Walkthrough complete up 'till Mission 2.  GIMME THAT BOUNTY!
    0.5 The first version. Has a Talent list, cheats, and some assorted tips. I
    hope this wins the FAQ bounty!
    1. Introduction
    Hi again, it's Katman here with another FAQ for a relatively-unknown game! My
    three former FAQs were for Xenogears, Fallout 2, and Azure Dreams GBC (I had
    the most fun making the third...), and now I've decided to cash in on the $50
    FAQ Bounty for Sanity: Aiken's Artifact. To tell you the truth, I was planning
    to make an FAQ for this game for a while. It's very linear, which facilitates
    making one, really. I'm suprised noone has made one yet, but, hey, if they
    don't want money, who'm I to complain? More for me...
    2. Review of Sanity: Aiken's Artifact
    To tell you the truth, I only got this game because I had just recently gotten
    my new personal PC, twice as fast as my folks', and I wanted to test it. I
    thought this might be a little corny, since it had Ice T and all, but it turned
    out to be a good, not great, gaming experience.
    Graphics: 8/10
    The graphics for Sanity are OK. People don't exactly die realistically (Cain
    especially, who explodes into a huge polygonal fireball mess). The Talent
    animations are awesome. Mummy's Revenge and Binary Grid stand out especially,
    and all the others from Fireball to Shield of Truth look awesome.
    I had slight bugs with my video card (certain textures were incorrectly
    colored), so add 1 point if that doesn't happen to you.
    Sound: 10/10
    Heck, the whole game is based on a single song (Sanity, from the album Body
    Count by Ice T), so you'd expect it'd have good music. The title song is
    essentialy about how everyone's trying to rob poor Ice blind (that's a quote,
    BTW...), but it's pretty good. The sound in the game is great too. Just wait
    till you hear the VA-KWOOOMP...WHAM! of a Demonstrike. The Glyph Devils'
    giggling is pretty funny, also, and the rest of the sound certainly fits the
    Though it didn't cost this section a point, Ice T's voice acting is really,
    REALLY bad.
    Gameplay: 9/10
    The movement and combat are overly reminiscient of Diablo, right down to the
    click-fests the battles become. It's nescescary in Sanity to dodge enemy
    attacks, however, as otherwise you'll take far too much damage. However, the
    excellent control system and interface makes this task possible, if not too
    You need to learn an amount of strategy in Sanity, as well, as otherwise you'll
    waste huge amounts of Sanity on useless Talents. Enemies that use a certain
    Totem on you are immune to that Totem, for instance, and when there's
    cross-Totemic enemies around you can use "friendly fire" to your advantage.
    None of the battles are too hard, however all the boss fights have a certain
    "trick" you need to learn, like a chink in the boss's defensive matrix or such.
    My only qualm with the gameplay is that it's overly linear, but hey, it beats
    Saga Frontier's -Open System-...
    Replay: 5/10
    Once you beat Sanity, there's not much else to do with it, except play
    Multiplayer... That's pretty fun, but I would've enjoyed a co-op mode like
    Perfect Dark or Diablo. Ah well...
    Total: 7/10
    This game is worth your $40, but not much more than that. It's a great weekend
    game. Then you can use it to bribe your friends into letting you borrow Diablo
    II, which is probably the best PC game on the face of the planet.
    3. Talent List
    Gun (This isn't really a Talent, per se, but...):
    (Cain pulls out his gun and shoots a yellow light toward an enemy)
    What could I say about the gun? Ummm... It's not very strong, but it has
    infinite ammo and doesn't cost any Sanity... Uh... It takes a long time to pull
    it out, so do it when there's no enemies around... Oh yeah! And later in the
    game, it's better to go insane than use this crummy pistol. It would've been
    cool if you could upgrade it... One more thing, Cain moves slower when you have
    it out, so that's another strike against it...
    FIRE TOTEM (Creator: Agent Nathaniel Cain):
    (Cain fires a tiny fireball toward the enemy, which explodes on contact and
    damages nearby enemies)
    The most girly attack Talent in the game. Puny, weak, childish. It's no wonder
    it's the first Talent you get. You're forced to use it through the first
    mission though, as all the enemies are immune to everything else you have other
    than your gun and Inferno, and Inferno takes too long to come out.
    Greater Fireball (MULTIPLAYER ONLY!):
    (A bigger version of Fireball, pretty much. The explosion radius is also
    This is one of the Booster Pack talents. It's basically Fireball, only this is
    FIREBALL!!! Get it? This works like any other Direct Attack Spell (TM), in that
    you want to shoot it when you're far away, else you'll zap yourself.
    Wall of Flames:
    (Cain makes a wall of fire appear, and it remains there for a while)
    This makes fire appear in a wall formation, just like Diablo. A lot of things
    in this game were "inspired" by Diablo, huh? It does respectable damage, though
    most enemies will just mosey out of it before they take much damage.
    Meteor Shower (MULTIPLAYER ONLY!):
    (A big ol' rain of fire. Overly similar to the Sun Talent Star Shower, but
    hurts 4 times more)
    This is pretty cool, and is one of the Booster Pack Talents. Go to
    www.ragesofsanity.com to pick up either (or both) of the Booster Packs, if you
    haven't already. They're worth it, trust me.
    Fists of Fire:
    (4 fists made of flame fly out of Cain in an X formation)
    This doesn't do enough damage to be worth the trouble, really. However, it is
    Sanity-economic, and the range is good.
    Summon Fire Efreet:
    (A fire demon appears and flings Fireball Talents at nearby enemies until
    someone blows it up, uses the Dispel talent from the Truth Totem, or it wears
    This is pretty cool-looking, and does pretty good damage from all those
    Fireball Talents. It is pretty cheap in Sanity, too - only 75 units. Someone'll
    likely just Dispel it if it annoys them, though.
    (Cain punches the ground and waves of fire shoot out, harming enemies and
    breaking objects)
    This is nescescary for beating Priscilla Divine, so you're stuck with it. It
    does crummy damage, and it takes Cain too long to punch the ground. Don't
    bother with it, other than with Ms. Divine.
    (Wings appear on Cain's shoes, making him about 1.5 times as fast as before)
    This is nescescary for a few puzzles, and is useful for getting places quickly.
    Don't overdo it though, as you'll often find yourself quickly running out of
    Sanity (it's happened to me lots before...)
    Supress Fire:
    (A sphere flies out and explodes. Anyone nearby the explosion can't use Fire
    Talents anymore, as shown by a symbol over their heads.)
    This is useless. What damage could anyone really do to you with the weak Fire
    talents? Useful against people with new Fire talents from booster packs,
    Shield of Fire:
    (A shield of fire surrounds the target, then disappears, leaving them with an
    orange circle at their feet)
    This is really Sanity-cheap, but it's the weakest Shield Talent, and won't
    absorb more than one hit from most talents, and no more than 2 from anything
    except the gun (from which it'll take 3)
    Inferno Glyph:
    (A sigil appears where you click and turns invisible. The next person that
    touches that spot is lightly warmed by an Inferno Talent.)
    Note the "lightly warmed" in the description. Inferno talents don't hurt much.
    This only costs a mere 5 Sanity, so you could stick these everywhere, though.
    Not that it'll do much good.
    Protection from Fire:
    (A shield appears around you, protecting you from any effects caused by Fire
    A scene from someone using Protection from Fire: "Ahh... No more Inferno Glyphs
    to worry about... Now to cast Haste and run away... OH CRAP! I CAN'T CAST
    HASTE!" Yeppers, that's exactly what happens...
    SUN TOTEM (Creator: Priscilla Divine):
    Star Blast:
    (A tiny comet flies at the enemy. Pretty much Fireball on really weak steroids)
    This looks kinda neat. Divine's guards use it, and are immune to it themselves,
    as is Divine. It works well enough until you get Fan of Blades.
    Mummy's Revenge:
    (A HUGE mummy smashes the ground in front of where you click. Looks awesome)
    This is really cool-looking. Make sure to target a little back from what you
    want smashed. This is an area-affect spell, but it takes too long for the mummy
    to smash, so your target has time to run. It doesn't do much damage.
    Star Shower:
    (Cain raises his arms to the sky, and TONS of Star Blasts fall from the sky at
    the targeted area)
    I said Star Blast in the description, but these only do 5 damage each, meaning
    altogther, if all the comets hit, someone'll have just lost 30 life. Not worth
    the cost, though it does look cool and can intimidate people (it's noisy, and
    freaky to watch if you're getting hit by it, as it looks like you're taking
    lots of damage). Try to avoid hitting yourself.
    Sand Pit:
    (Lots of sand appears in the area where you clicked, and stays there for a
    LOOONGGG time...)
    The sand makes you move slower. This is useful for targeting people with
    Mummy's Revenge or layering a Pit of Venom onto it. Otherwise, doesn't slow you
    down enough to be useful, though it would be good to target the slow-moving
    Shield Break Talent.
    Eyes of Ra:
    (3 eyes circle around the target, eventually combining into one and shooting a
    massive laser beam down from the sky)
    This looks cool, and unless you start moving the moment you see it charge up,
    you're screwed. It doesn't hurt too much, though.
    (You're healed. Plain and simple.)
    This heals for 50 Health, in exchange for 100 Sanity. Not a good trade, but
    it's the only healing Talent in the game. Now if only someone would make a
    Talent that turns Health into Sanity...
    Supress Sun:
    (Similar to Supress Fire, only it affects Sun Talents)
    You can only have one Supressant on at once. This is useful if someone keeps
    using Heal and you want them to stop.
    Shield of Sun:
    (Similar to Shield of Fire, except the shield ring is yellow)
    This is the second-weakest Shield. It's not very good, except in the beginning
    of the game.
    Star Shower Glyph:
    (Similar to Inferno Glyph, except this activates the Star Shower Talent when
    Glyphs, unlike Supressants, can be mixed and matched, making for good trap
    combos. Star Shower isn't very painful, though. This is the cheapest Glyph, at
    3 Sanity a pop. Put them everywhere if ya want, you won't run out.
    Sun Protection:
    (Similar to Fire Protection, only it affects Sun Talents)
    Once again, with this you won't be able to Heal yourself. Crap.
    Summon Anubis Guard (MULTIPLAYER ONLY):
    (A Pig from Priscilla Divine's area appears, and uses Star Blast and Star
    Shower against enemies to good effect until it is killed, wears off, or is
    This is cool, especially becaus the Sun Totem finally has a Summon Talent (It
    was the only one without one, other than the Truth Totem, before this). It's
    not great, but at least it's there. It's a good way to show off, since this is
    a hard-to-find Talent.
    Solar Flare (MULTIPLAYER ONLY):
    (A golden ring, similar to a shield, appears. This does damage to anyone that
    gets close enough until it wears off or is Dispelled)
    THIS IS COOL! Use it on any nearby annoying players that enjoy getting close
    and using Tesla Bomb or some similar Talent. It lasts a lonnng time, too.
    ILLUSION TOTEM (Creator: Adrian Starr):
    Fan of Blades:
    (Three pink knives fly at the enemies in a 45-degree arc)
    This is a strong attack spell, since each blade will do damage if it hits. It's
    an excellent close-range weapon, since all the blades will do damage.
    Sawblade (MULTIPLAYER ONLY):
    (Shoots a cool-looking spinning sawblade at the enemy, which explodes on
    contact and makes a cool WHIRRR sound as it flies)
    Just a Direct Attack Spell (TM). It beats Fan of Blades, but is likewise more
    expensive. It's OK in Multiplayer.
    (Wings appear on Cain's back, allowing him to fly for about ~5 seconds)
    This is useful in Multiplayer for crossing pits, and in Singleplayer to get
    useful items and progress the story. It's cheap too, and looks neat.
    Rain of Swords:
    (Swords appear hilt-side down high above the target. They then flip over and
    stab the ground below, releasing energy waves)
    This takes too long, since the swords have to flip over. It's cool that the
    swords appear so high up, though, but it's too easy to dodge because of that.
    (A pink sheet flies over Cain, and he disappears)
    It's easy to find invisible people; just use Talents with wide areas of affect
    where you think they might be hiding. You can sneak past guards with this in
    Deck of Death:
    (Cards appear in a circle, then slash inwards, releasing energy waves)
    This looks awesome, but isn't very strong. It has a good area of effect though,
    and is cheap. Adrian Starr's showgirls use this on you often, so learn to dodge
    it (run in a straight line away from the middle of the circle)
    Wave of Pain (MULTIPLAYER ONLY!):
    (A pink wave, similar to the Storm Talent Wave of Force, except this does
    damage and is bigger)
    Pretty good, pretty good! Useful for both pushing people off cliffs AND hurting
    them, this is a must-have Talent in Multiplayer. Go get it at
    Lesser Shield of Reflect:
    (Waves appear from Cain's body, reflecting missiles)
    This sends ANY missile back to its creator, whether it be a Fireball or a
    Lightning Bolt (though you don't wanna mess around with Lightning Bolts). You
    have to time this, since the shield doesn't last. This is required for fighting
    Adrian Starr...
    Greater Shield of Reflect (MULTIPLAYER ONLY!):
    (Waves appear from your character's body, creating a rainbow-colored Shield
    ring. This reflects one Psionic projectile back at its user, which does damage
    ignoring immunity)
    This is neat, sorta. The problem is that it only works once, so if they use
    Psionic Push and end up pushing themselves back a few steps, all they've lost
    is 5 Sanity and you've lost your Shield.)
    Supress Illusion:
    (Similar to Supress Fire, but affects Illusion Talents)
    Keeps people from going invisible or Relecting your Talents back at you. Don't
    Supress yourself by being too close to this Talent's area.
    Shield of Illusion:
    (Similar to the Fire shield, but this Shield ring is pink)
    THis absorbs a goodly amount of damage for a fair price. Hang on to it for dire
    situations, as it's the first shield that'll absorb a direct hit from a
    Lightning Bolt Talent.
    Deck of Death Glyph:
    (Similar to the Inferno Glyph, only this sets off a Deck of Death on contact)
    This is cool if you leave a bunch, and is the first truly useful Glyph spell.
    Drop some near power-ups and Talents in Multiplayer, and in places were enemies
    often run in Singleplayer. Make sure to always use more than one at once.
    Illusion Protection:
    (Similar to the other Protections, but this makes you immune to Illusion)
    Not one of the better Protections, but good for dodging the Deck of Death spell
    if you haven't mastered that yet. If I'm not mistaken, this does NOT affect the
    Lesser Shield of Reflect Talent, since it's not really a Blessing Talent.
    SCIENCE TOTEM (Creator: Dr. Joan Aiken):
    Laser Beam:
    (A single green, glowing laser beam is fired at the foe, doing a whopping 64
    damage on contact. Looks pretty sharp)
    This is neat, since it's overly accurate. It's REALLY fast too, so it's hard to
    dodge (try staying out of it's user's line of sight). It does lots of damage,
    but it can only hit one enemy at once, so rapid-fire tactics are worthwile.
    Just watch your Sanity - Laser Beams are costly)
    Shield Break:
    (A slow, wobbly grenade flies at the targeted area. When it hits, it SHATTERS
    with a cool effect, as do ANY nearby shields)
    This is one of the game's more useful spells. It'll break ANY shield - from the
    lowly Shield of Fire to the almightly Shield of Truth - instantly. It flies
    with a very strange "sidewinder" pattern, and is very slow, so it is easy to
    dodge, though. Aside from dodging, only the super-cool Dispel spell would save
    you from one of these grenades.
    Binary Grid:
    (THe coolest-looking spell IMO. A grid of lines appears on the targeted ground
    as a 1 appears over Cain's hands. There is a 1 on each intersection of lines in
    the grid. The 1s change to a 0s after about a second and the grid SHOOTS up,
    doing damage to anyone that was standing on it. The 0s then change back to 1s
    and the grid disappears. Whew, what a mouthful...See it for yourself...)
    This, while super-ultra-mega cool looking, is easy to dodge by simply running
    out of the Grid's range. No problem. It doesn't do big damage on a hit anyway,
    and it's costly.
    Summon Suicide Droid:
    (A suicide droid, similar to the ones seen in Joan Aiken's lab and museum,
    appears at the target area. It then attempts to run into and blow up a nearby
    enemy, hitting for big damage)
    This is a cool spell. However, remember that only one of the Summon spells can
    work at once. Be careful with the droid, as getting hit by it hurts you too.
    Also, if it touches a wall, it blows up anyway, and apparently these Droids
    need better brakes.
    Summon Learning Droid (MULTIPLAYER ONLY):
    (A blue droid appears, once again similar to the ones in Aiken's lab. This one
    "learns" any Psionic Talents used on it, and responds with the same Talent
    until dispelled, destroyed, or the Talent wears off)
    This is awesome, especially if you can help it in living through a Tesla Bomb
    or Lightning Bolt. If it "learns" a good spell, the enemies are screwed.
    However, the easiest way to remove one of these is to use Psionic Push on it,
    which'll render it utterly useless as it tries to Push everything in sight.
    It's hard to find, however, so consider yourself lucky if you manage to get it.
    Grenade Volley (MULTIPLAYER ONLY!):
    (Three green grenades fly forward in a fan formation. They bounce a few times,
    then explode, damaging everyone nearby)
    This is more of a show-off Talent. It's hard to hit people with it, and when
    you DO, it doesn't do much damage. One of the more useless Booster Pack
    (A grenade flies forward and explodes. Anyone hit by it cannot use ANY Talents
    at ALL for a short time)
    OUCH! This HURTS in Multiplayer, since without Talents you'll be doing all of
    NOTHING, while the person who Supressed you can Shield Break you, hit you with
    a Lightning Bolt, nuke you with Tesla Bomb, or do any of a million other nasty
    things to you. Try your best to avoid this, as not even Dispel can remove its
    effects. It's slow, luckily, so it's easy to dodge.
    (A bunch of clones of Cain run out of him, and they mimic all his moves except
    for actions taken against other characters until hit by any Talent, the Gun or
    other weapon, they are Dispelled, or the Talent wears off)
    Well, as you can see this talent doesn't last very long at all. It's pretty
    confusing, though a well-placed Star Shower will be the end of this Talent.
    Supress Science:
    (Yep, does the same thing as Supress Fire, only to Science Talents)
    This will keep whoever you hit with it from using Psi-Supressant on you, but
    the question is - WHY AREN'T YOU USING IT ON THEM?! Once again, don't Supress
    yourself by being to close to the explosion from this Talent.
    Shield of Sciece:
    (Another Shield, this one is green)
    Pretty expensive, but it's OK as far as Shields go. It's better than the Shield
    of Illusion.
    Psi-Suppressant Glyph:
    (A Glyph that shoots a Psi-Suppressant Talent as whoever touches it)
    This is a NASTY suprise! This would be great to throw around everywhere,
    however it is the most expensive glyph. 120 Sanity for each one of these green
    Binary Grid Glyph (MULTIPLAYER ONLY!):
    (Another Glyph that emits a Binary Grid on whoever touches it)
    This is a Talent from PC Gamer magazine, and is about as cool-tooking as the
    Binary Grid spell itself. It works well against clumps of players. When one
    steps on the Glyph, they all take damage!
    Science Protection:
    (Yup, it protects you against Science. Nice work, Smarty...)
    This is a useful Talent, since it'll keep those cursed Psi-Suppressants from
    getting you. Use this often in Multiplayer, especially against players who
    enjoy using Psi-Supressant Glyphs.
    DEMONOLOGY TOTEM (Creator: Elijah Krebspawn):
    Sphere of the Demon:
    (Fires a red sphere at the target. Basically Fireball with more damage and
    different graphics)
    The most balanced direct attack Talent in terms of Sanity and damage done.
    This'll be your basic attack method in Multiplayer, if you play right.
    Primordial Ooze:
    (Cool-looking. A big glob of red goo "slimes" over to the enemy. If it hits, it
    slows the foe to a crawl and flings tentacles into the air)
    This is an OK spell. The goo moves fast, and slowing the enemy down can be good
    for lining up a Shield Break Talent. However, it shouldn't be one of your
    primary Talents.
    Demonic Rift:
    (A HUGE star-shaped fire appears around Cain. The top point of the star aims
    toward the place where you clicked for the Talent)
    This looks cool, and can hit many foes at once if they're nearby. Useful for
    those enemies that like to gang up on you. Does OK damage, too, but is a bit
    Summon Glyph Devil:
    (A little gleefully giggling imp appears. He sticks Demonstrike Glyphs
    EVERYWHERE he goes, until he's killed, hit with Dispel, or the Talent wears
    Remember, only 1 Summon at once. This is cool, since the little bugger puts
    those Glyphs EVERYWHERE! It costs less than 100 Sanity, also, so it'll take 5
    Demonstrike Glyphs to get the cost up to as much as this (the imp will place
    plenty more Glyphs than 5!)
    (A demon appears. It follows Cain's movements, as he punches the ground. When
    the demon punches the ground, red energy waves appear)
    This is better in Glyph form, so use that. If you can't, aim for a group of
    enemies, and don't go overboard with this as it's expensive.
    Summon Lesser Winged Demon:
    (A little hornet-like demon appears. It attacks any nearby enemies)
    This is an OK spell. It's far too easy to kill the Demon or Dispel it than it
    is with the Glyph Devil. Summon a Glyph Devil instead.
    Supress Demonology:
    (Yup, no more Demonology talents for the target)
    This is good to guard against other people's Glyph Devils, but not much more
    than that.
    Shield of Demonology:
    (A red Shield ring, this time)
    This Shield beats the crap out of the Shields before now, in both Damage and
    Sanity Cost. It's so expensive, in fact, that you should rather use Shield of
    Truth if you have it.
    Primordial Ooze Glyph (MULTIPLAYER ONLY!):
    (A Glyph of the Primordial Ooze Talent)
    This works well if you get someone with it, and then zap them with Sand Pit or
    Pit of Venom while they can't move.
    Demonstrike Glyph:
    (Exactly like what the Glyph Devils stick on all the floors. It uses a
    Demonstrike Talent on whoever touches it)
    Glyph Devils'll use these for you. Don't bother using them yourself. If I'm not
    mistaken, you CAN'T Glyph yourself, so don't worry. (NOTE: I WAS mistaken, you
    CAN Glyph yourself, so remember where you put them!)
    Sanity Drain (MULTIPLAYER ONLY!):
    (Looks similar to a Glyph, but does Sanity damage when someone walks over it
    while the Glyph is being drawn)
    Does a HUGE amount of Sanity damage, but it's really easy to avoid. Don't
    bother with it, since it's so slow.
    Demonology Protection:
    (Just what it sounds like)
    This is great, since there's no self-affecting Talents in the Demonology Totem,
    except Demonic Rift, and that's an attack spell. This also protects you from
    those annoying Glyphs.
    DEATH TOTEM (Creator: Ajandi Namdu):
    Death's Head:
    (Fires an exploding skull at a target area)
    This is the Death-Totem Direct Attack Spell (TM)... You know what it does, and
    it works like all the other Direct Attack Spells (TM).
    (Three skulls fly at the target. If they hit, they spin around and trap it,
    holding it where it stands. It can still attack, however)
    This would be one of the best spells in the game, were it not for the facts
    that they can still attack you while under the effects of this spell, that it
    costs a whopping 120 Sanity, and it doesn't last long. As it is, it's only
    moderately useful. HOWEVER! In Multiplayer, it's great for targeting Tesla
    Bomb, the most powerful Talent in the game, and also the slowest.
    Hands of the Dead:
    (A horde of purple hands all reach out of the ground and swing at the target in
    This is similar to Binary Grid in its use. It comes out a bit slower, but does
    a LOT more damage. The damage isn't tallied until the hands swing, so avoid
    them if someone is trying to hit you with this. Oh yeah, and don't hit
    Summon Zombie:
    (A Zombie appears and attacks the nearest foe. It doesn't last long, and dies
    (again) when Dispelled, killed (again), or the Talent wears off)
    This is really similar to Summon Lesser Winged Demon, except this costs a bit
    more, is a bit stronger and tougher, and moves a bit slower. They're both not
    exactly useful, though...
    Summon Greater Zombie (MULTIPLAYER ONLY!)
    (A pink zombie appears and fires Death's Head at the enemy, along with casting
    Shield of Death and Hands of the Dead. Super-cool)
    This is awesome! Do yourself a favor and get it from www.ragesofsanity.com
    immediately (it's free!). It's smart, it's strong, and it can protect itself!
    Whee! Probably the best Summon (except for the two Storm Summons)
    Pit of Venom:
    (A pool of icky purple goo appears around the targeted zone and does about 15
    damage per second to anything in it)
    THIS IS AWESOME! You see, Pit of Venom does a little over 100 damage each
    second or so the target is inside. HOWEVER! If you layer 5 or so Pits of Venom
    onto the same spot, and some unlucky sap walks in, that's 500 (!) damage every
    second! Yowza! There's not much you can do if someone targets you with this but
    run, run, run out of there! It's good in Multiplayer, but lacks in
    Singleplayer, since by the time you get it you've almost beaten the game.
    Wall of Bone:
    (A bunch of bone spikes appear and keep EVERYONE, including you, from passing)
    Yup, even YOU can't get past these. The fact that they do no damage whatsoever
    limits this Talent's usefulness. It is annoying to "box in" a powerup in
    Multiplayer with these, but other than that, they last too long to be useful
    (too long, meaning that since YOU can't even get past...).
    Suppress Death:
    (Yup, the requisite Suppression spell)
    There's really no point to supressing someone's Death powers. Maybe if they
    kept hitting you with Pit of Venom, you'd have a reason, but other than that...
    By now you should have Psi-Suppressant, a much better spell, anyway.
    Shield of Death:
    (A purple Shield ring)
    This is a powerful shield, but I mean, COME ON! It's a SHIELD! What's to say
    about it? I mean, I've been commenting on the Shields 'till now, but I mean,
    for KAT'S SAKE!
    Hands of the Dead Glyph (MULTIPLAYER ONLY!):
    (A Glyph that contains the Hands of the Dead Talent)
    This is kinda cool. It hits a lot of people at once, and is really similar to
    the Binary Grid Glyph.
    Imprison Glyph:
    (A Glyph that uses Imprison on whatever touches it)
    This is about as average as the real Imprison spell. Use it if it 'floats your
    boat', but I personally don't...
    Tortured Soul (MULTIPLAYER ONLY):
    (A purple cloud flies toward an enemy, doing 100 Sanity damage when it hits)
    This is a Direct Attack Spell (TM) that affects Sanity instead of Health.
    Rapid-fire this baby, and you'll do tons of damage, along with protecting
    yourself from attacks, since while Insane you can't use any Talents.)
    Death Protection:
    (Protection against the Death Totem. 'Nuff said)
    This is like a pair of rubber boots for those Pits of Venom (Fallout 2, anyone?
    :-), so use it if you have someone that keeps pouring barrels of Venom on you.
    Otherwise, it's not great.
    STORM TOTEM (Creator: Abel):
    Lightning Bolt:
    (A blue lightning bolt hurled at an enemy. The strongest Direct Attack Spell
    (TM) in the game)
    This is super-powerful, so it should always be taken into Multiplayer matches.
    It's pretty expensive though, at a cost of 54 Sanity each.
    Electrical Storm:
    (A globe of blue lightning erupts from Agent Cain's body. Huge area of effect)
    This does quite a bit of damage, and the area of affect is massive. Don't worry
    about aiming it; it doesn't matter in the least where you click, it's the same
    every time. Expensive, like everything else in this Totem.
    Fists of Lightning:
    (Similar to Fists of Fire, except they're made of lightning, duh! Lots of
    LOTS of damage, but it's hard to aim. Get used to how it fires before you
    actually begin using it in Multiplayer fights.
    Summon Storm Djinns:
    (Two spirit Djinns float around Cain for a bit, shooting any enemies nearby for
    a while with Lightning Bolt Talents. OUCH!)
    Super-mega-ultra cool! Use it! Always! Who cares how much it costs, it's so
    cool it doesn't matter! Use it NOW! Those Lightning Bolts HURT and you'll
    likely kill anyone who messes with you instantly.
    Summon Lightning Efreet (MULTIPLAYER ONLY!):
    (A huge lightning Titan appears and starts frying any nearby enemies with
    Lightning Bolt. Yup, it's REALLY cool)
    This Booster Pack Talent is awesome! It's strong like the Greater Zombie, quick
    as the Lesser Winged Demon, and smart as the Fire Efreet! WHEE!
    Lightning Strike:
    (A HUGE lightning bolt. Does a huge Area of damage, and is pretty similar to
    Rain of Swords)
    As usual, it's LOTS of damage, LOTS of Sanity cost, and you don't want to
    overuse it except in Multiplayer games.
    Wave of Force:
    (A blue wave, going toward the direction you click, though not too far)
    Abel uses this often. It's better for him than for you, except in Multiplayer,
    in which it kicks serious arse, since you can shove people right off the
    arena's ledges. Costs a whopping 30 Sanity.
    Suppress Storm:
    (Please...don't tell me you don't know what this does by now...)
    The best Suppression spell aside from Psi-Suppressant, and that's more of a
    general-purpose spell. This prevents all those freakin' painful Lightning
    Bolts, Storm Djinns, and all that crap. Use it when you get a chance. Like all
    the other Suppressions, it costs 50 Sanity.
    Shield of Storm:
    (You know what this does too. A blue Shield ring)
    This is the second-best Shield Talent. It costs less than the almightly Shield
    of Truth, and absorbs about as much, so I normally use this instead, especially
    when I have to see someone Break my Shield of Truth...
    Electrical Storm Glyph:
    (You know what Glyphs are too... This one casts Electrical Storm on contact)
    This is my favorite Glyph, excepting the Psi-Suppressant Glyph. This hurts
    quite badly. Ouchies. Like the other Glyphs, place it near powerups in
    Storm Protection:
    (Pretty much a rubber suit, heh heh. No damage from Storm Talents)
    Yup, even Pikachu couldn't shock you with this baby on. Try to KEEP it on
    around people who enjoy throwing around Lightning Bolts or Summoning Storm
    Tesla Bomb (MULTIPLAYER ONLY!):
    (A blue sphere flies into the air, slooowwwllly, directly above your character,
    no matter where you click to target it. It then falls, slowwwlllly, into the
    spot where you cast it, doing no less than 400 damage to whoever is dumb enough
    to be standing there when it hits)
    YOWCH! 415 damage to whoever touches that grenade! That HURRTTTS, so stay AWAY
    from these! Now, if someone hits you with Imprision, then with this, you're
    REALLY screwed.
    TRUTH TOTEM (Creators: The Children of Tommorow):
    Psionic Push:
    (Looks cool. A huge, ghostly hand shoves anything in front of it away)
    I GUESS you could call this the Truth Totem's Direct Attack Spell (TM), but I
    dunno. It does 0 damage, unless you happen to Push someone off a cliff, which
    you should do often. That's what the cliffs are for! :-) Otherwise, it's a
    puzzle-only Talent...
    (Any Talents nearby your position go away forever)
    THE most expensive non-Shield Talent in the game, this makes any Talents,
    except for Shields, disappear forever when cast. Sure, they could just cast the
    Talent again, but this is wonderful for getting Storm Djinns of the skin of
    this Earth. I dunno if it's worth 200 Sanity though.
    Null Ground (MULTIPLAYER ONLY!):
    (Similar to Dispel, but it affects where you click instead of around where you
    This is also really expensive, but it's nice to be able to remove Glyphs
    without risking touching them.
    Wave of Repulsion:
    (A white wave shoves back anyone nearby you)
    This is really similar to Wave of Force, except it "hits" all around you. It
    costs twice as much as Wave of Force (60 Sanity), and can be used for the same
    means: shoving folk off cliffs.
    (A white light hovers above Cain and puts a white conic spotlight on him. Looks
    pretty cool)
    This is useless in Multiplayer, unless you readers know something I don't. If
    you do, tell me, since I don't like secrets. I know you know. TELL ME! NOW!
    ARGH! It's nescescary for many puzzles in Singleplayer though.
    (A white light appears on the target)
    I dunno why you'd want to use this in Multiplayer, it doesn't do anything to
    people, like Reveal. Also like Reveal, it's nescescary for many puzzles (do I
    spell Nescescary right?)
    Minds Eye:
    (A white light transfers across Cain's and the target's head)
    Useless in Multiplayer, great in Singleplayer. It's used to read people's
    minds, and is kinda fun to play with.
    Suppress Truth:
    Why, exactly, you'd want to Suppress someone's Truth powers exceeds my feeble
    brain. Maybe you'd do it so they'd only be able to use Lies or something? Now,
    Suppressing everything BUT Truth would be nice...
    Shield of Truth:
    (The game's best Shield Talent. A white Shield Ring. NICE)
    THIS is pretty much a brick wall between you and the rest of the world. THIS is
    like the bubble the Pope rides in. THIS is for those of you who don't enjoy
    taking damage, and want that stopped. NOW. Not exactly cheap, though, at a
    whopping 240 Sanity per Shield.
    Wave of Repulsion Glyph:
    (This is a Glyph with a Wave of Repulsion attached to it)
    One word: WHY?! This is worse than the actual spell, since you'll push people
    AWAY from cliffs! Even worse, it costs 30 Sanity! 30! For such a crappy spell!
    Psionic Push Glyph (MULTIPLAYER ONLY!):
    (A Glyph containing a heavily supercharged version of Psionic Push)
    This would be better named Psionic Battering Ram Glyph, since it shoves anyone
    hit by it halfway across the world. Really strong, but it takes time to think
    of strategies involving it.
    Protection from Truth:
    (This does just what the name says)
    Why you'd need Protection from Truth escapes me.
    4. Walkthrough
    4.1 Priscilla Divine and the Sun Totem
    After you pick your difficulty level, watch the sweet CG intro (waaittt...the
    whole game is CG...), then you'll start the first level:
    After your first trip to the "Processing Lightmaps" loading screen, you begin
    the game in DNPC Headquarters. Cain has just woken up from a long sleep, which
    he had to go through due to a period in which deep-fried a bunch of innocent
    people. Poor sap.
    After the scene showing him awaken, go over and get your Badge and Phone from
    the nearby tables. You'll use them to impress people and get help,
    respectively. After the Chief calls you on your Phone, head out the door nearby
    the table where you got your Phone to get to the Dorm Hallway. Here you'll meet
    Cain's bestest pal in the whole wide world, Agent Strassburg. Whatta good pal.
    You also get a good introduction to Ice T's lousy voice acting.
    Head down the hall through the big door, since you can't enter any of the other
    dorms. You have to use your badge a couple times, the guard will teach you how
    if you don't know (click on the badge icon, then click on who to use it on)
    Here, head to the WEST, where the big door you just went through was to your
    SOUTH. Go through the door on the WEST wall here, and meet Bob, the Training
    Guy (That's not really his name, but what the heck, that's what I'll call him).
    Bob tells you to go and get your gun from the armory. Head over there (it's to
    the EAST if the firing range door you came through is SOUTH), and pick up your
    new, shiny gun. After being rather rudely told not to kill anyone else with it
    (well, maybe not that rudely, but EVERYONE should respect you if you're Ice T),
    you should head back to the firing range.
    Here you get to use your gun after talking to Bob. Use the cubicle closest to
    the NORTH wall, if the door is SOUTH. Look toward the EAST wall and push the
    button on the cubicle. Now shoot the target that pops up a few times until Bob
    makes a comment on your excellent shooting. Bob tells you that you can now use
    the Psionic Training Range (Before, Cain and the other Psionics had to get the
    Chief's permission first). Get your first Psionic Talent, Fireball, after he
    leaves it for you (isn't the animation for this cool?).
    In the Range, which is through the door to the WEST if the firing range door is
    SOUTH, and through the hall, Bob will tell you to hit the switch. Equip your
    Fireball Talent by pressing the M key, selecting Fireball from the Fire Totem
    (1st one from the left) and setting it into your Talent Bar. Then tap the key
    you set it to in the bar. Finally, hit the switch to begin the training.
    Targets pop up out of the slots on the wall. This is rather easy, but get used
    to flinging Fireballs around. It works just like Diablo, really. Make sure you
    don't blow yourself up by clicking too close to yourself. Instead, ciick
    directly on the targets to have the Fireball detonate on them. If you get low
    on Sanity (Ammo, pretty much), grab a blue vial (they respawn near the switch)
    This repeats twice after the first, getting harder (but yet still easy) each
    time, and afterwards you are told the Chief is ready to see you.
    The Chief's office is EAST, then SOUTH if the Armory door is SOUTH (it was
    blocked by a guard before, he would say the Chief wasn't ready to see you had
    you not trained first, shows you how linear this game is huh?) The Chief will
    tell you your assignment when you talk to him. You have to go apprehend
    Priscilla Divine, a phone-line psychic, powerful Psionic, and apparently the
    leader of the resistance faction "The Eye of Ra". You are slated to leave
    The Chief will give you your orders in document form, which you can't read. Go
    figure. He then tells you to leave right this moment, FOOL! Well, not really.
    To get to the Helipad, head NORTH if the Chief's Office is SOUTH. You'll see a
    guarded door, and the guard will let Agent "Coin" past if he has his orders
    (the Chief needed a new pen).
    Follow the basic path here until you meet your new Controller, Agent Frost. A
    Controller, BTW, is someone who helps DNPC Agents in their missions, pretty
    much... After the quick talk (she's a "liberated woman" isn't she?), head along
    the path further to get on your helicopter, and finish this stage.
    After more processing of lightmaps, head along the path to see a scene where
    Cain almost runs over a truck (or was it the other way around?) Head along
    further (it's a pretty straightforward path) to get into your first fight, with
    three Hicks.
    Um, is this even a real boss fight, or am I just exaggerating? 1 of them has a
    shotgun, which he will attempt to, you guessed it, shoot you with! The other 2
    have baseball bats, and they will use your head as the baseball. Fire the
    Fireball Talent into the middle of them to do 16 damage to all 3. After 3 or 4,
    you'll easily win and possibly get some Health/Sanity Vials, and you'll
    definately get a scolding from Frost for fighting so early.
    Move on, move on, along the path. Now, inside the gate, directly to the WEST if
    the gate is SOUTH is an office, which you should enter. Talk to the guy here if
    you'd like, but your only real choice to proceed is take out yer gun and point
    it at him (just having it and being nearby'll do it). He'll break down like a
    little baby, and tell you that Ms. Divine is in the Psychic Link main building.
    Well. Guess where we go next?
    HOWEVER! The entrance is blocked off by a fence! And you can neither jump, nor
    climb, nor blow it up! We'll have to find some other way. Head along that main
    path to the NORTH if the gate is to the SOUTH. When you come to a junction (you
    will, trust me), head to the WEST along the same directional guidelines. Follow
    the path and fight any more Hicks you see along the way, using the same tactics
    you did for the other batch. Enemies in this game don't respawn, BTW.
    When you get to the end of this path, you'll see a house. Knock on the door,
    and get the owner to go console his dog by threatening to "Put a muzzle on
    it"... Now head in and get the piece of paper, it's pretty easy to see. Cain
    will mention that you need to go fax it to Frost, so head on back to the hotel,
    once again fighting off any Hicks you see. (Note that if you'd like, you can
    use your gun to shoot the trashcans here...)
    There's a shed near here that you can blow up by shooting the propane tank near
    it; do so for the pretty good Fists of Fire Talent.
    When you get there, go in through the back gate, which is now convieniently
    open whereas 5 minutes ago it wasn't. CURSE THESE SCRIPTED EVENTS! Go into the
    door here, and go over and use the fax by examining it. The owner will come in,
    throw a hissy fit, and also (convieniently) throw his key on the floor.
    Go fetch, Trigger. As you leave, you'll meet a Hick being chased by Other
    Hicks. A grave setup, indeed. He was selling Talents, which apparently is a
    crime.  He (convieniently) gives you the Talent he was gonna sell, after a bit
    of "coaxing" from Cain. It's called Inferno, and while it's crummy in battle,
    you'll need it later. Hang on to it, and set it to a button since you only have
    2 Talents right now.
    HOWEVER! The Other Hicks want that talent back, so Cain is faced with 2
    decisons: 1. Let them kill him and restart the level, or 2. Fry them like the
    pigs they are. Guess what he picks?
    After they become smoking craters in the ground and you get whatever powerups
    you need from them, head over to the house where you got the paper. Turn around
    here and open up the locked shed nearby. There's a propane tank here, and if
    you don't know, propane explodes when shot or hit with a Fireball. Do so, and a
    nearby car will be knocked off its blocks, crash into the gate, and collapse
    into a hulk of junk nearby. Go through the newly opened gate, once again
    fighting any Hicks you see.
    Follow the path (it's basic) until you get to a guy guarding a bridge. Pull out
    your badge (or gun, if you're feeling nasty, but DON'T SHOOT HIM!) and he'll
    lower the bridge for you. Head on across to pretty much clear this level. (I
    forget the actual scene swap, but that's just me, so this might not be it. The
    stuff here works anyway though)
    Well. How to get in, how to get in. There's a guy guarding the door to the
    Psychic Link Pyramid. He wants the employee password. Luckily, he's rather dim.
    Go back halfway across the path you used to get to the door, and head WEST
    through the passage if the door is SOUTH. A girl named Manda will give you the
    Mind's Eye Talent here, which is used to read people's minds. Go look around
    here, since there's a free Sanity Sphere nearby, and you want that. It's not
    hard to find, it's behind one of the pillars.
    Go read the guard's mind to get the password: DIVINE. Tell him that and go on
    in. There, threaten the lady at the desk and she'll go open the door to the
    NORTH for you.
    Go through both doors and you'll meet the security here, a pig-person. He's the
    first Psionic you fight in the game, and uses a Talent called Star Blast, which
    you'll be acquiring shortly. Use Fireball 3 times for a kill.
    Head EAST at the junction if the door you just came through is SOUTH.
    You come to an electrical grid maze. BE CAREFUL HERE, as the blue lasers do
    about 1200 damage in one hit to you, which is 12 times the amount of life you
    have. Shortly, that means DON'T TOUCH. If the door you just came through is
    SOUTH, you are going NORTH. To get there, head EAST, EAST, NORTH, WEST, NORTH,
    WEST, NORTH, if I'm not mistaken. If I am, just use the paths that open on the
    side you're closest to first, to ensure you won't get zapped. Make sure to ONLY
    go through when you're sure you won't get zapped, as 1200 damage is A LOT, and
    even at the highest health you can get in this game, AND invincibility on, AND
    a Shield of Truth, you'll still die from this.
    Now head NORTH again, using the same directional guidance, and into the next
    door. Follow the path until you come to some switches (there's a guy on the way
    who's pretty funny, you might want to talk to him.) Push the switches in the
    order: 2, 1, 4, 3, assuming it's not random. If it is, you're on your own. Just
    keep trying.
    When you get it right, the bridge in the middle of the previous room will fall
    and blow up the electrical generator, turning off the power. Head back the way
    you came. There's Pigs on the way, so kill them and keep moving. When you get
    to the room with the Mess Formerly Known as the Power Generator, there'll be a
    Red Pig. This one casts the Star Shower spell, which does about 25 damage, but
    is easy to dodge, so kill him quickly. On his death you get the Star Shower
    Talent, but it doesn't work on the enemies for the rest of the mission, since
    they're immune to Sun Talents. Keep it keyed just in case.
    In the Room Formerly Containing An Electric Grid Maze, there'll be 2 Red Pigs
    and 3 Blue Pigs (the normal kind). Kill the Reds first and then take care of
    the Blues. Use the generators for cover, and concentrate on one Pig at a time.
    Stay away from them, too, since Star Blast moves fast and you need to be able
    to dodge it.
    Leave the room, then head NORTH, assuming the room you just left is SOUTH.
    You'll fight a few more Pigs (no Talent this time), after killing them move on.
    There's a guy working on a grate. Ignore him for now and go in the door to his
    WEST, the door you just entered by is SOUTH. From here, head WEST again,
    assuming the door you just used was SOUTH. Talk to the lady here and she'll
    open up the door to the EAST of that door you used. Go there and badge the lady
    there (or threaten her, can't remember for the life of me), and she'll open the
    door. Head up the stairs to the NORTH of the door, then use Mind's Eye on the
    girl to determine her favorite number. Tell it to her, then go to the door
    across the hall from the room you just entered.
    Check the grate, then head back over to the guy in the other room that was
    working on a similar grate to get his Crowbar, which you can't smack people
    with, unfortunately. Head back to the other grate and open it to open the door
    in the middle of the room you were just in.
    In there, head north and talk to the guy. He'll allow you to use the big
    computer to recieve a transmission from Frost. Write down the symbols (it's not
    random, but I can't remember for the life of me). Then, head back to the room
    with the crowbar guy (who's gone now). To the EAST of the door to the junction
    (assuming that door is, as usual, SOUTH) is a door that needs a code. After a
    Phone call from a Mysterious Stranger (TM), input the code into the keypad, and
    go on in.
    After all that work, you finally meet Priscilla Divine, who is a fat-arse chick
    (Cain: "All those cupcakes must be blockin' the oxygen to your brain!") . After
    a chat, she Summons Pigs to attack you. Kill them (especially the new Grey Pig,
    which casts Shield of Sun to absorb your Fireballs), and grab the Shield of Sun
    talent that they leave when they die. Finally, use the telepad that Divine was
    standing on.
    Divine asks Cain to join her cause. After replying that he never, ever would,
    how EVIL! YOU FOOL! DIE! (Well, that's the basic gist of it), Cain attacks
    Divine, who once again Summons Pigs. Kill the pigs (2 Red and 2 Blue), then run
    behind Divine (who, all the while, is attempting to fry you with Star Blast,
    Star Shower, and Eyes of Ra) and use Inferno to smash the urn that is supplying
    Divine with an indestructable Shield of Sun. Shoot Divine a few times with
    Fireball. She'll disappear, opening a gate to the EAST of the teleporter you
    entered with. Grab the Health and Sanity powerups if you didn't already, and
    follow the bridge to a place that's oddly similar to where you just were less
    than a minute ago. After another chat with Divine, kill the Pigs she Summons,
    then break the urn and fry her with Fireball.
    She opens up another gate, which you should follow. Yup, this area has *3* more
    urns and platforms, and she summons Pigs every time you smack her around.
    Repeat the Pig-frying, urn-smashing action you perfomed in the first 2 areas.
    On the last hit, Divine is finally killed. She mentions someone named Golgotham
    as she dies, and leaves you the Eyes of Ra, Star Shower, and Heal Talent Cards,
    and Health and Sanity Spheres, which give you a 100-unit greater capacity for
    Health and Sanity. COOL!
    Afterwards, just walk around a bit. Frost will call, and this Mission will be
    By now, you should have:
    Fists of Fire
    Star Blast
    Star Shower
    Eyes of Ra
    Shield of Sun
    Psionic Push
    Mind's Eye
    200HP Max
    300SP Max
    4.2 Adrian Starr and the Illusion Totem
    When you return to HQ, Cain decides to train with his new talents in the
    Psionic Traning Range.
    Follow the scientists' orders, using each talent they tell you. After you use
    Heal, however, an explosion rocks HQ. Apparently, someone is trying to break
    into the prison block. Cain decides to go help the Police, but before he can
    leave the door to the Range locks and Cain is forced to go through Training
    Simulation #999, which uses automatic guns instead of targets.
    Use Eyes of Ra on each one, making sure to set up Shield of Sun first (those
    bullets HURT!). They will each die after 1 Eyes of Ra, if I'm not mistaken.
    It's not a hard boss, but make sure not to fall off the side of the training
    platform, since that's an instant kill.
    After beating the sim, Cain is let out of the Range. Hurry out of the Range,
    and go down the stairs, which is to the NORTH-NORTHWEST if the door to the
    Firing Range is SOUTH. From there, go through the gate to the WEST. There's a
    cop trapped under a piece of wood. Shoot the wood with your Gun (if you hit the
    Cop, it's "Processing Lightmaps" again) to get a Keycard.
    Now head back up the other stairs. Go down the path until you see two Cops.
    After a scene with the cops and Cain, use the keycard on the nearby slot. After
    you do that, a convict runs out of the door you just opened with the Haste
    Talent activated and fries a cop. Then another cop fries him, making him drop
    the Haste Talent, which you should then grab (Cain: "Oh you KNOW that guy
    lettered in track...")
    Go in the door you opened to meet more convicts. They decide that you deserve
    to die, and fight you. They use the Fireball Talent, along with Haste, but
    they're easily killed with Star Blast and Eyes of Ra. When they're dead,
    activate Haste, run over and use the switch in the corner, then HURRY up the
    nearby stairs and into the room before the gate closes again.
    Two Cops are guarding a boy. Suddenly, after telling you to watch the boy
    (whose name is Bobby) for them, Cain's brother, Abel, runs in. He fries a Cop
    with the game's strongest basic spell, Lightning Bolt, and is about to fry you
    too! Bobby runs over to a nearby door to try to escape, leaving you to deal
    with Abel...
    Abel uses the Wave of Force Talent, which does no damage. Just avoid him.
    When Bobby opens the door, follow him. You're in a long hallway with a bunch of
    boxes and barrels. Bobby demonstrates how the Psionic Push Talent can move
    these, then gives you that Talent. Use it to move all the boxes out of the way
    (easy!), then Bobby will meet you at the end. If the door you just left is
    SOUTH, the stairway you need to use next is EAST.
    Cain decides to wait at the helipad for a SWAT helicopter. Suddenly Abel floats
    in, and the laser fence around the helipad activates! You really can't do
    anything other that fight Abel...
    Abel uses Wave of Force in an attempt to push you into the (painful) laser
    fence. Counter this with Psionic Push. Push Abel into the laser fence, then
    wait until he runs back into the center of the Helipad before laying on the
    Push again. Don't go Insane if you can help it; if your Sanity goes below 30,
    it'll rechage by itself to 30. After 5 hits, Abel will be defeated, and SWAT
    runs in and zaps you both with Psi-Suppressant Grenades. This annoys Abel, and
    he jumps off the side of the building killing (?) him (of course not...). You
    get the Shield of Fire Talent here, too.
    You're told of your next mission on the way to the Grand Theater: Adrian Starr,
    a world-renowned magician, has heard about a break-in at Aiken Pharmeceuticals,
    one of Dr. Aiken's research centers. You are to find and question him.
    You begin in a corner of the city where the Grand Theater is. Head NORTH from
    the start, along the sidewalk. Keep walking in a clockwise direction and
    checking the buildings until you finally find one you can enter. (NOTE: The
    Thugs here are annoying, treat them as you would the Hicks from Mission 1) This
    is a shop of sorts; the proprietor is some kind of Jamaican, and the Wall of
    Bone Talent and a Life Sphere (!) are on sale (Wasn't selling Talents
    illegal?). The Jamaican won't sell you the Sphere, and wants a relic from the
    nearby church for the Talent.
    Leave the store and head around again (I'm sorry about this, but the town is
    very confusing) until you find a fenced-in area with some boxes and an
    electrified fence. There's a Reveal Talent on the WEST side of the fence if the
    non-electrified entrance is SOUTH. Push the the boxes so that one is to one
    square WEST of the fence, then push the other into it. This'll knock down the
    WEST side of the fence, allowing you to get the Reveal Talent.
    Now head NORTH from here, if the sidewalk's direction is NORTH/SOUTH. You'll
    eventually see the Theater (which is locked) and another sidewalk heading
    NORTH. Take the sidewalk, and don't fall into the pit surrounding the back door
    to the Theater (it's an instant kill if you do, and we're doing all this church
    crap to avoid that). You'll see someone walking around the church. Go into the
    nearby graveyard and try to enter the chapel. Locked. Curses. Now head SOUTH if
    your screen is still set to the sidewalk's direction. You'll eventually see an
    old man who tells you "To get into the church, ya gotta make sure the womenfolk
    are standin' up, and the men're laid back.". Also, on the way back, talk to the
    dorky-looking guy who'll tell you to make any magician that shows you a card
    trick cut the deck 7 times and pick a card from the bottom of the deck to screw
    up the trick. Why, exactly, this guy thinks about this escapes me. Head across
    the street from the dorky guy and shoot the yellow car here to blow open a path
    to the Sand Pit Talent.
    Head back to the graveyard, and read the plates in front of the tombstones.
    Stand behind all the tombstones with MALE names, and zap them with Psionic
    Push. After you've knocked all the male tombstones over, the chapel will open
    up, allowing you to get the church key. Take it, then head over to the main
    church, which the key opens. Now, notice the strange song playing in here. Walk
    up to the altar, and use the Reveal Talent to see a hidden bell between the 4
    "real" bells. The bells go from lowest on the left to highest on the right on
    the tone scale.
    Tap the bells to match the way the song plays. Try 15432 if you're tone deaf,
    with 1 being on the far left. A grave in front of the church opens, revealing
    the relic the shopkeeper wanted - a skull! Cast Haste, then RUN RUN RUN back
    and grab it. If you didn't hurry fast enough, go back and play the bells again.
    When you finaly get it, a group of Hicks attacks; use Star Blast on them. Go
    back to the shop and give the shopkeeper the relic.
    Not only do you get the Wall of Bone Talent (it's not very good...), but the
    Jamaican tells you to go and meet someone in the garage across the park. As you
    probably noticed, the park is in the middle of town; go through it. There's a
    large parking lot in the far part of it; go there.
    Suddenly, a being rises out of the floor! This, apparently, is the Golgotham
    Divine was talking about. He summons some Pigs when Cain refuses to help bring
    Golgotham's master to this world. Kill the Pigs with Fireball. Take note of the
    park's name - Clear Point Park.
    Now head over to the Garage. If the largest entrance of the parking lot is
    NORTH, then the Garage, if I'm not mistaken, is SOUTHEAST. There, the
    mysterious man who Phoned you in the Psychic Link Pyramid will chat with you,
    then give you the useful Levitate talent, which is what we did all this Church
    and Golgotham crap for. Grap it, then head back to the store. The shopkeeper is
    not there now, so cast Levitate, then float over the pit to the WEST if the
    entrance is NORTH. It's right next to the entrance, so you won't have trouble
    finding it. This allows you to enter the shop's back door and get the Life
    Now, head back to that pit near the Theater's back door. Levitate over it, then
    talk to the man behind the counter you see (Man: "How did you get across the
    pit?" Cain: "I have, uh, unnatural leaping abilities."). The man will offer to
    show you a card trick, which you should accept. Pick the card at the bottom of
    the deck. When he asks you how many times to cut the deck, tell him 6 times.
    Then tell him to cut the deck again. Then tell him to sing the song about
    magic, because it's funny ("Let's sing a little song about magic/always happy,
    never tragic/when you think that something's here/I can make it disappear!").
    His card trick won't work, and he'll give you a Deck of Cards. Now head inside
    the main theater, and head WEST if the door you just came through is SOUTH. The
    view will naturally turn WEST to NORTH if you keep going, and you'll finally
    meet Adrian Starr. He's, err... Not cooperative, and summons his showgirls to
    attack you (Lucky stiff...)
    The Showgirls use the Fan of Blades and Rain of Swords spells, both of which
    are difficult to dodge. Put up a Shield of Sun before the fight, and cast Star
    Blast. 4 hits should do it for each one (there's 2 fighting you at the moment).
    Unfortunately, you DON'T get a Talent for this fight. Head back SOUTH. When you
    see a junction, head WEST. The Deathtrap exhibit is closed... Now head back to
    the door with the guy who gave you the cards, and head NORTH. Talk to the
    janitor; he'll give you his tool to open the door if you show him a card trick.
    Watch the funny scene that follows (Cain: "Uh, how many times d'you want me to
    cut the deck? And don't even TRY to say anything over two!"). The trick doesn't
    work, but you get the tool anyway after a bit of "coaxing" from Cain. Now you
    can open the door to the Deathtrap Exhibit (on the other side of the junction,
    BTW, was just a stubborn, useless NPC)
    When you go in, walk NORTH, using the screen position from the start. There's a
    guy behind a counter. Point your gun at him; he'll call some Showgirls to
    attack you.
    Do to them what you did to the other Showgirls. Afterwards, he'll open the door
    that was locked beforehand, to the NORTH. Inside, there's a big, spinning
    wheel, knives shooting out of the wall, and targets set up in the corners of
    the big, square-shaped room. Take care of the targets as you would the targets
    in the DNPC Psionic Training Range, while taking care to avoid the knives,
    which are all an instant kill should you touch them.
    When you hit all the targets, the wheel will stop and the NORTHERN door will
    open. Use Levitate to float over the pit and enter the next area. Inside,
    you'll see a man trapped in a cage with tigers. Take note of what he says the
    white tiger's name is - Kenna. He also said that the key to the cage is in the
    far door, and that he can help you get backstage to question Starr.
    You need to go EAST if the door you just came through it south. There, you'll
    see a key hovering over a spade-shaped hole with knives and confetti flying out
    of it. Those knives are, of course, an instant kill, so DON'T try to Levitate
    over to get the key.
    Some Showgirls appear when you walk in; slay them. You have your own strategy
    by now.
    Walk over to the set of card plates in the corner. The Ace will automatically
    slide into the hole and open a door; go through it.
    Inside is a nasty box puzzle. The boxes both have the card you want in them;
    you only need to open one. To open that box, you'll need to use Psionic Push to
    shove it into the sawblade in the middle of the floor. Push one box up, the
    other left (or right), then up, then right (or left), then push the other one
    down, then back through the pathway to get it centered. Then, when the sawblade
    pops out, Push the box onto it to destroy it, revealing the card.
    More Showgirls are ready to fight you when you come back out.
    Take the card back to the plates and place it. It'll open another door; go in
    it. This room is a figure-8 shape set sideways. There are huge colorful spheres
    rolling around, and knifes shooting out of the walls. Avoid them both (I can't
    really help you here, it's all skill pretty much) and grab the card in the
    middle prong of the 8.
    Yup, more Showgirls out here too.
    Take this card back to the plates and set it in. This'll open the last door. Go
    over there.
    There's two paths through this room - a wooden, collapsing bridge, and a huge
    pit. Cast Levitate and float NEAR, but not ON the bridge, pausing occasionaly
    to recast Levitate. Grab the card at the end, and some platforms will appear to
    help you Levitate across the pit. Do so, dodging the knives coming out of the
    walls, and place this last card into its card plate.
    Still more annoying Showgirls here.
    The spade hole will be filled with a platform, allowing you to grab the key in
    it. Save your game now; in the next area timing is crucial.
    Go back to the cage and use the Key to enter. Fry the tigers (but HURRY! If you
    don't, they will eat the guy who was trapped in the cage! And don't fry the
    cage guy either!) The cage guy will now let you backstage and give you the
    Lesser Shield of Reflect Talent.
    There's a couple of Showgirls here, one of which uses the Shield of Illusion
    and Rain of Swords Talents to good effect. Kill her for the Shield of Illusion
    Talent. Head EAST if the door you just came in is SOUTH.
    There's Showgirls here, but they won't fight you, luckily. Follow the simple
    path until you reach the end, where a goon will smack you with a blackjack.
    Turns out, you get forced to play You Die, You Lose! This is apparently
    America's hottest game show craze since Survivor.
    You're asked a series of questions. If you mess up, Cain's more cancelled than
    Big Brother. You play against 2 Hicks. No problem, especially since the
    questions are the same every game.
    The other people's questions are funny, but yours are:
    What is Adrian Starr's prized white tiger's name? Kenna
    What is the name of the beautiful park in the center of our fair city? Clear
    Point Park
    What does DNPC stand for? Department of National Psionic Control
    How can a human use Psionic Talents without going insane?
    In-utero injection of Psionic Booster Serum
    What is the name of the renegade group led by Priscilla Divine? The Eye of Ra
    What is the name of Dr. Aiken's group of Psionically gifted children?
    The Children of Tomorrow
    Afterwards, you fight this Mission's boss - Adrian Starr. He stands in a glass
    box in the middle of the arena, with moving targets on either side. Shoot the
    Showgirls he Summons, and destroy the targets to smash his box.
    He then begins shooting you with Fan of Blades. Use the Lesser Shield of
    Reflect Talent to bounce them back over and over. 4 hits will do the trick, at
    least for me. Careful, as he sometimes Reflects them back.
    Adrian didn't know anything about the break-in, so you need to visit Aiken
    Pharmeceuticals yourself. Adrian leaves you the Fan of Blades, Rain of Swords,
    and Deck of Death Talents, plus Health and Sanity Spheres.
    Go down the stairs when you're done with your grabbing spree.
    By Now You Should Have:
    Fists of Fire
    Shield of Fire
    Star Blast
    Star Shower
    Sand Pit
    Shield of Sun
    Fan of Blades
    Rain of Swords
    Deck of Death
    Lesser Shield of Reflect
    Shield of Illusion
    Wall of Bone
    Psionic Push
    Mind's Eye
    500HP Max
    400SP Max
    4.3 Joan Aiken and the Science Totem
    You are dropped off at Aiken Pharmeceuticals (no break at DNPC HQ here!). Head
    NORTH, using the screen position at the start.
    Golgotham appears again, and after a quick chat Summons 3 Pigs and 2 Showgirls.
    Run circles around them, and just like in Marathon they'll end up killing each
    other. Finish off the remainders.
    Afterwards, go inside the gate you were gonna go in before Golgotham appeared.
    an instant death for you. Head up the stairs (either set) and hurry on inside
    the museum.
    There's a tour group here. Take a look around, then talk to the guide. She'll
    announce that it's time for the tour to start, and one of the tourists will run
    off to the bathroom. Follow him. Cain'll knock him out, and take his flowery
    shirt. You wear this for the rest of the game. Live with it.
    Cain can now go with the tour group. No strategy needed here - just follow
    them. Remember, NO TALENTS OR GUN HERE! That includes ANY talents, even the
    Shields and Heal Talents. The only one you're allowed to use is Mind's Eye.
    When you get to the section with the guards walking down a hallway, sneak down
    the hall and hide in the niche. Wait until the nearest guard turns his back,
    then HURRY up the stairs. You'll get to the research center. Your job here is
    to exchange things between the scientists, eventually resulting in an explosion
    and one of the scientists moving the guards at the elevator. I think you can
    figure this out, and I'm too lazy to type it all up (it's not hard at all), but
    make sure to grab the Shield of Science, Fire Wall, Suppress Fire, and Fire
    Protection talents (the last three disappear if you use the MPJUICEME cheat).
    If enough people get confused, I'll write it out, but it's really not too hard.
    People HAVE gotten confused, so you need to go to Stations 5, 6, 7, 8, 1, 2, 3,
    4, 8, 1, 8, 1 and do whatever you need to do in each of those before proceeding
    to the enxt. Easy, eh?
    The elevator leads to this mission's next area.
    This place isn't too hard, except for a near-impossible sliding block puzzle.
    Luckily, I'm here to bust my butt doing all the work for you. Aren't you lucky?
    Head to the door with the TRAINING MAZE sign above it. Head down the hall, then
    enter the maze.
    Your job here is to run over and examine all the switches, thus saving the
    little child trapped in the other side of the maze.
    There's nasty robots patrolling the maze, and they give you your first taste of
    the offensive side of the Science Totem. They use the Laser Beam Talent, which
    does a HUGE 64 damage per hit. Do whatever you can to dodge this nasty talent,
    and put up a Shield of Science beforeheand. There are switches in the
    upperleft/right, lower left/right, and middle of the maze. Pull them all and go
    into the area where the child was trapped. One of them also opens a door to the
    Summon Suicide Droid Talent, which you want. We'll be getting it shortly.
    The child will chat with you, and then you have to get back through the maze
    again. He'll use Shield of Truth (the game's best shield) on himself, then
    follow you back through the maze. I've done the calculations, and this kid's AI
    compares well with that of a chunk of cardboard. Thank heavens for that Shield
    of Truth, else he'd die in seconds.
    When/If you get the boy back, he'll let you out of the maze. Apparently Dr.
    Aiken is a sadic
    trapper-in-mazes-full-of-Laser-Beam-shooting-robots of little children! NOOO!
    Cain decides to go question Dr. Aiken. The boy will follow you if you talk to
    him and tell him to; don't for now. Instead cast Reveal and take a nice look
    around the hall. There's a hidden door which leads to the Summon Suicide Droid
    Talent you probably noticed earlier. Fetch.
    As you leave the maze hall, some more robots will attack. RUN RUN RUN out of
    the way of those Laser Beams, and RUN RUN RUN away from the red Suicide Droids,
    which'll blow themselves up in an attempt to take you with them. Make them run
    into the walls, and they'll blow themselves up. The Laser Beam-shooting robot
    drops the Laser Beam talent after the fight, but unfortunately, it's
    next-to-useless here. You'll find a chance to fire it later, though, don't
    Head back and get the boy, then take him to the room that has a locked door, a
    nearby button, and the Invisibility Talent inside a locked box. Tell the boy to
    stand on the button. This'll open the box, but not the door, so leave him here
    for now. At least he's out of the way.
    Now head over to the door with the DR. AIKEN sign over it. Pull out your gun
    before you enter, and Cain will automatically threated the lady there into
    letting him into Aiken's office. She's not around, but on her desk is a keycard
    and a piece of paper with a code on it. It's 4995, and it opens the nearby door
    with the keypad.
    Go and open that door. Cain will sweet-talk (if you could call anything Cain
    ever does sweet-talking) the curator into letting him hang around the records
    room. Read the records on the terminals if you'd like; they're about the game's
    villains, Cain, and Psionics.
    Head over to the door that's to the WEST if the door you entered by is SOUTH.
    This needs the keycard you got at Aiken's lab, so use that, and head on in.
    Read the info on Administration in the terminal; this tells you the password to
    Head over there and use that code by pushing the colored buttons in the
    cubicle. This'll let you into the wing. When you meet the receptionist, tell
    her you're looking for Manda, and she'll let you in without a fuss. Head in the
    first door to the EAST if the receptionist is SOUTH. Inside, you'll meet the
    Children of Tommorow, of which Manda, Bobby, and Anthony are all part of. They
    are the creators of the Truth Totem as well.
    After a quick chat (and a quick beating, as the Children shoot you with the
    no-damage Psionic Push spell for a bit), Manda will show you an etching Cain
    made as a child, and say that you are the one to stop the evil. Apparently this
    evil is Golgotham, and to learn more, you'd have to go see Nathan, who's in his
    Nathan's room is to the WEST, up the stairs, further WEST, then SOUTH. On the
    way, you may see a  room with a girl in it that's using the Telekinesis Talent
    to flip switches; we'll deal with her later. Nathan's room is the one with the
    dreaded A-B-C-D Block puzzle in it. Yes, this puzzle which has stumped many a
    gamer for hours can finally now be solved due to my help and the help of an
    anonymous friend named "Clown"...
    Er, enough babbling. In this room, Nathan will tell you to solve the puzzle in
    the middle of the room before he tells you anything. The answer is as follows:
    Step 1. push A to D and B to C
    Step 2. stand between A and B and push B and C to the left so they only move
    one square.
    Step 3. push A to B
    Step 4. Push A to B's original spot
    Step 5. push C back to its original position
    Step 6. push C to A
    Step 7. push A to its original spot
    Step 8. push A to D
    Step 9: push B to A
    Step 10. push D so it moves right one space
    Step 11. push A to its original position
    Step 12. push D to its original position
    Step 13. Push D to A
    Step 14. Push C to D
    Step 15. Push C to B
    And there you have it, folks! Don't return your copy of this game just yet,
    there's an even harder one (if you don't know the trick to it) coming up in the
    very next mission.
    (NOTE I found this solution while looking at the ActionExtreme Message Board.
    It was posted by someone whose username was "Clown" or something of the like. I
    would appreciate it greatly if "Clown" would send his e-mail adress and real
    username so I can give him credit!)
    After Nathan tells you about his friend in the Psionic Detention Area, head
    over to the girl practicing Telekinesis. She says that mean men took her toy
    and hid it in a room with "tiles that hurt you, but you can't see which ones!".
    Go to the room next to hers, and cast Reveal. The tiles that are flashing are
    1-hit kills, so DON'T TOUCH THEM! Instead, avoid them and get the Teddy Bear,
    which you should bring back to the girl.
    In exchange she gives you the Telekinesis Talent, and allows you to try it out
    on the lights in her room. Telekinesis, if you don't know, activates or moves
    switches and buttons from a distance.
    Now head over to the PSIONIC DETENTION area. Show the guards your badge and
    they'll let you through, but don't use your gun or it's game over for you. Head
    down the path (ignoring the big locked door) until you get to the room with the
    prisoners. One of them is Nathan's friend, Joshua, if I'm not mistaken. and he
    tells you to go press a nearby button to open the cells; do so. One prisoner
    fries Joshua with the awesome-looking Demonstrike Talent, and opens a hole in
    the process. Joshua leaves a keycard for you; grab it. Head through the hole
    that the guy opened in the wall. You'll see a big room with some robots in it;
    kill them and push the button inside to lower a bridge that was raised during
    the prison escape. Before you leave, Psionic Push the boxes here; one will move
    and you'll find a Sanity Sphere behind it.
    Cast Haste and hurry across the bridge. There's more annoying robots outside of
    the PSIONIC DETENTION area, so dismantle them and go to the TEST CHAMBER, where
    the boy you saved is STILL standing on that button. Use Telekinesis on the
    switch behind the locked door to open it and claim the kickarse Invisibility
    Talent, from the Illusion Totem. Now move back to the DR. AIKEN area. Go over
    to the WESTERNMOST bookcase that's facing SOUTH (assuming, as usual, that the
    door to the DR. AIKEN area is SOUTH) and examine it to make it move (oh, if you
    didn't see that coming, you're lucky I printed the A-B-C-D Block solution) and
    head inside to find a secret passage. Go through, killing robots along the way.
    Avoid the searchlights to avoid bringing on MORE robots, and when you see an
    elevator door, use your keycard to open it and head down to the boss area.
    BOSS: DR. JOAN AIKEN (Betcha weren't expecting that!)
    Follow the basic path here. When you get to an area with a laser grid being
    generate by glass tubes, use Fan of Blades to break the tubes. This'll get rid
    of the grid, but also release a mutant that uses the Binary Grid Talent which
    you should also kill with Fan of Blades.
    After the laser grid area, you'll see some guards guarding (what else?) a door.
    Shoot the nearby canister to start a fire. The guards will leave their post,
    allowing you to go ahead on in the door. (Heck, I would've thought that casting
    Invisibility would make you, well, Invisible enough to get past. Darn that
    video game logic. You'll need that Talent later, though.)
    After chatting with Dr. Aiken, she sics Priscilla Divine's BRAIN on you! Eww!
    Use a combination of Lesser Shield of Reflect and Fan of Blades to beat the
    brain. Dr. Aiken then decides to attack you herself; she uses most all the
    Science attack Talents. Use Shield of Science for protection, and hammer away
    with close-range castings of Fan of Blades. She'll go down after about 7 or 8
    hits. Afterwards, get the Binary Grid, Shield Break, Clone, and Mummy's Revenge
    Talents and Health and Sanity Spheres. Finally, follow Frost's directions to
    leave the building, and don't try to improvise, else you'll instantly die when
    the guards catch you.
    You've finished Mission 3!
    By Now You Should Have:
    Fire Wall
    Fists of Fire
    Shield of Fire
    Suppress Fire
    Protection from Fire
    Star Blast
    Star Shower
    Eyes of Ra
    Pit of Sand
    Mummy's Revenge
    Shield of Sun
    Fan of Blades
    Rain of Swords
    Deck of Death
    Lesser Shield of Reflect
    Shield of Illusion
    Laser Beam
    Binary Grid
    Shield of Science
    Wall of Bones
    Psionic Push
    Mind's Eye
    500HP Max
    600SP Max
    4.4 Elijah Krebspawn and the Demonology Totem
    Cain realizes he must retrieve the artifact from a Prof. Elijah Krebspawn, as
    it could fall into enemy hands otherwise. Without any rest from his trip to
    Aiken's, he heads over to the Professor's home to talk him into giving it up.
    Cain rings the doorbell, but is answered by a rather rude butler. Keep ringing
    the doorbell, and eventually the butler will allow Cain inside to meet the
    professor. Wait in the first chamber until the professor gets there (and yes,
    that is a demon you just saw running down the hallway outside.) and look at the
    cool paintings.
    When the professor comes in and tells you to follow him, ignore him and head
    west. There's a really obvious misplaced book in this library; click on it to
    open a secret door leading to the crummy Inferno Glyph Talent.
    Follow the professor for a bit. There's some plants along the way, and in the
    one to the WEST of the door you started from is a switch, which, when pushed,
    allows you to get the Star Shower Glyph Talent.
    The Professor leads you on a tour through his mansion. He tells you about Cain
    and Abel's origins (they were apparently genetically engineered), about the
    artifact (Cain: "What is it?" Krebspawn: "You wouldn't believe me if I told
    you!"), and about Aiken before the Professor gets a phone call. Head WEST if
    the chamber door you just entered is SOUTH to get to the room of the dreaded
    Picture Puzzle!
    Here's the deal: There's pictures of the symbols for the eight Talent Totems
    (Fire, Sun, Illusion, Science, Demonology, Death, Storm, and Truth), and a
    tablet in the center of the room. The tablet has a rather cryptic clue:
    "The illusion is often seen before the storms begin.
    If a man looks between the storms and the fires, he will
    first find illusion and then will inevitably discover the truth.
    After the storm ends, the sun will come out.
    The sun always emerges immediately after the demons go to sleep.
    Between the great storms and the glittering sun, one will always find science.
    But, unfortunately, it will always end in death."
    This will open up the box in the middle of the room and allow you to get the
    mighty Fists of Lightning Talent. This Talent is expenisive, so only use it in
    dire situations.
    There's a note with the notes to Claw in C Minor here. Write it down and then
    follow the professor again. He'll jabber about going outside, and then,
    magically, all the doors in the mansion that you just passed through will open.
    Head back to the piano you probably noticed and play the song - it's G, E-flat,
    D, C, E-flat, E-flat, F, G. Oh, and you need to play the notes like the actual
    song (which you're hearing as you play the piano). Thus, it's G (Long), E-flat
    (Short), D (Short), C (Long), E-flat (Long), E-flat (Short), F (Short), G
    (LONG). This'll give you a Health Sphere if you do it right, which you probably
    won't. It's hard.\
    Keep following the professor, listening to him jabber on and on. Eventually
    he'll lead you onto a (rather obvious) trapdoor, which, after some more
    jabbering, he drops you into. This wasn't a very exciting level, was it?
    Cain awakens on top of a giant red pentagram, which apparently he needs to do
    something with to escape. There are 4 doors to enter, and since it's
    nigh-impossible to describe the location of each one, I'll just explain what
    you need to do.
    -In one of the doors there's a big lava pit with some rocks. Use Levitate to
    get over the rocks onto a central platform (with a device which needs a key,
    which you don't have), and then to get over some more rocks onto a pathway.
    Follow the path, killing any demons you see with Laser Beam, until you get a
    stone. Take this stone back to the pentagram and Cain will automatically place
    it on one of the points of the star.
    -In another, you'll see a lift after a short path with a demon on it. Use a
    wheel on the lit to go up, then head WEST if the lift is SOUTH, Eventually,
    you'll get to an area with a guy trapped in a cage. There's 4 levers on a
    nearby wall; press them in the order 3412. This'll open the cages and release
    the guy. Head into the back of one of the cages to get another stone (and fight
    some demons) Head back and place it.
    -In yet another, there's path across some flaming pipes. Time your moves to
    dodge them, then follow the path again to get another stone, which you should
    -In the last one, there's a maze with doors that try to close on you. Use Haste
    to avoid this, and hit the 4 switches in the corners of the maze to open a door
    at the top, which you should enter for the last stone.
    Afteer placing these four stones, the guy you saved will alert you to a key he
    found. Go to him, but as you're taking the key, a demon appears and hits the
    man with Primordial Ooze, then with Sphere of the Demon (both of which YOU
    should have from killing the demons down here). The man drops the key upon his
    death; take it and head back to the room with the device that needed this key,
    and use it to get the 5th and final stone. Take this back to the pentagram to
    open a door in the wall, which leads to this level's exit.
    Cain finds himself back in the mansion; follow the (short) path to reach a
    teleporter, which you should use. This leads to the dreaded Lightning-Moon
    Blocks Puzzle, which is even harder than the A-B-C-D Blocks Puzzle.
    I have the solution right here! This one was found by none other than I, the
    Katman, and it's here to help you through this difficult task! Use Psionic Push
    to move these blocks, and if you need more Sanity go and grab some from one of
    the corners.
    These directions are set with the place where you're supposed to place the Moon
    Block pointing NORTH.
    Step 1. Push the WESTERN gray block NORTH, then push the LIGHTNING block NORTH
    then into the gray block.
    Step 2. Push the MOON block NORTH as well, then into the LIGHTNING block, then
    SOUTH. Do the same with the gray block that was nearest to the MOON block.
    Step 3. Push the third gray block SOUTH to the MOON block, then Push all three
    NORTH, and Push the MOON block into its final place. Push all three gray blocks
    off the edge of the platform at the corners.
    Step 4. Push the LIGHTNING block SOUTH, then push the EASTERNMOST gray block
    Step 5. Push the LIGHTNING block into the gray block, then push it NORTH.
    Step 6. Push the WESTERNMOST gray block to the SOUTH, then into the gray block,
    then NORTH.
    Step 7. Push the SOUTHERNMOST gray block to the SOUTH, then into the gray
    block, then NORTH.
    Finally, Push the gray blocks that you Pushed NORTH to the SOUTH, then Push the
    Lightning block SOUTH. You're done!
    Now you get to see that apparently that Aiken's Artifact is a disembodied HEAD,
    and it TALKS (with a British accent!). After a short (but funny) chat with it,
    where you learn about the Sanity Devourer, the really big scary thing coming to
    eat everyone's minds. HOWEVER! Krebspawn appears and makes you do ANOTHER
    puzzle to take the head and leave.
    This puzzle is so easy, you don't need a solution. Be thankful it wasn't
    another block-pushing puzzle! After you finish it, Krebspawn decides to be
    decietful and evil and generally nasty, so get ready for a fight.
    Use Fists of Lightning to attack Krebspawn, who teleports over to platforms at
    the four sides of the room. Hit him before he can Summon any demons to attack
    you, and make sure to move when you DO hit him, since he'll try to fry you with
    Demonstrike before teleporting to another platform. If he uses Shield of
    Demonology, use Shield Break to counter it. After 5 hits or so, Krebspawn will
    Krebspawn leaves you the Summon Lesser Winged Demon, Shield of Demonology,
    Demonic Rift, and Demonstrike Talents, as well as the usual Sanity and Health
    When you're done grabbing the stuff, it's off to the next mission!
    You've finished Mission 4!
    By now you should have:
    Fire Wall
    Fists of Fire
    Shield of Fire
    Suppress Fire
    Protection from Fire
    Inferno Glyph
    Star Blast
    Star Shower
    Eyes of Ra
    Pit of Sand
    Mummy's Revenge
    Shield of Sun
    Star Shower Glyph
    Fan of Blades
    Rain of Swords
    Deck of Death
    Lesser Shield of Reflect
    Shield of Illusion
    Laser Beam
    Binary Grid
    Shield of Science
    Sphere of the Demon
    Primordial Ooze
    Demonic Rift (creative names in this talent group, eh?)
    Summon Lesser Winged Demon
    Shield of Demonology
    Wall of Bones
    Fists of Lightning
    Psionic Push
    Mind's Eye
    700HP Max
    700SP Max
    4.5 The Bone Priest and the Death Totem
    As Cain is leaving the mansion with the Head, he is attacked by a bunch of
    Goons! They work for man known as the Bone Priest, and they knock out Cain and
    take his Gun, Badge, and Phone, along with the Head and Bobby, whom they had
    After Cain wakes up, just follow the simple path. This isn't a very hard stage,
    really. Follow along the path (fighting off the zombies by using Sphere of the
    Demon or Fists of Lightning.) until you reach a wounded soldier near a church.
    He wants you to get his medkit for him. Follow the path to the NORTH if he's
    SOUTH to eventually find Zombies guarding the medkit. Get it then take it back
    to the soldier to get a gate key.
    Go back down the path where the medkit was to get to the gate. Open it up, and
    keep on following the basic path. You'll see a wierd purple misty thing on the
    way; this creates more zombies, so use Fists of Lightning to blow it up and any
    zombies it does get the chance to create. Keep on moving unti you reach a pit,
    which you should Levitate over. Keep moving and you'll meet a cop, who wants to
    know the name of the chief of the DNPC. The answer is Chief Royce, so tell him
    that and he'll let you through the area he was guarding.
    Talk to all the cops; one of them will give you a key to the glass elevator you
    probably saw on the way here. Head on back there across the pit and use the
    key. Up the elevator you go.
    If the elevator entrance was SOUTH, head WEST here to meet some thugs, which
    you should fry with Laser Beam. Keep giong along the path they were guarding to
    get to some rooftops. The zombies here are weak against their own Death's Head
    Talents if you reflect them with Lesser Shield of Reflect. Levitate across from
    the roof you start on to get to another one, then go down using the bright
    yelllow hard-to-miss crates :-)
    There's a pink zombie down here; fry him with Laser Beam or Sphere of the Demon
    to get him to drop a Death's Head Talent. Follow the path to a courtyard in
    which Golgotham appears. He summons no less than 5 enemies to attack you, from
    each of the enemy Totems you've seen. However, you've not seen any Storm
    enemies yet, so use Fists of Lightning to kill them all.
    After killing all the foes, head through the gate that opens. Go and kill the
    purple misty zombie machine, then go talk to the cops. One of them will
    recognize Cain and move the car they were using for a roadblock; you can now go
    to the next level, the Waterfront, through a path a cop is guarding.
    Right from the start in this level, you're fighting. After taking about 5 steps
    to the NORTH using the screen position from the start, a Thug attacks you. Kill
    him and all his friends to open a gate near the boathouse which you should go
    through. Continue along the side of the boathouse until you get to a new area.
    This is where you meet a nastily annoying special zombie. He's annoying due to
    his (painful) Pit of Venom, (strong) Shield of Death, and (limitless) Summon
    Zombie Talents, so kill him before doing anything else. He's nice enough to
    leave you the Shield of Death Talent upon his (second) demise.
    Go and ring the bell near the door with the sign that says "Ring Buzzer For
    Assistance". That is indeed your Phone in there, and I take it you want it
    back. However, all you get in return for doing this is a sarcastic comment from
    the guy inside the house with the Phone. Do this 3 times, and a Zombie will
    walk into the electrified fence, humorously causing it to explode (Cain:
    "D***!"). Go through the now-open gate to get to a circled-in area, where
    you'll fight ANOTHER special Zombie.
    The gates will open after you kill him, so head through the new gate. There's a
    guy being picked on by two Thugs; use Fan of Blades to save him. Now, follow
    him allllllllllll the way back to the start of the level; he'll give you a
    Health Sphere.
    Head back to where the guy was and go to the right to get to a bridge over
    water. Head EAST at the junction if the end of the bridge is SOUTH. There's a
    guy whining about a key in his sluice gate. He gives you a code to move the
    sluice to get the key: 1522.
    Go back to the bridge. There's a missing section of rail; use Levitate to cross
    it and land on a rock, then float from rock to rock (avoiding the water, which
    results in death if you touch it, since Cain's too huge to swim :-) until you
    get to the sluice controls. Use 1522 to activate three wheels.
    Use the Left, Right, Middle, Right, Left wheels to make the key rise up out of
    the sluice. Head back to where the guy was standing and get the key. This opens
    the door allll the way back where the Zombie blew up the gate, allowing you to
    get in the same room with the sarcastic guy and your Phone. Get your Phone, and
    notice the sarcastic guy's alignment. It's GREEN, which means NEUTRAL, meaning
    feel totally free to fry him with your favorite pyrotechnical display for not
    giving you the respect you deserve. I reccomend Demonstrike, Katkateers :-)
    Head back to the junction you used to get to the sluice and head WEST instead.
    There's a guard guarding (what else?) a gate. Let him see your phone and he'll
    let you through; he wouldn't otherwise.
    Go through and kill the special Zombie, then go to the playground. Kill the
    Zombies here, but use Wall of Bone to save the civilians, because it's the
    right thing to do. Head further through and save the policemen from the Zombies
    for a Health restoration bottle (no Sphere, though). Go into the nearby
    auditorium; you get a call from the Mysterious Guy (TM) again, the one that
    gave you the Levitate talent that you haven't heard from for TWO WHOLE
    MISSIONS! Golgotham appears down here, AGAIN, and this time he adds Zombies
    into the enemy mix, making for no less than 8 enemies to kill. Once again, use
    Fists of Lightning for an easy fight.
    Go through the door that opens afterward, then go up the stairs. There's a
    guard guarding (once again!) a gate; he won't accept your phone for I.D.
    Convieniently, your Badge is in the nearby alley, guarded by a Pink Zombie;
    kill him and take it. Show the guard your Badge to get through.
    The next guards don't need to see your I.D., they say. Resist the urge to fry
    every guard in sight with Death's Head and instead fry the wooden posts nearby.
    This'll let you get a Demonstrike Glyph Talent, which is reasonably useful.
    Move on to meet Strassburgh, whom you also haven't seen since Mission 2.
    Strassburgh is going after the Bone Priest, as are you, so you join up. Of
    course, when you get to the bridge it's closed, so (of course) you have to go
    and lower it. Strassburgh gives you the bridge key.
    Head back, back, back and go through the alley you might've seen near where you
    met Strassburgh. Go through the alley, and when you reach the bridge use
    Telekinesis to move a platform, allowing you to use the bridge key to lower it.
    Thus, Strassburgh and his men can get through. On the other side of the
    platform with the bridge device, there's a big pit for you to Levitate over; do
    Follow the path until you reach a locked gate. Watch the scene where
    Strassburgh dies (and drops the kickarse Lightning Bolt Talent) and go back
    across the pit and try to activate the platform. Unfortunately, it explodes the
    fuse, so head BACK across the pit and go in the nearby building. Get the fuse
    and kill the Zombies and Zombie machine.
    Go back around to the fuse box and fix the problem with your new fuse, then go
    to the bridge you lowered and head across. Get the kickin' Lightning Bolt
    talent, the game's best basic attack spell, and head around the path. Kill the
    special Zombies, then kill the Thugs, then keep going along the path. You'll
    see the Bone Priest climbing up a ramp to his boat, and he summons Thugs to
    attack you. Slay them (easily), and follow the Bone Priest. You'll also get
    your Gun here, too! Yay, all your stuff's back!
    The Bone Priest is probably the game's easiest boss, which is rather lucky for
    you. He begins this battle on the WESTERN side of the ship is the entrance is
    SOUTH. Run over there and use Telekinesis to turn on the solar panels, then hit
    the panels with Eyes of Ra to activate them. Be quick, and when all the panels
    are lit shoot the Bone Priest with Lightning Bolt. He'll teleport back over to
    the other side of the ship, so go over there and repeat the Telekinesis-Eyes of
    Ra-Lightning Bolt combo. He'll teleport back one last time, so turn the panels
    back on and finish him off. Make sure to avoid his Talents while you're doing
    all this, especially Pit of Venom and Hands of the Dead, and to kill the
    Zombies he Summons. When he dies (messily), take the Pit of Venom, Hands of the
    Dead, and Summon Zombie Talents, and the Health and Sanity Spheres.
    After leaping joyfully over the Pit of Venom and Hands of the Dead Talents, and
    a conversation with Frost, head back into your Speedboat.
    You've finished Mission 5 with minimal assistance!
    By now you should have:
    Fire Wall
    Fists of Fire
    Shield of Fire
    Suppress Fire
    Protection from Fire
    Inferno Glyph
    Star Blast
    Star Shower
    Eyes of Ra
    Pit of Sand
    Mummy's Revenge
    Shield of Sun
    Star Shower Glyph
    Fan of Blades
    Rain of Swords
    Deck of Death
    Lesser Shield of Reflect
    Shield of Illusion
    Laser Beam
    Binary Grid
    Shield of Science
    Sphere of the Demon
    Primordial Ooze
    Demonic Rift
    Summon Lesser Winged Demon
    Shield of Demonology
    Demonstrike Glyph
    Death's Head
    Hands of the Dead
    Summon Zombie
    Shield of Death
    Wall of Bones
    Lightning Bolt
    Fists of Lightning
    Psionic Push
    Mind's Eye
    800HP Max
    800SP Max
    4.6 Golgotham and The End
    Cain decides to chase after Bobby and the Artifact, and with them, Golgotham.
    There are no enemies in this level, just 2 ridiculously simple puzzles and a
    From the beginning, head NORTH, then WEST if the beginning is SOUTH. Follow
    along this path until you enter the station. From there, it's a simple matter
    to keep following the path until you reach a broken catwalk. Use Levitate to
    fly across the broken section and flip the switch, which you then use to get
    into a door below. HOWEVER! Abel is here to spoil your fun and capture Bobby
    and the Head, and to that end uses Lightning Strike to zap the bridge on which
    Cain's standing.
    Bobby and the Head, meanwhile, are planning to escape from the Power Sation.
    You are now playing as Bobby, who controls every Talent the Truth Totem has to
    offer (but no other Talents). Head along the basic path (listening to the
    humorous converstions between Bobby and the Head along the way) until you reach
    an area with what looks like water. Use Reveal to see the platforms across this
    section (Actually, I thought it was glass and got by without Reveal, on plain
    luck :-).
    Next, you need to get across a maze. This maze has one-way wall sections that
    you can push, and as such, you need to be careful not to push a wall into the
    wrong place. Head EAST from the start if the start is SOUTH and push the two
    walls you see (be careful not to push the wall you see at the very start! Step
    on the pressure plate you see to lower a forcefield. Now follow the path again
    and push the next wall you see, and follow it a bit more, pushing walls but
    making sure not to cover up the way to the next button. Push that button when
    you get to it. Now go to an intersection via the door that plate lowered, and
    go EAST. Take the second passage on your right, and push the walls to get to
    the third button. Finally, head back toward the entrance, and turn right to get
    the last button. Now, since all the forcefields are gone, push the wall at the
    entrance to the NORTH if the entrance to this area is SOUTH to open the door
    leading to the next puzzle.
    This is hardly what you'd call a puzzle, actually! Just use Reveal to see some
    floating platforms, and use them to get across the room.
    Now you're back in the room with the broken catwalk. Climb the stairs and inch
    your way onto the unbroken side of the walk, then head over to the room with
    the smashers. Use Wave of Repulsion to turn off the smashers and get to the
    lever, which you should then pull.
    Go into the door the lever opened and run across the moving cylinders as
    quickly as possible in this room, and you'll have no trouble. At the
    intersection, head WEST if the entrace is SOUTH.
    Run into the booth here and use the buttons to stop the rotating fans. You
    don't have to be precise at all, but at least give yourself SOME room to move
    across the fans like a bridge. It's not really hard. When you get across the
    fans, use Telekinesis to push the lever, which in turns opens a nearby
    forcefield door. (Take note of the Wave of Repulsion Glyph Talent on the
    platfor with the lever. Bobby can't get it, nor does he need it, but as Cain it
    could come in handy.)
    Go through the door that this lever opened to fight a boss: It's Abel, again,
    and he fights very similarly to how he fought Cain.
    BOSS: Abel (3)
    Abel will try to use Electrical Storm and Lightning Strike on you. If you see
    him charging up for a move, use Psionic Push to knock him out of it. Get Abel
    situated on a steam vent by standing in front of it and using Psionic Push.
    When he runs over, use Telekinesis on the lever to fry Abel. About 10 hits
    should do the trick here.
    Abel will then try to kill you with Lightning Bolt. Stand in front of the
    control panel on the door, then dodge Abel's Lightning Bolt Talent to free
    Cain escapes, but Abel gets away with Bobby and the head. Go back to the fan
    room and get the Wave of Repulsion Glyph (it's not very good, but if you're a
    collect-'em-all person...). From here, go down the hall that Abel and Bobby
    used and get the Electrical Storm, Wave of Repulsion, Shield of Truth,
    Lightning Strike, Dispel, and Electrical Storm Glyph Talents. Finally, leave
    through the door to complete this stage.
    Cain has to go over to the Meat Packing Plant to retrieve Bobby and Ted and
    finally finihs off Golgotham and Abel. Follow the simple path, and after a chat
    with Frost go through the barn. There's no enemies yet, but there will be soon.
    You'll meet the force that Frost sent over here to check out the Meat Plant -
    tell the sargeant that you're the best to go with them inside.
    When you come up to the plant, the door bursts open and a huge cow dressed in a
    butcher's apron  and armed with two meat cleavers bursts out! The two policemen
    you're with dispatch this one, but they don't come with you inside... Note the
    cow carcasses on the walls here.
    Follow the path in this plant, blasting the Zombie you'll see along the way,
    and enter the door. There's a couple more annoying Zombies in here; Electrical
    Storm is a one-hit-kill on them. There's a locked door in here too, and you
    need a key to open it, obviously. There's a break in the railing around the
    platform here, and some boxes below it. Use them to get down, and head through
    the nearby door. Use Telekinesis on the nearby switch to open the chute door
    and get to a dead cop with the key you need.
    Go back up the chute and zap the Cows that come in. They have cross-totemic
    powers, and they're immune to both the Death and Demonology Totems. Fry them
    and go through the door they entered by, but not before scooping up the
    not-very-useful Imprison Talent they drop. Lightning Bolt works well on them.
    Go through the hall into the room with the cow carcasses, which are no longer
    there. Looks sinister to me. Keep following the path until you get back to the
    platform you were on earlier, and now use your key to open that locked door.
    Cast Haste, step on the plate, and RUN RUN RUN down to the WESTERN door if the
    plate is SOUTH. DON'T TOUCH THE LIGHTS, since if you do a nasty Cow will appear
    and you'll have to kill it before moving on.
    The next room is about indescribable, so I'll just let you see it yourself.
    It's NASTY. Blow up the machines that are making more Cows with Lightning Bolt
    or Electrical Storm. Go down the stairs and blow up more machines. Finally, go
    down again and fry the Zombies. Head into the door in the corner for another
    annoying puzzle.
    Step on the first plate you see. Now head to the next and press it just before
    the meat would fall off the chute. Run to the next plate and cast Haste, then
    step on it and hurry to the next plate. Repeat this until the meat finally goes
    into the processor and becomes delicious ballpark franks.
    This also allows you to head into the next room, frying Zombies all the while.
    Follow the path, and after a call from the Mysterious Guy (TM) keep on
    following it. There's a cool-looking Talent above the door (It's Summon Glyph
    Devil). To get it, use the vents to Levitate over and grab it. It's really
    neat, since the Glyph Devil will stick Glyphs EVERYWHERE!
    Jump down from above the door and go inside. Step on the plate and RUN to avoid
    the lights and yet make it to the door in time. You get a key for this, now
    head alllllllll the way back to the place where you had to step on the plate
    (right before the place with the Cow machines). This time, step on the plate
    and go through the EASTERN door.
    Use the Reveal Talent to get through here, since otherwise it's totally dark.
    Go straight, right, right, left, left, do a quick zig-zag here, right, down the
    ramp, and use Levitate to get the Imprison Glyph Talent. Levitate back and go
    back to the first intersection you saw that was shaped like a letter T, then go
    right, left, across the overpass here, left, right, zig-zag, right, right,
    left, then left at the first diagonal path, straight, right, left, right, up
    the slope, take teh second right, the first left, and finally the exit.
    Yowza, that was tough! You now have to go through ANOTHER maze, and since it's
    mostly trial-and-error I can't help you. Use Lightning Bolt on any Cows you
    have to fight.
    Eventually, you'll get to the final boss area.
    Head NORTH. After a short scene with Aiken (and her subsequent death), blow up
    all the enemies the brain throws at you. After all the enemies are dead, cast
    Lightning Bolt to destroy this brain, and repeat with all the other brains too.
    Collect the items they drop (you'll need them, you're fighting a LOT of
    enemies!), and remember the immunities of each type of enemy. However, none of
    them are immune to the Storm Totem, so use that. Golgotham dies (?) after you
    destroy the last brain.
    Get the assorted Protection Talents, and the Health and Sanity spheres, you'll
    need them here in a minute. Use Reveal to find a platform that goes around the
    arena, and ride it until the very last turn. You then get the Psi-Suppressant
    and Psi-Suppressant Glyph Talents if you levitate over to the darkened ledge.
    Step on the teleporter to get to Bobby and Ted.
    HOWEVER! Golgotham is NOT dead, and appears with a vengance. Dodge those
    pounding attacks, since they REALLY, REALLY hurt, and DON'T fall into the lava.
    Aim for his ribs with the Lightning Bolt Talent, then when you can see a tiny
    brain shoot it to knock Golgotham out. Continue to do this. Four hits to the
    brain should defeat Golgotham forever and ever, Amen!
    Get all the Suppression Talents, and go to Bobby and Ted to initiate the real
    final boss fight.
    As Cain, Bobby, and Ted leave, it's dawn. Frost shows up, along with the
    Mysterious Guy (TM). However, everything is NOT as happy as it seems, since
    Abel suddenly appears (Abel's as annoying as any persistant villain, you see)
    and fries everyone excepting the really important people: Cain, Bobby, and Ted.
    You now have to fight Abel in a true Psionic duel.
    Use Death's Head, and Shield of Truth for protection. Summon a Zombie for help,
    and keep Heal hotkeyed for quick use. After you battle for awhile, Bobby opens
    up a gate for you. Cain runs into the gate and insults Abel until he runs in,
    and the final battle truly begins.
    To finish off Abel and beat the game, situate yourself between the big cliff
    and Abel, and use Psionic Push to throw Abel off the cliff to his pyrotechnic
    display of doom. You then get LOTS of Storm Talents, but you likely don't need
    any of them except the Storm Djinns and Supression/Protection.
    You've finally beaten Sanity, and you can now use the Chapters menu to go to
    any level you'd like and use your brand new Talents (If you've followed my
    instructons to the letter, you now have every single retail Talent) on any of
    the enemies or bosses. Awesome, no? Finally, now you can feel perfectly
    prepared for Multiplayer, so get in there and start fragging!
    5. Cheats (They only work in Singleplayer, George)
    MPJUICEME: Instant full Health! Instant full Sanity! Yay! Problem is, it takes
    away all but the Talents you need to beat the level.
    MPTEDTHEHEAD: Invincibility! Better than the above, AND you keep your Talents!
    MPSHIPIT: Level skip! Whee! When you use this, all the levels will appear in
    your "Chapters"
    menu. This was a great help in finishing this FAQ, BTW :-)
    6. Hints & Tips
    *DON'T GO INSANE! IT HURTS! Use your gun if you run out of Sanity, for Kat's
    Sake! (On second though, just avoid running out of Sanity to begin with...)
    *DON'T SAVE POWERUPS! You WON'T be going back to get them! Trust me!
    *DO USE QUICKSAVE! It can save you a LOT of time, due to the huge loading time
    in this game...
    *DO LISTEN TO THE SONG "SANITY"! It came with your CD, and it's pretty cool.
    *DON'T GET ICE T CONFUSED WITH MR. T! I did, and paid the consequences!
    *DON'T "ACCIDENTLY" ZAP ANNOYING CIVILIANS! You probably know this, but if you
    do, it's the 'ol "Processing Lightmaps" screen for you!
    *DO DOWNLOAD PATCHES! They prevent bugs! Yay!
    *DO SAVE OFTEN! Dying sucks! So does starting a level over 'cause you forgot to
    a good place to start.
    *DON'T TRY PLAYING "SKIRMISHES"! They don't work, I'm sorry to say.
    *DON'T ASK ME QUESTIONS ALREADY ANSWERED! Actually, I'll probably answer
    anyway. I'm too nice.
    3 Best Games of All Time!
    *DO PLAY PERSONA 2! Just do it, don't ask why!
    *DON'T PLAY SAGA FRONTIER 1! 2 is cool, but 1 really, really sucks!
    7. Credits/People I Don't Like
    Katman wrote this. Who wouldn't? His e-mail is cgalliher@cablespeed.com, and
    stealing this will result in an immediate, painful death. Or maybe not.
    Thanks to Ben Harris for helping me finish finding all the game's talents, and
    the rest of the Spheres.
    Um, he's the only one who's helped me now, so...
    I DON'T LIKE ROBOPON! I can't find the frickin' ROM anywhere!
    I DON'T LIKE YAHOO! INSANT MESSANGER! I can't call on-base 'cause it's only in
    the US!
    I DON'T LIKE THINKING OF THESE, so I'll think of more later.
    This FAQ Copyright 2001 Cory "Katman" Galliher

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