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    FAQ/Walkthrough by UnSub

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 07/07/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     -    Throne of Darkness    -
     -                          -
     -     Strategy Guide       -
    By: UnSub (evilasahobby@graffiti.net)
    Version: 1.01
    Date: 7 July 2003
     - Introduction
     - Things to Note
     - Characters
     - Making Weapons & Armour
     - Spells
     - Quests
     - Notes
     - Thanks
     - Version History
    Throne of Darkness was a game that caught my eye when released since it had a
    distinct feudal Japanese look and got some quite good reviews. Of course, the
    game didn't really catch on and I must have spent my money on something else
    because I ended up getting ToD after finding it in the discount pile (along
    with a strategy guide too). ToD has a lot of neat features like setting group
    formation and very individual characters that make it stand out a bit. Pity
    that Diablo (and others that copy it down to the texture) is the only game that
    counts in the heavy-clicking-action rpg genre.
    I've mentioned that I got a strategy guide with the game. This guide was the
    Prima Offical Guide. I will be using some of the  info from it and labelling it
    as such. If you REALLY want a full faq then go look for the Prima Official
    Throne of Darkness Strategy Guide on Ebay or Amazon.com - I'm just going to go
    into general strategies. The guide gives you full maps, enemy stats, weapon /
    armour component lists - the works. Given you can probably get it at a discount
    nowadays, it is really worth getting if you are going to play ToD.
    COPYRIGHT INFO:  I wrote this, but I don't mind it being duplicated elsewhere
    provided it is unaltered and you don't have to pay to get at it. If you want to
    alter it, please contact me for permission. This faq first appeared at
    EMAIL POLICY: If I've got something factually wrong or made an error, please
    tell me. Also tell me if I've missed something. Please don't contact me to send
    me a virus or spam or any non-game related stuff - I'm sorry, but I'm busy. I
    do appreciate those who take some time out to provide me with constructive
    feedback but I probably won't reply, so don't feel sleighted if this happens.
    If you've got a question I will probably get back to you. Probably.
     - I'm only talking about the single player game here. In multiplayer
    (apparently, having never played it) you can have multiple groups running
    around in the various maps, each with the same quests. A bit more strategy is
    meant to be needed, but unless this game has a greater underground following
    than I'm aware of, I don't think there are many multiplayer ToD games to be
     - Every point of damage you do earns that character 1 xp point. The more
    damage you do, the quicker your character levels up. As such, kill everything
    you can.
     - Press the 'Alt' key to turn on Tool Tips - this shows you the location of
    dropped items on the screen.
     - Pick up everything. Give unwanted weapons / armour to the Blacksmith and
    offer unneeded magical items to the gods through the Priest for spell points.
     - Try to have every member of your group on the same lvl or very close to it.
    Sure, the Wizard sucks early on, but once he hits about lvl 20 he will truely
    rock. The other thing about having all the characters within one lvl of each
    other is that if your main team gets wiped out, your secondary team will at
    least have enough health to run away (or finish the battle, whichever you
     - Save semi-regularly. Sometimes you will just walk into a group of bad guys
    who will wipe you out. You don't want to go ALL the way back and do it again,
    do you?
     - Get used to sending dead characters back to the Daimyo and bringing in fresh
    guys during the heat of battle. It will save you having to reload quite a bit.
    Run away if you have to and heal up, then go back and try again.
     - Don't waste your gold on health / mana potions. That gold is better spent on
    repairing, identifying and crafting items. Send your characters back to the
    Daimyo to heal / mana them up. Yes, it's slower, but efficiently using gold is
    very important - it is how you will have enough cash to make the really great
    magical weapons in ToD.
     - Always try to give your characters items that will increase the gold drop of
    enemies and chests. If you have a character who has a large gold % bonus, use
    them to open the chests / drawers / other clickable things you find. The Prima
    Strategy Guide indicates that the max gold bonus of any character is 250%.
     - Try to hand down items from characters before just giving them to the
    Blacksmith / offering them with the Priest. Your Ninja may not have been able
    to wear that armour two lvls ago, but now he can with his increased Strength.
     - Drop your weapon / armour components on the floor in front of the Daimyo
    using the portals you find. This keeps inventories clear. Note that the Prima
    Guide says that in multiplayer games other players can steal your items if you
    do this. This doesn't matter in single-player. Remember to stack items with the
    same name and if you can arrange them in some kind of order it will make things
    easier when it comes to customising equipment.
     - Using team formations is very important. I use two different ones - a two
    melee, two ranged character formation (two melee at front, ranged a medium
    distance behind) and a three melee, one ranged character formation (the three
    melee are meant to hold off attackers while the ranged guy pelts from a
    distance). Remember to set up the individual character roles as well and to
    make sure each character is using their most potent attack as the first option.
    - Armour / weapon components with the same name stack. Use this method to
    reduce the amount of room they take up in your inventory. Make one or two
    samurai the main carriers of weapon / armour components.
     - Always have the map (press "M") up on the screen. It makes it a lot easier
    to navigate and work out which areas you missed the first time through when
    fighting monsters.
     - Knockback isn't always a blessing. Sometimes enemies will get knocked out of
    otherwise painful situations and cause you grief they otherwise couldn't.
     - The yellow lines on the map show the quickest routes between the castles.
    The blue lines show the routes to the mountains. Don't follow these lines
    exclusively - use them as guides. The more you explore, the more stuff you
    find, the more enemies you get to kill, the more powerful you become. This does
    mean it will take longer to finish ToD, but if you are after games that you can
    finish in one evening, go buy a console ;-)
     - Try to take out enemies with ranged attacks first, especially spell casters.
    It makes your job easier.
     - The Wizard lvls the slowest early on because he can't dish out the damage as
    quickly as other characters. His most powerful attacks are governed by his Ki
    usage and given that Ki can be spent pretty quickly, you often end up with him
    using a weak bow for to attack. Stick with him though, as the Wizard can really
    start to whip enemies around lvl 20.
     - Setting your guys to Aggressive Stance in the individual tactics window
    means they will probably split up really quickly in a fight. This does mean
    they can get overwhelmed by enemy forces, so keep an eye on it. An Aggressive
    ranged weapon user isn't that much of a problem since they usually don't run
    too far away, but an Aggressive Wizard will often use his Ki up too quickly and
    then be left defenceless.
     - You should complete the game in this order to make things easier on
    yourself: the four castles (fully exploring each wilderness to get there), the
    four mountain paths, the Dark Warlord Cavern, outside area of the Dark
    Warlord's castle, the interior of the Dark Warlord's castle except for the Maze
    of Confusion and finally the Dark Warlord's shrine room. Trying to jump ahead
    by ignoring areas will see your samurai die easily when they hit the harder
    Here is the most important info about the characters - these are the magic
    numbers (according to the Prima Guide):
    Dexterity - 150 (to use the best throwing weapon in the game, the Nage-Yari)
    Dexterity - 200 (to use the best melee weapon in the game, the Iai-To, and the
    best bow, the Go-Shinpo-Yumi)
    Strength - 170 (to wear the best armour, the Kunimichi)
    Strength - 250 (to use the best polearm, the Tetsu-Bo)
    Ki- 80 (to use any mask or amulet)
    Note that these attributes don't have to be your characters' base attributes -
    you can find amulets and other special items to boost stats to meet these
    levels. Getting your Ki to 80 becomes the key thing if you are going to start
    relying on amulets too much though. Most characters attributes max out at 300 -
    350, with some key attributes going up to 500 depending on the character. Past
    the magic numbers above, you are really just window-dressing by increasing some
    attributes (eg Ki for everyone but the Wizard).
    You should attempt to have every character hitting Strength 170 to ensure they
    have the best armour possible. The Wizard's Strength maxes out at 150, so he
    won't quite make it.
    When it comes to spending spell points 1) always max out the attribute
    enhancing ones, 2) the Wizard should be used to offer all unwanted magical
    items to the gods as he is generally in the most need of spell points.
    Dexterity 220 (if you have the final patch [1.2.18, I think] you will have the
    Chi-Ji-Do, a sword that is more powerful than the Iai-To)
    Your jack-of-all-trades in the team and a little bit ham-strung by the fact you
    have to raise everyone of his attributes, including Charisma. In fact, this guy
    should be the ONLY character you raise Charisma for. He should be used for all
    your purchasing needs, even if you have to bring him back from the dead to do
    so. You can find talismans that will raise his Charisma, so don't go too nuts
    in putting stat points into Charisma.
    Give your leader a melee weapon and a ranged weapon and have him meet whatever
    role you need at the time.
    Give him the bows, funnily enough. He wants Dexterity, Strength, Vitality and
    Ki up to the magic numbers, past that Strength and Vitality. Can use a sword if
    Give him a sword in each hand and let him slice'n'dice. He wants Dexterity,
    Strength, Vitality and Ki up to the magic numbers, past that Strength and
    A cross between the Swordsman and the Brick. Give him two swords in one slot
    and a polearm in the other. He wants Dexterity, Strength, Vitality and Ki up to
    the magic numbers, past that Strength and Vitality.
    Give him the thrown weapons and maybe a sword in his alternate weapon slot. The
    Ninja is more effective at range, but he isn't a huge slouch at melee if you
    need him there. He wants Dexterity, Strength, Vitality and Ki up to the magic
    numbers, past that Strength and Vitality.
    The Brick hits things hard. He wants a lot of Strength, the Prima Official
    Guide says that the max Dexterity needed for polearms is 90 while two-handed
    swords need between 100 to 150 in Dexterity to use. I choose to stick with
    polearms for the Brick. Otherwise, Ki to the magic number and lots of Vitality
    and Strength for everything that's left.
    Equip the Wizard with ranged weapons and keep him out of melee. Ki should be
    his focus, but you want to keep raising his Strength, Dexterity and Vitality to
    keep him using reasonable items and not dying too much when an enemy looks at
    him in a slightly harsh way. The Prima Guide says that he will never be able to
    wear the best armour, so Strength 130 is all he'll need for the second best
    armour (Triple Scale).
    Using the Blacksmith to make weapons / armour is crucial to easing your ToD
    experience. A component guide already exists at
    and if that's not good enough for you then save, make a weapon / armour and see
    what each component gives you.
    The big thing is that making weapons / armour costs gold and lots of it. What
    you want to do is to not make any weapons until you pretty much have the best
    of everything. This means having the Nage-Yari, the Iai-To / Chi-Ji-Do, the
    Go-Shinpo-Yumi, Kunimichi (for all but the Wizard, since he can only use Triple
    Scale at best) and the Tetsu-Bo for all that want them before you go trying to
    make stuff. You will find enough magical items to use in the meanwhile so
    things won't be that bad.
    What really adds to the cost of making an item is throwing in a gem or two.
    Gems boost every component of a certain elemental type so can really stack up
    the magic items' power... unfortunately while stacking the price. This is why
    you want lots of gold available to you when you start to tinker with producing
    magic equipment. You may only be able to make so much before you go broke, so
    choose carefully.
    My recommendation is to not make any armour or weapons until you have killed
    the four guardian dragons. They can drop Guardian Dragon heads that can add
    Fire and Lightning damage to a weapon when attached. Once you reach this stage
    (literally standing outside the Dark Warlord's palace) you should build up
    everyone's armour and weapons since this is the final push. There is a lot of
    gold on the inside of the Dark Warlords castle if you run out of money when
    maxxing out your stuff so go scavenging if you need it.
    Due to the way you spend your attribute points, you may get to the Dark
    Warlord's castle and find that you just don't have enough Dexterity / Strength
    to use the best weapon / armour. In this case you should add something to the
    armour on your arms / legs / head to improve your stats. Tengu Feathers gives
    +5 to Dexterity and Kappa Blood gives +5 to Strength for each one added to
    armour, so adding a couple (plus maybe a gem) will give you the necessary boost
    to equip better items. Be warned though - if that attribute enhancing item gets
    to zero durability, your samurai won't be able to use it to boost his stats and
    thus lose the 'big' weapon / armour until the original item is fixed. It can be
    bad when this happens in the middle of a big fight, so keep an eye on the
    durability of these attribute enhancing items.
    The most obvious armour component set is the Buddha series: Tear of, Blood of,
    Patience of and Soul of. Wait until you have all of these components, put them
    on some armour with a Gold Kenjya Stone or 3 and you will have armour that
    maxxes out the element resists of one of your samurai.
    No, I'm not going to detail every spell, but here are some general pointers:
     - Said it before, but... max every spell that raises your attributes in some
    way. This can be Strength, Armour Class, Base Damage, whatever - it all helps.
     - Put at least one spell point into every spell at a spell branch point. This
    gives you the ability to choose spells later on down the spell tree.
     - Note how each elemental spell group generally has related spells? I'd say
    focus on pumping one elemental damage spell rather than all of the spells of
    the same type. When the next set of damage spells become available, focus on
    another element. This will generally give you more options than just having
    four spells that do the same thing and only ever using one of them. It will
    also mean you will have spare points available for when you gain access to the
    new spell, meaning you can power it up more quickly than if you balance out
    your spell point distribution.
     - The damage spells you access as you increase your characters' lvls are
    generally better than the damage spells than lie beneath them in the spell
    tree. If you are really unsure, save, invest some spell points in spell, give
    it a try and then reload if you aren't happy with the result.
     - You can use the tactics of having one character cast a debuff spell (eg
    Drown) to reduce enemies' resistances to an elemental damage type and then
    attack them with that type of elemental damage if you want to. It works but can
    be a little bit iffy in switching between characters and getting the timing
    right (or at least it was for me!). Plus debuff spells only target one enemy,
    so save this tactic for the big guys.
     - The Brick has no great spell affinity, so don't bother giving him damage
    spells. Focus on his resistances and just save the points instead. Once you get
    to spells that will permanently increase his attributes or increase his damage,
    use the spare points then.
     - Choose continuous spells over time-lapse spells when you have the option.
    Continuous spells mean you can be a bit more relaxed in controlling your team,
    rather than having to cycle through each character and activate each
    characters' spells at the start of every battle. Note that continuous spells
    are a bit weaker than the spells that time out, but that's not a huge problem.
     - If you can't find a spell you want to spend the points on, save them for the
    next lvl up - you might be able to get access to something desirable at the
    next lvl you can't currently obtain.
     - As you increase the number of spell points in a spell, you increase both its
    effectiveness and Ki cost. Check to see if the Ki cost is still worth it to
    increase the spell another point. If not, save the points and spend them on
    something better later on.
     - The best spells hit more than one target. Kanji spells area of effect can be
    quite nice for clearing enemies; spells that fire multiple projectiles can be
    great when fired at groups as the projectiles that miss the first target can
    slam into surrounding enemies; spells that chain through multiple enemies can
    also be fantastic in softening up the bad guys before your melee characters get
    to them.
     - Homing projectile spells are great, but remember to always fire them at a
    target - if you miss the target, you'll waste the Ki as the projectile flies
    off in another direction. Generally as you up the number of spell points in
    homing spells they become better at homing, but end up costing more Ki than
    a non-homing spell for the same damage.
     - The Archer becomes near invunerable when you power-up his health leech
    spell. Combine this with a weapon that also has health leech and you will see
    that the Archer will rarely go down while dishing out the damage. Unfortunately
    the only other samurai with health leech is the Wizard and his offensive spells
    are more important to use that the Archer's.
     - Freezing spells are also great. If you can slow / freeze an enemy, you can
    take them out of the battle and focus on other targets OR kill them with a
    reduced level of fuss.
     - Kanji spells attack every monster on the screen (within a range determined
    by the lvl of the kanji). This can be great for elimating large numbers of
    skeleton archers quickly or damaging numerous enemies at once. You can also
    damage enemies in closed rooms if they are within range, but this is usually an
    inefficient use of mana.
    There are two types of quests - strategic and individual. Strategic quests are
    the quests that drive you through the game and are the same for every clan
    (although the location to complete it may change). Individual quests are
    limited to three for each clan but when completed give your relevant character
    a nice bonus item, plus come with a nice cutscene for an intro. It is the
    individual quests that really add flavour and atmosphere of ToD.
    I played as the Toyotomi Clan, but believe most things (apart from solo quests)
    are the same for each clan. The quests below are not listed in any particular
    Each wilderness (apart from the Toyotomi) has special caves located in them.
    Some of these caves relate to solo quests, but all should be explored and
    cleared for the XP and loot they can provide.
    1) Repulse the Enemy
    This is really a "learn the game" quest, but it still contains some difficulty
    due to your need to scavenge for everything. Remember to check every barrel,
    chest and other clickable items to find equipment to outfit your squad. As you
    move through your home castle you will come across other samurai that will aid
    your cause and join you.
    To finish this quest you will have to fight a distinctive monster called Buaku
    and an evil magic-user. You will get a unique magical weapon from killing Buaku
    and an armour component (Soul of Buddha) from killing the magic-user.
    The magic-user is in the courtyard of your home castle. Do your best to take
    out the archers that are firing at you before tackling him head-on. This guy is
    kind of hard when you don't have great equipment, so retreat if you have to and
    resurrect those who have died.
    When you kill him, click on the portal to open it and then clean out the rest
    of the courtyard.
    2) Find the Blacksmith and the Priest
    The Blacksmith is just outside the castle grounds while the Priest is a little
    while away. Once you get them things become a lot easier - you can repair your
    damaged equipment and identify any magical items you find.
    3) Save the Villagers #1
    Near the Priest is a villager asking that you save his family. You will find
    them near a Debu mill in the village of the Next Castle. It may take you a
    little while to get there, but don't worry about it and take your time. The
    Debu is surrounded by lots of annoying Gaki, so kill them first - the Debu
    won't do anything until you attack him.
    Once you've killed the Debu, click on the barricade to remove it and then on
    the villagers to complete the quest.
    4) Go to Next Castle
    Again, no rush. Work your way through the wilderness to the Next Castle.
    Remember to explore when you can to build up your samurai's XP and equipment.
    Once you get to the Next Castle, you will have to fight a enemy magic-user in
    the courtyard - again, try to take out his ranged support and fall back if you
    have to. Once you get into the castle, clean it out floor by floor until you
    reach the Daiyamo only to find... he's been murdered!
    5) Kill the Traitors
    Fight your way through the Wilderness to the Next Castle. Again, this castle
    has an evil magic-user in its courtyard that needs dispatching and there are
    several floors that must be emptied of evil before you reach this evil Daiyamo.
    He mocks you and slits his belly. Nice.
    You will get a mask from the dead Daiyamo.
    6) Go to Final Castle
    You've done this before and not much is different. Kill the magic-user for the
    XP and reach the Daiyamo to complete the quest.
    You will get a magic sword for completing this quest.
    7) Free the Villagers #2
    When moving through the villages be on the lookout for a peasant corpse you can
    click on. You can still complete the quest without doing this, but hey, let the
    sprite play its part.
    These villagers will be located in the Debu mill in the third village you pass
    through (ie on your way to the Final Castle). Again, kill the Debus working the
    mill and click on the villagers to release them.
    8) Capture the Portal Gates
    This quest takes quite a while since you have to run all over the map to find
    the eight portal gates. These gates are protected by a circle of ranged
    attackers, but they won't move and are generally easy to cut down. It isn't
    very hard to complete this quest, but it will take most of the game. Make sure
    you activate any portal you capture by clicking on it.
    On reaching a portal gate you should use it to return to your shrine room and
    dump any weapon / armour components you have found. This lets you clear out
    your inventory plus it will heal up any samurai you have since they will be
    standing in your shrine room.
    9) Help Your Ancestors
    You will run across the ghost of one of your ancestors who will tell you that
    bad magic is disturbing him. Go to the Graveyard (near the village) in this
    wilderness to find an evil priest performing bad mojo. Once you kill him, more
    bad guys pop up, so scratch them out as well. This will complete this quest and
    your ancestors will be able to rest again.
    10) Kill the Dai Oni
    Before you do this quest you should have cleared out the mountain slope stages.
    Getting to the Dai Oni in the Dark Warlord Cavern is hard as the route is
    crawling with Oni. Once you come across him he does take a bit of damage before
    dying, but isn't that hard if you take out his support first. Try to find the
    portal gate before tackling him - this way, if you get in trouble, you can
    evacuate yourself and heal up for another attempt.
    Oh, and the message about things being easier appears to be a bald face lie
    from your Daiyamo.
    If you keep going north in this area you will emerge inside the Dark Warlord's
    castle on the ground floor. You don't necessarily want this as outside the
    castle there are a lot of enemies to kill, including four guardian dragons who
    can drop some very nice weapon components. Work your way around outside before
    going up the stairs.*
    On that note, the stairs are being guarded by the Dark Brick. He does take a
    bit of a bashing before he falls over.**
    *It is at this point you should build your super-weapons and -armour from the
    components you have stored on the floor in your shrine room.
    **Once you've finalised your equipment, only bother picking up gold to buy
    health and mana potions. There is so much magical and non-magical equipment
    dropped in the Dark Warlord's Castle it isn't funny. Stopping to identify and
    collect them all is a waste of time.
    11) Kill Tenkai
    You will have to fight past the Dark Leader in the Dining Room, Dark Swordsman
    in the Maze of Confusion and Dark Beserker in the Torture Room before reaching
    Tenkai's Lair. (As a side note, ignore the Maze of Confusion - too many ranged
    creatures, lots of wizards, no walls, not fun!) Clear out the side rooms and
    click on the statues first to open up the final portal. Kill Tenkai and the
    Dark Wizard. Try not to get both of them attacking you at once, but they are
    fairly weak once you start to pound on them.
    12) Kill the Dark Warlord
    Go through the portal and prepare your samurai. This is going to take a couple
    of attempts to achieve. Buy health and mana potions to ensure that your
    characters survive that little bit longer. You've got the first area where you
    are attacked by Debu and Dark Concubines, the second area where you are
    attacked by Imperial assassins and the Dark Ninja and the final area where the
    Dark Warlord awaits.
    You won't be able to do this all at once. Pull back and rest up as you need to.
    The Dark Warlord is a tough customer and requires a lot of punishment to take
    him down. Use debuff spells to enhance the amount of damage your offensive
    spells can do to him.
    The Dark Warlord has two main attacks - a mulitple projectile homing spell that
    fires skulls at you and a weapon spin that will knock your guys back quite a
    way. There are no real tactics to fighting him - just hit him enough and he
    will fall over. Fall back when you have lost four or five guys to his attacks -
    he can strip down your ranged samurais' hit points quite quickly so it is
    better to fall back and heal up just in case. You won't have to wait for your
    Daiyamo to heal your guys up in the shrine room - just resurrect them and buy
    potions from the Priest to get them fighting fit as quickly as possible.
    Once the Dark Warlord is dead just watch your Daiyamo teleport in. Gee, thanks
    for the help...
    Since I only played using the Toyotomi, the other clans solo missions are being
    taken from the Prima Strategy Guide. I won't be copying them directly, but will
    give you the gist of what they say.
    Wizard - Evil forces have stolen the Kayame stone and it needs to be returned.
    This occurs in the Toyotomi area. You need to get the Kayame stone from the
    village and drop it back in the cemetary using the Wizard. As reward you will
    get a Tear of Buddha.
    Ninja - (Re-) Kill the Koga Ninja. They have a special cave which you have to
    go into and clean out. Once you achieve this you get a unique weapon drop (the
    Koga Shuriken). This occurs in the Tokogawa wilderness.
    Berserker - Kill a unique Oni and retrieve his teeth that can be used to  make
    a weapon indestructible. The relevant cave is located on the South-West Slope.
    The quest will trigger when you open the Blacksmit window with the Berserker in
    the active party. No need to hurry on this - once you get to it, just work your
    way through and collect the teeth as a bonus.
    Leader - Kill the Kappa King to avenge some dying monks. This occurs in the
    Mori Wilderness after you find the monks. From there, go to the cave behind the
    waterfall and retrieve a Buddha statue off the Kappa King. The Buddha statue
    gives lots of spell points when offered to the Priest, so have your Wizard
    offer it when you have it.
    Berserker - In the Oda wilderness you will accept a challenge from some of the
    Dark Warlord's elite soldiers after you find a certain peasant. Kill these
    elite troops for three high quality magic items.
    Wizard - Complete the Cave of the Hojo Clan on the North-West Slope by fighting
    through a cave with seven tough monsters. There is lots of magical items that
    can be found in this cave and once you complete it your Wizard will gain a free
    Archer - Kill the Dragon in the Oda Wilderness to get a special weapons
    component that will enhance the damage capability of a bow. (Of course, you
    should save this component until you have access to the Go-Shinpo-Yumi and are
    upgrading it for the final battles.)
    Brick - Break open three boulders on the South-West slope to reclaim the pieces
    of a magical spear. One of the boulders is located in the small valley
    connected to the Black Mountain Cave. Each time you break open a boulder a
    special creature will attack you, so be ready for it. The spear you get from
    this is okay, but not great.
    Wizard - In the Toyotomi wilderness your dead wife appears and tells you that
    your village was destroyed by a winged serpent located on the North-West Slope.
    When you eventually kill the serpent you will get an armour component that
    raises all elemental resistances by 10% and your deceased wife gives you a
    special necklace. Save the armour component until you upgrade your equipment
    for the final battles and use gems to enhance its effects.
    Leader - You must avenge the death of a friend whose ghost you come across in
    the Toyotomi Wilderness. Once you kill the reponsible party and bring back its
    head you will be given a magical set of armour that is really great. You could
    probably keep this set of armour for the entire game once you get it, upgrading
    it further by adding armour components to it.
    Ninja - You need the Ninja in the active party when crossing the Northern
    Bridge in the Tokugawa wilderness. (To protect yourself, everytime you go over
    a bridge in this region, have the Ninja in the group.) He will spot some
    evidence that will lead you to fight a powerful Kappa that lives in a cave in
    the same area. Once killed the Kappa will drop an armour component that is
    better than the usual Elder Kappa Shell.
    Swordsman - The Cave of the Stone Bamboo is located on the North-West Slope.
    Have the Swordsman go in and collect this component that can be used to make a
    weapon or an armour set invulnerable.
    Glad I finally finished it. Took me a while and got a little too same-y towards
    the end. However, for a fun bit of hack'n'slash, you can do worse. Weapon and
    armour creation was pretty fun though, especially when you made something nice
    and powerful.
    The most blatent Diablo rip-off in ToD is undoubted the ending. How more
    nihilistic can you get? I understand the 'you become what you fight' but I was
    a little unhappy with the ending. Would have liked a longer ending sequence
     - To Bede for kinda recommending the game (although he did warn me about it).
     - To my gf for not being too blatantly annoyed whenever I went up to play ToD.
    (Actually, she was mostly very annoyed, but I've learnt to ignore it :-)
     - To Prima for the Strategy Guide since it made equipment customisation an
    absolute mile easier. Chris McCubbin and David Ladyman appear to be the two
    most responsible for the guide but they do list a number of people who were
    involved in the guide's creation. Thanks to all those for this very useful ToD
    info source.
     - To Click for an enjoyable Diablo clone.
    Version 1.0: Completed and released
    1.01 - Added some info requested by ToD players.
    Version 1.0 released 22 May 2003

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